Sleepvaart- en Offshore Nieuws -

Sleepvaart- en Offshore Nieuws -

7 e jaargang, nr. 1

dd.08 Januari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Vertrek Kooren boten naar Frankrijk

Op 28 december zijn vanuit Rotterdam de RT Pioneer; RT Claire; RT Stephanie en de SD

Seine vertrokken naar Le Havre. De vijfde sleepboot die de Kooren vloot in Le Havre gaat

versterken is de SD Loire, welke direct vanaf de werf naar de Franse havenplaats zal varen.


M.b.t. eerdere berichtgeving van de verkoop van de Wellington (ex Azie – Aziebank) dat zij was

verkocht en dezelfde naam had, het volgende: Diverse bronnen melde dat de Wellington

afgelopen zomer werd verkocht en is herdoopt in Teimoso.

Keppel Wins S$120M in Contracts

Keppel Singmarine Pte Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd

(Keppel O&M), has clinched three newbuilding contracts worth a total of S$120 million. The first

contract involves the construction of four Anchor Handling Tug/Supply (AHTS) vessels at its

Keppel Nantong Shipyard, northwest of Shanghai. The deliveries of these vessels are expected

between third quarter 2007 and mid 2008. The owner is Hadi Offshore Pte Ltd., a newly

established Singapore subsidiary of Hadi H. Al Hammam Est., Saudi Arabia (HADI). The

companies have awarded Keppel Singmarine a total of 14 orders since 2001. Keppel

Singmarine’s latest delivery for HADI was in December 2005. An AHTS vessel, it was

completed one month ahead of schedule and achieved an excellent safety record of zeroincident

during the whole construction period. Mr Charles Foo, Managing Director (Special

Projects) of Keppel Offshore & Marine and Chairman of Keppel Singmarine, commented,

“Construction of the first HADI vessel at Keppel Nantong Shipyard will begin by the first quarter

this year. We are committed to ensure that our good track record with HADI will be replicated in

Keppel Nantong Shipyard. “Nantong City where our yard is located has good infrastructure,

efficient logistics network and skilled manpower. With Keppel Singmarine’s management, we

are confident that we will be able to meet our customers’ requirements in completing the

newbuildings to their satisfaction.” Mr. T.K. Rajgopal, General Manager of HADI, said, “We

have full confidence with Keppel Singmarine’s capabilities and commitment. Their track record

has indeed led us to entrust them to build our next fleet of vessels in their new overseas yard in

Nantong, China. We are confident that they will be able to deliver the vessels with the same

high quality that we have been enjoying.” The second contract that Keppel Singmarine has

secured is for the construction of a 60-tonne Ice-Class AHTS vessel for repeat customer,

LUKOIL. An earlier order was placed for a similar AHTS in the second quarter 2005. The

leading oil company in Russia, LUKOIL’s main activities are in oil and gas exploration and

production, and production and sale of petroleum products. In yet another deal, Keppel

Singmarine will build a 100-tonne Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) for its new customer, Seaways

International Pte Ltd, a newly setup operations in Singapore with base company in the Middle

East. One of the world’s leading builders of offshore support vessels, Keppel Singmarine has

delivered a total of 15 vessels in 2005, with 28 others currently under construction. It is a whollyowned

subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Limited through Keppel O&M, a global leader in

offshore rigs, ship conversion and repair and specialised shipbuilding. The group’s near market,

near customer strategy is bolstered by a global network of 17 yards in the Asia Pacific, Gulf of

Mexico, Brazil, the Caspian Sea, Middle East and the North Sea regions. Integrating the

experience and expertise of its yards worldwide, the group aims to be a provider of choice and a

partner in solutions for the offshore and marine industry. These contracts are not expected to

have a material impact on the net tangible assets and earnings per share of Keppel Corporation

Ltd for the financial year of 2006. (Bron: Marinelink)


Op 3 januari arriveerde het casco van de nieuwe sleepboot voor Scheepvaartbedrijf Herman Sr.

vanuit Stettin in Dordrecht. Het casco werd gesleept door de Poolse ZEUS. De sleepboot type

Shoalbuster 2308 zal in April 2006 als BALOE in de vaart worden genomen. (bron

LEKKO/Damen Hardinxveld)

CP Valour’s Initial Phase of Salvage Complete

Despite unfavorable weather and sea swells which at times have been more than four metres,

all IMO- classified hazardous cargo has now been removed from CP Valour following its

grounding in the Azores on December 9. None of the crew of 21 suffered injury as a result of

the grounding. Salvage efforts have been underway since shortly after the grounding but have

been repeatedly thwarted by adverse sea conditions which are causing increasing damage to

the ship. Representatives of CP Ships Marine Operations arrived on site as soon as possible

after the grounding to liaise with local authorities and assist the salvage efforts. Several

attempts to re-float CP Valour were not successful and because of the current state of damage

to the ship, no further attempt to re-float will be undertaken. This has been discussed and

agreed with local authorities. Next steps in terms of removal of the cargo and of the ship itself

are under consideration. At the time of the grounding, the ship had about 1,000 tonnes of heavy

fuel oil and 140 tonnes of diesel oil on board as well as a small quantity of lubricating and

hydraulic oil and paint. All accessible fuel oil that could be pumped has been removed as well

as all lubricants, paints, chemicals and engine oils. With the removal of these materials and the

hazardous-classified cargo, the threat to the local environment has been significantly reduced.

A limited amount of bunker and diesel fuel has been spilled since the grounding. Local pollution

mitigation specialists have removed most of the fuel that washed ashore. CP Valour was en

route from Montreal to Valencia carrying 525 containers and was heading into safe anchorage

when it grounded off the coast of the Azorean island of Faial. (Bron: Marinelink)

Letojanni & AMT Explorer

Vrijdag 6 januari 2006 is de Italiaanse zeesleper Letojanni (Barbara Onorato – 2003; Biscay

Star – 2000) 7040/1977 van Augustea Imprese Marttime e di Salvataggi S.p.A. – Augusta, met

de AMT Explorer aan de tros Rotterdam binnengelopen. De Letojanni kwam met haar sleep van

het West Espoir Field Offshore Ivory Coast. (Bron: Erik Zijlstra)

Smit Luzon

De onlangs verkochte Smit Luzon (ex Smit-Lloyd 117) is herdoopt in Jascon 29. (Bron:Ko


Donjon-Smit Offers No Cost Standby Coverage for Marine Salvage

Donjon-SMIT, an OPA-90 Alliance, has announced that it now offers free coverage for salvage,

firefighting and lightering as required under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. The majority of OPA-

90 salvage, firefighting and lightering service providers charge a fee, ranging as high as $650

per vessel per year of coverage, particularly for tank vessels. Donjon-SMIT offers free standby

coverage for all vessels both tank and non-tank, which will result in significant savings for

companies. This new no cost approach by Donjon-SMIT is based on the operational capabilities

of the company, its longstanding expertise, usage of own equipment and access to additional

resources necessary for effective and timely response to all kinds of casualties.

DOF orders another newbuild

District Offshore (DOF) in Norway has placed a contract with Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted to build

a MT 6009 design PSV. After delivery spring 2007 the vessel will start work on a contract with

Shell. (Bron: Clipping News)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 2

dd.16 Januari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.


The Sao Vicente (ex. Galito-96, ex. Tiverton-90, ex. Avongarth-89) has been dismantled by her owners,

Lutamar, and she is to be scrapped. (Bron: Lawrence Amboldt)

Farstad Deals

SUBSIDIARIES of Norwegian offshore support specialist Farstad Shipping have secured new contracts

worth about NKr280m (US$42.4m). The deals take contract coverage of the Farstad-fleet for the first half

of this year to 88% and to 65% for second half. The company says coverage for 2007 is currently 28%.

BHP Billiton Petroleum (BHPB) has chartered the 2003-built anchor handling tug supply vessel Lady

Caroline (2003) and the newbuild Far Sword, due for delivery in April, for 330 to 420 days. Start-up is

scheduled to commence in late May. The vessels will support BHPB's drilling program off north-west

Australia. In addition Far Saltire's contract has been extended by further 5 months till June 2006. The

vessel will operate for BHPB and Woodside on the Australian sector. Conoco Phillips has declared the


for further 3 months for the platform supply vessel Lady Grete till March 2006. The vessel will support

Conoco Phillips' activity off the coast of Indonesia. The supply vessel Lady Melinda has been awarded a 6

months contract by Technip in Angola scheduled to start this month. Petrobras has declared the options

for AHTS Far Crusader till January 2007, Far Centurion till March 2007 and Far Sea till July 2006. The

vessels will continue to operate on the Brazilian sector. (Bron: Clipping News)

Fairmount Heavy Transport Awarded Amenam Contract

Rotterdam based Fairmount Heavy Transport NV has been awarded the contract by Saibos Akogep SNC

to transport and install the AMP2 Topside for Total. The scope of the work for Fairmount Heavy Transport

includes the engineering of the transport and installation project, the load out of the AMP2 Topside (about

11,000 tons ) on the barge Fairmount Fjell in the tidal port of Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, the transportation of

this module from Malaysia to the float-over location offshore in Nigeria and the float-over, positioning and

installation of the AMP2 Topside on its jacket. The contract will occupy the Fairmount Fjell for June to

September 2006. The project will start directly after Fairmount Fjell's maiden project for which it is

currently underway to Zadar to load the jack-up drilling rig Trident IV for transport to Malabo, Equatorial

Guinea for Transocean. Although the delivery of the converted vessel will most likely be pushed back a

couple of months, the Company's Board of Directors is of the opinion that this contract will generate a

financial contribution superior to the original alternative of being idle until starting the conversion in July

2006. Due to contractual requirements, Fairmount Heavy Transport is requested to keep commercial

terms confidential. (Bron: Marinelink)

Tug to guard Great Barrier Reef

The Australian government has announced an A$137m (US$103m), eight-year contract for a “powerful

new ocean-going vessel” to be permanently stationed in the northern Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait

area. According to a statement the vessel is currently under construction in Malaysia. It has a large rear

deck for transporting equipment and supplies for aids to navigation maintenance and construction work. It

is particularly suited to emergency towage with a bollard pull of 85 tonnes and will carry crucial oil pollution

response equipment at all times. The vessel will be flagged in Australia and crewed by Australians. The

Cairns-based vessel will be used primarily for emergency towage of ships as well as for overall

maintenance and construction services for Australia's national marine aids to the navigation network.

Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Warren Truss says: "A permanent emergency towage

vessel is a great boost to environmental protection measures in this highly-sensitive region. There are

currently no port-based tugs capable of emergency towage services in the northern Great Barrier Reef

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

and the Torres Strait. " He adds: "The new offshore tug will be available for towage operations in the case

of a shipping emergency, greatly reducing the risk of pollution from such an incident. Utilising this tug will

avoid a delay of several days before a tug could respond from southern ports." (Bron: Clipping News)

Pentow Service

De dit jaar voor het eerst door Smit ingestelde veilgheids prijs voor het beste schip in de wereldvloot van

het afgelopen jaar is gewonnen door de Pentow Service. (Bron:Smit)

Vlootvernieuwing Smit in 2005

Het afgelopen jaar heeft Smit 19 stuks eenheden aan haar vloot toegevoegd, welke op de Jaarrede op 9

january door de Hr. Ben Vree als volgt werden genoemd:

4 tugs voor Panama; Smit Mandji; Smit Damietta & Smit Port Said; Smit Oloma; 4 tugs URS; 6 tugs KST

en de Smit Kamara.

In de dezelfde jaarrede deelde de directie voorzitter van Smit mee, dat er dit jaar minimaal 36 schepen

aan de vloot zullen worden toegevoegd. Deze schepen werden als volgt gepresenteerd:

3 tugs Smit Transport: 2 tugs Nigeria; 4 tugs: Stan Tug 2208 – Smit Femco Novik; 5 tugs KST; AHTS

Gabon; Smit Komodo; Smit Nicobar; 18 tugs Brazil. (Bron:Smit)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 3

dd.22 Januari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Aker Yards to Build PSV for Farstad Supply

Aker Yards has signed a contract with Farstad Supply to deliver an UT 751 E platform supply vessel. The

value of the contract is approx $45M. This is the 17th contract between the shipowner Farstad Shipping

ASA and Aker Yards. The hull for the PSV will be built in Romania and outfitted at Aker Yards, Brevik.

Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for July 2007. (Bron: Marinelink)

Sailor Saved from Sunken Tugboat reported that a sailor aboard a sunken tugboat was rescued after a 39-hour stay at the

bottom of the Yangtze River. Guo Linyuan, 31, a villager from Yaowan town of Xuzhou, a city in northern

Jiangsu Province in East China, was left 14 meters below the water’s surface after an unidentified

watercraft crashed into a group of tugboats at about 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday near Zhenjiang, causing three

tugboats to sink to the bottom of the river. As his tugboat sank rapidly, Guo was stuck in the

accommodation and found an air-tight space of less than 1 square meter in the room. The Zhenjiang

Maritime Safety Administration arrived on the scene and began to carry out the rescue and salvage the

wrecks. Guo was saved at 10:40 a.m on Thursday and sent to the hospital. A second person aboard,

Guo's wife, Wu Xueli, 30, was still missing as of Friday night. (Source:Marinelink)

Lafitte Waterway Closes After Barge Accident

The Intracoastal Waterway closed near Lafitte for almost seven hours Saturday then reopened with some

navigational restrictions after a pole attached to a barge hit a bridge and snapped off, reported. Authorities closed the waterway at 12:30 p.m., shortly

after the spud pole, used as a stabilizing device on the work barge, hit the bridge and fell on the water.

The pole reached 75 feet high, 2 feet higher than the underside of the bridge. It took several hours to

determine whether the broken pole in the water posed a hazard to boats. The channel also remained

closed as the Coast Guard awaited a salvage crew. The Coast Guard expected to temporarily close the

waterway again to remove the broken pole, which is submerged at a depth of 11.5 feet near the Lafitte-

Larose Highway bridge. No time was set for the closure and it was unclear how long it may last. Only

vessels with a draft shallower than 11 feet were allowed to pass through the area after it reopened. There

were no injuries. The damage to the bridge, which wasn't closed to vehicle traffic, appeared to be minor.

(Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Multratug 8

De Multratug 8 is in januari 2006 herdoopt in Serwal 4 van Project Zegluga te Polen. (Source:Leon de


Coast Guards Respond to Tug

Coast Guard crews are currently responding to a distress call from the 135-foot tugboat, Valour, towing a

500-foot barge loaded with approximately 140,000 barrels of petroleum by-product 37 miles off the coast

of Cape Fear, N.C. The Valour radioed the Coast Guard for help on Tuesday because they had a

crewmember fall overboard, and their vessel was taking on water. A rescue helicopter from Air Facility

Charleston launched to assist, and upon arriving at the scene they rescued one crewmember and

transported him to Myrtle Beach Hospital, S.C. The remaining crewmembers stayed with the struggling

vessel until the Justin Fox, a 125-foot tugboat in the area, arrived on scene. The good samaritan vessel

was able to rescue five crewmembers before the Valour sank in the 15 to 20-foot seas and gale-force

winds. The Coast Guard and good samaritan vessels are still searching for two crewmembers. Two Coast

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Guard helicopters and an airplane are searching the area. An 87-foot patrol boat is en route. The barge is

adrift and the Coast Guard is working with Maritrans, the tug's owner, to recover it. (Source:Marinelink)

Towboat Brimstone Heavily Damaged By Fire at Vicksburg

The drydocked towboat Brimstone was heavily damaged by an engine room fire on January 11, at

Vicksburg, Miss., fire officials said, but there were no injuries reported. It took about an hour to put out the

fire. Yazoo River Towing owns the 4,000-hp. vessel, which it bought in 1992 from Mississippi Marine

Transport Company, Jackson, Miss. The vessel is 156 by 38 feet. She was built by Parker Bros. Shipyard

in Houston, Texas, and powered with F-M 38D8 1/8 diesels. No other details were available. Bisso Marine

Company has successfully refloated a 440- by 136-foot drydock, an effort made more complicated

because a 120,000-bbl. barge was on the drydock when the storm surge from Hurricane Katrina pushed it

aground. Parts of the four-section drydock were sunk, while others were grounded. The effort required

four "pull-barges" to get the drydock back on the waterway. – Bludworth Shipyard is constructing two

2,400 hp. towboats for Republic Barge Transportation Company. They will be powered by twin Cummins

KTA38-M2 engines, developing 1,200 hp. each at 1,800 rpm. The first of the 84- by 30-foot towboats is

due this spring (Source:Jan van der Doe)

Multraship completes lifting of pushertug from Danube

DUTCH salvage and towage company Multraship Salvage BV has successfully refloated the Slovakian

pusher-tug Polana, which sank in the River Danube on December 19 last year following a serious fire in its

engineroom. Despite a rapid response from local firefighters at the time of the casualty, the fire spread into

the Polana’s accommodation and other parts of the ship. The vessel subsequently sank in 10-12 metres of

water in the Romanian section of the river, off Giurgiu. The Romanian authorities ordered the owners to

remove the vessel immediately, not least because the Polana had over forty tonnes of fuel on board.

Awarded the contract to refloat the vessel over the Christmas and New Year period, Multraship Salvage

mobilised its floating sheerlegs Cormorant, and the tugs Fonda and Herman, under the direction of a

salvage team from Holland, accompanied by a diving team from UK-based salvor, Titan.

Following extensive preparations, the salvors finally started lifting on January 15. “It was a tough job,” says

Leendert Muller, managing director of Multraship Salvage. "High water levels and currents running up to

between four and five knots made diving almost impossible. Placing the lifting wires was therefore a

difficult and time-consuming job. “But we needed to act quickly because we knew from previous

experience, and particularly from last year’s salvage of the Rostok from the Romanian Danube, that the

ingress of heavy sand is extremely rapid. That proved to be the case once more. The vessel weighed

around 375 tonnes, but the net weight of the vessel with sand inside was over 600 tonnes".

Reports indicate that a small amount of fuel escaped from the vessel at the time of its sinking, but the

remaining fuel was successfully transferred by the salvors into tank barges. The vessel has now been

successfully redelivered to its owners, while the Cormorant is heading for Bulgaria to carry out its next

job. (Source:Clipping News)

Maritrans Tug Sinks off Cape Hatteras, Barge Adrift

At approximately 11:50 p.m. on January 17, 2006, the Maritrans Tug VALOUR, towing the Maritrans tank

barge M 192, began taking on water in heavy seas approximately 20 miles east of Cape Fear, North

Carolina. The tug separated from the barge and reportedly sank around 2:30 a.m. Initial reports are that

some members of the 9-man crew were injured, and the crew abandoned ship. No information is currently

available on the cause of the incident. The M 192, a double-hulled petroleum barge, is carrying 135,000

barrels of #6 oil, and is adrift. No damage has been reported to the barge. The company activated its oil

spill emergency response plan to respond to the incident. The barge was destined for Corpus Christi, TX.

The U.S. Coast Guard was notified and a Coast Guard rescue helicopter was dispatched to the scene.

Other vessels in the vicinity are rendering assistance. Maritrans Operating Company L.P. is

headquartered in Tampa, FL, and operates a fleet of oil tankers, oil barges, and tug boats. Maritrans

Operating Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maritrans, Inc. (Source:Clipping News)

Fincantieri "close to building first AHTS.

Fairplay's daily news reports that Finarge in Italy is negotiating a contract to build a new AHTS at

Fincantieri shipyard which, if confirmed, would be the Italian shipbuilder’s first order of this type.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Fairplay said Finarge wants to order something similar to the AHTS San Fruttuoso, which has a bollard

pull of 185 tons, built at Aker Yards in Norway in 2003. However, as Fairplay also noted, there is a large

order backlog at Aker and other yards that build offshore support vessels, and Fincantieri is reportedly

offering a reasonable price for this first AHTS deal. (Source:Clipping News)

Singapore's Ezra orders deepwater AHTS

Singapore's Ezra Holdings Ltd today announced that wholly owned subsidiary, Lewek Shipping Pte Ltd

has ordered two new, deepwater equipped, multi-purpose anchor handling, towing and supply vessels

(AHTS) for S$65.3 million (US$40 million), excluding the cost of certain owner furnished equipment.

The two 70-meter 12,000 brake horsepower (bhp) AHTS will be Ezra's first two vessels for delivery in

financial year ending August 31, 2008. The contract has been awarded to Pan-United Marine Limited. In

FY2007, Ezra will also be taking delivery of nine new vessels comprising two anchor handling tugs (AHT),

six AHTS and a Heavy Lift Accommodation Pipelay Vessel. "We remain committed to our fleet expansion

program and our newbuilding orderbook is driven by strong demand from the offshore oil and gas sector,"

said Mr Lionel Lee, Ezra's Managing Director. He added: "We continually invest in a range of vessels for

both deep and shallow water support work so that we can better meet customer demand." Ezra has built

up a strong profit growth track record since its public listing in August 2003. In FY2005, Ezra reported a

138% rise in Group net profit to S$36.1 million (US$22.1 million). Ezra says it continues to build on its fleet

size as well as its range of offshore support capabilities. By end FY2008, the fleet under management and

operation will grow to 32 offshore support vessels with a strong deepwater E&P support services

capability. Ezra operates one of the youngest fleets of specialized vessels serving Asia's buoyant offshore

oil and gas industry. Pan United Marine says the new contracts will lift its orderbook to a record volume,

with 17 vessels to be delivered over 2006Ð08, and value of about S$400 million (US $245 million). The

PUM Group owns and operates two shipyards: Pan-United Marine Limited in Singapore; and under PT

Pan-United Shipyard Indonesia in Tanjung Uncang, on the northwest coast of Batam, Indonesia.

Qatari newbuild has SWATH hullform Doha Marine Services in Qatar has revealed details of the latest

addition to its fleet, DMS Constructor, a Small Waterplane Twin Hull (SWATH) vessel designed for

worldwide operations with an emphasis on the construction support in shallow and deep water. In a recent

statement, the company said it believes that the SWATH hullform is more stable than a conventional

monohull and that combined with DP 2, this creates a versatile, flexible vessel. The company said there

were other advantages to the SWATH design, including reduced wave drag, reduced powering, and a

more comfortable, smoother ride. DMS Constructor is 72m long with a beam of 28m and a deadweight of

around 2,750 tonnes. The main propulsion system takes the form of a quartet of fully azimuthing thrusters

with fixed pitch propellers of 1,200kW each. The diesel-electric power plant comprises four 1,750KW

alternators which will drive the vessel at a service speed of 10 knots. DMS Constructor has a clear deck

area of in excess of 1,000m2, deck cargo carrying capacity of 750 tonnes, and is capable of carrying

400m3 of fuel oil, 800m3 of fresh water and 2,000m2 of water ballast/drill water. DMS Constructor also

has fully air-conditioned accommodation for 250 and a hospital with two beds. A 4 x 4m moonpool will

allow the deployment of ROVs and diving equipment, and the vessel is equipped with two

electro/hydraulic telescopic cranes each with a boom length of 55m with a capacity of 50 tonnes at 6m

outreach and 20 tonnes at 20m mounted on the starboard side. (Source:Clipping News)

Bourbon reveals role in Rigdon Marine investment

Bourbon's equity investment will help Rigdon Marine acquire 10 more PSVs. Bourbon in France has

confirmed that, in line with its international development strategy, it has invested US$9.1 million in Rigdon

Marine in the US. Shortly beforehand, Rigdon Marine had announced that it was to acquire another 10

new PSVs. Bourbon said that its latest investment in Rigdon Marine would strengthen Rigdon's fleet and

"generate technical and operational synergies in both vessels and personnel." Bourbon Chairman and

CEO Jacques de Chateauvieux said: "This stake in Rigdon Marine is the natural outcome of four years of

collaboration. We have seen that this fast growing company has rapidly become a profitable service

provider.. particularly in the Gulf of Mexico. Our commitment is a clear demonstration of Bourbon's

investment policy, designed to assemble the best skills and resources to successfully fulill customer needs

for new generation vessels worldwide." (Source:Clipping News)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Fourth GPA 670 PSV delivered

Guido Perla, Chairman of Guido Perla and Associates (GPA), has announced the delivery of Hector, the

fourth of 10 GPA 670 PSVs designed by the company for Bourbon Offshore. Hector marks the last of four

original vessels ordered, but with the offshore support vessel market booming and with the successful

construction of Guido Perla and Associates’ design, Bourbon Offshore has expanded the GPA 670

building programme to a total of 10 vessels, which will be built at Zhejiang Shipbuilding in Ningbo, China.

“We established an office in China to oversee the construction of Bourbon’s GPA 670 Class of vessels.

The expansion of the project to ten vessels, demonstrates the satisfaction of the vessels owner to

continue the rejuvenation of its offshore fleet,” said Guido Perla. “The GPA series of platform support

vessels for Rigdon Marine Corporation and Bourbon Offshore has established our company as one of the

leading designers of platform support vessels in the world.” The GPA 670 PSVs are 240ft, diesel-electric

vessels, which are equipped with two stern-mounted Kawazaki KST-200 360 degree azimuthing Z-drive,

fixed pitch, 1,200 rpm powered, full range variable speed motors. A further enhancement to the dieselelectric

drives is the technologically advanced dynamic positioning system and the vessel management

system that provides total redundancy, which is required for the DP 2 certification. Consequently, if a

vessel system fails, it can be bypassed without the loss of control during cargo operations or while

maintaining position at an offshore facility. The GPA 670 vessel is capable of carrying 9,005 cubic feet of

bulk material and 6,868 barrels of liquid mud in self cleaning oval tanks. The vessels’ pumps deliver mud

to a height of 197ft above water. The 80-PSI air compressors can also deliver 50 tonnes of dry cement or

barite per hour to the same height. (Source:Clipping News)

Marine News:

Sales, Transfers & Renamings

Calabar Seahorse, 118/82 – tug. By Zapata Gulf Marine Service Ltd. S.A. Panama to Coloured Fin Ltd,

Trinidad & Tobago and renamed Telemachus.

Cleveland Cross, 290/89 – tug. Has been renamed Forth by Svitzer Marine Ltd, UK

Deben, 371/90 – tug. Has been renamaned Adsteam Deben by Adsteam UK, Southampton, UK.

Gulf Frontier, (Seacor Frontier – 03, Arcadian Commander – 96), 1530/81 – research. By Fleet Capital

Corp, USA to Team VI Ltd, St.Vincent and the Grenadines and renamed Team Liwa.

Gulf Yankee, (Seacor Yankee – 03, Nicor Yankee – 91), 975/82 – offshore tug/supply. By Fleet Capital

Corp. USA to Team VII Ltd, St.Vincent and the Grenadines and renamed Team Rima.

Jacklyn M. (Robert L.Torres – 93, Andrew Martin – 90), 198/76 – tug. Has been renamed G.L.Ostrander

by Lafarge Corp. USA.

Justine McAllister (S/R Carquinez – 01, Exxon Carquinez – 68, Exxon Maine – 55) 192/51 – tug. By

McAllister Towing & Transportation Co.Inc. (MT&T), to New York State University Maritime College, both

USA to and renamed The Privateer.

Karin S, (Diamante – 98), 120/95 – tug. By Stemat BV. St.Vincent and the Grenadines to Williams

Shipping Marine Ltd, UK and renamed Wilpower.

Motorman, (Searcher – 02, Smit-Lloyd 119 – 98, Bhiel Traveler – 91), 1389/77 – offshore tug/supply. By

Specialist Marine Services Ltd. To Eide Marine Services A.S. both Bahamas and renamed Eide Traveler.

Normand Viking, (Troms Titan – 05, Viking Titan – 00, Polar Titan – 92), 2535/85 – offshore tug/supply.

Has been renamed Normand Titan by Solstad Rederi A/S Norway.

Ocean Venture (S/R Golden State – 98, Exxon Golden State – 93, Eliska – 89, Eliska Theriot – 84)

172/75 – tug By SeaRiver Maritime Inc. To Moran Towing Corp. USA and renamed Paul T.Moran

Panagiotakis Star (Anglian Duke – 02, Endurance – 94, Azzurro Primo – 90, Maersk Blower – 87) 762/77

– offshore tug/supply. By Panagiotakis Star Salvage & Towage, Greece to Rederi AB Nestor, Portugal

(MAR) and renamed Herkules

S/R Everett (Launched as Mohawk) 858/00 – tug By First Security Bank of Utah NA (Corporate Trust

Division) to K-Sea Transportation Corp both USA and renamed Lincoln Sea

Seabulk Gannet I, (Red Gannet – 99, Sea Basset – 98, Boa Eskil – 95, Jon Viking – 90) 1030/76 –

offshore tug/supply. By Seabulk Gannet I Inc. Marshall Islands to Intone Pte. Ltd,. Singapore ans renamed

Ocean Gannet

Seabulk Grebe ( Red Grebe – 98, Smit-Lloyd 109 – 97) 1384/74 – offshore tug/supply. By Seabulk Grebe

Inc. To Rig Deliverer Shipping Inc. Both Panama and renamed Rig Deliverer.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Seabulk Wyoming (Bengal Sea – 96) 717/79 – offshore tug/supply. By Seabulk Offshore Ltd, USA to

Inter Gulf Marine LLC, UAE (Dubai) and renamed Al-Ased

Seacor Explorer 1596/01 – tug. By Java Marine Lines Pte.Ltd. Singapore to Gulf Fleet Middle East Inc.

Vanuata and renamed Nelson Tide

Seacor Fortitude (Big Orange 30 – 00, Veesea Diamond – 97, Subsea – 91, Nicor Subsea – 90,

Arcadian Seafarer – 85) 184/79 – standby safety. By Gem Shipping Inc. USA to Reserved Capital

Enterprise Corp, St.Kitts & Nevis and renamed Skif.

Seacor Intrepid, 1951/04 – offshore tug/supply. By Seacor Smit Offshore (Worldwide) Ltd. Marshall

Islands to Gulf Fleet Middle East Inc. Vanuatu and renamed Goldblatt Tide

Seacor Rebel (Nicor Rebel – 90) 296/83 – offshore tug/supply. By Seacor Marine International Inc. To

Jettco Marine Transportation Inc. USA and renamed J.F.Jett

Seacor Rover 1405/02 – offshore tug/supply. By Java Marine Lines Pte.Ltd. Bahamas to Gulf Fleet

Middle East Inc. Vanuatu and renamed Wilbert Tide

Sheba 389/00 – tug. By Med Marine Pilotage & Towage Services Construction Industry and Trade Inc.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines to Bahrain Bulk Trade WLL, Bahrain and renemaed Yasmin

Sun Mercia, 449/90 – tug. Has been renamed Adsteam Mercia by Adsteam UK, Gravesend. UK.

Toisa Panther (TNT Panther – 90) 846/84 – offshore supply. By Toisa Ltd. UK to Ahmed Ali Khalifa

Shipping Agencies Co.Inc. Panama and renamed Ahmed VI.

Troms Falken 2152/01 – offshore supply. By TFDS Offshore A/S to Solstad Rederi A/S both Norway and

renamed Normand Produce.

Troms Steggen 1992/00 – offshore tug/supply. Troms Brevik KS to Solstad Rederi A/S both Norway and

renamed Normand Vibran.

Troms Titan (Viking Titan – 00, Polar Titan – 92) 2535/85 – offshore tug/supply By TFDS Offshore A/S to

Solstad Rederi A/S, both Norway and renamed Normand Viking.


Amethyst 242/92 – tug was renamed Seaways 11 (Vct) prior to 18/04/2005

Badan 332/63 – tug was renamed Arctic Explorer (Swe) rpior to 8/8/2005

Comenda 641/78 – tug arrived at Horsens as Mira A (Den) on 13/11/2005


Catuan (Darlene Bisso – 01, Mohican (WYMT-73) – 87) 193/44 – tug, owned by Remolcadores

Dominicanos SA, Dominican Republic. Grounded 13/10/2005 and subsequently sank at San Pedro de

Macoris and although refloated 25/10, is considered to be a total loss.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 4

dd.29 Januari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Maritrans report about victims

Maritrans Operating Company L.P. announced today that the US Coast Guard has suspended any further

search and rescue efforts following the sinking of its tug VALOUR and confirmed that the missing

crewman is presumed lost at sea. A total of three crewmen lost their lives in the incident. They were Chief

Mate Fred Brenner, 53, of Baltimore, Maryland, Chief Engineer Richard Smoot, 50, of South Point, Ohio,

and AB/Tankerman Ron Emory, 56, of Milford, Delaware. There are six other crewmembers who were

rescued and who were reunited with their families on Thursday morning. "This tragedy saddens all of us at

Maritrans and we continue to keep the families of all of the crewmembers in our thoughts and prayers,"

said Jonathan Whitworth, President of Maritrans Operating Company L.P. Maritrans said its barge M 192

safely reached the Cape Fear River under tow this afternoon and is en route to Wilmington, N.C., following

an incident on Wednesday in which its tug, VALOUR, sank off the North Carolina coast. The barge will

receive a complete condition assessment for possible damage before it returns to operations. However,

the Coast Guard's preliminary assessment did not find any damage to the barge. There continues to be no

indication of any loss of cargo from the barge, which is carrying a type of heavy fuel oil. (Source: Clipping


Coast Guard suspends search for missing man, tug

Maritrans Inc, a maritime petroleum transport company, said on Thursday said search and rescue efforts

had been called off for its tug Valor and a missing crewman. The vessel sank off the coast of Cape Fear,

North Carolina Tuesday night while towing a barge filled with 130,000 barrels of oil. Two crew members

were found dead. Six others were rescued alive. The U.S. Coast Guard halted the search for the missing

man and the tug on Thursday. The three dead were identified as: Chief Mate Fred Brenner, 53, of

Baltimore, Maryland; Chief Engineer Richard Smoot, 50, of South Point, Ohio; and Tankerman Ron

Emery, 56, of Milford, Delaware. The tug sank after the barge it was towing broke loose, some 20 miles

east of Cape Fear. "This tragedy saddens all of us at Maritrans and we continue to keep the families of all

of the crew members in our thoughts and prayers," said Jonathan Whitworth, chief executive officer of

Maritrans. Maritrans Operating Company LP, a unit of Maritrans, said in a statement that there was no

indication any of oil was lost. The company's stock, which slid 5.5 percent on Wednesday after news of

the incident, rebounded on Thursday and closed up 5.3 percent or $1.32 at $26.19. (Source: Clipping


Floating Crane Sunk

On January 19 the floating self-propelled crane sank in Novorossiysk port. The crane's team (7 people)

was saved. The accident happened during the crane's towing operation. During the towing operation the

rope snapped and the 60 meters long crane fell on the western pier of the Novorossiysk Ship Repairing

Yard. As a result the 4 holes were made in the crane, the boom was broken. The 2 tugboats and a rescue

boat participated in the rescue operation. (Source: Clipping News)

Press Service Reports Kidnapping Of Four Off Tidewater Vessel

The Associated Press reported last week (January 18) that Nigerian rebels kidnapped four people off the

Tidewater vessel Liberty Service, including Patrick Landry, 61, captain of the vessel. Landry is a former

resident of New Iberia, La. Landry told his son, Dwight Landry, that about 40 rebels in three speedboats

overtook the Liberty Service. They were carrying rocket grenades, machine guns and other weapons.

They confiscated the boat. Tidewater contracts with Shell Oil to service Shell rigs throughout the world.

The elder Landry has worked for Tidewater for more than 30 years, his son said. While his family awaits

word, Shell has negotiators in the area, and they are in touch with the rebels. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Tug Boat Sinks In Dumwamish

A 101-foot tugboat sank at its moorage off the mouth of the Duwamish River and nearly dragged down a

second tug, officials said.The cause of the sinking of the tug Island Brave was unknown, said David

Zanzig, port captain for Island Tug & Barge, owner of the vessel. He said some of the more

than 20,0000 gallons of diesel fuel in the tugboat'stanks leaked before company divers sealed the fuel

tanks. The amount that escaped was undetermined but appeared to be small and wa s contained by

booms, Coast Guard Petty Officer Kurt Fredrickson said. Someone driving over the Spokane Street Bridge

notified the company about 11 a.m. Sunday that the Island Brave and Patricia S, to which it was tied, were

listing north of the bridge and east of Terminal 5. The Island Brave sank beneath the surface about 1:15

p.m. A large crane on a barge was brought to the scene in time to pull upward on the sinking tug so the

Patricia S could be cut free, Zanzig said. Slightly more than two years ago, the Patricia S took water and

slipped onto its side at the same location but was kept afloat. Another of the company's tugs sank and

was lost near Alaska about eight years ago, Zanzig said. Island Tug has 15 tugboats and 17 barges that

are used mainly to haul gravel and support construction. (Source: Clipping News)

Bollinger confirms Rigdon order

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., of Lockport, La., has announced the signing of a multi-vessel contract with

Rigdon Marine Corporation. Bollinger will build ten (10) platform supply vessels (PSV) for Rigdon Marine,

based on a new GPA 654 Class, designed by Guido Perla & Associates. The design incorporates

increased carrying capacity and greater operating efficiency, compared to similar sized vessels, while at

the same time allowing simplified construction methods to reduce construction cost. All ten vessels are

planned to be built at Bollinger's Lockport La. facility. Donald "Boysie" Bollinger, chairman and CEO of

Bollinger said, "We are excited about our upcoming program with Rigdon Marine. I have worked along

side of Larry and several of his team members for many years. The timing of this state of the art PSV

program is ideal for both of our organizations, and I am confident that this program is only the first of

several to come." The GPA 654 Class of PSV is a newly designed vessel that measures 190-ft. x 46-ft x

18Ðft. The vessels will be diesel-electric and classed ABS +A1+AMS+DP2, USCG Subchapter L and

SOLAS. Larry Rigdon, president and CEO of Rigdon Marine Corporation said, "Our organization is

committed to the redevelopment of the State of Louisiana and having the next phase of our building

program in Louisiana and at Bollinger is another reinforcement of that commitment." (Source: Clipping


Havila returns to Leirvik

Havila Shipping of Norway has signed up with domestic shipbuilder Havyard Leirvik to build a platform

supply vessel for NOK 270m ($41.22m). Delivery of the MT 6010-type ship is scheduled for August 2007.

