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Taste of Schenectady and Beyond Vol 4 • No1

In this issue, we spotlight Ambition Bistro and the Jay Street Marketplace of Schenectady small businesses. The Mission of Taste of Schenectady® is to inspire people to support family owned and independent restaurants and gourmet food and lifestyle businesses—as well as our local community, and ALL of its people!

METROPLEX John Mallozzi

METROPLEX John Mallozzi and Bobby Mallozzi (left top), Matthew Mazzone (left bottom) Becky Daniels and Jeff McDonald (2nd photo bottom), Galesi Group CEO David Buicko at Mohawk Harbor opening with Angelo Santabarbara, Mayor McCarthy and other dignitaries (3rd photo), Franceso Galesi at Rivers Casino opening while Proctors’ Philip Morris sucks down a drink (r). “DISCOVER SCHENECTADY” new slogan of the cabal that are self-serving with county $ales tax revenue Schenectady County businesses and residents have complained to us for years about the corruption and abuse of power in the City and Board of Elections. In April 2018, Councilwoman Leesa L. Perazzo voiced her dissent with Party Boss Ed Kosiur refusing to allow residents to speak at a City Council meeting. Ed Kosiur has been indicated by an independent council for violating the City’s Workplace Violence Policy. The problem in Schenectady is that the ruling class, like Councilman John Polimeni, are sons of old-time Scottish Rite Freemasons, Sons of St. Patrick and the Italian branch of Freemasonry/Propaganda Due (OPUS DEI/ P2) , FASCIST-neo-NAIZ Order of Sons of Italy in America (OSIA #321 Rotterdam)...Shadow Government. The late 28-year Daily Gazette and WRGB reporter Dan DiNicola (1941-2010) was my mentor since age 13. Dan took me to see “My Bodyguard” in 1980--published my movie review in the Schenectady Gazette, and began mentoring me on news reporting and covering stories. Dan DiNicola was inducted into the New York State Broadcasters Association’s Hall of Fame: http://hof.nysbroadcasters. org/2010-inductees/dan-dinicola/ FREEMASONRY EXPOSED: The Anglican and Roman Catholic KNIGHTS OF MALTA of Cryptic Masons of New York State and Albany & Schenectady----affiliated with the real-life Church of Satan and satanic Grotto aka “Fairchild Deviltry Committee” aka Mystic Order Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (established in 1890 at the Free & Accepted Scottish Rite Masons of Hamilton Lodge No. 120, in Hamilton, NY)----as well as the modern-day 1969 (1 head + 666), established headquarters of the United Religious, Military, and Masonic Orders of the Temple, and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, and Malta, of England, and the Provinces overseas † in the Netherlands! This Order established in the 18th century. ST. GEORGES LODGE NO. 6 FREE & ACCEPTED SCOT- TISH RITE MASONS OF SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK GRAND MASTER Francis Ignatius Karwowski was born on February 1, 1950 in Schenectady, NY, three months after his parents Kazimierz and Lucy emigrated from former NAZI Germany. Yet, this story is about abuse of power, the bullying of small business owners by the Cabal, neglect of rural and urban neighborhoods--and the self-serving politics of METROPLEX and its sales tax thievery for their own economic and political graft. Whether it’s a pair of sneakers, a refrigerator for your restaurant or the countless other items that are charged sales tax, Schenectady County businesses and residents pay for millions of dollars in METROPLEX development. “All tyranny need to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” ---Thomas Jefferson. ORGANIZE, SPEAK OUT AND STAND UP AGAINST CORRUPTION, DESPOTS AND TYRANTS! When the executive director of the Schenectady County Historical Society, Mary Zawacki, demanded over and over in our second meeting (after our first meeting was a success and she told me that I would be able to use the Brouwer House to perform cooking demos) that I “GET WITH DISCOVER SCHENECTADY”---AND LIED BY SAYING THAT “DIS- COVER SCHENECTADY” WAS NOT AT ALL AFFILIAT- ED WITH THE PROCTORS’ OLD SLOGAN “VISIT SCHE- NECTADY,” I SMELT A RAT...No wonder City Councilman and Bully Ed Kosiur’s Ancient Order of Hibernians work hand-in-hand with Mary Zawacki, the Historic Society, and Maybee Farm in Rotterdam Junction, NY. Ed Kosiur and cronies rigged the Schenectady September 12, 2017 primary election so there would be no Democratic Primary and challenger to Kosiur’s “party boss” candidates and incumbents. Furthermore, the Schenectady Co. Board of Elections was moved out of downtown to Rotterdam and off the bus route. On 10/20/2015, at 4:24 pm, Proctors’ Talia Cass wrote to me by email, “Hi David, Philip and Paul Fahey direct 16 Taste of Schenectady® and Beyond Vol. 4 No. 1

