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Chairman’s Message

Dear Members,

It’s a pleasure to connect with Gymkhana Members after

every three months. I extend my heartfelt greetings to the

readers on the first issue of the quarterly Gymkhana Newsletter

for the year 2018. This newsletter covers the activities, events

and various initiatives taken in the last few months.

The present elected Committee has completed one year on

March 7th 2018. During this time, we have tried to live up to our

slogan of ‘Qualitative Change’ by upgrading the overall

environment of the Club.

Starting from cleanliness to landscaping, and then

improving facilities through required physical changes in areas

like the banquet hall, gym and washrooms, as well as moving a

step further with our online presence, continuous efforts are

being made to ensure quality and progress in each discipline.

Likewise, the general mood and environment that’s come to life

is visible; through the quality and quantity of members

frequenting Gymkhana. Women and Youth who had previously

shied away are now seen enjoying places like Caffe 9, Open Air

Cinema, and Barbeque Terrace. Their active participation in

Walled City Tours, Sub-Clubs and events like the Family

Carnival and Gymkhana Eat has once again made Lahore

Gymkhana a Family Club.

Lots of members felt that there was no character or

architectural form of Gymkhana, so we have taken a major

initiative by giving the club its identity through a facade. A

classic design put on display has been widely appreciated and

active work has begun. During works, there is always some

disruption and disturbance, but I am grateful to members, who

for their much loved and treasured Gymkhana have been

extremely patient during aggressive works. I assure you that

results will prove to be worth the wait.

Together, with the continued commitment and support of all

staff and members of the club, we can strengthen the

foundation of Lahore Gymkhana, while building a better today

and tomorrow.


Chairman Lahore Gymkhana

Kamran Lashari



Dear Members!

Assalamu Alaikum!

Let’s welcome the spring!

Good many events of national and international magnitude have marked the flow of

life during the period. The Club wears a new look with a number of renovations and

activities being carried out by different committees.

The Library and Newsletter Committee under my supervision has tried to bring about

members’ welfare-oriented improvements in the profiles of the Library, Reading Room,

Computer Section and Newsletter.

The Library & Newsletter team this time held over 20 events including talks and

lectures on topics as diverse as art, economics, travel, film, philosophy and others along

with a range of activity sessions at the Sub-Clubs. From the adventures of mountain

climbing with Vanessa O’ Brien, to an insight into the bigger picture of Pakistan’s

economics by studying past through a fictional window of future with Mr. Nadeem Ul

Haque; from thousands of members revisiting the city’s origins via the exclusively

arranged Walled City Tours, to the Gardening Club members touring and exploring the

floral illustrations of the 1960s at the Wazir Khan Mosque; from the visual delight of

stomping feet and fiery passion of Flamenco dancers, to the pleasures of poetry and

prose with one of the most consequential orators of our time, Zia Mohyeddin; the

plethora of events was everything from enlightening to entertaining.

It was also the first time that the members were encouraged to help the Committee in

selecting books for the Library. A great number of books on diverse topics were selected

by the members that were purchased thereon.

Herein I would like to thank Honourable members of the Lahore Gymkhana Club for

extending their earnest and heartfelt support and encouragement as a result of which I

was able to serve the cause by working diligently as Convenor of both the Committees,

Library as well as of Women and Children. We are grateful and thankful to the members

for graciously appreciating the previous issues of the Newsletter and promise to improve

each time.




We have strengthened our Library & Newsletter team with the appointment of a

content specialist. Ms. Anum J. Khan, besides supporting the vision of the Newsletter

team as a communication professional, will also be looking after the Club’s creative

initiatives as the ‘Creative Manager’ along with the ‘Creative Consultant’ Mr. Hasan

Shahzad Qureshi.

I am grateful to Mr. Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed, Mr. Nasim Niaz and my Manager, Ms.

Fouzia Ahmed in extending help and cooperation regarding the publication of the



Prof. Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi

Editor/ Convenor



Convenor – Dr. Jawad Sajid


Lahore Gymkhana’s Annual General Meeting for year 2017 held on Thursday,

December 7th 2017 with an aggregate attendance of 489 Permanent

Members was the first AGM of the newly elected body that covered the

accounts for both, outgoing and incoming committees. Adhering to the

Articles of Association, Mr. Kamran Lashari, Chairman Lahore Gymkhana took

the Chair.

All agenda points were covered in a congenial atmosphere that reflected

synergy through joint efforts. After the confirmation of minutes of the

previous AGM, and approval of Annual Accounts, the event proceeded with

constructive arguments from both sides. Motions to be put to the

Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM), like the tenure of the elected

Committee of Management and expansion of Hostel facility through

additional 40 rooms were then declared. It was announced that the EOGM will

be held in 90 days of the date of this AGM for special approval of the House in

deciding the future course of action for the new projects.





Held on November 13th 2017, the Participant Awareness Program

was aimed at recognizing employees’ efforts through issuing

them health insurance cards. Chairman Lahore Gymkhana, Mr.

Kamran Lashari acknowledged progress that’s afoot in all

departments and said that a productive and progressive mindset

is what it takes to deliver to maximum potential. Training, he said,

Is the key and appreciated efforts made by Convenor Admin, Dr.

Jawad Sajid and Convenor Finance, Khawaja Imran Zubair in

bringing about changes that have not only uplifted employees

spirits but also resulted in better performance levels.



In an effort to provide members

with 24 hours banking services, a

new ATM has been installed in

the Club right next to the

cashier’s office.

Discipline and Conduct

Members felt that there was a need to

strengthen discipline and conduct in the

Club, therefore the Management of

Lahore Gymkhana, after thoughtful

consideration has started taking

disciplinary actions. Around 11 cases have

been dealt so far. The Management

believes it will help halt irregularities in

discipline which in turn will reduced the

number of similar incidents in future.



















The Magical Spring

Infusing its own mojo

into the endless opera

of the seasons!

Using flowers and plants as paints and sky and soil as

canvas, Nazeer Masih has been planting Gymkhana gardens

for the last 31 years. Hands in dirt, head in the sun, and heart

and soul in the gardens, the man has great contribution in

bringing to life what has taken the shape of lush, verdant,

unblemished lawns of the Club we all take pleasure viewing,

relishing and admiring.

Looking forward to spring blooming, the groundsman

shared the new Committee’s vision in making Lahore

Gymkhana a place that reflects Nature in every corner by

adorning the gardens of the Club with lots of trees, greenery

and a dazzling array of flowers that blossoms to radiate

freshness, positivity and color. ‘Such an important aspect of

the Club has finally been given its due prominence’

commented Masih.


I am a


of infinite time


- Uniform has been introduced for the

Horticulture Staff

- Training sessions are being conducted

regularly to ensure a clean, safe and

welcoming environment in the club.

- New housekeeping equipment such

as mopping trolleys has been introduced.

- Old cleaning products have been

replaced with better quality cleaners and



Celebrations at the Club

May the joys of


warm our hearts,

fill our homes and,

last a life time.

Dec 22 nd 2017

An enchanted tree decked out with flickering fairy lights, golden bells,

a myriad of tiny luminous stars and countless hanging Santas, the Main

Hall echoed Christmas cheers for the first time with Christmas Carols

filling the air and tears of joy streaming down faces.

“An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have

it over an Arab; a white has no superiority over black nor does a black

have it over white except, by piety (taqwa) and good action”, Mr.

Kamran Lashari quoted the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while

greeting the 200 plus Christian employees and endorsing the spirit of

communal harmony and profound cohesion of faiths at the Lahore

Gymkhana Club.

Christmas celebrations at the club reflected love, tolerance,

compassion, and togetherness adhering to the spirit of the message

the occasion brings. Participation of all Convenors, and Management

affirmed everyone as part of one proud Gymkhana family.

Retaining an aura of equity, diversity and inclusivity, the day brought

back a sense of long awaited recognition where everyone was seen

engulfed in sheer ecstasy, overwhelmed with emotion. “Today’s

celebrations signify how each one of us is valued and we are truly

honored…..we all promise to deliver to our maximum potential” , said

Mr. Majeed – Supervisor Housekeeping

The cake cutting ceremony in the end witnessed a beautiful

connection beyond ranks, beyond creed, and beyond man made

patterns of identity. Rare moments of valuing human dignity and

acceptance as whole heartedly as the combined ingredients of the rich

plum cake everyone nibbled together. Rare moments of believing in

the essence of selflessness while enjoying Christmas presents from the

most generous Santa. Rare moments of cherishing happiness and

looking forward to a future much brighter when strung just like the

gorgeous balloon garland dominating with all its colors.



Convenor – Ahsan Saeed Mian



Rizwan & Moazaam

Rizwan and Moazzam, nephews of the supreme exponent

of Qawwali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan took the Gymkhana

stage on Friday Dec 15th 2017 to leave fans entranced. The

event attracted a huge turnout of women and youth after long

marking the revival of the club as a Family Club.