It will then begin a long-term contract with Norway’s Norsk Hydro, Havila said. Havila has two

anchorhandlers on order at the Leirvik yard, plus a 20% interest in another similar vessel. (Source:

Clipping News)


De Montgat (2725 apk, 265/95, 43t paaltrek) is in 2005 door Remolcadores de Barcelona verkocht aan

Megalochari Hellenic Tugboats, Piraeus. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Bollinger delivers Bordelon OSV's

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., Lockport, Louisiana, has delivered the Offshore Supply Vessels Sarah

Bordelon and the Marcelle Bordelon to Bordelon Marine, Inc., Lockport, Louisiana. In 2001 Bordelon

Marine took delivery of three of the highly successful Bollinger 145-foot mini supply boats, which

expanded the Bordelon fleet to six vessels. Bordelon has once again taken the opportunity to grow its

fleet. This time it has added two 163 ft vessels that incorporate many features usually associated with

larger vessels. "We decided early on that we wanted to raise the bar and build vessels that were

completely state-of-theart, said Wes Bordelon, owner and vice president of operations, of Bordelon

Marine. These vessels utilize a number of cutting edge systems only found commonly on much larger

vessels. Systems such as computerized alarm and cargo monitoring, satellite communications, electronic

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

logs and charting software are all a part of being able to provide our customers with a higher level of

service and efficiency. Bollinger delivered that vessel in the Sarah and Marcelle." The new vessels are

163-feet long with a 36-feet beam and a depth of 11.5-feet. Light draft is 5.4-feet and maximum draft is

9.7-feet. Liquid mud capacity is 1,230 barrels, methanol capacity is 44,600 gallons and fuel oil capacity is

57,200 gallons. Deck cargo capacity exceeds 370 metric tons, with an open deck that measures 110-feet

x 30-feet. The vessels are classed ABS Load Line, DP, USCG Sub Chapter L, OSV. The Bordelon

vessels were designed with components, typically associated with their larger big brother OSV's. Both

vessels are outfitted with state of the art electronics packages and systems, with the BEIER IVCS 2000

Dynamic Positioning System, Independent Rudders Steering Control, and Propulsion Control System. The

systems allow the user to control, monitor and alarm any equipment via a touch screen interface. Graphic

displays allow the user to view different control and monitoring screens of each group of systems being

monitored. Each vessel is powered by 2 x Cummins KTA 38M0 main engines, driving Twin Disc 5301

reduction gears. The vessels have 1900 GPM Stang fire monitors, powered by an 8 x 6 Crane Denning

fire pump, driven by a Cummins N14 diesel engine. "Our production team has always stepped to the plate

to exceed our customer needs to meet the demands of the offshore support vessel industry," said Chris

Bollinger, executive vice president of new construction of Bollinger Shipyards. "Our close friends at

Bordelon once again had the confidence in our people to deliver that product in vessels that will take their

company into the future." (Source: Clipping News)

Edison Chouest announces more newbuildings

Galliano, La.-based Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) announced plans to construct several new anchor

handling towing supply vessels (AHTS) at its North American Shipbuilding (NAS) facility in Larose, La.

Additionally, the company is announcing plans to expand upon its highly successful series of 280-ft.

platform supply vessels (PSV), as well as many new fast supply vessels. In a release one week ago,

Bollinger Shipyards also announced the construction of two 245-ft. liftboats for Chouest. ECO has already

ordered ship's equipment for the first three AHTS vessels, and holds an option for another three vessels.

The first two AHTS vessels are to be delivered during the first and third quarters 2007. This new

proprietary hull design, 16,000 HP class, 280-ft, DP2, 200 MT bollard pull, new generation anchor handler

offers increased capacities for both deck and below-deck cargoes, with a deadweight tonnage of 4,236

LT. The ship will be equipped with a 500 MT three-drum winch, providing total wire capacity for 27,034

feet of 4.25-inch wire, with secondary winches with a total capacity of 33,160 feet of five-inch diameter

synthetic rope. Chain lockers will accommodate 18,700 feet of 3 3/4-inch chain. Deck equipment includes

dual tow pins, shark jaws and stern rollers. The third new Chouest AHTS vessel to be delivered in the

second quarter 2008 is a 348-ft, proprietary hull design, 16,000 HP class, DP2, 210 MT bollard pull, new

generation anchor handler. The vessel will feature a deadweight tonnage of 5,111 LT and is equipped with

a 600 MT four-drum winch, providing total wire capacity for 43,960 feet of five-inch wire and secondary

winches with a total capacity of 107,020 feet of five-inch diameter synthetic rope. Chain lockers will

accommodate 38,704 feet of 3 3/4-inch chain. Deck equipment includes dual tow pins, shark jaws and

stern rollers. "All three of the new anchor handling vessels have been designed to meet the challenges of

increased requirements for installation and recovery of deepwater mooring systems," said ECO President

Gary Chouest. To date ECO has delivered eight 280-ft. platform supply vessels, all currently working in

the Gulf of Mexico. The company is now releasing plans to construct an additional ten vessels, all slated

for delivery within the next 24 months. The ninth 280-ft. PSV, the DANTE, was recently completed at NAS

and is slated for delivery soon, to be closely followed by the ALLIE CHOUEST, currently being completed

at ECO affiliate North American Fabricators in Houma, LA, and scheduled for a March 2006 delivery. ECO

says the 280-ft series has revolutionized the supply vessel industry in the Gulf of Mexico, featuring a

deadweight of 4,800 tons, as well as dedicated below deck tankage for 15,415 barrels of liquid mud. The

vessels provide a clear deck area of 10,251 sq. ft. (203 ft x 50.5 ft), with a capacity of 2,700 LT. In recent

months ECO has taken delivery of two new 160-ft fast supply vessels, designed and built by Breaux

Brothers in Loreauville, LA. ECO is also announcing the continuation of that newbuild relationship, with

plans for an additional nine fast supply vessels over the next two years. The two 245-ft liftboats are based

on a Bollinger design that has proven to be an industry leading design that is American Bureau of

Shipping (ABS) classed and USCG certified subchapter L, meeting all SOLAS/MARPOL requirements.

The vessels will be built at Bollinger's Lockport, La. facility, with deliveries scheduled for the first and

second quarters 2007 (Source: Clipping News)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Thoresen buys supply ship

Thoresen Thai has acquired Swire Pacific’s 657-dwt supply vessel Pacific Oak (built 1982) for $3.1m as it

looks to bolster its offshore business. The Teraoka Zosen built vessel, to be renamed Mermaid

Performer, will join the already four strong fleet of Thoresen subsidiary Mermaid Offshore Ltd. Thoresen

said it acquired the vessel to serve the “increasing demands for dive support/survey vessels in our subsea

engineering business.” The Bangkok-based owner said funds for the acquisition would come from

Mermaid Offshore’s existing capital plus loans from its parent Mermaid Maritime. Havila confirms newbuild

to have safe cargo handling solution Havila Shipping in Norway has confirmed that it has signed a contract

with Havyard Leirvik AS to build a MT6010 PSV. Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for August 2007, and

on delivery the vessel will enter into a long term contract with Norsk Hydro. In December, Havila Shipping

received a Letter of Intent from Norsk Hydro for a long term contract for a single PSV vessel. The contract

period is for 10 years with five yearly options with a start-up of July 2006, so one of the company's vessels

will act as a frontrunner until delivery of the newbuild. Havila said the MT6010 will be noteworthy because

it will be equipped with Odim's newly developed safe cargo handling system. "This, combined with the

company's HSE policy, will contribute to a safe working environment onboard the vessel," said Havila.

(Source: Clipping News)

Meer Rotortugs op stapel

Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading, onderdeel van de Kotug Groep, laat vier sterke rotortugs bouwen bij de

ASL-werf in Singapore. Ze krijgen een trekkracht van ruim tachtig ton en worden in de tweede helft van

2007 opgeleverd. De order komt op het moment, dat ASL de laatste hand legt aan de vierde rotortug, die

KST eerder bestelde. Van deze serievan het type RT-60 zijn de eerste twee, de RT Stephanie en RT

Claire, in Le Havre ingezet. Nummer drie en vier, de RT Anthonie en RT Zoë, volgen binnenkort. Alle vier

hebben ze een trekkracht van zestig ton. De nieuwe serie van vier is van het type RT-80. Deze kunnen

ruim twintig ton meer trekken dan de RT-60. Qua afmetingen verschillen beide typen nauwelijks. De

Nieuwe serie wordt 28,30 meter lang en twaalf meter breed. De slepers krijgen drie Wartsila 8L20Choofdmotoren

van ruim 1600 kW, die elk een Wartsila/Lips azimuth schroefunit aandrijven. Verder kunnen

ze worden ingezet bij brandbestrijding. Volgens KST zijn er van de serie van vier al twee verkocht. De

naam van de kopers worden nog niet bekend gemaakt. De andere twee bouwt KST op speculatieve basis

voor de verkoop of voor bareboat verhuur. Tot nu toe zijn twaalf rotortugs in bedrijf of in aanbouw.

(Source: Shuttevaer)

Noors Eidesvik innoveert bevoorraders

De Noorse offshoreservicerederij Eidesvik combineert bij de bouw van een nieuwe platformbevoorrader

twee recente nnovaties, namelijk LNG-aandrijving en het ontwerp VS493 Avant. Beide vernieuwingen zijn

eerder afzonderlijk toegepast in respectievelijk de Eidesvik-schepen Viking Energy en Viking Avant.

Laatstgenoemd offshoreservicevaartuig onderscheidt zich van de gangbare psv’s doordat de machines,

de brug en de verblijfsaccomodatie op het achterschip zijn geplaatst. Daarmee lijkt het schip op een

gewoon vrachtschip. Volgens Eidesvik en de ontwerpers resulteert een dergelijk ontwerp in onder meer

een grotere stabiliteit en een gelijkmatiger geluidsniveau voor de bemanning. Het slankere laaddek geeft

goede vaareigenschappen en een gunstig brandstofverbruik. Nog een praktisch voordeel is bijvoorbeeld,

dat het risico wordt voorkomen dat slangen voor het overpompen van chemicalien en andere vloeistoffen

worden beschadigd door de hekschroef. De op LNG (vloeibaar aardgas) varende Viking Energy is in

gebruik sinds 2003 en heeft aangetoond dat de bedoelde brandstof qua milieuvoordelen geheel aan de

verwachtingen voldoet met een forse reductie van de emissies ten opzichte van gangbare brandstoffen.

Los daarvan zijn ook de kosten lager. Het design voor het nieuwe schip dat beide innovaties in zich

verenigt heeft de logische werktitel VS493 Gass-Aavant. Het 5600 brutoton metende schip wordt ruim 92

meter lang en 21 meter breed. De onder voor de bouw is gegund aan de Noorse werf West Contractors in

Ølensvåg, die de klus gaat klaren voor veertig miljoen euro. De oplevering is in augustus 2007. (Source:


Tug Sinks off Frying Pan Shoals, 3 Die

High seas off Frying Pan Shoals on the night of January 24 led to the sinking of a tugboat and the death of

three crew members. The 125-foot tugboat Valour set its barge adrift to turn around and recover a crew

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

member who fell overboard. During the search, the tug started taking on water and sank around 2:30 a.m.

on January 25 about 39 miles off the Cape Fear coast near the Frying Pan Shoals light tower. The U.S.

Coast Guard and the crew of another tugboat, Justine Foss, helped rescue six crewmen. One died after

being rescued. One of the missing two is believed to have gone down with the tug. The Coast Guard

searched more than 1,700 nautical square miles over a period of 16 hours for the other missing crew

member before suspending its search. The U.S. Coast Guard Station Oak Island did not have a boat in

the water for the search and rescue efforts. Gale-force winds exceeded 50 miles per hour and the seas

were 15 to 20 feet high when the boat went down. The barge, which was adrift for approximately 12 hours,

was carrying 5.5 million gallons of petroleum. While adrift, the barge hit and displaced a buoy but caused

no immediate damage. During the entire ordeal, no oil was spilled, Coast Guard officials said. The Justine

Foss towed the barge to a mooring Thursday at the N.C. State Port Authority in Wilmington. The Valour

remains submerged in approximately 100 feet of water. Divers were to search the vessel for the

crewmember and to assess any environmental impact. The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the

incident and will oversee salvage efforts. (Source: State Port Pilot)

Smit Bronco

De, bij IHC Sliedrecht, in aanbouw zijnde Smit Bronco verloopt volgens verwachting. Momenteel is de

brug geplaatst. De verwachting is dat deze week de schroefassen worden gestoken en de 2 x 8 cilinder

Caterpillars op de fundaties worden gezet. (Source: Hans van der Ster)


De Italiaanse zeesleper Letojanni, welke in Schiedam lag afgemeerd, is vertrokken met de

Anna 4 naar de Golf van Mexico. Kapitein Josef (oude bekende) melde dat het de bedoeling

was om zaterdag te vertrekken. Dit natuurlijk weer en weder dienende. Wij wensen de

Letojanni een goede reis. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 5

dd.05 Februari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Barge Partially Sinks

The AP has reported that a barge hauling 800,000 gallons of liquid asphalt that strayed from its tow has

partially sunk to the river bottom, according to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard said the barge doesn't

seem in danger of breaking. The river current has pushed the 80-foot barge sideways against a railroad

bridge near downtown Louisville. Nauert said the barge is believed to be stable. The barge was one of

three that got away from their tow Thursday when a connecting cable broke or separated. Two of the

barges were caught, but the third went over the McAlpine Dam spillway and eventually wedged against

the bridge. Officials can't tell how much has leaked from the barge, but Nauert said there was no evidence

of significant leaking. Barge owner Magnolia Marine Transportation Co. of Vicksburg, Miss., has hired a

Pennsylvania company, River Salvage Co., to bring in two crane barges to pump out the spilled asphalt

and secure the broken barge before it is towed away. The cleanup could take up to three weeks or more,

according to officials. (Bron: Marinelink)

Tidewater Announces The Release of Hostages

Tidewater Inc. confirmed that the four workers who were abducted by armed force and taken hostage from

its offshore supply vessel Liberty Service offshore the Niger Delta on January 11, 2006, were released

safe and well in the early morning hours of January 30, 2006. Three of the hostages were employees of

Tidewater Crewing Limited, a Tidewater subsidiary. They were Captain Patrick Landry, 61 years of age,

and a citizen of the United States; Harry Ebanks, 54 years of age, and a citizen of Honduras; and Milko

Yordanor Nitchev, 56 years of age, and a citizen of Bulgaria. The fourth hostage was Nigel Watson-Clark,

a citizen of the United Kingdom and an employee of Ecodrill. Both Tidewater and Ecodrill were working for

Shell Nigeria at the time of the attack. All of the workers will undergo medical examinations before

repatriation to their homes and families. Tidewater has worked closely with Shell Nigeria, Ecodrill, the U.S.

and U.K. governments, and the Nigerian authorities to bring about the successful release of the hostages.

(Bron: Marinelink)


Adsteam Warden (ASD 2411) officielen proefvaart (vanuit Waalhaven) op Donderdag en Vrijdag 09/10-


Smit Diare (ASD 3110) officieleproefvaart vanuit Gorinchem op 06/07/08/09-02-06.

Wadi Al Fai (ASD 2509 BN 510807) officieleproefvaart vanuit Gorinchem in week 7 kan onder de bruggen


Ankobra River (DST 2909 for Ghana) officieleproefvaart vanuit Gorinchem in week 7

Pawlina (ASD 3111 for Tug Malta) officieleproefvaart vanuit Gorinchem in week 8.

Smit Bronco, geplande opleverdatum is week 18, proefvaart is gepland in week 16 of 17.

Smit Kamara wordt op 9 februari gedoopt in de Waalhaven voor het kantoor van Smit. Zij zal hierna

vertrekken voor haar eerste karwei.

De RT Antonie maakt deze week de official trials en bollard pull test.

De RT Zoe volgt volgende week. Redwise brengt beide schepen naar Rotterdam en zullen hier worden

gedoopt. (Bronnen: J & F v.d.Hoek, Martijn de Jong; Ton Has)

Le Havre sleepbootoorlog?

De Franse autoriteiten in Le Havre dwarsbomen de nieuwe sleepdienst Société Nouvelle de Remorquage

du Havre (SNRH) en haar partner Kotug. Die conclusie trekken president-directeur Ard-Jan Kooren en

vice-president business development Dorus Knegtel van Kotug nu de vijf schepen, waaronder drie Rotor

Tugs, die in Le Havre zijn gestationeerd nog steeds niet aan het werk kunnen. De nodige vergunningen

leken binnen te zijn en de combinatie dacht begin dit jaar te kunnen beginnen met havensleepdiensten in

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Le Havre. Maar Kotug en SNRH kregen te horen dat er nog een na-inspectie moet plaatshebben. ‘Onze

boten en bemanningen waren goedgekeurd, alleen het bemanningsschema nog niet’, zeggen Kooren en

Knegtel. ‘We lopen vanaf het begin al tegen allerlei muren op. Zo hebben we al twee keer een weigering

gehad voor het bemanningsschema voor vaar- en rusttijden. Daar komt bij dat onder druk van de bonden

in Frankrijk er op elke sleepboot vier man moet varen, terwijl dat er wettelijk drie mogen zijn. Dus worden

wij verplicht ook met vier man aan boord te varen. Het mooiste was nog, dat in de technische inspectiecommissie

van twaalf man, die 6 januari en daarna kwamen inspecteren, er drie van concurrent Les

Abeilles waren.’ Volgens een medewerker van Les Abeilles Le Havre heeft het bedrijf geen problemen

met een nieuwe sleepdienst. ‘Wel willen we dat zo’n bedrijf zich aan de Franse sociale verplichtingen

houdt en dat de sleepboten alle in Frankrijk verplichte uitrusting en veiligheidsmiddelen aan boord

hebben. Wanneer de uitgangspunten gelijk zijn aan die van ons hebben we niets tegen concurrentie.’

(Bron: via Leo Kramer)


29 januari is de Manus (ex ARGUS 3) van Fa. Schramm vertrokken naar de

Carib onder de naam Midgard La Dani (vlag Dom. republiek). (Bron: Wim Kosten)

Multratug 5

De MULTRATUG 5 is ondertussen hernaamd in NDJI-NDJI onder de vlag van Congo. (Bron: Wim Kosten)

Barge Sinks on Ohio River

(Editor’s note: We have been swamped with reports about runaway barge problems on the Ohio River.

We’ll try to sort out the facts.) Television newscasts out of Louisville on Thursday, January 26. reported,

"A tug was pulling three barges carrying asphalt when they broke free" about 2 p.m. One barge was

recovered a short time later. A second went through McAlpine Locks and Dam and struck the K & I Bridge,

officials said. A third barge was reported to be resting harmlessly against the lower gates of the dam and

appeared to be in no danger. The Coast Guard had considered shutting down the Sherman Minton Bridge

as a precaution but did so only briefly. The temporary shutdown of Sherman Minton came after a vessel

tried to retrieve a barge. Officials ended the attempt due to danger to the workers. The barge shifted, and

that’s when the shutdown of the bridge occurred. The K & I Bridge is owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

It crosses the Ohio between Louisville’s Portland neighborhood and eastern New Albany, Ind. Trains

continue to cross the bridge, but the bridge is inspected each time before they cross. On the 27th it was

reported by "" that the barge lodged against K & I Bridge was leaking hot asphalt and

diesel fuel. (The barge carried 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel used to power heaters that were used to keep

the asphalt in a constant liquid state.) How much fuel was spilled was not known at the time. The river was

closed to commercial traffic Thursday night until the situation was resolved. (This report said two barges

had gone over the McAlpine Dam spillway.) The leaking barge against the K & I Bridge was buckled and

sinking. It was turned on its side against two bridge pilings. The Federal Railroad Administration has been

asked to investigate the structural safety of the bridge. Two towboats were stationed near the buckled

barge to stop it in case it breaks loose from the bridge. If that were to happen, Sherman Minton would be

shut down. Each of the three 80-foot barges were carrying about 19,500 barrels of asphalt. That was

estimated to be about 800,000 gallons. The Coast Guard said that any leaked asphalt most likely has

solidified and gone to the bottom. That left in the barge probably coagulated as it cooled, he said. It was

reported on the 28th by the "Courier-Journal" that the barge would be removed sometime this week and

that it was expected to remain against the K & I Bridge at least till the 30th. Magnolia Marine Transport

Co., owner of the barge, reportedly has hired River Salvage of near Pittsburgh (Crescent, Pa.) and its

equipment (including two crane barges) was expected to arrive today (Monday). Cleaning up the barge for

movement could take up to three weeks, a Coast Guard spokesman said. The river was reopened to

commercial traffic Friday and backed-up traffic was almost clear by Friday night, the Coast Guard said.

The report of the 27th said two of the barges had been recovered and just the barge against the K & I

Bridge was the problem. As per usual, the environmental activities are taking place and investigations are

underway from the respective agencies. (Bron:Jan van der Doe)

James Marine, Inc., To Purchase Tennessee Valley Towing Assets

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

James Marine, Inc., Paducah, Ky., has announced its intention to purchase the assets of Tennessee

Valley Towing, also of Paducah, with final closure of the transaction taking place in mid-summer. Ronnie

James, president and CEO of James Marine, reportedly approached TVT officials in the fall of 2005 about

the possibility of purchasing TVT. At the time it was not for sale. But after further discussion, TVT officials

decided the time was right. James Marine intends to retain TVT’s management staff and towboat

personnel, the announcement said. (Bron:Jan van der Doe)

Indian yard to build three AHTS for Lamnalco

ABG Shipyard Ltd, one of India's leading private shipyards, has secured a contract to build three anchor

hanlders for Cyprus-based Lamnalco Ltd. The three newbuilds are due to be delivered in 20, 22 and 24

months respectively from the date of the contract coming into force. ABG Shipyard has delivered five

vessels to Lamnalco in the recent past and has two more under construction for the company at its yard in

Surat. (Bron: via Leo Kramer)

Triple-Engine Tug From Rodriguez

In mid-January Rodriguez Boat Builders Inc. of Bayou LaBatre Alabama installed three Cummins KTA38

M0 diesels in the finished hull of a new 90 by 32-foot tug for Hughie L. Cheramie, Inc. of Galliano

Louisiana. With the engines installed in the new hull the already completed steel work for the deckhouse

was lifted into place and the tug showed its final shape. Finishing would take another three months with

delivery to the owners scheduled for April. Except for the engines and the owner supplied double-drum

towing winch the boat is a virtual sister ship to the Gloria G. Cherami built at Rodriguez a few years ago.

Electrical service will be supplied by two Cummins 4BTA 60 kw generator sets. The boat will be ABS load

line inspected. The three Cummins mains will generate 850 hp each at 1800 RPM for a combined 2550 hp

driving the boats three props. This will be the seventh boat that Rodriguez has built for Huey Cheramie.

(Bron: Marinelink)

DOF confirms award of newbuild contract to Kleven Verft

District Offshore (DOF) in Norway has confirmed that it has awarded Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway a

contract to build a VS495 DEM multi-purpose PSV to fulfill the terms of a 10-year charter from Norsk

Hydro Produksjon AS.DOF said the vessel will be delivered in third quarter of 2007. (Bron: via Leo


Trial Program Yard Number 511727, Damen ASD 3110, “Smit Diare”

Date: 06 of February 2006 (yard trials)

07 of February 2006 (official trials)

08 of February 2006 (official trials)

Location: Europort Rotterdam / North Sea

Monday 6 th of February 2006

08.00 hr Departure to Europort Rotterdam

14.00 hr Arrival at Europort Rotterdam

14.30 hr Yard trials

16.30 hr End of program

Tuesday 7 th of February 2006

08.00 hr Departure to Bollard Pull location

08.30 hr Bollard Pull trials

12.00 hr Winch trials

16.30 hr Anchor / fire fighting / black out trials

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

18.15 hr End of program

Wednesday 8 th of February 2006

08.00 hr Departure to North Sea

08.30 hr Start endurance trials

12.30 hr Photo session at North Sea

13.15 hr Speed trials

14.30 hr Manoeuvring trials

15.30 hr End of official trials

16.00 hr End of program

(Bron:Damen via Willem Ruts)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 6

dd.12 Februari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Zeesleper Gepard na 8 jaar weg uit Vlissingen?

De zeesleper Gepard die al ruim 8 jaar aan de kade bij De Schelde ligt is verkocht aan een bedrijf die

ermee aan het werk gaat in het Midden-Oosten. Het schip kwam ooit in Vlissingen voor een verbouwing,

maar toen de eigenaren de rekening niet wilden betalen ging het aan de ketting. Een groep investeerders

uit Oekraïne heeft het schip nu gekocht. Morgen vertrekt het voor een eerste opknapbeurt in de

Scheldehaven. Woensdag gaat het dan per sleepboot naar Polen voor de eindreparatie. (Bron: Lida Saaij)

RT Antonie & RT Zoë

RT-Antonie en RT-Zoë worden vooralsnog niet in Rotterdam gedoopt, doen hoogstwaarschijnlijk R’dam

wel aan maar doop staat gepland in Bremerhafen. (Bron:Ton Has)

Washburn & Doughty Delivers Bulldog to Crescent Towing

Washburn & Doughty Associates, Inc. delivered the Bulldog, a 98 x 37 ft., 6700 hp, Z Drive Firefighting

Tug, to Crescent Towing of New Orleans, Louisiana. Bulldog provides ship-assist and escort services for

LNG tankers at the Elba Island LNG re-gasification terminal in Savannah, Georgia. Bulldog is a new

Washburn & Doughty in-house design and the first tug built at the yard for Crescent Towing. Washburn &

Doughty’s Chief Naval Architect and Vice President, Bruce Washburn, drew on the company’s extensive

experience designing and building Z Drive Tugs for ship docking and LNG operations while designing the

98’ Tug. Since 1999, the company has designed and built 18 Z Drive Tugs, 6 of which are used at LNG

Terminals. With the 98’ design, Washburn & Doughty maintained a traditional look while providing 360

degree visibility in the pilothouse. Underwater the vessel features a deep box skeg designed to enhance

escorting without sacrificing maneuverability. Throughout the design process Washburn & Doughty

received significant input from Crescent, Moran Towing Corporation, the shipping companies and their

consultant, Greg Brooks. In addition, Washburn & Doughty contracted with Glosten Associates who

analyzed the tug’s escort capability from their escorting computer model. Glosten predicted that at 8 KTS

the tug will have steering forces of 75.6 ST and braking forces of 116.2 ST. Bollard pull tests on January

10th in Newport News, Virginia revealed the following results: Forward Mode – 180,000 LBS (90 Tons);

Forward Mode Max – 182,000 LBS (91 Tons). Bulldog is classed ABS Maltese Cross A1, Maltese Cross

AMS, Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting Class 1, Escort Vessel. The Firefighting 1 classification requires two

monitors to each produce 5280 gallons per minute for a distance of 394’ at a height of 148’, as well as a

deluge system and the ability to sustain firefighting operations for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours.

Firefighting 1 equipment includes two Caterpillar 3412C engines rated at 900 HP @ 2100 RPM and

Nijhuis HGTFI-1-250.500 pumps located in the engine room. The pumps supply two remote controlled FiFi

1 monitors mounted on the aft upper deck. Controls for the monitors are in the pilothouse and locally at

the monitors. The firefighting system also includes a deluge sprinkler system and eight (8) fire stations

located on the main deck. Bulldog is powered by two medium speed GE 7FDM12 main engines that each

produce 3350HP @ 1050RPM. The propulsion system is completed by Rolls Royce model US255 Z

Drives with 2800mm, 4 blade, stainless steel propellers. Bulldog is equipped with John Deere model

6068TFMGK-99, Tier 2 emissions certified, marine generator sets providing 99KW @ 1800RPM, 208V 3

phase power. One generator is normally on-line while the other is on standby. In the event that the on-line

generator fails, the standby generator will automatically start and go on line. The generator experiencing

the failure will be automatically shut down. The main switchboard provides for automatic paralleling of the

generator sets and is integrated with the winch controls. The online generator provides sufficient power to

operate the winch in normal (assist) mode. When high power (escort) mode is selected, the standby

generator is automatically paralleled with the online generator. The bow is fitted with a Markey type DESF-

48, 100 HP electric escort winch. The winch drum holds 750 ft. of 9" synthetic line. The winch features

line-pulls up to 365,000 lbs. @ 0- 8 FPM; line-speeds up to 600 FPM; and a drum brake holding capacity

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

of 476,000 lbs utilizing an Eaton water cooled brake. A 15 hp Markey CEWC-60 electric stern hawser

capstan is located on the aft deck and a 5 hp Markey CEP-40 electric messenger capstan is fitted on the

foredeck. Bow fendering includes 12"x14" rectangular molded rubber on the upper section; 16" soft loop

on the middle section; and a "Turk’s head" style fender on the lower section. 12"x14" rubber "D" fender is

fitted at the main deck on the sides and stern. Accommodations are located in the deckhouse and include

a mess/galley; four two man staterooms, two heads and lockers. (Bron:Jan van der Doe)

Merou met sleep naar Italie

De aan de Parkade in Rotterdam liggende supplier/tug Merou is verkocht aan India eigenaren. Voordat zij

naar India vertrekt zal ze met de E 6002 vanuit Rotterdam eerst Italie aandoen om aldaar de E 6002 af te

leveren. De E 6002, van Smit Transport Europe BV, zou zoals eerder vermeld worden gesloopt in ’s-

Gravendeel. Van hieruit is zij echter doorverkocht aan Italiaanse eigenaren. (Bron:Hans van der Ster)

Waterman op sjouw met de E 3505

De sleepboot Waterman, van Wagenborg uit Delfzijl, vertrekt deze week met de E 3505 naar zee. Zij gaat

een Ro-Ro klep laden. Die dan wordt versleept naar een Engelse plaats en aldaar zal worden gelost door

de Matador van Bon en Mees. (Bron:Hans van der Ster)


De afgelopen week heeft enkele dagen een bijzonder transport verwaaid gelegen in de Waalhaven, voor

het pakhuis van Smit. Het betrof het transport met een top sectie voor een containerkraan. Dit transport

zou uit Rotterdam vertrekken naar Antwerpen. De sectie was geladen op de E 3503 met als voor ponton

de E 1601 en als kopbak de 103. Het geheel zal versleept worden door de Taktow 1 als kopboot en de

Maas als achter duwboot. (Bron:Hans van der Ster)

Smit Kamara gedoopt.

Voor het hoofdkantoor van Smit is afgelopen middag, 9 februari 2006, de Smit Kamara gedoopt door

Mevr. Kathleen de Weijer-Findlay, 'Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.' (NAM). Om 12.35, na de

doopster het schip en haar bemanning een behouden vaart te hebben gewenst, viel de fles champagne

met geweld tegen het SB anker. Hierna stegen een grote hoeveelheid ballonnen van af het voordek de

lucht in die gelijk speelballen werden van de gure wind. Op de naast de Smit Kamara gelegen ponton

werd op Chineese wijze, met de drakendans, de goden verzocht om het schip veilig over de wereld zeeen

te begeleiden. Na deze plechtigheid zocht het doopgezelschap de warmte op waar onder het genot van

een hapje en drankje deze feestelijke doop werd gevierd.(Bron:Hans van der Ster)

Smit International NV net earnings increase by roughly 40%

Rotterdam, 9 February 2006 As previously reported on 20 December 2005, Smit International NV

anticipated net earnings significantly higher than the EUR 27.4 million net earnings it booked during 2004.

We are now able to announce that, with respect to the previous fiscal year, net earnings for 2005 have

risen by nearly 40% to EUR 38.3 million. Despite facing a heavier tax burden of 30% (up from 24% in

2004), the divisions Harbour Towage, Terminals and Transport & Heavy Lift achieved better results in

comparison to 2004. The Salvage division performed well above the so called historical average. Our

associated companies, under which the harbour towage activities with outstanding results, also performed

exceptionally well. Further information will be provided when the 2005 annual figures are published on

9 March 2006 (Bron: Smit)

En Avant 31 verkocht

De sleepboot En Avant 31 van Sleepdienst En Avant uit Dordrecht is verkocht aan Sleepdienst H.Verduin

uit Amsterdam en omgedoopt in Ruiterkade. Zij werd gebouwd in 1939, onder bouwnummer 342 bij Atlas

Werke AG in Bremen als Star voor de Kriegsmarinewerft in Wilhelmshafen. De afmetingen waren 24,30 x

6,30 x 2,46 meter. Zij was uitgerust met 1200 pk Deutz. In 1940 werd ze ingedeeld bij Operation Seelöwe

en gestationeerd in Calais. Na de oorlog kwam ze als oorlogsbuit in handen van het U.S.Military

Government in Hamburg. Vanaf 1949 voer ze onder Nederlandse vlag, eerst als Walcheren XI van het

gelijknamig scheepvaartbedrijf uit Amsterdam, daarna, zonder naamsverandering van 1950 tot 1953 bij C.

van Splunter uit Amsterdam. Voorts voer ze vanaf 1953 als Tholen van T.v.d.Grijp uit Giessendam en

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

vanaf 1954 als Carla van T.den Breejen & Van den Bout uit Aerdenhout, die haar in 1962 verkocht aan

Rederij T.Muller uit Dordrecht. De 1200 pk Deutz werd in 1978 vervangen door 1530 pk Caterpillar. (Bron:


Seabreeze January 2006 Report

BHP Billiton fixed newbuild Far Sword

BHP Billiton Petroleum (BHPB) has fixed Farstad’s AHTS UT712 Lady Caroline and the newbuild AHTS

UT712L Far Sword, due for delivery from Aker Brevik in April 2006, for a period of 330 to 420 days. Start-

up is scheduled to commence in late May. The vessels will be supporting BHPB’s drilling program offshore

northwest Australia. In addition the UT728L Far Saltire’s contract has been extended by five months until

June 2006. The AHTS will operate for BHPB and Woodside Energy in the Australian sector.

Acadian Update

The 1991 built UT705 PSV Acadian Sea redelivered from her term charter with ASCO at the end of 2005.

This vessel (the ex Far Server) then began another term charter with French oil company Total,

supporting the semi-submersible Sedco 714 and should be close to completing work at the start of

February. For those of you interested, an Acadian is a native or inhabitant of Acadia, a former French

colony on the East coast of North America.

Lady Melinda for Technip in Angola

Farstad’s UT755 PSV Lady Melinda has been awarded a six month contract by the engineering and

construction company Technip in Angola from January.

Amerada Hess fixed the Bourbon Peridot

Houston based Amerada Hess Corporation has awarded the Ulstein P105 PSV Bourbon Peridot a twoyear

contract to perform sub sea operations in Equatorial-Guinea on the west coast of Africa. The vessel

has served three months as a front-runner for a Bourbon newbuild BP Norway has taken for a 10-year

contract and will be modified for its new duty for Amerada Hess.

Piper Performs for Peterson

January saw Peterson Logistics B.V. award the UT755 PSV Highland Piper a one year contract plus two

1-year options. The vessel completed her term charter with Venture Production PLC and entered dry

dock. The vessel will start with Peterson Logistics in mid February.

Polar Bears

2005 was an eventful year for Rieber Shipping of Bergen as they disposed of older tonnage and acquired

the MV Knight now renamed Polar Queen and announced 2 newbuild seismic vessel orders with options

for 2 sister vessels. The new year has started positively with confirmation of several term charters. Polar

Prince has been fixed to Deepocean for 6 months firm from 1st April. The vessel will mainly be working

for Statoil. Ernest Shackleton was signed up by Stolt Offshore for a 120 day seasonal charter commencing

on the vessel’s return from Antarctica where the vessel has been performing her usual support duties for

the British Antarctic Survey. Also going to Stolt is the Polarbjorn which is fixed for 6 months starting in

March. Prior to commencement of this charter the vessel is being marketed jointly by Rieber and Stolt.with

a Solo workclass ROV installed onboard. Meanwhile the Polar King recently completed a Canyon/BP

flotel charter at Thunderhorse in the US Gulf and is now performing ROV support duties for Canyon until

early February, at which time she is scheduled to depart for a European shipyard for modifications for her

7 year seismic charter with Fugro Geoteam.

Mediterranean Manoeuvers

PSV's Highland Monarch and North Prince have completed their charters with BP Turkey. The Monarch

is currently drydocking in Malta prior to relieving the Highland Valour which has been front running on a

charter to BP Egypt. The BP Egypt contract, which covers the UT755 design Highland Monarch and the

UT722L design AHTS Highland Endurance runs until December 2007. The North Prince will return to

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

the North Sea prior to commencing a 6 month charter with Shell in Ireland. The Highland Valour is also

scheduled to return to the North Sea and is currently uncommitted.

New Rolls-Royce ship design unveiled

Roll-Royce has unveiled the latest design in its family of coastal protection vessels at the Pacific 2006

exhibition in Sydney, Australia. The latest design, the UT527, delivers fire fighting, emergency towage and

pollution control capability and can hold up to 320 survivors of a marine disaster. A medium sized

helicopter and two smaller daughter craft are also available for specific missions. It can remain at sea for

up to three years without return if required, changing crew and being replenished at sea. The 92-metre

long ship, powered by RR Bergen diesel engines, world be capable of more than 20 knots and have an

unrefuelled range of 20,000 nautical miles at 16 knots. RR has identified three naval markets for its ships

designs: coastal protection vessels, underway replenishment ships and fast logistics vessels.

Perenco Pick

Perenco were in fixing action this month and concluded agreement on two vessels to support the GSF

Labrador. The ERRV Esvagt Supporter was fixed to provide the standby cover for the rig and the

Malaviya 18 UT755L was selected for the PSV support work with the JU GSF Labrador in the Southern

North Sea commencing mid/end February. The Malaviya 18 will support the rig ex Great Yarmouth. Both

vessels will be employed for approximately 60 days. When the rig hands over to Perenco this will release

the PSV UT705 Aqaurius which is currently supporting the rig.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ...

In mid January, Louisiana based shipowners Rigdon Marine Corporation announced they had gained

financing for ten new vessels to be built by a major Louisiana shipbuilder. Readers may remember that

Rigdon had recently taken delivery of ten GPA 640 vessels, however this latest announcement is for the

construction of a new class of PSV called the GPA 654. Delivery of these vessels is expected to be

completed in Autumn 2008 with the first arriving around the start of the second quarter of 2007.

New ROV/Survey vessel for DeepOcean

Østensjø Rederi AS will have an ST-254CD ROV/ Survey vessel built for DeepOcean at an estimated cost

of NOK 350 million. On delivery in the 4 th quarter of 2007 the vessel will commence an 8-year contract

plus options with DeepOcean.

New order from Vroon

A contract for the construction and delivery of two Damen Platform Supply Vessels 7216 was signed with

Vroon B.V. These vessels built to standard Damen design will be deployed for supply and general

assistance operations for offshore drilling rigs and production platforms. Propulsion is provided by a

diesel-electric system through two azimuth thrusters and in addition a bow thruster is fitted. An extensive

cargo handling system is fitted which includes tanks for fresh water, fuel, dry bulk, liquid mud, brine, glycol

and oil. Tugger winches, hydraulic capstans and two hydraulic cranes are fitted on the main deck.