ed me to you regarding an ad for Taste of Schenectady.” We published the Proctors “Visit Schenectady” advertisement as agreed, but Proctors NEVER kept our agreement between Philip Morris and his former assistant Paul Fahey after we ran the “Visit Schenectady” display Ad numerous times in Taste of Schenectady®...Why trust “Discover Schenectadyand Proctors again? In addition, Adine Viscusi of Casa Visco—affiliated with the Order of the Sons of Italy (OSIA) Rotterdam—tried to “BLACKLIST” us and ruin our business by pressuring some of our clients not to advertise. THE METROPLEX CABAL GOT PASTOR MARC THOMP- SON TO ENDORSE RIVERS CASINO BY HAVING THE SGARLATA FAMILY of River Stone Manor and Sgarlata Restaurants NOT RENEW HIS LEASE ON YA YA’S HOUSE SOUTHERN CUISINE. Anthony B. Sgarlata, was the husband to Marie and brother to Carmine Sgarlata. The Sgarlata family of River Stone Manor are the oldest restaurant family in Schenectady—dating back to 1915. Anthony B. Sgarlata’s law office was located at 170 Lafayette Street. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus of which I have been a dissenting 3rd degree Knight since 2008. This secret Order works hand-in-hand with the KNIGHTS OF MALTA. Anthony B. Sgarlata was the treasurer of the 10th Ward Republican Club, and member of the secretive IDAKA FORUM. From May 10th through July 13, 2017, I had to fight Colonie, Saratoga and Troy JESUIT-trained judges, who are members of the Bar Association—two of them Rensselaer County Republicans, who tried to wrongfully arrest me. Marc Thompson gave in to the Cabal and they made him the newest “City Planning Commissioner”. Pastor Marc sat silent while METROPLEX tried to take the building of Jimmy De- Falco of I AM FITNESS GYM and arrested him. Now, Pastors Amanda and Marc Thompson’s Ya Ya’s House Southern Cuisine is reopened in the spot where HOT SPOT JAMAICAN CUISINE restaurant closed and moved back to Albany. MORE ABOUT BULLIES AND THE CABAL THAT I FOUND OUT BY INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING THAT THEY WANT TO BE THE COUNTY “DINING GUIDE”: In September 2015, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara and the Mallozzi /METROPLEX gang tried to steal our business name TASTE OF SCHENECTADY, a USPTO registered trademark, after we had FIRST USE IN COMMERCE since 2014 (and had contacted Angelo Santabarbara’s aid in 2014 to feature the Assemblyman’s NY STATE Dairy Program at no cost in TASTE OF SCHENECTADY®). On 8/21/2014, David Lombardo, wrote to me by email, “Mr. Long, Thanks for presenting this opportunity. I will get in touch with the assemblyman and get back to you.” * Crypto-Republican Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara --”State member” of the 1920-1930s-New York City established Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler Fascist-neo-NAZI ultra-RIGHT Order of the Sons of Italy in America (OSIA #321 ROTTERDAM; and Propaganda Due aka P2/Opus Dei Italian branch of FREEMASONRY), NEVER called me about the New York State Dairy Program...Instead, 1 YEAR LATER, Assemblyman Santabarbara and other Cabal members tried to steal our business name Taste of Schenectady®. THE GOLUB / MALLOZZI / METROPLEX CABAL HAD TO CHANGE THEIR NAME TO “FLAVORS OF SCHENECTADY” AND NOW THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR NAME FROM “VISIT SCHENECTADY” TO “DISCOVER SCHENECTADY”. BTW: WE ARE NOT VICTIMS...WE ARE SURVIVORS. God kicked the evildoers’ asses for us! So now, we fight for others. Fight despots and help others fight tyranny! MORE ABOUT “DISCOVER SCHENECTADY” Rebecca (Becky) Daniels, who previously worked at General Electric’s alternative energy business, was hired as executive director of Schenectady County’s new 17-member Tourism & Convention Bureau board. Those members include representatives of various businesses and organizations that benefit from tourism in Schenectady County. But will small businesses around the County reap the benefits of tourism dollars like the Mallozzi’s banquet and convention halls, Rivers Casino and hotels? Becky Daniels is a Lifetime Membership Advisor - Beta Psi Chapter at Union College, and Delta Delta Delta President now 14 years. In March 2017, Union College held a “TASTE OF SCHENECTADY” dining event around Schenectady. METROPLEX VP and Union College’s Bradley Lewis taught a course, “WHO GETS WHAT AND WHY...” touting that inequality is supposedly good for the economy. The “DISCOVER SCHENECTADY” Board’s president is Schenectady County Legislator of Historic District 2, Jeff McDonald, owner of The Stockade Inn (Lower Mohawk Club). The vice president is Brooke Spraragen, director of project planning at The Galesi Group-owned by 11,500 barrels a day oil drilling & 11 million square feet real estate developer Franceso Galesi (NY, NYC, TX, LA, FL, GA, NC, CA, OR, CO, IN). See In March 2017, almost two years to the day voters in Hermosa Beach shot down oil drilling by the Galesi Group’s E&B Natural Resources Management Corporation by an 80-20 percent margin, the more than three-decade issue officially came to an end. In 2017, Hermosa Beach’s City General Fund paid a $1.5 million settlement to eliminate any potential for oil drilling by the Galesi Group’s E&B oil drilling company...Not only did the 2017 settlement permanently eliminate the Galesi Group’s E&B oil drilling and mineral rights in the city, it relinquished all permits and approvals for oil drilling, including road agreements, city and school lot leases, and state approvals, and the Galesi Group’s E&B cannot make any future monetary claims against the city pertaining to the oil drilling project. continued next page Taste of Schenectady® and Beyond Vol. 4 No. 1 17