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1. Gender: Is it a nursing issue?

2. Treating obese American children

3. Avoiding ADHD on children

4. The primary challenges of Nursing in Public sector

5. Reasons why there is still no cure for AIDS

6. How patients become cancer-free

7. Managing pain in the ICU

8. Nursing care in rural areas

9. Most contagious diseases and their major issues

10. Improving healthcare for pregnant women in rural areas

11. Costly healthcare in the urban areas

12. Challenges of asthma care in nursing home

13. Type II diabetes: Why you should be afraid of it

14. Asthma care and education public hospitals

15. Healthcare software benefits on nursing training and education

16. Lyme disease: How harmful to children

17. Pain management in the post-anesthesia care unit among


18. Keeping children safe from Lyme disease

19. Improved care access for pregnant women in rural areas by

public health advocacy

20. Avoiding Type III diabetes

21. Reasons why students should take up asthma education


22. Avoiding obesity among children through interventional


23. Non-pharmacological management for dementia

24. Psychological symptoms of dementia

25. Sexually transmitted diseases among college women due to

absence of behavioral health intervention

26. Care changes through medication management intervention

27. Infant health, better with postpartum breastfeeding support

28. Educating the public about HPV

29. Avoiding dysfunctional behaviors on dementia patients

30. Sense of competence linked with nursing certification

31. Probiotics on antibiotic causes diarrhea

32. Sleep apnea on patients with heart failure

33. Patient-centered medical facilities: Making a strategic planning


34. Occupational medicine

35. Environmental medicine

36. Visitation models on family and patient centered care

37. Assessment and treatment on acute pain

38. Long hospital shifts versus quality of patient care

39. Effectiveness of nursing training on complex care issues in

elderly communities

40. Shock training on substance abuse

41. Limited number of nurses

42. Surgical and medical therapies

43. Making hospitals baby friendly through breastfeeding

44. Medical strategies to promote breastfeeding

45. Improved diagnostic tests

46. Practice founded on evidence

49. Point-of-care tests

50. Fundamental practices on acute conditions and critical acre

51. Establishing a patient-focused staff

52. Assessment and Treatment of Acute Pain

53. Importance of Healthcare interactions

54. Effects on Dementia on the elderly

55. Different Approach on Women’s Health Issues

56. Managing sleep disorders

57. Effective approach on Aging Health Policy

58. Effects of managed care

59. Nursing Methods on the Elderly

60. Reminders for Novice Neurosurgery Practitioners

61. Bipolar Disorder on Children

62. Sickle Cell Disease effects on adolescents

63. ADHD on teens and its stimulant adherence

64. Effects of Emergency Department Utilization on Palliative Care


65. Medication Reconciliation Discrepancy Audit Tool

66. Effective critical care response in handling medical


67. Cardiac Skills Checklist for Teens on Clinical Utility

68. Instructional program for a satisfactory service and healthy


69. Instructional program and wellness for all healthcare facilities

70. Public’s perception on men’s performance in nursing


71. Difference between male and female nurses: Who does the work


72. Blood pressure regulation

73. Family planning

74. How to minimized STD among the young people

75. Effective nursing healthcare techniques on different kinds of


76. Congestive Heart Failure

78. Difference between Home Nursing and Hospital Nursing

79. Dosage Calculations on Dimensional Analysis

80. How to avoid stroke

81. How to treat stroke

82. Amoebiasis

83. Breast Cancer Program

84. Cervical Cancer Program

85. Child Care Food Program

86. Adult Care Food Program

87. How to prevent a choke

89. Brain Injury

90. Cancer genetics

91. Best Meals for patients

92. Education on proper nutrition

93. Better relationship for students and registered nurse

94. Food preparation linked on proper nutrition

95. Improving food habit techniques.

96. Food problems affecting a family

97. Effects of Ammonia

98. Beaver Fever

99. Birth Defects

100. Clean Indoor Air Act and impact in the nursing field

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