Accommodation is provided for 24 persons. The first vessel will be delivered in 2007, the second one in


Edison Chouest to build three AHTS at NAS

Further news reaches Seabreeze from our Houston office – Edison Chouest are going to build three

anchor handlers (with an option for three more) at their own yard in North America. Delivery for the first

AHTS is expected in the first quarter of 2007 and its details will include 16,000 BHP, 200 tonnes bollard

pull and an overall length of around 85 metres. The third vessel will, however, be a little different from the

first two in that it will have a slightly larger bollard pull (210 tonnes) and an LOA of more than 100 metres

with delivery scheduled for April-June 2008.

Nomis Shipping Ltd Newbuild Dea Olympian

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Nomis Shipping Ltd newbuild AHTS Dea Olympian has been delivered 16th January from the Jaya Yard

in Indonesia. The 5500BHP vessel will be marketed in Asia.

Augusta orders two AHTS with Kleven

Naples-based Augusta Offshore SpA has placed an order with Kleven Maritime for two UT-734N offshore

vessels to be delivered in June and August 2007. The vessels have a number of functions and facilities

making them well suited for supply services, anchor handling, towing, oil recovery and rescue operations.

Main specifications: LOA 68.90m, Breadth 16.80m, main engines 11,424BHP and 132 tons BP towing


Geo ASA to convert two cable vessels

Geo ASA has purchased two cable laying vessels from Japan for delivery ultimo January. The vessels,

built in 1998 and 2000 and with a LOA of 98m and 117m respectively, will be converted for use in the

offshore and seismic market. The total investment will amount to approximately US$ 50 million.

Bourbon invests US$ 9.1m in Rigdon Marine

In line with its international development strategy, Bourbon has invested US$ 9.1 million in the American

group Rigdon Marine. The investment contributes to the implementation of the new financial structure of

Rigdon Marine, which is simultaneously announcing that is has obtained bank loans of US$ 170 million

and new equity capital from American investors besides Bourbon. This financial restructuring will allow

Rigdon Marine to finance the construction of 10 new vessels and double its fleet by the end of 2008,

forming the foundation for continued growth. In addition to the first 10 new generation PSV’s already

operated by Rigdon Marine, Bourbon’s current investment will strengthen the Rigdon Marine fleet and

generate technical and operational synergies in both vessels and personnel.

Second Aker PSV09 for GulfMark Offshore

DOF orders MPSV with Kleven Maritime Olympic Shipping orders sub-sea vessel Early January GulfMark

Offshore has exercised an option to build a second Aker PSV09 design vessel. The vessel, which will be

an identical sister ship to the Aker PSV09 currently under construction in Norway, is a 4,850 DWT diesel

electric powered PSV. The purchase price for this vessel is approximately US$30 million, with delivery

expected during the third quarter of 2007.

North Ocean 1 orders construction vessel

The Norwegian-Dutch joint venture North Ocean 1 KS, based in Bergen Norway, has awarded the

Spanish shipyard Matalships & Dock a contract to build a sophisticated construction vessel. The diesel

electric powered vessel will be capable of subsea construction, laying umbilicals, maintenance work on

subsea infrastructure and of general support duties. Main specifications: LOA 120m, beam 27m, DPII and

accommodation for 120. According to the yard there are two options which have to be declared shortly.

Construction will start later in the first quarter of 2006 and should be completed in 17 months. This is the

second contract Metalships has secured from this owner, having delivered the Arbol Grande in May 2003

DOF orders MPSV with Kleven Maritime

Kleven Verft, Ulsteinvik has been awarded a contract by DOF for the construction of a MPSV of VS495

DEM design. The contract value is around NOK 315 million with delivery in the third quarter of 2007. The

vessel is 96.9m long with a beam of 21m and a 1,030m2 deck space.

Olympic Shipping orders sub-sea vessel

Olympic Shipping has signed a contract with Ulstein Verft AS for the building of a large multifunctional

sub-sea vessel Ulstein P101 with delivery end of October 2007. The contract value is around NOK 300

million. The 95 metres long vessel can accommodate 87 people and will be prepared for an active heave

compensated crane, ROV and a helicopter deck. And with ice class ICE-C the vessel will be able to

operate even in artic water like the Barents Sea. The sub-sea sector is currently one of the fastest growing

industries as oil companies increasingly tap deepwater reserves. Almost 40% of UKCS oil production now

comes from sub-sea wells.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 7

dd.19 Februari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Tank Barge Damages Marina in Port of Memphis

On Saturday night the Coast Guard Command Center in Memphis was notified by the towing vessel A.

DEAN HEASLEY that one of the two barges they were towing had struck the Riverside Park Marina.

Coast Guard investigators were dispatched to the scene of the accident. The marina sustained significant

damage but no injuries were reported. The marina holds many houseboats and is home to approximately

60 people. Many of the boats were affected by the accident with one reported to be taking on water. The

two tank barges, which were empty at the time of the accident, were being towed to the refinery in the port

for a scheduled loading. West-Northwest winds of 15 mph were reported last night and may have been a

factor in the casualty. The crew of the towing vessel was tested on scene by the Coast Guard for evidence

of alcohol with negative results. Mandatory drug testing of the crew was also ordered by the towing vessel

company, the results are pending. The Coast Guard and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will

coordinate on the marine casualty investigation into the circumstances surrounding this accident. (Bron:


Aker Yards to Build PSV

Aker Yards has confirmed an optional agreement with Siem Offshore Inc for the building of two Platform

Supply Vessels. The value of the contract is approximately NOK 275 million. Delivery is scheduled for

second quarter 2007 from Aker Yards, Aukra. The vessels are of Vik Sandvik design, VS 470 Mk II. The

vessels will be equipped with dynamic positioning, special product tanks, azimuth thrusters and

accommodation for 34 persons. (Bron: Marinelink)

Kirby Marine Orders New Towboats

Kirby Marine has 241 active towboats and 887 active tank barges with a total capacity of 16.4 million

barrels. The company’s ongoing repower program that has seen 46 Cummins engines installed to date.

More recently the publicly traded corporation has announced plans for two new builds the first of which will

be delivered in September 2006. The 90x35x10-foot vessel will be built by Quality Marine of Houma

Louisiana to a design by Maine-based naval architect Corning Townsend. The new vessel will be powered

by a pair of Cummins KTA38 M2 engines rated at 1050 HP each at 1600 RPM each. The engines will turn

into Twin Disc MG5600 gears with 6.4:1 rations. The propellers are 82x63-inch and mounted on 7.5-inch

tail shafts. Electric service for the vessel will come from a pair of 99 Kw generator sets. Deck equipment

will include a pair of Nabrico 40 ton electric over hydraulic winches. Tankage on the new towboat includes

22,144 gallons of fuel, 12,040 gallons of water and 513 gallons of water. With an estimated bollard pull of

42,000 pounds the towboats will each push three 30,000-barrel barges on canal and river operations.

Accommodation will be provided for four to six crew-members. (Bron: Jan van der Doe)

Siem Offshore confirms Kleven deal

Vessel & ROV News - February 17, 2006 Siem Offshore has confirmed that it has signed a contract with

Kleven Maritime AS for the construction of multifunction field and ROV support vessel for delivery in June

2007. The vessel is a MT6016L design from Marin Teknikk with a length of 104m and a beam of 20m, and

will have a deck area in excess of 1,100 m2, large lifting capacity, accommodation for 100, launch and

recovery systems for ROVs, moonpool, and helideck. The vessel is designed for worldwide subsea

operations including light construction work, maintenance, and ROV services. (Bron: Leo Kramer)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Scheepswerf bouwt grote pijpenlegger

De scheepswerf Merwede in Hardinxveld-

Giessendam gaat een grote pijpenlegger bouwen voor het internationale offshorebedrijf Subsea 7. De

bouw zal tussen de 170 en 200 miljoen dollar kosten. Het schip wordt 150 meter lang en er zullen 120

bemanningsleden op gaan werken. De werf steekt er ruim 500.000 mansuren in. Toeleveranciers en

onderaannemers nemen nog eens het dubbele daarvan voor hun rekening. Met deze nieuwe opdracht is

Merwede tot ver in 2008 verzekerd van werk. (Bron: Leo Kramer)

Ships Abandoned at UAE Ports

The Khaleej Times reported that at least two ships are currently being abandoned at UAE ports, with

some 16 seamen of Asian and Middle Eastern origin being left at the mercy of charitable organizations like

the Mission to Seafarers. One tugboat with four crew members and a small tanker vessel with 12 seamen

are currently being abandoned by their owners at Hamriyah in Dubai and Hamriyah Port in Sharjah

respectively. The four-member crew, all Indians, of the tugboat, which is owned by an Iraqi, has not been

paid for four months now, and is now relying on the mission. The tug has been sold to another Iraqi. The

other ship, a feeder diesel smuggling vessel, has 12 crew members, including Syrians, Pakistanis and

Bangladeshis, who have also not been paid by the owner for several months now. The ship used to

smuggle diesel from Iraq, carry it to Iran to avoid sailing into international waters and then come to the

Gulf, from where its load used to be discharged onto bigger ships. At any given time, there are at least

100 ships in this area, whose crew has not been paid for months. To be able to address more issues of

this kind, The Mission to Seafarers in Dubai, which is part of the international organization that cares for

seafarers regardless of race or religion in over 300 ports around the world, launched its charitable appeal

‘The Angel Appeal.’ The aim of the project is to raise over $1 million before the end of this year to build

and equip a boat appropriately named ‘Angel’ to support some of the estimated 140,000 seafarers using

the East Coast Anchorages of the UAE each year. (Source: via Jan van der


Marine News – WSS

Sales, Transfers & Renamings

Howard Hogue, (Torm Heron – 04, Leo Bay – 99) 2556/99 offshore tug/supply. By Tidewater Vessels Ltd.

Vanuatu to Deep Sea Supply Shipowning AS Norway (NIS) and renamed Sea Lynx.

Maersk Dispatcher, 2556/98 – offshore tug/supply. By Lion Offshore Ltd. – Bermuda (British) to

Tidewater Vessels Ltd. Vanuatu and renamed Ray J.Hope.

Maersk Trinity (Maersk Handler – 02; Maersk Supporter – 98, Mahone Bay – 87) 2322/83 – offshore

tug/supply. By Oxgate Security Co.Ltd. Isle of Man (British) to MISR Gulf Shipping & Offshore Co.

St.Vincent & The Grenadines and renamed MISR Gulf VII.

Mansal 18 (Ocean Installer – 97, Endeavour – 96, Saipem Ragno Due – 95, Tender Captain – 79)

3665/75 – offshore support. By Mannai Corp WLL, Qatar to Superior Diving Co. Vanuatu and renamed

Superior Endeavour.

Mansal 19, (ISS Surveyor – 97, Ravello – 97, Subsea Pices – 90, Star Buccaneer – 80, Gadus – 76),

2455/67 – offshore support. By Mansal Offshore Ltd, Qatar to AME Marine Services Sendirian Berhad,

Malaysia and renamed Allied Centurion

Merchantman, (Achiver – 01, Smit-Lloyd 115 – 98), 1388/75 – offshore tug/supply. By Specialist Marine

Services Ltd, to Eide Marine Services A/S, both Bahamas ans renamed Eide Fighter.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Westhinder, 280/71 – tug. By URS Belgie NV, Belgium to Multratug BV, Netherlands and renamed

Multratug 25

Members Reports

Algerina Neri 347/93 tug was renamed SMR Cuyutlan (Prt) prior to 25/8/2005

Azuma Maru 252/02 – tug was renamed Kincardine (Vct) prior to 28/11/2005

Cathorce 342/03 – tug sailed from Satander for Chilie as Beagle on 27/11/2005

Gulf Ruler 191/76 – tug was renamed John H.Malik (Usa) prior to 5/12/2005

Iwaki Maru 381/03 – tug was renamed Kinnaird (Gbr) prior to 28/11/2005

Lady Anya 364/90 – tug was renamed Adsteam Laceby (Gbr) at Grimsby on 14/12/2005

Redbridge 399/95 – tug was renamed Adsteam Redbridge (Gbr) at Lowestoft prior to 21/11/2005

Smit Barbados 354/88 – tug was renamed Yris (Ven) prior to 18/7/2005

Smit Bermuda 354/86 – tug was renamed Iriana (Ven) prior to 18/7/2005

St.Gluvias 207/59 – tug was renamed Gluvias (Gbr) at Lowestoft prior to 26/9/2005

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7 e jaargang, nr. 8

dd.26 Februari 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Museumhaven in de prijzen met Bob Verbiest Cultuurprijs

20-02-2006 - Het bestuur van de Stichting Historische Sleepvaart is bijzonder verguld met de erkenning

van en de waardering voor Maasluis Sleepboothaven. Op vrijdag 17 februari werd in Vlaardingen de Bob

Verbiest Cultuurprijs uitgereikt, met een cheque van 12.500 euro voor de museumhaven. Met de komst

van de zeesleper Elbe in februari 2005 is Maassluis als sleepbootstad definitief op de kaart gezet. De

gemeenteraad bekrachtigde in december 2005 het voornemen een museumkade aan te wijzen in de

buitenhaven van Maassluis. De zeesleper Hudson heeft al meerdere jaren ligplaats in Maassluis en de

stoomzeesleper Furie al bijna 30 jaar. De komst van de Elbe is de opmaat geweest voor de realisering

van de museumhaven, met ondersteuning van havensleepboot Adriaan en bergingsvaartuig Bruinvisch.

Initiator Luuk Vroombout wist de aandacht op de Maassluise haven te vestigen door gemeentebestuur en

deelnemers bij elkaar te brengen. Overigens krijgt de sleepboothaven dit voorjaar formeel een eigen

bestuur. De Stichting Historische Sleepvaart, het bestaande samenwerkingsverband van de zeeslepers

Elbe, Furie, Hudson, en het Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum wordt omgedoopt in de Stichting

Sleepboothaven Maassluis en wordt daarmee aanspreekpunt voor de sleepvaartstad. De Bob Verbiest

Cultuurprijs is een initiatief van de drie Waterweggemeenten; Maassluis, Vlaardingen en Schiedam in

samenwerking met het Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen e.o. De cultuurprijs mag gerekend worden tot de

belangrijker onderscheidingen op dit gebied in Nederland. De jury schrijft in haar verslag: “Het werk aan

de schepen en in het Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum, wordt verricht door verschillende organisaties die

echter zo’n coherente samenwerking hebben bereikt dat van één gezamenlijk initiatief mag worden

gesproken van volstrekt unieke aard in documentair en industrieel archeologisch opzicht en daarmee als

van grote culturele waarde mag worden beschouwd.” (Bron: Navigo Maritiem)

Aker Yards to Build PSV for Island Offshore

Aker Yards has signed a contract with Island Offshore VIII KS, a company within the Island Offshore

Group in Ulsteinvik, Norway, to deliver a UT 755 LN platform supply vessel. This is the 17th contract

between the shipowner, Island Offshore in Ulsteinvik and Aker Yards. The hull for the platform supply

vessel will be built in Romania and the vessel will be outfitted in Brevik. Delivery is scheduled for

September 2007. The value of the contract is approximately NKr 150 million. The UT755LN will have

a length of 74m and breadth of 16m and deadweight of approximately 3,200 tonnes. (Bron: Marinelink-Leo


New Fees for Tug Services at Panama Canal

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced that effective April 1, 2006, there will be rate increases for

tug and linehandling services due to rising operating costs. The decision was made by the Republic of

Panama's Cabinet Council, upon a recommendation from the ACP's Board of Directors. Rates for tug

services will increase 7 percent and rates for linehandling services will rise 4 percent. Fees vary by vessel

size. Rates for these services have not been increased since March 2004. However, increases in

operating costs due primarily to sustained fuel hikes have impacted tugboat and linehandling services,

making it necessary to adjust rates. (Bron: Leo Kramer)

Tug Parade

Van 24 tot 28 april 2006 vindt in het WTC/Beursgebouw de 19e International Tug & Salvage (ITS)

Convention & Exhibition plaats. Als onderdeel van dit evenement zal op 26 april ter hoogte van de

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam van 15.15 uur tot 17.30 uur een sleepbotenparade worden gehouden waarbij

organisator ABR Company Ltd. probeert om zoveel mogelijk sleepboten in de Rotterdamse haven bij

elkaar te krijgen. De sleepbotenparade op 26 april in de Rotterdamse haven zal naar verwachting de

grootste sleepbotenbijeenkomst ter wereld worden. Niet alleen zullen de meest geavanceerde sleepboten

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

hun krachten en manoeuvreerbaarheid aan het publiek tonen, maar zal er ook een scala aan historische

sleepboten te zien zijn. Het doel is om meer dan 30 sleepboten aan de parade deel te laten nemen.

Meestal vindt er tijdens iedere ITS Conventie een sleepbotenparade plaats. Maar dit spektakel zal op veel

grotere schaal worden uitgevoerd tegen de unieke achtergrond van een van de grootste havens ter

wereld: De Haven van Rotterdam. Als onderdeel van de parade zullen de modernste sleepboten een

sleepbootballet uitvoeren. Meer dan 500 ITS conventie-deelnemers uit zo’n 50 verschillende landen zullen

de sleepbootparade vanaf een speciaal voor dit doeleinde gereserveerd gedeelte op de Cruise Terminal

gadeslaan. Publiek is van harte welkom om het spektakel vanaf de verschillende andere kades en

bruggen te aanschouwen. Het tijdstip (woensdagmiddag) is speciaal uitgekozen zodat ook kinderen na

schooltijd de gelegenheid hebben om de parade te zien. Een volledige lijst van de historische en moderne

sleepboten zal worden verstrekt naarmate de datum van het evenement dichterbij komt. Echter op staat een overzicht van vele van de historische schepen die al hebben toegezegd

mee te doen aan de parade. (Bron: Clipping News)

Osprey wordt Acergy

De SEAWAY OSPREY ligt bij Shipdock in Amsterdam en de romp is afgelopen weekend rood gespoten.

Zij wordt het eerste schip in de nieuwe kleuren met grote letters ACERGY op de zijkant en ze zal naar

verwachting op 26 februari als ACERGY OSPREY het dok verlaten. Daarna komt ook de DISCOVERY

naar Amsterdam, om eenzelfde gedaante wisseling te ondergaan. Of daar ook Acergy voor de naam

komt te staan is nog niet bekend.


I'm delighted to inform you that as of today, our new name is in use and demonstrates we are all part of

one group worldwide * Acergy. As I explained in the email I sent the day we announced our new name,

Acergy is a unique word * created by fusing the term Acer (which means sharp) with the last syllable of the

word energy. Why have we chosen the name? Because it's original, distinctive, appropriate and practical.

It's a name we can be proud of; that reflects our values: we operate as one group; client relationships are

key; projects are our business; engineering is at the heart of our business; people are central to our

success; we act on our commitments. The Acergy employee pack that you will receive shortly, contains

more information about our new name and corporate identity. It will help you use Acergy on a day to day

basis, when talking to colleagues, clients and partners, or preparing internal or external communications.

Acergy is a new name * for you, for your colleagues and for our clients and partners. Over the coming

days, weeks and months, you will invariably talk to people who still refer to 'Stolt Offshore' or use other

terms, phrases and abbreviations connected to our old name. You can play a key role in helping people to

make the transition from old to new by explaining our name clearly, expressing positive support for it and

emphasising that Acergy operates as one group worldwide. Here's to Acergy. Here's to our future

success. As previously explained, we are required to change our name for legal reasons following the sale

of Stolt-Nielsen's shares in our company. I'm delighted to tell you that we have now unveiled our new

name and corporate identity. From Wednesday 1 February 2006, Stolt Offshore will become Acergy.

Acergy is a unique word - created by fusing the Latin term 'Acer' (which means sharp) with the last syllable

of the word energy. So Acergy is original - but also distinctive, appropriate and practical. We believe it

is the right name to signal the ongoing changes in our business and to help us become:

The acknowledged leader in seabed-to-surface engineering and construction. Acergy is a name we can

be proud of; that reflects our values: We operate as one group Client relationships are key

Projects are our business Engineering is at the heart of our business People are

central to our success We act on our commitments. I would like to thank you for any help you

provided during the name creation project. This afternoon, we introduced Acergy to those attending our

Annual Kick-Off Meeting. Those attending will explain Acergy and our new corporate identity

in greater detail to everyone in our group as soon as possible. You will soon receive an employee pack

containing a brochure designed to help you understand Acergy better. You can also find out more on the

company intranet. We are re-branding the most important and practical elements first. On 1 February we

will have the brochure explaining the new name, a new corporate brochure, updated stationery templates,

a brand new website and a new-look intranet. Over the next 5 months we will need to work together

across the group to phase-out all those items marked Stolt Offshore and to re-brand all new

communications as Acergy. It will take us a little longer to re-brand some assets such as our vessels and

ROVs. One final point - although we have announced Acergy to employees, clients and partners, we will

have to wait until Wednesday 1 February to operate as Acergy. I hope you will use the next few days to

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

familiarise yourself with Acergy and take time to find out what it means for you. In the meantime, may I be

the first to extend the warmest possible welcome to Acergy - a company with great achievements behind

us and a bright future ahead. (Bron:Jan Plug)

New tug for Fairplay Towage

„Fairplay Towage“ of Hamburg has come to an agreement with „Buksér og Berging“ of Oslo to bareboatcharter

their new terminal handling and offshore anchor-handling tug “BARENTS”. Under the yardnumbers

NB58 and NB59, Buksér & Berging has contracted two tugs at the Norwegian shipyard Moen-

Slip A/S, located at Kolvereid, West-Norway. The “Barents” (NB-58), to is re-named “FAIRPLAY-27”

(72tbp), and is delivered on 13th February, 2006. Fairplay Towage took delivery of the ship in Norway

directly from the yard and sailed her to Rotterdam where she will be employed as harbour-tug in

Rotterdam-Europoort as well as an offshore-tug in the Northsea in the Euro-Tugs-Pool, a Joint Venture of

Fairplay Towage and URS Antwerp for offshore-services, coastal- and worldwide towages (

Following her arrival in Rotterdam, “Fairplay-22” (53tbp) will be relocated to Hamburg to

strengthen Fairplay’s presence in Germany’s biggest seaport. In turn again “Fairplay V” (28tbp) will be

shifted to Rostock whereas the “Fairplay IV”, presently at Rostock, will be re-located to Szczecin to

strengthen Fairplay’s Polish set-up. The “Fairplay-27” is a 37m ASD-tug with the class-notation DNV

+1A1, EO, Tug, Escort, Ice C, SF, FiFi 1. With a width of 15,0m and a service draft of 4,65m, she is

equipped with 2 Deutz SBV9M628 engines producing 2x 2070kW. Two Schottel SRP 1515 CP

propulsions and a Schottel bowthruster pumpjet SPJ82RD are producing a bollard pull of 72tons and a

speed of 14kn. Scania DI12 62M and a Stamfort HCM534C auxillary engines, each of 260kW, are

supplying the required electrical power. The Karmøy self-tensioning winch with 250ts brakeload is

accomodating 1200m of 54mm wire. The winch being placed midships behind the accomodation will be

used over the stern as well as over the bow. When working as a ‘reverse tractor’ the tow-wire will be lead

forward through a tunnel under the accomodation. The ship is further equipped with tugger winches,

towing pins, chain/wire stoppers and a stern roller, all of Karmøy. The spacious aft-deck serviced by a

Palfinger PK23080MD-deck-crane, gives sufficient space especially for offshore works. Fenders all around

the ship’s hulls serve as another safety feature. The two fire fighting monitors according to FiFi1-standard

deliver each up to 1400 cbm water or water/foam mixture per hour. (Bron: Clipping News)

Crowley's First Russian Flagged Vessel Starts Work

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crowley Maritime Corporation's Marine Services unit

announced the deployment of the Crowley Alliance, the

company's first Russian flagged and crewed vessel serving the

offshore oil industry near Sakhalin Island, Russia. The vessel

is owned and operated by Crowley Far East Services, a

Crowley subsidiary formed and incorporated in Sakhalin State,

Russia. The subsidiary, which is part of the corporation's

marine services segment, offers marine and shore side

logistics and transportation services to the energy and

construction industries in the region. A contest to name the

vessel was held amongst the students at the Senior High

School of Korsakov, Russia. Valiakhmetova Ekaterina, the 8th

grade student who won the contest said the name Alliance was

chosen because in translation from the French, the word means "the union, association of persons or the

states for achievement of overall aims." In the fall of 2005, Crowley entered into a contract with Exxon

Neftegas Limited (ENL) to provide an Ice Strengthened Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) for the

ORLAN, an 80,000 metric ton offshore production and drilling platform. To provide this service on a longterm

basis, ENL required the vessel to be flagged under the Russian Federation and crewed by Russian

Nationals. Crowley is no stranger to the ORLAN. The company towed the ORLAN from its original location

off Alaska's north slope to Sovetskaya Gavan, Russia in 2001; then from Sov Govan to Ulsan, Korea in

2004, and finally from Ulsan to offshore Sakhalin Island in the summer of 2005. The Alliance, which

Crowley purchased from Maersk Supply Service, is a UT 708 design 12,000 BHP AHTS that is Lloyds Ice

Class 1A Super. The vessel has the hull strength and power to break first year ice up to one meter (39

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

inches) thick, and during the most severe part of the Sakhalin winters will follow an icebreaker to the

ORLAN location. In addition, the Alliance can provide ocean towing, anchor handling, and general supply

duties for ENL's offshore projects and will help extend their operating season due to its capability to

contend with early winter and late spring ice. On January 26, the crew of the Crowley Alliance raised the

Russian Flag signaling the end of the mobilization phase and the beginning of a new chapter for Crowley

in Russia. During the flag raising, Captain Vladimir Bogomazov, shorebase and marine supervisor for ENL

stated, "We congratulate all of the Crowley team with the raising of the Russian Flag on your vessel. It is a

great milestone for Crowley. I wish the Alliance and its crew good luck." Reaching this point was not an

easy task as Crowley took possession of the vessel in Egypt on November 28, 2005. To meet the

demands of the fast approaching winter in Sakhalin, ENL needed the vessel to be ready to work by

January 15, 2006. The team had only 32 days to mobilize the vessel over 7,000 miles, dry dock, change

the flag state, hire and train a crew, and establish ISM compliant operating procedures for the vessel and

company. In early February, the Crowley Alliance has posted a sailing board to make her inaugural

voyage to the ORLAN located in ice-filled waters off Northeast Sakhalin Island. (Bron:Jan van der Doe)

Two Newbuilding tugs from Grand Weld

Owner: ATCO ,Saudi Arabia

Vessel; Azimuth stern drive tug

Shipyard: Grand Weld SY

Country: Dubai

Hull no: H016/05, H017/05

Thrusters: 2 per vessel Type Wärtsilä Propulsion Drunen type LCT CS 250-S/WN-K

Propeller diam:2400 mm.

Engines: Wärtsilä 9L 20 1750 kW at 1000 RPM

Class:Bureau Veritas Hull+ , Mach + , UMS

(Bron:Jacques Huurenkamp)

Two Tugs from Nanindah

In december 2005 is bij Nanindah, Pulau Bantam de Adsteam Larrakia voor Adsteam Australië, bouwnr.

T151 opgeleverd.

In december 2005 is bij Nanindah, Pulau Bantam de Adsteam Ginga voor Adsteam Australië, bouwnr.

T152 opgeleverd. (Bron:Jaap Bijl)

Nieuwe sleper voor Semco

In oktober 2005 is bij Guangxi G., Wuzhou de Salvision voor Semco, Singapore, bouwnr. 01-2004-04

opgeleverd. (Bron:Jaap Bijl)

Herman verkocht

De shoalbuster Herman (119 brt.) uit 2002 van Sleepvaartbedrijf Herman Sr., Zwijndrecht is in januari

2006 verkocht aan Holyhead Towing Co. en herdoopt in Afon Lligwy. (Bron:Jaap Bijl)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 9

dd. 12 Maart 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Coast Guard to Conduct Casualty Investigation on Tug

The Coast Guard will begin a formal marine casualty investigation into the circumstances

surrounding the leading to the sinking of the tug Valour, which sank 37-miles off the coast of

Cape Fear, N.C., January 18, resulting in multiple loss of life. The hearings will begin

Wednesday March 1, at 9 a.m. at Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg's Prevention Office at 155

Columbia Drive in Tampa, Fla. The investigation is intended to determine causes of the accident

and obtain information that may prevent or reduce the occurrence of similar incidents. Valour

sank in 15-to-20 foot seas and gale force winds off the Carolina coast. Three people died in the

accident. Five people were rescued by the tug Justine Foss, and one was rescued by a Coast

Guard rescue helicopter from Air Facility Charleston, S.C. Justine Foss along with recovered the

barge and towed it to Wilmington, N.C. Lt. Cmdr. Charles B. Barbee has been designated as the

investigating officer overseeing the formal proceedings. Barbee is the executive officer of Marine

Safety Unit Savannah and is a 14-year Coast Guard veteran. (Source:Jan van der Doe)

Tugboats Robbed in Arabian Sea

Pirates had a field day with mechanical and electrical equipment from two out-of-order tugboats

that were anchored off the coast of the Arabian Sea near Manora Island. On Feb 24, the Docks

Police registered an FIR against four masked men, who robbed the two tugboats. The police said

that FIR No 36/06 was registered on the complaint of Ahsan Ali, who is a manager with Old Port

(Pvt) Ltd, the company, which owns the tugboats. The Daily Times reported that Ali informed

the police that the four men approached his company's boats in two separate vessels. They took

the guards stationed at the tugboats hostage and loaded the stuff into their boats. The names of

the tugboats are Jawa and Jawa Bosar. The pirates took away motors, some tools and copper and

scrap. The police said that the tugboats were being repaired and had been out of order for the last

six months. (Source: Daily Times via Jan van der Doe)


De namen van de sleepboten gebouwd bij Grandweld Dubai aangekondigd in de hiervoor

gepubliceerde nieuwsbrief zijn als volgt: Hull 016/05 AATCO JOUD Hull 017/05 AATCO

TAMARA (Source:Jacques Huurenkamp)

Fairmount Alpine due to be completed shortly

Fairmount Marine in the Netherlands says its third 205 tonnes bollard pull ocean-going tug is

nearing ompletion and has been moved from the building dock to an afloat position alongside the

finishing quay. The vessel, Fairmount Alpine, will be delivered shortly (Source:Leo Kramer)

Bourbon embarks on new strategic plan - to invest in newbuilds for shallow water

Bourbon Offshore is to invest in new AHTS and new GPA 654 PSVs. Bourbon in France has

announced that it has competed its 2003-2007 strategic plan a full year ahead of schedule, and

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

has embarked on a new strategic plan, 'Horizon 2010', in which it plans to invest 1.45 billion

Euros in new vessels. During the 2003-2007 plan, the company successfully refocussed its

activities exclusively on the marine sector, and achieved 15 per cent annual growth in revenues

from marine activities. As of the end of 2006, Bourbon Offshore will have a fleet of 53 supply

vessels and 39 crewboats. The new strategic plan will see Bourbon Offshore acquire a new class

of 58m, diesel electric, shallow water anchor handler, the GPA 254 class, which will have a

deadweight of 1,400 tonnes, bollard pull of 80 tonnes and 4,000bbl/660m3 of liquid mud. With

azimuthing propellers, the new class of AHTS will have a pair of 750hp bow thriusters, and will

be DP2 classed vessels. Bourbon Offshore will also invest in a new class of 58m shallow water

PSV, the GPA654 class, which, at 58m and 1,600 tonnes deadweight, will carry 4,000bbl/660m3

of liquid mud. These vessels will also be DP2 diesel electric ships, with a pair of 750hp bow

thrusters. (Source:Leo Kramer)

DMT expanding fleet with new vessel

Deep Marine Technology (DMT) in the US has announced more details of the new 292ft vessele

DMT Emerald which it is to acquire. Available from the fourht quarter of 2006, the new vessel

has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the offshore oil and gas

industry. Some characteristics of the vessel include: • 100 tonne knuckleboom crane • 100

tonne Heave Compensated Multi- Purpose Tower • 24 X 24 Moonpool • Two Heavy

Work Class ROVs • DP2 • Accommodation for 76 • US Flagged “The Oil and Gas

Industry is very dynamic,” said Mike Gilliam VP ROV/DSV Operations, “and it is therefore

essential that the design of this and any future vessels meet the current and foreseeable needs of

our clients and reflect DMT’s commitment to them to provide first class subsea services." "This

vessel compliments this initiative and with its acquisition, provides a highly flexible vessel that is

an appropriate fit along with the DMT Diamond and future company expansion plans.” The new

vessel will include the ability to perform: • Suction Pile Installation • Subsea Tree


• Laying of Umbilicals • Well Intervention • Manifold Installation (Source:Leo


Le Havre tug delay goes on and on

SOCIATA Nouvelle de Remorquage du Havre (SNRH), a towage venture in which Dutch

operator Kotug has a majority stake, is still being denied an operating licence by an over-zealous

French administration that claims the company is not yet ready for service. The delay, now more

than eight weeks long, is costing at least euro30,000 ($36,000) a day, according to sources close

to Kotug. The French criticise the position and design of two cabins on the tugs and blames the

SNRH work organisation especially as regards working and resting time, which are seen as

inadequate. Furious SNRH has now started legal proceedings with an administrative court and is

to bring the case before the state’s Conseil d’Etat. It is hoped a decision in SNRH’s favour will

come soon, to permit the company to start working. Bosses of the local monopoly [Les Abeilles]

are using the unions against us to protect their dominant position by putting forward the threat of

job losses. Our operations will not destroy Les Abeilles but complement their activity,â SNRH

said, stressing that the Port 2000 container complex will generate new activity to satisfy both Les

Abeilles and SNRH. Unions have repeatedly warned that they would bring the towage sector to a

halt across France if SNRH is allowed to start operations at Le Havre. (Source:Clipping News)

Maersk sells anchor handler

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

March 3, 2006 Maersk Supply Service has confirmed that it has sold the anchor handling tug

supply vessel Maersk Topper to Viko Shipping Co Ltd. The vessel was delivered to her new

owner on February 16th in Singapore and has been renamed CS Topper (Source:Leo Kramer)

Smit stoot belang in Mexicaanse dochter af

ROTTERDAM - Het maritieme bedrijf Smit Internationale stoot een belang van 40 procent in het

Mexicaanse bedrijf Servicios Mexicanos en Remolcadores (SMR) af. Dat liet Smit maandag

weten. De verkoop levert het Rotterdamse bedrijf een boekwinst op van ruim 4 miljoen euro.

Smit heeft het belang overgedaan aan Grupo Transportes Maritimos Mexico (TTM). Volgens de

onderneming past de transactie in de strategie dat ze alleen belangen aanhoudt die groter zijn dan

50 procent. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Kooren Singapore built tugs

RT Antonie en RT Zoë are handed over by ASL Shipyard Singapore to Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading

this week. Both vessels departed from Singapore with a Redwise delivery crew at 08-03-2006 with

destination Rotterdam. ETA Rotterdam, around Eastern. (Source:Ton Has)

Slepers zwermen uit over de wereld.

Scheepswerf Damen heeft de afgelopen drie maanden weer sleepboten opgeleverd aan

opdrachtgevers in Letland, Syrie, Australie, Trinidad & Tobago, Libie, Engeland, de Verenigde

Arabische Emiraten, Ghana en Nederland. Hieronder bevonden zich ook sterke havenslepers voor

rederijen als Adsteam en Smit. De reeks begon in december met de oplevering van de Damen

ASD Tug 3110 Amber, een havensleper met een trekkracht van 55 ton voor Amberholdings

Liepaja in Letland. Kort daarop volgde de oplevering van de Amrit en Almarquab 2, twee

kleine standaard slepers van het type Damen Stan 1906 met een trekkracht van twaalf ton.

Opdrachtgever was de Tartous Port General Company uit Syrie. Hierna volgde de Cap Ndoua,

een Damen ASD Tug 2509 van 42 ton voor Inco Australie Management. De zusjes NEC Legacy

en NEC Industry, beide Damen Stan Tug 1605, werden gebouwd voor National Energy

Coprporation of Trinidad & Tobago. Zij hebben een trekkracht van bijna dertien ton. Als laaatste

verliet in december de Damen Stan Tug 2608 Silin de werf in Gorinchem. Deze havenslepers van

49 ton was bestemd voor de Socialist Ports Company uit Libie. Dit jaar werd de Damen Stan Tug

1605 Port Boisé opgeleverd aan Inco Australia Management. Dit slepertje heeft een trekkracht

van veertien ton. In february volgde de Adsteam Harty en Adsteam Warden, beide door

Adsteam UK gestationeerd in Sheerness, en de Adsteam Meringa, die de moedermaatschappij in

Australie inzet. Het drietal is van het type Damen ASD Tug 2411 en heeft een trekkracht van

ongeveer zeventig ton. Naar Fujairah in de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten vertrokken de Damen

ASD Tugs 2509 Wadi Sidr en Wadi Al Fai en naar Tokoradi in Ghana de Damen Stan Tug

2909 Ankobra River. Tot slot werd aan Smit in Rotterdam de Damen ASD 3110 Smit Diare

opgeleverd. Deze sleper, met een trekkracht van 57 ton, vertrok gelijk naar Nigeria. Ondertussen

wordt proefgevaren met de Pawlina, een Damen ASD 3111 van ongeveer zestig ton en bestemd

voor Tug Malta. (Source:Schuttevaer - Pas)

Seabreeze February Market Report

Møkster’s Mighty MT

February saw Olympic charter in Møkster Shipping’s newbuild MT6000 MkII PSV for a 9 month firm period

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

plus three monthly options. Following on from Olympic’s long term fixture to Shell of the

Olympic Princess, Olympic found themselves a little bit short of tonnage. Having a contractual

requirement to delivery two MT vessels to Statoil for pipe haul in 2006, they made the decision

to hire in the Stril Odin. Olympic do have two MT vessels available this year, the Olympic

Orion and a newbuild MT vessel that will deliver shortly, however it is rumoured one of them is

fixed away on a long term charter out with the North Sea, thus the need to hire in. Reckon that

Møkster will be keen to forward fix their Mighty MT “Stril Odin” so that she slips into a new

term charter following the pipe haul charter.

Sophie’s Choice

Peterson has fixed Siem Rovde’s newly built VS470 MkII Sophie Siem for one year firm plus

options starting 31st March. The vessel is currently contracted with Dong.

