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Supporting the networking concept of iconvienna the iconbrandannual offers the best place to introduce global potential partners to your latest developments!

Covering topics like Branding, Innovation, Smart Cities & Regions 2020, Cooperation & Technology, International Finance & Projects, Energy & Infrastructure & Transport, Branding & IP Rights, Education & Tourism several high-ranked companies, programs, projects and initiatives have been represented.

Issue 2018

Official Magazine of iconvienna _ The European Business and Investment Forum

presented by 2018


The independant experts

With 20 years of proven experience in

brand & IP valuation we are serving as

certified legal experts. We are the number

1 address for tailor made structures in

the areas of corporate finance, balance

sheet activation, implementation of brand

measurement/reporting and systems.

We are also guiding small and medium

sized companies to report and maximize

value and sustainability, increasing brand

efficiency and effectiveness, can improve

your brand´s financial performance and

create value for your business.

We continuously enlarge our competencies

through independent research and

contribution to national and international


ü Brand & patent valuation

ü Monetary valuation & expert reports

ü Balance sheet activation & transfers

ü Value optimized organizational


ü Reporting, analysis, measurement &


ü Implementation of reporting &

governance systems

ü Global benchmarking database

in all industries

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European Brand Institute GmbH

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DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek

President iconvienna


Auf den Konferenzschwerpunkt Branding

fokussiert, inspiriert der iconvienna

Brand Global Summit seine Teilnehmer

mit dem diesjährigen Thema

„Innovation needs Branding – Branding needs

Innovation”, und bietet die Möglichkeit Erfah-Focusinrungen und Erfolgsmodelle zum Thema Marke Global Summit will inspire its participants

on branding, the iconvienna Brand

auszutauschen und interessante Diskussionen with this year's theme, "Innovation needs

zu führen.

Branding—Branding needs Innovation"

Das diesjährige Forum hat in den letzten and offers the opportunity to exchange experiences

and models of success on the topic of trade

Jahren seine Horizonte von Nord- und Lateinamerika

über West-, Zentral- und Osteuropa and to hold interesting discussions.

bis nach China erweitert. In diesem Sinne This year's forum has in recent years

freuen wir uns, wieder zahlreiche Vertreter expanded its horizons from North and Latin

von Ost bis West willkommen zu heißen. America to Western, Central and Eastern

Mein besonderer Dank geht auch dieses Europe and China. With this in mind, we are

Jahr wieder an die Stadt Wien und den Bürgermeister

Dr. Michael Häupl für seinen Ehrenresentatives

from East to West.

pleased to once again welcome numerous repschutz.

Ich möchte mich auch bei unseren weiteren

Partnern Wirtschaftskammer Wien und of Vienna and the Mayor Michael Häupl for

I would particularly like to thank the city

Österreich, Ministerien und Botschaften, Vertretern

von Regionen, Städten, Unternehmen, other partners, the Austrian Federal Economic

his patronage. I would also like to thank our

Medienpartnern sowie bei allen unseren Beiratsmitgliedern

und dem European Brand Ins-

Industry, the Latin American and Caribbean

Chamber, Vienna Chamber of Commerce and

titute für die gute Zusammenarbeit bedanken. Countries, ministries and embassies, representatives

of regions, cities, companies, media

Für die Zukunft wünsche ich Ihnen gute

Beziehungen. Nutzen Sie dieses Magazin ganz partners as well as all our advisory board members

and the European Brand Institute for the

nach unserem Motto „MAKE CONTACTS TO


good cooperation.

For the future I wish you successful relationships!

Use this magazine according to our

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!


Foto: Katharina Schiffl

Enjoy reading!

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European Commission

Central European Initiative

Austrian Institute of Technology

Austrian Association of Cities and Towns


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Municipal Dep. 23 -Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics


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Leitbetriebe Austria



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Women Leadership Forum

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Make contacts

to contracts!

Dr. René Alfons Haiden

Chairman iconvienna

Ich freue mich, dass auch in diesem

Jahr zahlreiche Teilnehmer und

Teilnehmerinnen den iconvienna

Brand Global Summit besuchen.

Das Forum hat sich zu einer renommierten,

hoch geschätzten Plattform

für Top-Level Networking entwickelt,

wo jedes Jahr internationale hochkarätige

Entscheidungsträger aus vielen

Bereichen aufeinander treffen.

Zum 14. Mal lädt der iconvienna

Brand Global Summit zum Erfahrungsaustausch

und zur Diskussion

aktueller Themen und Trends. 2018 im

Zeichen von Innovation und Branding.

Auch die diesjährige Ausgabe des

iconannual bietet wieder interessante

Einblicke in ausgewählte Themenbereiche.

Neben diversen Fachbeiträgen,

handelt das Magazin unter anderem

von internationalem Business, immateriellen

Vermögenswerten, Regionen

und Cluster als Knotenpunkte für

Wachstum und vielem mehr.

Ich wünsche allen Partnern und

Teilnehmern der iconvienna viel

Erfolg und gute Unterhaltung!

Iam pleased that this year many participants

are again attending the

iconvienna Brand Global Summit.

The forum has become a prestigious,

highly valued platform for

top-level networking, where every

year high-profile international decision-makers

come together.

For the 14 th time, the iconvienna

Brand Global Summit invites to

exchange experiences and discuss current

topics and trends. 2018 with the

main topic innovation and branding.

This year's edition of the iconannual

also offers interesting insights

into special topics. In addition to various

articles, the magazine deals with

international business, intangible

assets, regions and clusters as hubs

for growth and much more.

I wish all partners and participants

of iconvienna a successful


Foto: Haiden

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 7

8 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com

City of Vienna


Willkommen in Wien!

Welcome to Vienna!

Dr. Michael Häupl

Bürgermeister und Landeshauptmann von Wien

Mayor and Governor of Vienna

Foto: Stadt Wien/PID, Fotograf Ian Ehm

Die iconvienna 2018 als

wichtiger Beitrag zur wirtschaftlichen


in Europa findet bereits

in „vierzehnter Auflage“ als European

Business und Investment

Forum statt. Ziel des Kongresses

ist es, den Kontakt zwischen Führungskräften,

Unternehmern und

Projektpartnern im Raum CEE und

Russland zu fördern. Wien steht

bei dieser Wirtschafts- und Informationsplattform

gleich doppelt

im Fokus: einerseits als Veranstaltungsort

im Herzen des „neuen

Europa“ und andererseits als Vertreter

einer zukunftsträchtigen

Wirtschaftsregion des Kontinents.

Hier an der ehemaligen Grenze

zwischen Ost und West – eine Position,

die Wien durch viele Jahrzehnte

zum Ort von Begegnungen

machte – liegt eine Wirtschaftsregion

mit viel Potential für die

Zukunft. Diese Dialogdrehscheibe

für Ost-West-Kooperationen ist

unsere Stadt geblieben. Denn nur

durch gemeinsames Zusammenwirken

kann die Zukunft Europas

nachhaltig abgesichert werden.

Als Bürgermeister und Gastgeber

für die Stadt Wien freue ich

mich sehr über die abermalige

Wahl unserer Stadt als Veranstaltungsort

dieses hochkarätigen

Forums. Ich wünsche allen Teilnehmerinnen

und Teilnehmern

interessante aber auch informative

Tage in Wien – und bitte genießen

Sie auch unsere schöne Stadt.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 9

10 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com

Federal Chancellor


Challenge innovation _

Take business


Sebastian Kurz

Federal Chancellor

Foto: Andy Wenzel


am very pleased to welcome you

to Vienna.

We are living in times of profound

changes in technology,

society and business. This presents

challenges in some regards, but

also great opportunities. We must

not forget that all great inventions

initially were ideas on how to push

borders. That is why we need to

support innovation as a means for

enhanced competitiveness, stronger

economic growth and increased

wellbeing of our people.

The government’s clear goal for

Austria is to become an innovation-leader,

making it one of the

most innovative countries and leading

business location in Europe.

I am deeply convinced that we

need to actively use Austrian potential

to position ourselves internationally

as a pioneer of innovative

entrepreneurship. We need more

readiness to take risks and conviction

for our national ideas to extend

and grow Austrian as a regionbrand

for economic success in all


The forum's main issues are

innovation and regional development;

focusing on the role of branding

as link and indicator for investments

and growth.

As an integral part of future-oriented

thinking and by connecting

executives, project partners

and entrepreneurs from different

regions, the forum makes us all

better prepared to face future challenges

and recognize upcoming


I therefore warmly thank and

congratulate the organizers of the

14th International Business and

Investment Forum for their active

engagement and wish them and

the participants all the best and an

inspiring event.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 11

12 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Fotos: istockphoto.com

Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs


iconvienna _ Veranderung

braucht Vision,

Innovation und Mut


Dr. Margarete Schramböck

Bundesministerin für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort

Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs

Veränderungen sind ein Grundprinzip

unserer Welt. Sie eröffnen Zukunftschancen,

inspirieren zu neuen Handlungsmaximen

und geben Impulse

für innovative Entscheidungen. Im Moment

erleben wir eine Phase der guten Konjunktur

und die Prognosen sind nach langer

Zeit wieder erfreulich. Der Erfolg von heute

überträgt sich aber nicht automatisch auf

morgen. Dazu braucht es Vision, Innovation

und Mut. Die erfolgreiche Verknüpfung von

Digitalisierung und Wirtschaft wird eine

tragende Rolle spielen - denn beide Bereiche

sind entscheidend für die Entwicklung

unseres Landes und unserer Zukunft.

Was wir bislang im Zuge des digitalen

Wandels erlebt haben, macht deutlich, wie

sehr sich die Welt in den letzten Jahren

verändert hat. Diese Entwicklung ist

zugleich Auftrag an die Politik, aber auch

an alle Unternehmen und Entscheidungsträger,

Österreich und unsere Wirtschaft

an die veränderten Rahmenbedingungen


Mein Ziel als Bundesministerin für Digitalisierung

und Wirtschaftsstandort ist,

Österreich gezielt als Standort für internationale

Konzerne, innovative Start-ups und

kreative Köpfe zu platzieren und die Herausforderungen

der Zukunft zu meistern.

Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass nur Innovationen

sowie der Blick nach vorne die Welt

verändern und positiv weiterentwickeln

werden. Ob die Digitalisierung eine Erfolgsgeschichte

wird, ist nicht nur eine Frage der

Technik, sondern vor allem des Mindsets.

Als Plattform für internationale

Top-Entscheidungsträger verkörpert die

iconvienna die Grundidee „Make Contacts

to Contracts“ und schafft impulsgebenden

Austausch. Sie ist ein Platz für Visionen

und neue Perspektiven und bietet Gelegenheit

zur Vernetzung nationaler und internationaler


Ich wünsche allen Teilnehmerinnen und

Teilnehmern spannende und informative

Tage in Wien bei der 14. iconvienna unter

dem Motto "Innovation needs Branding -

Branding needs Innovation". Nutzen Sie

ihren Aufenthalt in Wien - um gemeinsam

neue Visionen und Pläne zu diskutieren,

um unsere Zukunft positiv zu gestalten.

Foto: Christian Lendl

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 13

14 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Fotos: istockphoto.com

Lower Austria


Niederosterreich ist

ein guter Boden, um

wirtschaftlich tatig



Foto: BMI/Alexander TUMA

zu sein

Mag. Johanna Mikl-Leitner

Landeshauptfrau von Niederösterreich

Governor of Lower Austria

Der niederösterreichische Wirtschaftsmotor

läuft auf Hochtouren, überall

im Land sind die Auftragsbücher

voll: Im Vorjahr lagen wir mit einem

Wirtschaftswachstum von 2,9 Prozent deutlich

über dem Österreich-Schnitt von 2,2

Prozent, das Exportvolumen für das erste

Halbjahr 2017 betrug 11 Milliarden Euro,

eine Steigerung von 9 Prozent, womit Niederösterreich

im Bundesländervergleich

im Bereich der Zuwachsrate auf Platz zwei

liegt. Bei der Kaufkraft liegt Niederösterreich

sogar auf Platz eins.

Niederösterreich ist also ein guter Boden,

um wirtschaftlich tätig zu sein, Unternehmen

zu gründen, Betriebe anzusiedeln oder

bestehende Betriebsstätten zu erweitern -

nicht umsonst wurde unser Bundesland im

Vorjahr als „Europäische Unternehmerregion“

ausgezeichnet. Das zeigt, dass unsere

Konzepte die richtigen sind und dass man

auch als kleines Land den Wettbewerb mit

den Großen nicht scheuen braucht.

Auf diesen Erfolgen dürfen wir uns

aber nicht ausruhen – wer in die Zukunft

blickt, muss die Standortqualität weiter

ausbauen. Zur Weiterentwicklung des Wirtschaftsstandortes

sind dabei insbesondere

Maßnahmen in den Bereichen Digitalisierung,

Deregulierung und Dezentralisierung

unumgänglich. Und dafür brauchen wir das

Knowhow möglichst vieler Experten, so wie

sie hier bei der iconvienna versammelt sind.

Als Landeshauptfrau von Niederösterreich

darf ich daher alle Teilnehmerinnen

und Teilnehmer dieses Business-Forums

recht herzlich begrüßen und Sie einladen,

sich mit ihrem Pionier-, Innovations- und

Unternehmergeist einzubringen, Kontakte

auszubauen und das Motto „Contacts to

Contracts“ mit Leben zu erfüllen. Von

diesen Inputs profitiert nicht zuletzt auch

der Wirtschaftsstandort Niederösterreich.

So wünsche ich der iconvienna 2018

einen spannenden und informativen Verlauf.

Wenn es Ihre Zeit zulässt, würde

ich mich freuen, Sie im Anschluss in Niederösterreich

begrüßen zu können. Sie

werden sich dabei von einer unserer ganz

besonders großen Stärken überzeugen

können - dem Miteinander des Landes mit

den Wirtschaftstreibenden, den Unternehmerinnen,

Unternehmern und Betrieben.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 15

16 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: WKO

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


iconvienna −

The highlevel

Branding event

in Vienna

Dr. Christoph Leitl

President Austrian Federal

Economic Chamber

Foto: Doris Kucera

Few other events can measure up to the

level of iconvienna, which has established

itself over the years as one of the

key conferences for leading decisionmakers.

I am proud that the fourteenth edition

of this prestigious forum is again taking

place at the premises of the Austrian Federal

Economic Chamber.

Due to its geographic location, Austria–

and particularly the city of Vienna–has

always served as a meeting point and hub for

companies and institutions from all over the

region from the West to the East and Southeast

of Europe.

The aim of iconvienna is the effective promotion

of branding in different applications

in public and private cases. In this context,

this year’s focus on Innovative Entrepreneurship

covers such important issues as financing

measures, regional development and

cooperation. Moreover, the programme brings

high potentials and entrepreneurs from Central

and Eastern Europe together on one table.

It offers them a unique opportunity to discuss

recent developments, bring in new ideas.

Another topic of iconvienna 2018 is how

brands create economic growth, which I consider

to be one of the most crucial arguments

for establishing internationally protected

brands and Know-how. Information Communication

Technology, Big Data and innovative

apps enhance the globalization and promotion

of brands and Know-how and creates the

necessity to develop innovative approaches

and cross-border solutions.

Undoubtedly, iconvienna offers knowledge

update, high-level presentations and topnotch

expert discussions. Hardly anywhere

else can one connect with so many international

experts and business people, develop

international business relations and create

cross-border friendships.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 17

18 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com

Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Internationales Netz

enger knupfen

DI Walter Ruck

Präsident der Wirtschaftskammer Wien

President Vienna Chamber of

Commerce and Industry

Foto: G. Weinkirn

Wir leben in einer dynamischen

Zeit. Wirtschaft,

Arbeitsplätze, Wachstum

und Wohlstand sind

in einem engen Kreislauf miteinander

verbunden – nicht nur national,

sondern längst global. Umso

wichtiger ist es, das internationale

Netz enger zu knüpfen. Iconvienna

- das Europäische Business und

Investment Forum - hat sich als

verbindende Plattform bewährt.

Als Präsident der Wirtschaftskammer

Wien freut es mich besonders,

dass unsere schöne Bundeshauptstadt

wieder Experten aus aller

Welt begrüßen darf. Österreich

liegt im Herzen Europas und ist die

Drehscheibe in den Osten. Umso

wichtiger ist es für uns als kleine

Volkswirtschaft die Kontakte zwischen

heimischen und internationalen

Firmen zu verbessern und

unseren eigenen Standort noch

besser zu positionieren.

In diesem Sinne wünsche ich

allen Teilnehmern interessante

Tage bei iconvienna 2018, spannende

Vorträge und vor allem viele

neue Kontakte nach dem Motto

„make contacts to contracts“.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 19

20 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: Embassy of Argentinia Foto: istockphoto.com



Argentina today _

seize the moment

H.E. Rafael Mariano Grossi

Ambassador of Argentinia to Austria

It is a great pleasure for the Argentine

Republic to participate again in Central

Europe’s prominent investment

forum iconvienna.

The Argentine economy is once

again on the path to sustainable

growth. The more than 43 million

inhabitants of the world’s eighth-largest

country generate a GDP of approx.

550 billion USD. The country offers a

modern infrastructure as well as major

investment opportunities in all regions

and economic sectors.

Argentina is one of the world’s leading

food producers, featuring amongst

the world’s largest producers of lemons

and limes, corn, soybeans, soy meal

and soybean oil, sunflower, sorghum,

barley as well as wheat.

Argentina enjoys abundant natural

reserves, amongst them the fourth-largest

shale oil and the second-largest

shale gas reserves. Alongside its natural

resources, Argentina has a vibrant

industrial sector. Beverages, food

processing, chemical and pharmaceutical

products, coke fuel, oil refining,

motor vehicles and automotive components

as well as nuclear fuel manufacturing,

appear as the most important


Above all economic indicators,

Argentina is proud of its highly qualified

human capital: every year, approx.

110.000 students graduate from Argentine

universities. The country ranks

first in Latin America’s Human Development


President Macri’s administration

has undergone a series of reforms to

stabilize the economy and opening it to

the world, providing a solid foundation

for growth and inversions.

We invite you to be part of this


Foto: Embassy of Argentinia

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 21

22 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Fotos: Embassy of Bolivia



Dear readers!

H.E. Dipl. Ing. Victor Alfredo Veltzé Michel

Ambassador of Bolivia

to Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia


olivia has, during the Presidency of Mr. Evo

Morales in 2006, experimented a radical structural

change (Proceso de Cambio). Before Bolivia

was the poorest country of the Region. Natural

resources have been exploited since colonial occupation

in 1525. Alone from the richest Silver Mountain “Cerro

de Potosi” 40,000 Million ounces of Silver have been

extracted and sent to Europe in 250 years. At the Republican

time, since 1825 the natural resources, mostly Tin,

Gold, Silver and Gas were controlled by Multinational

Companies leaving Bolivia in a complete misery. The

first decision of President Morales in 2006, (elected with

54%) changed the rule of the game. The Oil and Mine

Companies were taken 80 % of the revenues and 20 %

for Bolivia. He changed to 80 % for the Government and

20 % for the Companies. Suddenly Bolivia became rich

and started to develop programs mainly for the sake of

the poorest.

Another grave situation was the invasion of the Chilean

army guided by British interests and the loss of the

Atacama Province in 1869 (The richest zone in the world

for Cooper.) and our access to the Sea. Numerous negotiations

and suggestions by World Personalities during

130 years have been made without solution. President

Morales than presented a demand to the International

Court of Justice in 2013. A decision is expected this year,

hopefully to restore the land lock situation.

The Bolivian economic model is, growing fast economy

in the region, represented in the social programs,

health and wealth distribution, infrastructure building,

industrialization of the natural resources. Lithium, natural

gas, iron, petrochemicals will be developed. Bolivia

will be a major player of South American energy production.

Ten million hectares by 2025 to increase agricultural

and cattle production. Extreme poverty was

reduced from 62.9% to 9.9%. Built more than 12,000

schools, lowest unemployment rate in the region 4,48%.

Access to drinking water and electricity; Illiteracy been

eradicated; and second in the world on gender equality

in the Government. With a permanent growth of 5%

annual till 2020.

Tourism is part of the economic engine: The Dakar

Rally, the most unique Salar de Uyuni (Salt Lake) .Lake

Titicaca, the Amazon, the savannah, Chaco, Carnival of

Oruro. The Colonial Cities: Potosi, Sucre, Dinosaur Park.

The new Project of President Morales is the construction

of the Bi-Oceanic Railway between the Atlantic and

Pacific Ocean passing through Brazil – Bolivia – Peru,

The Cable car constructed in La Paz by the Austrian

Doppelmayr has become the Star Project in Latin America.

Bolivia is beautiful and expect that more Austrian

companies get engaged with the Bolivian projects and

host more Austrian tourist.

Foto: Embassy of Bolivia

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 23

24 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com



United We Stand Strong!

H.E. Dr. Ivan Sirakov

Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Austria

It gives me great pleasure to address

you on the pages of iconannual at

the same beginning of 2018. As from

the 1st of January 2018, for first time

since it became a Member of the EU

in 2007, Bulgaria took over the Presidency

of the Council of EU. It is a big

challenge but also a great responsibility

for my country and its administration.

I am sure that with its firm

commitment to consensus, compromise

and understanding among the

Member States, Bulgaria will master

this important task.

The main focus of our Presidency

is placed on several issues we consider

essential for the future development

of the Union: the European perspective

and connectivity of the Western

Balkans; the Future of Europe and the

young people – economic growth and

social cohesion; security and stability

in a strong and united Europe; digital

economy and skills needed for the


Bulgaria’s Presidency runs under

the motto: “United We Stand Strong”.

As an ambassador I am very glad to

see this principle fully shared in the

framework of intensive cooperation

with Austria, which will take over the

Presidency of the EU Council in the

second half of the 2018.

The joint aim we have will very

soon find an unexpected expression

in the form of an impressive art project

in the city center of Sofia named

“The Bronze House”. The author of

the 14 meter high sculpture of about

70 tons of bronze elements is a Bulgarian

artist, the installation, supported

by the Austrian side and the Sofia

municipality, is to remain until the

end of 2018.

Let me take the occasion to wish all

of you a Happy New Year, well-being

and prosperity to Austria and Bulgaria

in a united Europe.

Foto: Romanian Embassy

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 25

26 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com



Werte Leserinnen

und Leser!

H. E. Li Xiaosi

Ambassador of the People's Republic

of China to Austria

Die EU und China sind wichtige Partner

in Handels-, Investitionzusammenarbeit.

Beide Seiten haben 2017 eine Handelsbilanz

in Höhe von 616,9 Mrd. USD erzielt.

