4 months ago

Taste of Schenectady and Beyond Vol 4 • No1

In this issue, we spotlight Ambition Bistro and the Jay Street Marketplace of Schenectady small businesses. The Mission of Taste of Schenectady® is to inspire people to support family owned and independent restaurants and gourmet food and lifestyle businesses—as well as our local community, and ALL of its people!


THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES Get to know the food-savvy contributors that make Taste of Schenectady® the resource you trust when it comes to community news not always covered, a gourmet food lifestyle, shopping and dining at lesser known places around the area. Taste of Schenectady® covers all over Schenectady and beyond! The Mission of Taste of Schenectady® is to inspire people to support independent family-owned businesses. Freelance lifestyle writers are invited to contact us to inquire about becoming a contributing writer. Here are just a few of the investigative journalists, photojournalists, and writers-at-large who make each issue of our diverse gourmet food and lifestyle taste magazines possible. Visit: Denise Raucci-Ritz Contributing Writer and Recipe Expert Denise Raucci-Ritz aka “Pasta Mama,” says cooking with her traditional Italian family values, and acquired skills, equals a recipe of “Buon Appetito.” Follow Denise’s recipes. Kat Wolfram Food Writer and Food Co-Op Activist Joe Brandolo Wine and Spirits Contributing Editor Joe Brandolo is a wine and spirits expert, who writes the content for our magazines. Brandolo’s Italian upbringing led to him owning several successful restaurants. He later worked for Pernod-Ricard USA, a leader in the U.S. spirits and wine industry – with a strong portfolio of premium brands. Kat Wolfram was a molecular biologist in her previous professional life. Wolfram is now part of the Electric City Food Co-Op, which aims to bring a food cooperative into the downtown Schenectady area. Diana and Chef Salvatore Event Marketing and Travel Experts Diana is a producer of multicultural events and content for radio and television. Born in Foggia, Italy, Chef Salvatore began his training in the culinary arts over 40 years ago. Arriving in the United States, Salvatore’s first job was in a famous restaurant on Bustelton Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. Diana and Salvatore have helped us produce many successful events in Atlantic City, NJ. Tom Cosentino Communications, marketing & PR expert Ed Woods Photojournalist and European expert Tom Cosentino partnered with us in 2001 to start marketing 11 suffering family farms to over 60 new farm wine producing vineyards. Tom became the contributing writer and weekly co-host of our food, wine and travel talk show on Philadelphia radio. For decades, Tom has worked with us to promote family farm wineries. He has been the executive director of one of the world’s largest public relations firms—based in the USA. Ed Woods is a United States Marine Corp veteran—who has traveled the globe. For the past 19 years, Woods has been the travel photographer for publisher David Long. Their assignments have taken them to far reaching places to experience exotic cuisine and the culture of diverse people. Ed Woods is also a 32 year diver & photography coach. He hosts photo safari travel trips to Italy and France during the year. Long and Woods covered Food Network chefs for over a decade.