Supporter Keeps SupportingSophie Siem c/o Rovde Shipping AS

February saw the UT755 Northern Supporter come off hire from Peterson Logistics in The

Netherlands. The vessel had been on hire to them since March 2005, but before she got much of a

chance on the spot market, Peterson’s has her fixed again. The vessel will shortly go to dry dock

for a few weeks, then after that she will return back to Peterson’s for a two month charter plus

options. While the Northern Supporter is in dock this time she will have DP1 installed, this

upgrade marks a turn around in Trico’s fortunes as the company now go from strength to

strength, demonstrating this with investment and upgrading of the fleet.

Shell Go Independent

Sealion bagged a contract when they fixed the Toisa Independent to Shell. The contract period

is 6 months firm plus a few options and will provide PSV cover while some of the Shell term

vessels support the Norske Shell Orman Lange project this summer. When the Shell term tonnage

return to Aberdeen in the autumn, the Toisa Independent will be Independent and available

again. Currently the Toisa Independent is on charter to Petrobras and is expected to be released

shortly to return to the North Sea. This fine filly has diesel electric propulsion, LOA of 84m and a

deck area of 1000m2. It also has a few bells and whistles!!

Talisman’s Good Luck

Secunda's UT705 Acadian Sea has been fixed for one year plus options from May to Talisman to

support their North Sea exploration and production activities. The vessel is currently supporting

the Sedco 714 with Total and is expected to complete this contract early April. Meantime,

Talisman are also chartering SBS Marine's newbuild VS470 MkII SBS Tempest which is due

for delivery from Norway's Karmsund yard at the end of May. The vessel is fixed for five years

plus options. The SBS Tempest replaces the 1985 built UT705 SBS Cirrus, ex Active Duke",

which has been on hire since May 2003.

On The Up

The Gulf Offshore managed VS 4408 PSV UP Esmeralda has been chartered by the Canadian

oil company CNR. The vessel went onhire for work in the North Sea during the second half of

February for a period of 6 weeks firm with a further three weekly options. Other news from UP

Offshore (the owners of these vessels) include the imminent return of the sister vessel UP Safira

from its term charter with Paladin. Finally, UP Offshore have taken delivery of their latest

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

addition to the fleet, the UP Aqua Marinha PSV, which has just begun a six month plus options

term charter with Brazilian oil company Petrobras.

Talisman Have Spirit

Talisman were fixing via ASCO this month when they took the UT755LN Island Spirit for a 1

month charter plus 1 month option. This is a bit of a fill in charter for the vessel because at the

end of April she is due to be upgraded and will head off to Brazil for a long term charter. So you

are unlikely to see any “spirit” on the spot market in 2006!!

Gulf Offshore’s newbuild Dina Merkur

On 24th February Gulf Offshore’s newbuild Dina Merkur arrived in Aberdeen Harbour from

Norway to prepare for her first duty, a cargo run for Talisman. The UT755LC design PSV is

currently trading the spot market out of Aberdeen.

Contracts for Farstad from Eni and INPEX

Farstad has recently been awarded contracts from Eni and the Japanese INPEX Corp. For the

anchor handlers UT728L Far Saltire and UT712 Lady Astrid. The duration of the contracts is

around 12 months plus two 6-month options. Both vessels will be supporting the semi Songa

Venus off the North West coast of Australia. The semi will mobilise from Singapore during

July/August. Depending on the options the contract value is between US$19 and US$35million.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Tag Sealogistics orders 3 AHTS vessels

Mumbai based offshore service provider Tag Sealogistics has placed orders for three 6,400 BHP,

80 tons bollard pull AHTS vessels with ABG shipyard. The cost of the acquisition is expected to

be around US$42 million. Delivery of the vessels is expected to be completed during 2007. The

company currently owns three AHTS vessels and one tug, all of which are under long term

charter with Indian state-owned oil

company ONGC.

Siem Offshore Inc. orders two PSV’s

Aker Yards has confirmed an optional agreement with Siem Offshore Inc. for the construction of

two PSV’s with delivery scheduled for the second quarter of 2007. The contract value is NOK

275 million. The vessels are of Vik Sandvik design, VS470 MkII and will be equipped with DP,

special product tanks and accommodation for 34 persons.

Siem Offshore order with Kleven Maritime

Kleven Maritime has received its first order from Siem Offshore Inc. for the construction of a

Multifunctional ROV Support Vessel (MRSV) of MT 6016L design. The contract value is NOK

317 million. The vessel is being developed in close cooperation between owner and yard and

designed by Marin Teknikk AS. Main specifications: 103.7m long with a beam of 19.70m, a deck

space in excess of 1,100m2 and accommodation for 100 persons. The vessel will be designated

for the sub sea market worldwide, with focus on light construction work, maintenance and ROV

services. Delivery is scheduled for June 2007.

Gulf Offshore Newbuilds

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Mid April the 5150BHP AHTS Sea Guardian will be delivered from the Indonesian Jaya Marine

Yard. It is

the sister vessel of the Sea Intrepid (pictured) which delivered late last year and is currently

trading the spot market in South East Asia. In September this year the 5500BHP AHTS Sea

Sovereign is due to be delivered from the same yard. This vessel has the following

specifications: LOA 70, beam 14.95m, deck space 490m2, BP 70t, DP-2 and accommodation for

42 persons. Both newbuilds are currently uncommitted.

Iceflower Power

Danish Nordane Shipping A/S took delivery of the first of two sophisticated Ice Class 1A FF tugs

from Irving Shipbuilding Inc. of Canada in January. The 5,000HP Stevns Iceflower tug measures

30.8x11.14m and has a bollard pull of 60.4 tonnes. The vessel is fully equipped for towing and

anchor handling operation, has two remote controlled FiFi monitors and two ice knives fitted at

the aft end to divert large pieces away from the propellers.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 10

dd. 19 Maart 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Smit Bronco te water

De Smit Bronco wordt a.s. woensdag 22 maart te water gezet/gelaten. Waarna zij verder wordt

afgebouwd bij de IHC werf in Sliedrecht. De Smit Bronco zal woensdag, als eerste werk, op de hydrolift

worden tewater gelaten. Bij hoogwater zal zij worden uitgevaren rond 09.30 uur. De 2e uit de serie de

Smit Barracuda wordt a.s. dinsdag 21 maart bij de werf verwacht. Zij zal na de Smit Bronco boven de

hydrolift worden gevaren en droog worden gezet, waarna zij na schoonmaken de loods zal worden

ingereden voor de verder bouw. (Source: Hans v.d.Ster via IHC-Sliedrecht)

Smit Anambas

Morgen 20 maart zal de Smit Anambas worden afgezonken in de Waalhaven bij het reparatiebedrijf van

Balck. Hier zal dan de lading, bij hoogwater, opdrijven en worden weggesleept, waarna de ballast tanken

van de Smit Anambas weer worden leeggeblazen. (Source: Hans v.d.Ster)

US tug company in legal trouble

US tug and barge operator Bouchard Transportation has been issued with a notice of non-compliance by

the state Department of Environmental Protection for trips by the Tug Barbara Bouchard on 11 and 18

February, Both times, according to the Cape Cod Times, the tug was pushing a barge with more than

6,000 gallons of oil through Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal without a tug escort.

The escort tug requirement was introduced after a Bouchard-towed barge spilt oil in April 2003. 'We

expect them to be in compliance,' the newspaper quoted DEP spokesman Ed Coletta. (Source: Clipping


Kleven to build MPDSV for Sealion

Kleven Verft, Ulsteinvik, Norway has signed a contract with Toisa Limited of Bermuda for construction of a

sophisticated offshore vessel to be managed by Sealion Shipping of Farnham, U.K The vessel is a

Multifunctional Diving Support Vessel (MPDSV) of MT 6016 L design, developed in close cooperation

between the owner and the yard and designed by Norway's Marin Teknikk. The vessel is 103.7 meters

long and has a beam of 19.7 meters. With accommodations for up to 100 persons, the vessel will target

the market for diving operations world wide and will be equipped with a high capacity crane, moonpool,

helideck and saturation dive system. The contract value is NOK 327 million Delivery is scheduled for

December 2007. This is the first vessel for Sealion to be built at Kleven Maritime. (Source: Clipping News)

Harvey Gulf in $200 million construction program

Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc., Harvey, La., says it has committed to investing well over $200

million in new build construction projects. Vessels under construction for the company at Eastern

Shipbuilding, Panama City, Fla., include three 280 ft offshore supply vessels, a 16,500 bhp towing/anchor

handling tug and a 265 ft dive support/well intervention vessel. The first of the 280 ft OSV's, the Harvey

Spirit has an expected delivery date of September 2006 and will start a 2 year charter with a major U.S.

Gulf of Mexico operation as soon as Harvey Gulf takes delivery. Harvey Gulf says its 280 ft class of OSV's

will have more clear deck space (202 ft x 52 ft) than any vessel of similar class and will offer 11,000

barrels of Liquid Mud, 12,000 cubic feet of Bulk capacity and are ABS Certified DP2. The other two

vessels of this class are being built under a new contract signed in January and have anticipated delivery

dates in April and July 2007. The 16,500 hp offshore towing/anchor handling tug is being built under a

contract signed with Eastern last month and has an expected delivery date of September 2007.

It will be a sister vessel to what Harvey says is "the strongest tug already operating in the U.S. Gulf of

Mexico, our M/V Harvey War Horse." Anticipated bollard pull will be 170-plus tons. The vessel will be

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

equipped with Dynamic Positioning Class 1 capabilities, shark jaws, bow thrusters, Kort nozzles and an

open stern for anchor handling. The 265 ft dive support/well intervention vessel Harvey Discovery is

scheduled for delivery from Eastern next month when it is to begin a three year charter with Saipem

Americas working on subsea construction projects. The vessel is ABS Certified Dynamic Positioning Class

II. It is equipped with a 75 ton crane and moon pool and will also have multi-industry capabilities. It can

also be used as an OSV (with its liquid mud and dry bulk capacities) to support drilling rig operations

should it be called upon for those duties. Meantime, Harvey Gulf's 13,500 hp offshore tug, Harvey Titan, is

presently undergoing conversion work that, says Harvey, will make it the first U.S.-flag tug to have

Dynamic Positioning Class 1 capability. The conversion work should be completed this month.The DP1

capability will greatly enhance the vessel's station keeping ability during connecting, holding and

disconnecting from rigs during strong loop current and marginal weather conditions. (Source: Clipping


Tidewater sells AHTS

Broker Marcon reports that Tidewater Marine Service has sold its Vanuatu flag AHTS Gulf Fleet No 67 to

private buyers. Photo : Piet Sinke © Gulf Fleet No 67 was built in 1984 by St Louis Ship with principal

dimensions of 188ft x 40ft x 16ft and a loaded draft of 13.7ft on 1,111 long tons deadweight.Two EMD 12-

645E7C main engines produce 4610bhp driving twin four-blade fixed pitch propellers through Reintjes

WAV-2740 gears for a maximum/service speed of 15/12 knots and estimated 68 tonnes bollard pull. She

is fitted with an Intercon double-drum waterfall DW-200SP towing winch rated at 350,000 lbs line pull.

The ship's new owners will reactivate and recertify her with ABS. (Source: Clipping News)

Rocks crash tug skipper was drunk

The skipper of a coastguard tug which ran aground off Shetland last year has pleaded guilty to being

drunk in charge of the vessel. Peter Leask was more than three times over the legal alcohol limit.

He also admitted two other charges, including spilling 84 tonnes of diesel oil into the sea after hitting

rocks.Lerwick Sheriff Court heard the repair and clean up costs were more than £3m. Sentence has been

deferred until next month for social inquiry reports. The Anglian Sovereign ran aground on 3 September

last year and limped, listing, into Scalloway Harbour. The 13 crew on the vessel had to be airlifted to

safety.Port manager Jim Dickson said: "The Anglian Sovereign was the largest oil spill in UK waters since

the Braer, fortunately the oil itself was diesel oil, which will evaporate and is light. "We managed to recover

more than half of it using skimmers and there was minimal damage to the environment." Wildlife in the

area suffered from the spill and the vessel was so badly damaged a section had to be rebuilt. Councillor

Iris Hawkins, of Shetland Islands Council, said: "I think it's very ironic that the vessel that we campaigned

for so long to get to protect our waters from pollution was actually the one that ended up polluting around

our shores, very ironic indeed and very unfortunate." (Source: Clipping News)

Salvatore Laura sank

As officially announced this morning from the Greek Miistry of Mercantile Marine, the SALVATORE

LAURO was sunk 10nm southwest from the village of Gerolimenas(in the southeastern tip of the

Peloponnese), while under tow to the breakers in Aliaga from the tug St James. The tug was also towing

the CAPRI EXPRESS to the same destination and continued its voyage despite losing one of the two

ships. The tow had began at the port of Napoli. No injury or loss of life took place, while no pollution

occurred. (Source: Clipping News)

Fire onboard the Camperduin

Rumours are going around that the CAMPERDUIN of Th.Viegers from Andijk was hit by a fire in the

engineroom whilst working off Dubai for Van Oord dredging, no persons are reported injured. The 26 mtr

long CAMPERDUIN is built during 2004 at the Damen yard in Hardinxveld-Giesendam Deep Sea Supply

acquires 22 new build contracts Norwegian offshore services operator Deep Sea Supply ASA (DESS) is

set to become a much bigger player. It has reached an agreement to acquire 22 shipbuilding contracts for

a total consideration of $394 million from Hemen Holding Ltd. ("Hemen"), a company controlled by John

Fredriksen. The acquisition is subject to DESS raising the necessary financing and Hemen is expected to

become the largest shareholder in DESS, holding an estimated 20--22% of the outstanding share capital

subsequent to private placement set to end this morning. Deep Sea Supply ASA is a publicly quoted

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

company, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. It was established in April 2004 by Jon B. Skabo and Klaus

Tollefsen for the purpose of building up an offshore support vessel business, primarily targeted towards

North Sea spot market operations. In 2005, negotiations with Tidewater resulted in it acquiring six

AHTS vessels of the KMAR 404 design. These six vessels, although among the newest and most

powerful in Tidewater's fleet, were not ideally suited for their operations. Acquisition of the Hemen

newbuild contracts will catapult DESS into the supply vessel big time. The vessels involved are:

two large 15,000 bhp, Anchor Handling Tug & Supply vessels BHP being built at the Jaya yard in

Singapore for delivery first half of 2007, eight UT755L Platform Supply Vessels of 3,250 DWT of the UT

755L design being built at the Cochin yard in India for delivery in 2006-2008, and twelve 6,500 bhp AHTS

being built at the ABG yard in India to be delivered in 2006-2009. The $394 million will be paid by a cash

consideration of $120 million to Hemen, and DESS assuming the remaining construction and project costs

estimatedat $274 million. The total newbuilding program will be financed with a share issue of $150-165

million, a subsequent share Issue of up to $5 million (directed to DESS shareholders not offered to

participate in the Private Placement) and a bank facility of $225 million from Fortis Bank. DESS has

retained First Securities, Pareto Securities and Fortis as managers for the Private Placement. "We are

satisfied that we have been able to secure this fleet of attractive new-buildings at a competitive price. This

will make DESS a company of substantial size, giving us access to better deal flow and more

opportunities, which suits our strategy well.", says Olav Fjell, Chairman of Deep Sea Supply. (Source:

Clipping News)

Aker Yards to build Construction Vessels for DOF

Friday, March 17, 2006

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with

DOF ASA, through its subsidiary DOFCON

ASA, for the building of two large Construction

Vessels, with optional agreement for two

sister vessels. One vessel is to be built at

Aker Yards, Søviknes, Norway. The vessel is

an Aker OSCV 06 L, designed by Aker Yards

Project, with delivery scheduled for May 2008.

The vessel is of 153 meters length, will be

equipped with a 400 tonnes offshore crane,

and will have DP Class 3 and Ice Class. The

vessel will have a maximum speed of 18

knots, considered important for global

operations in order to minimize mobilisation

time. DOFCON has an option to order a sister

vessel for delivery first quarter 2009. The

other vessel is to be built by Aker Yards in

Brazil, with delivery scheduled for October

2008, and is of the design Aker OSCV 06. The vessel is of 138 meters length, and will be equipped with a

250 tonnes offshore crane, and will have DP Class 3. The vessel will be the only large construction vessel

so far to be built in Brazil. DOFCON has an option to order a sister vessel for delivery April 2009. (Source:


Sales, Transfers & Renamings Marine News March 2006

Bue Islay, (Searcher – 99, Hornbeck Searcher – 96, Sunset Searcher – 95, Far Searcher – 93, Nuna –

91) 928/86 – offshore tug/supply. By Viking Offshore Services Ltd., to Viking North Sea Ltd., both UK and

renamed Viking Islay.

Bue Jura, (Cromarty Tide – 00, Cromarty Service – 93, Cromarty Shore – 81), 1092/74 – standby safety.

By Viking Offshore Services Ltd., to Viking North Sea Ltd., both UK and renamed Viking Jura.

Bue Mull, (Sceptre Tide – 99, Hornbeck Sceptre – 98, Seaboard Sceptre – 95, Salgado – 90) 891/80 –

offshore supply. By Viking Offshore Services Ltd., to Viking North Sea Ltd., both UK and renamed Viking


J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Bue Tiree, (Supreme – 99, Hornbeck Supreme – 98, Seaboard Supreme – 95, Sapucaia – 90) 863/81 –

offshore supply. By Viking Offshore Services Ltd., to Viking North Sea Ltd., both UK and renamed Viking


Candeias, 766/83 – offshore supply. Has been renamed N.S.Candeias by Delba Maritima Navegacao

SA. Brazil.

Dogancay V, 224/02 – tug. By Sanmar Denizcilik Makina ve Ticaret Ltd, Sirketi, Turkey to Compagnie

Chambon, St.Vincent and the Grenadines and renamed Chambon Largade.

Far Scotsman, (Seaforth Monarch – 89) 1948/82 – offshore tug/supply. By Farstad Shipping ASA, Isle of

Man (British) to Secunda Marine Services Ltd, Barbados and renamed Scotsman Sea.

Kapitan Engler, (Alex Falck – 04, Kapitan Engler – 04) 139/65 – tug. By Pounds Shipowners &

Shipbreakers, to J.A.Evelegh, both UK and renamed Princeton

Lady Emma H, (Lady Emma – 98, Check Chau – 98) 267/98 – tug. By Adsteam Medway Ltd to Adsteam

Humber Ltd, both UK and renamed Adsteam Ellerby.

Maasbank, 609/87 – tug. By Balau NV, Bahamas to Barry Towge & Offshore SA Portual (Mar) and

renamed Warlock

Multratug 8, 276/70 – tug. Has been renamed Serwal 4 by Multratug BV Netherlands and transferred to

Polish Registry.

N.S.Candeias (Candeias – 04) 766/83 – offshore supply. By Delba Maritima Navegacion S, Brazil to

Zakher Marine International Inc, Georgia and renamed Zakher Rio.

Normand Vibran, (Troms Steggen – 05) 1972/00 – offshore tug/supply. By Stolstad Rederi A/S, Norway

to Ganware Shipping Corp.Ltd. India and renamed Everest.

Norther Seeker, (Jane Viking – 97, Sea Garnet – 90, Sea Piper – 82) 1378/75 – offshore supply. By Trico

Shipping A/S Norway to Seaport International Shipping Co.LLC, Comoros and renamed SIS Seeker

Ocean East, 233/94 – tug. By Intone Pte.Ltd, Singapore to Albany Shipping Inc. St.Vincent and the

Grenadines and renamed Ocean Samrat

Old Saybrook, (Exxon Texas – 93, Esso Texas) 218/68 – tug. By Eugene Boats Inc. To Leboeuf Brothers

Towing Co.Inc. both USA and renamed Creole Pride

Searanger, (Highland Fortress – 00, Northern Fortress – 93) 2567/82 – offshore supply. By Seaworks

International Ltd. Vanuatu to Offshore Supply Vessels I BV Netherlands and renamed VOS Sympathy

Uniwise 2, (Avonmore – 00, Impala – 90) 159/82 – offshore supply. By Uniwise Offshore Ltd, Thailand to

ARC Marine Pvt.Ltd, India and renamed Mahi.

Waterloo, 298/87 – tug. Has been renamed Adsteam Waterloo by Adsteam UK Liverpool, UK.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 11

dd. 26 Maart 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

W&D Delivers Z-Drive FiFi Tug

Washburn & Doughty Associates, Inc. of East Boothbay, Maine delivered Bulldog, a 98 x 37 ft., 6,700 hp,

Z Drive firefighting tug, to Crescent Towing of New Orleans, La. Bulldog provides ship-assist and escort

services for LNG tankers at the Elba Island LNG re-gasification terminal in Savannah, Ga. Bulldog is a

new Washburn & Doughty in-house design and the first tug built at the yard for Crescent Towing.

Washburn & Doughty's Chief Naval Architect and Vice President, Bruce Washburn, drew on the

company's experience designing and building Z-Drive Tugs for ship docking and LNG operations while

designing the 98-ft. Tug. Since 1999, the company has designed and built 18 Z-Drive Tugs, six of which

are used at LNG Terminals. With the 98-ft. design, Washburn & Doughty maintained a traditional look

while providing 360-degree visibility in the pilothouse. Underwater, the vessel features a deep box skeg

designed to enhance escorting without sacrificing maneuverability. Throughout the design process

Washburn & Doughty received input from Crescent, Moran Towing Corporation, the shipping companies

and their consultant, Greg Brooks. In addition, Washburn & Doughty contracted with Glosten Associates

who analyzed the tug's escort capability from their escorting computer model. Glosten predicted that at 8

KTS the tug will have steering forces of 75.6 ST and braking forces of 116.2 ST. Bruce Doughty,

Washburn & Doughty's President & CEO said, "We have worked on numerous tug bids for LNG

operations lately and thereby become very familiar with what terminals and shippers are looking for in a

vessel. Our 98-ft. tug addresses what LNG operations need in a tug, particularly as it pertains to power,

maneuverability, escorting and firefighting capabilities." Bollard pull tests on January 10 in Newport News,

Va., revealed: Forward Mode — 180,000 lbs. (90 Tons); Forward Mode Max — 182,000 lbs. (91 Tons).

Firefighting 1 equipment includes two Caterpillar 3412C engines rated at 900 hp @ 2,100 rpm and Nijhuis

HGTFI-1-250.500 pumps located in the engine room. The pumps supply two remote controlled FiFi 1

monitors mounted on the aft upper deck. Controls for the monitors are in the pilothouse and locally at the

monitors. The firefighting system also includes a deluge sprinkler system and eight fire stations located on

the main deck. Bulldog is powered by two medium speed GE 7FDM12 main engines that each produce

3,350 hp @ 1,050 rpm. According to Bazemore, "The GE power units are remarkable and performing

well." The propulsion system is completed by Rolls Royce model US255 Z Drives with 2800mm, 4 blade,

stainless steel propellers. Bulldog is equipped with John Deere model 6068TFMGK-99, Tier 2 emissions

certified, marine generator sets providing 99 kW @ 1,800 rpm, 208V 3 phase power. In the event that the

on-line generator fails, the standby generator will automatically start and go on line. The generator

experiencing the failure will be automatically shut down. The main switchboard provides for automatic

paralleling of the generator sets and is integrated with the winch controls. The online generator provides

sufficient power to operate the winch in normal (assist) mode. When high power (escort) mode is selected,

the standby generator is automatically paralleled with the online generator. The bow is fitted with a Markey

type DESF-48, 100 hp electric escort winch. The winch drum holds 750 ft. of nine in. synthetic line. The

winch features line-pulls up to 365,000 lbs. @ 0- 8 fpm; line-speeds up to 600 FPM; and a drum brake

holding capacity of 476,000 lbs utilizing an Eaton water cooled brake. A 15 hp Markey CEWC-60 electric

stern hawser capstan is located on the aft deck and a 5 hp Markey CEP-40 electric messenger capstan is

fitted on the foredeck. Bow fendering includes 12 x 14 in. rectangular molded rubber on the upper section;

16 in. soft loop on the middle section; and a "Turk's head" style fender on the lower section. 12 x14 in

rubber D fender is fitted at the main deck on the sides and stern. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Harvey Gulf orders again

March 20, 2006 Harvey Gulf International Marine in Louisiana in the US is reported to have embarked on

a new round of investment in newbuilds. Sources in the US say the company plans to spend more than

US$200 million on new ships, and has under construction at Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City,

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

Florida, three 280ft supply vessels, a 16,500bhp AHTS, and a 265ft dive support and well intervention

ship. (Source: Leo Kramer)

1,500 Tons Of Salt Sink In GIWW

Some 1,500 tons of salt sank in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway On March 17 after the barge in which it

was loaded collided with an offshore barge in 18-19 feet of water. The mishap resulted in channel

restrictions The salt barge was the lead unit in a tow being moved by the Mv. Jesus Saves. According to

the "Inland River Record", the boat is owned by Dufrene Boats, Inc., Harvey, La. The Marmac 15, the

other vessel in the accident, was being towed by the Megan E. Dupre and the E. H. Demouy, Gulf Coast

newspapers reported. The barge suffered damage above the water and was able to move to a nearby

shipyard for repairs. Work to unload the salt barge is pending. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Tidewater Agrees To Repower Tugs

Vancouver-based Tidewater Barge Lines has a fleet of 15 tugs, some built in the 1960s with inefficient

engines that pollute the air. A recently released study reveals that tugs and ships on the Columbia River

are "significant contributors" to haze in the Columbia River Gorge. When Tidewater was approached with

the idea of putting scrubbers on the vessels’ stacks, the conversation quickly turned to engine

replacement. A Department of Environmental Quality official told Tidewater that it soon would be able to

compete for federal grant money to help defray the cost of replacing aging engines. If Tidewater is

successful, the company could get as much as $500,000 toward the $1.8 million cost of replacing two

engines in one of its oldest and most power tugs. Tidewater could have rebuilt the engines for $400,000,

but it was decided replacement was the thing to do. The new clean-diesel engines are expected to cut

emissions by 85 percent. If the company gets the grant, it could also be eligible for Oregon tax credits

valued at $280,000. But there would be another bonus. The new engines would save $234,000 annually

in fuel costs. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

McAllister FiFi 1 Tractor Tugs Respond to Emergency

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On March 15, two restaurants, the historic Bowen’s Inn and the

Lighthouse Inn caught fire on Solomon’s Island in Calvert

County Maryland. The Solomon’s Volunteer Rescue Squad

and Fire Department (VFD) arrived on scene at the three alarm

fire and immediately recognized the need for additional

firefighting resources. Winds out of the NW were steady at 30-

35 knots with gusts up to 50 knots that quickly fanned the

inferno and created satellite fires. McAllister Towing’s tugs A.J.

McAllister and Emily Anne McAllister were crewed and

underway. Mate Tom Marstin of the Emily Anne McAllister, with

23 years of experience as a member of Solomon’s VFD,

coordinated getting the tugs into position and spraying water

by 13:15. Reports have more than 70 firefighters from 4

counties at the scene; due to limited water hydrants and resources being spread thin, the fight was being

lost. The Lighthouse Inn was completely engulfed and eventually collapsed. The A.J. and the Emily Anne

showered water at a rate of 11,000 gallons per minute a brought the fire under control within one half

hour. At 13:45, the VFD’s Incident Commander called a halt to the tugs’ efforts so the situation could be

assessed. During this time, the Emily Anne eased her way to shore so that Mate Marstin could obtain a

radio from the Incident Commander for future instructions. The tugs were then ordered to sweep hot spots

along the shore and further assist the VFD in dousing the numerous satellite fires that had arisen from the

high powered winds. There were no injuries to firefighting personnel or civilians. The damage suffered on

Solomon’s Island has been estimated near $5 million. The community and firefighters both acknowledged

the tugs’ efforts in containing the fire. Assistant Fire Chief Charles Nava of Solomon’s VFD said, “Big fire

requires big water and the tugs provide big water. The tug operation enabled us to mitigate the further

spreading of the fire in a matter of minutes versus the time it would have taken us.” Dick Devoe, a resident

of the area, “My wife and I were watching from our yard when the tugs arrived and immediately got to

work. Witnessing the power of the tugs cannons we knew it was only a matter of minutes before the fire

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

would be suppressed. As far as the community is concerned the tugboats were the heroes of the day!”

Both the A.J. McAllister and Emily Anne McAllister are state of the art tugs that were specifically built for

liquid natural gas terminals. Each tug is equipped with emergency response equipment that meets or

exceeds the FiFi 1 standards of classification by the American Bureau of Shipping. The tugs were built to

specifications set by Statoil, British Petroleum and Shell Oil for work at the Cove Point liquid natural gas

terminal. The tugs’ firefighting equipment include (2) Skum MK-250EL/VR fire monitors with foam injection

capability and a 1,100 gallon per minute deluge system. Each tug features Nijhuis HGT1 fire pumps

(driven by Detroit Diesel 12V-925TI) capable of pumping 5,800 gallons of water per minute. This

equipment is fully automated with controls in the pilot house. Both tugs are classed +A-1 firefighting (FiFi

1), Escort, +A-1 towing and +AMS by the American Bureau of Shipping. (Source: Marinelink)

Aker to Build AHTS for Maersk

Friday, March 24, 2006

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with AP. Moller -

Maersk AS, for the building of eight Anchor Handling Tug

Supply Vessels (AHTS). The contract also includes an optional

agreement for another two sister vessels. The series of AHTS

vessels is of Vik & Sandvik design, VS 472. Deliveries are

scheduled for 2008 and 2009, from Aker Yards in Norway. The

vessels are of approximately 240 x 65.5 x 30 ft. Roy Reite,

responsible for Offshore & Specialized Vessels in Aker Yards

comments: "We are very pleased that AP. Moller - Maersk as a

large international shipowner again chose to cooperate with us. This contract is the largest contract signed

in the Offhore & Specialized Vessels business area to date, and will give activity well into 2009. It will also

create considerable opportunities for numerous of our equipment suppliers and network of

subcontractors". (Source: Marinelink)

‘Smit Bronco’ te water gelaten

De eerste nieuwbouw multipurpose tug de “Smit

Bronco” is afgelopen woensdag 22 maart,

onder grote belangstelling van

Sleepbootspotters, te water gelaten bij IHC in

Sliedrecht en wordt daar momenteel afgebouwd.

Medio april zal ze gaan proefvaren. De “Smit

Bronco” is de eerste van drie multipurpose tugs

onder constructie. Het zusterschip de “Smit

Barracuda” is het volgende schip dat bij de werf

wordt afgebouwd. Zij werd nadat de “Smit

Bronco” te water was gelaten, uit het water

getild en de afbouw loods ingereden. Het casco

van de derde multipurpose tug voor Smit

Transport Europe BV, de “Smit Bison” werd In

Servie afgenomen en zal ook naar de werf van

IHC in Sliedrecht worden verscheept. (Source:

Hans van der Ster)

Smit Owena proefvaart voor Fotograven

De Smit Owena, PDNE, bouwnummer 511728 zal op 3, 4 en 5 april haar proefvaarten gaan uitvoeren.

Bijgevoegd het schema:

3 april 2006

08.30 – Vertrek uit


10.37 – Baanhoekbrug

10.50 – Papendrechtse brug

11.17 – Spoorbrug Dordrecht

14.00 – 4 e Petroleumhaven

14.30 – Yard Trails

16.30 – 4 e Petroleumhaven


17.30 – 4 e Petroleumhaven

voor overnachting.

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

4 april 2006

08.00 – Aanvang Proefvaart

08.30 – Aanvang trekproeven

12.00 – testen lier

16.00 – To off-shore put

16.30 – Anker, fifi en blackout


18.00 – 4e petroleumhaven.

5 april 2006

08.30 – duurproeven en


13.15 – Snelheidsproeven

14.30 – manoevreerproeven

16.00 – 4 e petroleumhaven

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

16.30 – Naar Gorinchem

19.17 – Spoorbrug


19.40 – Papendrechtse Brug

20.00 – Baanhoekbrug

21.00 – Aankomst Gorinchem

Veel succes met het maken van de plaatjes. Helaas zit ik zelf weer eens in het buitenland en hou me dus

aanbevolen voor wat mooie foto exemplaren. (Source: Damen)

GBS wordt versleept vanuit Vlissingen

SMIT Marine Projects is momenteel bezig met de voorbereidingen voor het uitslepen van de stalen

opslagtank (GBS) voor het De Ruyter veld, ca. 35 mijl uit de kust van Den Haag. Het verslepen van de

opslagtank die 76 x 63 meter meet, 73 meter hoog is en droog 56.000 ton weegt zal gebeuren vanuit

Vlissingen en zal plaatsvinden tussen 3 april en 6 april. De momenteel vast gelegde schepen die hiervoor

opgetrommeld zijn, zijn de “Anglian Earl”, “Nordon Challanger”, “Granit”, VOS Sympathy” en waarschijnlijk

de “Zeus”. (Source: Smit Marine Projects)

Pacific Endeavour starts ice trials

Swire Pacific Offshore says the first example of its new class of icebreaking PSVs, the UT758 Pacific

Endeavour, started ice trials on March 13th when it arrived at the edge of the Artic polar pack. Said Swire:

"Prior to departure there was considerable anxiety among the ice experts about finding sufficient first year

ice of the quantity and quality required due to the unseasonably warm winter in the extreme northern

hemisphere. However, it turned out the polar pack ice was thicker than anticipated from the forecasts, and

the vessel was frequently encountering areas of ice of 4-6m thickness capped with 1.5m of snow." Apart

from ice manoeuvring trials the vessel also conducted a full push test to confirm the maximum torque and

maximum revs of the motors at 7MW of input power at the Aquamaster thrusters. "All on board were

extremely impressed with the way Pacific Endeavour handled ice that was well over the initial design

specifications, and well in excess of what will be found off Sakhalin Island where the vessel will operate,"

said the company. The channel widening test was passed with flying colours, achieving a 65m channel

through 45cm ice and 10cm snow in excess of 2.5 knots headway, as were subsequent trials. (Source:

Clipping News)

North Star Shipping invests in PSV

North Star Shipping , part of the Craig Group, has announced that it is to invest a further £12 million in its

fleet of support vessels and has signed a contract with Astillerios Balenciaga shipyard in Spain for a

78.2m PSV. The new PSV, which is due to be delivered in 2007, will go straight into a long-term charter

with Talisman Energy UK Limited, which has awarded North Star Shipping a five year charter for the

vessel with multiple options. The new PSV is designed by IMT, with whom the company has a

longstanding relationship, is designed the IMT 978, and will be 78.2m in length with a breadth of 17m and

740m2 deck. Intended as a PSV, the vessel will also be capable of meeting the requirements of a 300

Class ERRV and be capable of carrying daughter craft. (Source: Clipping News)

Moulin Tide Launched

March 10th yard number 844/1 was launched at the Northern Shipyard SA for Remontowa Shipyard SA,

the 67 mtr. long vessel is named MOULIN TIDE and is on order for Tidewater Marine LLC from New

Orleans. Gdansk Shiprepair Yard REMONTOWA S.A. has signed contract with Tidewater Marine Inc. for

delivery of 4 vessels during year 2005 (2 are in option). Vessels are to be building in co-operation within

Remontowa Group. The hulls of the tugs are being built in Northern Shipyard SA. The burning of the steel

for the first unit - AHTS 1144/01 began on 6th of February 2004 and on 19th of February the keel was laid.

On the 29 th of June 2004, in the Northern Shipyard SA took place the launching ceremony of AHTS

1144/01 and the unit was hauled to Remontowa S.A. for furnishing work. Where Tidewater Marine LLC of

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA called in June 2002 for bids of three series (80, 100 and 120T bollard pull)

of AHTS, Remontowa's American & Offshore Commercial Department, which is responsible for farther

development of offshore sector service, had to decide the best way of attitude. Analysis of technical

condition lead to the conclusion, that Customer's expectation is to have rather small vessels in size, but

with comparatively large cargo capacities. In addition, the smallest bollard pulls vessel looked as limited

water depth operator. Available on the market, typical AHTS projects did not fulfil those conditions, while

famous, independent consultants offered only theoretically customised design, since they were providing

rather geometrically converted hullforms and/or compilations of previous solutions. Based on mentioned

above it was decided to prepare own and new concept in spite, that call for the bid clearly stated the only

proven design to be accepted. Finally, contract for newbuilding shown such Remontowa's attitude suitable

and successful. "Cost cutter" was the nickname given by Tidewater to the vessels as the guiding principle

of projects. It meant not only simple construction and lower building cost, but also considerably lower

recurring, operating costs. As long as demanded vessel's dimensions and bollard pull are observed, the

only way to satisfy operating costs lowering expectations is to increase the speed, deadweight and cargo

capacity, in terms of maintained propulsion power level. In such case the cost of cargo unit transfer is for

sure lower, comparing to competing solutions. Bigger cargo capacity and increased number of voyages,

within the same period of time and with comparable fuel consumption, should attract potential clients by

offering an advantage in form of vessel's flexibility with her special hullform design, allowing operation

either on shallow or deep water oil fields. Opportunity in offering of lower service rates would further sharp

operator's competitive edge on extremely tough market at present. Locally sited Naval Engineering and

Design's team, chosen by Remontowa as authors of new concept, examined number of different

propulsion systems, sophisticated solutions of ship's body forms, as well as vessel's layout, what resulted

in more than thirty well-developed project versions. This would eventually help to fulfil specific needs of

other, potential clients, as well as have resulted in compromised and well balanced solution, finally

presented to the Owners. Limited vessel's breadth and draft on one hand, with increased deadweight,

bollard pull and speed on the other, seem to contradict strongly and form rather ambitious challenge.

Therefore, local Design and Scientific Research Centre has been employed and extensive programme of

tank testing was performed, to prove assumed parameters and to ensure satisfactory seakeeping

characteristics as well. Additional cost cutting gain, important for shipbuilders, is homeliness of applied

body shape, which spares labour cost of the hull's erection. Moreover, promising results of this type of

ship, gave excellent hullform for shallow water platform supply vessel (PSV) or other OSV concept, where

cargo capacity and vessel's speed may be further, significantly increased, comparing to AHTS results.

Final technical solutions, as well as received results, both offering handy, safe and comfortable workplace,

are as follows: * ABS class notation of: +A1, (E), Offshore Support Vessel, FFV Class 1, +AMS, +DPS -1;

* Length overall 67m, moulded breadth 15.5m, deadweight of 1.850 at 4.4m and 1.950 at 4.6m draughts; *

Twin American maker M.E., 2.983 kW each, driving via reduction gears two contra rotating CPP in nozzles

and developing more than 90T of bollard pull and 14.5 knots of full speed at MCR, two shaft generators

1200kW each and two FF pump 800kW each driven from the front end of MEs via step-up gear; *

Electrically driven bow thrusters 800HP to comply DPS -1 class; V Cargo deck area of 410 sq m with

allowable cargo load up to 1.000t ( 5.5T / cu.m); V Cargo tanks capacities: liquid mud - 470 cu.m (3.000

imperial barrels); dry cargo - 193.6 cu.m (7.000 cu.ft); cargo F.O. - 900 cu.m; cargo F.W. - 790 cu.m;

potable water - 210 cu.m; B.W. - 490 cu.m; V Double-drum, 225 T, hydraulic, low pressure, anchor

handling / towing winch; storage real adequate capacity; two 10T tugger winches; one 2 MT at 10 m arm

deck crane; shark jaws / towing pins set; 300T SWL stern roller; * Comfortable accommodation for

compliment of 28 and complied offshore standards. (Source: Clipping News)

Book Review: Tugboats of New York

"Tugboats of New York" is one of those rare constructions where everything works just about perfectly.

