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OL 211 Final Project Human Resource Management

OL 211 Final Project Human Resource

OL 211 Final Project Human Resource Management BUY HERE⬊ 211-final-project-human-resourcemanagement/ OL 211 Final Project Human Resource Management OL-211 Human Resource ManagementFinal Project Southern New Hampshire University Introduction This paper focuses on human resource management and its effect within an organization. Maersk is now a large company that started out very small. Along the way, human resources and management had to make several changes to the company such as how they recruit employees, how they train their employees, how they choose to compensate, and how to perform appraisals. Human Resource Alignment The Impact of Global Conditions on Human Resources Practices Recruiting Practices to Ensure Alignment with Organizational Goals Internal versus External Recruitment and Selection Components of a Needs Assessment Learning Activities Incorporating Adult Learning Principles Value of a Training Needs Assessment SMART Objectives for Training Plans Compensation Philosophy and Market Influences Value of Salary Surveys and Advantages of Discretionary Benefits HRM’s Role in Performance Management Performance Appraisal Systems

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