Das Kapital, die Technologie und die Managementerfahrungen

aus Europa helfen China bei

der Industrialisierung; die chinesischen Produkte

verschaffen europäischen Konsumenten

neue Auswahlmöglichkeiten, der chinesische

Markt bringt 16,000 europäischen Unternehmen,

die in China investiert haben, Gewinne

und chinesische Unternehmen schaffen in

Europa viele Arbeitsplätze.

Seit 40 Jahren der Einführung der Reformund

Öffnungspolitik ist China die zweitgrößte

Volkswirtschaft der Welt geworden und hat

in den letzten 5 Jahren jährlich über 30% des

Weltwirtschaftswachstums beigesteuert. In den

nächsten 15 Jahren wird China voraussichtlich

Waren im Wert von 24 Billionen USD importieren,

2 Billionen USD Investitionen aus dem

Ausland erhalten und genauso viel im Ausland


China ist der fünftgrößte Handelspartner

Österreichs und der Handelsaustausch stellte

2017 mit 8,4 Mrd. USD einen neuen Rekord

auf. Die chinesischen Unternehmen haben in

Österreich mit mehr als 40 Projekt über 800

Mio. USD investiert. Österreichs Investitionen

in China betragen ca. 2 Mrd. USD und wickeln

dabei 1,200 Projekte ab. Finanzinstitute beider

Länder haben mehrere Kooperationsabkommen

unterzeichnet. Nach Bank of China wird

nun auch das größte chinesische Geldinstitut

ICBC eine Filiale in Österreich eröffnen.

China ist bereit, mit Österreich in Bereichen

wie Highend-Industrie, Energieeffizienz,

Umweltschutz, Wintersport, Biolandwirtschaft,

internationalem Online-Handel, „Belt

& Road“ enger zu kooperieren. Dank unserer

gemeinsamen Anstrengungen können wir

die chinesisch-österreichischen und chinesisch-europäischen

Beziehungen, insbesondere

unsere Zusammenarbeit in den Bereichen Wirtschaft,

Handel und Investition auf ein neues

Nivaeu heben.

Foto: Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Ich wünsche dem 14. European Business &

Investment Forum viel Erfolg!

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Fotos: Embassy of Costa Rica

Costa Rica


Costa Rica:

much more than its

famously natural beauty

Foto: Embassy of Costa Rica

H.E. Pilar Saborio de Rocafort

Ambassador of Costa Rica to Austria

Costa Rica provides ideal conditions

for long-term and low risk investments

across different business sectors.

Public and private trading partners

throughout the world have discovered

the competiveness of Costa Rica as one of

the most stable and reliable economies in

Latin America.

Our country stands for sustainable,

responsible and high quality production,

and offers industrial parks and a robust

infrastructure. Costa Rica holds a strategic

position in international trade thanks to its

close proximity to the US, and its preferential

access to many other markets in the

world. Companies and investors benefit

from our human capital and the targetted

educational programmes to fit the need of

each industry.

The country enjoys a leading position in

the advanced manufacturing and life science

sectors, which is based on a well-established

educational system and qualified

workforce, a key component of Costa Rica’s

success in developing a thriving high-tech

industry embedded in the Global Value

Chains. As a result, Costa Rica is at the

forefront of production-process sophistication,

and its manufacturing is distinguished

by its high level of complexity and

the diversity of products. The manufacturing

sector has grown significantly since

2000. The numbers of companies and the

employment rates have doubled since, and

productivity has increased by 40%.

By fostering scientific research, Costa

Rica has established a solid life-science

and pharmaceutical industry with more

than 3500 direct employees. Over 90%

percent of companies’ shares are owned by

public institutions that support an exceptional

free public healthcare system. The

industry has grown over 280% within the

last decade, and medical devices are the

number one export good, accounting for 4%

of the national GDP.

In short, Costa Rica is a top investment

destination thanks, amongst other factors,

to its proven track record, stability and

investment incentives, which range from

fast track immigration procedures, and

transparent, expedite online customs services

to the most attractive tax incentive

package in Latin America.

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Foto: Cuban Embassy



Foreign investment

opportunities in Cuba

H. E. Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios

Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Austria and Permanent

Representative to the United Nations Office at Vienna and the

International Organizations based in Austria.

Transforming the economy and achieving

a prosperous, efficient and sustainable

society is Cuba’s aim. In order to do

so, foreign investment is a fundamental

source of development and an essential part of

the country’s current strategy.

Last November, at the 35th Havana International

Fair, was presented the latest edition

of the Cuba’s Portfolio of Foreign Investment

Opportunities 2017-2018, which contains 456

project proposals representing about $11 billion

in potential foreign investment into sectors

such as tourism, biotechnology, construction,

energy, agriculture, and mining.

The touristic sector includes 152 projects

about building and marketing top-quality

villas and hotels in various regions; hotel management

and commercialization contracts;

marina management agreements.

The energy sector includes 13 projects

based on the development of renewable energy

sources. Among them are wind farms, 11 bioelectrical

plants, and 100MW photovoltaic

solar farms, with 50MW accumulation.

The pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

sector includes 15 projects: production

of vaccines for cancer treatment; plants for

blood-based products, biomaterials, cytostatic,

oral contraceptive pills and hormones, and

avian vaccines.

The health sector includes 2 projects: quality

of life services, the creation of an international

clinic for sports medicine, anti-doping

control and education.

The Mariel Special Development Zone

(ZEDM) provides a world-class production and

logistics platform for the establishment of companies,

whose productions and services can be

traded in the domestic market or exported.

The Cuba´s Portfolio of Foreign Investment

Opportunities details the country’s investment

advantages, legal structures, and expectations

from foreign investors. Each investment

proposal includes information on the

project’s location, estimated costs, nature of

partnership with Cuban parties, and contact


Foto: Cuban Embassy

The doors to Cuba are opened. Welcome.

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Fotos: Embassy of the Dominian Republic

Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic,

an investment destination

H. E. Lourdes Victoria-Kruse

Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Austria and Permanent

Representative to International Organizations


would like to thank the European Business and

Investment Forum iconvienna 2018, chaired by Dr.

Gerhard Hrebicek and their outstanding team for

their kind invitation to participate in this important

event, which provides us the opportunity to promote

our countries from a cultural, touristic and above all,

commercial perspective.

The Dominican Republic, in addition to being the

leader of the Caribbean and one of the main countries

of Latin America in the field of tourism, also wishes

to be recognized for its development and advances

in terms of innovation. While it is true that tourism

and free zones represent the main locomotives of the

Dominican Republic’s economy, innovation and technology

have been fortified in a fast and competitive

diversified manner, an action that has contributed

greatly to consolidate our economy as one of the fastest

growing economies in the American continent

over the last decades.

Through its publications “Doing Business”, related

to business opportunities, the World Bank has emphasized

the Dominican Republic among one of the fastest

countries in the process of electronic connections

and the least expensive tax payments. We have combined

electronic and information technology in order

to make the production processes more effective,

which has led to major progress. The Cybernetic Park

in Santo Domingo has greatly aided this development

and after two decades it has become the main innovation

and knowledge center in the Caribbean. Currently,

this institution is recognized as the “Caribbean

Silicon Valley” and it is fostered by the best talents of

the educational, corporate and governmental sectors.

Today, the Dominican Republic continues to

develop and diversify its growth in order to keep and

increase its competitiveness in the region and the

continent, facing the future with a productive inclusion

in the labor market, skilled and equitable human

resources and greater connections between foreign

investments and the domestic economy in pursuance

of all the public, private, social and academic global

actor’s integration.

On behalf of the Dominican government I wish the

greatest success for this event!

Foto: Embassy of the Dominian Republic

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Fotos: Embassy of Ecuador



Ecuador, a country

of opportunities

H.E. Carlos A. Jativa

Ambassador of Ecuador to Austria and Permanent

Representative to International Organizations

It is with great pleasure that I extend my

congratulations to the organizers of the

new edition of iconvienna, as an important

forum for promoting entrepreneurship

and investment.

As the President of Ecuador, Lenín

Moreno, has said "we must just not produce

to create wealth… we must produce

to promote well-being".

The capabilities developed in recent

years have allowed Ecuador to become

first for the quality of its highways, and

one of the top three countries in the

region with the best infrastructure for

ports and airports, according to the World

Economic Forum.

90% of our electricity comes from

renewable sources thanks to the eight

hydroelectric megaprojects that have been

built in 9 years with an investment of 5,5

billion dollars. Ecuador not only produces

energy efficiently; it also exports it to Peru

and Colombia.

Ecuador is currently negotiating

agreements with its major partners. An

important step was the entry into force

in January 2017 of the Multiparty Trade

Agreement with the European Union.

The treaty has contributed for more clarity,

transparency and predictability to our

economic relations. As a result, Ecuadorian

exports to the EU have increased in

more than 15% in the last year.

Why then you should invest in Ecuador?

A dollarized economy contributes

to economic stability and low inflation.

Political, legal and tax stability, investments

contracts, tax incentives, developed

logistics and a growing highly

skilled human talent in a country rich in

natural resources (mining, hydrocarbons,

water, agriculture, aquaculture), all serve

the purpose of attaining the objective of

transitioning from an exporter of commodities

to an exporter focused on the

entire value chain. For more information

please visit http://investecuador.ec

Foto: Embassy of Ecuador

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Fotos: Embassy of El Salvador

El Salvador


El Salvador:

Great like our people

H.E. Lucía Rosella Badía

Ambassador of El Salvador to Austria and

Permanent Representative to UNO Vienna


PEOPLE (MarcaPaisElSalvador @pais_

marca) is El Salvador’s new country

brand, launched in 2017, promoting the

country as the starting point of great projects,

led by its most valuable asset: its people. With

this initiative, El Salvador has a brand that

represents Salvadorians in all their roles, and

in all the positive traits they have and want the

world to be known about.

I look forward to this year’s iconvienna

Brand Global Summit. Branding is essential

for countries and companies, and strong

brands have to be supported by good practices,

always. The government of El Salvador

has been working on this overall concept in

order to promote identity, history, culture and

opportunities for international business.

Located in the center of the Americas, El

Salvador is an exceptional location as a business

hub. Beside our strategic location, our

trade agreements allow preferential access to

44 countries and around 1,200 million consumers.

Also, El Salvador’s modern infrastructure

interconnects the main cities in the region

and enables efficient logistical operations.

The World Bank’s Doing Business Indicators

rank El Salvador as the 6th easiest country

to do business in Latin America and 2nd

in Central America. The current government

worked in 2017 on improving construction

permit procedures, availability of cost-efficient

electricity rates, tax incentives and ease

of trading across borders in order to create an

even more friendly business atmosphere.

In 2017, Private and Foreign Direct Investment

increased mainly in the areas of energy,

communications, construction, real estate

and trade. We have developed a legal framework

and incentives for investments, facilitating

and guaranteeing their protection, in

order to develop a long term relationship with

our partners.

Want to get to know El Salvador better?

Visit us this November and attend El Salvador’s

International Fair (@CIFCOSV), a networking

platform for countries and companies

interested in doing business not only in El Salvador,

but in the region.

Make sure to leave some free time to visit

our tourism routes: sun and beach (high ranked

surf spots), archaeological sites (Nahuat – Pipil

inheritance) and volcanoes!

Foto: Embassy of El Salvador

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Foto: istockphoto.com



Guatemala _ the

logistics and services

center of the region!

Foto: Embassy of Guatemala

H. E. Antonio Roberto Castellanos López

Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala to Austria,

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary

As Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala,

the largest economy in Central

America I have the honour to invite

you to celebrate yet another year of

iconvienna Magazine success. in promoting

business and trade in Austria and central Europe.

Guatemala's economic stability, steady

growth and foreign investment promotion policies,

offer significant opportunities for European

Union business in sectors such as banking, clean

energy, health, infrastructure and education.

Facilitating access to the Meso-America

Initiative, a market with a population of about

70 million and a large regional economy, Guatemala

has signed free-trade agreements with

numerous countries in the American continent

and overseas, including the Agreement of

Association on Political and Economic Matters

with the European Union

The agricultural sector continues to grow

together with other important industries,

including sugar, textiles and clothing, furniture,

chemicals, petroleum, metals and rubber.

The energy sector presents important opportunities

and attracts around 32 percent of the

total investment in the country and now interlinked

to SIEPAC (Central American Electrical

Interconnection System), Guatemala has become

an important energy exporter to the sub-region.

There is still significant potential for

investment in power generation and electricity

distribution in rural areas and Guatemala

also continues to produce biofuels, given the

country's high yields of sugarcane and palm

oil efficiently.

Guatemala is the logistics and services center

of the region, thanks to its road network and

efficient ports on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean

Sea, along with renewed airport facilities.

The Multimodal Plan of Works of Priority

Infrastructure, contemplates the development

of infrastructure by air, land and optic fiber to

interconnect the country with the world. Guatemala

is attracting more than US$1.3 billion

in investments through a portfolio of six Public-Private

Partnership infrastructure projects

that will see the construction of an industrial

park on the border with Mexico.

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Fotos: Italienische Zentrale für Tourismus ENIT/Wien



Italy _ a strategic


H.E. Sergio Barbanti

Ambassador of Italy to Austria

Foto: Embassy of Italy

As Ambassador of Italy to Austria I am

glad to offer you an overview of the

investment advantages in Italy.

Italy is the 3 rd largest economy

of the Eurozone and 9 th largest in the world.

It has a 2017 GDP of over 1.9 trillion dollars,

bigger than Russia, and a population of over 60

million with a per capita GDP of 31,000 USD.

Italy is a strategic gateway to 420 million

consumers in the E.U., after Brexit, and 270

million in northern Africa and the Middle

East. It links Southern Europe to Central and

Eastern Europe.

Italy is the 2nd largest manufacturing

economy in Europe after Germany, and the

8th largest globally. Italy has top positions

for trade surplus in 899 products out of 5,117

marketed goods. Research and innovation

are key elements of Italian excellence.

The following recent reforms have further

improved this excellent basis:

• Tax credit schemes for companies: 25%

to 50% tax credit for investments in R&D,

15% tax credit for investments in machinery/capital

goods. Tax credits for employing

technical and scientific researchers.

Further public incentives for new investments

in manufacturing and R&D, especially

in the South.

• Strict control on the public finance with

deficits under 3%

• Civil justice reforms to make it smoother

and faster

Multinational companies do well in Italy:

they employ 11% of workers, produce 20%

of the domestic turnover and export 26% of

national exports. They have a higher presence

in high-tech sectors, high-level services,

and among the largest companies. The FDI

Confidence Index, Italy ranked 16th in 2017

(19th in 2016).

The Italian Trade Commission (ITA) is

a lead agency for all major investments,

responsible for promoting Italy as a business

location and attracting FDI.

For any further requests, please contact us

in Vienna (vienna@ice.it) or in Rome (coordinamento.ide@ice.it).

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Fotos: Embassy of Nicaragua



Nicaragua _ an excellent

investment and tourist


H. E. Álvaro José Robelo González

Ambassador of Nicaragua to Austria, Liechtenstein,

San Marino, Greece, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

The Embassy of Nicaragua expresses its appreciation

and gratitude for the possibility to participate

once again in iconvienna, the European Business

and Investment Forum.

In the recent years Nicaragua has become a country

of international attraction due to the favourable conditions

offered to ease investment and to the sustained

economic growth that has resulted from disciplined

management of fiscal, financial and monetary policies.

There is a constant effort of the Nicaraguan Government,

to collaborate with the private sector in order to

improve macro-economic policies, promote entrepreneurship

and boost commercial activities. This is why

I invite you to explore Nicaragua, one of the most captivating

countries in Central America for investors.

A clear advantage for investors is the fact that over

the last years Nicaragua has consolidated itself as the

safest country in Central America and that it has become

an active participant of the global market while being

member of different organizations, such as the World

Trade Organization (WTO) and also through a variety of

agreements like the Multilateral Investment Guarantee

Agency of the World Bank (MIGA). All these arrangements

and norms regulate the commercial relations

between Nicaragua and the world, making the country

a favourable destination for investments and economic

development allowing better business opportunities.

In 2016 total exports accounted for US$4.84 billion

and the influx of foreign direct investment totalled

US$1.44 billion. As it is well known, education

is a primary source of development and the

Nicaraguan Government has allocated approximately

22% of the gross domestic product to invest in primary,

secondary and higher education.

Nicaragua's population is characterized as flexible,

with good working habits and low rates of absenteeism.

This has allowed Nicaragua to be one of the most competitive

and productive nations of the region in terms of

human capital.

In addition to being a country with great business

opportunities and high safety, I would like to draw the

attention to the potential of my country as a holiday destination.

Nicaragua is a beautiful nation with wonderful

beaches, lakes and volcanoes providing an excellent

experience for those living there. The state compromises

720km of coastline in the Pacific and Atlantic, 28 volcanic

formations, more than 10,000km2 of lakes, lagoons

and rivers, with the second largest lake in Latin America,

which holds appealing islands within that lake. It

has more than 22,088km2 of natural reserve and colonial

cities of great cultural richness, among which Granada

stands out, being one of the oldest cities founded in the

Americas. The tourism sector has experienced strong

growth, turning it into one of the most dynamic economic

segments of the country's economy.

The combination of these features, along with

high public safety levels make Nicaragua an

excellent investment and tourist destination to

be discovered and enjoyed.

Nicaragua is unique!

Foto: Embassy of Nicaragua

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44 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com



Panama, the great


H.E. Paulina Franceschi Navarro, Ph.D.

Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to Austria

We are proud of contributing to

iconvienna 2018. It’s an opportunity

to promote our countries and

share with you our heritage, history,

potential and culture.

Panama will lead the economic growth in

the region in 2018, projected to be 5.6% according

to World Bank estimates, more than double

the regional average, complemented by less

than one percent of inflation, with a dollarized

economy and a political stability of three

decades. We are the natural gateway that connects

you to the Latin American market, our

geographic location is the keystone of our value

proposition; having two of the most active ports

of the region, each moving more than 3 million

TEU, some of which are filled with our famous

“Geisha” coffee, number one in the world.

Tocumen International Airport connects you

to more than 100 cities around the world. In

your next business travel to Latin America, most

likely you will stop in Panama to reconnect via

COPA Airlines to countries in the region.

The Panama Canal, an engineering masterpiece

that has been called "The Eighth Wonder

of the World", provides the highest level of maritime

routes. Seven submarine cables of optical

fibre cross the country through which 100%

of the regional and 97% of international voice

traffic goes through, and 90 % of electronic data

is transmitted.

Panama portrays itself as “The great connection,”

and it opens the door to a market of more

than 500 million people. Logistics and government

incentives have helped Panama to attract

more than 122 multinational corporations to

set their headquarters in the isthmus, many of

them European companies. But we are more

than movement of cargo, planes and data: we

also move people, ideas and cultural exchange.

Panama has a lot to offer: history, culture,

biodiversity, tropical forests, beaches, mountains,

exquisite gastronomy, stable and open

market tailored for your investment, and a melting

pot of native and multi-ethnic people who

embrace challenges.

We divided our territory to unite the world!

Foto: Embassy of Panama

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46 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com Foto: Romanian Embassy



Romania _ a dynamic

business environment!

H. E. Bogdan Mazuru

Ambassador of Romania to Austria

Congratulations to iconvienna for bringing

together investment and business

ideas through this platform of cooperation.

We cannot speak about investments

without mentioning the word innovation.

The European Union and the member

states cannot lag behind in a world where

competition becomes fierce. We should

innovate more and invest more, at home and

abroad. We should become an active global

investor. There is no time to wait or to waste.

Romania encourages a dynamic business

environment through state subsidies granted

to start-ups, small and medium enterprises,

state aid schemes for big investments, fiscal

facilities for companies. Exemption from

income tax for reinvested profit, exemption

from income tax for profit obtained in research

activities, exemption from income tax

for employees working in IT or research

fields are some of the fiscal facilities available

to companies investing in Romania.

In the past years, Romania became a key

investment destination for the IT, automotive

industry and services (Business Process

Outsourcing and Shared Service Centers).

Over the next years, we expect this trend to

continue. Romania’s labor force in this field

is highly qualified. This is one of our competitive

advantages in the region.

During the first half of 2019, Romania

will hold, for the first time, the Presidency

of the Council of the EU. It represents an

opportunity to promote initiatives to foster

investment and innovation. The incentives

for the business environment will be one

of our main goals during the Presidency.

Conditions and state policies for start-ups,

small and medium enterprises need to be

developed in order to have a sustainable economic

growth in the European Union. The

European Union plays an essential role in

fostering investments. The economic cooperation

among the EU member states brought

prosperity to the European citizens and lay

the foundations for the start-ups and technological

innovation, which is the future of our


Foto: Romanian Embassy

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 47

48 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Fotos: istockphoto.com

Russian Federation


Dear readers!

H. E. Dmitry Lyubinskiy

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Austria

On behalf of the Embassy of the Russian

Federation in Austria I am delighted to

welcome the participants of the 14th

European Business and Investment

Forum, which has been known for many years

as an important platform for developing business

ties, securing investments and expanding

contacts network.

The Russian Federation, despite certain

challenges in the past several years, once again

achieved by the end of 2017 economic growth

and an increase in industrial production while

maintaining a low level of inflation. In order

to grasp the significant progress of the Russian

economy it is necessary to consider the pace

of the changes: since the year 2000 the GDP

has increased by 75%, industrial production –

by 60%, the average income of the citizens has

more than tripled. The vast opportunities for

foreign investors are defined by the diversity

of spheres of our economy, varying from agriculture

and extraction of mineral resources to

sophisticated IT-services and space exploration.

Russia has always been a reliable business

partner of the European states. Just last year,

despite the imposed sanctions, we achieved a

24,2% growth of the bilateral trading of goods

with the EU. Russian-Austrian relations serve

as an example of what can be achieved when

there is a mutual will to cooperate. By the end

of the first half of 2017 the amount of Russian

investments in the Austrian economy totaled

at $22,9 billion, Austrian partners invested

$4,7 billion in our economy. There are more

than 1200 companies from Austria currently

doing business in and with Russia.

These positive trends along with Russia's

rightfully earned reputation as a reliable business

partner have been recognized by the

international community as well. Our country

received an honor to host the Winter Olympic

Games in 2014 and is fully prepared to welcome

this year football fans from around the

globe to FIFA World Cup, which will take place

in 11 Russian cities. Events of such scale contribute

to further development and modernization

of the infrastructure and provide endless

opportunities for investors.