The text is insightfully, appreciatively, and masterfully written. The illustrations are informative, handsome,

and sometimes — deliberately, one gathers, given some of the credits — quite beautifully artistic. The

photo captions are detailed and often lengthy, turning the book into sort of an A-V show on paper. And

what paper. The stock is coated and 60-lb. heavy, bright, easy on the eyes, apparently formulated to last

the next century or two. The illustrations glisten with a sheen more reminiscent of actual photographic

prints than something screened into a book. The quality of manufacture echoes the lavish production

values of coffee-table books produced in Asia, although this one is American-made. All these individual

excellences combine with a tactile and sensual force when the volume is hefted and spread-open for a

read, a page-turner whose deluxe composition dignifies its subject. With a title like "Tugboats of New

York" and a subtitle, "An Illustrated History," what the book's about would seem fairly inescapable. Yet

with so many cogs in the machinery of its telling, author George Matteson may have intended other

messages besides the one that's spelled-out. NY Long Ago The author upholds the New York theme of

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

the book in grand style, taking local history back to before there was a New York, or even a place to build

it. "Eleven hundred million years ago," states the opening, "the Manhattan Prong began to form under the

relentless pressure of collision between tectonic plates bearing the North American and African

continents." That's how the "New York" pedigree of the work begins; the tugboats come later "About nine

thousand years ago," we're told after an intervening couple of paragraphs of geological development,

"Long Island Sound became an arm of the ocean; the Narrows a tidal strait ... Vagaries of terrain made

Staten an island and the East River a tidal strait leading to Long Island Sound; and thus, Manhattan, the

artifact of a thousand-million-year-old prong, was ready for business." It was still a bit early for the tugboat

business, but a fundamental characteristic of the eventual city was by then cast. "Most of that business is

conducted at the will of the tides ... through the labyrinth of channels that make up the Upper and Lower

bays, the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers, the Kills that encircle Staten Island, Raritan and Newark bays,

and the Hackensack and Passaic rivers." What do these formations, laid-out in an unpopulated landscape

during the time of the Pharaohs, have to do with a local industry which got its start no more than 189 years

ago? "The behavior of the harbor currents and the consequences of that behavior have become a vital

language learned by generations of boatmen." Boatmen. The author included. "Early on in my education, I

was given the opportunity to steer a tow comprising two empty scrap barges out of the Kill Van Kull ... I

steered carefully along the Jersey flats as far as the buoys that mark the entrance channel to the ferry

dock on the south side of the statue. There I could see by the action of the buoys' leaning and weaving in

the current that we had used up all the benefits of the Back Channel route. I shaped a course across the

main ship channel, stemming the current for the tip of Governors. I had gotten perhaps a quarter of the

way across when the pilothouse door flew open and there was the captain, much annoyed. "'I said to go

up to the statue before you cut across.'" "I felt very foolish. 'I was almost there.' "'I didn't say almost. You

go to it. That's the way it's done. That's the way it's always done.'" We've reached only the fourth page of

text in this rich 270-page volume (including index, five pages of bibliography, seven of chapter notes, and

a three-page epilogue), and already we've ventured seamlessly from the formation of the planet and a part

of it cut-out just for tugboats, to the credentials of the guide who is conducting our tour. Were a hull to slide

as cleanly through the water, a boatman would be proud. We've even come to understand just a little

about tugboating and a stand-up, be ready to be stood-down, character of its world. What could the next

four pages bring? Minding Business in New York Whatever the main theme of the book, the author

departs its regional orientation at his pleasure, whenever no other way arises to tell the tale. If he goes

back eleven hundred million years to the genesis of this place made for tugboats, he's earned the right to

go back 268 years to the genesis of the self-propelled towing vessel, drawn-up on paper. It was

apparently never built, and had its origin in London in 1737, not New York. Like the plate tectonics that

constructed the region, the movement of ideas was inexorable but slow.

The earliest commercial steamboats saw the prospects in towing, even if not as a primary occupation. The

famous Nautilus, the Staten Island steam ferry that entered service 80 years after the steam towboat was

first sketched-out, was an early adopter of the new tech. She was fitted with towing bitts, the author tells

us, and from time to time went off on the impromptu tow with a complement of ferry passengers still

aboard. Even by the time of purpose-built towboats, sidewheelers after the 1830s, the spontaneous

demand for services — or competition to provide same — was propelled by the technology of the day.

There were no long-distance communications, and a lot of tows arrived on the winds. When? Why, there

they are now. As the local fleet of tugboats developed ocean-going prowess, working the waters around

Sandy Hook, they extended the practicality of doing business in the region. Not many merchantmen could

make their way across the ocean, straight up to their docks under sail. If the port of New York made

commerce viable and physically built the city, it had the tugboat, literally, as its motor. The clipper ships

wouldn't have worked if it hadn't been for tugboats, which by the 1860s had developed the screw propeller

and the particular profile by which they're recognized to this day. Transatlantic steamships bearing cargo

by then were able to navigate closer to the piers of New York, and schedules grew somewhat more

predictable. But it still took tugboats to dock them. The voracious appetite of the adolescent city required

tugboat services for cargo coming the other way too, from the north down the Hudson for example. This

included the barges and boats of the Erie Canal, among other canals built to the Hudson, and a great

towing empire that developed midway between New York and Albany. The Cornell Steamboat Company

headquartered itself at Rondout, near the D&H Canal, like New York itself "as much a creature of its

geographical situation as it was of the management skills of its early proprietors." For the better part of a

century, the Cornell company was the dominant force in towing things south to the old Manhattan Prong.

Goods came from the canals, and from the towns along the rivers en route, with their gravel and cement

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

and bluestone and brick, the base substances of cities before architects discovered steel and glass. They

arrived in tows whose sheer sprawl is hard to imagine in a day when container barges take such little

space. The canalers were not literally tugboats of New York, but they were so closely affiliated with New

York that the story is incomplete without them. Their influences surface periodically through the book.

Almost from the time the canals began operation, railroads and eventually highways began competing

with the river tows, successfully in response to the social requirements and economic balances of the 19th

and 20th centuries. That was okay, because downriver the railroads themselves needed tug services.

Something had to bring boxcars from the railheads on the Jersey shore to their final destinations around

the boroughs and beyond.

The author credits John H. Starin, who built a large nautical empire in New York (130 tugs, lighters,

steamers and barges by the 1880s), for development of the carfloat system that might form the genesis of

intermodal transport as we know it. In time the tugboats at this work were mostly railroad property in their

own right, though they stimulated other business for the boats on the harbor begun for them so many

millions of years before. A lot of tugs from elsewhere, as well as the proprietary tug operations of

corporations with other "core businesses," like the railroads and the petroleum companies, commingled in

New York along with the assets of purely local operators large and small, mostly small. Only a few

sourcess seem to have recorded tug business dealings in those days, beyond the iconic descriptions of

dispatchers shouting orders to skippers through megaphones from Manhattan office towers. The tugboat

business was a lot more complex than that, of course, with harbor masters and agents and scalpers of

varying backgrounds and levels of honor promoting or exploiting business for tug owners in the days

before telephones. "That the waterfront in general and the milieu of the tugboatmen in particular was

beginning to accumulate multiple layers of extortionate characters did not bode well for the port." They're

presumably no longer part of the fabric, though the tug owners, then as now, endured something of a

dichotomy about making their activities known. Word should get out to stimulate more business, but word

should be kept quiet to avoid attracting competition. The book describes many other intricacies of tugboat

dealings as common as steamboats in their time, and now just as vanished. Whether these business

structures were unique to New York or were indigenous to other ports as well is not clear, though their

parallels must have existed elsewhere. With luck, the success of the present volume will encourage

equally learned tomes under titles like "Tugboats of Philadelphia" or "Tugboats of Norfolk." It would be

interesting to compare. Principles of tugboat design, machinery, and operating characteristics are

abundantly covered in the book, although the majority are more-or-less generic and not New Your

specific. It's probably a safe bet that some of the author's observations about the business were applicable

elsewhere. "Salesmanship, competence, wit, and charm also became important business attributes. A

towing competitor might easily duplicate the qualities of a specific tug, but to duplicate a personal

relationship was a different matter. Reserves of common understanding and trust became as important as

horsepower." Also likely common elsewhere, "The business at all levels was populated by individuals who

operated privately and by their own wits. This independent quality defied most attempts at regulation.

Watermen have a well-documented taste for individuality.... Throughout the nineteenth century they defied

all efforts to establish a uniform pricing system in the harbor. The result was a boisterous oversupply of

boats and of the characters who ran them." Maybe for the better, the author a few pages later compares

the past and future boatman. "Today, there is no official patience for [the past's] sort of man. Coast Guard

licensing procedures are viewed as a matter of national security. The rules have been altered to make it

all but impossible for a prospective captain to obtain a license by virtue of work experience and training on

board ... The various merchant-marine academies, faced with the almost total disappearance of jobs in

deep-sea employment for their graduates, have turned to training young men and women for careers in

inland and coastal towing. Acting as advisers to the Coast Guard in drafting new licensing rules, the

academies have been allowed to write their own curricula into the new rules, ensuring that their graduates

will get first crack at whatever jobs there are. Under this influence a new style of officer has emerged,

buttoned down and bureaucratic. They are undeniably diligent and intellectually well equipped for the job,

but their arrival represents a clean break from the ancient unruly traditions of the harbor."

While an unregulated harbor may equate with an unruly harbor, a corollary is that an unregulated harbor

spawns, insists upon, the honorable personal relations that also bob up periodically through the course of

the narrative. The chapter "Trust and Honor: The Rescue of the Dalzelline" illustrates the spirit in a New

York anecdote, which also has its parallels elsewhere when a "pressing need for quick action" dictated

that "the [business] agreement was an entirely verbal one but bore within its understandings a wealth of

integrity and tradition." The spirit pays homage to "the inviolability of a verbal promise." Most of the people

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

we know would roll their eyes over the proposition that tugboaters represent the pinnacle of honorable

conduct, especially after bitter labor disputes and endless, sometimes vexing competition from their

brethren. Still, most would mean what they're saying, and stick up for it. The contrast is not exclusive to

New York here, either. "The bond of a promise has been shrugged off in much of today's business world,

but in most corners of the harbor the principle that a man's word is his bond still persists." A man's word

and bond is also his reputation, in a self-contained society like a harbor's. The tugboat business has

always been a B2B business. "The basic measure of a boatman's conduct in business affairs is that he did

what he said he was going to do ... For such widespread commerce to function, a presumption of all

parties' good faith and enterprise was essential." There was of course the strike, that is the big one that is

recent enough for most people to remember and remark upon, and which the author likens to two bald

men fighting over a comb. Power struggles are no stranger to New York Harbor, though the strike at the

end of the1980s apparently had no winners. But such conflicts express a state of madness of sorts, the

body turned against itself, institutional in contrast to the I've-got-to-trust-you bond that can emerge on

deck. The author describes of his tug operations, ordered by strangers on the phone, "an agreement on a

price was struck, and I performed the service ... I sent the customer the bill, and in thirty days or so I

received my payment." The only uncollectible was a friend, who is still a friend anyway -- "a paradox that

speaks to the relative expectations of ordinary friendship compared to those of honor in New York

Harbor." Picture Perfect? All the book's photos are in black-and-white, or more precisely, grayscale, rich in

tone like the film originals of the 1930s and ' 40s when most were taken. Few spreads of text are without

at least one comely illustration, and many are fullpage. Although the text covers the harbor from eleven

hundred million years ago on up to 2005, when the book was published, the majority of photos come from

a smaller slice of time. A few go back to the stereoscope era, with Anthony photos of the 1850s or ' 60s,

but most hover around the WPA (Works Progress Administration) era. Gordon Parks is among the talents

that recurs through the book, having been funded in the late 1940s for photos of life aboard. Mr. Parks

would be the featured name in the photo credits, though plenty of work by other photographers of the era

is present, all up to high standards. Perhaps because of the photographers themselves, or the type of

equipment they were using, there's a formality and distance between the viewer and subject, at least with

some of the human ones pictured aboard, that would look stilted in photography today. Cameras since

then have gotten quicker, closer, maybe even more expected, so the result in this book is a certain

stylized nostalgia of those years. "Adele, the author's wife, did much of the image researching," said Steve

Maikowski, Director of New York University Press, when we called to inquire how a work of so many

honorable qualities saw light of day, in a world where so much gets shrugged-off. "The researches

revealed that at the University of Louisville were over 300,000 prints donated by EXXON, some taken

under the WPA. That really deepened the illustrations. We said they are so sensual -- let's think of a 9x12inch

format, do it oblong, and let's put in more of these beautiful photographs. The project grew based on

the illustrations." What it had grown from was a proposal by the author, not yet a finished manuscript, but

"I had wanted to grow our list of regional history," said Mr. Maikowski. "This one came across my desk and

it struck a chord. I'd met a former New York harbor tug captain, and over a beer asked him about the

proposal. He took it away to look at, and said this is really good work. That was the first litmus test -- this

guy knows his stuff." With the discovery of the collection of photos came the decision that "we wanted to

make a more beatiful book and I told designer Charles Hamed to lay out each page individually, as if

every page is part of a coffee table art book. I decided to go out and raise some money to pay for the

more significant fixed costs, like the very high-quality scans of the photos," which with a reasonably small

endowment could keep the initial press run of 4000 at a reasonable retail price -- the publisher's website

quotes $39.95, although Amazon offers it at $26.37.It probably compliments everyone that a copy on eBay

sold for over $40 a couple months back. Mr. Maikowski says that without the support of its benefactors,

the book would have carried at least a $44.95 list. About three-quarters of the first printing had been sold

as of our conversation early last December, but subsequent press runs could hold the line on price

because the parts of the enterprise that received underwriting do not need redoing. The Dibner Fund, the

Walter Ferguson Foundation, and an "industry member" in New York who has requested anonymity were

the supporters mentioned. They backed a good bet. Aside from some of the stiff and not quite

spontaneous-looking pictures of crews in their engine rooms and gallies, there are plenty of vibrant period

photos that exude the texture and the spirit of the tugs of the times -- these are your grandpa's tugboats --

occasionally tying into the present with today's museum tugs at work when they were young. Modern tugs

are represented too, like the McAllister tractor in a firefighting demonstration across the back of the dust

jacket. But the book is "an illustrated history" with graphic rewards for all. For us it's a pleasure to come

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

across the Chancellor, now under restoration at Waterford, pictured in her youth in New York, or the K.

Whittelsey with her grand mechanics here, her hominess there -- including a close-up of a galley shelf as

prosaic as can be -- for besides all else, tugs are the homes of the people who work them... If there's a

cautionary note at all in the volume, it's that the nostalgia reinforces an impression that seems easy to

adopt in New York, that the harbor-as-engine is a past fact of history. There are bears in the woods who

believe, or would have others believe, that it all became irrelevant after the day of black-and-white film. It's

a harmless belief, unless city planning or legislation takes inspiration from it. But George Matteson's text

leaves little question about history, or the fact that it's ongoing and living. History (Cont'd) There are a few

millionaires around, but not many people in the tugboat business, as this book recalls them, made

particular fortunes. Most, it would seem, were marginal most of the time, some broke, some broken by the

business.There may be traditions, but they'd have developed against a continually changing background.

It's been years since railroad car floats were big business, but it's been even more years since block ice

and brick were major tows in New York, and more years still since the square riggers. The context of

towing keeps changing, but the necessity does not. As long as there is water there is an opportunity to

move things, and tugs are still the motors. Today, in New York, it's petroleum products most of all.

Tomorrow it could be all kinds of things, as social requirements and economic balances realign.

Meanwhile, where there's petroleum nowadays, there are ATBs. The author shares a dichotomy on the

subject, part of which recalls the old skipper who insisted upon crossing at the Statue. Some things have

always been, and variance can be disapproved on principle alone. "The move to large-scale ATB systems

is not only because of navigational and safety considerations. Tugs and barges have always been subject

to far simpler construction and manning requirements than have conventional ships, so any arrangement

that allows a vessel to be defined as a tug and barge ... vastly reduces its construction and operating cost.

This wrinkle in the law has resulted in a few so-called tugs that are so ungainly when not married to their

barges that they are barely able to traverse a sheltered harbor in flat calm.. Furthermore, the perpetual

marriage of a tug to a single barge violates one of the basic efficiencies of tug and barge operations,

namely, that the tug, which generally represents the bulk of the capital outlay of a barging operation, can

shft off to other profitable employment while its barge is idle or held in port for loading and unloading." And

steam tugs were quieter, but the author, like the industry as a whole, knows a good development when he

sees it after all. "Recently, the ability to push in virtually any weather has been achieved by a variety of

systems," he states some pages later, "that allow the tug and barge to make their attachment solely in the

notch at the stern of rhe barge. ... These "articulated tug-barge" (ATB) designs have revolutionized the

transportation of petroleum and chemicals along coastal routes. ATBs as large as full-sized tankers,

carrying as much as a quarter of a million barrels of cargo, are now operating on the coast in all weather."

In some ways, it might seem, the good old days of New York tugboating are still ahead. "Starting in 1929

the towing industry became habituated to a defensive posture. Starting with the depression years and

continuing to the end of the century, traditional harbor business withered, as companies battled one

another toward extinction. A dogged conservatism, enforced by tenuous profit margins and rigid labor

practices, locked the towing industry into a downward spiral that seems only recently to have abated. With

new tugbot construction and the promise of a few enduring markets, the tugs of New York Harbor appear

to have weathered a long and mighty storm and today, as ever, have another tide to catch." So in 270-odd

pages we've gone from the unfathomable past to the unforeseeable future, or at least a dimly-envisioned

near-future. Is this book a history or a forecast? Does it cover New York, or a national industry? What is

this book about, really? The epilogue gives the literal last word on the subject, and is set nowhere near

New York. It's way upstate on the canal, and although it opens on a tugboat, its focus becomes babies

and railroad trains. It's a delicious little morsel about something else that flows through the book, another

recounting that could occur anywhere if people would let it, about folks looking after one another. Like the

earliest geological formation of this broad and demanding harbor, it provides a clue to the nature of the

tugboats of New York. (By Don Sutherland)

J. van der Ster – Marcol Archief Productie

7 e jaargang, nr. 12

dd. 31 Maart 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Aker Yards to Build Supply Vessels for Farstad

Monday, March 27, 2006

UT 751 E platform supply rendering Aker Yards has signed a

contract with Farstad Supply AS, a company within Farstad

Shipping ASA in Ålesund, Norway, to deliver one UT 751 E

platform supply vessel and one UT 712 L anchor handling tug

supply vessel. The total value of the contract is approx NOK

570 million. This is the 18th and 19th contract between the

shipowner Farstad Shipping and Aker Yards. The hulls for the

vessels will be built in Romania and outfitted at Aker Yards,

Brevik. Delivery of the vessels are scheduled for December

2007 and March 2008. (Source: Marinelink)

GE Shipping Acquires OSV

According to source, the Great Eastern Shipping Company on Monday took delivery of a newly built OSV

named `Malaviya Twenty Five' from Bharati Shipyard Ltd. With this, the company's fleet now stands at 73

vessels - 40 ships and 33 offshore assets. The company has also signed a new building contract with

Bharati Shipyard Ltd for a 140 T bollard pull anchor handling tug supply vessel with delivery expected by

mid-2007. Apart from these, a modern Aframax crude carrier is due to join the company's fleet this month,

the company said in a release. The company has also signed a contract with STX Shipbuilding Company

Ltd, Korea for construction of 2 Long Range One (LR1) Product Tankers of 74,500 dwt each. (source:


Two men rescued from Lake Okeechobee after tug capsizes

Two Michigan men were rescued Saturday after they were tossed into chilly Lake Okeechobee when their

commercial tugboat capsized, authorities said. Nathaniel Dozman, 19, of Wayland, Mich., and Josh

Ruprecht, 27, of Twin Lakes, Mich., were pulled from the lake early Saturday after spending at least four

hours in the water, clinging to the foundering vessel. They were operating the Birdie B, a 38-foot tug and

barge, heading west on the Intracoastal Waterway when the vessel capsized in 6-to-7-foot waters that

were roiled by a passing storm, authorities said. The men sent out an alert before going in the water near

3 a.m. They clutched the vessel as the Coast Guard, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Commission and the Okeechobee County sheriff's searched, commission spokesman Jorge Pino said.

The men were spotted by a rescue helicopter and were removed from the water at about 7 a.m., Pino

said. They were transported to St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach in fair condition, but they were

suffering from dehydration and hypothermia, he said. It was not clear how cold the water was, but

southern Florida was in the midst of a cold snap early Saturday that lowered air temperatures in the

northern section of the lake to the mid-to-high 40s, Pino said. "I can only imagine that the water was

frigid," Pino said by telephone Saturday. "It's a miracle that these two individuals were able to make it."

The sunken tug is submerged but is not blocking the intracoastal, and approximately 500 gallons of diesel

fuel on board is contained, the Coast Guard said. (Source:Clipping News)

Bourbon Hestia

The Bourbon Hestia was handed over in Singapore. (Source: Clipping News)

Supplier from Riderkerk

De Red Pelican en Sea Leader, liggende te Ridderkerk, zijn omgedoopt in respectievelijk Hani (D6DI8)

en Sina (D6DI9) en zullen een dezer dagen vertrekken richting Dubai . (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Sydney Tugs

The ex Sydney harbour tugs Warilla and Warang arrived in Singapore, the Warang with some weather

damage on bow. The rumors are going that the tugs will be used in the Singapore region. (Source:

Clipping News)

Maersk Supply Service provides more details on anchor handler order

Maersk Supply Service has provided more details of the eight 15,300bhp VS 472 anchor handling and

supply vessels it has ordered from Aker Yards AS in Norway. The vessels are of Vik & Sandvik design

and the first vessel is expected to be delivered during the first quarter of 2008 – the following vessels are

expected to be delivered at two-monthly intervals afterwards. As part of the contract, Maersk Supply

Service has options for an additional two vessels. The above mentioned vessels will join the current

Maersk Supply Service fleet of more than 60 vessels. The newbuilds will be 73.20m overall with length

between perpendiculars of 64.20m, breadth moulded of 20.00m, depth to main deck of 9.10m, draft (max)

of 7.60m, and draft (max) including skeg, of 8.40m. The AHTS will have a bollard pull of 160 tons, main

winch (waterfall type, with three drums) of 400 tons capacity, two Triplex shark jaws of 700 tons, two stern

rollers of total capacity 1m000 tons, and a deadweight at maximum draft of 3,700 tons. The deck load will

be 1,200 tons and deck area 600m2. Speed at draft of 6.00m, sea trial conditions, 85 per cent MCR, will

be 16 knots. The ships will have capacity for 670m3 of fule, 635m3 of fresh water, and rig chain lockers of

555m3. They will have a pair of CP propellers of 4.00m diameter, two 700bhp tunnel thrusters aft, and two

forward of 1,20bhp each. Accommodation will be provided for 30. (Source: Clipping News)

Maersk Vega delivered by Keppel FELS

Maersk Supply Service has confirmed that Maersk Brazil LTDA took delivery of the PSV Maersk Vega on

March 16 th from Keppel FELS Brasil shipyard. The vessel has joined the existing fleet of 55 vessels

operated by Maersk Supply Service. (Source: Clipping News)

Tidewater sells Chief

Broker Marcon says Tidewater Marine's PSV Chief has been sold to private Caribbean interests for an

undisclosed sum. The 1982 Bender Shipyard-built vessel with principle dimensions of 190ft x 40ft x 14ft

and a loaded draft of 12ft on 1,100 long tons deadweight with a clear deck of 135ft x 31ft, will now pass to

it's fifth owner since being built. In former times, the vessel has been known as the HOS Chief, Point

Chief and State Chief. The Chief handle will continue on with its new owners who will rename her

Midnight Chief. Marcon International acted as brokers on behalf of the sellers, whilst Bellem Marine

Bureau acted as brokers on behalf of the buyer. (Source: Clipping News)

Two Workers Die During Salvage Of Casino Barge At Gulfport, Miss

Two men who were involved in demolishing the Grand Casino Gulfport barge died March 21 while

attempting to pump water from the barge. Tim Alan Fitzgerald, 49, Newport News, Va., went into the hull

to pump water without underwater breathing equipment. Officials said he was quickly overcome by the

toxic gas hydrogen sulfide. When Miguel Hidalgo-Soberano, 48, of Cardenas Tabasco, Mexico, entered

the barge in an attempt to rescue Fitzgerald, he, too, was overcome and perished. The men were part of a

marine team working with PRC Environmental, the Houston-based company that as dismantling the

barge. (Source:Jan van der Doe)

SMIT takes another step in the renewal and expansion of its fleet with 18 newly

built vessels

Rotterdam, 31 March 2006

Division Harbour Towage and Terminals

SMIT has reached an agreement with Damen Shipyards from the Netherlands for constructing 11 newly

built vessels. Two of these vessels (type ASD 3211, 65 tons bp) have been awarded with a long-term

contract for the Terminals Division in Equatorial Guinea and will be delivered in respectively September

and December 2007. Four vessels (type ASD 2810) are replacements for the Harbour Towage fleet in

Rotterdam. These vessels will be equipped with a substantially higher bollard pull (60 tons bp). Two of

these vessels will be delivered in respectively 2007 and 2008. An additional five vessels of the ASD 2810

type (60 tons bp) will be deployed as replacement for and expansion of the divisions’ worldwide fleet. Two

vessels will be delivered in 2007 and three in 2008.

Division Transport & Heavy Lift

Also SMIT has reached an agreement for the purchase of 7 newly built workvessels from Hadi H. Al-

Hammam Est. of Saudi Arabia. These vessels of approximately 75 tons bp are a modified version of the

‘Smit Kamara’ and ‘Smit Komodo’. The first two vessels of this new series will be delivered during this year

and the last one is expected to be delivered in 2008. They will be managed by the SMIT Singapore

organisation. This investment comprises both replacement as well as expansion. Three of these vessels

have already been awarded with long-term contracts for the oil & gas sector to work for Saudi Aramco in

Saudi waters through Hadi H. Al-Hammam Est. Both Hadi H.Al-Hammam Est. and SMIT have declared

their intent to jointly pursue additional opportunities in Saudi Arabia. All fleet renewals and expansions fit

into SMIT’s strategy of moving to the top-segment of the market with long-term contracts, autonomous

growth, fleet renewal and optimalisation. (Source:Smit)

Navigation Season In St. Paul

St. Paul, Minn. — The 2006 navigation season in St. Paul began March 22 when the towboat Reggie G of

Bettendorf, Iowa-based Alter Barge Line, arrived with 12 barges and landed in a barge fleet below Pigs

Eye Bridge. She was assisted by the towboat Itasca of Upper River Services, a local fleeting service. The

next northbound arrivals were American River Transportation’s American Beauty and Roberta Tabor, and

Alter’s Phyllis. (Source:Jan van der Doe)

Tug and linehandling fees going up at Panama Canal

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced that effective April 1, 2006, there will be rate

increases for tug and linehandling services due to rising operating costs. The decision was made by the

Republic of Panama's Cabinet on a recommendation from the ACP's Board of Directors. Rates for tug

services will increase 7 percent and rates for line handling services will rise 4 percent. Fees vary by vessel

size. Rates for these services have not been increased since March 2004. However, increases in

operating costs due primarily to sustained fuel hikes have impacted tugboat and line handling services,

making it necessary to adjust rates, says the ACP. For more information on these increases, please refer

to the ACP's Web site: (Source: Clipping News)

Tug Malta ripe for privatisation

Government is set to continue divesting of its assets with the ministry for investments this week

announcing that in the near future, an international call will be issued to find a strategic investor with

international experience for Tug Malta Ltd. It is Government’s intension to retain a minority interest and the

ideal partner would have to upgrade the company so that it would be able to offer its services off shore,

lead it to participate in salvage operations and have it work in international ports. The highlights of the

financial results ending Sept 05, show that Tug Malta Ltd made a profit before tax of Lm671,217 against a

loss before tax of Lm21,467 registered in the previous year. Last year, when the 2004 result were

announced, there was talk that a request was to be presented to the Malta Maritime Authority, as the

regulatory body to revise the towage tariffs. There is no indication this year if these changes in tariffs have

been approved and whether they have contributed positively to the 2005 results. In any case, it is good to

know that a parastatal company is investing around Lm4 million in two new tug boats and without the need

of any government guarantees. This means that financial institutions and suppliers see the Company as

unable to give it credit on the strength of its balance sheet. Moreover, in the previous year, the

Government had announced that there would be an application before the Malta Maritime Authority as the

regulator, to consider Tug Malta’s operations as essential economic services. Analysing the figures one

finds that turnover in financial year 2005 reached Lm3 million against Lm2.3 million registered in 2004.

This is a healthy increase of 31.7%. There is no explanation of how much of this increase is a result of any

rise in tariffs or whether this was a result of increased demand for Tug Malta’s services. On the expenses

side the operating expenses in 2005 increased marginally by 0.8% to reach Lm1.96 million. From the

analysis the major increase was in the fuel costs which offset the savings made in repairs. Other

expenses such as payroll and depreciation remained constant. Administration expenses in 2005 increased

by 21% to reach Lm405,000. The increases were mainly related to Human Resources Development and

Training – which is an investment to enhance the workers’ skills – and insurance costs. Savings were

registered in finance costs and even though payroll costs increased, other expenses such as professional

fees, advertising, travel and entertainment and sundry expenses remained constant. An interesting slide

hown during the presentation of results was a breakdown of the costs showing that the company’s

expenses are split into 82% as operational, 17% as administrative and 1% as financial. During the

announcement of results, one could feel that there was enthusiasm by the presenters in showing how the

Company was improving its financials. Over a 10 year performance chart there is a sudden surge in

revenue in 2005 against 2004 and this reversing the downward trend in revenue that was being

experienced in previous years. Indeed the company looks ripe to be sold. With the delivery of two new

tugs expected this month and in October 2006 and the only operational issue which seems a problem is

the manning level of the Tugs, management is in discussion with the unions to reduce this from five sailors

to four per Tug. However, there will not only be redundancies but this will come about as a result of natural

wastage of staff returning of age. The sound financial performance registered in 2005, according to the

minister, is the result of the restructuring process. In fact during 2005, the company continued to improve

in its operations, so much so that it is undertaking service level agreements and providing frequency

discounts. Last year a lot of training was undertaken by tug markets who, were trained in Holland on

simulators in preparation for the new tugs they will work with. Moreover, on the job training was given by

an experienced UK Tug Master. These should improve further the Tug moves and overall operations.

Malta has a very high rate of jobs per tug at 1,000 compared to 600 registered by Italy and Ireland; 400 by

Belgium and under 200 by Denmark; Lithuania and Spain. Despite these favourable results, the number of

ships using tugs at Marsaxlokk and the Grand Harbour decreased when comparing financial year 2005

with 2004. The Tug moves in 2005 increased to 81% at Marsaxlokk from 79% , at Marsa Shipyards it

remained 6% as in previous years whilst at the Grand Harbour there was a decrease of 2% from 2004, to

reach 13% in 2005. The issue of manning levels is being discussed with the Unions. In order for the

Company to reduce costs the staff levels have to decrease from 5 to 4 per Tug. This is an important

consideration, as from the figures given; the current manning levels at Malta are the highest in Europe. As

an average Malta has a crew of 10 per tug. Compared to 8 registered by France, UK, Germany and

Greece; 6 at Spain; 5 in Sweden and Denmark and a low 3 in Holland. Tug Malta is committed to continue

to invest in tugs and employees to offer an immediate efficient service to its clients. During the

presentation of results, no information was provided on the company’s balance sheet. The strategic

investor would definitely analyse the tariffs Tug Malta charges to its clients, review why less ships are

calling to whether optimal use is being made of staff including the manning levels, and study the costs.

However, finding a fleet of an additional two new tugs is definitely something which is of benefit to the

future operations of the company as well as the capabilities of the staff who have had 2005 as a year

dedicated to training. This is the third Government controlled entity which operates in the Maritime

Section. Sea Malta ended up in liquidation and its services taken up by a private entity. Gozo Channel is

the second entity, which will continue to be Government controlled and dependent on the Public Service

Obligation payments, and Tug Malta which is showing good financial results in anticipation for

privatisation. (Source: Clipping News)

Lowestoft tugs help in marine exercise

Two powerful tugs operated by a Lowestoft firm have played key roles in a major marine exercise off the

south-west coast of Britain. The vessels from Klyne Tugs (Lowestoft) were involved in a towing and

pollution control exercise called Bluewater, conducted recently by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency

(MCA). Over two days, the event involved several MCA teams and emergency services concerned with

salvage, counterpollution, fire-fighting and the handling and care of noxious substances. A large team of

expert observers from Europe, Scandinavia and Canada attended the exercise. One day was devoted to a

towing trial, held in Lyme Bay. Anglian Princess, one of four Klyne tugs employed as emergency towing

vessels by HM Coastguard, worked alongside the powerful new tug Abeille Liberte from the French

Coastguard. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker Orangeleaf was engaged to act as a casualty throughout

the exercise and the tugs practised making a towing connection using a rocket-line, helicopter transfer and

more traditional means. Once connected, each tug took the ship in tow, simulating emergency conditions.

The next day, with RFA Orangeleaf anchored off Portland, the Klyne tug Anglian Earl was used as a

base from which other activities were conducted. The tug's spacious after-deck was loaded with tonnes of

essential pollutioncontrol equipment and once moored alongside the 'casualty' played an important part in

the proceedings. Although Anglian Earl is not a full-time member of the Coastguard fleet and normally

operates in the North Sea or on towage contracts elsewhere, she is frequently used as a back-up vessel.

On this occasion, Anglian Earl was engaged so Anglian Princess could return immediately to her station

at Falmouth once the towing exercise was completed. (Source: Clipping News)

Tug Malta registers profit of Lm671,217 in 2005

During a news conference it was announced that Tug Malta registered a profit of Lm 671,217 (before

taxes), after having declared a loss of Lm21, 467 (before taxes) last year. During this news conference,

Austin Gatt, Minister for Investment, Industry and Information Technology, said that the restructuring of the

Tug Malta was a success story, and is now in a financial position not to have to rely on Government bank

guarantees when purchasing new tugs. He also spoke about the privatization proceedings of the

company, which are expected to start in the coming months through an international request for strategic

investors, which would bring international business. The minister went on to say that the restructuring

process would mean implementing changes including the reduction in the number of seamen on each tug

from five to four people. Discussions are ongoing between management and the Union and these

measures are to be implemented upon arrival of the first new tugboat. This process will happen through

“natural wastage” whereby the workers would resign from their post voluntarily, said the minister. Dr. Gatt

also mentioned that the Government is interested in being a minor shareholder within the company.

(Source: Clipping News)

Crowley Christens ATB

Crowley Maritime Corporation christened the first of six new 185,000-barrel Articulated Tug-Barge (ATB)

tank vessels that the company will take delivery of over the next two and half years. The vessels

christened were the 9,280 HP-tug Pacific Reliance and barge 650-1. At ceremonies held at the Mobile

Convention Center on South Water Street, Constance Crowley Peabody, aunt of Tom Crowley Jr.,

company chairman, president and CEO, christened the Pacific Reliance, while Janet Bishop from

ConocoPhillips, christened barge 650-1. Crowley's Petroleum Services group will charter the VT Halter

Marine-built ATB from Crowley's vessel construction and naval architecture subsidiary, Vessel

Management Services, and operate it for ConocoPhillips under a three-year agreement. Crowley already

has four, 155,000-barrel ATBs operating on the U.S. West Coast. "We are thrilled to be expanding our

ATB fleet with these new, larger, state-of-the-art vessels," said Crowley. "Our existing ATBs have

performed extremely well for our petroleum customers and we're confident that this new ATB will provide

ConocoPhillips with many years of safe, reliable and efficient transportation for their products." An ATB

has an articulated, or hinged, connection system between the tug and barge, which allows movement in

one axis, or plane in the critical area of fore and aft pitch. Crowley and VT Halter Marine jointly designed

the ATB tank vessel. The barge 650-1 was built at Halter's shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss., and the Pacific

Reliance at its shipyard, in Moss Point, Miss. Boyd E. King, VT Halter Marine's CEO said "VT Halter

Marine's order book is growing thanks to multi-year projects like Crowley's six-unit ATB order. This project

highlights VT Halter Marine's ability to utilize the joint capabilities of its specialized facilities that work in

concert to produce a diverse product line of commercial and defense related vessels." The new ATBs

feature the latest systems technology and double-hull construction for maximum safety and reliability. Not

only does the unit have the capability of transporting refined products, but it can also carry heated cargoes

and easy chemicals, which require special arrangements of vents, stripping systems, pump components

and tank coatings above that normally required for product carriers. All of Crowley's ATBs are built under

the ABS SafeHull program for environmental protection. This program puts the vessel design through an

exhaustive review to identify structural loads and strengthen the vessel structure. The 650-Class barges

will be 27,000 deadweight tons, 587 feet in length, 74 feet in breadth and 40 feet in depth. The fully loaded

draft will be 30 feet. There is an electric cargo pump in each of the 14 cargo tanks to assure maximum

cargo integrity and segregation flexibility; two anchor windlasses and associated equipment to enable the

vessel to accommodate offshore mooring operations; and a vacuum system with three retention tanks to

easily handle cargo changes. There is also a dual mode inert gas system and vapor collection system for

maximum safety. A layer of inert gas covers products in the tanks to make the atmosphere too lean for

combustion. An enhanced mooring system features 1,000-foot Spectra-type lines on split drums with a

high-speed recovery rate of 100 feet per minute. The tugs meet all SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and

ABS criteria, and have a foam capable fire monitor; twin fuel-efficient diesel engines; a noise reduction

package; and other upgrades to increase crew comfort. The communication and navigation equipment is

among the most technologically advanced in the industry today. These six new ATBs will join a fleet of

four, 155,000-barrel Crowley ATBs already in service. The Sea Reliance/550-1, Sound Reliance/550-2,

Ocean Reliance /550-3 and Coastal Reliance/550-4 have each made over 100 successful voyages. The

ATB fleet has moved over 65 million barrels of product with zero spills and only two Lost Time Incidents

(LTI) in three and a half years, averaging approximately 20 million barrels moved a year. (Source:


Bourbon builds at Bharati

Groupe Bourbon of France has returned to Bharati Shipyard in India with an INR 4bn ($89m) order for five

anchorhandling tug/supply (AHTS) vessels. The company has not released the delivery dates of the 120

ton BHP vessels nor has it mentioned any charter agreements. These five newbuildings are in addition to

the 36 vessels Bourboun said it had under construction at the end of 2005 with delivery until the end of

the first quarter in 2007. This is not the first time Bourbon has been to Bharati with an order. In January

last year the Indian yard won an order to build two multipurpose long-platform supply vessels for Bourbon.