Transfixing rhythmic patterns of the harmonium, stimulating

tabla beats, powerful and poignant lyrics and a complex

undercurrent of synchronized handclapping in support of the

mellifluous voices facilitating a mystic connection between

Mehfil-e-Samaa and the Divine, the night radiated spirituality

overlaid with musical precision.

Opening the show with a mellow rendition of “Allah Hu" followed

by a diverse lineup of the most popular tracks, the duo, with each

new rendition and powerhouse performance drew in the crowds

who were seen singing along, swaying and lauding one hit after

the other.

From the smooth melodic overtures in ‘Suroor’ and heavy

rhythmic grooves of ‘Mast Nazron say’ to the fierce leaps of vocal

passion through glottal groans and perfect glissando in ‘Dam

Mast Qalandar’, the audience were treated to heights of musical

ecstasy endorsed by a world of Sufi mystics.

Totally unaware of the power of the genre, the evening in no time

turned into tranquil hours of midnight where Rizwan and

Moazzam keeping up to the legacy of the musical genius

articulated the message of peace, love and happiness while

earning the same in return from the listeners.



JANUARY 12 TH 2018

Lahore Gymkhana provided an opportunity for members to take time out and

make the special ones feel extra special at the Black-Tie Ball held on Friday

January 12th 2018. Setting new benchmarks in terms of aesthetics, sophistication

and finesse, the event turned out to be a perfectly planned, immaculately

organized and brilliantly executed affair attracting a huge turnout. A black and

white palette lent an idyllic mood to the occasion. From decorated tabletops with

clusters of floral orbs of roses, lilies and tulips to the checkerboard dancefloor

with a ceiling heaving with white blossoms replicating an illusion of a sky of

flowers cascading over the ones moving across the blocks, and illuminating art

installations, the monochrome theme enveloped guests in a warm embrace of a

lucid dream before waking them up to a surreal reality.

The elegant and debonair gentlemen in the classic and timeless tuxedos and

modern dinner jackets with their ladies in the most exquisite black and white

silhouettes relished moments of absolute delight. An ambiance of Jazz Blues

merged with Eastern Classical ensembles by the Blue Sax Band soaring through

the air hijacked the tedium of everyday providing the wonderful couples a chance

to trip the light fantastic while transcending the limits of orchestral exuberance.

Dancing the night away with great conversations, great food and great company,

members and guests basked in hours of spectacular entertainment celebrating

love, commitment, relationships and life. The sold-out event with an

overwhelming response might make a comeback on popular demand very soon.

Await another invite, for another ball; bigger and better.



Farshi Mehfil



The son and nephew of legendry musical duo, Ustad

Nazakat Ali khan and Salamat Ali khan, Ustad

Rafaqat Ali Khan graced the Gymkhana stage on

Saturday, February 24th 2018. The ambassador of

the Sham Chaurasia gharana amazed the packed

audience with performances that seemed nothing

short of a feast of musical notes descended upon


Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan’s impressive set contained a

rich balance of classical, semi-classical, ghazal and

Bollywood hits. The maestro regaled music

aficionados with his versatility and impressive range.

Performing to songs like ‘Tere Bin Nahin Lagda’,

‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ and ‘Dama Dam Mast

Qalandar’, Khan with his extraordinary vocals,

intricate notes, and incomparable zeal created an

environment of musical reverie, making it a night to

remember for everyone in attendance.





in the lush green setting with high definition projection on a big screen with

Dolby Digital Surround Sound System

Magnetic characters, splendid views, wondrous sets, and epic storytelling was

experienced at the inaugural screening of Gymkhana’s Open-Air Cinema on

Friday November 10th 2017 in Russel Crowe starrer historical epic ‘Gladiator’.

The rear lawn transformed into a cozy cinematic setting with a massive screen

and Dolby Surround Sound for around 200 movie lovers to immerse in the

grandeur of 2nd Century Rome while enjoying their picks from a variety of

snacks and drinks on a balmy night filled with fun and excitement.

From timeless classics like ‘Gladiator and Sholay’, to the spectacular romantic

fantasies ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Devdas’, to the ultimate historical epic like Troy, and

comedy drama ‘3 idiots’, each movie ensured audiences were beguiled with

all the drama, action, and emotion each character displayed on screen, while

feasting on warm popcorn, palatable finger food, and hot and cold drinks

under the stars to mark priceless moments with their loved ones.


What’s New

Great people in the world have gone to great heights by challenging usual practices,

thinking differently, breaking conventional notions, and unlocking new value for

themselves and for the system at large. ‘If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will

have to settle for the ordinary’ – Jim Rohn. The purpose is to keep exploring, and

continue trying till the extraordinary is achieved.

Lahore Gymkhana is home to the best of talents in the Country. With the distinct vision of

the Chairman Mr. Kamran Lashari, and considerable support of Convenor Finance/

Coordinator New Plans and Developments Khawaja Imran Zubair and Convenor Library

and Newsletter Dr. Atif Kazmi, ‘Gymkhana Creative’ has been set up to bring to the

forefront members’ who have ideas worth sharing, talents worth revealing, and opinions

worth making a difference for the better. The department aims to promote social

cohesion while uncovering members hidden bents by bringing into play and executing

their creative vision.

Currently the department has helped initiate the flourishing Gardening Club, the vibrant

Music Club, the promising Kids Club, and the intellectually stimulating Book Club. The

imminent Cooking Club will be the newest addition to the growing number of Sub Clubs.

Gymkhana Talent Hunt 2018, to be conducted annually is also a project of Gymkhana

Creative. The purpose is to provide the members with a platform to perform, and a

chance to earn a place in the Gymkhana Hall of Fame, that could pave the way to

ultimate stardom.

Most conspicuous, the quarterly Gymkhana Newsletter has been developed into an

insightful and visually indulging summation of all the Club’s happenings and progress.

We are open to feedback, suggestions, and proposals from members in order to

perpetuate the creative spirit within the Club that helps us CREATE.



Hasan Shahzad Qureshi

Creative Consultant

Anum J. Khan

Creative Manager


What’s New


REDEFINED was launched in style to celebrate a

major step Club has taken towards digitization of Club

services. Chairman LGC, Mr. Kamran Lashari launched

the new Club website on Thursday Jan 18th 2018 amidst

loud applause from excited members. The website also

allows the members to book rooms at the Guest room

facility online. A LIVE demo was held to highlight key

features of the website for member suggestions and

feedback. Chairman also lauded the efforts of the team

members especially, Hasnain Iqbal and Moeen Sarwar

for their untiring efforts in overseeing the launch of the

new website.

The effort is one major leap towards the ultimate goal of

‘Lahore Gymkhana’s Digital Transformation’. It aims to

be the online face of the Club with all the key

information, latest news and updates, contacting

procedures, timings, monthly bills and online

guestroom reservations.

By landing at ‘’ and logging in to ‘My

Gymkhana’, members will now be able to check room

availability, access rates and make bookings with a

secured two-factor authentication via email and

registered phone numbers. The new feature aims to

save time, remove bottlenecks of manual booking,

increase revenue and most of all make it convenient for

members to reserve rooms without having to worry

about repeated requests and/or follow-ups.

The reliance of the world today on digital technologies is

unprecedented. And in order to match the pace, it’s

imperative for the Club to stay relevant to the changing

demands and adopt a more competitive and productive

way of work, minimizing costs whilst ensuring maximum

performance and minimal human errors. Adhering to

that, all possible efforts are being made to automate

processes where required, and the new website seems

to be the beginning of a ‘Digitalized Lahore Gymkhana’.


Contact the MIS department

to update your contact

details (email, and phone)

and stay updated of latest

news and events


What’s New

facade to be

Structures define identities!

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn

for timelessness” – Frank Gehry

Structures and buildings define identities and reveal eras

by unifying physical and emotional experiences through an

architectural ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, allowing us to orient

ourselves in a world with various dimensions.

Lahore Gymkhana serves an excellent example by holding

a century’s old history of owning structures that have not

just been an expression of identity to each of its members,

but also salient landmarks revealing cultural character of

the historical city from time to time. Keeping in view the role

the edifice had played over the years, the current

Committee of Management after thoughtful consideration

and careful evaluation of traditional, practical and modern

elements has approved Riaz-Ur-Rehman’s version of the

long-awaited façade finally envisioned as the proud face of

Lahore Gymkhana.

A balanced and symmetrical exterior of colonial red brick

will be incorporated for a delicate play of shadow and

texture with bold white columns to compliment and

support the color and surface of the main entrance assuring

a simple, yet functional and certainly picturesque front view

keeping up to the Club’s grandeur and exclusivity of history,

values and membership. Construction of the 6-month

project has commenced in February 2018 under the

supervision of Convenor Finance/Coordinator New Plans,

Mr. Khawaja Imran Zubair and Chairman Lahore Gymkhana,

Mr. Kamran Lashari. Sincerely wishing for an in-time

completion, the COM looks forward to members embracing

an old identity with a new face.


