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1. Treatment for substance use disorders

2. Benefits of breastfeeding

3. Diabetes prevention programs

4. Promoting breastfeeding in the primary care setting

5. Safe prescription for substance use disorders

6. Policy development in the community

7. Managing irritable bowel syndrome

8. School health data collection effective practices

9. Pain medications for substance use disorders

10. Creating a bedside shift report

11. Foley Catheter: Indications, Insertion and Management

12. Nurse case managers for diabetic care

13. Care and Asthma diabetes management

14. Clinical Utility considerations

15. Safe congestive heart failure to patients

16. Lyme disease

17. Calculating dosages: In the right way

18. Diabetes management in Africa

19. Sleeping disorders that you should worry about

20. Quality of expensive health care in urban areas

21. Dementia Pain Management

22. HPV awareness

23. The roles of nursing

24. Why stroke patients should not be readmitted

25. How to cope up with ADHD

26. Training for nursing professionals

27. How to avoid youth obesity

28. Infant health, better with breastfeeding

29. Sleep Apnea, what is it all about

30. Public health advocacies in rural areas

31. Models for visitation

32. Minimizing STD cases by health interventions

33. Making nursing staff more professional and competent

34. Fast shifts for employees

35. Neurosurgery practitioners survival kit

36. Emergency units for palliative care patients

37. Adolescence linked with Sickle Cell diseases

38. A checklist for sickle cell disease

39. The cycle of nutrition facts

40. Challenges in inpatient setting

41. Urgent planning systems

42. Learning cardiac skills especially for teens

43. Training with formulas accompanied with data set

44. Nursing care for consumers: How to make it better

45. Intermittent fasting

46. Conduction online survey system

47. Biology through multimedia website

48. How to begin Neurosurgery

49. Patient advocacy: How

50. Vector Linux: What you should know

51. Helping residential life through mobile website

52. Probiotics to avoid diarrhea

53. Food preparation techniques

54. Changing normal diet

55. Word Net visualization review

56. Proper meals for patients

57. How to check the best medicine based on disease

58. Nutritional issues affecting families

59. Surviving dementia: A dysfunctional behavior

60. How aware the public is about proper nutrition

61. Patient oriented strategic planning

62. Fundamentals of pediatric care

63. Principles of ethics in nursing

64. Optometry facts

65. Treatment for skin cancer

66. Communication skills in nursing

67. Why you should be afraid of osteoporosis

68. Challenges of nursing care

69. Get to know Zika virus

70. Psychiatric nursing

71. Issues on health diversity

72. Fundamentals of Geriatrics

73. Strategies on Primary care

74. Osteoarthritis and its effects

75. Different kinds of spinal disorders

76. Cerebrovascular Diseases: Everything you should know

77. Importance of pediatric nursing

78. How health is affected by socio-cultural issues

79. Causes of sudden infant death syndrome

80. Bad effects of abortion

81. Normal weight of infants

82. Public Health Nursing progress over the years

83. How to communicate well with Latino patients

84. A study of child development

85. Nursing methods for the elders

86. Nursing methods for the children

87. Effective pain management in emergency units among


88. Different kinds of sleep disorders

89. Non-pharmacological approach on dementia

90. Obesity for older people

91. Postpartum causes and symptoms

92. Take care of postpartum patients

93. Treating contagious diseases

94. Diseases from the winter season

95. Maintaining a good relationship between nurses and their


96. How to treat rude patients

97. Hiring a private nurse

98. Countries with best nursing care

99. Emergency planning systems

100. Lyme disease prevention




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