We also welcome new foreign business

partners and wish them a successful start in


Foto: Richard Pobaschnig

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 49




An idea that became a success. The most advanced navigation system Sygic GPS

Navigation, trusted by an incredible 150 million users around the world, comes from

Slovakia. This leading navigation software contains the latest innovative functions that

make travel easy. Every day it has hundreds of thousands of new users. Drive straight

to your destination in safety – that’s a Good Idea!

Nápad premenený na úspech. Najpokročilejšia navigácia Sygic GPS Navigation, ktorej dôveruje

neuveriteľných 150 miliónov používateľov po celom svete pochádza zo Slovenska. Špičkový

navigačný softvér obsahuje najmodernejšie inovatívne funkcie, ktoré sa starajú o komfort

cestujúcich. Denne mu pribúdajú státisíce nových užívateľov. Ísť vždy bezpečne a priamo

za svojim cieľom – to je dobrý nápad!

Making Ideas


The childhood dream of a flying car has come true! An autonomous hybrid

vehicle capable of flying has been developed by Slovak company AeroMobil

and will soon be commercially available. Investing in ideas in Slovakia

pays off - Good Idea Slovakia!

Detské sny o aute, ktoré dokáže lietať sa menia na skutočnosť! Hybridné vozidlo

s možnosťou letu a perspektívne už aj s autonómnym riadením, ktoré vyvíja slovenská

firma AeroMobil má byť už čoskoro komerčne dostupné. Investovať do nápadov

na Slovensku sa oplatí - Good Idea Slovakia!

50 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine




Good Idea Slovakia!

H. E. Mr. Peter Mišík

Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia to Austria


his year, for the first time as the Ambassador,

it is an honor for me to congratulate

iconvienna on the success of the Forum,

which is a unique platform for business

network providing excellent opportunities for

investment and business in key sectors.

Within this year’s headline “Innovation

needs branding – Branding needs innovation”

allow me to emphasize that building a successful

brand is about quality, service, innovation

and differentiation.

Let me attract your attention by presenting

Slovak Brands, for which Branding means Innovation.

ESET, one of the world´s biggest IT security

companies, has been developing its own technologies

since 1987 and has evolved into a full

IT security solutions provider, whose products,

from consumer antivirus software to corporate

endpoint and data security solution, are used in

180 countries.

Sygic, popular navigation system. Today its

GPS software, available in more than 30 languages,

is on sale in 80 countries.

AeroMobil, Slovak company, which has

introduced its flying car prototype AeroMobil

3.0. in October 2014 at the Pioneers Festival in

Vienna. Today is AeroMobil just a step away

from production, making this vehicle a real

groundbreaker in the field.

Slovak companies have entered the path of

innovation by developing globally competitive

products and services in various segments closely

linked with the automotive industry, such

as software development, mechanical and electrical

engineering, industrial automation or

material research.

Global companies, many of them from Austria,

are already reaping the rewards of their

decision to invest in our country. Except strategic

location Slovakia offers advantages to

foreign investors, the Common European currency,

steadily growing infrastructure and one

of the highest GDP growths in the EU.

Slovak Investment and Trade Development

Agency works on implementation of its strategy

under the recently adopted national branding of

the SR “Good Idea Slovakia” in order to attract

foreign direct investment with high added

value potential while offering foreign investors

wide range of free customized services.

Foto: Slovakian Embassy

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 51

52 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: istockphoto.com Foto: Embassy of Uruguay



Uruguay, destination

chosen to invest

and reinvest

H.E. Bruno Javier Faraone Machado

Ambassador of Uruguay to Austria,

Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

Stability, transparency and international

competitiveness. These characteristics

transform Uruguay into the best destination

to invest in Latin America and one

of the most reliable and attractive in the world.

Recognized international rankings are evidence

of its strong political, legal and social stability as

well as its democratic soundness.

In 2017 Uruguay reached the longest period

of economic growth in its history, consolidating

15 years of expansion at an average annual rate

of 4.3%. Uruguay occupies a strategic position as

the gateway to Mercosur. The country has an FTA

with Mexico, reasons that make it a gateway to a

potential market of 400 million people.

Moreover, its time zone located between the

US and Europe makes it a great complement for

the provision of global services to the region and

the world. Uruguay leads the Development of

ICTs in Latin America (ITU) index. In turn, it is

the country with the highest download speed in

the region thanks to its modern infrastructure

(Akamai 2016)

In Uruguay, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

has reached record levels, which has allowed the

country to position itself among the main recipients

of FDI in terms of GDP, in South America. In

addition to being a large recipient of FDI, it is one

of the leading countries in Latin American earnings

reinvestment. This reflects the confidence of

investors in the country, based on the profitability

obtained and the good business climate.

Uruguay is a country with investment grade,

ratified by the main credit rating agencies:

Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings and


The legal conditions that protect the investor,

the free market of changes and a unique tax

system for the entire territory, are some of the

conditions that make Uruguay an attractive and

safe destination for doing business.

Uruguay has a wide range of incentives

adapted to the different business activity areas to

be developed in the country, whether industrial,

commercial or services.

Montevideo also has the best quality of life in

Latin America (Mercer, 2017) and Uruguay is the

country with the highest income and the best distributed

in the region.

Foto: Embassy of Uruguay

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 53

54 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Foto: Quintin Doroquez

United States of America


US _ Austrian Business:

Common Goals and

Mutual Benefit

Eugene S. Young

Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the United States of America

to the Republic of Austria

Congratulations to the European Business & Investment

Forum on the 14th edition of iconvienna!

This conference is a key platform for investment,

entrepreneurship, and economic cooperation,

and we at the American Embassy are proud to be your

partner in that endeavor.

We are experiencing a renewed trade and investment

boom between Austria and the United States, and we

expect the upward trend to continue. Austrian firms are

showing increased interest in investing in and doing

business with the United States.

I would like to highlight some of the top reasons for

that development:

1. World’s Largest Market: With a GDP of $18 trillion

and 325 million consumers, we are the world’s largest

single-country market. U.S. consumers account

for nearly 1/3 of global household consumption.

2. Ease of Doing Business: With a streamlined regulatory

environment that is particularly conducive to

starting and operating a business, accompanied by

dramatically lower corporate tax rates, the U.S. is

consistently top-ranked internationally for ease of

doing business.

3. Nexus of Innovation: A recognized R&D leader, the

U.S. registers more international patents than any

other country. Innovators enjoy robust intellectual

property rights protections, as well as access to

world-class research universities and incubators.

4. Workforce Talent: Our diverse, skilled, innovative,

and mobile workforce is among the most productive

in the world.

Under the banner of SELECTUSA, a program administered

by the U.S. Department of Commerce, we stand

ready to support investment in the United States. Led

by our Foreign Commercial Service, we at the Embassy

will redouble our engagement with the American and

Austrian business communities, as well as with the

new Austrian government, to further strengthen our

economic cooperation.

We believe the success that companies, large and

small, are having in U.S. and Austrian markets is

critical to boosting economic growth on both sides of

the Atlantic. Together, we will continue to strive for

a broadened and deepened European and American

trade and investment partnership, a partnership of

prosperity now in its seventh decade.

I, and the entire American Embassy team, look

forward to continued success with our partners and

friends in Austria.

Foto: U.S. Embassy

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 55

European Commission


policy in action

_ in each and every region of Europe

Europe is experiencing an unprecedented period

of change. Globalisation, new technologies and

digitalisation are radically changing our societies,

both socially and economically. It is thus crucial

for the EU to support regions in adapting to these

profound changes, enabling local economies to become

more resilient and ensuring that the benefits of globalisation

reach each and every corner of the Union.

Cohesion policy is Europe's key ally in achieving

this. The aim of cohesion policy is exactly to reduce

disparities between regions, promote balanced and

sustainable development and increase economic, social

and territorial cohesion. It is the EU's main investment

policy, a 'win-win' policy for every region and country

in the EU. They all reap large benefits from it, thanks to

the direct effects of investments and/or indirect effects

like increased trade. Take a careful look around you

and you will definitely notice a school, a bridge, a hospital,

a port or any other project that benefitted from

EU funding and has made a real difference in your life.

An independent expert evaluation found that cohesion

policy investments in the period 2007–2013 had

substantial and tangible results. These range from

job creation, new products launched on the market,

positive impact on reducing regional disparities and

increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). For example,

the evaluation showed that 1 euro of investment

in 2007–13 is estimated to generate 2.74 euros of additional

GDP by 2023. This indicates that cohesion policy

will be responsible for nearly EUR 1 trillion of additional

GDP by 2023. The effect is of a similar scale to

the entire EU budgets for 2007–13 (EUR 975.8 billion)

and 2014–2020 (EUR 908.4 billion).

And these results were achieved despite challenging

times, as Europe was hit by the deepest economic

and financial crisis in 80 years. While this crisis

dramatically limited public investment, cohesion

policy remained a lifeline for Europe's regions and

cities. And although regional convergence was modest

over that period, the evaluation also suggests that,

without cohesion policy, EU regions would have faced

divergence instead of convergence.

The figures speak for themselves. More than

1 200 000 jobs were created through cohesion policy

investments up to end 2015. Close to 120 000 research

and innovation projects were supported. 121 400 startups

received financial support through the 2007–2013

programmes, as well as an estimated number of 400 000

small and medium enterprises.

Several measures have been introduced to improve

the quality of investments in 2014–2020. First of all,

a new set of preconditions were introduced which

Member States have to fulfil in order to receive support

from cohesion policy. The aim is to make sure that

Member States have the right conditions for investments

in place, so that the funding achieves the great-

56 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

City, Regions, Cluster

Foto: KobusArt

Corina Cretu

European Commissioner

for Regional Policy

est impact. Part of these pre-conditions, regions need

to develop 'smart specialisation' strategies, to enable

each region to identify and develop its own competitive

advantages, to be able to compete and thrive in

the world economy—and to boost growth and jobs in

Europe. And, last but not least, the current rules which

govern the investments made until 2020 have a stronger

focus on results, where our programmes set clear

and specific objectives, with clear results that Member

States need to achieve.

Today, more than 120 smart specialisation strategies

are in place in the EU and they have made a real difference

in the way European regions and Member States

design their innovation strategies. They are reinforcing

cooperation within their innovation eco-systems,

breaking silos between researchers and businesses and

seeking complementarities with other regions.

But many more challenges loom ahead, in this journey

to make our regions more competitive through

investments in innovation. The European Structural

and Investment Funds will mobilise in 2014–2020 over

EUR 65 billion for innovation. Funding will be focused

on the type of innovation that is relevant for each region,

its industries and citizens. Other European instruments

such as Horizon 2020 and the EU programme for the

Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized

Enterprises (COSME) are available to complement

these efforts of cohesion policy.

The 2014–2020 funds plan to support 1.1 million

small and medium enterprises, leading directly to the

creation of a further 420 000 new jobs. They will help

more than 7.4 million unemployed people find a job

and—another 2.2 million people find a job within six

months after they completed training co-funded by the

programmes. In addition, they will enable over 8.9 million

people to gain new qualifications.

Moreover, investments in transport will remove

bottlenecks, reduce travel times and promote sustainable

mobility, through more urban trams and metros,

for instance. Under cohesion policy programmes,

on the trans-European transport network, more than

4 600 km of railway lines will be renovated, 2 000 km

of new roads will be built. 750 km of new or improved

tram and metro lines will be put in use.

Cohesion policy is also making a substantial investment

in social infrastructure. Some 6.8 million children

will gain access to new or modernised schools and

childcare facilities, and 42 million people to improved

healthcare services under the investments made in the

period 2014–2020.

In parallel, under territorial cooperation programmes

(Interreg) 240 000 people will participate in

cross-border mobility initiatives and 6 900 businesses

and 1 400 research institutions in research projects.

The figures above show what significant and concrete

results cohesion policy brings to Europe through

just one seven-year cycle of programmes. And yet they

are just a sample of what cohesion policy can do. Its

effects are countless and growing over time. I assure

you that I will continue to do whatever I can in my

capacity as Commissioner to help all regions take full

advantage of the numerous investment and growth

opportunities that arise in the framework of the World's

largest internal market: the European Union.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 57

Central European Initiative

Foto: CEI


Austria, Italy, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia

established the Central European Initiative

(CEI) in 1989, immediately after the

Berlin wall came down. Since its inception,

the CEI has taken root, grown and finally blossomed

into the largest and oldest regional intergovernmental

forum, committed to supporting European integration

through cooperation among its Member States and the

European Union (EU). Currently counting eighteen

Member States 1 , the CEI has become a recognised promoter

of EU/non-EU-country partnership and regional


The CEI strategic objectives, outlined in the CEI

Plan of Action 2018-2020, are focusing on supporting

its Member States on their path towards European

integration; promoting the alignment of the CEI

Member States to EU standards; implementing small

and medium-sized projects and converting constructive

ideas into innovative results. In order to offer

a solid contribution to European integration the CEI

combines political dialogue (multilateral diplomacy)

and project management, both as donor and recipient,

while also bridging European macro-regions.

Through its project-oriented working method, the

CEI is also a flexible basis for regional cooperation

of its Western Balkan countries and the three Eastern

Partners (Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine). The

CEI is paying special attention to its non-EU Member

States’ need for capacity building through knowhow

transfer and exchange of experience with its EU

countries, thus also providing sound evidence of the

permanent validity of its mission in these difficult

times of political turbulence and economic crisis.

Its unique geographical position makes the CEI

the only regional international organisation connecting

the Baltic, the Danube, the Adriatic-Ionian,

the Black Sea and the Alpine regions. It is the only

organisation providing a peer-to-peer environment

for bridging experience and synergising the new

added values of the macro-regional approach to the

complexity of transnational governance and programming.

Funds, Instruments & Figures:

The CEI is a well-functioning intergovernmental

machinery, our strong operational character and

project-oriented approach, our manifold activities in

various areas and initiatives to create a good business

environment as well as our investment in a

knowledge-based economy have served and are going

to continue serving to increase the economic, social

and territorial cohesion within our regional scope.

In order to meet the strategic objectives for the benefit

of its Member States, the CEI makes use of a variety

of Funds and Instruments covering ten main areas of

cooperation 2 :

1 CEI Member States and accession date: Albania (1996), Austria (1989), Belarus (1996), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992), Bulgaria (1996), Croatia (1992), Czech Republic (1993), Hungary (1989), Italy (1989),

Macedonia (1993), Moldova (1996), Montenegro (2006), Poland (1991), Romania (1996), Serbia (2000), Slovakia (1993), Slovenia (1992), Ukraine (1996)

2 Transport and Logistics, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Climate and Rural Development, SMEs and Business Development, Research and Innovation, Life-long Education and Training, Information

Society, Intercultural Cooperation, Media, Civil Society

58 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

City, Regions, Cluster

Botschafterin Dr. Margot Klestil-Löffler

Alternate Secretary General

Central European Initiative

a strategic approach

to regional cooperation

Foto: Vojtech Vlk

Our 20-plus-year partnership with the European

Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

is a real success-story in this regard, significantly

contributing to strengthening CEI’s project-oriented

dimension. The CEI Fund at the EBRD, towards

which the Italian Government has solely made a total

contribution of €38.5 million, mainly provides granttype

assistance for specific components of Technical

Cooperation (TC) projects. Since its inception, the

Fund has provided more than €23 million for funding

more than 130 TC assignments, mobilising €4.8

billion of international investments in the countries

of operations. For one euro spent on CEI Technical

Cooperation, €215 had been invested by the EBRD

and other IFIs.

Since 2004, the CEI Fund at the EBRD has also

contributed a total of more than €2.1 million to the

Know-How Exchange Programme (KEP) supporting

75 projects.

As of 2007, the KEP has been also financed by

Austria through an agreement with the Austrian

Development Agency (ADA): it has so far committed

around €730.000 for 26 projects.

Poland had also contributed with €50.000 to co-financed


To achieve the objectives outlined in its multi-annual

Plan of Action 2018-2020, the CEI is also promoting

result-oriented projects by participating in

EU-funded programmes. We are proud of our records:

29 EU-funded projects, where the CEI operates both

as Lead Partner and as a reliable, effective partner in

key sectors of transnational cooperation, e.g. transport,

science and innovation, renewable energy, cultural

heritage, capacity building. This operational

participation in the implementation of the EU policies

is also the mainstream of our concrete ties with

the European Commission as mandated by our Foreign


The CEI Science and Technology Network with

universities is also a proven and effective tool for

promoting regional cooperation in the academic

and scientific fields. The contacts established over

the years with renowned universities and Centers

of Excellence of the entire region are contributing

to fostering mobility of scientists, professors and

graduate and post-graduate students as well as to the

development of tangible programs and projects.

This CEI expertise in the implementation of

transnational projects is also very important in view

of pursuing the goals of the EU macro-regional strategies

and of the Eastern Partnership, where most of

our countries are included. All macro-regional strategies

have a role to play for the benefit of the CEI

non-EU Member States. Bringing them closer to the

European Union in a very consistent way to reach

the strategic goal driving our activity. We are active

in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR),

we are contributing to the EU Strategy for the Adriatic

- Ionian Macro-Region (EUSAIR) and to the just

announced Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 59

Austrian Institute of Technology


als Chance fur den



Die europäischen Klimaschutzziele können nur

durch den Umstieg auf erneuerbare Energien

und die Steigerung der Energieeffizienz erreicht

werden. Das stellt vor allem für die produzierende

Industrie eine enorme Aufgabe dar, denn

immerhin ist dieser Industriesektor für rund 30

Prozent des österreichischen Energieverbrauchs


Große Herausforderungen wie die Dekarbonisierung

der Industrie können nur in enger

Zusammenarbeit zwischen Wissenschaft,

Technologieanbietern und produzierenden

Unternehmen gelöst werden. Die vom Klima- und

Energiefonds geförderte Vorzeigeregion „NEFI – New

Energy for Industry“ vereint diese Player in einem

Innovationscluster, um die Energiewende in der

Industrie zu ermöglichen, internationale Sichtbarkeit

der Partner zu erreichen und den Wirtschaftsstandort

Österreich zu stärken.

Innovationscluster aus Wirtschaft und Forschung

Im Vorjahr wurde „NEFI – New Energy for Industry“

als eine von drei Vorzeigeregionen ausgewählt, um

Energieinnovationen in Österreich voranzutreiben.

Es soll demonstriert werden, dass eine vollständige

Dekarbonisierung und der Einsatz von bis zu 100

Prozent erneuerbarer Energie in der Industrie mit

Innovationen aus Österreich machbar, wirtschaftlich

sinnvoll und ökologisch vorteilhaft ist. Da Energie

eine breite Palette an Industriesektoren betrifft,

ist der vom AIT koordinierte Cluster mit seinen

über 80 Unternehmen entsprechend breit aufgestellt:

Technologie-KMUs sind ebenso vertreten wie große

produzierende Unternehmen aus den Branchen

Lebensmittel, Maschinenbau, Chemie, Zement, Stahl,

Kunststoff und Tourismus. Dazu kommen 14 Forschungseinrichtungen

und fünf öffentliche Institutionen.

Durch die rasanten Entwicklungen im Bereich der

Digitalisierung, Stichwort Industrie 4.0, eröffnen sich

völlig neue Chancen zur Flexibilisierung des Energiesystems

und industrieller Prozesse.

Im Vordergrund steht ein systemischer Ansatz,

in dem das Unternehmen wichtiger Teil eines integrierten

Energieverbundes ist. In zahlreichen Einzelprojekten

werden daher in den kommenden acht

Jahren in einem offenen Innovationsprozess Energietechnologien

mit Leuchtturmcharakter entwickelt

und demonstriert. Die Schwerpunkte reichen von

der Einbindung innovativer Prozesstechnologien in

60 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

City, Regions, Cluster

Foto: shutterstock/stockphoto mania

Foto: Johannes Zinner/AIT

Mag. DI Dr. Brigitte Bach, MSc

Austrian Institute of Technology

Head of Center for Energy und

Leiterin NEFI Innovationscluster

„Der Innovationscluster

NEFI soll zeigen, dass

innovative Technologien

‚made in Austria‘ einen

wesentlichen Beitrag

zur Energiewende

und zur Stärkung des


Österreich leisten


industrielle Systeme über industrielle

Abwärmenutzung und Speichertechnologien

bis hin zur Einrichtung

unternehmensübergreifender Energiegemeinschaften.

Win-Win-Situation für Clusterpartner

und Wirtschaftsstandort

NEFI erfüllt gleich mehrere Vorgaben

der österreichischen „Energie

Forschungs- und Innovationsstrategie“,

die im Vorjahr vom Bundesministerium

für Verkehr, Innovation

und Technologie und dem Klimaund

Energiefonds präsentiert wurde.

Als entscheidend für die erfolgreiche

Positionierung österreichischer

Energietechnologieanbieter werden

dort die Umsetzung großformatiger

Demonstrationsprojekte, die aktive

Vernetzung und Kooperation sowie die strategische

Bündelung von einzelnen Stärken zu umfassenden

Lösungsangeboten in Form von Clustern genannt.

Heimische Technologien, die im Zuge von NEFI entwickelt

und demonstriert werden, können so auch

auf den Weltmarkt ausgerollt werden und erhöhen

damit die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der am Cluster beteiligten

Technologieanbieter. Immerhin haben sich die

Umsatzerlöse mit Öko-Innovationen in den vergangenen

Jahren österreichweit vervierfacht und werden

weltweit rund zwei Billionen Dollar jährlich in

Energietechnologien investiert. Auch die heimische

produzierende Industrie profitiert durch niedrige

Energiekosten, die einen wichtigen Standortfaktor

darstellen. Energieinnovationen haben daher große

Bedeutung für die nachhaltige Sicherung des Wirtschaftsstandorts

Österreich, zählt die Industrie hierzulande

doch knapp 380.000 Beschäftigte mit einer

Wertschöpfung von mehr als 87 Mrd. Euro.

Foto: Lukas Lang

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 61

Austrian Association of Cities and Towns

Smart City,

Science City:

City Brands work _

if the city works on its brand...

DI Melanie Dobernigg-Lutz, BSc

More than ever, Innovation, Cooperation and

Branding are important fields of activity for

cities and urban regions. „Smart City“ is a significant

political statement, that works inside

and outside the city: to the outside (e.g. investors) it

shows the innovative and future oriented attitude of

the public actors—within the city it is a clear development

parole. Thanks to Austrian funding programs like

„Smart Cities/Smart Urban Regions“ (Austrian Climate

and Energy Fund) and „Stadt der Zukunft/City of the

Future“ (Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology)

continuous financing of intelligent new strategies

and research projects for cities is ensured. Such

efforts led to the establishment of more than 40 “Smart

Cities & Regions” and „Smart Grids Model Regions“.