What’s New


Where the little souls feel as safe

as home and where there are no

boundaries to imagination; where

activities abound and chuckles

and giggles rule the day!

Where the little souls feel as safe as home and where there are no

boundaries to imagination; where activities abound and chuckles

and giggles rule the day!

The newest addition to the Lahore Gymkhana Club is the

state-of-the-art ‘Kids Play Area’ designed for children of and

under 8 years of age. Covered with artificial turf flooring for a safe

and comfortable environment in a lush green setting with no risk of

grass allergies, mud stains, or bug bites, the play yard located right

behind caffé 9 aims to stimulate and encourage all aspects of

physical and sensory development, thought process, social

interaction, and confidence building. An exciting new world of

untethered joy and thrill welcomes kids to romp around and race

down the slide of their choice only to climb again; jump and bounce

back off the corners on the trampoline to discover who soar the

highest; see what was and see what is on the horse-back seesaw;

score a red basket and then tumble their way through the maze of

ladders and obstacle courses in the playhouse before tricycling the

road to happiness and success whilst finding pleasures of growing

up in just ‘Playing’.




Lahore Gymkhana

Guest Rooms

The Lahore Gymkhana Guest Rooms are considered a

place of poise, convenience and warmth and the

facilities are amenities loaded and most suitable for

members guests travelling to Lahore frequently. No

doubt each room affords an understated palette of

subtle colors and contemporary design and what

further augments and complements an urge to stay

here are finest fabrics, modern art and latest

technological facilities.







Because our first job

is to be hospitable….’



Significant news from the team at Guest Rooms headed

by Dr Ali Razaque is that Online Room Reservations

System are finally in place and Lahore Gymkhana

Rooms can be booked online at To

ensure security the process is backed by 2-factor

authentication -e- mail text.

With this system in place, booking suitableness

certainly places the stakeholders at a convenience.

And as for the work done, the details are

• New Linens (bed sheets and towels) at par with

5-star hotels

• Reception and Canopy ceiling repainted with


• Coffee making machine and sugar cane machine

installed in the basement (in front of the dining


• New flowers planted in the guest room gardens

• Assorted drinks have been added in mini bar for


• Main door color from dark brown to original wood

• Restaurant menu additions

Future Plans

• Expansion of rooms: 23 rooms and 9

suites approved in the EOGM

• Replacement of old ACs in Guest Rooms

Other Developments

After extensive efforts a new General

Manager, Khurram Hashmi has been hired

for the Guest Rooms. This resource has

been a part of the hospitality industry for

the past 23 years having worked in

departments like Public Relations,

Marketing Communications, Guest

Relations and Front Office. As he goes

along ,the Lahore Gymkhana Guest Rooms

are going to benefit from his all round

experience and he will be forthcoming in

applying traits like integrity, help people

grow and build teams, focus on results,

and gain from feedback of guests and






all about

The Convenor Gym, Mrs. Samira Maroof Khan and her team consisting of

Captains Mr. Ahsan Khan and Mrs. Durdana Saleem, Vice Captains Mr.

Mohsin Moin and Mrs. Zarmina Mumtaz and the subcommittees are

working tirelessly to ensure that members and their families enjoy a

modern, safe and healthy environment.


The Annual Fitness Competition held on Nov 23rd, 24th and 25th 2017

had contestants competing from all age groups. Mian Afzal P-4422 and

Dr. Fakhr-un- Nisa P-2572 were presented Life Time Achievement



The Table Tennis Tournament took place on 21st, 22nd and 23rd

December 2017. Ammnah Mansoor (R-1093) and Nasreen Khawar

(P-6382) secured top positions in ‘Ladies Single’ and ‘Ladies over 50’.

Hamza won ‘Under 14’ and Ali Ahmad (R-1204) was the winner of ‘Open

Singles’. Syed Raza Shah (P-5624) won in the ‘Men over 50’ category

whereas Sameer Tayyab (P-6890) and Ayyan Sameer secured first

position in ‘Doubles’.


A prize distribution ceremony

was held to laud winners of the

Table Tennis Tournament 2017

and Annual Fitness Competition

2017 on Thursday, Jan 18th

2018. Orchestrated by Justice

Shahid Hussain, the event aimed

to recognize achievements and

excellence of fitness enthusiasts.

It highlighted the necessity of

treasuring fitness as it is the

cornerstone of our most

valuable possession, health.

Chairman Lahore Gymkhana,

Mr. Kamran Lashari was the

Chief Guest of the evening who

stressed on the importance of

staying fit to reach the optimal

state of well-being.


New equipment has been inducted

which includes:

Convenor Gym Mrs. Samira Maroof Khan

addressing on prize distribution ceremony

- One Hip Roller in Ladies Gym

- Two Spinning Bikes in Ladies Gym

- Two Treadmills in Ladies Gym

Justice Shahid Hussain - Master of the ceremony


What’s New







Mr. Saeed Ul Haseeb P-10166 Gym Champion – 2017



Beenish Shaukat Gym Champion (ladies) – 2017


Mr. Saif. A. Gohar P-8681 WINNER IN AGE CATEGORY 41-45












Run by Dr. Sara Liu, a highly qualified, and

experienced health & beauty consultant

from China, the Gymkhana Wellness

Center has been a center of offering

services that specifically cater to the

wellness needs of all its members.

The services aim to balance physical,

mental, emotional and spiritual

components by healing through treatments

like the 3,000-year-old Acupuncture, or

Cupping Therapy for relief of tight, sore and

over worked muscles, or others with the

use of Traditional Chinese Medicine or


Offer valid from Feb 1st to Oct 31st

• 3 % discount with any service of

Rs. 5000/-

• 5 % discount with any service of

Rs. 8000/-

• 8 % discount with any service of

Rs. 10,000/-


10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. – 7 days a week

042-35958417, 35879820 - Ext. 105


Some people in the world are born to inspire, very few live to! Mr. Mian Afzal, Membership # P-4422 clearly

belongs to the latter. As fit as a fiddle, the man in his 83rd year of life continues to prove to everyone that

fitness isn’t just a hobby but a lifestyle. This is a sneak peek into his life and his fitness routine.

How long has it been since you’ve been a part of Gymkhana Family?

I don’t remember the exact date but it’s been nearly 30 years.

How do you see the difference in health and fitness routines through generations

since you have seen it all?

I remember, before partition, outdoor sports after 4 P.M. were a norm. People relied on a

healthy diet and spent a great amount of time participating in outdoor activities. Compared to

that, my grandson today is all taken over by the digital age, spending so much time on his

phone and internet.

I, on the other hand do not skip a day. Even on Eid, I am either at the Race Course Park or at the

Model Town Park burning calories away with none on the track but myself.

I certainly believe that there is nothing more important than your health. I have never consulted

a doctor as a result of my fitness regime. I’ve never suffered from blood pressure, or diabetes

and alike which is quite rare in the times we are living.

How long have you been using the gym facilities?

It’s been 25 years. We used to have the gym in the basement where we now have the Billiards


What’s your workout routine?

Around 3 hours daily at the gym. Chest twice a week. Back and Shoulders once a week. Biceps

and Triceps once a week. Legs once a week. Forearms with back and triceps. Cardio an hour

every day. For abs I do leg raises and crunches almost daily. Cycling half an hour at the highest

resistance level almost every day as well.

Which exercise is a must?

I motivate people for weight training because I feel it helps with detoxification of the human

body as well as cardio, which I believe is equally important. If I had to give a percentage to both

I would say 50/50.

What are your favourite exercises?

All four angles for chest; incline, decline, and flat bench presses along with flys. I prefer to do

them with free weights instead of machines. I used to do heavy squatting as well up until 3-4

years ago. Due to back pain though, I have significantly cut it down to once or twice a month.

I must also mention that for 60 years now I walk for around 2 miles, 1 or 1 and a half hours post

dinner. I find it hard to sleep unless I have done so. In Lahore I prefer to walk inside the house

and if I’m abroad I go outside because of the houses being much smaller.

The maximum weight that you can bench press nowadays?

62 kg

Any significant achievements of yours?

I once randomly participated in a national level weight lifting competition where we had people

from all over Pakistan most of who represented army and police clubs. I never thought I stood a

chance but astonishingly I ended up lifting more than twice the weight the runner up lifted, and

winning the championship for Lahore Gymkhana.

What is the most favourite part of your diet?

I like to have Fish 5 days a week.

Who was your inspiration?

My teacher at Islamia High School (located on Lower Mall, Khazana Gate), Baba Mustafa who’d

always choose walking over travelling via any other means.


