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284 May 2018 - Gryffe Advertizer

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6 the advertizer Don’t forget... Houston & Killellan Kirk Carnival, 12th May! Magic Trees Five winners of the Brighter Bridge of Weir’s Easter stone hunt (for primary school-aged children in the village) were presented with their prizes at the recent Pop-Up Shop event. Each of the winners will also have the opportunity to help plant a tree somewhere in the village soon, and that’s a prize that should last for generations to come. Brighter Bridge of Weir is aiming to plant many more trees in future, as well as continuing work with the flowers and shrubs throughout the village. Trees are a vital part of our planet’s ecology, as they absorb carbon from the air and replace oxygen. They also serve to regulate temperature, combat flooding and landslips, and of course provide a habitat for insects and other wildlife. Over many years, however, the number of trees has been decreasing rapidly, mainly due to deforestation by humans, but also because of over-grazing by large herbivores, and disease. Many conservation groups throughout the country are setting out to reverse this decline. Brighter Bridge of Weir’s commitment improve their village’s environment means they’re doing their bit too. Local MP Gavin Newlands contacted the group to arrange a meeting to find out more about the group’s current and future plans. Brighter Bridge of Weir is already supported by our local councillors and MSP, so it’s great to know that the group is making an impression! Picture: some of Brighter Bridge of Weir’s members with Gavin Newlands MP. Giving Blood Saves Lives Every minute of every day someone in Scotland receives blood as part of a life saving or life improving treatment. Less than 4% of the population currently give blood. The Scottish National Blood transfusion Service (SNBTS) must welcome 3,500 blood donors each week to meet the needs of patients in Scotland. We aim to maintain a 6 day supply of each blood group, at all times, to continue to meet hospital requirements. Whether you’ve never donated before, give blood regularly or haven’t been for a while, SNBTS would like to invite you to your local blood donating session. For more information please visit or connect with us on Facebook http:// or twitter @givebloodscot.” BRIDGE OF WEIR MONDAY 21st MAY: 4pm- 7.30pm The Cargill Hall, Linwhite Crescent, Bridge of Weir. JOHNSTONE MONDAY 14th MAY: 2pm- 3.30pm & 5pm-7.30pm TUESDAY 15th MAY: 4pm- 7.30pm The New Town Hall, 25 Church Street, Johnstone PAISLEY MON. 21st, TUE. 22nd & WED. 23rd MAY 2.30pm-3.30pm & 5pm- 7.30pm St Mirrin’s Cathedral Parish Church, Incle Street, Paisley deadline date for our june issue - Friday 18th May - You don’t want to miss it!!

may 2018 t: 01505 613340 e: From squalor to spoiled...a success story Cora is one of charity Give a Dog a Bone’s recent success stories. After her rehoming fee was paid she joined the monthly support scheme. Previously living in squalor, she is now loving life with her new Mum. “Cora is coming on really, really well. She has socialised like you wouldn’t believe now. The first four weeks were really difficult as she was scared of everything. Now she is playing with all the other dogs in the park and has several people she likes. Everybody in park can’t believe it. It’s very touching. I’ll send more pics soon. Once I master getting her to go into a car, I’ll bring her along to see you.” Fundraising Update: Follow us on Facebook to be a part of our flash fundraisers, where you can not only win a prize but also raise money to help support more animals and their families. 100 PEOPLE X £100: Can you sign up to our challenge? We’re looking for 100 amazing people to each raise £100 by 31st May to pay for the rent of our companionship space. Could this be you? Get in touch today to pledge your support. Our mailing address is: Give a Dog a Bone... and an Animal a Home, 988 Pollokshaws Road, Shawlands, GLASGOW British Pipe Band Championships Taking place in the St James Playing Fields in Paisley on Saturday 19th May, from 9am to 6.30pm - this is a great day of free fun that all the family can enjoy. Enjoy the spectacle of over 4,000 elite-level pipers and drummers competing for some of the prestigious titles in world bagpiping. This free event will also feature a food village, children’s entertainment zone, the Slug in a Bottle craft market, and much, much more (details to follow). With free event parking and a free shuttle bus to and from the event site, it’s easy to join us and enjoy this spectacular event. 7 @GryffeAds

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