Since 2015 the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns

(AACT) has used the chance to present some of their

„smart“ members on the Expo Real in Munich. Starting

in 2015 with the Smart Cities Leoben, Bruck/Mur,

Graz, Vienna and Innsbruck, this year the Smart Cities

Salzburg and Villach were invited to present their initiatives

at the „Intelligent Urbanization Forum“. Under

the title „Innovative Cities : Made in Austria“ best practices

of and within Austrian cities were shown at the

Expo Real, Europe's largest real estate and investment

trade fair: 2,003 companies, cities and regions from 35

countries exhibited at the show and more than 40,000

participants from 75 countries visited the Expo.

With their success the Smart Cities Salzburg and

Villach inspire other cities to engage in Smart City projects

and strategies. The exhibition showed a vary of

the most interesting and innvoative research results as

well as flagship projects when it comes to technological

development for optimizing and modernising buildings,

integrated energy systems and infrastructures for

the necessary change to prevent urban heat (effects). 1

The new research centre in Itzling, Salzburg, for example,

is the core element of the „Science:City Salzburg“

and boosts the Smart City Salzburg with projects like

"Smart Itz Goes" and "Itz Smart". Amongst other key

aspects of activity, Villach is in close cooperation with

the technology experts of Infineon, working together

on new mobility solutions for the urban future. Furthermore

Villach is part of the federal „Silicon

Austria“ strategy, where techonological innovation in

the micro-electronics sector shall be pushed further by

a substantial funding programm.

1 For more information see: www.smartcitysalzburg.at and https://www.villach.at/stadt-service/energie/smart-city-villach

62 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

City, Regions, Cluster

The team of the Smart City Salzburg

(starting on the right): Dr. Andreas

Schmidbaur, Head of Urban Planning

Department, Alexander Schrank, Head

of Building Department, Franz Huemer,

Coordinator of Energy and Smart City,

and their collegues Irina Brunner and

Julia Rafetseder

Foto: Markus Mayr/Lichtkammer

Foto: Heiko Stahl

Foto: PostAuto Schweiz

Foto: AACT

Great success for the Austrian Smart Cities exhibition

at the Expo Real 2017 in Munich

The „5 th Austrian Urban Region Day“ in Lienz intensely discussed

the benefits of Urban-Rural-Partnerships

(Smart) Functional Urban Regions

Smart Cities don't act at their best if they don't cooperate

with their surrounding municipalities. Especially

the challenges of supply demand a regional solution.

It is important to force, foster and fund such actions.

In Austria this—again—is ensured by a funding program

of the Climate and Energy Fund, that already led

to 99 „Climate and Energy model regions“ and—quite

recently—the „Climate Adaption Model Regions“.

The most urgent challenges of our time will better be

solved together – no matter if we talk about a metropolitan

area like Vienna or a smaller town that functions as

a regional center for its surroundings: The „Stadtregion+/The

City Region+“ in and around Vienna or the

„Grazer Zentralraum/The Central Region of Graz“ are

well established and work on concrete city-regional

solutions concentrating on mobility, sustainable spatial

and settlement development and the safeguarding

of recreational areas in growing agglomerations. Also

smaller urban regions like the „Zukunftsraum Lienzer

Talboden/The Futurespace Valley of Lienz“ with its 15

communities engage ambitiously in common projects

like a communal fiber-optic network for the region, its

enterprises and inhabitants. They presented this and

other successful projects at the „5 th Austrian Urban

Region Day“ 2 in Lienz, an annual event where innovative

cooperation projects of and within urban areas

are presented and discussed, to force further and new

cooperations for a better future in our prospering urban

hot spots throughout Austria.

More than ever, Innovation, Cooperation and

Branding are important fields of activity for cities and

urban regions - to fulfill the increasing load of public

tasks and to present an attractive and singular location


2 Read more here: www.stadtregionen.at

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 63

Kommunalkredit Austria AG



for investments in

Infrastructure by its very nature is essential

Infrastructure investments can serve as a

powerful tool for answering social needs and

fundamentally increasing the general well-being

of communities. They create the basis for prosperity

and a high quality of life. Modern infrastructure

is an indispensable prerequisite for the

sustainable use of resources and for a successful

approach to deal with climate change.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) forecasts

spending required to reach the targets of the

Europe 2020 strategy at EUR 150bn to EUR

200bn per year. 1 Investment demand is particularly

high in the sectors of energy (especially renewable

energy), transport, social infrastructure and

communications technology.

As the financial latitude of the public sector is

decreasing on account of the high level of government

debt and budget caps, a shift from classic budget

finance to project finance continues to occur thanks

to private funding. In 2017, more than 60% of all

infrastructure schemes in Europe were implemented

through project finance. 2 Commercial banks continue

to be a main source of debt for infrastructure projects.

However, a host of other funders and products have

appeared given the increasing acceptance of infrastructure

as an asset class in its own right. For institutional

investors seeking stable long-term cash flows

from a sustainable asset class, this offers an opportunity

for real return enhancement in the current lowyield


Kommunalkredit’s business model

Kommunalkredit contributes to the sustainable success

of infrastructure projects that improve the quality

of people’s lives. The bank provides tangible benefits

to the community in terms of economic dynamism,

job creation, social cohesion, urban development and

climate change.

By combining in-depth industry expertise and

structuring know-how with the financing ability of a

bank and strong relationships with international clients

und investors, Kommunalkredit achieves strong

impact for its clients and generates sustainable value

for its stakeholders. The bank enables the implementation

and operation of infrastructure, bridging the

needs of project sponsors and institutional investors.

Backed by two international and long-term oriented

shareholders, Kommunalkredit positions itself

as a leading market player in the European infrastructure

market, concentrating on energy & environment,

social infrastructure & communications technology

and transport.

1 European Investment Bank, The Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative – Innovative Infrastructure Financing, January 2017.

2 Infrastructure information platform “Inframation”.

64 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

City, Regions, Cluster


to the efficient functioning of society.

In 2017, Kommunalkredit

managed to close 26 projects in

13 countries with commitments

worth EUR 635.2m. The new

business portfolio was highly

diversified in terms of product,

region and asset class with attractive

risk/return profiles. It was

distributed across various asset

classes, with the energy & environment

segment accounting for

39% of the total volume, transport

for 38% and social infrastructure

& communications technology

for 23%. Kommunalkredit provided

finance for both brownfield

projects and greenfield projects.

Collaboration between

public entities and private

partners as an efficient form of procurement

Against the background of the limited financial latitude

allowed to public budgets, the collaboration

between public entities and private partners offers an

efficient and transparent form of procurement for the

public sector. In such a cooperation the private partner

Foto: Petra Spiola

Mag. Alois Steinbichler

Chief Executive Officer of

Kommunalkredit Austria AG

(usually a special purpose company

with significant private-investor participation)

agrees to deliver a public

infrastructure project and service

under a long-term contract. The private

partner assumes various project

risks, notably with regard to designing,

building, operating and financing

the project. In practice, two

models are widely used: The public

authority either pays an availability

fee to the private partner as soon as

the infrastructure is available (availability-based

model) or gives the

private partner the right to generate

revenues from the provision of the

infrastructure (concession-based


The conditions for the European

infrastructure market are unlikely to

change significantly in 2018. Kommunalkredit expects

demand for European infrastructure assets to remain

high in 2018. The bank foresees numerous transactions

in markets such as Germany, France, Spain, the UK

and Scandinavia.


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An Innovative


Mag. Elisabeth Unger - Research, Technology and Innovation Section

Municipal Department 23 – Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics

Vienna City Administration

When it comes to quality of life, infrastructure and

innovation, Vienna is among the most successful

cities of the world. The metropolitan area of

Vienna is not only a location for the headquarters

of numerous Austrian and international corporations,

it is also a place where research and development

activities converge at universities as well as

in extramural research institutions and enterprises.

Building on the first RTI (Research, Technology,

Innovation) strategy “Wien denkt Zukunft”

(“Vienna Looks to the Future”, 2008) and “Smart

City Wien”, the framework strategy adopted

in 2014, the strategy “Innovative Vienna 2020” was

developed in a far-reaching participatory process and

adopted by the Vienna City Council in 2015..

From the perspective of a growing metropolis, future

urban challenges require comprehensive systemic solutions.

This is also reflected in the objectives of “Innovative

Vienna 2020”: Vienna as a “city of opportunity”,

with an “innovative city administration” and “Vienna

as a place where different people meet”. The definition of

innovation applied in this context is deliberately broad,

going far beyond technological innovation. Social,

organisational and artistic innovations are included

and open innovation is very important in view of

demand-side involvement in innovation processes.

Vienna – A Service-Oriented City Administration

By pursuing the strategy “Innovative Vienna 2020”,

the city not only set itself the goal of creating optimum

conditions so as to help the enterprises and universities

in the metropolitan area to realise their full innovative

potential – it also committed to the role of the city in

shaping, buying and using innovations.

Along with the innovation strategy, a follow-up

process for its implementation by the year 2020 was

adopted. An annual work programme, which is presented

at the innovation conference every year, defines

the respective objectives and projects. The 2017 work

programme comprised more than 40 specific measures

in eight action areas. Here are a few examples:

Promote Start-ups

Every year, Vienna plays host to one of the biggest conferences

for entrepreneurship and future technology in

Europe - the Pioneers Festival. Participants from more

than 70 countries – including more than 1000 start-up

founders and 120 speakers, 2500 visitors, numerous

sponsors and partners turn the annual festival into a topnotch

event. Continuing the tradition of long-standing

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New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tel Aviv are participating

cities at present.

cooperation, Vienna Business Agency ran a stall and

contributed to the conference programme.

The teams winning the “Vienna Start-up Package

2017” were also presented on that occasion. The “Package”

involves bringing international start-ups to Vienna for

two months so they can develop their business ideas on

site and explore the Austrian and European markets. The

young entrepreneurs benefit from paid travel, accommodation,

working place and coaching as well as a large network

and extensive contacts with the start-up scene.

In 2017 Vienna followed the London and Berlin

models by publishing “Start-up Guide Vienna”, which

contains relevant data and details about the ecosystem.

Vienna Business Agency and the Economic Chamber of

Vienna acted as community partners.

In the framework of the “Start Alliance”, cooperation

regarding start-ups was agreed upon between Berlin

and Vienna in November 2017. Founded in 2015, “Start

Alliance” is a point of contact for young entrepreneurs

from various cities, aiming to expand their network of

connections. Apart from Berlin and Vienna, London,

Foto: MA23/ Christian Jobst

Foto: WienTourismus / Christian Stemper

Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators

The Vienna Science and Technology Fund seeks to

strengthen Vienna as a location of research and innovation

by recruiting excellent young researchers abroad in

a targeted way. In cooperation with Vienna-based universities

and research institutions, they can create their

first own research groups in areas of research which are

particularly relevant for the city.

The group leaders receiving such a grant are already

given a long-term career outlook when they apply (associate

professor contract for an indefinite term; career


Expat Center

The Expat Center of the Vienna Business Agency is an

initial point of contact for expatriates and their families

as, and even before, they arrive in Vienna. As an

additional service to international corporations based

in Vienna, expatriates receive customised advice in all

matters of daily life and support as they get started in

Vienna (e.g. residence permit, apartment search) and

beyond. Advisory services are free of charge and available

in several languages.

Co-Creation Lab Vienna

Established companies and public sector organizations

may submit so-called “challenges”. Subsequently, technology

companies, research institutions and innovative

start-ups develop specific solutions to meet these. In

the Co-Creation Lab, Vienna Business Agency finds the

best matches for partner enterprises which will then

find tailor-made solutions.

Vienna has always excelled in bringing together

cultural, technological and social innovations. Today’s

societal, technological and economic changes are an

ongoing challenge to politics and administration alike;

after all, great quality of life and participation for everyone

are to be ensured for the future. Vienna has set itself

the goal of making every citizen of Vienna benefit from

progress, and “Innovative Vienna 2020” is an important

contribution to this end.

Austria’s capital city is well prepared in many aspects.

At the same time, Vienna also has the enormous skills it

takes to respond to the key challenges of the future. Continuing

to develop these will be the task of the years to

come so Vienna will remain the most livable city of the

world. More information: viennabusinessagency.at

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Stay up to date with the smart ASFINAG App!

Your mobile cockpit with realtime information.

• Up to date traffic information

• Route planner

• Travel time

• Live webcams

The app that takes you further!

Download now for free!

Important note: while one the road

make sure to use your smartphone

solely with an appropriate hands-free




Smart mobility

of the


Foto: Wolfgang Simlinger

Connected infrastructure is

one top priority of ASFINAG

One great challenge for

ASFINAG as a modern

motorway operator is the

question of how to handle

future mobility in ways of being ecologically

sustainable and socially

responsible. We think today about

the mobility of tomorrow.

A pivotal topic: As well developed

infrastructures are decisive for economic

growth connected infrastructures

are important to meet mobility

needs in the long term. Thus we

need to combine the various modes

of transport in order to create an

efficient, fully intermodal transport

system. Optimum management of

existing infrastructure will continue

to grow in its importance and

will reduce the need for new construction.

This transition inevitably

requires a fundamental rethink by

all parties – from infrastructure

providers to individual travelers.

As a responsible motorway operator

we are planning to pinpoint

public transport alternatives. We

see this interlinking with public

transport as the mobility of the

future. And we already prioritized

networking with public transport in

our vision statement and thus have

made it a firm feature of our future

concept for mobility in Austria.

We will take you

to the future!

Let us take motorways and highways

to the next level: connected

infrastructures, higher driving

comfort, sustainable technologies

and of course enhanced road

safety. Modern information and

communication technology make

a key contribution in this context.

ASFINAG already delivers a full

range of best plans and measures

in class of technical innovations

for a safe road infrastructure of


As well as offering interconnected

transition points for commercial

transport and comfortable passenger

transfers we also provide

efficient information and routing

services. In the future, all relevant

road traffic information will be

transmitted directly into our customers'

cars to quickly provide them

with information about the traffic

situation on the motorways.

iconvienna makes an important

contribution by bringing together

senior policy-makers and facilitating

intensive discussion on these


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Institute of Science and Technology Austria

IST Austria

An ecosystem for

science and career


The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST

Austria) is a PhD-granting, interdisciplinary research institution

dedicated to cutting-edge research in the physical,

mathematical, computer, and life sciences. Scientists come

from all over the world to the Institute: over sixty nations

are represented on campus, creating a diverse, creative,

and open environment that fosters independent research.

Curiosity and open minds

Scientists and their curiosity define which fields are

pursued on campus, and a world-class, interdiscipli nary

environment provides the resources and opportunity

for them to conduct research without boundaries or predefined

topics. Effective recruiting allows this strategy

to succeed: research excellence and promise are the key

criteria for hiring scientists at all levels at IST Austria,

rather than specific area of study. During its annual open

call for new professors, the Institute accepts applications

from all areas of science—biology, chemistry, computer

science, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics—and

welcomes applications from researchers whose projects

cross traditional discipline boundaries.

Training the next generation

Educating PhD students is a core mission of IST Austria.

Its US-style Graduate School offers an interdisciplinary

PhD program that supports students in becoming experts

in their fields while fostering communication and collaboration

across research groups and disciplines. For

postdocs, IST Austria provides the faculty and facilities

to help broaden their experience and deepen their expertise.

The EU supports PhD students (ISTScholar*) and

postdocs (ISTplus*) through the Horizon 2020 research

and innovation program. The Institute also offers yearround

opportunities for undergraduates and master’s

students to intern with a research group. During their

time at IST Austria, PhD students, postdocs, and interns

all receive the training and support to succeed in their

next steps elsewhere, whether they decide to stay in

research (academia or industry), take on management

positions, or enter the public sector.

A growing campus for a growing community

As additional buildings are designed and erected, the

Institute seeks to strike a balance between two goals:

first, to foster interdisciplinarity by mixing groups with

different research focuses within buildings, and second,

to allow the needs of the scientists to inform the shape

and facilities of the buildings. Preparation has started

for the construction of the next scientific laboratory

building, and planning has begun for a future Visitor

Center and another laboratory building. In addition, five

companies rent space on campus, anticipating a move to

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*These projects have received funding from the

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation

programme under the Marie Skłodowska-

Curie grant agreements Nos 754411 and 665385.

Fotos: IST Austria/Nadine Poncioni

Investing in innovative ideas

In 2017, IST Austria and an external investor took a significant

step towards improving the situation in Austria

for young tech-based founders by partnering to set up

IST CUBE, a new investment platform that will support

the creation and development of tech startups. With an

initial investment of EUR 5 million, IST CUBE will support

advanced technology companies, many of which

are derived from academic research, and will help

founders develop their ventures with the goal of becoming

global leaders in their fields.

the IST Park—a future technology park across the road

from IST Austria which is currently under development.

As an institute of technology as well as science, IST

Austria invests in new facilities and instruments to

increase its research capabilities and remain at the state

of the art. Recent developments include the opening of a

nanofabrication facility for semiconductor physics, and

the Institute will also invest in a cryo-electron microscopy

setup on campus.

IST Austria was established by the federal government of

Austria and the state government of Lower Austria, and the

campus opened in 2009. Following the implementation of

an ambitious development plan, around 90 research groups

and over 1000 employees will be working in a state-of-theart,

interdisciplinary environment by 2026, modeled after

international examples such as the Max Planck Institutes,

ETH Zurich, and the Weizmann Institute of Science. The

president of IST Austria is Thomas A. Henzinger, a leading

computer scientist and AAAS, ACM, and IEEE Fellow. More

information at www.ist.ac.at.

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Europe’s flagship contest for innovative young people, social entrepreneurs and

start-ups founders using digital technologies to improve society!


of one of the most






eu-youthaward.org | @eyagraz | #EYA18 | facebook.com/EuropeanYouthAward




showcases latest

innovations at


Casino Exhibition

Foto: Thomas Meyer

Harald Neumann, CEO of NOVOMATIC AG

As Europe’s leading gaming technology group,

NOVOMATIC once again wowed visitors this

year with the largest stand at the International

Casino Exhibition ICE Totally Gaming in London.

Across a surface area of approx. 4,700m 2 NOVOMATIC

unveiled its latest product innovations set to drive the

industry forward in 2018. A total of 25 group companies

presented the 360° NOVOMATIC product portfolio,

including exciting and important product innovations

such as a new line of gaming cabinets, linked progressive

jackpots, electronic table gaming solutions, as well

as single, licensed and multi-games.

“With this trade show appearance, NOVOMATIC

continues to prove that as a full-service provider, we

are among the world’s leading gaming technology

groups”, said Harald Neumann, CEO of NOVOMATIC

AG, at a press conference at ICE in February. “High levels

of innovation continue to remain a central component

of the Group’s future prospects. Over the past 3 years

NOVOMATIC has invested more than 250mn Euros in

R&D of new technologies“, he added.

For international casino markets, NOVOMATIC

revealed brand new cabinets and new slot titles such

as the international, omni-channel release of the

blockbuster From Dusk Till Dawn. Starring George

Clooney and Quentin Tarantino as the Gecko brothers,

Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium, as well as

Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and Danny Trejo, players

are taken on an explosive journey to Mexico.

During the trade show, NOVOMATIC announced

the latest collaboration of its Interactive Division,

Greentube, with Hard Rock International and Seminole

Gaming. Players at any Seminole or Hard Rock-branded

property will be able to access a customized free-play

social casino where the front end is designed to replicate

the look and feel of the physical venue. A range

of multi-channel promotions as well as linked reward

programs will be offered to players all over the world.

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OBB _ Infrastruktur

Foto: Österreichisches Foto: ÖBB-Infrastruktur





Bei einer Marke wie den ÖBB ist nicht das Logo entscheidend oder der Name,

sondern das, was sie bedeutet. Das, was mit ihr assoziiert wird. Eine Marke ist

der Wertvermittler außer ge wöhn licher Leistungen. Die Werte, die KundInnen und

potentielle KundInnen mit der Marke verknüpfen, sind vermittelte Leistungen. So ist

das Kernbedürfnis der Menschen nicht etwa die Telefonie, sondern Kommunikation.

Und es ist nicht die Bahn, die den Transport erfolgreich macht, es ist der Fahrplan.

Marke als Deutungsund


Um zu funktionieren, müssen Marken daher vor allem

eines leisten: Sie müssen beziehungsfähig sein. WAS

eine Marke in Zukunft, also in der vierten industriellen

Revolution (Mensch, Maschine, Objekt tauschen

Informationen aus) können muss, sind diese vier Dinge:


• VERTRAUEN bilden

• QUALITÄT versprechen und einhalten

• ANZIEHUNGSKRAFT emotional ansprechen

Marke ist ein Führungsinstrument –

nach innen und außen

Jenseits von Standardbehauptungen wie Kundenorientierung,

Leidenschaft, Mitarbeiterorientierung und

Nachhaltigkeit, müssen auch die ÖBB als österreichweite

starke Traditionsmarke ihre Markenidee ständig

neu abfragen und an der Realität der KundInnen, des

Marktes abmessen. Kundenbefragungen, Mitarbeiterbefragungen,

Customer-Journeys, Sitzplatztests zielen

alle letztlich auf die zentralen immer wiederkehrenden

Fragen ab: Was wollen die KundInnen? Wie kann ich

sie begeistern? Und auf welche einfache Art und Weise?

Allein diese klare Leitlinie, durchgehend in der Wertschöpfungs-

und Kundenerlebniskette multipliziert,

schafft eine starke Marke – nach innen und außen.

Markenarbeit ist dauerhafte


Und weil es eben nicht immer so ist, dass eine einmal

positionierte Marke auf Dauer von alleine ihre Orientierungsarbeit

bei MitarbeiterInnen und KundInnen

leistet, sehen wir Markenarbeit als konsequente Beziehungsarbeit

an. Die Schlüsselfragen der ÖBB sind gar

nicht mal so viel anders, als für andere komplexe Organisationen,

die sich dem Wandel der Digitalisierung

stellen müssen:

• Wie gelingt es uns, das Unternehmen auf die

Zukunft auszurichten, obwohl wir nicht immer

genau wissen, wohin die Reise geht?

• Wie schaffen wir die Balance zwischen notwendiger

Stabilität und dynamisierender Innovation,

zwischen Konzentration auf Kernkompetenzen und

globale Marktdynamik?

74 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


aber heute schon können, ist Mobilität durch ganz neue

Augen zu betrachten.

2016 haben die ÖBB ihrer Innovationsstrategie

einen neuen Boost gegeben und sich mit dem Open

Innovation Lab gezielt in alle Richtungen des Mobilitätsangebotes

geöffnet: Bahn, Bus, Flugzeug, PKW,

LKW, Fahrrad, Scooter… Alles was Menschen und

Orte, Waren und KundInnen, Zeit und Distanzen miteinander

verbindet. Die Vernetzung von innovativen

Menschen und ihren Projekten.

