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1. Connection of capital structure and corporate strategy

2. Strategies on financial leverage

3. Implementation of investment policy

4. Debt and equity relationship

5. Developing stock return and capital investment

6. Profitability of privatization of banks

7. Dividend payout ratio factors

8. Fundamentals of microfinance

9. Interest rate of stock market

10. Successful marketing strategies

11. Marketing programs of developing countries

12. How poor countries cope up in the market

13. Marketing oriented ideas and plans

14. Effects of emotional branding

15. Modernizing traditional marketing strategies

16. Bouncing back from weak marketing plans to strong ones

17. Secrets of an effective marketing tool

18. Public relations on corporate firms

19. Kinds of merchandise

20. Business on social media

21. Paperless marketing

22. Impact of business social responsibility

23. How new shopping malls should be introduced in

populated areas

24. Factors affecting consumer buying behavior

25. Old shopping malls maintaining competition with new


26. Importance of corporate social responsibility

27. Improving websites for profitability

28. Secrets of Dell PC’s marketing

29. Business models for effective business performance

30. Consumer buying behavior on automobiles

31. Business administration with the present generation

32. Effective practices for business administration over the


33. Consumer engagement through online classified websites

34. Marketing for the healthcare industry

35. Impact of website marketing

36. France marketing strategies for restaurant businesses

37. Brand promotions on effective marketing methods

38. Offline and online performance measurement tools and


39. E-Learning: Is it effective in MBA?

40. Brand communications strategies

41. Healthcare branding strategies tips

42. Review on consumer buying behavior towards SUV cars

43. Increase business revenue without the use of technology

44. Social media marketing in the fashion industry

45. Different marketing strategies for different types of


46. Adopting marketing strategies in the digital world

47. Interest rate in the stock market

48. Brand management for user visibility

49. Generate branding by online marketing tools

50. Brand management for internet based branding initiatives

51. Blogging for brand management

52. Content marketing through social media

53. Mobile application for brand engagement

54. Digital marketing for brand awareness

55. Effects of a website on a business revenue

56. Developing social media engagement

57. Design innovative content for products and services

58. Necessity of brand ambassador

59. Product awareness for international clients

60. Brand affiliate strategies

61. Auditing and Marketing relationship

62. Consumer behavior on luxurious bags

63. Marketing strategies for political parties

64. Branding strategies for health insurance industry

65. Studying consumer decision making

66. Retail product display: How is it effective

67. Making website’s SEO status more competent

68. Consumer behavior on travelling industry

69. IT infrastructure analysis in healthcare industry

70. Prospective delegates on online medium for events

71. Marketing strategies for automobile companies in Asia

72. Consumer behavior in current trends

73. Consumer purchasing behaviors on e marketing

74. Cost-benefit of creative advertising

75. Current global outsourcing trends

76. Entrepreneurship skills

77. Primary business policies of big corporations

78. All about ergonomics assessment

79. Creating a system with safety

80. Roles of Inventory Management

81. Project delivery methods consequences

82. Factors to achieve an organized organization

83. Tips for hiring employees on small businesses

84. How to lead a business without power

85. Business structure for new firms

86. Present structures of major corporations

87. How businesses are affected by leadership

88. Business policies for small scale businesses

89. An analysis of HTTP web server

90. Selecting the best collective bargaining representative

91. Hiring a legal counsel for business

92. Strict laws on marketing

93. Performance Management system evaluation

94. How employees should treat pure simulation project

95. Best management outsourcing

96. Construction management consequences

97. PowerPoint presentations during seminars and meetings

98. Fatigue and stress analysis

99. Interface seminar: Is it good for employees?

100. B2C Alliances – Research and Planning





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