4 months ago

Get high on coffee at Smoke House Deli

If you’re seeking some peace, you should spend some quiet time in any of the cafes in the shopping mall instead of the food court. One such place is Smoke House Deli.

Get high on coffee at Smoke House

Why should you visit Smoke House Deli on a Sunday? A weekend should never be wasted. A Sunday comes into your life after a hectic week and it deserves to be celebrated. Now, the question is how to spend an ideal Sunday. There are a number of things you can do over the weekend. You can plan to catch a movie or theatre show with your friends or family. You can also think about spending your weekly holiday cooking or doing something you enjoy at home. However, if you are too lazy to think about something to do on a Sunday, we would suggest you to head to a shopping mall. There are quite a few wonderful shopping malls in Mumbai, where people go to spend some quality time, especially on weekends. All the shopping malls in Mumbai are well connected from all corners of the city, allowing you to visit the one that serves your purpose the best. The best thing about shopping malls of Mumbai is that they are bright and colorful. With its ambience, a shopping mall has the power of cheering people up. Nobody can remain sad in the hustle bustle of a shopping mall. So, a shopping mall visit will brighten up your Sunday evening like nothing else. A shopping mall offers you a chance to indulge in a number of activities. You can go to the gaming zone and play some video games. You can go to the electronics store and check out the latest machines and gizmos that have arrived in the market. Some of the electronic stores also allow customers to use the gadgets for trial. You can spend some time in window shopping or indulge yourself in some retail therapy, especially if it is the time of sale. Apart from this, every shopping mall in Mumbai boasts of vibrant food courts. You would find a large number of food outlets here for you to pamper your taste buds with variety.