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Published in Singapore, this online magazine covers stories about food, architecture and design mainly in this city and a little from around the world

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Norwegian designers in Singapore "Natural materials such as wood and stone give a sense of purity while adding a sense of depth." A chat with interior designer SARA GRAAV about creating modern minimalist interiors in Singapore homes Why is minimalist design such as Scandinavian and Japanese so much in demand in Singapore homes today? Nowadays we tend to have a lot of things, some of which we do not really need. We frequently seem to be looking for new things that we believe will make us happier, forgetting to appreciate what we already have. Minimalist homes remind us about what is most important in our lives, making us become more appreciative towards what matters and what we already have. Perhaps because the world seems to be getting ever more complicated, people seem to be finding that more attractive these days. In addition, practically speaking, minimalist design makes sense for Singapore. Because Singapore has a high density of people, space has become limited and residential spaces have shrunk. The minimalistic home with its clean surfaces and emphasis on quality helps compensate for the lack of space. A minimalistic design helps create order, making it easier to keep smaller spaces tidy and neat. We all work long hours in Singapore, and minimalist designs free up time – time that would otherwise be spent cleaning or organising – to spend with friends and family. You've lived in Singapore for about six years now. How do we add Singapore touches to minimalist interiors? Take inspiration from local history or elements from the natural elements that are native to the tropics. For instance, features from Peranakan design like patterns and colours are easy to adapt and to give a slight modern twist in a minimalist way. Right: Add local elements with Peranakan tiles. Photo credit Loke Thye Kee Residences by Ministry of Design 25

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