I think replacements are always better than repairs. We don’t have the appropriate

technological resources for repairs, and faulty equipment leads to an increased chance of


Any significant contributions by you for Gymkhana?

I was the one who suggested putting in place a biometric verification system at the gym. Since

I’ve travelled the world I’ve seen these implemented everywhere else. Non-members were

effectively filtered out because of it and a significant increase in revenue was achieved.



Convenor – Prof. Dr. Atif Hasnain Kazmi




BY 2050

saturday december 16th 2017

A Talk By nadeem ul haque

“I was frustrated for years. Our newspapers have loads of gossip, foreign policy, and analysis. Nothing on economics. I will

give a very different analysis”. The former Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of Pakistan, Mr. Nadeem Ul Haque

graced the Gymkhana stage to share his perspective on our country’s economics through an insight into his book,

‘Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger by 2050’, that takes us on a fictional journey from a turbulent 2015 to

booming 2050.

The book aims to revolutionize the conventional ongoing thought process that supports cherry picked data based policies

followed by a failed foreign aid based economic agenda. It talks about the country’s reliability on donor agency reports

that blame the local socio-economic conditions like corruption and rent seeking for major fallouts, and very articulately

sketches a way out of the economic turmoil through sound policy and reform governance.

Highlighting failures of the past through a fascinating thought of travelling into the future and determining how crisis

leads to austerity which in turn leads to state fragility and how a bottom up approach of social transformation where

understanding social mobility and land distribution helps build an inclusive society, Mr. Haque presented the macro view

of microeconomics in a very interesting yet convincing style.

The audience asked questions about power politics, pressures faced by Haque during his tenure in the Planning

Commission of Pakistan, factors contributing to performance halts, role of democracy, education and youth, and

accountability mechanism for governing bodies.

The economist affirmed that it’s the intellectual capabilities that shape and nurture economies, and not just the

conundrum of complex numerical trends presented through incomprehensible graphs. He suggested that a thorough

understanding of the influence of incentives, comprehensive research and training, markets and government, and

financial and human resources is what will eventually play its part to bring to life what we call ‘Economic Prosperity’.





“...just the bare bones of a name, all rock and ice and storm and

abyss. It makes no attempt to sound human. It is atoms and stars. It

has the nakedness of the world before the first man – or of the

cindered planet after the last” - Fosco Maraini

Thursday December 14th 2017

Vanessa O’Brien

The evening was dedicated to Vanessa O’Brien, the first American-British woman to

summit K2. It’s believed that passion moves men beyond themselves, beyond their

shortcomings, and beyond failures. The mood of the evening reflected nothing short of

that when the 52-year old held the microphone to stun everyone in the audience as

she narrated the story of her journey, recapitulating events that led her to the ultimate

goal and to the stage where she stood.

The former Banking Executive turned Mountaineer, after failing two times in 2015 and

2016 made a successful third attempt to summit the 28,251-foot deadliest peak on

July 28th 2017. After a 16 hour climb from a final high camp, the undaunted Vanessa

finally became one of the 20 women in history to scale the world’s second tallest


Sitting on the Pak-China border, in the majestic Karakoram Range, K2 due to its

geography, incredible steep and extreme weather conditions is considered to be the

"Holy Grail of Mountaineering" and though just 800 feet shorter than Mount Everest, is

considered a far more dangerous climb. ‘When you climb Everest, you are

mountaineering in the eyes of the world. But when you climb K2, you are

mountaineering in the eyes of a mountaineer’, commented Vanessa, signifying the

treacherous ascend and its importance for a high-altitude climber.

Speaking of her experience in Pakistan, she disapproved the image of the country

projected by Western Media, and told how her expectations of the land were poles

apart to its beautiful reality. “The more and more I see Pakistan, the more and more I

love it” graciously remarked the mountain climber.

Fascinated by the highs and lows of the grueling expedition, members asked questions

about the maneuver, the role of spiritual and emotional forces, and the winning

moment “After the initial feeling of accomplishment, it starts to sink in that you are

only half way through……and that it only takes a second to fall” - Vanessa confounded

attendees with her reply to one of the questions about how she felt atop the K2.

The talk enlightened audiences of a world alien to many; of avalanches, ice, rocks and

crevasse; of steep inclines, vertical cliffs, high altitudes and extreme temperatures; of

risk and discomfort; a life extremely rough yet immensely fulfilling as expressed in the

concluding remarks of Chairman Lahore Gymkhana –

“there are very few people in the wilderness; beyond the lure of income, status, ranks;

it’s something within them, and they take the journey to self-actualization, they risk

everything, they risk lives – they are the ‘Mountaineers’”




through the years

Revisiting the Golden Era

An Evening




It began with audiences experiencing cinematic delight with the oomph queen Shabnam

and debonair Shahid Hameed elevating the multimedia screen with songs from their

reigning times, awakening memories of Pakistan’s golden film era. Songs like ‘Rafta

Rafta’, ‘Bari Mushkil Mei Mera Yeh Dil’, and ‘Humari Saanson Mei Aaj Tak Woh’ reminded

guests of the good old days; of timeless melodies, meaningful lyrics, inspirational stories

and riveting performances. The evening was hosted by the renowned playwright Asghar

Nadeem Syed who brought to the fore achievements and honors conferred on the

yesteryear superstars and their extraordinary graphs.

All exultant honoring the venue, Shahid with his undying grace, and Shabnam in

her signature winged eyeliner got attendees raptured in conversational indulgence

speaking about their respective journeys, highs and lows of the film industry, and

changing trends of cinematic presence over the years. Both with a flourishing career of

well over 150 films, the Bengali belle and the flamboyant heartthrob of the 60’s, 70’s and

80’s amused the audience sharing incidents of their landing in movies, affinity with

contemporaries, and barriers on the way. Members immensely enjoyed Shabnam

unveiling her on and off-screen relationship with Shahid. “Shahid had timing issues and I

used to bear it because replacements were hard to find then”, she commented nailing her

dry sense of humor sending all present into fits of laughter.

The evening ended with movie buffs and fans asking questions about the two and

their successful pursuits, while heaping praises on their body of work. “My elder sisters

were all head over heels for you back then and I am totally enamored of your son now”

remarked a lady expressing admiration for Shahid Hameed and Kamran Shahid to which

the film icon playfully responded, “I wish you were equally enamored of me”. Members

finally snapped selfies to mark their very own ‘With the Stars’ special moments before

making their way out of the reel to real.






The Ageless

A Sneak Peek


The World of



A veteran of the Pakistani film industry with around 600 films under his belt,

Shaan Shahid was the distinguished guest to honour the Gymkhana stage on

Friday December 29th 2017. The ageless superstar and a proud father of four

has been a part of Pakistani cinema for over 27 years with contributions in

acting, writing, hosting, modelling and direction.

From a gandhasa-bearing loud and violent village man to a suave and

swoon-worthy valiant army man, the powerhouse of talent has pulled off

countless characters for countless segments of the Pakistani audience.

Flamboyant personality, super attractive masculine looks and superbly sharp

acting skills, the star was welcomed with much warmth and appreciation by the

members who were eager to learn about the actor’s world inside and out of


Accompanying him was Syed Noor, the man behind some of Shaan’s best

performances and the renowned actor and host Noor Ul Hasan, who acted as

the moderator of the evening. Questions about background, changing times in

cinema, co-stars and prospects outside Pakistan were put to the celebrated

artist. He was particularly asked about the giant neighbor film industry –

Bollywood and the reason for him not heading there despite owning an

illustrious career and being a world-class actor. The actor retorted that the

country he lives in has great talent and potential that is unheard of, unseen and

unattended to and that he’d rather work to explore the unexplored before

contributing to industries that are already flourishing.

He also touched upon the dire need of bridging gaps and allowing cultural trade

across borders while mentioning his latest release ‘Arth’, the first Indo-Pak

collaborative project. The evening ended with a promise between the audience

and the ambassador of Pakistani Cinema to support Pakistan and its economy,

be it through the medium of art or any other. Members in the end had their ‘fan

moments’, lending the actor praises and taking photographs before wishing him

luck for his future ventures.



The Musical Genes

from Multan, the City of Saints


Suraiya & Rahat Multanikar

“How sweet the

moonlight sleeps upon

this bank! Here will we

sit and let the sounds

of music creep in our

ears: soft stillness and

the night become the

touches of sweet


So rightly put by William Shakespeare befits an evening that was a beautiful confluence of the

much-celebrated folk legend Suraiya Multanikar, and her daughter Rahat Multanikar hosted by the very

accomplished Dr. Omer Adil.

