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Norway designers Carl

Norway designers Carl – Multiuse fabric Ane Domaas and Kathrine Høgh: "We create products for everyday life that reflect the distinctive modesty and touches of humour of the Norwegian temperament." Inspired by the unconventional approach of the Norwegian artist, sculptor and Picasso collaborator Carl Nesjar, Domaas/Høgh created Carl, a durable, multiuse fabric made from a cotton-linen blend. It translates Nesjar’s use of sandblasting concrete to create positive and negative surfaces into textile design. Carl was featured at the Norwegian Presence exhibition held at Milan Design Week 29

Norway designers Norwegian Designers in Norway Young Talent Emerging design duo Ane Domaas and Kathrine Høgh of Domaas/Høgh combines form and function to reflect Norway's seasons and modest humour THEY'RE YOUNG, creative and ambitious. Ane Domaas (above right) and Kathrine Høgh met during their studies at Oslo Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, and Product Design and shared dreams of creating quality, well-designed products. In a rented workshop and loft in Oslo that gets hot in summer and cold in winter, they got to work creating functional homeware with clean lines, honest forms and playful colours that reflect the modesty and humour of the Norwegian temperament. How do your designs capture the essence of Norway? Our designs reflect our surroundings and are often inspired by nature. We enjoy using natural materials like wood, glass, metal and ceramic. We feel that our products tend to be a bit modest, almost shy, and are easy to place in any environment. Why do you think Scandinavian Style in architecture, interior design and product design is so loved all over the world? We think Scandinavian Style is so loved because it's simple – with a twist; it's easy to understand and can be combined with other styles. What Norwegian food do you love most after a hard day designing things? It's embarrassing, but almost every time after a hard day of work, we end up eating junk food, maybe because we're so tired and so hungry. As for local fare it's always good to have Norwegian waffles with brunost (brown cheese), jam and a cup of coffee! 30