Die ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG steht auch für barrierefreie Bahnhöfe –

ein sehr wichtiges Versprechen an unsere Kunden.

• Wie können wir die Balance zwischen Effizienz der

Prozesse gestalten – und zugleich der Komplexität

der immer individueller werdenden Kundenwünsche

gerecht werden?

Eines ist sicher: Wir wissen es nicht so genau und

müssen auch Antworten im Gehen entstehen lassen.

Daher geht es darum, die Organisation auch auf das

Unvorhersehbare vorzubereiten. Mit dem Ziel: Immunisierung,

Resilienz und Robustheit im Wandel. Gerade

in Zeiten des Umbruchs zeigt sich, dass starke Marken

in hohem Maße resilient sind: weil sie überleben.

Die Mobilität von Übermorgen ist

ungewiss aber gestaltbar

Niemand kann heute genau sagen, wie sich die Fortbewegung

der Zukunft genau gestalten wird. Was wir

Innovation entsteht nicht zufällig

Ideen sind der entscheidende Funke, der ein Unternehmen

nach vorne bringt. Und Ideen sind Ergebnis guter

Kommunikation und funktionierender Beziehungen.

Das ist auch das Geheimnis, die Erfolgsformel

hinter der Transformation des österreichischen

Staats unternehmens ÖBB von der schwerfällig anmutenden

Behörde, zum kundenzentrierten, modernen

Mobilitätsdienstleister. Aus einem stark gebeutelten,

in seinen Leistungen unterbewerteten und von Vorurteilen

(Subventionsbetrieb, Frühpensionierungsparadies,

ständige Unpünktlichkeit usw.) getriebenes

6-Milliarden-Unternehmen wurde ein wertvoller

Arbeitgeber und Industriepartner einer stolzen und

traditionsreichen Bahnindustrie. Die ÖBB wurde ein

Leistungserbringer für 500 Millionen Fahrgäste pro

Jahr, ein Konjunkturmotor mit Spitzenleistungen im

Infrastrukturausbau (etwa die Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecken,

Hauptbahnhof Wien, Streckenausbau in den

Süden) und, so ganz nebenbei: Die pünktlichste Bahn

in der EU.

Die kommunikative Übung gelang, ganz besonders

durch die Analyse und den Rückhalt durch das vorhandene,

aber in den vergangenen Jahren verschüttete

und paralysierte „Wir-Gefühl“ der Eisenbahner. Es

galt und gilt, den Stolz auf die Markenwerte, auf den

Markenkern (Zuverlässigkeit, Sicherheit, Pünktlichkeit)

bei den 40.000 MitarbeiterInnen zu aktivieren.

Denn Kommunizieren heißt im Dialog entlang der

Customer-Journey zu bleiben – mit den SteuerzahlerInnen,

den BahnkundInnen, der Industrie, Politik,

MitarbeiterInnen, Interessenvertretungen und vielen

anderen. Die tägliche Vermittlungsleistung braucht

motivierte Menschen, die ihr Kundenversprechen

geben und halten.

Die Marke ÖBB gehört mittlerweile zu den fünf

wertvollsten Marken Österreichs, sie hat ihren Markenwert

(heute 1,9 Milliarden) seit 2010 nahezu verdoppelt

und ihren Rang von Platz 9 auf Platz 5 verbessert.

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Kapsch Group

Challenging limits.

Since the company’s inception in 1892, Kapsch has been dedicated to its role as an innovator and technology

pioneer. To live up to this claim and to continue providing leading mobility, communications

and digitization solutions, the companies of the Kapsch Group are constantly breaking new ground.

Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider

of intelligent transportation

systems in the fields of

tolling, traffic management,

smart urban mobility, traffic safety

and security, and connected vehicles.

In 2017, the company launched

a new program as part of its open

innovation strategy:


Factory1 is an equity-free startup-accelerator

that supports entrepreneurs

working on the next big ideas in the

mobility sector. It has been designed

to create long-term partnerships

and to enable win-win situations.

Benefitting from the required tools

and resources, the startups selected

are able to build successful proofof-concept

projects as a foundation

for future collaboration. This helps

Kapsch TrafficCom to identify disruptive

technologies early and to keep

Kapsch at the forefront of innovation.

Factory1 received 285 applications

from 61 countries, covering six

areas of innovation:

• Connected & Autonomous


• Big Data Analytics &

Deep Learning

• Smart Mobility

• Security & Privacy

• Infrastructure

• Payment & Transaction Processes

The Winners of Kapsch Factory1

76 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Fotos: Kapsch

Kapsch Group

Founded as a precision mechanics

workshop for Morse and telegraph

equipment in 1892, Kapsch today is

a global technology company and

leading provider of mobility solutions

and communication services. The

only constant in the always familyrun

business is change: Kapsch has

always been committed to its role

as a technology pioneer, quickly

recognizing trends and responding

with market-oriented solutions.

>>> www.kapsch.net

After thorough scrutiny, 30

entrepreneurs were invited to pitch

their ideas. In the next round, 15

startups met in Vienna for a kick-off

boot camp, where 7 winners were

selected to enter the accelerator.

Closely involved with the program,

experienced Kapsch-experts

from technology, sales and business

development mentored the startups

throughout the whole six months of

the proof-of-concept projects.

The application phase for 2018

starts in June. All the information

about the program and the winners

of 2017 can be found here:


Impact Room at Kapsch BusinessCom

Innovation workshops in a

brand-new Impact Room

As a leading partner in the digital

transformation, Kapsch BusinessCom

both supports companies

as they take their business performance

to the next level and in

the development of new business

models. The company operates as a

consultant, system supplier and service


On the fifth floor of the headquarters

of Kapsch BusinessCom,

based in Vienna’s 12th district,

digital transformation has become

a reality, with the analog and digital

worlds united in the brand-new

Impact Room. In numerous innovation

workshops, use cases have been

completed successfully, using agile

prototyping with the help of data

virtualization, platform management

and the expertise of a leading

ICT service provider.

In the analog area of the room,

whiteboard markers and magnetic

clips are employed in business-model-canvas

and design-thinking sessions.

Camera technology transfers

this input onto the digital wall in the

adjoining room in real time. Using

an electronic pen, new bullet points

can then be added or be rearranged.

But it does not stop there: this creative

playing field on the digital wall

can be extended to participants outside

the room via video-screen. For

example, international experts and

innovators can easily be connected

for impulse lectures during the


Innovative camera- and smartboard-technology



The Impact Room is designed as

a creative and interactive playing

field: the drive and inspiration experienced

by the participants helps

them to find use cases during the

one-day discovery-workshops or

to develop new business models in

development-workshops in the next


Kapsch BusinessCom draws

from long-term experience gained

in numerous digitalization and

business development projects

across various industries. As digitalization

gains pace – evidenced

by prominent buzz-words such as

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

– it has become more and more

important to bring together uses

cases and technology components

from diverse fields. With leading

mobility, communications and digitalization

solutions, the companies

of the Kapsch Group offer a full

spectrum of possibilities.

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Leitbetriebe Austria


drive economic


For a long time innovation was a selective event. A

company developed something here, a research

lab something else there. Once a break-through

was made, it could guarantee companies years

of stable income. In the modern economy, however,

the pace of innovation is at an absolute all-time high

at both the global and Austrian levels. Innovation is

not a singular event anymore, but has developed into

a key part of every business process, affecting practically

all companies across all industries, countries

and company sizes on an enormous scale. This opens

up great opportunities on the one hand and creates

equally great pressure to innovate and compete on

the other. “Innovation should not be something special

anymore, but should rather be seen as “business

as usual”. Today businesses—big or small—have to

continually innovate in every aspect: in products

as well as their own processes and even their entire

business model", says Leitbetriebe Austria managing

director Monica Rintersbacher. “Therefore my vision

for the future is: “a day without innovation is a day



The momentum in innovation triggered by digitisation

is unparalleled in economic history. Digitisation

has even more effect on the economy—and especially

on the individual—than the industrial revolution had

in the 1800s. Thus, comparably to building roads and

railroad tracks during the industrial revolution, connecting

company locations to global data networks has

become a major driver of innovation in the era of digitisation.

In developing new areas of business, data lines

must be granted a level of priority that is at least as high

as that of the electricity and road and railway network,

business experts agree. “This is the only way to ensure

that successful Austrian companies will continue to

play a leading role in global competition in the future”,

says Rintersbacher.



In order to be truly innovative, innovation has to be

an integral part of company’s culture. “Good ideas

need to come from the whole workforce, not just the

78 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Foto: Sabine Klimpt

Andreas Gnesda—chairman of the Advisory Board of Leitbetriebe Austria

Monica Rintersbacher—managing director Leitbetriebe Austria

R&D department", says Rintersbacher, calling attention

to the importance of in-house innovation and the

creative potential among employees. Each employee

should not just be viewed as a worker, who keeps the

daily business running, but an innovator, who shapes

the company’s future. “This also requires a new concept

of the work environment. Office design, office

organisation, working time arrangements, hierarchical

structures and much more need to be rethought

and redesigned in many areas in light of the new challenges”,

explains Andreas Gnesda, founder and CEO

of teamgnesda, the leading Austrian consulting firm

in the field of office design and Chairman of the Advisory

Board of Leitbetriebe Austria

Office design, for example, can play a key role in a

company’s ability to create innovations. “Innovations

are seldom generated in an old-style single-person

office, but require team effort and open communication.

Thinking outside the box is often literally equivalent

to thinking outside one’s own office”, Gnesda

explains. “Designing an office using open communication

zones with an inspiring atmosphere, that


Leitbetriebe Austria is an independent business network

that spans across all industries. It distinguishes and connects

outstandingly successful companies within the

Austrian economy. Sustainable corporate success, innovation

and social accountability are the main criteria for

accepting companies as networking partners of Leitbetriebe


Under the common roof of the mutual brand, the network

accompanies its partner companies and reinforces their

efforts through targeted communication strategies. Leitbetriebe

Austria renders the platform where companies

showcase their leadership and interact with other top

performers. Furthermore it promotes the interests of Austrian

businesses by its lobbying activities.

facilitates team work, rather than individual offices

is an important reflection of a company culture that

encourages innovation.

Although many leading companies have already

developed and implemented exemplary solutions on

a broad front, these approaches have yet to take root:

"Austrian companies are among the global leaders

in the field of technical innovation. If we succeed in

reorganising our working environments in line with

the challenges and opportunities of the digitised

industry, it will bring another boost to innovation. Or

in other words: smart minds + inspiring environment

= ideas + innovation", Gnesda sums up.

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Bahnhof hat Zukunft

Hier kommt man gerne an.

Fotocredit: ÖBB/Roman Bönsch


• Rund 15,2 Mrd. Euro werden bis 2022 in den Ausbau von Schienennetz und Bahnhöfen investiert

• 90% der Reisenden profitieren bis 2025 von modernen, barrierefreien Bahnhöfen

• Bereits 38 Bahnhöfe in Österreich mit Hochleistungs-WLAN ausgestattet

• Rund 200 Bahnhöfe wurden seit 2010 modernisiert

• Highlights der Bahnhofsoffensive: Wien Hauptbahnhof, St. Pölten Hbf, Linz Hbf,

Salzburg Hbf, Innsbruck Hbf, Dornbirn, Klagenfurt Hbf, Graz Hbf





Online Business


Modern information and communication technologies have

become an essential part of our life. Small business owners and

individual entrepreneurs tend to optimize their work with the

help of new technologies in order to reduce costs and improve

the quality of customer service.

There are services that allow

you to create your own website

business card or an

E-Commerce website, send

out newsletters, keep a list of contacts

and to-do lists. However, your

contacts are stored in separate software,

so you lose time while manually

compiling the mailings in a

newsletter tool. Your website visitors

may apply for newsletters but

someone has to enter their data into

the CRM-system. Many entrepreneurs

face similar challenges.

The new integrated online business

service Wigma combines the

features of creating a website without

programming skills, maintaining a

client database and sending newsletters.

The combination of web-technologies

and cloud data storage provides

the visitors with additional

advantages of self-registration for

events and online booking. Your

website becomes really interactive.

The built-in Wigma-website

builder is simple and flexible in

use. Colorful thematic templates,

matching your business, offer an

opportunity for a quick start.

Wigma - E-Commerce service

allows you to expand the sales audience

and increase the sales results.

To-do lists linked to the client database

improve the efficiency of your

customer relationships management.

The Wigma service stores all

client data in a secure storage on

the territory of Austria.

To meet Wigma choose a Promo

package. You can test the basic

options of the website-builder; e.g.,

to create a website business card.

Our startup package allows you

to create advertising websites, organize

events and publish news.

Our business package is suitable

for most small businesses. It combines

the best opportunities to engage

with clients at a reasonable price.

Our premium package is created

for those who do not bear any

restrictions; it opens access to all

Wigma features.



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Monitoring systems

for user-friendly short and long-term measurements

HBM offers a complete solution for your measurement task.

For choosing and installing the individual measurement technology components or for planning and starting

up the measurement setup, including suitable training – HBM is your partner.


Displacement, strain, crack width

Oscillation, acceleration

Tilt, sinking

Temperature, humidity

Analog current / voltage sensors

Digital inputs / outputs

Fiber-Optic Sensor Technology

Measurement signal conditioning with QuantumX

■ Stand-alone data recording

Scalable as a group of devices, allows for flexible setup and

works synchronously

Can be used in stationary or mobile applications

■ Offers high measurement quality by compensating for line

lengths and interference frequencies as well as high EMC

stability and cyclical auto-adjustment.

Threshold monitoring

Further information: www.hbm.com/civil-engineering

HBM Test and Measurement ■ Tel. + 43 1 865 8441-0 ■ info@at.hbm.com ■ www.hbm.at ■ www.argos-systems.eu



The Race to


Keep Carbon Circular

When we look at excellence as performing and

undertaking deeds in an exceptionally good

way, some people perceive it just competitive.

But in a year of Winter Olympics we should

also look beyond the one on one out-competing each other

at the honorable Olympic idea of being part of one and the

same games for all participants! Or have you heard of any

athletes opposing against Olympic Games due to fears of


Over the last three decades China has progressed

remarkably to a top three global economy player! A country

having been used by the world’s leading economy as a

manufacturing bench for outsourced productions evolved

into the world’s biggest factory helping it to diminish poverty.

Today Chinese economy has built the biggest middle

income group within itself turning the country into the

world’s biggest consumer market. So now, everybody

wants to be there and participate.

Most people perceive China difficult to understand

though. But the reality is that China is the most predictable

country in the world now. Because it just works for

its own people’s best interests. Which for a leading Communist

Party’s policy shouldn’t be that surprising. The

probably most important point is therefore that in China

nothing is forbidden that couldn’t potentially turn into a

threat to its people. And in contrary to Western societies,

corruption starts where someone uses his powers to

take advantage over partners or compatriots – in Olympic

Games one would call it disqualification!

In the interest of protecting its consumers China

recently also rigorously executes on Intellectual Property

violations. In an economy that widely depends on

e-tailing, brands, patents and copy rights are the only

guarantees consumers can rely on. Previous subcontract

manufacturers now can also sell internationally via the

internet winning all the trade margins for China’s GDP

driving qualitative growth of the country. Paired with a

lot of freedom to try out new digital solutions China is

rapidly developing Artificial Intelligence in a very comprehensive

organic way.

Excellence is

always built on learning

through training

Stefan Petters

Founder & President of the things we like to

Carbotopia Syndicate do. Like a little child,

doing a puzzle over

and over again or an athlete exercising his discipline

under constant feed-back. Looking at deep machine

learning, we can see that rebuilding human neuronal networks

for image processing works best. So Sony having

been a leader in audio visual computer games for years

could recently take a lead in it. But besides its laboratories

in Paris it also establishes collaborations in the uprising

Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong – Macao – Guangdong Bay-

Area attracting word’s best talents.

So the race for excellence has already turned into a

contest of education-systems. Building Social skills on

the basis of culture, stimulate curiosity, mentor individual

talents and motivate the self-discipline to go wild on

the subjects of individual ambitions able to serve society.

Training perception and learning several languages

during pre-school age, i.e. by multi-lingual memory with

audio functions could do miracles. Building strong characters

who will find their own ways, not shy to circumvent

regulations without causing damage to others are

the profiles needed to succeed.

Exploration is the best head-start towards excellence.

Particularly when it comes to using tools alike Artificial

Intelligence. It builds skills like climbing up an Archimedes-Spiral

instead of keeping abilities frozen by linear

exploitation until they become obsolete by the contemporary

innovations. It is such a waste of human talents.

Like any linear eco-system squanders its resources. If you

want to know economies of scale, check out Carbotopia

Circular Carbon Economy on Twitter or Facebook! A lot of

education and innovation seed money could be found in

what is blown into air for waste today! The way societies

treat waste is equally a measure of the level of their civilization

as the investments in their buddings’ education!

Both leaving a lot of room to further excellence!

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Cashback World





for the

entire world

Foto: istockphoto.com

Foto: istockphoto/Martin Dimitrov

The international Shopping

Community Cashback World

offers consumers attractive shopping

benefits – from Cashback and Shopping

Points to valuable lifestyle information.

Cashback World disposes of an

ever-growing Loyalty Merchant

network, which covers

an array of different sectors

and offers a wide range of shopping

opportunities to the Cashback World

Members. When it comes to selecting

Loyalty Merchants, the focus is

placed on obtaining a well-balanced

mix of chain stores, online shops

and SMEs. The latter are particularly

important to Cashback World:

Strengthening the economy in the

regions is a key objective for the

Shopping Community.

Cashback World is now active in

47 countries. The 8 million Members

can shop at 80,000 Loyalty

Merchants and make use of attractive

benefits: For they will receive

up to 5% Cashback and can also

collect Shopping Points for every

purchase made at a Cashback

World Loyalty Merchant. These

Shopping Points can then be

redeemed for exclusive Loyalty

Merchant offers. For its White

Label Solutions, Cash back World

uses the advantages of having a

pool of millions of potential cus-

tomers. These tailor-made fan and

customer loyalty programmes give

clubs and organisations with a

large member base, as well as large

companies, the chance to offer

their own members, fans, customers

and employees the Cashback

World benefits, which in turn

allows them to benefit with every

purchase they make.

Registering to Cashback World

as a shopper is completely free of

charge as well as non-binding. Further

information can be found at


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Sports for Life

an initiative of





Fotos: David Zirngast

SPORTS FOR LIFE! is an initiative of former footballers

and sportsmen aiming to promote football

to society, especially to kids who are socially


Players like Christopher Dibon and the camp coaches take a lot of time

for the kids. Autographs and certain morning rituals are a standard feature.

Unlike years ago it is very important today to

lead our children from indoor to outdoor activities

in order to get them in good trim. Sports

encourages the youth and connects them – it

doesn’t matter which ethnic or social group they

belong to. Team sports are very important because

they teach children self-confidence and support them

learn a lot about respect, teambuilding and other

important traits that will help them in their future

social and working life.

The cooperation between the SPORTS FOR LIFE!-Foundation

and several sponsors as well as local associations

throughout Austria ensures a variety of benefits

for children.

Austria’s trade union for football players (Vereinigung

der Fußballer, VdF) hosts the Bruno-Gala, an event

Bruno Gala 2017

where footballers and trainers are being honored. In

terms of this exclusive event, donations enable disadvantaged

families free access to the camps. Together

with SPORTS FOR LIFE! the VdF is aiming to boost

sportive activities in Austria.

86 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine



Since mid of

2017, the new


LIFE!- Cashback

Card is

available – get

back your money

from shopping

whilst supporting


kids to join a

Starcamp! The

card came into

being through

the cooperation

with cashback


Owing to its unique concept and the support of many sponsors

and communities, the STARCAMPS can offer attractive

prices starting from 119 € for a whole week, which enables

access for nearly everyone. This is the most favorable price

for a comparative camp offered in Austria, mixed with the

know-how of well-educated and professional trainers.

The main goal of the initiative is to make sports a

part of children daily life on the one hand, and

to provide them with the benefits of teamwork

and social contacts on the other. This way the

foundation attracts many children (7-14 years) and

gives them the opportunity to join the beautiful game

of football. In 2017 around 750 children took part in 31

camps! This year 33 camps are planned and we expect

over 800 participants!

It’s not just about football at Sports For Life! as we

are also found playing golf. As a partner, we participate

in charity tournaments of the VdF and Rotary

Klosterneuburg, such as the Rotary Golf Charity at

Golfclub Schloss Schönborn. The net proceeds of the

charity tournaments benefit socially disadvantaged

and sports-loving children who can participate in one

of the Starcamps!

Several professional football players of the Austrian

Bundesliga already took part in different exercises in

terms of the STARCAMPS’ trainings. The children have

the great chance to train with them and ask individual

questions – an interesting experience for everyone!

Beside the reasons listed above, creating fun and

future prospects for children is SPORTS FOR LIFE!’s

main ambition. Each year at least one professional player

spends a part of his day with the children at the camp.

Since 1998 the VdF is highly engaged in the promotion

of young football players. Therefore they have been

successfully promoting the camps for years. With lots

of specific camps and finally with the STARCAMPS

(since 2006) the VdF managed to fill the gap with high

quality offers and fair prices. All this became possible

thanks to the support of many authorities and professional


The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 87



an initiative of

Brand Global



Brands function as an essential asset especially

in times of attention economics. Therefore,

innovation and corporate branding becomes

one of the biggest key factors in the digital

communication society. The transformation of products,

services, cities, regions and countries to brands

require proper comprehension of brand connotation

and denotation. Understanding legal protection of

intellectual property, value and virtue of brands and

the holistic management of all components is key to

develop and grow future lead brands.

iconvienna specializes on the latest trends and has

yet set another benchmark with 2018 topic on "Innovation

needs branding - Branding needs innovation".

Our field-experts inspired and granted valuable

and practical insights in „Branding and innovation“-How

to brand your latest innovation and the

importance of a branding process|“International

clusters, regions and branding“- Best practice in

branding to develop regions and clusters|“Economies

of brands“-How investments in brands create

economic growth.


in brief

Launched in 2005 the event is held in April 2018

for the 14 th time, gathering participants and

partners thought various fields of interest and

from around the world.

iconvienna-The European Business & Investment

Forum established itself as an exclusive Business

& Networking Event, promoting business contacts

between Austrian and international companies and

regions encouraging project and investment business.