The evening provided the audience with an opportunity to listen to Suraiya and gain insight to her journey

from the beginning of herthat includes classical, smiclassical, folk, and film songs. career. The Sitara e

Imtiaz winner is eminent for her body of work,

While the lilting voice of 1960’s recalled how she gained popularity at a very young age and crooned ‘Bare

Bemurawat Hain Yeh Husan Waley’ to begin with, the song that earned her widespread recognition; Rahat

Multanikar, taking her mother’s craft forward captivated the audience with ‘Meri Dastan e Hasrat’,‘Dil he

tou hai na sang-o-Khisht’ and a few other. The grand musical extravaganza ended with Suraiya switching

to faster tracks and changing the overall ambience before being swarmed by fans for pictures who had

come out in great numbers to fill the two halls to near capacity.



Iqbal & Imperialism


Professor Waheed Uz Zaman

An outspoken critic of imperialism, Iqbal was very clear in advocating the

message that served no other agenda except his own vision of a free society

comprised of morally and intellectually strong individuals. Professor Brig (retd)

Waheed Uz Zaman Tariq, a renowned scholar, researcher, journalist and author

took the stage this time to shed light on the subject still pertinent.

Explaining how Iqbal’s entire literary and political output is based on the

resistance to the hegemony of imperial power, and how history serves the great

poet with a character who is an advocate of equality, Mr. Zaman tried to

emphasize on the relevance of the same in so called democracies.

Zaman further highlighted how Aristocracy and Vassal States, Church and

Clergy, Generals and Armies, and Banking being the key elements of

imperialism fight for individual supremacy in turn leading to consequences

that ruin nations.

Speaking about the solution to this, Mr. Zaman expressed how Iqbal saw

religion as necessary, and urgently so, as the way of withstanding the pervasive

materialism of western culture. He alluded to Imam Hussain’s sacrifice that

proved to be an archetype representing an eternal struggle of truth against

falsehood, justice against injustice and tyranny, human dignity against

dehumanization, the revolt of the oppressed against oppressors and

overpowering of the strong by society's weak.

The session concluded with questions in the end from some distinguished

members like Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami seeking explication on

institutionalizing Iqbaliat in our way of life. Mr. Zaman affirmed that we need to

toss out hypocritical attributes we share as a society to understand Iqbal’s

message and reinforce Iqbal’s vision.



An Evening with the

A human and animal right’s activist, writer, actor and film maker, Ms. Feryal

Gauhar was invited to deliver a talk for Gymkhana members on Saturday

Jan 6th 2018. After a brief introduction of her background and early

education, Ms. Feryal took the podium to tell the audience about her past

and current body of work, including projects in cultural conservation and

heritage, film making and writing.

Feryal’s best known for highlighting issues prevalent in Pakistan that are

neglected due to cultural inhibitions. Speaking about how she had

developed a flair for penning down what she felt, observed and analyzed

while she was abroad, and how her first script ‘Pezwaan’ – meaning The

Nose Ring, based on ‘Honor Killing’ was put in writing in London, got aired

after a struggle of 2 years, the film-maker threw light on the role of

external pressures that halt a true portrayal of any society. She continued

by telling how ‘Tibbi Gali’, another of her films, that later took the shape of

a novel ‘The Scent of Wet Earth in August’, got banned countrywide due to

its loud and clear message.

Having written two books and produced well over 40 documentaries, Ms.

Faryal emphasized on the choice of her subjects that are based on

‘marginalization’, whether predicated on gender, ethnicity, race, class,

mental or physical ability or any other.

The audience asked her questions about the decadence of the film

industry where she stressed on the need of making cinema an experience

everyone can afford and enjoy, not just the privileged few. ‘You can only be

creative when the large masses of people are part of the process’ retorted

the bold, dynamic and very accomplished Feryal.

Looking forward to times where everyone respects cultural identities and

natural environments, Feryal urged all present to play their role in bridging

gaps of inequity, injustice, and discrimination at workplaces, societies and

the world at large.







is to live”

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and an author of nine

travel books as well as the only Pakistani to have seen the

North Face of K-2 and trekked in the shadow of the great mountain,

Salman Rashid acclaimed as ‘the most erudite travel

writer of the country’ was the Chief Guest of the evening who was

here to share his experiences from the wonderful

journeys and explorations in and out of the beautiful land of Pakistan.



Mr. Rashid started the talk by telling the packed audience how

squatting on 'Boundary Pillar 186, the seal of border posts

according to Pakistan Military maps of the owned territory, as well

as the tripoint where Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan

converge, was something he always wished after reading G. P Tate’s

‘The Frontiers of Baluchistan’ and spotting a picture

taken at the time, that had ultimately gotten him to this area of the


He further spoke about his time at Makran, a semi desert coastal

strip in Pakistan and Iran, along the coast of the Persian

Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the region that acquired a notorious

reputation due to Alexander the Great disastrously

marching back to Babylon after his Indian campaign through its

deserts, and finding it an inhospitable and pitiless

landscape of rock, dust, sand and baking heat. Audiences were

particularly interested to learn about the newly built

‘Makran Coastal Highway’ with 63 bridges, 1,433 culverts and 4

causeways as part of the CPEC project and that has

economic, social and strategic links for both Pakistan and China.

Mr. Rashid also shared stories from his interaction with the locals

who never run short of quoting mythical and historical

references attached to each place, adding numerous true and

untrue versions of an incident and making the whole

experience of researching and exploring all the more convoluted.

Disapproving what he thinks was never but known to be

the Silk Route, as we now term the Karakoram Highway, Mr. Rashid

told the enraptured audience there is no record of a

bolt of silk, neither here, nor anywhere else in the entire length of

the road and is merely titled as such to add glamour to

this already great Pak-China overland connection that in itself is a

wonder. Mr. Rashid concluded the evening by answering questions

about his favourite place, safety and security concerns while traveling

to a place like Balochistan and the future of disputed territories

like Kashmir and Aksai Chin. Internationally

recognized art-historian and author, Fakir Aijazuddin, who was also

present made the final comment of the day mention

ing “Salman is the last of the intrepid entrepreneurial explorers we

all must value”.



Hundreds of families got together once again for the most awaited

‘Lahore Gymkhana Family Carnival’ on Sunday, Feb 11th 2018, to

spend a day full of fun, zeal and excitement in the most colorful

settings of the lovely stalls owned by very fine entrepreneurial

minds of the Gymkhana family. From handicrafts to furniture, from

paintings to jewelry, and food that none resisted queueing for,

each outlet added its unique charm and craft to the extraordinary

ambiance the Club reflected on the day.

Members of the Lahore Gymkhana Music Club captivated audiences

with their exceptional vocals and brilliant show of instrumentals.

The Carnival also featured a bunch of fun activities for the

little members; ‘Face Painting’, ‘Ring a Duck’, ‘Photo Booth’,

‘Bouncy Castle’ and ‘The Magic & The Puppet Show’ remained the

prominent features. A staged play by characters from ‘Ainak Wala

Jin’ was a light and jolly confection that the kids loved and


Welcoming Spring, the event imparted a festive feeling with

everyone swirling in happiness, hoping the entire year is as bright

and vibrant as the mood




“The Earth Laughs in flowers”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

And the rear lawn laughed in the blossoming perennials; Amaryllis,

Gerbera and Daylilies on Saturday November 25th 2017 in the much

insightful second session of the gardening club.

The event started off with the Chairman greeting all members and

appreciating their keen participation. He also thanked Mr. Hasan

Qureshi for his efforts and support forming new clubs and most of all

Mrs. Nosheen Sarfraz for spearheading the Gardening Club.

Enlightening were the visual demonstrations on the grand SMD screen

while the heart of a garden, ‘Amaryllis’, and its bloom was discussed

along with aspects like planting, fertilization, propagation, and

grooming. Audiences were delighted to know about the varieties that

can be grown here including Aphrodite, Apple Blossom, Benfica,

Dancing Queen, Double Record, Lady Jane, and Mont Blanc.

The next session will be held on Dec 17th in Masjid Wazir Khan where the

renowned architect Mr Kamil Khan Mumtaz will discuss the floral

paintings of year 1634 and its significance today.

Session 4

“Do thou smile like the rose at loss and gain; For the rose, though its

petals be torn asunder, Still smiles on, and it is never cast down.” –

Rumi, The Masnavi

‘Ideas mean a great deal, but still nothing unless translated into a

reality…the presence of members in the Gardening Club has made it

what it is today’ – said Chairman Lahore Gymkhana while appreciating

the club that now has over 150 members, on Thursday Jan 4th 2018 in

the fourth session. Mr. Abdul Ghafoor from Patoki was invited by Mrs.

Nosheen Sarfaraz, to help members with the tips and tricks to grow a

garden adorned with the ‘Queen’ of flowers ‘Rose’.

After a brief background of the unparalleled ‘Rose’ and how it came to

the region at the time of the British rule, Mr. Ghafoor explained about

its countless hybrid varieties that exist in the country today. He also

mentioned that the best time to prune and root the flower is either the

mid of Feb after which it may begin putting out new growth or Oct for

there is no fertilization until next spring.

