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How to fix "Network Path Not Found" or "PXE Error" Appears before HP Computer Starts?

If you are facing trouble with your HP computer with an error message on your screen, then call on HP Support Contact Number +1-877-645-7494 to get assistance as quickly as possible.

How to fix "Network Path Not Found" or "PXE Error" Appears before HP Computer

How to fix "Network Path Not Found" or "PXE Error" Appears before HP Computer Starts? Sometime, you might encounter errors during the startup of your HP computer, that appears as an error message “Network Path Not Found” or “An error message referencing PXE”. There are multiple reasons behind the occurrence of this problem but one of the major causes for this error might be your computer is attempting boot from an incorrect or unavailable network source. There are some quite fair solutions to fix such troublesome situation; also you can take good guidance from the experts via HP Support Contact Number. Find out some of the best methods through which you can fix the error quickly on your own- When connecting to a corporate network: If your HP computer is connected to a corporate workstation, then you are required to contact network administrator or the IT department to resolve the errors. When connecting to a personal network: If your HP computer is connected to a personal network, then you must follow the steps given below in order to reset the BIOS Setup boot options. First of all, you need to turn on your HP computer and then quickly press “Esc” key in order to display the “Startup Menu”. After this, you have to press the F10 key to access the BIOS Setup. In the next step, use your keyboard's arrow keys in order to highlight Storage from the top menu, then highlight Boot order and press Enter. Then you have to modify the boot order, therefore the internal hard drive must be the prior option. Here, you can also select to disable network boot entirely. In the end, you need to save the changes and then restart the computer.

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