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Sacred and Secular Works

Sacred and Secular Works “Uwe Wolf’s masterful treatment of the sources and problems presented in the Mass in B Minor should afford scholars and performers for generations to come many opportunities to carefully examine the diverse complexities of Bach’s masterpiece.” (Notes) J. S. Bach · Mass in B Minor BWV 232 in a Revised Edition Mass in B min BWV 232 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. U. Wolf Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5935-90 ° Vocal score TP 1232 Study score For the first time the “Dresden parts” of 1733 which were largely written by Bach are included as valuable additional source material. Also for the first time, annotations by J. S. Bach and C. P. E. Bach can be differentiated by using ink analysis (x-ray spectography of over 500 places in the score). This method also enables in-depth-analysis of areas which have been eroded to a large extent by iron ink gall erosion. Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750) 8 Magnificat in E-flat maj BWV 243a (Lat) Urtext / Ed. A. Dürr Piano reduction by E. Müller, C. Heimbucher BA 5208-90 ° V.s. TP 58 Study score Mass in B min BWV 232 Facsimile edition ISBN 978-3-7618-2194-7 → page 44 Still available: Mass in B min BWV 232 (Lat) Urtext / Ed. F. Smend Piano reduction by G. Müller BA 5102-92 ° V.s. Mass in B min, early versions Missa BWV 232I (version of 1733). Credo in unum Deum BWV 233II/1 (early version in G maj). Sanctus BWV 232III (version of 1724) (Lat) Urtext / Ed. U. Wolf Piano reduction by A. Köhs BA 5293-90 ° V.s.

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