Calendars were presented to the members to facilitate them with the

rose care steps divided into months along with gifts of ‘Rose Bajazzo’

For New Registrations – Contact Library



Members of the Gardening Club

head to

Wazir Khan


The Past & Present

of Floral Concepts

A place that acted as a canvas of imagination for

creative minds like Rudyard Kipling and Jorge

Borges, Wazir Khan Mosque this time was the venue

chosen for the third session of the Gardening Club.

Sitting in the courtyard of the Mosque under the

brilliant noon sunlight of mid-December, and

admiring its grandeur, Mr. Kamil Khan Mumtaz, the renowned Pakistani architect enlightened members

about the importance of conservation of monuments as treasured as this especially in times as

environmentally critical as these. The secret to the edifice lies in the balance he mentioned; seamless

proportion, harmony, symmetry and rhythm. There is perfect angular and numerical balance in every detail

of the structure as well as in geometrical conversion from outside of the Mosque to inside that symbolizes

the transition of earthly life to the next.

Mr. Mumtaz’s talk also covered the well-defined chronological pattern followed throughout, with the

Quranic verses at the top, Ahadis following that, and the factual information regarding the establishment

in the end. Frescoes and paintings on the domes, walls and ceilings reflect incidents mentioned in The Holy

Quran and each illustration signifies a meaning conforming to the theme.

Mrs. Nosheen Sarfraz added by stating how frescoes and paintings of the year 1634 adorned by the Mosque

are part of courses taught in the best universities these days and how it serves as a worldwide guide for

students and others trying to grip the concepts. Concepts like ‘the unified whole’, ‘analogous color

schemes’, ‘clustering’ and ‘layering’ with the use of flowers like Fritillarias, Tulips, Dianthus, Hydrangeas,

Daisy, Bearded Iris, Marigolds, Clarkia, Narcissus, Lilium and ‘The Rose Bush’ as recent as they may sound

have been on the walls of the imposing structure for almost 4 centuries but continue to stun each visitor

each time.

As much as the members found the structure to be enormously captivating, the whole experience of

examining the facts with the experts of the field turned out to be extremely informative. Members loved

every bit of the tour; from the amazing weather and the lovely surroundings of the Walled City to the grand

Mosque and its intricate details to the perfect Lahori Brunch and the fond memories to cherish for life.


Designs & Patterns in Symmetrical

and Harmonious Waves




Bright colors, gorgeous balloons and lots of

interesting book reviews!

The first session of the Kids Club held on Sunday November 19th

2017 supervised by Mrs. Ammara Zafar and Mrs. Falahat Imran

along with Mr. Hasan Qureshi and Mr. Hassan Imran, was an

opportunity for kids to explore the pleasures of reading in the most

creative and fun filled setting at the ‘Veranda’. The idea was to

encourage reading while helping little geniuses develop and

practice time management, goal setting and confidence building.

Kids were given prizes and goodie bags for book reviews. Games

like ‘Pin the Tail, and ‘Musical Chairs’ added whoops of joy, bringing

smiles to faces. Parents and kids appreciated the initiative and

were looking forward to the next session.


More kids, more activities and more fun!

Sheer joy and emotion in the first session got the next one under its strong

wave of verve with kids, parents and families taking the initiative forward

with much better participation. This session aimed at broadening

horizons, encouraging creativity & power of imagination, enhancing

verbal proficiency, and improving listening skills.

Where storytelling and book reviewing helped kids explore the world of

fiction and non-fiction in their own ingenious ways while strengthening self-expression, creating

bookmarks and playing darts encouraged task focus, persistence and completion. Besides, there was

food, gifts and music adding to the liveliness of the ambiance.

Connections made at Gymkhana Club usually last for a lifetime, and the wonderful friendships we all

cherish in adult life evolve through the developmental stages of childhood. Observing little strangers

initiating conversations trying to know each other to form those special bonds the Gymkhana family

proudly owns reflect a legacy still alive. Don’t miss out on the next sessions and register at



“Where words fail, Music speaks”

Hans Christian Andersen

The universal power of music speaks across boundaries and

borders, color and age. The first session of the Music Club

observed the same with a musical line up of performers of all

ages, professions and interests. Led by the young and buzzing

Saad Ibrahim and Mustafa Faran, the club proudly presented

three generations of avid music lovers embracing the flair of

different genres while putting their artistic abilities on show.

From the 12-year-old Sheheryar Feroze who stunned everyone

with perfect control of his fingers floating over the keys of the

piano to Mustafa’s idiosyncratic style and precision on the strings

of classical guitar; Rafay’s impeccable articulation and soul

stirring vocals in ‘Aaj Janay Ki Zid Na Kero’ to Mr. Syed Raza Shah’s

effervescent recital of Jagjit Singh’s ‘Janay Woh Kaisay Log Thay’,

each member of the club appeared to be a superstar of his own


The Gymkhana Music Club aims to bring together musicians from

the Gymkhana family and celebrate Music by playing great

creations and creating great music of their own.

The talented musicians will be given platforms to showcase their

talent such as performing at Gymkhana concerts and having Gig

nights of their own. Lessons on the use of equipment, perfecting

the technique and refining vocals can be further fused into the

Club sessions and make it productive in terms of learning and




Great Readers, Great Writers,

Great Humans

Register at

Reading is a magical adventure where imagination

has permission to fill in the blanks in sketching

characters, delineating contexts and drafting plots.

The newly formed Book Club aims to take these

private adventures and turn them into shared

experiences for members to enjoy different genres,

cultures and societies while expanding their


Members of Gymkhana Book Club got together at

the first session held on Wednesday, January 31st

2018 for an in-depth discussion and assimilation of

different viewpoints on ‘The Remains of the Day’ by

Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro with Mrs. Ambreen


The book was thoroughly discussed right from its

title, which alludes to the waning of the British

Empire forming its backdrop, and unveiling how

events that had reshaped the empire also reshaped

the fortunes of the setting at Darlington Hall, a

Manor house in England. It alludes to a way of life

that produced butlers like Stevens, the lead

character of the novel, and memories of that time,

which is all that remains. It also alludes to what

remains of Stevens's life and what he will make of it.

Members shared their perspective on the story, its

characters and their journey, and the overall

message and intention of the author while relaxing,

reflecting, listening and appreciating others. The

next session will be announced soon.

Gymkhana Book Club is a social forum that gives

you a chance of meeting like-minded individuals for

stimulating conversations while dissecting a book.


Chairman : Mr. Kamran Lashari

Convenor : Prof. Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi

Manager : Fouzia Ahmed


Bearing the marks Bearing of age, the marks of age,

the past of the the city past continues of the city to contin

dominate, reinforce dominate, and validate reinforce its present and validate its







Nearest and dearest got together once again

in the panoramic views of the golf course and

rear lawn to eat, relish and live the moment!

Culinary delights, live cooking stations,

refreshing drinks and soothing music with the

finest dining display of ‘a bit of English

breakfast and a little more of Pakistani lunch’,

the ever so popular ‘Sunday Brunch’ finally

made a comeback to please avid food lovers of

the Lahore Gymkhana Club giving them

another reason to love their Sundays.

With an overwhelming turnout of near 600

members at the opening Brunch, the club

witnessed a sight long awaited; men, women

and children, and their children’s children, and

a generation beyond that, all attired gaily,

absolutely loving the family day out at their

very own ‘Family Club’.



Caffe 9

From a run-off-the-mill snack bar, to a spot that now merits a must-visit for its warm and bustling

ambience and a new face, which many say mirrors the English Countryside because of its arresting

and dominantly scenic location, offering breathtaking view of nature all enveloped in the vivid

tones of green with a dash of spring’s divine bloom.

As much a hangout hub as a café, Caffe 9 is scoring high on the lists of members for adding its

magical touch in the idyllic space where young and old, men and women, members and guests; all

love to lounge and reflect. Buzzing with life, the place is the talk among members and their families

as the ‘head-to’ spot for escaping boring afternoons, meeting long lost friends, having great

conversations and unwinding after arduous daily routines. Moreover, the assortment of sweets and

savories on the menu leaves you spoilt for choice; where iced coffees and hot cappuccinos can be

as tempting to the palates as fried prawn and sandwich platters.



Finest quality lamb, mutton,

chicken, beef and fish meats,

seasoned with time tested rubs,

slathered in piquant sauces and

oriental spices, grilled to result in

dribbles laden with proteins and oil

falling into the hot coals and

bursting into smoke and flame, in

the surroundings of the lush green

landscape of the golf course and

rear lawn JUST TURNED TRUE for the

Members of Lahore Gymkhana.

It’s finally time to enjoy the

pleasures of Barbeque with the

newly set up Barbeque Grilling Zone

situated just off the rear lawn next

to the tennis courts. The gorgeous

deck can accommodate up to 80

persons under the lovely wooden

pergolas to feast on succulent

meaty delights from a menu that

has everything a perfect BBQ

entails, to mark beautiful evenings

with family and friends throughout

the year.










