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Making the beast sing to

Making the beast sing to the birds BY PAUL GRANT Deep blue Night Of girl eyed Sadness, A sweet little End of the world But its not fondness That I find her with, The angels of my better nature Lay long dead in the corners A bottle Could untangle The fist from my heart, Bust the prowling night open Like a lovers lip So I will let The blue deepen Through all its cool shades Let the smoke Crawl low Along the ceiling Let the bruise Swell into view Until somebody Notices Kisses the colour Of my distance Says It's alright now I am here With you. Author bio: Paul writes: “My name is Paul Grant, and I live and work in Milton Keynes, England. I have a new book out with Writing Knights called A Feast of Salt."

TWO Poems By Michelle Nickol Author bio: By Michelle Nickol is currently self-employed and lovin’ it. Her nonfiction and poetry has been published in Clockwise Cat, Pilgrimage, Bacon Review, Prairie Schooner, Black Warrior Review, Alligator Juniper, Lilliput Review, several anthologies, etc. A threeyear-old feral cat named Hillary has recently muscled in on her hard-earned solitude and appears to have adopted her. Anted Infernos Ant I fleshed into lotus root Our forest lost, the deb-loon struts and slurs now refuels honoring tots who fettle Ant II How hard to say this Awash doth history hoard its shitty ways, its shadowy hit stories Ant III I cannot repeat the true mountain …the moan unit …the tin om …the main omit Ant IV That point pierced my heart Sea-trope echo: cede, oh coed, cede pic reed pic deer heart/earth equals greater than heart/break Ant V Lies toyed up Yelp is out Every little lake passed Yelp

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