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Published in Singapore, this online magazine covers stories about food, architecture and design mainly in this city and a little from around the world

Singapore designers Go

Singapore designers Go Local Singapore designers create Singapore things 1 2 3 1. SINGAPORE CHICKEN RICE MUG by Chalo, Enamel, S$17.90 – This mug with it's old school design depicts one of Singapore's favourite cuisines: chicken rice. What is Singapore without its food and hawker centres? 2. CURRY PUFF CUSHION by Nom Nom, plush soft velboa with velvet and cotton filling, $34.90 – Curry puffs are irresistable savoury snacks of pastry filled with meat curry or sardine fillings. Each culture – Malay, Indian and Chinese – has their own style. Buy yourself a Curry Puff Cushion to cuddle while nibbling on your snack. 3. PERANAKAN HERITAGE PENDANT by Rumenn, Ceramic, 20mm diameter, $16.90 – The Peranakans or Straits Chinese are known for their flamboyant designs and delicious cuisine. These pendants reflect the Peranakan motif floor tiles found in their old pre-war houses throughout Singapore. 7

Singapore designers 4 wheniwasfour Liling, designer 1 What is the main inspiration behind your designs? It’s actually everywhere. From my own childhood memories to memories from our parents and sometimes customers will give me ideas as well. Many of our Wheniwasfour products evoke childhood memories of Singapore. 5 2 How do we get more Singaporeans to be interested in local design? Singaporeans generally are quite interested in local design when the concept is something that they can relate to. Like, for example, fancy gem cushions – these are things they eat when they are young. When the idea or product is related to daily life, it manages to capture Singaporeans' attention. 4.KOPI DABAO BAG by wheniwasfour, PVC, $19.90 – 'Kopi da bao' means 'coffee takeaway' at local coffeeshops in Singapore. These are served in plastic bags with a straws sticking out. Each Kopi Dabao Bag comes with pink and green straps. Also available in a 'Teh Dabao' (tea version). 5. SHOPHOUSE COASTERS by MemoryBoards, cork, $30 pack of 6 – Shophouses are vernacular buildings in the Singapore architectural landscape built by immigrants from the 19th century. The shophouse consists of trade space on the lower floor and residential living above. These coasters capture the culture and design with vibrant colours. 3 What is your favourite local food after a hard day at work designing stuff? My mum’s home cooked food! I also like bak chor mee and chicken rice. 4 What is your favourite way of sketching ideas? Pencil and notebook! 8