Very rightly put in the words of

Anthony Bourdain “Barbecue

may not be the road to world

peace, but it's a start” – it

might as well be the start of

the qualitative change that’s

promised in redefining a

member’s experience.









Courts # 3 & 4 have been upgraded

and ASB Front Walls have been

installed. Some infrastructural

changes were also made in the

players’ sitting area with a false

ceiling and new paint job. The Squash

Management is further planning to

upgrade the remaining area for the

benefit of members. Currently all four

courts are operational and up to

International Standards.

The Annual Winter Squash Tournament was held in

December, with the final being played on 22nd December,

2017. Faisal Nisar won the tournament, beating Omer

Salamat in the final. Convener Squash, Mr. Sami Ur

Rehman distributed the certificates of appreciation and

prizes among the players.



Lahore Gymkhana Inter-Club T20 Tournament

The 3rd edition of the Lahore Gymkhana Inter-Club T20 tournament was held in January. The picturesque Lahore

Gymkhana Cricket Ground and clement spring weather encouraged members to participate with great zeal and

enthusiasm. Teams of major sports clubs of Gymkhana: Golf, Tennis, Squash, Snooker, Swimming, Gymnasium,

Cards and Cricket participated. Over 125 members, young and veterans alike took part. A number which is

unprecedented in any single Gymkhana sports event!!

To keep transparency in the tournament, First Class umpires were arranged to officiate the fixtures and draws

were held to divide teams into two groups. Group A comprised of Squash, Cards, Golf and Gymnasium while

Group B had Cricket, Tennis, Snooker and Swimming. The first stage was league based where all teams in a group

had to play against each other once, with the top 2 qualifying for the semi-finals. The tournament kicked off on

6th January, 2018 and matches were played on weekends only. The tournament started off with a bang, a

formidable Squash team, the reigning champions, was pitched against the tournament favorites, the Cards team.

However, against all odds the Squash team ended up defeating the Cards team. In the first semi-final, Golf

defeated Tennis and made it to the Final. Cricket played against Cards in the second semi-final and the Cards won

this match by 7 wickets. A brilliant innings of 87 by Shafay Malik was instrumental in this victory.

The final between Cards and Golf was played on 4th February. Members and their families came in abundance to

witness the match. Batting first, Golf team was unable to put up a fighting total as their ace batsman Hassan Aziz

who they had always banked on lost his wicket in the second over. In one of the league matches Hassan had

scored a devastating 100 runs in 23 balls – an incredible performance! The final was won by the Cards team with

6 wickets to spare.

At the end of the match, the prize distribution ceremony was held and was followed by a sumptuous hi-tea. The

prizes were given away by the Chief Guest, Mr. Sumair Ahmad Syed, Deputy Commissioner Lahore and Mr.

Sami-ur-Rehman, Convener Sports. Individual souvenirs were also presented to the winners and runners-up. The

Best Batsman award was given to Shafay Malik and Best Bowler to Asim Sheikh. Efforts of the young Cricket Club

coordinators, Hashim Islam, Quaid Khan and Asim Bucha who successfully managed the tournament were lauded

and presented souvenirs were also presented to the winners and runners-up. The Best Batsman award was given

to Shafay Malik and Best Bowler to Asim Sheikh. Efforts of the young Cricket Club coordinators, Hashim Islam,

Quaid Khan and Asim Bucha who successfully managed the tournament were lauded and presented souvenirs.




The Toronto Police Cricket Team during its Tour of

Pakistan played a 40 over game against the

Lahore Gymkhana Cricket Team on Sunday, 18th of

February 2018. Toronto Police won the toss a nd

chose to bat first. In their quota of 40 overs they

scored 184 runs, with the main contributions

coming from Mustafa, who scored a remarkable

101 runs, and Godwin’s 45 runs. For Lahore

Gymkhana, the pick of the bowlers were Harris

Ramzan and Hashim, who took 3 wickets each.

Lahore Gymkhana proved to be the far better side

and chased down this total in 19.1 overs with 6

wickets in hand. Shafay Malik’s fiery 81 runs which

included 14 boundaries and Hashim Islam’s 37

runs were instrumental in this victory. For the

visiting team, Abbas chipped in with 2 wickets.

At the end of the match, the Toronto Police Team

was treated with sumptuous tea and was

presented with souvenirs by Arshed Khan -

Captain Cricket Team, Abdullah Khan Sumbal -

Vice Captain and Commissioner Lahore and Syed

Samir Ahmed - Deputy Commissioner Lahore. Dr.

Jawad Sajjid Khan, President Lahore Gymkhana

Cricket Club and member COM, also graced the

occasion with his presence and warmly met the

touring team members. The touring team

members praised the Lahore Gymkhana cricket

facility and thanked the club for hosting them.

Moreover, they also invited the Lahore Gymkhana

Cricket Team to visit Toronto, Canada for a cricket





Veterans, families and the youth of Gymkhana

Swimming Club got together to bid farewell to

year 2017 and welcome year 2018 at the Annual

Dinner held on December 24th, 2017. The event

was a chance for members of the Gymkhana water

world to celebrate the year’s achievements while

enjoying a spectacular meet over a wonderful


The Swimming Committee comprising of Sami Ur

Rehman (Convenor), Aameen Taqi Butt (Captain),

Saleha F. Khan (Ladies Captain) and Qurban Ali

Khan (Honorary Secretary) is keen on encouraging

swimming as a fitness improving activity and sport

while ensuring that the facilities are kept to the

best of safety and hygiene standards.

During the year 2017, several maintenance

and capital works were completed at the

Main and Ladies Pool.

Capital Works:

1- Installation of Filtration System

2- Renovation of both kitchens with new

kitchen equipment and deep freezers


3- New music system at both the pools

(Ladies and Main)

4- Renovation and Redesigning of Ladies

Washroom at Ladies Pool

5- Purchase and installation of New Gas

Heater for Baby Pool




In accordance with the plan and framework laid down by the

Golf Council and endorsed by the Committee of Management,

and proper application of management expertise, a golf

course annual maintenance plan is in place and the technical

team has taken pains to devote their skills and energies to

ensure that the golf course looks great in terms of appearance

and also the golf playing conditions. What has to be assured is

that playing conditions at the golf course are to the absolute

liking of the hundreds of golf playing members.

Through a coherent strategy, all works in process have not

been allowed to stagnate and there are no fall outs due to

delayed decision making or timely allocation of resources. As a

result of timely completion of projects, big and small, the end

result is that the Gymkhana Golf Course now has magnificent

fairways, excellent greens and an overall feel that is


In this regard, in the recently held J. A. Zaman Memorial Open

Golf Championship, the top golf champions and players of the

country who took part in the Championship expressed delight

and contentment over the prevalent playing conditions at the

Gymkhana Golf Course and this was endorsed by the superb

and amazing scores produced by the top performers.

With regard to the work done, the following needs to be

shared with our revered members.

Plants and Trees

Creepers have been grown along the wall of 10th hole and 11th

hole which will add a touch of beauty and also serve as a

safeguard. As for the fairways of holes 15 and 16, fifteen trees

have been added and these are in addition to the 850 trees

already in place.


Hole no 13 has 28 more sprinklers while hole number 14 has 32

more sprinklers. And on the holes 15, 16 and 18, the sprinkler

addition is 47, 39 and 22 respectively. Sprinklers provide

considerable irrigation related facilitation.

Tees,Greens and Fairways

Tees represent the starting point of

each hole. These are regularly being

verti-drained, top dressed and

application of fertilizer is a regular

feature. Similarly the greens which

can be graded as the most

important part of the golf course

are groomed, combed, verticut and

top dressed in accordance with a

laid down schedule.

As for the fairways, they are also

verti drained, top dressed and

sprayed with fertilizer for making

sure that the lie of the ball remains

impeccable and golfers can hit

accurate shots.

New Inductions

For the first time in the history of our

golf course, the Management has

inducted a qualified technical

person for golf course maintenance.

The new Golf Course

Superintendent now is M. Arshad

who is M. Phil Agriculture with

specialization in Horticulture.

Besides his academic strength, he

has ten years experience of working

on golf courses and been involved

in development of the University of

Veterinary Sciences campus.

Another addition to the employee

strength is that of Manager Golf, Lt.

Col. Tahir Zaman Khan. He is a good

addition and already visible are his

efforts to organize things in and

around the Golf Course.



The Golf competitions at Gymkhana Golf Course are always

a source of jubilation and joy for our veteran golfers (above

70 years of age), senior golfers (above 55 years of

age),ladies, the young and upcoming amateurs and of

course others who can be categorized as established


Regular golf championships like the Annual Club

Championship, the Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf

Championship and the J. A. Zaman Memorial Open Golf

Championship afforded an opportunity to the golfers to be

a part of elite golfing activity. Highlights of these

championships are spelt out below.

