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Norway designers in Singapore "Modern minimalism continues to evolve, and has become very open to different usage of materials with a wider range of colours and texture." Why is minimalist style connected to Japan and Scandinavia? Japanese minimalism is connected to Zen and Buddhist traditions that go back centuries – of using only what is needed, respecting nature, and providing uncluttered spaces for meditation and serenity. In Scandinavia it was about saving cost and being functional. It is important in Scandinavia to create relaxing, light-coloured spaces that capture as much sunlight as possible during our long, dark winters. What materials, furnishings, colours and lighting work best for minimalist interiors? Wood, stone, concrete, metal and glass. Natural materials such as wood and stone give a sense of purity while adding a sense of depth. They create a connection between the natural environment, the site and the occupants. Concrete, metal and glass, in contrast, help create more simplicity and openness. They are easy to take care of and to maintain. well lit a space is. For example, furniture that is elevated allows light to travel through the negative space beneath the furnishings and to better diffuse throughout the space. How do you relax after a hard day at work? Put on my comfy clothes, cook some dinner and just relax on the couch. More generally, I practise yoga to help myself disconnect and find a sense of inner peace. What Singapore food do you like? What Norwegian food do you miss? In Singapore chicken rice is my favourite. There is a lot of Norwegian foods that I miss like Norwegian cheese and sausages, and especially a lamb dish called pinne kjøtt. We have it for Christmas, and its delicious. Modern minimalism continues to evolve, and has become very open to different usage of materials with a wider range of colours and textures, while neutral colours such as white, light grey and beige are still commonly used. These colours are simple and create a nice contrast to materials like wood, stone and concrete. For example, white ceilings and walls allow a space to feel more spacious while enhancing the movement of natural light in space. If a young girl tells you she wants to be an interior designer like you what advice would you give her? Find a good school with teachers that are professionals in the field. When it gets tough and you face difficulties, do not search for an easy way out by cutting corners. Work hard and believe in yourself. Of course, natural lighting is an essential quality in minimalism. Typically, large windows are used to maximise natural light in the space and the lighter colours like white, are used to reflect the natural light. The type of furniture used is also important to how Story by Carol Kraal Photographs: Sara Graav by Susanna Fong; Pinne kjøtt by visitnorway 27

Norway designers in Singapore One of Sara's favourite Singapore dishes is chicken rice (above) while she misses traditional Norwegian food like a lamb dish called pinne kjøtt, usually enjoyed during Christmas 28