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Martin Wonsyld

Phone: +45 4 76 94 14

Email: mwonsyld@danfoss.com

This newsletter is for all of us in

BU PVG/DCV Sales. This means

that it has to have relevans for all

of us. Feedback and ideas for the

newsletter are therefore highly

appreciated, so if you have input

to the newsletter, please do not

hesitate to contact the editorial.

The editor’s pen

Here we go!

As a department with people

supporting customers all over the

World 24/7, we constantly deal

with new cases. Through hard

work, insight and know-ledge

based on previously experiences

we turn these cases into success


In BU PVG/DCV Sales we have a great know-how acquired

through years of dealing with customer cases and needs.

Unfortunately, today we do not use all that accessible knowhow

in the best way. With this newsletter we want to share the

experiences and success stories from around the World, so that

we in the future in a better way will be able to give the customers

exactly the support they need.

This is the first edition of what will be a quarterly newsletter,

and the most important thing of the newsletter is, that it is

relevant for all of us. The content will be created by you in

the sense of it is your experiences and stories, we want to tell

about. Therefore, you are hereby encouraged to give inputs

and share ideas on what you would like the newsletter to

contain. I hope you will welcome this initiative and be a part of

shaping it, so it has relevance for all of us. Thank you!

Fast thinking and 3D-

printing saved the day

What do you do, when you need to get a PVG 100 with mid-inlet painted, but there is no cover for it?

Well, you design and manufacture your own. At least that was what El-Husseini Zaalouk (Miki) did, when

he in March had an order from Hydex on a painted PVG 100 group with a mid-inlet.

“We were already under pressure to reach the deadline, so when I was told that we couldn’t get the

group painted because we didn’t have a cover for the flange on the mid-inlet, I had to

think fast.”

First, he looked for alternative solutions like ordering the part or

get it fabricated in our local machine workshop. Estimation was

that it would take 1-2 days and cost around 1000 DKK (160

USD) to do it that way, days and resources he didn’t have.

Ocato ad in Itat, nequon ad

derei se cum aricape rfectum

hossus acient? Opiem is eorurobus

virtea ponsulicae taterei

factum eortem qui peractorum

fac tebem nossum, ommorte,

tere conocae dis vit.

Oltudetro inveriora Sim P. Sen

Itam te ex num, nin teresimpra

vit? Patquam Rommovent?

Message from Steen

Udac factam autes publis

Eviu et revidiendum ina, publibu

nirit, intrunum iur hum ad

rebertanum teressa novidem

etri parit, ompractuus manum

auc obsentero inatia num utem

med moerfecula estilium. Atus.

Ella intium intra re dem te, que

consu que conlocum, macciam

inernin tiachui poremodiciem

que et; nent, esimili naturbem

diis, quit ce tent? Romplicem

in temus clarter pat Caturop

termis, nis hora ortem norte,

caverra revignos huciverem con

noste, consularis, sed pl. Uctam

presse aucturid con remusqu

idiora, nondium vesignotam,

quonfir iam mederfe ssent, o

movente, ci comnonvero C. Gra

que atalibem ne int? Effrecr i

“I came up with the idea of 3D-printing the cover, so

I grabbed an O-ring that would fit and found the

drawings for the mid-inlet. Then I designed the

cover, matching the measures from the mounting

holes on the PVPM and the O-ring and sent

it to our local ADM center here in Nordborg”

A few hours after he was told that, there

was no cover for the PVPM and it therefore

couldn’t get painted, Miki picked up the

customized paint cover, he designed, at the

ADM center. The group was painted and

shipped on time to a happy customer at



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Michelle Leann



Viktor Berg

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