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Western News: April 17, 2018

6 Tuesday

6 Tuesday April 17 2018 Latest Christchurch news at Your Local Views Halswell Residents’ Association secretary David Hawke talks about how to make connections in your community WHAT IS the No 1 issue facing Halswell? Halswell Residents’ Association chairman John Bennett and I called on Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson and National List MP Nuk Korako to get their views back in February. Both MPs told us the same thing independently: Halswell is a suburb of new arrivals, whether from the other side of the world or the other side of town. And the people from the other side of the world need to be engaged in the life of the Halswell community much more than at present. So, how do people become engaged in a community? Some people have said that we need to organise an event. Others have said that we need to engage new arrivals through the schools. Yet others have said that people should be encouraged to share their stories through the Halswell newsletter. All of these are really good ideas and various people are working on them right now. But there is something far simpler. When you go for a walk, and you meet someone, smile – or even Local News Now Everyone should feel welcome in Halswell GREETINGS: David Hawke is encouraging Halswell residents to become engaged in their community, even if it’s as simple as saying “hello” to someone on your walk. WESTERN NEWS Fire rages, homes at risk say “hello”. It doesn’t need to be any more than this. At this basic level, just acknowledging a person tells them they are welcome, and that they matter. It isn’t important whether the person you encounter looks like you, or looks quite different. Underneath, we’re all the same and we all need to feel “at home”. Once you have found that the people you meet will often smile back or smile back next time they see you, you could think about the next step. So: who is the person living next door to you? I remember when we arrived in Halswell in 1991 as unwilling migrants from Dunedin moving to get work. Next door neighbours Keith and Susan came over with a cake to welcome us. What a wonderful gesture. Why not try it? And if you are from the other side of the world or other side of the city – welcome to Halswell! Joanne McMaster – Outstanding. This is exactly the support we need, well done city council for stepping up. Readers respond to an article about Mayor Lianne Dalziel giving the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board the okay to oppose the planned Templeton quarry Deb Flanagan – Awesome news. When will Fulton Hogan wake up – your chosen site is incompatible with local community land use. The Templeton community was here first and has been here since the 1860s, you cannot just walk in and ruin 2000-plus people’s lives arguing it’s cheaper. The money argument for a company making a $170 million profit is not a good enough justifiable reason. People’s health and quality of life matters more. Perhaps for the DELEGATION: The city council has given the Halswell- Hornby- Riccarton Community Board the okay to make a submission if Fulton Hogan applies for resource consent for its planned quarry near Templeton. first time ever under the RMA you will be denied consent. One must ask Fulton Hogan – where is your social/ethical conscience? Graham Pownceby – Time we stopped paying ECan, they are obviously working against, instead of for, us. Mark Peters – Great to see Mike Mora lobbying hard to represent his constituents, well done and keep it up. Luc Chandler – Kia Ora Mike. Good work. Michael Rae – Is NZ getting as bad as the United States? Are you saying now we can not have a say about what goes on where we live unless it is okay with big business and the council? Tell you this for free – if I don’t like something, no one in a suit or in power will stop me. F45 8 WEEK CHALLENGE 23 April17 June The F45 Challenge can help you become a fitter and healthier YOU. Get life-changing results with our: proven nutrition program delicious meal plans world-class team training a supportive community to keep you motivated throughout your journey FERRYMEAD: Unit 4/ 1 Waterman Place Email Phone 022 188 0850 WIGRAM: 140 Hayton Road Email Phone 022 522 6214 CHRISTCHURCH: 579 Colombo Street Email Phone 022 657 9433 CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS TEAM TRAINING LIFE CHANGING

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