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Bourge-wise Cat

& Apocalyptic Man holds

& Apocalyptic Man holds the haunting secret in a sacred place & drinks the flood of anguish overflowing & shooting out of the sultry sun & bites the obscenity of obliteration as he plummets into the chasm of chaos colliding with nonbeing where unholy atavism devours him & the beast awakens, rises, & emerges leaps out of a crimson bag of sorcery lands on the seething sand, boiling illusion, bares its teeth & screams eerily at Apocalyptic Man. Looking up at its Master & Slave, the Tasmanian devil, demonic alter ego, sees the possessed & possessor of a terrible secret of grotesquerie, observes a veil of evil swirling in the Shadows- ominous shroud concealing a glimmer of unbearable light- a vanishing sphere of celestial beauty-unfathomable divinity sailing out of the beast

as it lunges at the otherworldly stranger, Apocalyptic Man, keeper of the secret

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