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Bourge-wise Cat

at the perverse circus

at the perverse circus of drooling monkeys surfing the minds of misbegotten mental midgets, who, like wretched worms slither through the stifling stench of slime at the bottom of the political porta potty Author bio: James Kowalczyk was born and raised in Brooklyn and now lives in Northern California with his wife, two daughters, and four cats. He teaches English at both the high school and college level. His work has been published both online and in print.

Oz By Thomas Locicero No angst from Langston Hughes, Just the blues, just the blues. Trust the blues like no one has, incorporate a little jazz, think highly of your pain, and trust your dream like John Coltrane and a love supreme. Be your gamble and let it ride, find your reason and then abide and love to the extreme. Choose storm or road, but don’t explain, just don’t stand frozen like a cowardly Tin Man without a brain. A poet frigid? How insane! See your world in black and white, then find your colors and love tonight and love tonight and love tonight and love tonight and! Fade. Author bio: Thomas Locicero’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Roanoke Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Long Island Quarterly, The Good Men Project, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Jazz Cigarette, Quail Bell Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, Antarctica Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Hobart, Ponder Review, vox poetica, Poetry Pacific, Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal, Indigo Lit, Saw Palm, Fine Lines, and New Thoreau Quarterly, among other journals0!He resides in Broken Arrow, OK.

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