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1. Reducing harm from medication errors through medication

education training

2. Pharmacogenetic Testing for depression

3. Pediatric Asthma home management plan of care to improve

clinicians’ compliance

4. Meningococcal meningitis and latest preventative toolkit

5. Methods to minimize distress for organ transplant patients

6. Clinical metrics for patient centered medical home status for

diabetes management

7. School-based Asthma protocol review

8. Patterns and provider knowledge of HPV Vaccination on active duty


9. An in-depth review on Influence Transformational Leadership style

for nursing staff in acute care hospitals

10. Random household survey in underserved urban community

11. Fall prevention success in the medical surgical setting

12. Routine HIV testing effectiveness for hospitalized patients

13. Implementation of an evidence-based, in-patient alcoholdetoxification

guide: Best for culturally diverse adults

14. Preeclampsia development and the 2nd trimester effects of blood


15. Enhancing inpatient heart failure training and development

16. Self-management programs for diabetic mentally ill inmates

17. Autism Screening Research put into practice

18. Nursing informatics and the present status quo of competencies and


19. Call center and online database and for health information

20. Heart failure: inpatient education and Enhancement

21. Medical home adaptation plan

22. Online learning lounge linked to practice

23. Screening to test nurses’ knowledge of paliative care

24. Palliative care and its status quo in acute-care hospitals for nonmetropolitan


25. Examining nurses’ attitude towards palliative care

26. Interviewing Learning Community in a daily practice

27. Proper nutrition on students

28. Effects of mass media on children

29. Necessity of leadership for doctors on nursing practice

30. Implementing curriculum and simulation for Military CRNSAs

31. Dementia care for nursing home models

32. Smoking cessation programs to help patients with coronary

artery disease

33. Hepatitis C: What you should know

34. Getting to know ovarian cancer through education and training

35. Techniques to enhance patient flow in an emergency care


36. Warnings for obese women ages 40-65

37. How to enhance community health

38. Nutritional awareness and dietary habits

39. Type 2 diabetes in Africa

40. Comprehensive clinical practice guideline for Neonatal

Intensive Care Unit

41. Hepatitis C on HIV population

42. Guideline for assessment of pain in long-term care

43. Lifestyle-based education to improve food choices

44. Comprehensive knowledge on National Asthma guidelines for

nurse practitioners

45. Laboring women and pain management

46. Online school for nursing education

47. Health education for high school students

48. Effects of physical activities for school children

49. Web-based tools

50. Advanced practice nurse assessment and job description

51. Utilization of internet-based social networks to promote health

to the Hispanic and Latino population

52. A specific education unit and strategic plan

53. Nursing role on the effects clinical-academic partnership

education and socialization

54. Treatment for childhood obesity

55. Multiple sclerosis symptoms

56. Things to know about Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

57. A link between HIV and diabetes

58. Dehydroepiandosterone on menopausal women

59. Consequences of having Geriatric nurse practitioners in a


60. Methods on how to enhance Antihypertensive medications

61. Reducing challenges of being a caregiver

62. Fundamentals of nanotechnology

63. Preventing antibiotic overuse through delayed antibiotic

education internvention

64. Preventing burnout

65. Enhancement the quality of life

66. Intervention on cultural sensitive dietary

67. How to monitor yourself on heart failure

68. Effective starters for weight loss

69. A comprehensive guide on patient safety

70. Anal intraepithelial neoplasia on HIV victims

71. Promoting hypertension awareness

72. Alcohol management on community hospitals

73. Effects of college hookups: Should people worry?

74. Things to know about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in women

75. Assessment of male partner during labor

76. Mild Cognitive Impairment evaluation

77. Adult immunization knowledge and attitudes

78. Status quo of Anesthesiology Controlled Medication Security in

an ambulatory surgery center

79. Healthcare reaching out to children in poverty

80. Interprofessional coordinated care for a care delivery system

81. Cardiovascular competency test

82. Quality of asthma diagnosis in private pediatric setting

83. Patient centered medical home and primary care practice

84. A macro system to minimize mortality

85. Training for nursing students with learning disabilities

86. Lowering the stress of caregivers

87. Float RNs

88. Advance care planning for those experiencing homelessness

89. Operating room efficiency

90. Criteria of academic electronic health record system in

Nursing schools

91. Consequences of intergenerational trauma

92. Intensive care model in pediatric primary care

93. Colorectal cancer in a Gastroenterology practice

94. Electronic health record design

95. Influenza vaccination rates for children

96. Antipsychotic for Nursing homes

97. Orthopaedic trauma patient population

98. Gynecologic cancer treatment

99. Benefits of nursing student work-study internship

100. ICU designs and improvements




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