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Selwyn Times: April 25, 2018

12 Your guide to Show

12 Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections in the Selwyn District Kitchens sell homes It is arguably the most used area in the house. Often, it is the first thing you see when you enter your own house, a friend’s house, or a show home. In recent years, it has become the hub of most homes for both family and guests. And let’s face it, it is the repository of that most important of commodities – food. Of course the kitchen is a popular place. There is an adage that claims kitchens sell houses. For many people, compromise on bedroom size, house layout, bathroom design, or even the orientation of the lounge may be acceptable. Kitchens,, when buying a new home however, can be a deal breaker. When building, the kitchen is a key consideration in the design. If you are selling, replacing the kitchen, or at least giving it a serious facelift is a proven way to increase the value of the house. Open plan living is not a new concept. In the modern era, however, architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier pioneered many facets of what is now considered open plan, often using the kitchen as the centralised space from which a host could operate more intimately in relation to the rest of the home, rather than being secluded in a small room at the back of the house. These days, the return to open plan living is complete, and the kitchen is still key. As such, trends come and go regularly and have become more personalised. White, glossy finishes with splashes of colour are still very popular, but a move towards raw, organic materials such as stone and timber, or metallic finishes is appearing. Mid tones and earthy colours are now common. Black is the new black, but bright accents are still de rigueur. Kitchens need to be functional, which is a matter of personal choice. What works for you? Appliances that make life easier are easily integrated into kitchen spaces. Open shelving, where everything is on hand, or clutter hidden away in walk-in pantries? Islands are ideal preparation surfaces and gathering points. Bar stools make them convenient places to sit with a coffee or for children to do homework. Islands are almost universal in modern kitchen designs. A lot of consideration and effort now goes into those designs. The importance of the social kitchen as the heart of the home cannot be over-estimated. Often, the design and functionality of the kitchen is the major point of difference in homes being built and sold. Show homes are great ways for designers and builders to showcase innovative kitchens, and a fantastic opportunity for buyers to see what they like, or don’t, and to put together ideas for their ideal kitchen. There are many show homes in Selwyn, including those at Faringdon in Rolleston as well as Te Whariki and Flemington in Lincoln, and in many other subdivisions and streets in the main centres. If you are selling, replacing the kitchen, or at least giving it a serious facelift is a proven way to increase the value of the house. Artisan Homes Builders of superior homes. Built to last. Winners in Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards Visit our new show home - Faringdon South Show Home Village East Maddisons Road | Phone: 03 374 9172 Phone 03 374 9172 Rob 021 324 876 email

13 Key reasons to buy new Buying new has many advantages. No one has yet lived in your brand new home and it has that new home smell and feel. That doesn’t appeal to the villa crowd. But many people dream of a home in a new suburb. There are many other advantages -- such as being able to customise the home before it’s built. Buyers love it that their build guarantee covers most things and there’s little maintenance to do for the first 10 years. There are a long list of reasons some people dream of buying new. They include: • Current Building Code requirements specify a higher standard of insulation and glazing than you can expect in an older home, which makes your new home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, meaning cheaper to run. In addition there has been a vast improvement in the quality and technology of construction materials over the last decade. • New homes are designed for modern lifestyles with walk-in wardrobes, double or triple car garaging, en suites and heat pumps. • Internal access garaging. • Indoor-outdoor flow. Home builders before the 1970s rarely thought about this. • Automatic pool covers and electric curtains are included in a lot of new homes, he says. • In a new subdivision you’re not going to have five cross-leased small homes next door to your architecturally designed fivebedroom dream home, he says. • New purpose-built shopping and service centres cater for the modern life. • New schools can be popular. New schools are being designed with “Modern Learning Environments”, which are considered better layouts for 21st-century learning. Another important factor is it’s easier to get a mortgage. New Reserve Bank of New Zealand loan to value (LVR) ratio restrictions from October 1 don’t relate to new homes. Likewise the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant is doubled for first time buyers. When it comes to new apartment buildings they’re built to a higher standard of earthquake/fire proofing and, hopefully, are no longer leaky. There are, of course, disadvantages to buying new. Not everyone wants to wait six or 12 months to move into their home. Other downsides include: • Borrowing to cover the progress payments is more complex than taking out a mortgage on an existing property. • Builders and developers can go broke, leaving the buyer in an awkward position. • With some new homes the buyer effectively needs to become a project manager. • You have to deal with council for building and sometimes resource consent. • The location may be further from the centre than you wanted. • If it’s infill housing you might have a cross lease situation that some people find tricky. • There are often teething problems with a new build. • You won’t get a quaint tree-lined street. • Your section will most likely be smaller than that of an existing home. • Fences, paths and landscaping might need to be added at a cost. Home and Land Packages available FROM $366 PER WEEK * 4 brand new showhomes, in 3 locations Rolleston Faringdon 576 / 578 East Maddisons Road Faringdon, Rolleston } 12pm – 4pm, Everyday Burwood Prestons Park 43 Prestons Park Drive Prestons Park, Burwood } 12pm – 4pm, Everyday Wigram Awatea Park 11 Azara Way (off Carrs Rd) Awatea Park, Wigram } 12pm – 4pm, Everyday Lot 435 Faringdon Lot 69 Falcon’s Landing FROM $546,000 655m2 New Home Consultants / ANGELA 027 488 8930 / GARRY 027 435 4997 / DANIEL 027 433 0074 / JON 027 420 5565 / JASON 027 298 5070 *T & C’s and lending criteria apply. Turnkey options available