The vessels cost $8m a piece and were delivered to the French owner in June and September 2005.

Bourbon had a productive year in 2005 as increased activity in the offshore sector saw it add 18 vessels to

its fleet through the year. Earlier in March Bourbon announced a doubling of profit for 2005 with net

earnings reaching EUR 215m ($257.6m) as compared to EUR 101.6m in 2004. Revenues climbed from

EUR 918.8m in 2004 to EUR 1.02bn last year, helped by gains on investment disposals of EUR 94.1m.

Bharati has also been active in 2005 recently announcing an increase in third-quarter profit of 126% as

compared to the same period in 2004. Profit for the three months to September was INR 104.4m ($2.36m)

as compared to INR 46.2m in 2004, while revenues in the period climbed 80% to INR 705.2m. (Source:

Clipping News)

7 e jaargang, nr. 13

dd. 30 April 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Bourbon Orders 12 New Harbor Tugs

In line with its Horizon 2010 strategic plan, Bourbon is expanding the power of its harbor tug fleet and

anticipating international growth by ordering 12 tugs, including a series of 8 vessels from the Piriou

shipyards in Concarneau (France) and 4 from the Damen shipyards in China. - An investment scheduled

in the Horizon 2010 strategic plan With this order for 12 vessels, BOURBON is investing 60 million euros

and continues to modernize the Les Abeilles fleet operating in major French and international ports. This

new order brings to 16 the total number of vessels to be delivered to Les Abeilles. The last order of this

magnitude for Les Abeilles was placed in 1998 for the construction of 14 tugs. This development strategy

is in line with the Bourbon Horizon 2010 plan, which provides for an investment of 100 million euros in the

Towage & Salvage Division by 2010 and foresees annual revenue growth of 4% for this segment. - 8 new,

more powerful tugs to upgrade the Les Abeilles fleet in the major French ports Satisfied with the technical

and operational specifications of the Abeille Barfleur and Croisic, tugs built by the Piriou shipyards and

based at Le Havre and Nantes-Saint Nazaire respectively, Bourbon made the choice to order the same

type of tugs from the same yards on the basis of custom technical specifications, which were modified to

boost the power and add technical improvements. Measuring 30 m long and 10 m wide, the more compact

template for this series contributes to better maneuverability enabling greater operational efficiency. These

tugs, equipped with Azimutal Stern Drive propulsion and a new design, offer 15% more bollard pull

capacity than earlier models, raising capacity from 57 to 65 tons. This choice is an effective response to

the changes in towage operations resulting from an increase in the size and tonnage of the vessels towed.

The 8 new tugs will also be equipped with fire-fighting capacity. Deliveries are scheduled between October

2007 and the end of 2008. - 4 new tugs to accelerate international growth in towage and assistance The 4

tugs being built by the Chinese subsidiary of the Damen shipyards are designed to contribute to the

international expansion of the towage and assistance business. These are 4 standards vessels, 28 m long

and 10 m wide, which have a bollard pull capacity of 58.5 tons and are equipped with Azimutal Stern Drive

propulsion and fire-fighting capacity. This order, which is identical to the order placed with Damen in 2005

for the Tangier-Mediterranean contract, optimizes the benefits of the series effect. Moreover, by deciding

to order a proven product, Les Abeilles ensures that it is expanding its fleet with quality tugs, recognized

and appreciated by clients. The 4 tugs will be delivered from November 2007 until July 2008. (Source:



Number three of the newbuilding series of five supertugs is getting ready for delivery. The name giving

ceremony of AHT Fairmount Alpine will be held on 11 May 2006 sponsored by Mrs Schuur. Deleivery of

the Fairmount Alpinne will take place on 31 May 2006, whereafter the vessel will immedaitly mobilise to

Korea for her first assignement. AHT Fairmount Glacier, number four in the company's newbuilding

programme, will be delivered on July 31st 2006 by builder Niigata Shipbuilding. (Source: Fairmount)

Bourbon Offshore orders 56 newbuilds

April 24, 2006

Bourbon's orders include several GPA654 design PSVs. Having announced details of its new, Euros 1.23

billion strategic plan in February, which it dubbed 'Horizon 2010 plan,' Bourbon Offshore has announced

that it has placed order for the first of what will be a total of 56 new offshore support vessels worth

some Euros 672 million. The 56 vessels the company plans to order are in addition to the 27 supply

vessels it already has under construction as of December 31st 2005. 18 newbuilds are being

ordered deepwater offshore operations with deliveries and commissioning of the vessels staggered from

the final quarter of 2007 until the first half of 2009. They include: Four Ulstein P105s ordered from

Zhejiang shipyard in China. These are sister vessels to Bourbon Peridot, delivered in 2005 and will be

91m long with a deadweight of 4,900 tons, with diesel-electric propulsion, DP2, and will be pre-equipped

to receive a 100 ton deep sea crane. Eight GPA 670 PSVs ordered from the Zhejiang shipyards in China.

This order follows an initial order of 10 vessels of the same type, five of which are already in operation.

With a length of 73m and deadweight of 3,200 tons, these PSVs will also be diesel-electric propulsion and

classed DP2. Five AHTS ordered from the Bharati shipyards in India. This series of AHTS will

have 11,000hp and a bollard pull of 125 tons, and is identical to the series of five units, four of which were

recently delivered by Keppel in Singapore (Bourbon Artemis, Bourbon Aladin, Bourbon Apsara, Bourbon

Alexandre). Classed DP1, the vessels have FiFi 1. One MPSV ordered from the De Hoop shipyards in the

Netherlands. This 85m MPSV has accommodation for 70 with diesel-electric propulsion, a DP2 system,

and heave compensated 100-ton crane and is intended for subsea operations conducted in deepwater

using ROVs. Bourbon has also ordered 38 modern OSVs intended for continental offshore operations.

These include: Two MPSVs ordered from the Bharati in India with a length of 60m and accommodation for

44 intended for maintenance work in oil and gas fields on the continental shelf. 36 supply vessels ordered

from Dayang shipyards in China. This large order includes two series of vessels, both designed by Guido

Perla & Associattes, and includes 26 AHTS with 80 tons bollard pull, and 10 economical PSVs of 1,600

tons deadweight. "These next-generation vessels precisely meet future client demands for safety,

manoeuvrability, environmental protection and productivity," said Bourbon. All 36 AHTS and PSVs

ordered are diesel-electric, classed DP2 and FiFi1. They have been designed to transport a variety of

products and can carry 640m3 of liquid mud. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Icebreaking Moss 828 design delivered to FEMCO

April 25, 2006

Havyard Lerivik has delivered a Moss 828 ice class MISV for FEMCO. Havyard Leirvik shipyard in Norway

has delivered an multi-purpose cebreaking supply vessel to FEMCO, a Russian management company

owned by Rosneft. Delivered in March, the newbuild will be operated on behalf of CSJC Sevmorneftgaz.

The Moss 828 MISV has high icebreaking class and is designed to provide icebreaking and ice

management duties in ice thicknesses of up to 1.5m of level ice. Its primary role is as a support vessel

with oil recovery capability with large onboard tanks, plus ROV/diving support and standby/rescue

capability. The vessel has diesel electric propulsion, utilising two Azipods each of 7.5MW. Being designed

to work in extremely low temperatures - as low as - 45 degrees C - the newly delivered vessel also has

shelters to protect the crew and enhanced heating capacity as well as de-icing facilities. (Source: Leo


Aker Yards to Build PSVs for Greatship Limited

Greatship (India) Limited, wholly owned subsidiary of The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited,

Mumbai India, has confirmed an agreement with Aker Yards, for the building of two Platform Supply

Vessels of UT 755 LN type. Delivery is scheduled for July and October 2008. (Source: Marinelink)

Island Offshore orders X-BOW construction ship

April 10, 2006

Island Constructor - the first OCV with the X bow design. Ulstein Verft in Norway has been commissioned

to build a large construction vessel with the new ULSTEIN X-BOW hullform for Island Offshore. The

ULSTEIN SX121 is the first special purpose vessel from Ulstein Design AS and will be called Island

Constructor. The total value of the contract is approximately NKr 600 million. “This contract with Island

Offshore is a very important contract for the Ulstein Group as it reconfirms that leading shipping

companies within the offshore industry believes in the new bow concept ULSTEIN X-BOW,” said Gunvor

Ulstein, CEO at Ulstein Group. “The ULSTEIN SX121 is the first vessel from Ulstein Design's S-series to

be built,” said Tore Ulstein, president of Ulstein Verft and Ulstein Design. “We have previously had two

vessels of Ulstein design built at the yard, and our experience of both the quality of the vessels and

cooperation with shipyard personnel has been so positive that we were keen to return,” said Island

Offshore's president, Håvard Ulstein. The vessel that Island Offshore has contracted will be able to carry

out many types of operation. There will be ample space for special equipment, a large deck area, and a

tower for well operations that can be installed at a later date. The new vessel will be classified as an

inspection, maintenance and repair/offshore construction vessel (IMR/OCV), and will be 120m long with a

breadth of 25m. It will be fitted for 90 people, and will be equipped with, moonpool, an active heavecompensated

offshore crane, ROV hangar, diesel electric power plant and a helicopter deck. The vessel

will be delivered in the spring of 2008. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Young Brothers to Invest $186m

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 Young Brothers Ltd. announced it will spend $186 million over 10 years on a new

fleet of barges, tugboats, shipping containers, lifts and other equipment. The 106-year-old company is

Hawaii’s largest interisland cargo line. The company's first new barge, a car-carrying roll-on/roll-off barge

that can transport 500 vehicles, is scheduled for delivery late this year, sources said. The vessel, which is

enclosed to protect cars from sea spray and salt air, is now being designed by Glosten Associates Inc. of

Seattle, a naval architecture firm. The company now has 11 barges and eight tugboats, but plans to begin

retiring some of those in the coming years. The new fleet of eight barges and six tugboats will replace the

old vessels with more efficient ones. Hong said the company expects to receive a new barge

approximately every year starting at the end of this year. The price tag for the tugs and barges is expected

to be about $130 million, company executives said. The typical barge will cost about $8.5 million and the

typical tugboat about $10 million. The rest of the investment, some $56 million, will go toward shoreside

equipment, shipping containers and the like. The company also plans to invest in new information

management systems. Although relatively inexpensive compared with the new barges and tugboats, the

technology systems are important because they will provide customers real-time data that they can use to

track shipments. In 2005, Young Brothers had 926 barge sailings, an increase of 36 percent over its 683

sailings in 2000. (Source: Star Bulletin)

GulfMark takes delivery of Guardian

April 27, 2006 GulfMark Offshore has taken delivery of its latest new vessel, Sea Guardian. The vessel, an

identical sister ship to Sea Intrepid delivered last year, is a 5,150bhp AHTS that is expected to start its

initial contract in Southeast Asia on May 1st, 2006. (Source: Leo Kramer)

7 e jaargang, nr. 14

dd. 7 Mei 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Eerste vaartocht stoomsleper Y 8122 succesvol verlopen

Onder grote publieke belangstelling heeft de Y 8122 na een vele jaren durende restauratie op zaterdag 29

april in Den Helder weer geheel op eigen kracht gevaren. Door de museumhaven werden die dag diverse

vaartochtjes gemaakt met de stoomsleper, die 70 jaar eerder, op een steenworp afstand, ook op de Oude

Rijkswerf Willemsoord van stapel was gelopen. De eerste vaartocht, geheel op eigen kracht en volledig

onder stoom, werd ingeluid door kanonsschoten die door de leden van de saluutbatterij van

schietvereniging De Vrijheid uit Den Helder werden afgevuurd. Vervolgens werd de Y 8122 herdoopt door

oud-schipper Fokke de Vries, die na de Tweede Wereldoorlog een aantal jaren op de stoomsleper had

gevaren. Vertrekpunt van de eerste vaartocht was ’t Schipperscafé van de Stichting Nautische

Monumenten Den Helder en de Stichting Museumhaven Willemsoord. Geëscorteerd door de motorsleper

Dombo Y 8017 maakte de Y 8122 een aantal vaartochtjes door de museumhaven. De bemanning,

gevormd door vrijwilligers van de Stichting Y 8122, had zich speciaal voor de gelegenheid in een

stokerskostuum gehuld. Voorzitter Kees Schouten van de Stichting Y 8122 noemde het in zijn toespraak

een heel bijzondere prestatie dat de stoomsleper na vijftien jaar van restaureren weer in volle glorie aan

het publiek kon worden getoond. Hij prees alle vrijwilligers voor het vele door hen geleverde werk.

Kortgeleden is de ketel van de Y 8122 door Lloyd’s Register Nederland gekeurd en hierdoor kan de sleper

voortaan in het hele land op eigen kracht aan allerlei nautische manifestaties gaan deelnemen, waaronder

van 19 tot en met 21 mei aan ‘Dordt in stoom’ in Dordrecht. De sleper is geschouwd door de

schouwingscommissie van de behoudorganisatie Stichting tot Behoud van Authentieke Stoomvaartuigen

en Motorsleepboten (BASM), voldoet aan de criteria van de Sectie Varende Monumenten van de

Federatie van Oud-Nederlandse Vaartuigen (FNOV) en is als ‘Varend Monument’ opgenomen in het

Nationaal Register. In 1991 heeft de Stichting Nautische Monumenten Den Helder de Y 8122 in eigendom

gekregen. De stoomsleper maakt deel uit van de historische schepencollectie van Museumhaven

Willemsoord en wordt beheerd door de Stichting Y 8122. (Source: Clipping News)

Maritrans to build two tugs at Bender

Maritrans Inc. has entered into a letter of intent and is close to finalizing an agreement with Bender

Shipbuilding & Repair Co., Inc. to build two new 8,000-horsepower tugboats. The two new tugboats are

expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. The total cost for the

two tugboats is expected to be $32 million. Once delivered, one of the tugboats will replace the tugboat

VALOUR. The company has entered into a charter to lease a substitute tugboat for the VALOUR until the

new tugboat is delivered. The company plans to pair the second newbuild tugboat with the M215, the last

of the singlehulled barges it has slated for rebuilding. CEO Janathan Whitworth commented, "By adding

two 8,000-horsepower tug boats that have the latest version of the Intercon connection system, we should

further enhance the speed of our fleet in a manner that adheres to our strict safety and environmental

policies. Building these two boats supports our view that articulated tug barge units (ATB's) best serve the

company and its customers and is consistent with our previous decision to build three state of the art

tug/barge units as well as our successful barge rebuilding program that has been in place since 1998. We

believe the combination of the attractive price of the three newbuildings and the two tugboats announced

today as well as the cost effective nature of our rebuilding program positions Maritrans to earn a strong

return on its investment while satisfying customer needs at a lower cost than competitors. Going forward,

we remain committed to build upon our past success and seek opportunities to further expand our

leadership in the U.S. Jones Act trade." Whitworth announced the tugboat decision after Maritrans

reported net income for the quarter ended March 31, 2006 of $5.8 million, or $0.48 diluted earnings per

share, on revenues of $47.4 million. This compares with net income of $3.7 million, or $0.43 diluted

earnings per share, on revenues of $43.5 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2005. The company said

that during the quarter it continued to earn strong average daily rates on its vessels deployed in the clean

product spot market despite lower fleet utilization due to higher than expected refinery maintenance

turnarounds in the Gulf of Mexico, the slow ramping up of production of a number of Gulf refineries still out

of service as a result of the 2005 hurricane season, and Gulf refineries shut down for retooling to prepare

for the new ultra low sulfur diesel specifications. Demand by the Company's Delaware River refinery

customers for the Company's crude-oil lightering services was affected in the first quarter by three

refineries undergoing scheduled maintenance for a portion of the quarter. Barrels delivered to crude-oil

lightering customers during the first quarter of 2006 were down approximately 2% from the volumes

delivered during the fourth quarter of 2005 (Source: Clipping News)

Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading B.V. Announces the sale of three RT-80r


Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading B.V. has the pleasure to announce the sale of three of their newly to be

build RT-80r class to Bugsier-, Reederei-, und Bergungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. These Rotor®tugs

are to be built at ASL Shipyard Pte Ltd. in Singapore. The tugs will have a bollard pull capacity of 80

metric tons each. The high bollard pull and comparable low draft, has been a decisive factor of placing this

order with Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading B.V. Delivery of the tugs will be between November 2007 and

mid 2008. All three tugs will be powered by three Wärtsilä 8L20C engines of min. 1600 kW each at 1000

rpm. The three azimuth thrusters will come from Wärtsilä/Lips Propulsion Systems, they are of the CS225-

S/WN-K 2300 CP type in HR nozzles. The tugs will be classed by Germanischer Lloyd and will fly the

German Flag, All tugs will be equipped with fire fighting and spray capabilities in line with the required FiFi

1 notation. The main dimensions of the tug are as follows: Length over all : 28.30 meters Beam over all :

12.00 meters Draught : 5.95 meters Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading B.V. and ASL Shipyard Pte Ltd. are

building these tugs to the highest standard with various features not normally incorporated in a tug.

(Source: Clipping News)

Seabreeze April market report

Lnyx Pounces

Island Oil & Gas has fixed the KMAR404 AHTS Sea Lynx for a period of two months starting 15 April. The

vessel will be supporting the semi Petrolia.

Stop Press - Solstad Secure Technip Term

Solstad’s A101 anchor handler Normand Mariner has been fixed by Technip Offshore for construction

support duties until 10th June2006.

Harmonie Hits Right Note For Shell Nigeria

The GPA670 PSV Bourbon Harmonie, currently under construction in the Zhejiang shipyard in China is

scheduled to be delivered on 25th May. The vessel will commence a long-term charter with Shell Nigeria

upon delivery.

Deep Sea Delta Does The Double

Two Solstad anchor handlers, the Normand Titan and the Normand Trym have been contracted by

Gazflot to support the semi Deepsea Delta in the Barents Sea. The contract is to commence mid June and

will last for approximately 100 days. The 12,000 BHP Normand Titan is currently in the yard for

maintenance until the beginning of May. Both vessels will trade the spot market prior to commencing the

Gazflot contract.

Remo Released & In Search Of The Sun

Specialist Marine Services managed AHT Remo finally finished the month long heading control work with

BP at the Schiehallion FPSO at the start of May. The Remo will now be on her way to warmer climes with

a four month firm contract in the Azores, with a further 4 months of options.

John & Jan...

Tidewater VS 486 anchor handler John P Laborde has been successful in winning a tender for a term

charter with Brazilian oil company Petrobras. The 2004 built vessel will begin work around the middle of

May, this year. Contract duration is expected to be around one year and is to be employed in the Campos

Basin, Rio de Janeiro. Main particulars of this vessel include deck area of just over 600 square metres,

26,400 BHP, 216 tons bollard pull and an overall length of just over 85 metres.

Term Time

Statoil hit the market this month for a term PSV vessel for a 3 or 5 year firm period. Delivery is flexible with

a window of end June to end December being availableto potential bidders. Whilst the current market is

tight a delivery window of this size will attract a handful of bidders. But Statoil is not the only ones looking,

with multiple other term requirements out from other North Sea and world regions, the demand for

tonnage continues, with the market looking set to remain firm for the rest of this year, but 2007 and

beyond is more uncertain, with ships delivering faster than rigs can the constant vessel deliveries keep

being swallowed up? Well one thing is for sure, they currently are!

Sasha Secured For Another Month

Siem Rovde VS 470 MK II PSV Sasha has been extended by EMGS (Electro Magnetic Geo Services).

This extension by the seabed logging company will mean the Sasha will stay with EMGS until the end of

June, however there are various option remaining after this time.

Shell Size Up UP

Shell Europe saw a few vessels start term charters, with the Sentinel, Malaviya Twenty, North Prince,

Toisa Independent and Olympic Princess all delivering for term charters to the super major. All vessels

are on 6 months plus options contract except the Olympic Princess who starts a two years firm contract.

Shell’s activity levels are well up on last year, and on the back of this increase more term tonnage has

been taken. The Shell policy is to handle logistic needs with the term pool fleet, and this can be clearly

seen by spot market activity. Shell have rarely spot hired tonnage for cargo work, which has kept their

exposure to the spot market at a minimum, which has protected them against the high spot rates currently

being enjoyed by Owners. The combination of a healthy fleet size, stringent logistic planning and pooling

of resources has enabled Shell to avoid spot market exposure so far. These additions to the fleet should

enable this to continue.

Pair Pick A Peach For Petrolia

The pair in question are Lundin and Apache who between them both picked one of the UP PSV vessels to

support the semi-sub Petrolia. Lundin will first take the Petrolia for 1 well off North West Ireland in circa

June 2006, then directly after that Apache will take the rig for 6 months firm plus options. UP Offshore now

have the big decision of which vessel to nominate, the UP Esmerelda or the UP Safira? Both vessels are

sisters of the VS4408 design with 840m2 of deck area and full under deck capacities. These charters will

see one of these fine ladies working right through into 2007.

Bourbons’s Horizon 2010 plan: 56 newbuilds

In our March edition of Seabreeze we reported on Bourbon’s strategic plan Horizon 2010 in which it plans

to invest €1.45 billion in new vessels, 85% (€1.23 billion) of which will be devoted to the Offshore Division.

Since the beginning of this year Bourbon has placed the first series of orders for 56 offshore supply

vessels, which represents a total USD 808 million (€672 million). These are in addition to the 27 supply

vessels already under construction since end of December 2005. Here is some more information on the

current delivery and commissioning schedule: 4 Ulstein P105 PSV’s ordered from the Zhejiang shipyards

in China These 4 vessels are sister ships of the Bourbon Peridot, delivered in 2005. 8 GPA 670 PSV’s

also ordered from the Zhejiang shipyards, follows an initial order of 10 vessels of the same type, 5 of

which are already in operation. 5 AHTS ordered from the Bharati shipyards in India This series of AHTS,

with 125 tons BP, is identical to the series of 5 units, 4 of which were recently delivered by Keppel in

Singapore (Bourbon Artemis, Bourbon Aladin, Bourbon Apsara, Bourbon Alexandre).1 MPSV

ordered from the De Hoop shipyards in the Netherlands. The deliveries and commissioning of the above

mentioned vessels will be staggered from the final quarter of 2007 until the first half of 2009. 2 MPSV’s

ordered from the Bharati yards in India This order follows the order for 2 MPSV’s currently under

construction at the same shipyards. 36 supply vessels ordered from the Dayang shipyards in China. This

large order includes 2 series of vessels of GPA design, identical to the 10 units already ordered in

December 2005 by Rigdon Marine for the Gulf of Mexico. 26 of the 36 vessels are AHTS with 80 tons BP,

and the other 10 are PSV’s of 1600 tons DWT.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Far Scout – Back to Lead the Pack

Farstad’s leading vessel Far Scout (UT722L) was welcomed back into the North Sea in Mid April 2006

after supporting operations offshore Mauritania. Since returning with its Foreign Traveller’s badge, the well

equipped and always prepared Scout has used its 203tbp and 18000 bhp to good effect assisting with

rigmoves for Talisman, Peak and Norsk Hydro. The pack leader now moves to the semi sub GSF 140

where it is performing rig move duties for BG. It is uncertain how long the UT 722L will remain in the North


Elbe & Ems Flow To North Sea

Unterweser Reederei GmbH (URAG), took delivery of a pair of new tugs this month. The Elbe and the

EMS delivered from the Spanish shipyard Astilleros Zamakona and both of these tugs are enhanced

versions of the very popular Jade and Weser. Being a bit longer and punchier and with a bit more power,

these tugs are capable of 75 tns of bollard pull. Both tugs are equipped with a twin Voith-Schneider

propeller system which make the tugs ultra manoeuvrable. As the jack up rig move market is very active

we are sure these tugs will soon be in high demand. The tugs are currently available ex Bremerhaven,

however the official naming ceremony is on the 10th of May which will restrict the availability a bit until

after the champagne has been smashed and lots of Becks has been drunk (not by the crew but by

attendees at the naming ceremony). Erik assures us he will only drink lemonade (Yeah, right, that’ll be the


Not Too Chilly In Canada

On the 22nd April, Maersk Company Canada were pleased to name the ASENAV 141 newbuilding, the

Maersk Detector at the ASENAV shipyard in Valdivia, Chile.. The AHTS has 18,280 BHP, 212 tons

bollard pull, deck area of 710m2 and LOA of 89.3 metres. As expected, the vessel will be Canadian

flagged and is expected to work on the East coast of Canada.

Lucky Heather

April saw the Lundin “Heather” platform start drilling, and to support the operations Lundin hired the

newbuild VS 470 mkII PSV “Cerberus” from new North Sea market entrants Harms Bergung of Germany.

The VS 470 mkII is a cutting edge medium sized PSV, and with her ideal deck area of 700m2 and full

under deck capacities, Lundin considered her perfect for supporting this platform drilling campaign. The

vessel is likely to remain on hire with Lundin into 2007.

Trico To Build at Tromrefjord

Houston based Trico Marine Services Inc. has entered into an agreement to build a MT6009 MkII PSV for

a total cost of approximately US$25 million. The vessel will be built by Solstrand AS at its Tromrefjord

shipyard in Norway. Delivery is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2007. Trico will have the option to

purchase a sister vessel at a later date. The Clean and Comfort Class diesel-electric propulsion vessel will

incorporate DP2 and a large carrying capacity of 3,300 dwt. It also comes with an additional deck level for

increased accommodation of client personnel. These unique characteristics will make the vessel attractive

for global deployment including specialized disciplines such as seismic, ROV and subsea applications.

Islands Sold

Island Offshore have sold several of their vessels. The UT 745 E PSV Island Rover has been sold to

BOA whilst the UT 755L PSV Island Scout has been sold to Ugelstad.

Statoil Standby For Mokster

Letters of Intent worth some NOK 1.6 billion, including options, have been awarded by Statoil to the

Møkster Safety shipping company for delivery of two standby vessels. Møkster Safety is a subsidiary of

Simon Møkster Shipping. The agreement covers two identical vessels, both newbuildings. One will be a

standby vessel for the Tampen area in the North Sea and is due to be delivered in February 2008. The

other, to be delivered in October 2008, will be used as a relief vessel in the Exploration & Production

Norway (UPN) pool. The standby ship which is going to Tampen will replace the two vessels currently

used for emergency response, saving the Tampen licences NOK 50 million per year. The new vessels are

designed by Vik Sandvikand are a further development of the Stril Poseidon, which is the standby vessel

Statoil uses in the Halten Bank area. The vessels will be more usable and robust than the boats they are

replacing. A particular difference between these and other standby ships is their ability to pull lifeboats

directly on board in extreme weather conditions via a special stern slipway. The vessels’ man overboard

(MOB) boats are normally launched and retrieved through this slipway. Other facilities include a sick bay

and a helideck. Both agreements will run for a 10-year period, with five one-year extension options. The

vessels will be built at a Norwegian shipyard.

P Class Picked

Sealion Shipping Ltd recently announced on behalf of Toisa Ltd that an order has been placed with the

Merwede Shipyard in The Netherlands for the construction of a new, DP3, Construction Class, Saturation

Diving Vessel. The vessel is to be an enhanced sister vessel to the Toisa Proteus and she will enter

service in March 2008. Designed to support worldwide offshore construction and diving operations, her

outline specifications will be: LOA 131.7m, beam 22.0m, design: Toisa P-Class, DP: DNV/IMO Class 3,

accommodation 1999 beds, deck area: approx. 1,500m2, helideck and 4-engine diesel-electric propulsion.

Sealion Shipping Ltd currently operates four existing saturation DSV’s within its modern fleet of 19 various

offshore support vessels. In addition Toisa has a further eight OSV’s onder construction which will enter

the Sealion fleet during 2006 and 2007, including their recent other DSV order *) from the Kleven Verft


Smit’s Magnificent Seven

Smit’s Transport & Heavy Lift Division has reached an agreement for the purchase of seven newbuild

work vessels from Hadi H. Al-Hammam Est. of Saudi Arabia. The vessels, with a 75t bollard pull, are a

modified version of the Smit Kamara and the Smit Komodo. The first two vessels of this new series will

be delivered during this year and the last one is expected to be delivered in 2008. They will be managed

by the Smit Singapore organisation. This investment comprises both replacement as well as expansion.

Three of these vessels have already been awarded with long-term contracts with Saudi Aramco. All fleet

renewals and expansions fit into Smit’s strategy of moving to the top-segment of the market with long-term

contracts, autonomous growth, fleet renewal and fleet optimization.

The first of the seven is named Smit Lombok (source: Hans van der Ster)

Siem Secure Support Vessel

Siem Offshore Inc. has ordered a new Multifunctional ROV Support Vessel (MRSV of MT 6016 L design

with Kleven Maritime. The contract value is NOK 327 million. Delivery from the Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik,

Norway is scheduled for March 2008. The vessel’s main specifications: LOA 103.7m, beam 19.70m, deck

area in excess of 1,100m2, accommodation capacity up to 100 persons. The vessel will be equipped with

a high capacity crane and launch and recovery systems for ROV.

More For Myklebusthaug

Norwegian shipowner Myklebusthaug Offshore AS has placed an order with Simek AS for a PSV of

UT755LC design with an estimated contract value of NOK 145 million. The vessel will be a sister vessel to

the UT755LC Dina Merkur which was delivered in February this year. Upon delivery in July 2007 the

vessel will also be managed by Gulf Offshore.

More orders for Aker Yards

Island Offshore VIII KS, a company within the Island Offshore Group has signed a contract with Aker

Yards for the construction of a UT 755LN PSV with delivery scheduled early November 2007. The

vessel’s hull will be built in Romania and outfitting will take place in Brevik. The contract value is around

NOK 150 million. The 3,200dwt vessel is 74 metres long and 16 metres wide. This is the 18th contract

between Island Offshore and Aker Yards. Another order for a PSV of ST-216L CD type has been placed

by Volstad Shipping AS of Ǻlesund. The contract value is approximately NOK 260 million an d delivery

scheduled for June 2008. The vessel is 93.40m long, 19.2m wide and has a cargo capacity of 5,000

tonnes. Nordcapital Holding GmbH & Cie. KG in Hamburg has signed an agreement with Aker Yards for

the construction of four UT 755LN PSV’s with an option for an additional four vessels. The option has to

be declared by mid May 2006. The four vessels, with a total contract value of approximately NOK 580

million, are scheduled for delivery from the fourth quarter of 2007 until the second quarter of 2008.

Construction of the vessels will be at various Aker yards in Norway.

Remøy Ahoy

Remøy Management has ordered a VS794 CGV design coast guard vessel with Kleven Maritime plus one

optional vessel. Specifications: LOA 93m, beam 16.6m, 100t BP and gas-driven propulsion.

Far Scout returns to North Sea

Farstad’s UT722L Far Scout returned to the North Sea in mid-April after supporting operations offshore

Mauritania. Broker Seabrokers said that, since returning, the well equipped Far Scout has used its 203

tonnes bollard pull and 18,000bhp to good effect assisting with rig moves for Talisman, Peak and Norsk

Hydro. The ship now moves to the semi sub GSF 140 where it is performing rig move duties for BG.

However, Seabrokers said it is uncertain how long the UT 722L will remain in the North Sea. (Source:

Clipping News)

Solstad ships contracted by Gazflot

Seabrokers reports that two Solstad anchor handlers, Normand Titan and Normand Trym, have been

contracted by Gazflot to support the semi Deepsea Delta in the Barents Sea. The contract is to commence

mid June and will last for approximately 100 days. The 12,000bhp Normand Titan is currently in the yard

for maintenance until the beginning of May. Seabrokers said both vessels will trade the spot market prior

to commencing the Gazflot contract. (Source: Clipping News)

7 e jaargang, nr. 15

dd. 14 Mei 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Pacific Tugboat Service Awarded Contract

Pacific Tugboat Service, San Diego, Calif., is being awarded an $8,052,763 indefinite-delivery/indefinitequantity,

cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for maintenance, upkeep and repair of government owned vessels.

Work will be performed in San Diego, Calif., and is expected to be completed by May 2011. Contract

funding in the amount of $50,000, will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The contract was

competitively procured and advertised via the internet, with one offer received. The Naval Undersea

Warfare Center, Newport, R.I., is the contracting activity (Source: Marinelink)

Normand Rover acquired by Boa Offshore

The MSV Normand Rover (built 2001 * DP II) has repotedly been sold to Boa Offshore AS on private

terms. Delivery of the vessel will take place during December 2006, and she will be renamed Boa Rover.

(Source: Clipping News)

Jaya Admiral acquired by JV

Fearnleys Offshore supply reports that a Joint Venture affiliated company of Seacor Holdings has

exercised its option to purchase the AHTS Jaya Admiral (built 2004 * 12,000bhp) on private terms.

(Source: Clipping News)

Concurrent voor sleepdiensten op Westerschelde

De sleep- en bergingsbedrijven op de Westerschelde krijgen concurrentie. De grootste speler in de haven

van Antwerpen, Port of Singapore Authority/HesseNoordNatie, brengt begin volgend jaar vier sleepboten

in de vaart. Ze krijgen de Westerschelde en de haven van Antwerpen (voor de sluizen) als werkgebied.

PSA sleepdienst van PSA/Hesse- NoordNatie wordt een directe concurrent van de Unie van Reddings- en

Sleepdienst (Union) in Antwerpen. Maar PSA, dat wereldwijd achttien containerterminals exploiteert,

waaronder verschillende inAntwerpen sluit ook de inzet bij bergingen niet uit. Dat werd gisteren nog eens

door een woordvoerder in Antwerpen bevestigd. Het bergingswerk op de Westerschelde is nu in handen

van de Union, Multraship in Terneuzen en Polderman in Hansweert. Woordvoerders van de Union en

Multraship hielden zich gisteren op de vlakte. Ze wachten meer informatie af, maar maken zich

vooralsnog niet al te veel zorgen over de nieuwkomer. PSA beschikt met name in Azië over een vloot van

een kleine zestig moderne slepers. Daarnaast worden ook alle mogelijke andere activiteiten ontplooid,

zoals beloodsing, bestrijding van milieuverontreining, de inzet van schepen in de off-shorebranche en

wereldwijde transporten. Binnenkort wordt begonnen met het werven van personeel voor de vier slepers.

Het gaat om zestig man. PSA/Hesse-NoordNatie is ook in de markt voor exploitatie van de Westerschelde

Container Terminal. (Source: Clipping News)

Aker Yards to Build Two More PSVs for Nordcapital

Aker Yards has confirmed an optional agreement with Nordcapital Holding GmbH & Cie. KG in Hamburg,

Germany for the building of two Platform Supply Vessels. The Contract value is approximately $47.5m.

Delivery is scheduled for summer and autumn 2008. The vessels have the designation UT 755LN.

(Source: Clipping News)

Another Four For Damen ASD

Further to the order, in September 2005, for four Damen ASD Tugs 2810, Bourbon Les Abeilles has

ordered another series of 4 sister vessels; the signing ceremony was performed during the ITS 2006 that

took place in Rotterdam. The building will take place at Damen Shipyards Changde, China and the

delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for end October 2007, with a 3 months interval for the 3 remaining

tugs. All tugs will have a bollard pull of approx. 58 tons and will be equipped with fire fighting notation FIFI

1. (Source: Clipping News)

Sales, Transfers & Renamings Marine News May.

Antares, (Seaforth Chieftain – 02), 834/74 – offshore tug/supply. Has been renamed Med Cinque by

Offshore Adriatica S.r.l. Italy.

Asso Nove, (Augustea Nova – 98, Sea Defender – 88, Sea Coral – 83), 1371/77 – offshore supply. By

Scinicariello Ship Management SpA, Italy to Folk Shipping, UAE. (Dubai) and renamed Lilian.

Azuma Maru, 252/02 – tug. Has been renamed Kincardine by J.P.Knight (Caledonian) Ltd. Japan and

transferred to St.Vincent and Grenadines registry.

Badan (Naantali – 92), 332/63 – tug. By Randvik Bogserb ts AB, to Pite Havsbad AB, both Sweden and

renamed Arctic Explorer.

Bulk Cyg, (Seabulk Cygnet I – 04, Red Cygnet I – 98, Rotterdam – 96, OSA Rotterdam – 95, Oxenturm –

78), 630/74 – tug. Has been renamed Facal Veinte by Remolcadores Facal SA, both St.Vincet and the

Grenadines and transferred to Spain registry.

Far Server, 2610/91 – offshore supply. By Farstad Supply AS to Isle of Man (British) Secunda Marine

Service Ltd, Barbados and renamed Arcadian Sea.

Far Spirit, (Loch Shuna – 89, Far Spirit – 87, Stad Spirit – 86) 2169/83 – offshore supply. By Farstad

Supply AS, Isle of Man (British) to Ocean Mainport Offshore Ltd, Norway (NIS) and renamed Ocean


McNee Tide (Torm Eagle – 01) 2590/99 – offshore tug/supply. By Tidewater vessels Ltd, to Deep Sea

Supply Shipowning AS, both Vanuatu, Name unchanged.

Ngan Chau 456/94 – tug. Has been renamed Cook by Hongkong Salvage & Towage Co.Ltd. Panama.

Peng Chau 294/00 – tug. Has been renamed Botany by Hongkong Salvage & Towage Co.Ltd. Panama.

Seacor Discorverer 1405/02 – offshore tug/supply. By Seacor Smit Offshore (Worldwide) Ltd, Marshall

Islands to Petroleum Technical Services Co. Vietnam and renamed Binh Minh.

Seabulk Arkansas (Hawke Seal – 96) 692/82 – offshore supply. Has been renamed NW Campeche by

Seabulk Offshore Ltd, USA and transferred to Mexico Registry.

Seabulk Debbie (Gray Guard – 97) 494/83 – utility vessel. Has been renamed Neptune Cresent by

Neptune Maritime & Offshore Services, Liberia and transferred to Panama Registry.

