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Sacred and Secular Works

Sacred and Secular Works “My music is my own and I have never tried to be original. That has always been my motto and I have only tried to use music to express all the feelings which life has to offer. This has led people to describe my music as “so sad that it sounds like birds who have lost their wings” but also as “the happiest classical music that we have ever heard”. “My compositions are almost all sacred. They express not only my own faith but also my appreciation and respect for the timeless texts that have been used for centuries and centuries.” Cantate Domino Psalm 96: 1-3 (SSAATTBB) (Lat) BA 7414 Choral score Cantate Domino Psalm 96: 1-3 (TTBB) (Lat) BA 7416 Choral score De sancto Pelagio et sancto Theodolo (SATB) and Organ (Lat) BA 8523 Organ reduction Es ist ein Ros entsprungen Arrangement for SSAATTBB (Ger/Eng/Swed) BA 7418 Choral score Fear Thou Not (SSMezAA) (Eng) BA 7411 Choral score God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Arrangement for SATB (Eng) BA 7419 Choral score I Never Saw a Moor (SSMezMezAA) (Eng) BA 7415 Choral score Ingenting utanför / Nothing Beyond (SSMezAA) (Swed/Eng) BA 8522 Choral score In The Light Of God (SMezATB) (Swed/Eng) BA 7417 Choral score Sample score for download: Maria (IV) (SATB) (Swed/Eng) BA 7412 Choral score 22

Sacred and Secular Works Sacred Choral Works by Mårten Jansson NEW 2018 Tonight I Dance Alone Libretto by C. A. Silvestri (SATBSATB) (Eng) BA 8525 Choral score This work for double choir a cappella deals with three poignant episodes from the life of an old man; before his wedding, before celebrating his wedding anniversary and now as a widower talking to his grandson. The libretto together with the descriptive music are deeply moving and constitute an ideal partnership. This is Mårten Jansson's first collaboration with the well-known librettist Charles Anthony Silvestri. The piece provides a well-worth challenge for ambitious choirs. Missa brevis in E-flat minor (SATB) (Lat) BA 8521 Choral score Missa Popularis (SS[TB ad lib.]) and String quartet (Lat) BA 7420 Score BA 7420-90 Vocal score BA 7420-22 Parts in slipcover The Choirmaster’s Burial (SSATBB [Lat SSA/Eng TBB]) BA 7413 Choral score Two Poems (SATB) (Swed/Eng) BA 8524 Choral score Video samples on Order our flyer (SPA 50_64) and sample score (SPA 227). Both are available for download at: From: Jansson, Missa Popularis · BA 7420-90 23