Following the motto “Make Contacts to Contracts”,

top-level national and inter national decision makers

from politics and economy, international experts

and representatives of regions meet at the forum. We

deliver value to participants and partners through

personal contacts with executives, entrepreneurs,

government officials, project partners, as well as concrete

business opportunities at the forum.

88 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


H.E. Ramon Quinones and spouse, Nathalie Peña Comas, Gerhard Hrebicek

Fotos: Katharina Schiffl

Gerhard Hrebicek welcomes the guest at

iconvienna Cocktail Reception


During the day, national and international

experts present and discuss

contemporary key issues that

are vital to brand integration, management

and development.

Hannes Jarolim, Alois Steinbichler, Gerhard Hrebicek, Julian Jäger, Ralph Vallon, Stefan Linsinger


The Cocktail Night at the Vienna

City Hall is an excellent occasion

for easy initial contacts and thus

promote networking and knowhow

exchange, offering participants

the opportunity to introduce

themselves to potential business

partners, investors and decision


Project Exhibition

Enterprises and regions present

best practice projects and opportunities.

Gerald Ganzger, Michael Otter, Bobby Calder, Edgar Baum, Gerhard Hrebicek,

Monika Poeckh-Racek, Carlos Chanduvi

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 89


Carlos Chanduvi, UNIDO

Alois Steinbichler and Zlata Šipošová

Keynote speaker Wilhelm Molterer

Fotos: Katharina Schiffl

Gerhard Hrebicek with Chinese Delegation

Klaus Müllner, Wilhelm Molterer, Gerhard Hrebicek

High Ranking Participants

CEOs, entrepreneurs, top politicians, representatives

of regions, international organizations and science

meet at the iconvienna forum. Including side events,

participants from approximately 40 different countries

join the conference.


iconvienna offers an appealing, promoting and effective

environment including the features of the city of

Vienna such as:

• Vienna as a secure hub for the international Project-Businesses

for representatives from politics

and economy

• a mix of new and effective business and social

events for regions and companies including

amongst others exhibitions, presentations, lounges,

contact areas, panel discussions and keynote

speeches, dinners and receptions, as well as

• cooperation with public institutions, business

incorporations, media and business partners

from the East and West

iconvienna provides an effective and efficient contact

platform, in which

• targeted contacts to experts and decision makers

can be established,

• the attractive side events offer an ideal atmosphere

to establish a cooperation network including

targeted contacts to business partners,

• the international business network can be of use

year-round and

• equity financing, growth capital and advancing

across partners can be provided.

90 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


An inspiring conference

day at the

Austrian Federal

Economic Chamber

Fotos: Katharina Schiffl



Respect and Confidence

Our cooperation bases on reliability, veracity, transparency

and open communication. We respect the

cultural and social usage and differences of the

countries in and with which we are working.


Professional competence, innovation, quick decisions

and flexibility affect our work and the work of

our partners.

Customer Focus

We and our partners concentrate on the individual

requirements of our customers and provide efficient

and effective support to strengthen your competitive

position and productivity.

Corporate Responsibility

Through responsible exposure to the resources of our

customers, as well as the adoption of our employees and

partners talents we create long-ranging cooperations.


Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor and

Regional Governor of Vienna

Chairman of the Advisory Board:

Dr. René Alfons Haiden


First Forum: 2005

DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, MBA

Target Groups: CEOs, entrepreneurs, top politicians,

representatives of science, media, regions

and international organizations


Make Contacts to Contracts

FOCUS 2018: Branding needs Innovation –

Innovation needs Branding

Previous Focus Areas:

• Brand Together (2017)

• International Summit on Innovative Entrepreneurship (2016)

• East-West Summit on Regional Cooperation through

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2015)

• East-West Summit on Innovation and Smart Cities (2014)

• Find out more on www.icon-vienna.net

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 91


of iconvienna


Chinese Delegation at iconvienna Cocktail Reception

Foto: Gregor Turecek

Foto: Katharina Schiffl

Foto: Alice Schnuer-Wala

Foto: Gregor Turecek

Foto: Gregor Turecek

Monika Benarik-Belan, Sonja Kato, Lisa Cichoki, Nuo Huo, Renate Altenhofer

A good atmosphere faciliates multi-lateral exchange

92 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

iconvienna Gallery

Foto: Gregor Turecek

Foto: Gregor Turecek

Nathalie Peña Comas spreading opera feeling and Latin American atmosphere

Foto: Gregor Turecek

Dominican Republic providing our guests with local specialties

Maria Rauch-Kallat, former Federal Minister for Health and Women

Foto: Gerhard Fally

Foto: Gregor Turecek Foto: Gregor Turecek

Colombian hospitality at the iconvienna Cocktail Reception

Heidemarie Kipperer, cashback world, Gerhard Hrebicek

Foto: Katharina Schiffl

Gerhard Hrebicek and Pinguin Liu, China Council for Brand Development

Gerhard Hrebicek, Patrick Sagmeister, Konstantin Bekos

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 93

Women Leadership Forum

An Initiative of

Fotos: Katharina Schiffl



initiated by European Brand Institute to

promote Women Leadership in the fields

of economy, science & research, public

institutions, society as well as to connect

successful women and powerful men with

the purpose of strengthening innovative

and economic power in Austria.


According to the motto „FRAU. MACHT.

BILDUNG“. European Brand Institute

invited to the 5 th Women Leadership

Forum at the Novomatic Forum on September

19, 2017. In cooperation with the US

Embassy, ÖBB, Novomatic and cbw cashback

world the event focused on the topic „The Educated

Power Woman – Educated for the Future?”

Following the tradition Eugene Young,

Charge d'Affaires of the US Embassy in Austria

94 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine

Elke Freytag fashion show


(left to right)

Renate Altenhofer, Eugene Young,

Monika Poeckh-Racek, Pamela Rendi-

Wagner, Barbara Feldmann, Martina

Flitsch, Sonja Kato, Patricia Steniek,

Wolfgang Ebner

(left to right)

Markus Reisner, Karoline Resch,

Sonja Kato, Renate Altenhofer

"Funded education is always the basis for

a successful career. Soft skills are what

make successful women stand out in order

to assert themselves

in their professional

environment and to

be respected as a

permanent leader."

Foto: Dietmar Kump

Heidemarie Kipperer

Managing director

myWorld Austria GmbH

"For professional advancement in an

executive position, political skill is essential.

It requires the expertise of how one's own

abilities, behaviors and qualities can be used

effectively. Important

basic factors for this

are network capability,

consistency and

enjoyment of the activity."

Foto: Novomatic/ Sebastian Philipp

Monika Poeckh-Racek


Entertainment AG

Fotos: Katharina Schiffl

"Military leadership is hierarchical,

formalised, ritualised and strongly

masculine gendered. Nearly 20 years after

the opening of the Austrian Armed Forces

for female soldiers, women in leadership

positions are still rare.

The challenges this

situation show can serve

as a useful advice in a

civil environment."

Foto: KK

Karoline Resch

first female major in the

General Staff Service of the

Austrian Armed Forces

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 95

Women Leadership Forum

(left to right)

Sonja Kato, Pamela Rendi-Wagner,

Renate Altenhofer, Eugene Young

(left to right)

Sophie Martinetz, Lisa Cichocki,

Beatrix Hausner, Andrea

Schmorantzer-Jaberek, Rassa Seyedi,

Elke Guenther, Gabriele Koltringer

(left to right) Valerie Höllinger, Sophie Martinetz, Christoph Trost,

Katharina Apliez, Marlene Auer

held the welcome remarks, emphasizing that equality

signifies "common sense" for him. The opening

was conducted by Women Leadership Forum initiator

Renate Altenhofer and Wolfgang Ebner (Novomatic

Forum) while Sonja Kato led through the conference


This year’s star guest was former federal minister

for health and women Pamela Rendi-Wagner who

pointed out in her opening speech that she „is not

here as a politician, but as a woman with a career

that knows the given problems. Education is a key to

equality, but it needs a keychain."

Top Profiler Patricia Staniek gave very interesting

insights in her impulse statement: which qualities

women should bring with them in the work-related

environment of the future - "take over control otherwise

there will be somebody who does".

Big excitement among the audience as Austria's

first General Staff Officer Lieutenant Colonel Dr.

Karoline Resch and Lieutenant Colonel Markus

Reisner entered the stage. The participants were

"We have to give women

the courage to take

the positions they are


Martina Denich-Kobula


Frau in der Wirtschaft Wien

"Social media is leading to a decisive

democratization of education, but especially

in times of digitization it must be the task of

modern educational institutions to convey

the new fourth core

competency - the digital

authority - so social media

can be used not only for

entertainment but also for


Valerie Höllinger

Former managing director

BFI Wien

Foto: Katharina Schiffl

Foto: Katharina Schiffl

96 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


"Education is the engine of our knowledgebased

society and of a flourishing economy.

In Austria education is female! Across all

areas of education, women are at the top.

But although women

nowadays are often better

educated than men, it still

doesn‘t mean equal career


Foto: European Brand Institute

Renate Altenhofer

Initiator Women Leadership

Forum, managing partner

maX iconvienna

"With the women's quota of 30 percent on

supervisory boards, an important step has

already been taken to bring more women

into management and decision-making

positions in the future.

That's important for

women, the economy,

and last but not least

our country."

Pamela Rendi-Wagner

Former Federal Minister for

Health and Women

Foto: Andy Wenzel

"Only those who get to know technical

jobs practically know which exciting and

promising professions there are in this

area. That‘s why at AIT, as the largest nonuniversity

applied research

institute in Austria, it is

very important for us to

give schoolgirls a first

insight into our fascinating


Foto: KK

Pharmacist Corinna Prinz-Stremitzer, Valentina Prinz, Yuvell Fine

Aesthetics, Gabriele Schwarenthorner and Raya Samedi, IBM

"Digitalisation demands a change in

child care and education to give today's

children opportunities for leadership

positions of tomorrow. It is necessary

to establish learning

sessions already at

kindergarten age in

order to raise the

children’s awareness

for the technology of

the digital world."

Foto: Ian Ehm

Marlene Auer

Editor in Chief Horizont

Elke Guenther

Head of Center for Health

& Bioresources AIT

given a fascinating dialogue on "pure leadership –

what we can learn from military education”. In

addition the audience was given a personal insight

into the everyday life of a lieutenant colonel.

Decision makers and trendsetters like Marlene

Auer, editor in chief Horizont, Valerie Höllinger,

managing director BFI Vienna, Sophie Martinetz,

founder and managing partner Seinfeld Professionals,

Katharina Aplienz, instructor Montessori Academy

and Christoph Trost, founder UNIspotter app,

explained the influencing factors and challenges of

the 21st century. They also complained about the

impact of modern educational institutions compared

against social media on the "Digital Native

Generation". Most importantly: adaptability, curiosity

and digital fitness!

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 97

maximize your business communication!

award conception I brand communication & consulting

event management I marketing outsourcing

public relations I ratings & studies

Our initiatives




maX iconvienna GmbH

Börsegasse 9/8, 1010 Wien


Women Leadership Forum


How to attract more women in research and technology

was discussed by panel chair Sophie Martinetz

together with Lisa Cichocki (IST Austria), Elke

Guenther (AIT), Rassa Seyedi (IBM Austria), Andrea

Schmoranzer-Jerabek (L'Oréal Luxe) and Gabriele Költringer

(Technikum Wien).

NEWS editor-in-chief Esther Mitterstieler, chaired

the panel with corporate leaders Veronika Zügel

(ÖBB-Holding AG), Heidemarie Kipperer (myWorld

Austria), Monika Poeckh-Racek, (ADMIRAL AG), Karoline

Resch (BMLV) , Martina Denich-Kobula (FidWW)

and leadership coach Karin Weigl discussing "The

Educated Power Woman: overeducated - undervalued?",

the company-internal education opportunities

and what skills women need in the C-Suite to be successful.

A fixed female quota in companies was seen

diverse by the panelists.

At the following cocktail reception Valentina

Prinz, managing director of Yuvell Fine Aesthetics

gave away the secret of how to make the skin glow and

Austro- designer Elke Freytag raised a cheer from all

participants for her exclusive fashion show in cooperation

with the action artist Billi Thanner.

"At ÖBB we have set ourselves the goal of

continual increasing the share of women -

including management positions. Our claim

is to be perceived as a

role model company even

beyond the country's


Veronika Zügel

Head of corporate human

resources, ÖBB-Holding AG

Foto: KK

"Personally, I am still fascinated by the natural

sciences and the professional environment

that an institute for basic

research has to offer and

where the limits of our

knowledge are being

expanded day by day."

Foto: Lisa Cichocki



SEPTEMBER 18, 2018



Lisa Cichocki

Visits, Marketing


IST Austria

"Women have to become even more visible

and noticeable in the future. „Woman“

needs a better navigation

system in the future

to break through the

jungle of power and


James F. Photography (Wolfgang Bauer)

Patrica Staniek

CEO Int. Consulting & Profiling

"Education has changed more in the

last five years than it has in the last 2000

years before. With a digitization rate of

3%, education is one of the few ultraindustries

which are still facing a serious

technological transformation. The five

trends digitization,



automatization and

globalization will shape

this transformation.“

Christoph Trost

Co-Founder UNIspotter

Foto: KK

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 99

Lansky, Ganzger + partner


How to


Ideas cannot be protected, but trademarks certainly can. Trademark protection is getting increasingly

important all over the globe. Companies are becoming more and more aware of the value of trademarks.

If a trademark is successfully registered and capitalized, the idea behind it will be identified

with this trademark and therefore it will be more difficult for imitators to copy the idea.

By citing YouTube or Google as examples, there

would be a variety of possible alternatives. It

is not possible to protect the idea of uploading

videos to a platform and watching them there or

searching for certain keywords on the internet. Therefore

a third party cannot be prohibited from establishing

the same products on the market. Nevertheless,

YouTube and Google managed to become market leaders.

This is mainly due to the fact that their trademarks

acquired international brand awareness. Hence trademark

protection is to be considered at the very beginning

of a project.

A comprehensive trademark analysis is absolutely

advisable in international projects and international

start-ups. Work for proper legal protection of a trademark

has to be done already before the launch of a

project. This article outlines a potential trademark

protection process in Austria, the EU and other relevant

international markets.


If you chose a phrase, a logo or the combination of a

text and a logo for your project, you can register it at the

Austrian Patent Office (ÖPA). Words are to be registered

as wordmarks, pure graphics as figurative marks and

the combinations of words and graphics as figurative

marks containing word elements. Moreover, there are

also rather unusual variants of marks, such as colour

marks, sound marks, hologram marks or 3D marks.

With the pace of technical progress, further categories

of marks will certainly be added in the future.

In Austria you have to expect a fee of at least EUR

284.00 for a trademark registration at the moment.

This fee includes the registration in up to three

classes. The registration in each additional class sums

up to EUR 75.00. In addition, costs for legal consultation

may be incurred.

The term “classes” describes the systematization

of goods and services according to the “Nice Agreement”.

This classification globally systemizes goods

and services according to specified classes. Therefore

it is necessary to decide which goods and services

your trademark has to be identified with before the

registration. Goods and services are then to be listed

in a register of goods and services. After the trademark

has been successfully registered, the protection

extends only to registered goods and services. Therefore

they should not be set too narrow, otherwise protection

of goods and services going beyond the registration

is not provided. Too broad protection is also

not recommended, as it allows competitors to cancel

unused goods and services from the register.

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your brand

Such a register of goods and services has to be

attached to the trademark application. Before registering

a trademark, it is therefore recommended to seek

legal consultation on which goods and services are

relevant and hence, which classes are to be included

in the application. If done without legal assistance,

this is the area most prone to errors in the course of a

trademark application.

In 2017 the ÖPA also introduced

the possibility of online

trademark registration and the

accelerated “fast track” application.

The advantage of online

registration is a reduced registration

fee, and the advantage

of the fast track application is

a shorter processing period.

Currently, regular registration

procedures last about 3

to 5 months, depending on the

complexity. This registration

period can be shortened with a fast track application.

Fast track applications can only be applied with predefined

goods and services. That is how the detailed

and time-consuming examination of goods and services

by the ÖPA can be omitted.


National trademark registrations only give protection

in the respective national territory. Therefore the European

Union established the European Union Intellectual

Property Office (EUIPO), which allows trademark

registrations providing protection within the whole

EU. The registration procedure is similar to the one in

Austria. The EUIPO also offers “fast track” registrations.

However, the registration fees differ significantly. The

fee for a trademark registration at the EUIPO amounts

to at least EUR 850.00 at the moment and contains only

one class. The registration in the second class will cost

EUR 50.00, whereas the registration fee in each subsequent

class sums up to EUR 150.00.

Just like the national

procedure, the EUIPO also

allows the holders of older

trademarks to file objections

against new trademark applications.

The trademark holder

must argue that the new trademark

application is identical

or similar to an existing trademark.

However, the European

trademark proceedings provide

an opportunity for both

the holders of older European

trademarks and the holders of

older national trademarks from each member state to file

an objection. When registering an EU trademark, the risk

of an opposition is therefore considerably higher than in

the case of a national trademark registration.

Consequently it is advisable to first apply for a national

trademark and then extend it to an EU trademark. The

advantage is that the priority date of the national trademark

can be transferred to the EU trademark within six

months from the registration of the national trademark.

Upon successful registration, the trademark will be protected

beginning from the date of application (“priority”).

This approach provides national trademark protection,

even if problems occur in the EU trademark proceeding.

"The protection of trademarks

is an important issue for every

company. Trademarks are a core

value for companies, more and

more companies have become

aware of the value of trademarks.

Registering a trademark is the

easiest way to secure this value

for the company." Gerald Ganzger

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 101

Thinking outside the box

is not just a phrase,

but rather our approach

to legal advice.

“Grow your market share. Leave protecting your business to us.” That is what lawyers usually say.

At LANSKY, GANZGER + partners we do not limit ourselves to presenting legal issues.

Native language experts, lawyers and advisors from more than 20 nations bring the necessary

skills to the table to solve a wide range of problems in day-to-day business life. Our geographic

reach extends to Southern Europe, into the CIS area, and Asia. Our network includes local partner

firms in over 50 countries worldwide.

Successful legal advice means more than simply knowing and applying the law.

We Lansky, provide Ganzger advice + on:

partner, one of the leading law firms in Austria and the Slovak Republic,

• has Company longstanding formation and profound M&A

experience that enables it to deliver an all-encompassing,

• inter Setting disciplinary up sales structures

and cross-regional service of the highest level.

• Labour law issues

• Lansky, Market Ganzger launch of + products partner and closely services

col labo rates

and inter national banks, corporations and

• with Media, ex ternal IP and specialists IT

and a worldwide network

companies have, over the past years, relied on

• of Private consultants international and local law

advisers. This ensures

the firm’s extensive expertise. The all-inclusive

• that Public the decision-making firm able to offer processes

individual, strategic

approach of Lansky, Ganzger + partner clearly

• and European pragmatic law, all-in-one subsidies, solutions antitrust and to their competition national law

distinguishes itself from the general standard of

• and Outsourced international legal clients. services

Many renowned national

a conventional, solely legal consultancy.

LAnSky, GAnzGeR + partner

Attorneys at Law

Biberstrasse 5

a-1010 Vienna (austria)

W: www.lansky.at

T: +43 1 533 33 300

F: +43 1 532 84 83

e: office@lansky.at

Vienna – BraT isL a V a – Baku – asT ana

Lansky, Ganzger + partner


The advantage of an EU trademark is obvious:

Trademark applicants do not have to go through the

cumbersome process of national registrations in all

the member states, but can obtain trademark protection

in all the member states of the EU with a single

application at the EUIPO. In terms of legal protection,

an EU trademark, in principle, has the same status as

a national trademark in a member state.

The upcoming Brexit brings uncertainties in this

context. It might be possible that an EU trademark

remains in effect in the UK after Brexit. It is also conceivable

that legal protection will cease to exist in the

UK. Therefore a separate application in the UK would

be necessary after Brexit.



These days, a good idea will seldom remain local. In the

digital age, it will rapidly spread globally. In order to be

able to exploit the potential of a certain digital product,

a rollout on an international scale is often intended.

However, despite all the euphoria, companies should

not forget about the international trademark protection.

Certainly it is possible to choose the tedious way

and engage a lawyer or a patent attorney in each country

where a company would like to break into the

market. This is a time-consuming and a cost-intensive

way and in many cases it is therefore not advisable.

Especially in cases where companies plan a rollout in

many different countries, it is advisable to follow the

path through the World Intellectual Property Organization

(WIPO), which is based in Switzerland. For

an international trademark registration at the WIPO

a basic registration is needed, for instance a national

trademark or a European Union trademark.

A trademark can be registered in approximately 100

member states within the WIPO. It is only necessary

to translate the list of goods and services either into

English or French. The fee for the registration at the

WIPO can differ from country to country. Approximately

CHF 750.00 (including three classes), this equals

approx. EUR 640.00, is charged per country for the registration

of a trademark. WIPO itself does not carry out

the registration process. Instead it centrally forwards

the application to the national trademark offices. The

benefit of the registration through WIPO is that applicants

can centrally manage all the international trademark

registration procedures. Furthermore, the information

on a successfully registered trademark is stored

in the “Global Brand Database” managed by WIPO, and

can easily be accessed worldwide through an online

search system. The visibility of a trademark alone

already offers a certain protection and has a deterrent

effect against imitation.

Nevertheless companies should not underestimate

the procedure of international trademark registrations

since, in most countries, the application and registration

procedure is often not as quick as one expects. In

some cases it is necessary to submit additional statements

and documents to the national trademark offices,

whereas this often needs to be settled through national

partner law offices. Especially in countries with the

Anglo-American legal system, registering a trademark

is only possible with a confirmation either that the

trademark has already been used or that companies

intend to use the trademark in the future (“Intent-to-

Use” statement). Experienced attorneys can successfully

guide companies through the complex procedure

of international trademark registrations.

The member states of WIPO comprise such significant

markets like the USA, Russia, Japan, India or

China. Unfortunately, not all important markets are

WIPO member states. That is why help of a national

attorney or patent attorney might be unavoidable. This

is the case with e.g. Canada, Brazil or Argentina.


After the registration is successfully completed, the

protection process is not over yet. Upon registration, it

is recommended to establish a proactive and efficient

brand management. It is necessary to monitor a brand

and resolutely send cease-and-desist letters to those

who infringe trademark rights.

Trademark monitoring is offered by specialized companies

and such monitoring results should be reviewed

by lawyers or legal experts. If cases of infringement by

third persons are not pursued consequently, the best

trademark protection will be in vain.

Foto: K.K.

Mag. Oliver Peschel

is an associate at Lansky,

Ganzger + partner in

the litigation and

IP/IT department.

