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Norwegian designers in

Norwegian designers in Singapore 19

Norwegian designers in Singapore SCANDINAVIAN and minimalist design is second nature to Norwegian interior designer Sara Graav. All her life she has absorbed the clean forms, colours and functional beauty of buildings and furnishings, products and textiles in her home country. On a holiday trip to Singapore years back Sara had been fascinated with the city's diverse architectural designs, culture and lush natural elements. Something connected deeply so she decided to stay. With her love and keen eye for minimalist design the young designer in her 20s feels it works well for Singapore interiors – especially modern minimalist design with Scandinavian- or Japanese-inspired concepts, in which nature plays a role. The sheer unclutteredness, lightness and simplicity of minimalism creates spaces you feel relaxed in and want to come home to. The green landscaping around Singapore homes adds a dimension typical of Scandinavian and Japanese styles where interior and exterior flow into each other, of connecting with nature and natural materials. Top: Scandinavian Style dining room enjoys light colours, lots of wood and natural light 20