Computer Science Thesis Topics


Top 50 Computer science thesis topics.

TOP 50





1. Computer Science in the Healthcare Industry App


2. Bioinformatics technology techniques

3. Medical data warehousing

4. Human machine interfacing

5. Concept feedback in lectures

6. Life-inspired communications

7. Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks – an


8. The latest on next generation wireless system

9. Multimedia systems

10. Vehicular communications

11. New hardware techniques in computer science

12. Challenges faced by computer scientists

13. How computer scientists handle difficult work


14. Pros and cons of being a computer scientist

15. Scientific data visualization

16. Wireless sensor networks

17. Network engineering and protocols

18. Medical imaging on disease diagnostics

19. Multicast protocols on layered multimedia

20. Data management systems for businesses

21. New trends in computer science field

22. Audio and video quality processing

23. Wireless channel loss effects

24. Web semantics

25. Bug testing and security audit

26. Sentiment analysis on artificial intelligence

27. Wireless sensor networks for vehicular


28. Wireless LAN and adaptive FEC algorithms

29. Air craft tracking in space

30. Software size and energy efficiency

31. Local signal approximations’ application

32. A study of an effective satellite payload design

33. Medical image diagnosis and deep learning

34. The latest on fault tolerant systems

35. Differential operators and speech analysis

36. Multiserver OS on sel4: a study

37. Immune system and its bioinformatics

38. The problems of Super Mario Galaxy

39. Computing graph parameters: the latest on software


40. Human microbiome – its composition and dynamics

421 Yeast – functional and comparative genomics

42. Matchings stability

43. A study of the mutational cancer profiles

44. Branching algorithms – analysis and automated design

45. Mobile graphic apps and EDSL

46. The latest on cloud-based computing

47. Software testing on bioinformatics

48. Pros and cons of cloud-based systems

49. 3D biomedical imaging data: an automated analysis

50. Heart failure, heart rate dynamics and wearable devices