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Baptism By Fire By Adam

Baptism By Fire By Adam Scharf! !! !! Year is 1892,! I fantasize burning alive. ! Mostly at gatherings when others talk about business being good,! and how their children are smarter than others. I've had enough. ! Tonight I slam the table yelling, “I’m a witch!”! Everyone stares blankly,“We hardly burn witches anymore.”! I straighten my tie adjusting my posture, “Alright, well I’m a Jew too.”! Now they’re pleased, “That we burn.”! Heading home I pack a suitcase because it felt right,! and throw away old Christmas cards just in case.! When I hear the knock I open it boasting, “Hello boys, was just lighting a few menorahs.”! They pile me into a wagon tying me up, “I’m filthy boys. I can’t be trusted.”! Nodding they tighten the ropes.! Before I know it they’re talking to themselves about sports, and everything their wives make.! To speed things along I tell them I drink blood, and the horses move faster than ever.! I’m dragged to the stake. ! A priest says prayers while throwing water at me. ! Once again I hear the crowd discussing plans, opinions, and inside jokes. ! These people are a riot. ! This crowd will always be a crowd. Even after they’ve split becoming individuals, ! crowded wherever they walk discussing appliances, and how they’ve aged as their mother had. ! I wiggle my lighter from back pocket, ! it drops setting aflame wood gathered at my feet. ! They protest loudly, “We aren’t ready yet!”! Letting out a sympathetic exhale, they’re all my children.! “That's alright boys, I’ll take it from here.”! ! !"#$%&'()%*!This is Adam’s second publication with Clockwise Cat. Born in Utica NY, he now lives in Orlando writing short fiction and recently completed his first novel. His creative partner is a palomino named Karen.

Poem Generating Machine By Andrew Nye !

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