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SummerLight Capital Partners

Private Equity Partners

Während Ihr Unternehmen Finanzierung für Betriebsmittel und

Arbeitskapital erwerben kann, ziehen bis dato Markeninvestitionen

selten das Interesse der Finanzwirtschaft auf sich.

Die Zukunft Europas hängt

allerdings am geistigen

Eigentum und hier besonders

an den vielen starken und

wertvollen Marken, die noch viel

besser vermarktet werden müssen.

Aber wie lassen sich Markeninvestitionen

finanzieren? Durch

alternative Finanzierungsformen

wie etwa Private Equity, Venture

Capital oder spezialisierte Markenfonds,

wird hier ein großes Potential


SummerLight Capital Partners

fokussiert sich auf Unternehmen in

Europa, die eine schnell wachsende

Marke im Einzelhandel, Dienstleistungssektor

und in der Konsumgüterindustrie

besitzen. Mit dem

European Consumer Brand Fund

schaffen wir Möglichkeiten, die es

bisher in Europa nicht gab. Unsere

gemeinsame Aufgabe ist es, das

Wachstumspotential Ihres Unternehmens

durch Branding auszuschöpfen.

Jede Investment Situation ist

unterschiedlich und ein individueller

Ansatz vonnöten. Das

Markenunternehmen wird vorab

genau analysiert und es werden

Strategien über die zukünftige

Ausrichtung des Unternehmens

und dessen Marken entwickelt. In

den meisten Fällen führt dies zu

einer Anteilspartnerschaft (Private

Equity), aber auch Markenfinanzierungsprogramme

können in Verbindung

mit Private Equity oder

Stand-Alone umgesetzt werden.

Die Entwicklung der operativen

Ergebnisse und KPIs und die dazu

notwendigen Instrumente, sind

eine Voraussetzung für eine positive

gemeinsame Markenentwicklung.

Durch die Wiederbelebung von

„Heritage Brands“ und mit nachhaltigen

Investitionen in bestehende

Marken, die in Europa vor

allem durch viele Klein- und Mittelbetriebe

vorhanden sind, haben

wir hier ein immenses Marken-Potential.

SummerLight Capital Partners

bieten Kapital und Know-how zur

Markenentwicklung und ermöglichen

damit die Wertsteigerung für

ihr Unternehmen.

Gehen wir gemeinsam den Weg zu

neuen Nummer 1 Marken.

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While your company can obtain

funding for growth and working

capital, brand building investments

do not attract interest from the

funding community that much.

Klaus Müllner

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek

Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Foto: istockphoto.com

Europe’s future depends on intellectual property

and in particular on the many strong and valuable

brands that should be marketed even better.

But how can brand investments be financed?

Great potential is created through alternative financing

such as private equity, venture capital or specialized

brand funds.

SummerLight Capital Partners focus on companies

in Europe with a fast-growing brand in the retail,

services and the consumer goods industry. With the

European Consumer Brand Fund, we are creating

opportunities that have not yet existed in Europe. Our

mission is to establish your business’ growth potential

through Branding.

Each investment situation is different and an individual

approach is required. A potential company is

precisely analyzed and discussions are conducted

about the company’s orientation. In most cases, the

results lead to a private equity partnership, but brand

financing programs can also be considered in connection

with private equity or stand-alone. The development

of the operating results and KPI’s and the necessary

tools are a prerequisite for a positive brand


By reloading “Heritage Brands” through sustainable

investment in existing brands, which we find in

many small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe,

we can raise an immense brand potential.

SummerLight Capital Partners provide capital and

know-how for brand development and therefore enable

value creation for your company by brand-led growth.

Let’s start a journey together to build new number 1


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SummerLight Capital Partners


From an organization’s viewpoint,

a strong brand is a valuable

asset. It is, however, an

intangible asset. Its value to the

company ultimately depends

on the value of the brand to

consumers, reflected by the

extent to which they rely on

the brand to make decisions.

For this reason it has historically

been difficult for organizations

to evaluate brands,

give them a financial valuation

and invest in them.


for Brands

Opportunity versus Challenge


We have experienced many changes in the last years

and decades in the way business is conducted. The digital

area has brought a complete new mind set, new companies

to the consumers and has introduced a change

in consumer behaviour and business processes. By

introducing Web-shops and Web-platforms, but also the

integration of different Business Channels (B2C, B2B,

Web-shops), they are influencing

our way of working

significantly. Complete new

job profiles have been created,

the Supply Chain Management

has been significantly

adapted and Social Media

and other Online-Platforms

created transparency in the

process, whilst also replacing

and changing the traditional

advertisement and communication strategies. Furthermore

geographic boundaries are less and less important,

and the concept of “Territory Penetration” or neighbourhood

shops, have to be adapted as many products

are available with one Mouse Click, worldwide. Therefore,

most of the retailers and Consumer Companies are

"Alternative Financing for

Cluster/Lead brands is pivotal

for companies to take the next

step of their growth journey

either domestically, regional

or globally and to exploit the

full potential of the Brand."

trying hard to develop new strategies to stay in the game

in order to not lose control of distribution and pricing.

For consumers it is getting harder and harder to

understand the different platforms, products and offers

in the “Digital Jungle”. What has remained during this

time, and now even more so, is the desire to buy a product,

which the consumer can identify and associate a

certain DNA with – in simple

words, TRUST.



The understanding of Brands

and Consumer behaviour

leads to the opportunity and

necessity of providing Alternative

Financing to such

Consumer Companies with

strong brands. The new business environment has created

opportunities but also challenges for SME and

Midcap Consumer Brand companies. While big-sized

consumer companies have the structure and financing

to phase global and structural changes – the smaller

companies have to adapt to these structures, processes.

106 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Quality Brand

Growth & Values

Brand Valuation



Market &


Risk Valuation

They have to invest in people with global thinking and

train them as well as investing in product labelling,

marketing, I.T, and strengthening the brand etc., which

demands fresh capital – to participate in these new

opportunities in order to not fall behind.

Most of the SME and Midcap companies, which

are often family-owned, have spent their cash reserve

to stay in business during the recent financial crisis.

To receive bank loans, without sufficient collateral,

remains a challenge, especially if the investments

are not solely fixed asset driven. Additionally, these

companies require not just capital but also know-how

on how to perform these necessary adaptions and an

understanding of the new way of working, other markets

and how they should develop their Brand.


Apart from the capital needs, companies might also

need the guidance towards changing and adapting.

Some specialized Private Equity Funds have realized

the need to have the financial skills is not enough,

but also emphasize the importance on team members

with operational experience, who can help the companies

to accelerate the full potential. Companies will

very carefully analyse which potential operational

experience “partners” they require and will also

make sure that the “chemistry” and entrepreneurial

attitude will harmonize.

What makes the real difference is to additionally

have a fund partner, which is specialised in Brand

issues. To focus on the Brand development is not just

simplifying the growth strategy and entering new markets

however creating other brand related opportunities

and downside protection of the investment for the fund.

SummerLight Capital calls this the TRIPLE PLUS

strategy (traditional Private Equity, Brand Instruments

and Downside Protection). With the specific

team structure, with specialists in financial/Private

Equity, operational and Brand issues, SummerLight

Capital provides a unique offer to companies and has

its own USP over other Funds, which focus on a more

generalist approach. There are many possibilities

involving Brands, from a Brand Valuation and Certification,

which might even allow for a collateral and

balance sheet usage. Furthermore an unbundling the

brand from the operational business and allowing for

licencing for new product areas and the reactivation

of dormant or sleeping brands.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 107

Brand Global Council

Brands create

prosperity for


Brands are one of the most significant but

least understood assets for companies and


Brand Global Council is a global council of countries,

organizations and professionals working to improve and

communicate to all stakeholders the value of brands

and their contribution to overall economic and societal

wellbeing and inclusive, sustainable development.

Consumers buy brands, not products. The best

brands today are meaningful in the lives of consumers.

They are much more than products,

names, advertising, etc.

Brands create prosperity for economies. Strong

brands create wealth, jobs and growth and should be

viewed as an economic asset.

The world has come online and there are many new

markets and a growing middle class in countries like

India, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia

and many more places.

As brands play an important role in economic development

BGC will assist smaller and medium-sized organizations,

cities and destinations to be able to utilize the

benefits of brands.

As an NGO and global think-tank, the BGC represents

the interests of brands, the most important assets

for businesses and economies, with the aim of communicating

and promoting the business and social value of

brands and their contribution to prosperity. The goal is

to help organizations realize and increase the value of

their brands.

In addition, it creates an important link to international

brand-related organizations. The location with

Vienna as headquarters was deliberately chosen due to

the geopolitical situation between America and Asia,

the neutrality and security of Austria, existing locations

of international organizations such as UN, OPEC, OSCE

as well as the resulting experience in international congress

tourism and the historical bridging function.

As the first standard worldwide for brand valuation

was developed in Vienna, this underlines the leadership

of this City of the subject. Therefore BGC is dedicated

to the implementation of international standards for

brands especially those for brand valuation and evaluation

and will cooperate and liaison with other international

organizations to achieve this purpose. >>

Activities of BGC

The BGC's main areas of activity include the development

and introduction of brand standards and certifications,

the development of international events and management

training, as well as the promotion of alternative

forms of financing for brand companies and cooperation

initiatives between and within the regions.

The Brand Global Council, serves as global forum for

coordination, know-how exchange, idea generation and

development of collaborative initiatives and projects.

All activities are directed to enabling organizations to

report and benefit from the value of their brands and to

making brand value a means of economic development

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• European Initiative

• Russian Initiative

• Asian Initiative





• Chinese Initiative

• African Initiative

North America

Latin America

& Caribbean



South Africa


India, Korea,

Japan, etc.

• North American


• Latin America &

Caribbean Initiative

© 2018 BRAND GLOBAL Council


Increased concern for and understanding of brand value

can be a tool for the economic development of smaller and

medium-sized organizations, cities and destinations and

economically underdeveloped regions. In order to create

awareness and assist organizations around the world,

regional brand initiatives will be developed. They are

meant to communicate and demonstrate both the business

and societal value of brands. Through these actions,

the BGC will become both a top-down and a bottom-up

organization representing nearly all of the world.




On 26 th of April 2017, the

World IP Day, the first

meeting of the "Brand

Global Council for Value

and Sustainable Growth",

which was founded to

promote the business and

social value of brands,

took place at Novomatic

Forum in Vienna.

Carlos Chanduvi, Bobby Calder, Gerhard Hrebicek, Pingjun Liu, Klaus Müllner

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 109

Brand Global Council

Why Brand Standards

Everyone recognizes that

brands are important.

But why is the implementation

of standards for brand value

and brand management so



To start with, we must realize that since the 1990s

investment in intangible assets (such as- R&D, software,

human resources and brands) has exceeded that of tangible

assets. The intangible asset value component of the

S&P stock index grew from 17 percent in 1975 to 87 percent

in 2015.

Intangible assets are now the key to economic growth

and increasing corporate value. Unfortunately, as with

intangible assets generally, it has historically been very

difficult assign a value to brands or identify the metrics

for brand management and reporting.

How can you create more value with a strong brand?

The Trend is moving from

tangible to intangible


Therefore a different/

additional way to

manage your balance

sheet is required

Have the brand as one

of your cornerstones in

your strategic thinking

Intangible Assets


83 %

17 %

68 %

32 %

32 %

68 %

Tangible Assets 1975 1985 1995

Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek

Chairman Brand Global Council




Names, symbols and

the like are just ways of

referring to brands, ideally

in a way that itself

influences how consumers think about the brand. The

brand, however, is the ultimate meaning, or the idea, of

the product in the consumer’s head. It is how the consumer

thinks about the product, what he or she believes

to be true about it.

A brand is thus subjective, not objective. The key

point to realize is that it is the consumer

who owns the brand. The

brand exists in the consumer´s mind.

Although brands are created by

tangible investments in advertising

20 %

13 % and other marketing activities, the

resulting brand is the idea or meaning

that is created in the consumer’s

mind. It is an intangible asset. Beyond

80 %

87 % this, and unlike software or patents,

a brand only exists as a subjective

2005 2015

state in the consumer mind. From a

company’s point of view, the question

becomes, how do you assess the value

of a brand when brands are so intangible

as to be essentially subjective.

110 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine



is important










Brands are in people's minds

Brands influence behaviour and attitude

Brands develop experiences and emotions

Brands create orientation, trust and loyalty

Brands create a competitive edge

Brands create profitability

Brands create growth

Brands reduce risks


set rules for the assessment of brand management and

the monetary valuation - for something that exists in the

consumer’s head.

To do this we have to first evaluate the strength of the

brand according to the latest international standards.

These standards specify the different kinds of indicators

of brand strength that can be used to evaluate the power

of the brand idea or meaning in the consumer’s mind.

Many indicators have been developed by marketers and

used to measure brand strength. A simple one would be

to ask consumers which brand in a category they would

pick if they could have any of them regardless of price.

The final step in determining the value of a brand

is to relate the evaluation of the brand to one or more

metrics of financial performance. The performance on

financial cash flow determines the monetary valuation

of the brand.

The value of a brand for a company can thus be measured

even though brands are inherently intangible and

subjective. For such measurements to be accepted and

implemented, however, standards must be implemented

so that measurements are consistent and comparable

across organizations and over time.

The implementation of these international standards

is the key to being able to treat brands as intangible

financial assets so that they may be fully taken into

account in corporate governance and in transactions

among companies as well as in investment decisions.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 111

China Council for Brand Development (CCBD)

Standards lay

foundation for

brand _ building

CCBD is mainly engaged in brand theory study, formulation of

international and national standards, publicity of brand evaluation,

professional and technical training, international cooperation, etc.

To be scientific, impartial,

transparent and admitted

China Council for Brand Development (CCBD) is

the only national brand-related organization that

has acquired permission from State Council and

approval from Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC

and is under the direct administration of General

Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection

and Quarantine of the PRC (hereinafter referred to

as “AQSIQ”). Adopting the system of council, CCBD

is a non-profit social organization constituted voluntarily

by enterprises, public institutions, social

groups and individuals that are relevant to brand

development. Mr. LIU Pingjun, member of the

national committee of CPPCC and former deputy

director of AQSIQ, acts as the president of CCBD.

CCBD is mainly engaged in brand theory study,

formulation of international and national standards,

publicity of brand value evaluation, brand

fostering consultation, professional and technician

training, brand exhibition, international cooperation

and exchange, etc.

CCBD has been focusing on brand evaluation,

which is currently its important undertaking, in

the principle of “To be scientific, impartial, transparent

and admitted”.

Brand evaluation is an important action to generate

positive energy for Chinese brands, improve

their international influence and propel them to go


Standards lay foundation for


One of “the three transformations” in brand activities

is transforming Chinese products to Chinese

brands. This process requires correct understanding

of brand connotation, meaning the quality, style

and virtue of a brand and denotation, referring to

112 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Fotos: Ülle Baum

ISO Plenary Meeting 2017 in Vienna

cultivation, marketing and evaluation of

brands. For achieving these goals standards

should be recognized and applied as the basis

and embodiment of a brand. These standards

determine the quality of brand products and

services leading to a progressive and operable

approach in standardization.

CCDB pays attention to the development

and implementation of standards for brand

products and services so as to consolidate

the foundation of the brand and make them a

symbol for the brand. Along with the development,

standards need continuously revision

in terms of brand innovations and development,

so that the brands and standards

enter the market synchronously.

Pingjun Liu, Bobby Calder, Gerhard Hrebicek

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 113

European Brand Institute


Brand Institute

Europas unabhangige Marken _

und Patent _ Bewertungsexperten


Das European Brand Institute (EBI) ist Europas

führendes Forschungsinstitut für die Bewertung

und Evaluierung von immateriellen

Vermögenswerten. Unsere Schwerpunkte

liegen in der Bewertung von Marken- und Patenten.

Durch unsere Forschung und Mitarbeit in der

internationalen Standardisierung der Marken- und

Patentbewertung und insbesondere der neuen ISO

zur Markenevaluierung, sowie unserer Beratungsund

Consultingleistungen, tragen wir zu einer

nachhaltigen Entwicklung in Europa und weltweit


Markenwert - Warum ist eine starke

Markenführung heutzutage so wichtig?

Marken sind Qualitätsmerkmale und Wertfaktoren

und es ist längst kein Geheimnis mehr, dass Marken

von größerer Bedeutung sind, als die Produkte und

Dienstleistungen selbst. Laut unseren Forschungen

liegt der Anteil des Markenwerts bei rund 40% des

Unternehmenswerts – Tendenz steigend!

Viele Unternehmer wissen gar nicht, dass sie

selbst bereits eine Marke sind bzw. haben. EBI hat

sich unter anderem das Ziel gesetzt, das Bewusstsein

für eben jene immateriellen Vermögensgegenstände

zu steigern. Das gilt für große, mittlere und kleine

Unternehmen. Eine gut geführte Marke schafft Vertrauen,

Selbstbewusstsein und Kundenloyalität,

bleibt in den Köpfen der Verbraucher und kann zum

Symbol eines speziellen Lifestyles werden.

Europe’s independent brand

& patent valuation experts

and consultancy.

The European Brand Institute (EBI) is Europe’s

leading research institute for the evaluation

of intangible assets. Our key activities

emphasize on brand value and patent value.

Through our research and participation in the

international standardization of brand and patent

valuation and especially the new ISO on brand evaluation,

as well as our advisory and consulting services,

we contribute to a sustainable development

in Europe and globally.

Value to brands -

Why is branding so important today?

Brands are quality features and value factors. It’s

not a secret anymore that brands are more important

than the products and services themselves.

According to our researches, the brand value is

worth about 40% of the company value – and the

trend is rising!

Many entrepreneurs do not even know that

they have brand. One of the objectives of EBI is to

increase awareness of those intangible assets. This

is valid for large, medium and small businesses. A

well-managed brand creates trust, confidence and

customer loyalty, remains in the minds of customers

and can become a symbol of a specific lifestyle.

114 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Foto: istockphoto.com

Welchen Vorteil ziehen Unternehmen daraus,

den Wert ihrer Marke zu kennen?

Der Trend der Entwicklung der Werthaltigkeit von

Vermögensgegenständen in Unternehmen heute,

geht weg von den materiellen und hin zu immateriellen

Vermögensgegenständen. Das wertorientierte

Management sollte daher vor allem auf immaterielle

Vermögensgegenstände – also auf die Marke – ausgerichtet

sein. Verbraucher haben keine Beziehung

zu einem Produkt, sondern sind der Marke treu!

Als immaterieller Vermögensgegenstand wird der

Wert der Marke auch zu einer der wichtigsten bilanzrelevanten

Kennziffern. Informationen darüber

sind für Investoren und Kapitalgeber von zentraler

Bedeutung, denn diese erkennen bereits zunehmend

die Vorteile einer starken Marke: erhöhte Rentabilität

und niedrigeres Risiko. Durch die Nutzung der letztgültigen

ISO-Standards leisten wir einen wesentlichen

Beitrag zur Markenwertsteigerung.

Which advantage do companies

derive from knowing their brand value?

The trend of asset value development in business

today is moving away from tangible to intangible

assets. Value-oriented management should therefore

focus primarily on intangible assets – as the

brand. Consumers don’t have a relation to products

but are loyal towards the brand!

As an intangible asset, the value of the brand

also becomes one of the most important balance

sheet-relevant indicators. This information is of

central interest for investors and financiers, who

are already increasingly recognizing the benefits

of a strong brand: increased profitability and lower

risk. By using the latest ISO standards we contribute

significantly to the growth of brand value.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 115

European Brand Institute


most valuable brand

corporations 2017

Facebook hits global TOP 10 most valuable brand corporations (+44%),

US _ brand corporations lead: 1. Apple, 2. Google, 3. Microsoft, LVMH Group No. 1 in Europe


Brand Institute – Europe’s independent brand & patent valuation

experts, examined more than 3.000 brand corporations and their brands

in 16 industries, according to the latest ISO valuation standards.


Facebook, poster child for Consumer

Engagement increases its brand

value by +44% (EUR 54.763 bn),

climbing up to global rank 10 (+44%)

within 4 years. Apple slightly loses

but remains world’s leading brand

corporation with brand values of

EUR 144.571 bn (-3%), followed by

Google EUR 107.913 bn (+17%) and

Microsoft EUR 76.867 bn (+2%).

China Mobile EUR 55.589 bn (+5%)

moves to global rank 8.


LVMH remains Europe’s most valuable

brand corporation, representing

brand values of EUR 49.979 bn (+15%/

global rank 12), followed by Belgian

AB Inbev EUR 41.674 bn (+3%/ global

rank 17) and Swiss No. 1 Nestlé EUR

37.745 bn (-1%/ global rank 20). Germany’s

Telecom EUR 25.217 bn (+2%/

global rank 32) replaces Volkswagen

Group (EUR 23.363 bn/-12%) on top.

Austrian’s Red Bull (EUR 15.247 bn)

holds global rank 74.


Average growth of GLOBAL TOP

100 shows +6,4%, TOP 10 rise by

12,4%. Strong brands become even

stronger and more valuable. Facebook

shows the highest relative

growth (+44%), followed by Adidas

gaining +41% and KraftHeinz

(+34%). US brand corporations,

dominating IT & Technology, are

leading 10 industries and are worth

62% of TOP 100.


US brand corporations are leading

with 49 (0) out of the TOP 100 brand

corporations. Europe represents 34

(1) with Germans leading, whilst

Asia catches up with 17 (+1).



2017 Brand Value in Mio. €

EUR 144.571

EUR 107.913

EUR 76.867

EUR 71.593

EUR 71.412

EUR 68.793

EUR 61.038

EUR 55.589

EUR 55.462

EUR 54.763

©2018 European Brand Institute

116 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Foto: istockphoto.com











Foto: istockphoto.com

EUR 15.247 bn (+0,9%)

EUR 3.507 bn (+2,%)

EUR 3.169 bn (+8,4%)

EUR 26.917 bn (+12%)

EUR 25.529 bn (+37%)

EUR 22.630 bn (-3%)

EUR 49.979 bn (+15%)

EUR 16.350 bn (+18%)

EUR 16.335 bn (+6%)

EUR 25.217 bn (+2%)

EUR 23.363 bn (-12%)

EUR 22.764 bn (-2%)

EUR 31.998 bn (0%)

EUR 21.887 bn (+9%)

EUR 13.980 bn (+4%)

EUR 29.171 bn (+8%)

EUR 27.628 bn (-6%)

EUR 23.781 bn (-2%)

EUR 144.571 bn (-3%)

EUR 107.913 bn (+17%)

EUR 76.867 bn (+2%)

EUR 38.733 bn (+12%)

EUR 20.653 bn (+1%)

EUR 9.436 bn (+6%)




Volkswagen Group (Germany)

Business Services: SAP (Germany)

Consumer Goods: AB Inbev (Belgium)

Durables: Bosch (Germany)

Financial Services: HSBC (U.K.)

