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Bourge-wise Cat

"#"!$%&'(!'()!*+(),!$#*$&'(!*#--'"#.'/+#(! 0.#*%11!%20-'+(%)3!! ! Bob writes, "Cindy and I have been close friends for years. We are familiar with each other's writing, and have published each other in our respective publications. It was Cindy who first suggested that we try our hand at some collaborations. We decided that each piece would be 14 lines, and that we would alternate first lines, as well as the subsequent lines in each piece. And that's what we did, except for a few prose poems in which we instead alternated sentences. All the pieces were written by e-mail. We started our first piece in late June 2017, and completed 75 pieces during the next eight months. While our approaches were a bit different, we ended up working quite well together. We are currently taking a break from the collaborations to work on our own creative projects. This was not my first experience with collaborations, having previously worked in 2008 with R. Nemo Hill, Jane Ormerod, and Thomas Fucaloro (and later, several others) in a series of intense collaborative writing sessions which used a very different process." Cindy adds, "The 75 poems I wrote with Bob represent my first foray into collaboration. The most satisfying and gratifying part for me was that, as a rather non-prolific poet who struggles with writer's block, it jump-started me into poetic mode every day and forced me to take risks in an attempt to reach a new level of creativity. And I was delighted with all the little surprises that materialized along the way."

The Jazzman’s Magnanimous Words (for Felino A. Soriano4! By Heath Brougher !

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