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Sacred and Secular Works

Sacred and Secular Works “… Obviously, this is the latest and most comprehensive edition and the one that should supplant all others on music library shelves.” (The American Organist) The genesis of some misunderstandings included in the 1913 and 1964 Ricordi editions is traced. The first version of the Liber scriptus for chorus is included in the appendix while the later version for mezzosoprano solo is to be found in the main part of the edition. Verdi's monumental work in a Bärenreiter Urtext edition Trilingual preface in the score (Ital/Eng/Ger) Detailed Critical Commentary (Eng) Idiomatic well-presented piano reduction Verdi, Giuseppe (1813–1901) Messa da Requiem (Lat) Urtext / Ed. M. Uvietta Piano reduction by A. Campora BA 7590-90 ° V.s. For this scholarly-critical edition, the editor has consulted no less than 16 sources, many more than were ever used for any other edition of the Requiem; some of these sources were never evaluated before and one source, a hand-written vocal score, particularly relevant to the evaluation of the Liber scriptus, was newly discovered. As such, this edition offers new philological and editorial decisions regarding phrasing, articulation and dynamics and succeeds in presenting practical suggestions to solve musical problems and those concerning the interpretation of this famous work. This edition comprises a concise Critical Commentary in the score as well as a detailed one on the Bärenreiter website. The most important editions published in the 19 th century are compared with regard to musicological questions in the work. 40

Sacred and Secular Works Vivaldi, Antonio (1678–1741) Gloria RV 589 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. M. Bruno Piano reduction by M. Bruno BA 7674-90 ° V.s. BA 7674-91 Choral score Gloria RV 589 (Lat) Bärenreiter Female Choir series BA 8953-90° V.s. → page 28 Introduzione al Gloria. Gloria in D maj RV 642, 589 (Lat) Choir & Organ series → page 34 BA 7515 Score Kyrie RV 587 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. M. Bruno Piano reduction by M. Bruno BA 8950-90 ° V.s. Kyrie RV 587 (Lat) Arranged for female choir (SSAA) Bärenreiter Female Choir series BA 8954-90° V.s. → page 28 Magnificat RV 610/611 (Lat) Choir & Organ series → page 34 BA 7516 Score ° = Performance material available on sale • = Performance material available on hire Zelenka, Jan Dismas (1679–1745) Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV 12 (Lat) for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra Urtext / Ed. V. Luks Piano reduction by P. Kornfeld BA 9594-90 • V.s. The Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV 12, an expansive and unusually richly scored work, marks a highlight in the œuvre of Zelenka. It was composed in 1729 while he was working at the Dresden court. The principal source of this first edition is the damaged autograph score which had long been kept under lock and key. Passages missing because of its damaged condition have been supplemented using secondary sources or reconstructed by Václav Luks, clearly marked as such in the musical text. “It is good that Zelenka’s work is now receiving its due through to scholarly editions as this.” (Organists’ Review) 41