Seabulk Discovery (Gmmos Discovery – 97, Anina Oil Discovery – 89, Tarpon – 87, Oil Discovery – 87)

861/73 – offshore tug/supply. By Seabulk Discovery Inc. Marshall Islands to Bahman Trading Corp.

Kuwait and renamed Bahman Discovery.

Seabulk Hercules (Gmmos Hercules – 97, Dopet I – 93, Chrisophe – 90, Gulf Fleet No.1 – 78, Sedco

Anne – 74) 1202/69 – offshore supply. By Seabulk Hercules Inc. To AMS Hercules Inc. Both Marshall

Islands and renamed AMS Hercules.

Seabulk Missouri (Pegasus Seal – 96) 272/82 – offshore tug/supply. Has been renamed NW Veracruz

by Seabulk Offshore Ltd. USA and transferred to Mexico Registry.

Seabulk Penguin II (Red Penguin II – 98, Rosa – 98, Fortunata – 92, Redsea Pride – 91, Seaforth Victor

– 88, Edda Star – 79) 1186/75 – offshore tug/supply. By Seabulk Penguin II Inc. Marshall Islands to

Magnum International Ltd, Comoros and renamed Princess Nnenna.

Wellington (Gunard – 86, Aziebank – 82, Azie – 73) 168/61 – tug. By TP Towage Co.Ltd. UK to Lutamar

Prestacao de Servicos a Navegacao Lda, Portugal and renamed Teimoso.

Members Reports

Barents 731/06 – tug renamed Fairplay 27 (Atg) prior to 13/2/2006

Flying Osprey 243/76 – tug renamed Boa Sund (Pan) prior to 29/3/2005

Kanmon Maru No.25 199/87 – tug renamed Armarin 5 (Tur) prior to 20/3/2006

Lady Kathleen 364/91 was renamed Adsteam Kathleen (Gbr) at Hull on 12/3/2006

Lady Laura 353/01 – tug renamed Adsteam Laura (Gbr) prior to 27/2/2006

Montado 277/77 – tug renamed Stadt Tug (Vct) prior to 3/3/2006

Ocean Iolite 228/06 – tug renamed Armarin 6 (Tur) prior to 20/3/2006

Pacific Ocean 361/01 – tug renamed Profit Legend Two (Sgp) prior to 14/4/2005

Sun Anglia 339/85 – tug renamed Adsteam Anglia (Gbr) prior to 27/2/2006

Warang 425/82 – tug reported as Ran (Pan) prior to 10/3/2006

Warilla 422/82 – tug reported as Ril (Pan) prior to 10/3/2006


Ticonderoga (Mobil 9 – 91, Socony 9 – 60) 185/54 – tug. By Exxon Mobil Corp. USA to unspecified

breakers and reported 9/2005 (n.b.).

Tug Fahd – tug 1227ldt. Sold to Indian breakers and beached Alang 7/3/2006.

7 e jaargang, nr. 16

dd. 21 Mei 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Channel Closed After Thebes Bridge Accident

The Upper Mississippi River was closed to all commercial traffic for more than a day and a half last week

between Mile 44 and Mile 20 following an accident that left three barges sunk and 22 barges adrift after an

allision with the troublesome Thebes (Ill.) railroad bridge at Mile 43.7. The barges scattered and drifted

more than 20 miles through the dark night following the accident, which occurred around 11 p.m. on May

7, according to Lt. (jg) Anthony Baird, Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit-Paducah. Baird told The

Waterways Journal the channel was closed because one of the sunken barges remained capsized and

partially submerged in the channel at Mile 37.2 with the starboard, stern corner protruding above the

surface. He said two other barges sank outside the channel as a load of scrap metal settled along the left

descending bank at Mile 31, between Daniel Light and Commercial Point, and a loaded rock barge came

to rest atop a dike at Mile 26 above Buffalo Island. Baird said the scattered and sunken barges were in a

loaded 30-barge tow being pushed downriver by the Mary Kay Eckstein of Marquette Transportation

Company Inc. The Inland River Record lists the twin-screw vessel at 7,200 hp…. (Source: Jan van der


Bourbon Artemis sold into Mexican JV

The AHTS Bourbon Artemis (NB 06/2006 – 10,890bhp) has been sold to Naviera Tamaulipas in Mexico

for approximately US$30 million. Broker Fearnleys Offshore Supply said Groupe Bourbon and Rigdon

Marine in the US have entered into a Joint Venture with Naviera Tamaulipas, and Bourbon will be part

owner in the vessel, which will be Mexican flagged. (Source: Clipping News)

McNee Tide due to return to North Sea

Fearnleys Offshore Supply says the AHTS McNee Tide will return to the North Sea at the beginning of

June from West Africa, and will then trade the spot market. The vessel will be renamed Sea Wolf during

May. The AHTS Amadon Tide, one of the vessels Deep Sea Supply acquired from Tidewater, has been

renamed Sea Bear and has recently been fixed to Devon Energy for work in the Mediterranean. (Note red.

McNee Tide see also last S & O News nr.15) (Source: Clipping News)

AHTS are bound for Malaysia

Broking sources report that the AHTS Beryl (built 2005 – 4,800bhp) and AHTS Zircon (built 2004 –

5,400bhp) have been sold to Marine Co in Malaysia, a joint venture between Scomi Marine and CH

Offshore. The en bloc price for both vessels was reportedly US$23 million and delivery will take place at

the end of October 2006. The vessels will work under the Malaysian flag. (Source: Clipping News)

Irving tug probed in pollution crackdown

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating suspected illegal bilge dumping from an Irving-owned tug boat that

docked in Hawaii last month. The Atlantic Hickory was en route from Shanghai to Jacksonville, Fla.,

when it stopped in Hawaii on April 5. Company spokesperson Mary Keith says the boat was boarded as

part of a routine inspection. "The tug was released shortly afterward as were the crew," Keith said. The

vessel is now under investigation for possible pollution violations. An article published in a shipping

industry magazine, Tradewinds, says coast guard inspectors obtained a search warrant as part of a

campaign against devices known as "magic pipes." Magic pipes are used to bypass oily water separators

on ships. The bypass lets the crew dump polluted bilge water directly into the sea. Keith says it is the

company's belief the investigation will conclude with no charges. "We maintain our belief that there was no

illegal discharge. And none of the evidence to date would suggest otherwise." Terry Shore, the clean

water campaign director with the California environmental group Bluewater Network, says the coast guard

is cracking down on the owners of boats that use the so-called magic pipes to discharge bilge waste in

American waters and is issuing fines as high as $25 million for violations. "The U.S. Coast Guard at least,

is enforcing the oily water laws more strictly than in the past. And they've been working with the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies." (Source: Clipping News)

Smit Anambas bound for Canada

De Smit Anambas wordt in de Waalhaven gereed gemaakt om naar Canada te worden gesleept door de

Sable Cape van ITC. Het vertrek staat gepland op 23 mei. In Canada gaat zij een lading ophalen om deze

af te leveren in Rotterdam. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Zeeleeuw wordt omgevlagd

Als eind van de maand de Zeeleeuw Rotterdam zal aandoen wordt zij omgevlagd naar Bahama vlag. De

eigenaar Smit Transport Europe BV blijft vooralsnog de eigenaar. Zij gaat de Atraban in West Afraka

aflossen en zal worden ingezet door Smit Terminals. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Bisso Takes Delivery of New Tug

Bisso Towboat Co., Inc., has taken delivery of a new 4,300 hp reverse z-drive ship-assist tug, Alma S.

Constructed at Main Iron Works, Houma, LA, the 100 x 38 x 13.5 ft., Alma S. is powered by two EMD 16-

645E6 main engines, producing 2150 hp, each at 900 rpm, which drive two Ulstein-Aquamaster US 2001

Z-drives. The Z-drives feature 90.6 in. diameter x 82.4 in. pitch stainless steel propellers set in stainless

steel Kort Nozzles and the estimated bollard pull is 60 tons. Electrical service is provided by a pair of 100

KW generators powered by John Deere 6068TMGK engines. Deck equipment includes a Markey DYSF-

42 hydraulic bow winch, with render/recovery feature and equipped with 500 ft. of 8 in. circumference

Plasma line and a 100-ton Washington Chain and Supply quick-release tow hook.

Auxiliary equipment includes EMI engine and fire/smoke alarm systems, complete electronics package

including Simrad autopilot/heading sensor, Foruno radar, GPS, fathometer and AIS, Heli-Sep Oily/Water

separator, Owens Kleen Tank sewage treatment plant and 750 GPM fire monitor. Other features include

sound proof insulation throughout the crew quarters and engine room and stainless steel h-bitts, quarter

bitts and bow staple. For crew comfort, the galley and all bunk rooms are equipped with flat screen TV’s

and DVD players. Tankage includes capacity for 43,000 gallons of diesel, 1,800 gallons of lube and

hydraulic oil, 11,000 gallons of potable water and 1,900 gallons of dirty/waste oil. The Alma S. is an almost

exact carbon copy of our 1999-built Cecilia B. Slatten which was the first reverse z-drive ship-assist tug

built for use on the Mississippi River. The Alma S. received only a few minor modifications from the design

of the Cecilia B. Slatten, primarily in the areas of increased crew comfort and improved operational

capabilities. The Alma S. joins a fleet of 12 tugs on the River and will be positioned in the St.

James/Convent area to service the large tankers and bulk carriers which call in that area. (Source:


D.H. Delta

D.H. Delta, 2006 verkocht aan Qatar Dredging Co., Doha onder dezelfde naam. (Source: Leon de Hoop)


Rederij Groen heeft de ex BR-57 Maria Helena aangekocht en is te Stellendam vernoemd in 4-winds.

(Source: Leon de Hoop)

Vlootvernieuwingsprogramma Smit

De in maart 2004 ingezette wereldwijde vlootvernieuwing bij SMIT is de grootste ooit binnen ons bedrijf.

Het gaat zowel om vervanging als uitbreiding van de vloot. Standaardisatie staat centraal in het

vernieuwingsprogramma. SMIT wil zoveel mogelijk schepen met dezelfde lay-out en dezelfde

basiscomponenten zoals motoren, voortstuwingssystemen etc. Hierdoor zijn alle schepen goed

uitwisselbaar tussen al onze vestigingen en Divisies. De standaardisatie van onze vloot komt ook tot

uitdrukking in onze keuze voor ASD-voortstuwing, in plaats van tractor-voortstuwing. ASD-voortstuwing is

tevens een goed voorbeeld van ‘proven technology’, een belangrijk uitgangspunt voor onze nieuwe

schepen. We willen ons niet wagen aan onzekere experimenten, maar kiezen bewust voor beproefde en

dus betrouwbare techniek. Stabiliteit in onze activiteiten is eveneens belangrijk. Om die reden investeren

we in de Divisie Transport & Heavy Lift dan ook in een flink aantal AHTS-schepen. Hierdoor zijn we in

staat om meer lange termijn contracten af te sluiten, met als gevolg een stabieler resultaat.

82 tonnes bp AHTS ‘Smit Komodo’.

Positie behouden én versterken

De vervanging van schepen is noodzakelijk vanwege de gemiddelde leeftijd van onze vloot. Nu bedraagt

deze zo’n 17 jaar. Die leeftijd willen we terugbrengen naar 10 tot 12 jaar, zodat we over een moderne en

jonge vloot beschikken. Een vloot bovendien met meer tonnen BP, want de ontwikkelingen in de

scheepvaart vragen om sterkere schepen. Met een jonge en sterke vloot kunnen we onze wereldwijde

concurrentiepositie aanscherpen, en gericht inspelen op de toekomst. SMIT is een internationale

topspeler. En die positie willen we niet alleen behouden, maar ook versterken. Binnen de Divisie Harbour

Towage bijvoorbeeld vervangen we in 2007 en 2008 een aantal havenslepers die zo worden uitgerust dat

ze ook geschikt zijn voor 2-mansvaart. Het is niet gezegd dat er vanaf het moment van oplevering meteen

met twee man op wordt gevaren. Maar gelet op de toekomst, is het cruciaal dat we die mogelijkheid in

ieder geval hebben. Niet alleen kostenoverwegingen spelen hierbij een rol maar ook door krapte en

vergrijzing op de wereldwijde arbeidsmarkt zullen we immers steeds moeilijker aan varend personeel

kunnen komen. Inmiddels wordt in bepaalde delen van de wereld met twee man gevaren. Bij ons gebeurt

dit bijvoorbeeld al in Canada. Ook de URS heeft plannen in deze richting. SMIT wil onder andere met het

testen van de 2-mansvaart een voortrekkersrol spelen, en zo bekijken onder welke condities dit in de

toekomst mogelijk is.

Overzicht vlootvernieuwing

Het totale vlootvernieuwingsprogramma omvat nu al 80 schepen. En daarmee is het einde nog niet in

zicht. Een overzicht per Divisie van alle opgeleverde en nog op te leveren schepen, treft u hierna aan. Wij

zullen u op regelmatige basis op de hoogte blijven houden van actuele ontwikkelingen.


Vlootvernieuwing per Divisie

Toelichting: schepen waarop een optie rust zijn nog niet in aanbouw. Voor deze categorie moet

nog een

definitieve opdracht aan de scheepswerf worden verstrekt.

Op volle kracht vooruit

SMIT wil in de toekomst blijven groeien, en haar vloot verder versterken. Daarom zal het niet blijven bij de

schepen in het overzicht in deze News & Views. Zo zijn er plannen om tot 2010 voor de Divisies Harbour

Towage en Terminals aanvullend een aantal nieuwe schepen te laten bouwen. Voor Zuid-Afrika bestaan

plannen voor verdere uitbreiding, bijvoorbeeld voor een nieuwe bunker barge. Ook behoort de bouw van

additionele barges voor Canada tot de mogelijkheden. Over het vervangen en uitbreiden van de verdere

vloot van de Divisie Transport & Heavy Lift denken we in de toekomst verder na. Ook bestaan er plannen

om nieuwe, nog krachtiger sleepboten te laten bouwen, met het oog op de tweede Maasvlakte. Er leven

nog tal van andere plannen binnen alle Divisies en regio’s. Uiteraard zijn die afhankelijk van bouwkundige-

en marktontwikkelingen. De financiële ruimte om te groeien is echter aanwezig. Kortom, het laatste woord

over onze vlootvernieuwing is nog niet gezegd! (Source: Smit)

7 e jaargang, nr. 17

dd. 28 Mei 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Series of 30m Tugs From Far East Shipyards

In an efficient near-assembly-line process at Far East Shipyard

in Sibu a series of 29-meter tugs are being built and delivered

to an Indonesian owner, Pte. Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line Tbk..

The first of these boats, Cigading, was delivered in mid-

January. By late March, the second boat, Paiton, was ready for

delivery. A third was taking shape on the yard’s ways while the

steel for the fourth vessel was being cut nearby. The United

Ship Design hulls, with their 9-meter beams 4.267-meter

molded depth (29.53x14), feature the double-chined hulls

common to many boats built in Sarawak. The shafts are

encased in skeg-like pieces that serve both as shaft struts and

protection when working in shallow water. A raised fo’c’sle and bilge keels contribute to good sea-keeping

abilities. For an extended cruising range, the boats’ have 227 m3 of fuel tankage as well as 42 m3 of fresh

water. Main engines are a pair of Cummins KTA38 M2 engines each rated for 1200 hp at 1800 RPM and

turning into Twin Disc MG5321 gears with 5.95:1 ratios. On deck the Paiton is fitted with a single drum

towing winch and a towing hook manufactured locally by Siong Ping Engineering. Both the Cigading and

the Paition are named for Indonesian ports. (Source: Marinelink)

Second anchor-handler for Rem

Kleven Verft of Ulsteinvik, Norway, is building another offshore ship for domestic owner Rem Maritime.

The contract for the UT 712 L anchor-handler is worth NOK 300m ($49.19m). The ship will have a bollard

pull of 190 tonnes and is scheduled for delivery in September 2008. It is the second such Rolls-Royce–

designed ship the owner has ordered at Kleven. “The vessel has several functions that make it suitable for

advanced anchor-handling missions and other underwater operations,” said Rem chief Age Remoy. Rem

also has six other offshore vessels on order at the yard. (Source: Clipping News)

Former Chouest man starts Energy Marine Services - plans for 10 newbuilds

Fearnley Offshore Supply reports that Energy Marine Services, a new company established by George

Banos, a former employee at Edison Chouest in the US is now up and running. The company will build a

whopping 10 PSVs of 228ft LOA, 2,850 dwt and with DP 2. The financing for the vessels is close to

completion through New York banks and investment funds, and the newbuild contracts are expected to be

signed during June 2006. (Source: Clipping News)

Swire sells AHTS to Saudi Arabians

Fearnleys Offshore Supply says the AHTS Pacific Centurion (built 1982 – 8,160bhp) has been sold by

Swire Pacific Offshore to Zamil in Saudi Arabia. The vessel has been renamed Zamil 20. (Source:

Clipping News)

Pan-United confirms new order

May 23, 2006 Pan-United Marine (PUM) shipyard has clinched a US$49.5 million contract to construct a

specialized offshore support vessel. Said Executive Director Ng Sing Chan said: “As exploration and

production venture into ever deeper waters, size does matter – this will be one of the biggest construction

vessels with DP3 capabilities to be built in this part of the world. This contract shows that PUM is wellpositioned

to capture a good slice of the highend specialized vessel shipbuilding segment.” The latest

contract boosts PUM’s outstanding orderbook above S$470 million. The value of the vessel, expected to

be delivered in the third quarter of 2008, is estimated at above US$130 million, including the cost of

owner-furnished equipment. The vessel, designed for diving operations, will be equipped with a 1,600tonne

revolving pedestal crane and two 100-tonne revolving cranes for heavy lifting and pipe-laying

projects in offshore support projects for the oil & gas sector. (Source: Leo Kramer)

New tug burns on Hudson

The tug unit of Crowley Maritime's newly christened 185,000-barrel ATB caught fire Sunday on the

Hudson River, but crews quickly extinguished it before it could spread from the engine room. The New

Hamburgh fire department responded to the call and took about 20 minutes to douse the blaze, according

to local press accounts. The tug lost power for roughly 30 seconds before a backup generator kicked in. A

ruptured fuel line is suspected. The articulated tug barge was carrying a cargo of some 51,000 barrels

ethanol at the time en route from Albany to Baltimore. It is now scheduled to be towed to New York

City today for inspection. The tug Pacific Reliance was christened in Mobile, Alabama only March 30 along

with companion barge 650-1 after construction at VT Halter Marine in Mississippi. It is the first of six

new 185,000-barrel articulated tug barges to be taken in by Crowley over the next three years. The unit is

on three-year charter to oil company ConocoPhillips. (Source: Clipping News)

New Paintjob for Sullom Voe Tugs

The five bright red tugs operating at the Sullom Voe Terminal are soon to display the blue and white

corporate colors of their new owner. Shetland Towage, a company wholly owned by the Shetland

Charitable Trust, was incorporated into the Shetland Islands Council's ports and harbor operation on

February 10, in a bid to streamline operations at the harbor and to cut costs. The first of the tugs is

expected to be back in the isles from dry-docking in late June, when it will be sporting a blue hull and

white superstructure, similar to the look of the council's fleet of inter island ferries. (Source: Shetland

Marine News)

Orders new subsea vessel from Ulstein

Ulstein Verft AS has signed a contract with Olympic Shipping AS in Fosnavåg to build yet another large,

multifunctional subsea vessel, model ULSTEIN P101 designed by Ulstein Design


Olympic contracted a similar vessel in early 2006. Olympic was the first

shipowner to contract a ship by Ulstein Design. When they now come back to

order their fourth ship, it is also the 25th design delivered from Ulstein Design.

“For us, highly satisfied customers coming back to order new ships show a true

vote of confidence. It is something we appreciate at the Ulstein Group,” says CEO

Gunvor Ulstein. HIGH ACTIVITY The new contract brings the Ulstein Group’s

order reserve to a new high of approximately NOK 3 billion. Olympic Shipping has

also been very active, contracting ships in Norway for nearly NOK 3 billion over

the past six years. Including those to be built by Ulstein Verft, Olympic’s 16 vessel

fleet, consists of 14 offshore vessels, one research and one fishing vessel.

Olympic Shipping has four offshore vessels under construction. THE FIRST AND

THE 25th ULSTEIN DESIGN In addition to the two subsea vessels, Olympic

Shipping previously contracted two anchor-handling vessels at Ulstein Verft, both

of Ulstein Design. “In the year 2000, Olympic Shipping became the first shipowner to contract a ship of

Ulstein Design. The new contract is the fourth vessel Olympic orderes from Ulstein, and the 25th vessel

delivered from Ulstein Design. In other words, we have been doing good business with the shipping

company from our neighboring town, and they have now come back to the Ulstein Group to build yet

another ship developed by Ulstein,” says Tore Ulstein, President of Ulstein Verft and Ulstein Design. The

vessel, building no. 280 at Ulstein Verft, will also have a positive impact on the order books of Ulstein

Elektro AS. ULSTEIN P101 FOR SUBSEA This is the third ULSTEIN P101 ordered from Ulstein Design. It

is a large, multifunctional subsea vessel that can also be used as a supply ship. With such great demand

for subsea operations, the ULSTEIN P101 is a highly sought after type of vessel. The ship can carry out

seabottom operations worldwide and, with its ice class (ICE-C), is well suited for operating in arctic waters

such as the Barents Sea. The vessel is 95 meters long, 20.5 meters wide and accommodates 87 people.

The ULSTEIN P101 is extremely seaworthy and steady, providing a good work platform for most

operations. The vessel will be equipped with a ROV launching arrangement (Remote Operated Vehicle -

minisub) and a helideck. It will also be prepared for installation of a large, heave compensated crane.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Repeat AHTS orders for Labroy

Subsidiaries of Singapore's Labroy Marine Limited have signed two shipbuilding contracts worth

US$14,400,000 each, totaling US$28.8 million (S$45.5 million) in a repeat order for two units of 63 m

AHTS vessels scheduled to be delivered in 2008. (Source: Clipping News)

Polar Pevek delivered to Rieber Shipping

The icebreaking tug Polar Pevek has been delivered to GC Rieber Shipping in Norway. Early in 2004,

Rieber Shipping won an international tender from Exxon Neftegaz Ltd for a 15-year charter of a

purposebuilt ice-breaking tug vessel to support its operations at Sakhalin. The contract was successfully

secured in close cooperation with Rieber Shipping's partner, Primorsk Shipping Corporation (Prisco).

Polar Pevek was built by Aker Langsten in Norway, and will now commence her duties for Exxon

Neftegaz at the DeKastri oil-terminal. The ship is 72m x 17m and has 11,000kW and is purpose-built for

tanker assistance and ice-management in one of the most weather-exposed areas of the world. (Source:

Clipping News)

Siem buys again

Norwegian investor Kristian Siem’s Siem Offshore is buying three platform supply vessels (PSVs) from O

H Meling & Co of Stavanger. The deal is worth NOK 500m ($82.14m) to Meling and will see Siem acquire

a controlling interest in two ships and buy a shipbuilding contract outright. Siem will own 100% of a MT

6000 PSV with a 70-tonne crane currently under construction at Kleven Maritime for delivery at the end of

2006. It will also become a 51% shareholder in the ownership company of a VS 470 II PSV, built in 2004,

and a VS 485 ship to be delivered from Karmsund Maritime Services in June 2007. The remaining 49% of

the shipowning company will be retained by Meling and affiliated parties. Meling will continue to operate

the jointly owned vessels, while Siem Offshore will handle charters. Siem Offshore has another eight

offshore ships on order at Kleven Verft and Aker Yards in Norway. (Source: Clipping News)

Robert Allan Deisgns Fireboats for NYC

Friday, May 26, 2006

In July 2005, the Fire Department of

New York (FDNY) warded a contract

for the design of their new fast

response fireboats to Robert Allan Ltd.

of Vancouver, BC. The design team

has been working closely with the

FDNY project team finalizing the

functional requirements for the vessel,

assessing alternatives, and developing

the concept design. In March 2006, the

project successfully completed a

comprehensive value engineering

process, during which a panel of

independent marine and fire-fighting

industry experts reviewed the proposed

design and, in concert with the Robert Allan Ltd. and FDNY design teams, assessed the merits of a variety

of suggested options. The design process is now moving full steam ahead to the detailed design stage,

which will lead to an anticipated tender call for two new fireboats in the fall of 2006. The new fast response

fireboats are designed to specifically address the fire-fighting and rescue needs of the greater New York

harbor including responding to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive)

incidents, and Hazmat decontamination. The pumping system is configured for marine fire incident

response, and to support land-based firefighters with a 50,000 gpm total pumping capacity (at 150 psi)

connected to a system of hoses capable of supplying water up to 5 miles inland. (Source: Marinelink)

New Lerwick tug "a real beauty"

LERWICK Port Authority's new £1.8 million tug is due to arrive in the harbour towards the end of next

week. Four crew members from the port authority are at the Danish Vestvaeftet shipyard, in Hvide Sande,

to carry out sea trials and eventually sail the new vessel home to Shetland. Lerwick Port Authority placed

the order with the yard, just north of Esbjerg, in April last year. As vessels calling at the Lerwick Harbour

continue to become larger in size, port trustees felt the time was right to replace the much smaller tug

Knab with a larger workhorse. The new tug has a bollard pull of 21 tonnes and is equipped with two Volvo

engines, each capable of delivering 720 horsepower. The tug has been designed by naval architects

McCraig and Napier, of Glasgow. Mr Napier also designed the Knab, which was built in 1980. LPA chief

executive Allan Wishart said Thursday that the new vessel was expected to arrive in early June, most

likely on Friday, 2 June. He said the Danish shipyard had done a sterling job, and he added: "She is a real

beauty." The port now plans to stage a welcome ceremony with fireworks, as the lifeboat and other

vessels accompany her in to the harbour. The new tug is also expected to perform three traditional turns

in the dock before berthing. The christening ceremony is planned for early July. (Source: Clipping News)

7 e jaargang, nr. 18

dd. 18 Juni 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Limestone Barge Sinks In Mobile Bay, Holds Up Traffic

A 195-foot limestone barge in tow of the River Eagle, Excell Marine Corporation, Cincinnati, sank in

Mobile Bay about seven miles north of Fort Morgan last Tuesday night. It blocked the Mobile Ship

Channel, delaying larger vessels bound to port. The Coast Guard said it was closing the entire channel on

Friday. Ships with drafts of 28 feet or more were not able to navigate the bay. The lost business will cost

the Alabama State Docks between $400,000 and $600,000 in dockage and wharfage fees. The loss could

be greater if ships divert to other ports. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Damen Will Build Ships

In May 2006, Damen and Cotecmar of Cartagena, Colombia signed a contract for the construction of two

Damen Stan Tugs 2208. The vessels are expected to be delivered by mid 2007. (Source: Clipping News)

Siem Offshore to acquire O H Meling newbuilds

Siem Offshore Inc and O H Meling & Co AS (OHM) have entered into a Heads of Agreement whereby

Siem will acquire from OHM a controlling interest in one vessel and two shipbuilding contracts. The parties

have agreed that subject to certain conditions, the company will acquire a shipbuilding contract for a PSV

of MT6000 design with a 70 tonne crane currently under construction at Kleven Maritime AS to be

delivered at year end 2006. Further, the company will become a 51 per cent shareholder in a ship-owning

company which will own a PSV of VS 470 Mk II design, built in 2004, and a shipbuilding contract for a

PSV of VS 485 design, to be delivered from Karmsund Maritime Services AS in June 2007. The remaining

49 per cent of the company will be owned by OHM and affiliated parties. (Source: Clipping News)

Barry Towage & Offshore orders RAmpage 5000

Barry Towage & Offshore SA, through its management company Interconsult, has signed a Letter of Intent

with Astilleros Zamakona shipyard in Spain for construction of a Robert Allan designed RAmpage 5000

anchor handling offshore support vessel. In a statement, the company said it had chosen the RAmpage

5000 "because it best fits all our requirements and expectations for expanding the present fleet." Anglo

Belgian Corporation will supply the two ABC 16V DZC main engines rated at 2 x 3,400kW at 960rpm for

the newbuild. The azimuthing thrusters - type SRP 3030 CP - and bow thruster - a STT 2 - will be supplied

by Schottel. The propulsion system will give a bollard pull ahead of 114 tons and a free running speed of

at least 14 knots. Electrical driven deck machinery will be provided by Ridderinkhof BV in the Netherlands.

(Source: Clipping News)

Guul Victory

Shahriar, (ex; Guul Victory), is in 2006 verkocht aan onbekende kopers te Sierra Leone en herdoopt

Challenger. (Source: Leon de Hoop)

Brasil news from Lawrence Amboldt

De nieuwe AQUARIUS is opgeleverd door de Ocean Wilsons werf te Guaruja en een zuster, de VOLANS

zal op 6.6.06 volgen. Ontworpen door Damen, zoals andere recente sleepboten van Ocean Wilsons.

4,478 kW, Aquamaster, 32.22m x 11.00m x 4.25m (diepgang), 72t paaltrek volgens jaarverslaag, maar

65.9t volgens website). De oude AQUARIUS is intussen verkocht aan Seaserve ComercioTransporte e

Navegacao Ltda. Momenteel heeft Ocean Wilsons 62 sleepboten en is de grootste sleepdienst in Brazilie.

(Source: Lawrence Amboldt)


De Zeeleeuw, van Smit Transport Europe BV. Is voor onbepaalde tijd vercharterd aan Smit Terminals. Zij

gaat de in 1983 bij Damen gebouwde Artaban vervangen. Voor dit charter is de Zeeleeuw dinsdag 13 juni

omgevlagd naar de Bahamas. Official Number: 8001215. Call Sign: C6VN8. De komende week zal zij

vertrekken uit de Waalhaven naar Takoradi – Ghana.

De Smit Engeland is onderweg naar Las Palmas, waar zij eind juni zal aankomen en vervolgens

afgeleverd wordt aan de kopers (Cooperativa Rimorchiatori Ancona Soc. Coop. a.r.l. te Ravenna, Italië).

De Smit Jamaica (2) gaat maandag haar proefvaarten in de Europoort doen. Het schema hiervoor is van

de week al doorgestuurd.

Drie van de zeven suppliers die door Smit eerder dit jaar zijn aangekocht worden verkocht. Het zijn de

Smit Langkawi (2); Smit Luzon (2) en de Smit Lumut (2). De Smit Langkawi 6,000 bhp AHTS, welke

aan het eind van 2006 zal worden afgeleverd is verkocht naar Maleisie. Terwijl de Smit Lumut 6,000 bhp

AHTS en Smit Luzon 6,000 bhp AHTS, welke in 2007 zullen worden opgeleverd, verkocht zijn naar West

Afrika.. (Source: Hans van der Ster)


In februari 2006 bij Pacific Ocean Engineering & Trading Pte.Ltd., Singapore te water gelaten m.slb.

Svitzer Muharraq, bouwnummer 1204, 332 brt., voor Svitzer W.M.E., vlag Belize.

Recentelijk is de Svitzer Stanlow te Tranmere, Shell Terminal (Liverpool) aangekomen. De nieuwe Voith

Schneider tractortug is door Redwise van Singapore naar Liverpool overgevaren. Gebouwd door Ang Sin

Liu (ASL) Shipyard Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Bollard pull 70 ton.

Door dezelfde werf is het zusterschip Svitzer Oden afgeleverd voor het geassocieerde bedrijf Roda-

Bolaget (Zweden). (source: Jaap Bijl)

Crowley's Bay-Area Tugs Relocate to Port of Oakland

To better serve its Oakland ship assist and escort customers Crowley Maritime Corporation is relocating

its tugs to Berth 9 in the Port of Oakland effective Friday, June 16. The move, eight miles away from

Crowley's previous terminal at 10th Avenue, will allow Crowley to provide faster service upon receiving a

customer's ship assist request. Crowley tugs will be based closer to most customer operations and will be

able to work with greater ease in the expanse of the Outer Harbor. Tugs will no longer need to sail through

the Oakland Estuary to reach most vessels. Crowley tugs, which were once a fixture in San Francisco Bay

from the early 1900s to 1996, returned home in 2004 to once again provide service to area customers. In

the Bay Area, Crowley provides traditional ship assist services to carriers, typically container shipping

companies, as they enter and leave the port and its surrounding areas. (source: Marinelink)

7 e jaargang, nr. 19

dd. 26 Juni 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Foss Maritime Honored

Captain Sam Nelson and crew of the Foss Maritime Company tugboat Justine Foss received the

Lifesaving Award from the Seamen's Church Institute at their annual Silver Bell Dinner on June 1 in New

York. United States Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen was in attendance and personally

congratulated Captain Nelson. Captain Nelson and his crew received the award for their heroic efforts in

response to the needs of the crew of the tugboat Valour and the barge M-192 while in heavy weather and

rough seas on January 18, 2006 off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Capt. Nelson and his

crew, through their seamanship skills, were able to rescue five men from the water and regain control of

the laden tank barge during darkness and severe sea conditions, said Paul Gallagher, Director of Sales

Marine Transportation, Foss Maritime. In addition, on Friday, June 9, Don McElroy, Foss Maritime Vice

President of Marine Transportation, was presented with top honors at the Jones F. Devlin Ship Safety

Achievement Awards Luncheon held by the Chamber of Shipping of America at the Hilton Riverside Hotel

in New Orleans in honor of the JUSTINE FOSS and her rescue of the crew of the Valour. (Source: Jan

van der Doe)

De ‘Smit Kamara’ operationeel

De ‘Smit Kamara’ werd donderdag 25 mei jl. volledig operationeel. Ze ondersteunt momenteel een

grootschalig schilderproject voor het ‘K15FG’ platform, ten hoogte van Den Helder. Een project team met

onder andere schilders en steigerbouwers verblijft momenteel aan boord van de ‘Smit Kamara’ en stapt

iedere dag over met behulp van het Offshore Access System (OAS). Het OAS bewees zich al een dag na

aanvang van het project toen er wegens slecht zicht geen helikoptervluchten in de sector ONEgas Oost

mogelijk waren; De ‘Smit Kamara’ kon die dag daarentegen zonder problemen aan het werk. De ‘Smit

Kamara’ zal naast het ‘K15FG’ platform eveneens worden ingezet voor het ‘K15FC’ platform, waarmee zij

twee onbemande platforms op één dag ondersteunt. (Source: Smit)

Damen presenteert mock-up stuurhut 2810 ASD tugs

Damen in Gorinchem presenteerde 22 mei jl. de brug lay-out van de 2810 ASD Tugs. De nieuwbouw

commissie van de Ondernemings-raad SMIT Harbour Towage en een aantal kapiteins van Harbour

Towage Rotterdam bekeken de houten mock-up. De aanwezigen waren na afloop positief over de

compacte en efficiënte inrichting. (Source: Smit)

‘Smit Nicobar’ gedoopt

Op 3 juni jl. werd de AHTS ‘Smit Nicobar’ gedoopt in Singapore. Als doopvrouw trad mevrouw Jeanette

Bruinsma op. Ook de Nederlandse ambassadeur en zijn vrouw waren aanwezig. Direct na de

doopceremonie vertrok de ‘Smit Nicobar’ naar Sakhalin waar zij, na aankomst medio juni, het offshore

accommodatie/service vaartuig ‘Safe Bristolia’ gaat ondersteunen. (Source: Smit)

Tugboat Strikes Railroad Bridge

6/21/2006 10:17:36 AM Foggy conditions are being blamed for a tugboat striking the concrete bridge

abutments on the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge. The Tuesday morning incident occurred when the

tugboat Cheyenne was pushing two barges with scrap metal and stone south on the river and could not

see the abutment because of dense fog, according to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. Contact made

with the Coast Guard indicated one barge was taking on water and that emergency pumps were deployed

to keep it afloat. There were no reported injuries. The 90-foot tug, piloted by Capt. Denault Donovan, is

owned by Albany Port Ventures in Albany. Preliminary investigation indicates the accident was caused by

lack of visibility on the river. The Coast Guard is continuing its investigation. (Source: MidHudson News

Network-via Jan van der Doe)


The HAMTUN ( former Adsteam - Southampton ) seen arriving in her new homeport Terneuzen, where

the tug will be renamed in MUTRATUG 16, the 29 mtr long tug is powered by 2 Stork Werkspoor engines

driving 2 Schottel azimuth thrusters for a total output of 34 ton BHP at present, The tug will be upgraded

and the BHP will increased to 39 tons. (Source: Clipping News)

SBX Acquires New Vessel

SeaBird Exploration Limited (SBX) has acquired M/V Sentinel. A DP (Dynamically Positioned) vessel, built

in 1979. The vessel will be converted to a Source/Ocean Bottom Seismic ship. Total cost for the vessel,

including upgrade and additional equipment, is expected to be up to $20 million. The vessel is expected to

be in full operation from early 2007. (Source: Marinelink)


Het bericht dat drie suppliers die door Smit zouden worden verkocht, de Smit Langkawi (2); Smit Luzon

(2) en de Smit Lumut (2). is niet juist heeft de directie laten weten. Hoe men aan dit bericht is gekomen

weet men niet aldus Smit. (Source: Hans van der Ster).

More orders for Labroy Marine

June 21, 2006. Labroy Marine shipyard in Singapore has secured contracts worth US$54.3 million to build

an anchor handler, a multi-purpose maintenance vessel and two topside maintenance vessels for an as

yet unspecified customer for delivery in 2008. (Source: Leo Kramer).

Europese Commissie (EU) beëindigt onderzoek bij Smit Internationale N.V.

Rotterdam, 22 juni 2006 Zoals reeds eerder door ons bekend gemaakt, is de EC eind 2003 een

onderzoek gestart naar mogelijke mededingingsbeperkende afspraken tussen sleepvaartbedrijven in

Europa. De EC heeft haar onderzoek naar mogelijk mededingingsbeperkend gedrag beëindigd. Het

onderzoek heeft geen concreet bewijs opgeleverd van een overtreding van de Mededingingswet.

