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West Lake CAG NRRB Submission REVISED ADDENDUM January 4 2018

West Lake CAG NRRB Submission REVISED ADDENDUM January 4

To: National Remedy Review Board Fr: West Lake Community Advisory Group Re: Addendum to our November 20, 2017 Submission Regarding the West Lake & Bridgeton Landfill Superfund Site Dt: January 4, 2018 On behalf of the West Lake Landfill / Bridgeton Landfill Community Advisory Group (CAG) and community members both locally and regionally, please accept this addendum to our original submission dated November 20, 2017. We have modified that document (see attached) in the following ways: 1. Added this cover page 2. Added the following to the section titled Opening Statement: Please be informed that in February, an HBO documentary on the West Lake / Bridgeton Landfill Superfund Site and the Coldwater Creek area, titled Atomic Homefront will air for the entire nation to see. Our community’s struggle with the EPA, DNR, Republic Services and the other PRPs will now echo from sea to shining sea. Our nation will also learn about the massive underground fire that's been burning in the landfill since 2010 and the nuclear bomb production waste that is in its path. They will also learn about Republic Services' lack of compassion and attempts to thwart our community's efforts in achieving a healthy, safe environment to raise our families. The Producers of Atomic Homefront along with HBO have agreed to the CAG distributing the following clip from Atomic Homefront to the members of the NRRB and other select EPA personal. It focuses on training our National Guard provided to our First Responders on how to react to a release of RIM at this site. Please accept this as part of our submission. It is our understanding that Full Removal with On-Site Storage has been added to the range of Remedies being considered. To be clear, we favor Full Removal. That said, we are reluctant to commit to supporting either On-Site or Off-Site Storage at this time. We recommend that the EPA first make the decision that this material must be removed from its current illegal and unsafe unlicensed de facto storage facility and then involve our community in frank discussions on On-Site vs Off-Site storage. Should EPA choose this route, we commit to working with EPA to establish and complete these community discussions. 3. Added the following to the section titled Broad Community Support for Full Removal Please see the numerous local governments, cities, and State and Federal legislators who have called for Full Removal at the following link: Note that the City of Bridgeton’s City Council, where this Superfund Site is located, has passed a lawful resolution calling for Full Removal. Some of the officials and government bodies sited at this link are calling for moving jurisdiction from EPA to the Army Corps of Engineers vs Full Removal; these statements and resolutions were made in the spirit of expanding the current cleanup of FUSRAP sites in the St. Louis area to include the West Lake Landfill with the understanding that transfer to FUSRAP would most likely result in Full Removal. Page 1