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Sacred and Secular Works

Sacred and Secular Works Revised edition of “Geistliche Chor-Music” Schütz, Heinrich (1585–1672) Sacred Choral Music Urtext / Based on Werner Breig’s edition published in The New Schütz Edition The five-part motets (Nos. 1-12, SWV 369-380) (Ger) BA 5901 ° Choral score The six and seven-part motets (Nos. 13-29, SWV 381-397) (Ger) BA 5902 ° Choral score Selected motets available in individual octavo editions: With modern notation and layout, retention of the original keys and an integrated figured bass realisation The ‘choral’ parts can be performed by instruments as well as voices. For purely instrumental performances - order parts under BA 5901 and BA 5902 Verleih uns Frieden genädiglich SWV 372 (No. 4) BA 7964 Choral score Gib unsern Fürsten und aller Obrigkeit SWV 373 (No. 5) BA 7965 Choral score Unser keiner lebet ihm selber SWV 374 (No. 6) BA 7966 Choral score Herr, auf dich traue ich SWV 377 (No. 9) BA 7969 Choral score Die mit Tränen säen, werden mit Freuden ernten SWV 378 (No. 10) BA 7970 Choral score So fahr ich hin zu Jesu Christ SWV 379 (No. 11) BA 7971 Choral score Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt SWV 380 (No. 12) BA 7972 Choral score O lieber Herre Gott, wecke uns auf SWV 381 (No. 13) BA 7973 Choral score Das Wort ward Fleisch SWV 385 (No. 17) BA 7977 Choral score Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes SWV 386 (No. 18) BA 7978 Choral score Das ist je gewisslich wahr SWV 388 (No. 20) BA 7980 Choral score Ich bin ein rechter Weinstock SWV 389 (No. 21) BA 7981 Choral score Selig sind die Toten SWV 391 (No. 23) BA 7983 Choral score Schütz, Heinrich (1585–1672) Deutsches Magnificat 1671 “Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn” SWV 494 (Ger) from Der Schwanengesang for two mixed choirs (SATB+ SATB). Transposed a whole tone higher. Ed. K. Ameln BA 2155 Choral score Die sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz SWV 478 (Ger) for soloists (SATTB), mixed choir (SATTB), strings and bc Solo voices / instrumental parts available separately Ed. B. Grusnick Gothic print BA 1577 ° Score BA 1577-91 Choral score I love singing with Bärenreiter blue Historia der Geburt Jesu Christi SWV 435 (Ger) Urtext/ Ed. F. Schöneich BA 1709 ° Score BA 1709-91 Choral score TP 132 Study score Magnificat SWV 468 (Ger) for favoritchoir (SATB[solo)], 2 capellchoirs (SATB [tutti)], 2 instrumental choirs and bc BA 4334-91 ° Choral score BA 4334-92 ° Choral score BA 4334-93 ° Choral score Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied SWV 35 (Ger) Psalm no. 98 for two mixed choirs (SATB+SATB) Ed. W. Ehmann BA 2398 Choral score Zwölf Geistliche Gesänge (Ger) for mixed choir (SATB) and bc ad lib. BA 6948 Choral score 38

Sacred a Secular Works Seither, Charlotte (*1965) Guarda in giù for 12-part choir (Ger) (2012). For mixed choir (SSSAAATTTBBB) BA 11027 Choral score NEW 2018 Oculi. (Ger) (2017) Three easy sacred pieces for female choir (3-5 parts) BA 11098 Choral score In preparation Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681–1767) Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu TVWV 6:6 (Ger) Urtext / Ed. R.J. Reipsch Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5851-90 • V.s. Christus, der ist mein Leben TVWV 1:138 (Ger) Urtext / Ed. U. Poetzsch Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5897-90 ° V.s. This is the first scholarlycritical edition of the highly successful chorale setting (1754) of the church hymn Christus, der ist mein Leben, based on M. Vulpius’s melody from the Hamburg Hymnal. The work is especially wellsuited to display Telemann’s mastery in depicting the words of the chorale. The so-called ‘Ausfüllungsbass’ (a vocal bass added to the principal bass in tutti passages) was probably necessitated by the acoustical properties of Hamburg’s churches. Donnerode TVWV 6:3 (Ger) Oratorio in two parts Urtext / Ed. W. Hobohm Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5900-90 • V.s. Du aber, Daniel, gehe hin (Ger) Funeral cantata for soloists (SB), mixed choir (SATB), flute, oboe, strings and organ Ed. G. Fock BA 3583-91 ° Choral score Gelobet sei der Herr TVWV 1:602/1216 (Ger) Oratorio for St John's Day Urtext / Ed. U. Poetzsch Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5899-90 • V.s BA 5899-91 Choral score Telemann’s two-part oratorio appeared as part of the “great oratorio year” of 1730/31. Richly scored hitherto unknown work Interesting addition to the repertoire for church as well as concert choirs Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ / We praise your name TVWV 1:612 (Ger/Eng). Cantata for the Second Day of Christmas Urtext / Ed. U. Poetzsch-Seban Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 7676-90 ° V.s. “All in all high-quality music which has been evaluated “in the field” for performers.” (Journal Kirchenmusik) Gott der Hoffnung erfülle euch TVWV 1:634 (Ger). Cantata for the first day of Whitsun Urtext / Ed. M. Richter Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5898-90 ° V.s In 1717 Telemann composed this cantata based on a text by Erdmann Neumeister. It forms part of the Concerten- Jahrgang, also known as Das Harmonische Zion or Italienischer Jahrgang and has been colourfully scored. Vocal soloists, choir and instruments have equal musical standing in this festive cantata. Die Hirten bei der Krippe zu Bethlehem TVWV 1:797 (Ger) Sacred Cantata Urtext / Ed. W. Hobohm Piano reduction by M. Focke BA 5852-90 ° V.s. Der jüngste Tag wird bald sein Ziel erreichen / The Last of Days shall reach its destination TVWV 1:301 (Ger/Eng) Cantata for the Second Advent Urtext / Ed. U. Poetzsch-Seban Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 7671-90 ° V.s. Laudate Jehovam “Auf! Lobet den Herren” (Lat/ Ger). Psalm no. 117 for mixed choir (SATB), two violins and bc Ed. E. Valentin BA 2900-91 ° Choral score Nun komm der Heiden Heiland / Come thou of man the Saviour TVWV 1:1174 (Ger/Eng). Cantata for the First Sunday of Advent Urtext / Ed. U. Poetzsch-Seban Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 7677-90 ° V.s. Johannespassion (1745) “Ein Lämmlein geht und trägt die Schuld” TVWV 5:30 (Ger) Urtext / Ed. W. Hirschmann Piano reduction by O. Kroupová BA 5310-90 • V.s. Matthäus-Passion (1746) for mixed choir (SATB) (Ger) SM 2349-91 • Choral score Der Tod Jesu TVWV 5:6 (Ger) Urtext / Ed. W. Hobohm Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5853-90 • V.s. Trojahn, Manfred (*1949) Ungewisses Licht (Ger) (2014) 4 fragments for 8-part choir for mixed choir (SSAATTBB) BA 11061 Choral score Verdi, Giuseppe (1813–1901) Messa da Requiem (Lat) BA 7590-90 → page 40 ° = Performance material available on sale • = Performance material available on hire 39