Industry: BASF (Germany)

Luxury: LVMH (France)

Pharma, Health & Biotech:

Novartis (Switzerland)

Retail: Inditex (Spain)


Telecom (Germany)

Utilities: Shell (U.K.)


Automotive: General Motors

Consumer Goods: Coca Cola Company

Durables: Nike

Financial Services: Wells Fargo

Industry: Boeing

IT & Technology: Apple

Logistics: UPS

Media & Entertainment: Walt Disney

Pharma, Health & Biotech: Pfizer

Retail: Amazon

Telecommunications: AT&T

Utilities: General Electric


Automotive: Toyota (Japan)

Financial Services:

China Construction Bank (China)

Industry: Tata (India)

IT & Technology: Samsung (Korea)

Retail: Alibaba Group (China)


China Mobile (China)

Utilities: Sinopec (China)

Data based on Fiscal Year 2016

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 117

EBI Global

Setting New Standards

Foto: CCBD

Gerhard Hrebicek, European Brand Institute; Pingjun Liu, China Council for Brand Development

Als Vorsitzender eines internationalen

Teams hat Herr Dr.

Hrebicek mit der Entwicklung

der neuen ISO Norm 20671

"Brand Evaluation" internationale

Standards für Markenbewertung,

-management und -reporting

gesetzt und damit die Grundlagen

der Zertifizierung festgelegt.

Ein Unternehmen, das nicht

zertifiziert ist, kann nur behaupten,

Qualität zu besitzen. Ein Unternehmen,

das sich zertifizieren lässt,

kann diese Qualität belegen. Durch

eine eindeutige und objektive

Auflistung der Unternehmenskompetenzen

nach internationalen

Kriterien, zeigen Sie Qualität nachvollziehbar

nach innen und außen.

Zudem erhöhen Sie Ihren Stellenwert

bei Partnern, Investoren, Konsumenten

und in der Öffentlichkeit

durch die Dokumentation der

Implementierung internationaler

Standards. So wird hohe Qualität

zum wirtschaftlichen Vorteil,

denn mit der richtigen Vermarktung

wird die Zertifizierung zu

steigenden Umsatzzahlen führen.

As chairman of an international

team, Dr. Hrebicek

has set international standards

for brand evaluation, management

and reporting with the

development of the new ISO

Standard 20671 "Brand Evaluation"

and thus defined the basics

of the certification.

A company that is not certified

can only claim to own quality.

A company that is certified

can prove this quality. Through

a clear and objective list of company

competencies according to

international criteria, you can

demonstrate quality in a comprehensible

way, both intern and

extern. In addition, you increase

your status with partners, investors,

consumers and the public by

documenting the implementation

of international standards. Thus,

high quality becomes an economic

advantage, because with

the right marketing the certification

will lead to increasing sales


Foto: istockphoto.com


Velux EHF

Final4 2017

European Handball

goes Tech _ June 2017

Brand expert Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek was invited to speak at European Handball goes

Tech in Cologne and discussed together with Franjo Bobinac (President and CEO,

Gorenje), Michael K. Rasmussen (Senior Vice President Brand VELUX) and David

Szlezak (Managing Director EHF Marketing) "The Future of handball sponsoring".

ISO Working Group Paris

September 2017

Introducing the services of

European Brand Institute

and Summerlight Capital

Partners to the Middle East.


with companies and

investors (Qatar Financial

Center, Brand Qatar, Qatar

Airlines) and a highlight

meeting with H.E. Sheikh

Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani,

Chairman and CEO of Al

Faisal Holding and Austrian

Ambassador to Qatar

Dr. Willy Kempel.

Qatar, December 2017

As Chairman of the Committee for the Development of the new Standard ISO

20671 Brand Evaluation, Dr. Hrebicek took part in the international meeting to

finalize the draft International Standard of ISO20671. Last changes and adaptions

were made to pave the way for an era-changing brand Standard.

Gender Career Management

November 2017

Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek gave a keynote address on "Women Creating Brand

Values" and explained why mixed gender leadership teams increase the

brand value of a business.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 119




PLAY, STAY, EAT und MEET sind die Schlagworte, um die sich beim interaktiven

Eagle Golfguide alles dreht. Finden Sie die besten Golfplätze, Hotels, Restaurants

und Hot Spots einer jeweiligen Region.






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„Eagle Golfguide“ aus dem App-Store holen.

Browser-Version unter: eagle-golfguide.com







Austrian Standards International



Welche Standards

braucht Industrie 4.0

Das Austrian


Meeting Center

Brand Evaluation:



Österreichische Fachleute brachten

ihr Know-how via Austrian Standards

International ein.

Vor wenigen Tagen endete die weltweite Abstimmung

über den internationalen Standard ISO

20671. Dahinter verbergen sich nicht weniger

als die von der Fachwelt mit Spannung erwarteten

Grundprinzipien der Markenbewertung. Der

bisher nur schwer zu fassende immaterielle Vermögensgegenstand

„Marke“ lässt sich damit nun materiell

bewerten und vergleichen.

Nicht zu übersehen: In diesem neuen Standard

steckt eine kräftige Portion Know-how aus Österreich:

Schon 2006 ist dazu bei Austrian Standards ein erstes

Regelwerk erschienen. Die Erfahrungen, die man

damit gesammelt hat, konnten nun erfolgreich in die

internationale Standardisierung eingebracht werden.

Wie das möglich war? Durch engagierte Marken-Experten

auf der einen Seite und durch Mithilfe von

Austrian Standards auf der anderen Seite.

Die vor fast 100 Jahren gegründete, nicht-staatliche

Organisation ist die erste Adresse, wenn es darum

geht, Standards in einem offenen und transparenten

Verfahren, also im Dialog und Konsens der interessierten

Kreise, zu entwickeln. Dafür stellt Austrian Standards

die neutrale und unabhängige Plattform zur Verfügung

und managt Verfahren und Projekte.

Immer wichtiger aber: die Funktion als Gateway

zur internationalen Szene. Denn die Entwicklung von

Standards geschieht schon lange auf europäischer

und immer stärker auf globaler Ebene. Österreichische

Unternehmen und Organisationen aus allen Bereichen

haben dies erkannt. Via Austrian Standards, das Teil

eines weltweiten Netzwerks ist, sind sie heute in fast 90

Prozent der Komitees der International Organization for

Standardization ISO vertreten. So können sie mit ihren

innovativen Ideen international Standards zu setzen.

Um noch besseren Support zu leisten, ist Austrian

Standards stets offen für neue Kooperationen und Partnerschaften

ebenso wie für neue Themen und neue

Ansätze bei der Standards-Entwicklung. Dem trägt auch

der neue Name Rechnung: Austrian Standards International

– Standardisierung und Innovation.

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 121

Brand Life Award



Launched by the European Brand Institute and powered

by cashback world the first brand dialogue was held on

November 20 th 2017 at Novomatic Forum.

Dealing with the topic „Future Fit with Brand Management“

Heidemarie Kipperer, Director of my world Austria

GmbH, welcomed an eager audience.

Subsequently Gerhard Hrebicek, President of the European

Brand Institute, gave a keynote address on the main

topic, explaining the importance of brand management in

the development of a company in detail.

To deepen their knowledge Gerhard Schuller, Managing

Partner ELK Fertighaus GmbH, Josef Wurditsch, Partner

Consultatio and European Handball Federation President

Michael Wiederer provided valuable and practical insights

on their view and implementation of “Brands are valuable

for your business success.”

Following our experts‘ impulse statements, participants

took the opportunity to intensify the topic within

the framework of a Q & A and a network cocktail leading

to the 9 th BRAND [LIFE] AWARD.

Fotos: Katharina Schiffl

(left to right) Elisabeth Schrenk, Iris Sageder, Monica Culen, Renate Altenhofer, Sonja Kato

122 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


(left to right) Stefan Krenn, Johannes Gutmann, Elisabeth Schrenk, Gerhard Hrebicek,

Monica Culen, Michael Wiederer, Adi Hirschal, Sonja Kato, Iris Sageder, Paul Leitenmüller


Awarding Austrian personalities for their lifetime

achievement in successfully establishing,

developing and managing brands and brand corporations,

BRAND [LIFE] AWARD has reached a

phenomenal track record of 9 ceremonies, 9 outstanding

winners and 37 brand ambassadors.

BRAND [Life] AWARD winner 2017 was Red Nose

Monica Culen who received the award for her lifetime

achievement with the social and humanitarian institution

and brand Red Noses Clowndoctors. Amid the

applause of the crowd, the President of the European

Brand Institute Gerhard Hrebicek awarded Monica

Culen the trophy; the eulogy was once again held by

“Wiener Lustspielhaus” principal Adi Hirschal.

In her acceptance speech Monica Culen revealed the

importance of her institution and her overpowering for

earning the award. “It is a blessing to run a program of

joy and happiness, to comfort and help people in need.”

This year’s brand ambassadors were Erich Falkensteiner,

Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group,

Johannes Gutmann, SONNENTOR, Markus Liebl, Brau

Union , Martha Schultz, Schultz Group and Michael

Wiederer, European Handball Federation (EHF). The

certificates were presented by Gerhard Hrebicek and

Paul Leitenmüller, Opinion Leaders Network.

The annual get-together accompanied by a wine tasting,

provided by Weingut Münzenrieder rotweisssuess,

ended an enjoyable event.

(left to right) Ursula Nosal,

Gerhard Hrebicek, Renate Altenhofer,

Stefan Krenn,

(left to right) Peter Löffler, Rita Löffler, Johannes Gutmann, Heidemarie Kipperer

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 123

Certified Brand

Was sind / What are

Certified Brands?

Das Certified Brand Gütesiegel ist das erste internationale

Gütesiegel, dessen Vergabe auf einem

objektivierten Bewertungsstandard beruht.

Das Markenzertifizierungsprogramm wurde in

Zusammenarbeit mit Austrian Standards International

basierend auf den letztgültigen ISO Standards entwickelt

und zeigt, dass die zertifizierte Marke nach

internationalen Standards geführt wird.

Das Certified Brand Gütesiegel basiert auf dem

Know-How und der über 20 jährigen Erfahrung des

European Brand Institutes und eines globalen Teams,

die gemeinsam einen internationalen

Standard zur Effizienzsteigerung

des Markenmanagements

erarbeitet haben. Die

Erkenntnisse dieser Arbeit sind

in der ISO 20671 manifestiert.

Die mit dem Certified Brand

Gütesiegel ausgezeichneten

Unternehmen, Regionen und

Vereine arbeiten nach den neuesten

internationalen Standards an ihrer Zukunftsfitness

und steigern so ihre Werthaltigkeit.

Warum eine Certified Brand werden?

Marken als Differenzierungsmerkmale und wesentliche

Wertfaktoren sind sowohl für kleine als auch

große Unternehmen, Regionen, Vereine, deren Kunden

und Stakeholder und die Volkswirtschaft von großer

Bedeutung. Laut

den letzten Studien

des European Brand

Institutes stellt der

Markenwert durchschnittlich

rund 40

Prozent des Unternehmenswertes

dar – Tendenz


Daher wurde in

den letzten Jahren

die ISO Norm 20671

„Brand Evaluation“

zur Messung, zum

Management und zum

Reporting von Marken

entwickelt. Der neue

internationale Standard

definiert die

Kriterien für ganzheitliches


und ermöglicht es Unternehmen, Regionen

und Vereinen effizient an der Steigerung des Markenwertes

zu arbeiten.

Während des Zertifizierungsprozesses werden Sie

von geschulten und unabhängigen Auditoren begleitet,

die einen nachvollziehbaren Qualitätsstandard

gewährleisten und eine klare Dokumentation der

Unternehmenskompetenzen garantieren.

„Marke ist die Kunst Nummer

1 in den Köpfen der Kunden zu

sein. Markenmanagement ist

die Fähigkeit diese Kunst in

Werte zu verwandeln.“

Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, MBA

Foto: Schedl/APA/European Brand Institute

124 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine


Wertvolle Markenqualität sichtbar machen

Im Rahmen des Certified Brand Prozesses

werden sämtliche Dimensionen des ganzheitlichen

Markenmanagements bewusst

und Stärken, Schwächen sowie Verbesserungspotenziale


Das Aufzeigen der Stärken, Schwächen

und Verbesserungspotenziale schafft

wesentliche Wertsteigerungsmöglichkeiten

und liefert wertvolle Inputs zur Stärkung

des Leaderships.

Die nach dem erfolgreichen Audit zur Verfügung

gestellten Zertifikate und Gütesiegel

steigern Ihren Stellenwert bei Partnern

und Investoren.

Erfolgreich zertifizierte Marken werden

Mitglied in der Certified Brand Community

und profitieren von einem einzigartigen

Kompetenznetzwerk und Know-How

Austausch auf globaler Ebene.

Make valuable brand quality visible

The Certified Brand Framework introduces

the company to all dimensions of

holistic brand management and reveals

the strengths, weaknesses and potentials

for improvements.

The Certified Brand Process triggers

improvements in brand management

leading to value creation and provides

valuable input to strengthen the company’s


The Certified Brand Certificate and Seal of

Approval made available after the successful

audit increases the status among

partners and investors.

Certified Brands become members of the

Certified Brand Community and benefit

from a unique network of competence and

know-how exchange on a global level.

The Certified Brand Seal of Quality is the first international

seal whose award is based on an objective

evaluation standard. The Certified Brand

program was developed in cooperation with Austrian

Standards International and is based on the latest

ISO standards. The Certified Brand Seal of Quality

shows that the brand is managed according to the global


The Certified Brand

Seal of Quality is based on

the know-how and over 20

years of relevant experience

of the European Brand Institute

and a global team of

brand management experts.

Together, they have developed

an international standard for increasing the efficiency

of value driven brand management. The findings

of this work are manifested in the new ISO 20671.

The companies, regions and associations awarded

with the Certified Brand Seal of Quality work on

their future fitness in accordance with the highest

standards of brand management in order to trigger

improvements and increase the value of their brand.

”Brand is the art of being

Number 1 in customers'

minds. Brand management is

the ability to turn it into value.”

Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, MBA

Why become a Certified Brand?

Brands as distinguishing features and essential value

factors are of great importance for small as well as for

large companies, regions, associations, their customers

and stakeholders, and the global economy. According

to the latest studies of the European Brand Institute,

the brand value represents on average around

40% of the company value

- and the trend is rising!

Therefore, the ISO 20671

„Brand Evaluation“ has

been developed in recent

years for the measurement,

management and reporting

of brands. The new international

standard is a framework

that defines the dimensions for holistic brand

management and enables companies, regions and associations

to work efficiently to increase the brand value.

During the Certified Brand Process trained independent

auditors accompany the company, region

or association to guarantee a comprehensive quality

standard and a clear documentation of the company’s


The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 125


Markenfuhrer fur Fertighauser


ELK baut fur die




ELK ist nicht nur heimischer Marktführer bei Fertighäusern, das Unternehmen mit Stammsitz

in Schrems positioniert sich auch als „Markenführer“. Als einer der Ersten wurde ELK mit den

Marken „hanlo Häuser“ und „Zenker“ als „certified brand“ ISO 20671 zertifiziert.

Millionen Euro investiert

ELK, der heimische

Marktführer bei Fertig-

15 häusern, in den Ausbau

der Produktion und in mehr Kundennähe.

So setzt man etwa

mit einem zusätzlichen

Bemusterungszentrum in

Graz neue Maßstäbe. „Als

Leitunternehmen sehen wir

es als unser Verpflichtung

nicht nur in unserem Kerngeschäft


zu agieren“, erklärt Gerhard

Schuller, ELK Geschäftsführer

Finanzen: „Wir wollen die drei

Marken ELK, Hanlo und Zenker

auch nach neuesten Standards

managen und so zusätzliche Wertsteigerungsmöglichkeiten


Die Zertifizierung war für uns deshalb

ein fast logischer Schritt.“

In einem intensiven Prozess

setzte sich ELK mit den eigenen

„Die Marke ist für Kunden ein

Anker, schafft Vertrauen“, ist

Schuller überzeugt: „Deshalb

legen wir sehr viel Augenmerk

auf die Marke.“

Marken und ihrer Bedeutung

für bestehende und zukünftige

Kunden auseinander. So leben

heute über 45.000 Kunden in Österreich

in einem ELK Haus. Und

2017 waren es wieder mehr als 900

Familien, die sich für ein ELK Haus

entschieden. Damit ist ELK klarer

Marktführer auf dem heimischen

Fertighausmarkt. Ewald Zadrazil,

ELK Geschäftsführer für

Marketing und Vertrieb:

„Und das zeigt auch deutlich,

wie wichtig die Marke

für unsere Kunden, aber

auch für die gesamte Branche

ist!“ Um diese Marke

weiter zu schärfen wurden

zahlreiche Fokusgruppen

mit Konsumenten, Marktanalysen

und Brand Reporting ausgewertet.

Höchste Qualität, günstige

Preise, ein umfangreiches Angebot

unterschiedlichster Häuser

126 iconannual The European Business and Investment Magazine



Foto:s ELK Fertighaus Gmbh

und laufende Innovationen bei

Modellen und Technik sind der

Grundstein für den Markt-Erfolg.

Der Marken-Erfolg ist dabei ein

zusätzlicher wichtiger Baustein.

„Und deshalb werden die Marken

ELK, Hanlo und Zenker behutsam

gepflegt und immer wieder

„nachgeschärft“, erklärt Schuller.

Rekordverdächtige sieben Monate

Lieferzeit – von der Bestellung bis

zur Montage des neuen Hauses –

und laufende Verbesserung der

Grundrisse für die immer kleineren

Grundstücke seien genauso

wichtig wie professionelles Markenmanagement,

um in der Branche

neue Maßstäbe zu setzen.

Über die Marke ELK kommuniziert

das Unternehmen die Erfüllung

von Kundenwünschen – oder

den Traum vom eigenen Haus. Und

mit innovativen Hausmodellen wie

etwa Smart Living erfüllt ELK das

Markenversprechen auch im täglichen

Leben der Kunden.

Zusätzlich kommt ELK näher

zu seinen Kunden. In Graz wurde

Ende 2017 ein neues Bemusterungszentrum

eröffnet. In erster Linie

Kunden aus der Steiermark, Kärnten

und dem Burgenland bekommen

hier in unmittelbarer Nähe

individuelle, persönliche Beratung

bei der Bemusterung – alles rund

um Außen- und Innengestaltung,

sowie Haustechnik, von der Türschnalle

bis zur Solartechnik.

Und für jeden ELK Kunden gibt

es alles aus einer Hand. Denn vom

Hauskauf bis zum Einzug kümmert

sich jetzt ein einziger Ansprechpartner,

der sogenannte Vertrauensmann,

um sämtliche Ihrer Anliegen, Fragen

oder Wünsche. Dieser alleinige ELK

Ansprechpartner koordiniert von

der Produktion bis zur Baustelle

sämtliche Handwerker und Lieferanten,

die alle im Hintergrund an der

Fertigstellung Ihres ELK Traumhauses

arbeiten. Zadrazil abschließend:

„Und damit erfüllt ELK sein Markenversprechen

als Markt- und Markenführer

in der Fertighaus-Branche.“

The European Business and Investment Magazine iconannual 127

Ein ganz feiner Zug!

170 km neue Bahnstrecke, 80 km neue Tunnel und 150 neue Brücken errichtet die

ÖBB Infrastruktur bis 2026 entlang der Südstrecke. Damit unsere Fahrgäste in Zukunft

noch schneller und bequemer mit der Bahn reisen und Güter kostengünstiger und

schneller ihr Ziel erreichen.


WIEN – GRAZ 2017: ab 2h 35 min 2026: 1 h 50 min

WIEN – KLAGENFURT 2017: ab 3h 55 min 2026: 2 h 40 min

GRAZ – KLAGENFURT 2017: ab 2h (Bus) 2024: 45 min


Finanzfuchs Guppe






Eine auf individuelle Bedürfnisse abgestimmte

und ausführliche Beratung steht für die

FINANZ FUCHSGRUPPE an oberster Stelle. Nach

einem umfassenden Erstgespräch erarbeiten die

Experten der FINANZFUCHSGRUPPE einen maßgeschneiderten,

individuellen Finanzplan – „Jeder

bekommt bei uns das, was er wirklich braucht und will“,

so der geschäftsführende Gesellschafter der Finanzfuchsgruppe

Christian Mattasits. Ganz nach dem Motto:

„Schlau vergleichen, schlau ermöglichen“ bieten wir so

unseren Kunden österreichweit spürbare Mehrwerte.

Sowohl bei Gewerbekunden als auch bei Privatkunden,

wie der klassischen, modernen Familie vom Neusiedlersee

bis zum Bodensee sind die Bedürfnisse und

Wünsche hinsichtlich versichern, vorsorgen, veranlagen

oder finanzieren sehr unterschiedlich.

„Das Schaffen von erfreulichen Mehrwerten für

unsere Kunden beginnt nicht erst mit der Beratung.

Eine sorgfältige Auswahl an Produkt-, Netzwerk- und

selbständigen Partnern, fundierte Aus- und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten

und ein fokussiertes Markenmanagement

gehören grundlegend dazu“, so Mattasits.


„Manchmal ist es besser, eine Stunde über sein Geld

nachzudenken, als eine Woche dafür zu arbeiten.”

Andre Kostolany

Im Rahmen des Markenprozesses mit der Firma luna.

agency wurde erkannt, wie wichtig die Marke für das

eigene Unternehmen und deren Kunden ist und welche

wesentlichen Wertsteigerungsmöglichkeiten ganzheitlich

ausgebaut werden können.

Zudem wird die FINANZFUCHSGRUPPE als anerkanntes

Unternehmen mit ausgewählten Zertifizierungen

ausgezeichnet, die die Qualität der Marke bestätigen.

Mit dem „Certified Brand Gütesiegel“ des European

Brand Institutes ist die FINANZFUCHSGRUPPE das

erste Unternehmen in ihrer Branche. Dadurch soll eine

Vorbildfunktion erzielt werden, um alle Partner des

Unternehmens dazu zu ermutigen, vermehrt auf ihre

Markenqualität Wert zu legen. „Durch die Zertifizierung

sind wir nun in der Lage sämtliche Markendimensionen

unseres Unternehmens ganzheitlich zu managen,“ so

Mattasits abschließend.

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