BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas


Check out The best nursing Capstone Project Ideas BSN.

1. Treatment for substance use disorders

2. Benefits of breastfeeding

3. Diabetes prevention programs

4. Promoting breastfeeding in the primary care setting

5. Safe prescription for substance use disorders

6. Policy development in the community

7. Managing irritable bowel syndrome

8. School health data collection effective practices

9. Pain medications for substance use disorders

10. Creating a bedside shift report

11. Foley Catheter: Indications, Insertion and Management

12. Nurse case managers for diabetic care

13. Care and Asthma diabetes management

14. Clinical Utility considerations

15. Safe congestive heart failure to patients

16. Lyme disease

17. Calculating dosages: In the right way

18. Diabetes management in Africa

19. Sleeping disorders that you should worry about

20. Quality of expensive health care in urban areas

21. Dementia Pain Management

22. HPV awareness

23. The roles of nursing

24. Why stroke patients should not be readmitted

25. How to cope up with ADHD

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