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[Future Words] By Mark

[Future Words] By Mark Cunningham Author bio: Mark Cunningham has a new chapbook, Alphabetical Basho, out on the Beard of Bees site. 71 Leaves, an e-book from BlazeVOX, is free to anyone curious enough to Google it. [future word] __________.1. a possible inconsistency in the renormalization procedure that appears at very high energies in quantum electrodynamics and other quantum field theories in which there is not asymptotic freedom. 2. to be alone while wearing an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt. [future word] __________. 1. the second of three wishes. 2. to forget the middle name of a former boyfriend or girlfriend. 3. a gear-shifting mechanism on a bicycle that shifts the drive chain from one sprocket wheel to another. 4. Wednesday afternoon after 4 p.m.

Mr. Moon By Christie-Luke Jones Mr. Moon spewed codeine over the crowds below I am God! He mocked through yellowed teeth. Come and touch me if you dare Breathe my breathless air. And the ozone layer parted And the rockets took flight. And the moon waited. And behind inky craters plotted. Author bio: Christie-Luke Jones is a UK-based poet and short fiction writer of French-Italian extraction. His writing swings violently between exaltation and despair, and has been published on three continents.

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