Lahore Golf Cup

This was an Inter-Club Golf Club Golf

Competition which represents a battle for

supremacy between the Golf teams of three

premier Golf Clubs of Lahore, Defence Raya

Golf Club, Royal Palm Golf Club and Lahore

Gymkhana Golf Club. After a fight of golfing

skills ,Lahore Gymkhana prevailed over the

might of Defence Raya and Royal Palm and

succeeded in picking up the glittering Lahore

Cup. Compliments to the Champion Golfers

of Lahore Gymkhana.

Lahore Gymkhana Club Championship

This was held over two days, 6th and 7th January 2018.Ahsan Khawaja emerged as the

Club Champion for the year.

Club Championship

Ladies 2nd Net Mrs. Nighat Akram 1st Net Mrs. Aisha Moazzam 2nd Gross Dr. Asma Shami 1st Gross

Sameea Javaid Ali Veterans (70 to 80 Years) 2nd Net Dr. Zafar Aziz Khan, 1st Net M. Iqbla Khan 2nd Gross

Mr. Mahmood A. Sheikh 1st Gross Mr. Tariq Rehman Super Veterans (Above 80 Years) 1st Net Prof Dr.

Lateef Ch 2nd Gross Mr. Bashir A. Gill 1st Gross A/Cdr Z I Ahmed Seniors 2nd Net Dr. Jawad Sajjid

Khan 1st Net Mian Javaid Ali 2nd Gross Mr. M. Shafique Bhatti 1st Gross Mr. Imran Ahmed Amateurs 3rd

Net Mr. Daniyal Lashari 2nd Net Mr. Hassan Sami Uddin 1st Net Mr. Ammad Nadeem 3rd Gross Mr.

Qasim Khan 2nd Gross Mr. Wazir Ali 1st Gross Ahsan Hassan Khawaja



Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship

The Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship concluded

successfully at the par-72, Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course, on

11th February after two rounds of contesting golf. And the

glorious one of the tournament turned out to be Ameer Khawar

Khawaja of Sialkot Golf Club who excelled in all departments of

the game in the final 18 holes to produce a round of net 65 and

with a two days aggregate of 137, seven under par, he emerged

as the ultimate winner in this prestigious championship named

after the Father of the Nation. Ameer Khawaja played an

inspiring game and the whole effort fetched him not only the

glittering trophy but also the consolation of edging past some

very seasoned champions and hot contenders for the title.

Other performers in the net section of handicap category zero to

nine were Ahmed Jibran of Gymkhana (2nd net) with two rounds

scores of 71 and 68 and a total net score of 139,five under par.

Robin Bagh (Millat Tractors) secured the third net position with

a score of 143 net.

In the race for gross honors in the handicap category zero to

nine ,the best one turned out to be Ghazanfar Mehmood of

Garden City Golf Club .He won the first gross position with two

rounds scores of gross 72 and 74 and an aggregate of

146.Muhammed Rehman of Royal Palm secured the second

gross position. His scores were 73 and 74 for two rounds. Salman

Jehangir of Gymkhana came third. His score was 151 gross.

Other results; Ladies; Shahzadi Gulfam (1st

net);Aisha Moazzam(2nd net);Zahida Durrani(3rd

net);Ladies gross;Parkha Ijaz(1st gross);Rimsha

Ijaz(2nd gross);Ghazala Yasmin(3rd gross);Veterans

above 80 years ;A/Cdr Z.I.Ahmed(1st net);Raja

M.Nazir(2nd net);Col Abdul Ghaffar(1st gross);Dr

M.Lateef Chaudry(2nd gross);Veterans 70 to 80

years;Maj U.D.Najmi(1st net);Ejaz Malik(2nd net);Maj

Salahuddin(3rd net);Imtiaz Pervaiz (1st gross);Col

Hamayun Rashid(2nd gross);Col Azam Khan(3rd

gross);Seniors;Hamid Sharif(1st net);Dr Zafar

Nasrullah(2nd net);Wing Cmdr A.Nafay(3rd

net);Imran Ahmed(1st gross);Omer Farooq(2nd

gross);Dr Javed Iqbal(3rd gross);Amateurs handicap

10-18;Raza Abbas(1st net);Hassan Hamid(2nd

net);Rizwan Raees(3rd net);Dr Dildar Hussain(1st

gross);Azmat Lodhi(2nd gross);Ammad Nadeem(3rd gross);. This Championship was adequately

supported by three sponsors, Brighto Paints, Pak Arab Developers and Jubilee Insurance. A hole in one car

was also on offer by Jubilee Insurance for a participant doing a hole in one, but it remained unclaimed.



J. A. Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship

The prestigious J. A. Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship is patronized by the Zaman Family and held

in memory of the iconic J. A. Zaman who played golf at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club for 55 years of his 97

years life. This popular championship was held over four days at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course , with

the support of Zaman Family and during the course of the Championship one witnessed a feast of stroke

making from Shabbir Iqbal of Islamabad who is the best professional golfer of Pakistan. Shabbir was again

out in front through excellence in application of golfing skills and ended up triumphant by translating his

potential and ability into a repeat of earlier triumphs. All through the competitive rounds there were no

errant tee shots and hardly any missed putts and on all three days of the tournament Shabbir Iqbal kept an

intimidating presence on his opponents through scores that have previously been unmatched. On the first

day he had a round of 67, an unparalleled 62 in the second round and a steady 72 on the final day to

favorably wrap up the championship with an aggregate score of 201, fifteen under par.

The other competitors used their wealth of experience to negotiate the manifold perils of the Lahore

Gymkhana Golf Course. Yes, they did not win the top prize but played composed golf, hitting fairways and

greens and making putts.Matloob Ahmed(Garrison) , the runner up in this championship had rounds of

67,73 and 68 and a total aggregate of 208, eight under par.

Another new name that sparkled was that of Sunny Masih (Gymkhana) who emerged with a fantastic first round of

68 and thereafter rounds of 71 and 70 and a total of 209, five under par. Others to attain various places are Shafiq

Masih(Gymkhana) 210,Hamza Amin(Islamabad)213,M.Munir(Islamabad)213,Muhammed Ashfaq(Karachi Airmen

Golf Club),214,Jafal Hussain(Gymkhana)215,Waheed Baloch(Karachi)216 and Shahid Javed Khan(Gymkhana)216.

Shabbir was all praise for the golf course and said “The Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course is fantastic and it

brings the best out of you”, and life certainly isn’t easy during the outings. He also stated that prize money

at J.A.Zaman has increased due to the support of Hamid Zaman of Zaman Family.

The senior professionals have quite a few past champions in their ranks and in the 18 holes event held for

them, the winner was Muhammed Iqbal of Gymkhana.Asghar Ali also of Gymkhana came second and

Muhammed Akram of WAPDA came third.

In the amateur category the winner gross is Ghazanfar Mehmood(Garden City Golf Club),Muhammed Saqib

(Garrison)was runner-up and Muhammed Rehman (Royal Palm) third. The winner in the seniors event was

Javed Khan of Lahore Gymkhana.

The ladies gross was won by Zahida Durrani of Garrison Golf Club and the ladies net was won by Ana James

Gill of Lahore Gymkhana.

Details of machinery to be acquired and other developments

1. Acquisition of Fairway Mower TORO Reelmaster 5410-D, (5-GANG MOWER) 5 Unit Men driven

2. Acquisition of 12 x Golf Carts

3. Purchase of 1 x Engine ASM Subaru for TORO Green Master 1000

4. Purchase of 9 x Driving Range Practice Mats.

5. Installation of CCTV Network at Golf Club House




The new finance committee spent the previous year:

• Updating accounting records

• Systematically releasing overdue payments to vendors

• Relieving the Club of unnecessary taxes

• Recognizing the Staff Provident Fund

• Implementing Health Insurance for Employees


Club Assets General Insurance

Insuring the Club’s property and protecting its assets is an

important part of safeguarding the longevity and success of the

Club. Keeping that in view, The Finance Committee, in Feb 2018 has

ensured to insure all assets and properties of Lahore Gymkhana.

Additionally, all employees of the club are also now insured

through renewal of Group Life Insurance

Bank Booth

A Bank Booth has been set up by Silk Bank for the convenience of

members and employees.

Online Bill Payment

As our new website is up and running, we will soon launch an online

bill payment feature to it for the convenience of all members.

Front Desk

The newly constructed Front Office facilitates a comfortable

working environment for employees with better space utilization

and allows:

• Vendor Cheque delivery through one window (A notice board

displays the Vendor Cheques)

• Employees financial query handling

ATM Machine

In an effort to provide members with 24 hours banking services, a new ATM has been installed in the

Club right next to the cashier’s office.










P-0889 Agha Arshad Ali (One of the oldest members of the club)


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