Hiermede is deze procedure afgesloten. (Source:Smit)

7 e jaargang, nr. 20

dd. 02 Juli 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Aker Yards Secures Contracts for Diving Support Vessels

Aker Yards ASA said it won an order from DOF ASA for a diving support vessel (DSV), and a contract

from DOFCON ASA and Technip for a second DSV. For DOF, Aker Yards will build a DSV based on Aker

Yards' Aker DSV06 design, while the other DSV will be to the Aker OSCV-06L DSV design. (Source:


Vessel Runs Aground, Pulled Free

A 590-ft. cargo ship that ran aground has been pulled to deeper water and is being held offshore of Port

Canaveral until it is safe to enter port. The Shenandoah Highway, a cargo ship carrying automobiles, left

the Southampton, United Kingdom, and attempted to enter Port Canaveral. A few minutes later the ship

ran aground. Coast Guard inspectors from Marine Safety Detachment Port Canaveral boarded tugs and a

small boat crew from Station Port Canaveral to assess the situation. Crews didn't spot any pollution when

they arrived at the Shenandoah's position and started making preparations to remove the ship from the

sandy bottom. Using four contracted tugs, the blank was pulled from the bottom and is being held offshore

until divers can inspect the Shenandoah's hull to insure that vessel is structurally sound. (Source:


Vroon Offshore Services takes delivery of Power Express

Power Express is committed to a charter with Wintershall Noordzee. Vroon Offshore Services has taken

delivery of the PSV Power Express. The new vessel was delivered by Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard Co Ltd

in China. Power Express is currently positioning from China to the Netherlands. Upon arrival she will

commence a charter with Wintershall Noordzee BV for their North Sea Operations. Power Express

is 75m overall with a beam of 17.5m and depth of 7.6m. The ship has a maximum draft of 6.4m and

deadweight of approximately 3,859 tonnes. She bears the class notation BV 1 *Hull *Mach, Supply

Vessel / Fire fighting Ship 1, Chemical Product, Water Spraying, Unrestricted Navigation, AUT-UMS,

INWATERSURVEY, MON-SHAFT, IG, ALM. Main propulsion takes the form of 2 x 2,460kW main

engines. The ship is fitted with 2 x 700kW bow tunnel thrusters and 2 x 400kW stern tunnel thrusters. The

design was undertaken by Vuyk Kenton working closely with Vroon. Vroon Offshore Services has two

sister vessels on order at the same yard. Delivery of these is expected in fourth quarter of 2006 and

first quarter of 2007. A further two PSVs are on order for Vroon at Damen Shipyard in Galatz (Romania).

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Multraship Announces Fleet Additions

Salvage and towage company, Multraship BV has added the former Red Funnel/Adsteam tug Hamtun to

its fleet. The 1985-built, 3,500 IHP vessel has been renamed Multratug 16 and will mainly be deployed

providing harbour towage services in the ports of Terneuzen and Flushing and on the Terneuzen-Ghent

Canal. Multraship has also bought the former Dutch lifeboat Johannes Frederik, to operate as a fast-

escue tender providing emergency response services in the River Scheldt area. The vessel, now

renamed Multraship Responder, will replace the Multrajet, which has been sold to the Congolese Ministry

of Health. (Source: Marinelink)

Bourne Tug in Need of Rescue

The Boston Globe reported that an old tugboat, New York Central No. 16 will be demolished soon to make

way for a CVS pharmacy. A Raynham man started working to save the boat. But with an estimated

$250,000 needed to rescue the tug, its future is murkier than the waters of New York Harbor it once

plowed. Tugboat No. 16 has been a Cape Cod landmark since local maritime history buffs rescued it from

a scrapheap on Staten Island in 1982. Developers said this month they plan to destroy the old tug, one of

the last of the steam-powered boats that tugged barges filled with goods up and down the Hudson River.

Maritime enthusiasts such as Schneider hope to save the boat from demolition, but have yet to find the

money to relocate the tug, which currently sits on a 30-by-90-foot concrete pad near the Route 25 onramp.

They say the removal of the landmark to make way for a drugstore will damage the visual character of the

Cape. Others want it relocated to a maritime museum. But the developers say they can no longer wait.

Although a specific date has not been set, No. 16 will be torn down after CVS closes on the property sold

by The Hegarty Family Trust, which could be in a matter of days or weeks, said Patrick Butler, a lawyer

representing the developers. The tug's possible demise has left some in the local and maritime community

in mourning. The boat, which was launched in 1924, received an 11th-hour reprieve and its backers a bit

more time to raise money, because developers are in a dispute with the town over traffic lights on the

property. Until their appeal to the town Planning Board is resolved and they close on the property,

demolition of the tug will be delayed, Butler said. Schneider hopes there is enough time to save the tug.

Most recently, officials from Connecticut's Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea, have

expressed interest, especially since they are planning a 2007 exhibit called Tugs, said museum

spokesman Michael O'Farrell, adding that the museum must find a donor to help bear the costs. Butler

said that over the past nine months they worked with local associations and outside museums to preserve

the tug. In the end, he said, relocating the decaying boat could cost more than $250,000. It would involve

taking it apart, possibly moving it by barge, and then restoring it. Mike DeAngelis, a CVS spokesman, said

engineers hired by the company and developers called the tug structurally unsafe, saying there was

significant rusting and corrosion, making it costly to relocate. DeAngelis also said that the Bourne

community has not rallied to keep the tug, instead outsiders have been trying to drum up support. The

CVS store will be designed to blend with the colonial architecture typical of Cape Cod. Still, some scoff at

that, saying that a 21st-century colonial-looking CVS cannot replace a true piece of history. (Source:

Boston Globe)

Smit-Lloyd 50

De Ocean Suez is verkocht aan Rashed Maritime Services - Egypte. In 1975 gebouw als Smit-Lloyd 50

voor Smit-Lloyd. In oktober 1985 verkocht aan Smit Lloyd Shilbaya te Alexandrië en herdoopt in Smit

Lloyd Suez. In 1996 verkocht aan Smit Swire Shilbaya, niet herdoopt. Op 19-12-1996 verkocht aan

Seacor Marine Inc. Morgan City, niet herdoopt. In 2000 overgegaan naar Ocean Marine Services - Cairo

en herdoopt Ocean Suez. Herdoopt LORD (Source: Dirk Verkouter)


De Intrepide (ex. Pyrrhos-03) (4420 apk, 374/98) is in Ronier hernoemd en zal naar Dakar vertrekken.

Ook de Provencal 4 (2700 apk, 299/73) zal later dit naar naar Dakar gaan, maar een nieuw naam is nog

niet bekend. (Source:Lawrence Amboldt)

Sun Thames

De Sun Thames heet nu H.T.Sword en zal op de Humber goedkopere sleepdiensten gaan verrichten dan

de moedermaatschappij. Een tweede sleepboot zal volgen, vermoedelijk de Lady Constance of de Lady

Elizabeth. (Source:Lawrence Amboldt)

Towage protestor on hunger strike

THE operations manager at would-be towage newcomer SNRH has gone on hunger strike at Le Havre in

an effort to force the French department of maritime affairs to allow his company to compete for business.

SNRH, an affiliate of the Dutch group Kotug, has spent the past six months trying to get the department to

issue an authorisation, but without success. The hunger strike, now in its fifth day, was followed on

Monday by protest action that sought to compare Le Havre’s stance with a Lenin-era port that banned

competition, and by three of the company’s tugs raising the profile by standing off the port entrance.

SNRH applied for a towage operator’s authorization in January but has been thwarted by concerns that

the company could not meet regulations regarding working hours and the number of staff employed.

SNRH rejects these allegations and suggests that the real reason is the threat by current monopoly

towage provider Les Abeilles that it would launch a nationwide port strike if a competitor was given the

green light at Le Havre. (Source: Clipping News)

Vroon Offshore Services orders DPII Diving Support Vessel at ABG Shipyard

Vroon Offshore Services has ordered a DP II Diving Support Vessel at the ABG yard in India for delivery

in 2nd quarter of 2008. The new vessel will be fully outfitted for Diving, ROV and Deepwater construction

operation. The vessel is equipped with a dynamic positioning system, 4 point mooring anchoring system,

external fire fighting system, helideck, moon pool, 50 tons crane and accommodation for 68 people Vroon

Offshore Services also has a 4 point mooring Diving Support Vessel on order at the same yard for delivery

in the late summer of 2006. In addition Vroon Offshore Services operates another 3 Diving Support

Vessels in the North Sea market. We strongly believe that the new vessel will further enhance the

Company's abilities in the Diving Support market and strengthen our market position. (Source: Clipping


URS orders four new ASD tugs of 65TBP

On 21 June last URS signed a contract with the Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armon SA for the building of

four ASD tugs of 65 TBP. These ASD tugs will be of the same type as the Union Coral – Union Pearl –

Union Ruby and Union Emerald. In the last decade, URS already took delivery of 6 Voith Schneider tugs

and 6 ASD tugs from this shipyard of which 4 ASD tugs came into service last year in the ports of Antwerp

and Zeebrugge. At present, 2 ASD tugs of 60TBP with a LOA of 25.00 m are under construction. (Source:

Clipping News)

Salvage tug expected at Tristan da Cunha to refloat grounded oil platform

The salvage tug Zouros Hellas was expected off Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic Ocean Thursday

to take over of the recovery of the semi submersible oil platform Petrobas XXl, which went aground on

the south-east of the island near Trypot Bay. The platform, which was being towed behind the tug Mighty

Deliverer from Brazil to Singapore via Cape Town, became separated in March during a patch of adverse

weather. Visual contact was maintained until mid May when further bad weather separated the two

vessels. A second tug Ruby Deliverer subsequently arrived to assist in locating the whereabouts of the

missing PXXl and to help secure a new tow but neither had any success – the rig had disappeared into

the vastness of one of the world’s emptiest oceans. That was the position until early June when a group of

islanders, visiting the largely uninhabited southeast of the island to round up cattle ahead of the coming

winter, came across a strange sight – an oil platform firmly aground on a sloping sandbank some 250m off

the rocky coast. After notifying the local authorities on the island the platform’s owners were informed that

Petrobas XXl was no longer missing. It was however firmly aground on what was originally believed to be

a reef but which is now thought to be a sandbank. A small diesel slick visible near the platform was also

reported. The platform is otherwise chemically inert and has noone aboard. The owners appointed SMIT

Salvage of South Africa to refloat PXXl and they have dispatched the tug Zouros Hellas which was

expected at the island 22 June. During the crossing extremely rough seas were encountered leaving many

of the tug’s crew stricken with seasickness. With the tug on the scene salvage operations are expected to

get underway, weather permitting – but possibly as early as this weekend. Once the platform has been

refloated the plan is to take it to Cape Town for a full survey and any necessary repairs before continuing

the interrupted voyage to Singapore. (Source: Clipping News)

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dd. 09 Juli 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Esnaad Buys Two Rolls Royce Tugs

The UK based Rolls Royce Group has sold two UT780 tugboats to the UAE's Esnaad, a unit of the Abu

Dhbai National Oil Company, according to agency reports. The boats, which will be able to handle high

temperatures, are being built in Indonesia and will be ready in Q1 2008. Although the value of the deal

was not disclosed, the purchases are the first part in a $200m fleet replacement program. (Source: AME


Investors Cool on Adsteam Bid

Institutional shareholders of tugboat company Adsteam Marine remained mixed about the recommended

$700m all-cash takeover offer from Danish shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk. Analyst Alexander Mees of

JP Morgan said some smaller investors were happy with the takeover bid, but larger shareholders

believed Adsteam was worth far more, fuelling hopes that a higher bid might be in the making. Adsteam

shares remained unchanged at $2.57 - slightly higher than the $2.54-a-share cash bid lodged by salvage

company SvitzerWijsmuller, a subsidiary of Maersk. Adsteam's largest shareholder, Investors Mutual, said

that while the offer represented a healthy premium, it was still below replacement value of Adsteam's 200

tugboats. It is said that analysts believed that a higher bid might emerge from other global tugboat

operators including Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchinson-Swire, Dutch-based Smit and Singaporean port

operator PSA. Another major shareholder with a 9 percent stake in Adsteam said that while it was a

reasonable offer, there was room to move. Under the terms of the Danish bid, Adsteam has given an

undertaking not to seek rival bids and would have to pay a break fee of $6.9 million if directors backed a

rival offer. The Danish offer is also subject to several conditions, including competition approvals in

Australia and Britain, and Foreign Investment Review Board approval. (Source: The Australian)

Openbaar bod SvitserWijsmuller op Adsteam

Vandaag is door SvitserWijsmuller A/S en Adsteam Marine Limited een gezamenlijk persbericht

uitgestuurd, waarin staat dat SvitserWijsmuller een openbaar bod tegen contanten heeft uitgebracht op

Adsteam (AUD 693 miljoen, ongeveer EUR 405 miljoen). SMIT is niet verrast over deze ophanden zijnde

transactie. Het bevestigt de verdere consolidatie in deze industrie, waar uiteindelijk 2 tot 3 spelers over

zullen blijven. Blijkbaar heeft SvitserWijsmuller als onderdeel van A.P. Moller Maersk Groep besloten in

deze tak van maritieme dienstverlening te willen blijven en het is dan logisch om door te groeien. SMIT

bouwt reeds een aantal jaren aan de ingezette groeistrategie gericht op acquisities en autonome groei in

wereldhavens (Harbour Towage) en de olie- en gasmarkt (Terminals). In dit kader is er in het verleden ook

gesproken met Adsteam. Echter SMIT richt zich met name op groei in Zuid-Amerika, het Midden- en Verre

Oosten, markten waarin Adsteam nauwelijks aanwezig is. Voorts is SMIT van mening dat de prijs die voor

Adsteam betaald wordt fors is. SMIT richt zich bij haar acquisities altijd op het creëren van

aandeelhouderswaarde en vindt een premie van rond de 30% boven de gemiddelde aandelenprijs hoog.

(Source: Smit)

A.P. Møller Maersk nu ook grootste havensleper

Met de overname van het Australische Adsteam Marine groeit de Deense containerrederij A.P. Møller-

Maersk uit tot 's werelds grootste aanbieder van havensleepdiensten. De Rotterdamse sleper Smit

Internationale was eveneens gegadigde, maar kon de prijs voor Adsteam niet opbrengen.

Foto: Ben Wind

Møller betaalt voor Adsteam 402 miljoen euro. De Deense rederij voegt de Australische havensleper

samen met zijn bestaande dochterbedrijf SvitzerWijsmuller. Dit komt vrijwel neer op een verdubbeling van

de vloot van sleepboten. Concurrent Smit Internationale heeft het nakijken. 'Adsteam is een mooie club,

waar we ook mee gesproken hebben', verklaart divisiedirecteur Abel Dutilh van Smit Internationale. Maar

de prijs die Møller op tafel legt, kan Smit niet evenaren. 'Het is ondenkbaar dat wij ooit in die buurt zouden

komen. Het is veel geld, en het wordt ook nog in contanten voldaan. De zakken van Møller zijn wel heel

diep geworden. Ze zijn vastbesloten om in deze markt te groeien.' Analisten voorzien dat de overname

van Adsteam een nieuwe consolidatieronde in de sleepvaart inluidt. De koers van het aandeel Smit

Internationale schoot gisteren met 6,9 procent omhoog. Het Rotterdamse bedrijf is actief op het

overnamepad, maar staat ook zelf in de schijnwerpers. 'Het is mooi om zelfstandig te blijven, maar je

moet niet uitsluiten dat er een partij langskomt waarmee we het goed kunnen vinden.' Dutilh zegt dat er

'wel eens een balletje wordt opgeworpen' over overname van Smit, maar dat een transactie niet aan de

orde is. 'Het is wel duidelijk dat de buitenwacht vertrouwen heeft in onze filosofie.' Het bedrijf is druk op

zoek naar overnamekandidaten in Zuid-Amerika en West-Afrika. Het oog is gericht op landen als Brazilië,

Venezuela en Mexico, waar de olie- en gasproductie veel sleepwerk met zich meebrengt. Maar anders

dan Møller kiest Smit niet voor 'de grote klappers', maar geeft het de voorkeur aan 'kleinere clubjes' die

aansluiting zoeken bij een grote branchegenoot. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Aker Yards to Build Platform PSVs for Island Offshore

Aker Yards has signed a contract with Sneingen AS, a company within the Island Offshore Group in

Ulsteinvik, Norway, to deliver two UT 755 LN platform supply vessels. The value of the contract is

approximately $51.3m. This is the 19th contract between the shipowner, Island Offshore in Ulsteinvik and

Aker Yards. The hulls for the platform supply vessels will be built in Romania and the vessels will be

outfitted in Brevik. Delivery is scheduled for primo May and primo July 2008. (Source: Marinelink)

Keppel Secures Contracts for Icebreakers

Keppel Singmarine has clinched contracts worth a total of $164.3m for two highly essels from LUKOIL –

Kaliningradmorneft (LUKOIL), a subsidiary of Russian oil company, LUKOIL Oil Company. The parent

company of Keppel Singmarine, Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd (Keppel O&M), has also signed an

agreement with LUKOIL for further co-operation in potential newbuilding of offshore rigs, special purpose

offshore facilities and vessels to service LUKOIL's offshore oil terminal vessels at Keppel O&M shipyards

around the world. The vessels will be delivered to their owner between end 2007 and mid 2008. To be

deployed to the Barents and Arctic Seas, these vessels are designed and will be built to the rules and

standards of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS), and are customised in accordance with

the owner’s stringent requirements and superior technical specifications. The 328-ft. auxiliary icebreaker

vessel will have equipment and system capabilities to work in temperatures down to –40oC and to

proceed through 1.7 metres of level ice with 20cm snow cover. The 81-metre long multi-purpose

icebreaking supply vessel can proceed through landfast ice having an unbroken thickness of up to 1.5

metres with 20cm snow cover. (Source: Marinelink)

Seabreeze June Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Bold Sold To Solstad

Solstad Offshore have come to an agreement with North Sea Invest to purchase another construction

vessel. The 1999 built DP II Bold Endeavour is currently under 5 years term charter with DeepOcean

(which is a company that Solstad hold an interest in). Other details include an LOA of 129 metres and a

deck area of around 1,600 square metres.

Barry On The RAmpage

Barry Towage & Offshore SA, via Interconsult, are to build an anchor handler at the Astilleros Zamakona

shipyard in Spain. This company will construct a Robert Allan design— the Rampage 5000. Details

include bollard pull of 114 tons, LOA of 49.5 metres and a design draft of 4.75 metres.

Ostensjo Relax Grip On Vivax

Norwegian based shipowners Ostensjo Rederi have sold their 50 ton terminal tug Vivax to Eide Marine

Services AS. The Vivax had been a familiar sight to many in the Danish sector and beyond but will now be

renamed the Eide Master and will be engaged in inhouse activities. The Ostensjo personnel that were

onboard the Vivax have been deployed to other vessels.

Volstad Vote For Two More

Volstad Maritime have ordered two ST 256 L design DSV / ROV vessels. These will be built at the Fosen

Mek. Yard and will have an LOA of 107 metres and a beam of 22 metres. The contract is worth an

estimated 1.4 billion Kroner. Readers may remember that Volstad Maritime ordered a ST-256-L design

vessel last year too.

Texel Excels

June saw the arrival of DOF’s newbuild DP II MT 6009 PSV Skandi Texel from the Fitjar Mekaniske yard

in Norway. The vessel was so named because Texel is an island North of Den Helder in the Netherlands,

and the Skandi Texel has gained a five year contract with Peterson Supplylink, working out of Den Helder.

Norseman To Leave North Sea

Olympic Shipping have sold their ME 303 anchor handler Olympic Supplier. The vessel has been

purchased by Norwegian investors and renamed the Norseman. Hull based Specialist Marine Services

(SMS) are managing the vessel on behalf of these investors and the plan is for the vessel to work the

North Sea spot market until around 20th July at which time it will depart for a term charter working offshore


Having A Whale Of A Time With The Orca

Bourbon Offshore’s AX 104 with X-Bow delivered this month. The Bourbon Orca is the first of this design

to be delivered so Seabreeze sent our roving reporter Graeme Riddell to investigate during its christening

on the 24th June in Aalesund, Norway. Points to note about the Orca include, of course, the “X bow” or

inverted bow which is designed to improve the performance of the vessel and give greater comfort to the

crew. Other points are the diesel electric propulsion (the first anchor handler to be equipped with this

propulsion combined with azimuth thrusters) and the Safe Anchor Handling System which eliminates the

need for men on the aft deck during the most dangerous operations. We at Seabreeze wish it luck and are

sure it will set new standards on its term charter with Norsk Hydro.

A Construction Vessel Too Far

Farstad Shipping ASA are to build a UT 761 CD construction vessel at Aker Yards, Langsten. Farstad

have also got a long term charter with Saipem UK lined up for the DP III, large crane and A Frame

equipped vessel which is expected to deliver in the last quarter of 2008.

Deep Sea’s Decisions

Norwegian based shipowners Deep Sea Supply have been active on the sale and purchase market this

month. The first announcement advised that they had obtained a 20% stake in four new UT 755LN PSVs,

and will manage these vessels. These four are being built at Cochin Shipyards in India. The second bit of

news is that Deep Sea Supply have sold three of the 6,500 BHP anchor handlers that are currently being

uilt at the ABG shipyards, also in India. It is understood that the vessels may be converted for seismic

use but no mention of the buyers name has been advised.

URS Finalise For Four

Belgium based shipowners URS are to build four azimuth stern drive tugs at the Astilleros Armon SA

shipyard in Spain. The 65 ton bollard pull tugs will be familiar to some readers as they are identical to four

of their current tugs, the Union Coral, Pearl, Ruby and Emerald. Details include LOA of 33 metres, breadth

of 11 metres, max draught of 5.6 metres and a gross tonnage of 497 tonnes.

BHP Billiton Wield The Sword

Farstad’s newest addition, the UT 712 L anchor handler Far Sword made an appearance this month after

delivering from the Aker Brevik yard. The vessel is working the spot market in the North Sea for a short

time in June, before commencing a long term contract with BHP Billiton working out of Australia. The BHP

Billiton charter will involve the Far Sword supporting the Semi-submersible Atwood Eagle for a duration

330-420 days on the upcoming Stybarrow campaign. Farstad also have their UT 712 DP anchor handler

Lady Caroline supporting this program of work.

Seabird Flocks To The Sentinel

SeaBird Exploration Limited (a marine seismic company) have bought the Sentinel PSV from Gulf

Offshore. This vessel will provide additional data acquisition capability to the company after it has been

upgraded and converted to a controlled source and ocean bottom seismic vessel. It is estimated that the

vessel conversion will be completed early next year, with the total cost of the sale (including upgrade /

conversion) being US$ 20 million.

Havila & Havyard

Havila Shipping ASA are to build a new subsea construction vessel, called the Havyard 858 design.

Details of the vessel include a length of 110 metres, a breadth of 23 metres, Clean Class and a 275 ton

crane. Expected delivery is in May 2008. The deal is worth NOK 590 million to Havyard Leirvik AS, with

Havila also having an option for one equivalent vessel at the same price, delivering March 2009. Havila

have also announced they will convert the PSV Havila Harmony into a subsea vessel, with completion

expected in the first quarter of next year. The conversion will include the fitting of a 150 ton crane, helideck

and an increase in the quality of furnishing and cabins.

Vroon Have Got The Power

Vroon Offshore Services took delivery of the Vuyk Kenton design PSV Power Express this month. The

3859 mt deadweight vessel was built in China by the Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard Company and will begin

its term charter with Wintershall Noordzee once it arrives in the North Sea. The vessel has an LOA of 75

metres, 17.5 metres draft and 2 x 2,460 kilowatt engines. As a reminder, Vroon have two sister vessels

being built by the same yard (delivery Q4 2006 and Q1 2007) as well as a further two PSVs on order from

the Damen Shipyard in Galatz, Romania (due for delivery in 2007 and 2008). Vroon were also busy

ordering a DP II Diving Support Vessel from the ABG yard in India. Delivery is expected in the second

quarter of 2008 and the main details include 4 point mooring system, accommodation for 68 people,

helideck, moon pool and a 50 tons crane, fully outfitting the vessel for Diving, ROV and Deepwater

construction operations.

Commander Issues Orders

REM Maritime newbuild MT 6016 PSV Rem Commander delivered at the start of June after a christening

in Geiranger, Norway. The impressive looking vessel has now arrived in the Gulf of Mexico ready for its

long term charter with Global Industries, expected to commence mid July.

Scotia Undergoes Highland Clearance

Bourbon Offshore Norway AS have sold their ME 202 diesel electric PSV Bourbon Scotia. The vessel has

been sold to KBM Marine Services W.L.L. of Dubai. The 1982 built 2,900 ton, 2760 BHP vessel will work

primarily in the Middle East. The sale is in accordance with Bourbon Offshore Norway`s strategy to renew

the fleet. The average age for the remaining 18 vessels of Bourbon Offshore Norway is 4.95 years.

Tug owner seeks bulker arrest

The Indian owner of an anchor-handling tug which sank with the loss of at least 14 lives after it was struck

by a Cyprus-flagged bulk carrier on Thursday has begun legal proceedings against the bulker’s Greek

owners. Thirteen crew members were rescued but 14 bodies were recovered from the water with reports

that another body has been recovered, leaving up to five people still missing. The owner of the tug, Jaisu

Shipping of Kandla, has filed for a petition demanding the arrest of the Pontonostos, owned by Ocean

Freighters of Piraeus, and is also seeking INR 100m ($2.17m) in compensation. When TradeWinds

contacted Ocean Freighters on Tuesday and Wednesday it was told that all relevant employees were

“occupied” and so could not answer questions about the incident. An e-mail sent to Ocean Freighters by

TradeWinds on Tuesday requesting a phone call in return or another suitable time to call the Piraeus

office was not met with reply. An inquiry launched in the aftermath of the collision has now ended but the

vessel will not be allowed to leave port until all concerned parties, including police, the courts and

directorate general of shipping, are satisfied. The collision occurred as a dredging vessel was widening

and deepening the port channel. One source who has been in contact with Ocean Freighters speculated

that the dredger may have blinded both the tug and the bulker as they were underway at either side of the

dredger. The same source also hinted that if the tug was very close to the dredger before the collision

there may have only been one bleep on the radar system onboard the Pontonostos. A source at the

Kandla Port Trust indicated that both vessels were in the middle of the channel when the collision

occurred. Suresh Kewalramani, owner of Jaisu Shipping, however, claimed that the bulker left its

navigational path on the port side and came over to the starboard side of the narrow channel which has a

shallow draft. Kewalramani could not immediately be reached for comment on Wednesday. Kewalramani

further claimed that the crew onboard the Pontonostos did not immediately come to the assistance of the

crew of the stricken tug, claiming this is in violation of the international convention of SOLAS (safety of Life

at Sea). The Pontonostos is NK-classed and has insurance cover with the UK P&I club. (Source:

Clipping News)

Tweede sleepvaartbedrijf in Antwerpen

De Belgische sleepbootfirma URS, een gezamenlijke dochter van Smit en Fairplay, krijgt eind dit jaar

concurrentie in Antwerpen. Via een paginagrote advertentie in de krant De Standaard heeft een

internationale groep de vacature voor een algemeen directeur aangekondigd. De nieuwkomer is al actief

als sleepvaartbedrijf buiten Europa en wil op de Schelde vier sleepboten inzetten. Er wordt gestart met

een zestigtal werknemers. Algemeen wordt aangenomen dat PSA uit Singapore achter het nieuwe bedrijf

zit. Sollicitanten werden gevraagd te schrijven naar een selectiebureau in Breda. (Source: Clipping News)

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dd. .. Juli 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Magnolia Honors All Of Its 'Mr. Lamptons'

Although more commonplace in the past, family-run companies are still fairly evident in today's barge and

towing industry. However, a company with five family members is-and was even years ago-a rarity. This

was brought to light recently when Magnolia Marine Transport Company dedicated its new towboat

June 23 in Vicksburg, Miss. The Vicksburg-based firm named the new boat Mr. Lampton after the four

Lampton brothers who are involved in the business. The fifth family member is their father, the still-active,

80-year-old founder and chairman of Magnolia Marine and its parent company, Ergon Inc. The 3,000 hp.

towboat was built by Nichols Propeller Company, Greenville, Miss. Magnolia Marine is the river

transportation arm of Ergon, which Les Lampton Jr. began in 1954 with one other employee to provide

bulk lube oil to drilling operations in southern and central Mississippi. He started Magnolia Marine three

years later with the leased vessel Jack T and three barges. The fledgling company transported No. 6 oil to

power and paper plants, working out of the garage apartment of then-general manager Mark Shurden in

Greenville. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Golding Barge Line Christens Two More New Towboats

Continuing the practice of christening its new boats on the fly, Golding Barge Line Inc. caught up with its

two newest vessels recently to properly anoint them during a brief respite from their rounds. The company

held what owner Steve Golding calls "working christenings," for the mv. Boyd Golding and the mv. John

Reid Golding, both recently delivered from Quality Shipyards LLC. Attended by family and employees,

the bottle breaking for the Boyd was conducted at Quality's yard in Houma, La., on May 31. For the John

Reid, it was staged at Memphis June 11. Previously, two other new boats, the Angie Golding and the

Stephen Austin Golding, were christened in similar fashion. The Vicksburg, Miss.-based barge line

operates a fifth towboat, the chartered Lori Johnson, and has two more on order that are scheduled for

delivery in mid-2007, one 2,000 hp. and one 3,000 hp. The boats match up to a fleet of 33 tank barges

with three new 30,000-barrel barges to come. "We made the decision a few years back to go with all-new

boats and barges," Golding commented. "The difference in technology, comfort and fuel efficiencies in

today's new boats is night and day from the equipment that was built in the '60s and '70s.". (Source: Jan

van der Doe)

ABG Shipyard Delivers Vessel

ABG Shipyard announced that it has delivered and transferred the vessel 61M Anchor Handling Tug /

Supply Vessel to Egypt based Maridive & Oil Services SAE. This is the first of the delivery to Maridive &

Oil by the Company, out of the total seven vessel building orders received from the Egypt based company.

(Source: Equity Bulls)

ASA, ISU Exchange Affiliate Memberships

Tuesday, July 11, 2006. The American Salvage Association (ASA) has been accepted as an Affiliate

Member of the International Salvage Union (ISU). In turn, the ISU has been accepted by the ASA as an

Affiliate Member as well. While operating on different continents, the ASA and the ISU have virtually the

same mission and engage in similar activities. Those include professionalizing the marine salvage

industry, protecting the sensitive marine environment, identifying places of refuge, and developing industry

Safety Standards. One of the ISU's primary objectives is to foster a wider understanding of the salvage

industry's contribution to environmental protection and the recovery of property. The ISU also plays an

active role in encouraging inter-industry debate concerning the many legal and commercial issues

influencing the efficient performance of salvage and pollution prevention services. A key objective of ASA

is to encourage the promulgation of long-awaited U.S. Coast Guard regulations for marine salvage and

fire-fighting. The two organizations also share a number of members, including Bisso Marine, Crowley

Marine, Donjon Marine, SMIT Salvage, and Titan, A Crowley Company. The relationship between the ASA

and the ISU is one of mutual respect, understanding and friendship, said George Wittich, ASA President.

(Source: Jan van der Doe)

Lafarge Dedicates New ATB

Monday, July 10, 2006. Lafarge dedicated a new articulated tug-barge (ATB) on June 5 as the latest

addition to its Great Lakes fleet. The Samuel de Champlain tug and Innovation barge were built and are

owned by American Transport Leasing Inc., a subsidiary of Lafarge. The new vessel will transport cement

and cementitious materials among 17 Lafarge facilities throughout the Great Lakes, including its terminal

on the Cleveland waterfront. The articulated design represents a significant advance over conventional

tugs and barges. The tug fits into a notch at the stern of the barge, where hydraulic connections allow

them to dip and rise independently. The design makes the vessel more maneuverable than conventional

tug-barge combinations, especially in adverse weather conditions. The new combination of the Samuel de

Champlain and Innovation forms Lafarge's second articulated tug-barge. The first, the G.L. Ostrander

tug and Integrity barge, went into service in 1996. Other recent improvements in the region's distribution

network include a new state-of-the-art cement terminal in Detroit, an upgrade to its production facilities at

its plant in Alpena, MI and added storage capacity at Columbus, OH. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Note from source:

Bovenstaand bericht over de nieuwe boot voor LaFarge is niet helemaal juist. Op een typisch

Amerikaanse wijze hebben ze de aandacht weer op zich zelf gericht. De "Samuel de Champlain" is de

voormalige "Vortice" die op de Atlantische Oceaan ronddreef na een brand in de opbouw/accomodatie.

Is toen naar Italie (Triest) gesleept en later naar Hamilton, ON. Heeft daar enkele jaren gelegen bij McKeil

Workboat en is verkocht naar de VS (werf) als "Norfolk" en weer te voorschijn gekomen in deze nieuwe

gedaante. Heeft ook gevaren als "Tender Panther" voor Wilhelmsen en "Marquerita" voor Ugland

Maritrans Fleet Utilization Down in 2Q

Monday, July 10, 2006. AP has reported that Maritrans Inc., which operates a fleet of tugs, barges and oil

tankers, said preliminary fleet utilization for the second quarter declined to 77.5 percent from 81.8 percent

in the same period last year. The company said refinery out-of-service time was unusually high during the

first half of the year because of maintenance turnarounds, retooling and outages from the 2005 hurricane

season. Matritans said idle time for its spot clean product fleet declined from the first quarter but was

higher than in the second quarter of 2005. The company expects to report 140 vessel days of out-ofservice

time for maintenance and capital projects for its ships. During the year-ago period, the company

reported 154 days of out-of-service time. source: AP (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Crescent Towing Captains Honored

Thursday, July 13, 2006. Crescent Towing/New Orleans captains received Citations of Merit awards on

July 12 at the NOLA Port Safety Consul meeting. USCG Commanding Officer and Captain of the Port of

New Orleans, Capt. Frank M. Paskewich, presented the award. The Crescent Towing Captains were

recognized by the COTP because of the professional efforts put forth in face of Hurricane Katrina's fury.

Award recipients include: Capt Arnona, Capt. Breaux, Capt. Cain, Capt Cascio, Capt. Domangue, Capt.

Doyle, Capt. Ferniz, Capt. Jones, Capt Murley, Capt. Schmitt, Capt. Schwartz, Capt. Sylvester, Capt.

Trosclair, Capt. Wright (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Anchor Handling Tug From South China

Thursday, July 13, 2006. Formerly a state owned shipyard, the Guangdon Xinhui Shipyard in Jianmen,

Guangdong China has recently been renamed South China Shipyard (SCS) after being purchased by the

Hong Kong based firm South China Shipbuilding Holdings (HK) Ltd. The yard is currently building two

42x11-m anchor handling tugs with twin Cummins QSK60 main engines delivering 2200 hp each

at 1800 RPM with Reintjes WAF763 gears with 5.75:1 reduction. Each vessel will also be fitted with

Cummins QSM11-powered 240 kW gen sets. The vessel will be fitted with a double-drum electric over

hydraulic anchor handling and towing winch with a 65 MT line pull and a 180MT brake holding capacity.

Optional provision has been designed in for both bow and stern thrusters. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Actie om meer loon bij Muller Dordrecht.

Negen van de achttien werknemers,vooral kapiteins, van rederij Muller Dordrecht hebben 10 juli 24 uur

gestaakt. Het bedrijf kon volgens directeur Bram Muller geen duw- en sleepdiensten verrichten in

Dordrecht en Moerdijk. Bestuurder Cees Bos van FNV Bondgenoten hoopte met de acties in de CAOonderhandelingen

meer loonsverhoging af te dwingen. De FNV eist per jaar twee procent salarisverhoging

en meer inkomenszekerheid bij ziekte en arbeidsongeschiktheid. Directeur Muller noemt de acties zeer

schadelijk en onnodig. ‘Ik bied namelijk meer dan FNV Bondgenoten vraagt: één procent loonsverhoging

en een automatische prijscompensatie van 1,7 procent. Dat is bij elkaar toch 2,7 procent?’. (Source:


De Hoop levert zeeslepers versneld af.

Scheepswerf De Hoop in Lobith levert nog voor de vakantie twee dertig meter lange en tien meter brede

ijsversterkte (klasse 1B) zeeslepers met duwkop op, de Iskander en de Alpays. Dat is twee maanden

eerder dan de bedoeling was. De schepen zijn ontworpen voor offshorewerk in de ondiepe delen van de

Kaspische Zee, die ’s winters vier maanden dichtvriezen. Ze zijn gebouwd in opdracht van de

Kazakstaanse rederij Caspian Offshore Construction (COC). (Source: Schuttevear)

Marine News WSS reports

Kiboko, (Strongbow – 81) 391/77 –tug, By Kenia Ports Authority, to Alba Petroleum Ltd., both Kenya and

renamed Strongbow.

Mataf Master, (Yousef Alganim-30 – 04, Jaberi – 04), 524/77 – tug. By Al Mataf Shipping LLC, North

Korea to Bahregan Marine Services Co.Ltd., Iran and renamed Bahregan 4.

Nawress (Bakassi – 95) 278/79 – offshore supply. By La Societe dÁssistanse et de Ravitaillement

Offshore Tunesie (SAROST), Tunisia to Bambini S.r.l., Italy and renamed Maestrale Terzo.

Ocean Coral, 73/04 – tug. By Intone Pte.Ltd. Singapore to Archirodon Construction Overseas Co. S.A.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines and renamed Androklis IV.

Ocean Topaz, 73/04 – tug. By Intone Pte.Ltd. Singapore to Archirodon Construction Overseas Co. S.A.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines and renamed Androklis III.

Pacific Oak, 783/82 – offshore tug/supply. By Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte.Ltd. Singapore to

Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd. Thailand and renamed Mermaid Performer.

Ryan (C.M.Hoffe – 94) 522/77 – tug. By Svitzer Marine Ltd. St.Vincent and the Grenadines to Al-Jazeera

Shipping Co. WLL Bahrain and renamed Heracles.

Sea Force (Tony Bay – 95, Oil Supplier – 90, Mantarraya – 90, Oil Supplier – 84) 865/72 – offshore

tug/supply. By Zakher Marine Oilfield Services Establishment, UAE to Queen Tower Marine & Oil

Services, Georgia and renamed Qtmos 1.

Seabulk Vermont (China Seal – 96) 911/77 – offshore supply. By Seabulk Offshore Ltd. To Centurion

Marine Offshore LLC, both USA and renamed Vermont.

7 e jaargang, nr. 23

dd. 23 Juli 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Foss Maritime Acquires Constellation Tug

Foss Maritime Company, the Seattle-based marine services company, announced that it is expanding into

the American East Coast market with the acquisition of Constellation Tug Company of Charlestown, Mass.

With the planned introduction of new, technologically advanced tractor tugs to the Constellation fleet, the

company will increase its capacity and capabilities, and improve service for its Boston Harbor and

Massachusetts Bay customers. Foss has agreed to acquire the equipment, assets and trade names of

Constellation Tug Company of Charlestown, MA and will operate the company as a subsidiary under the

name Constellation Maritime Company. The current leadership of Constellation will continue to manage

the company when it becomes a subsidiary of Foss. Marc Villa, a partner at Constellation Tug, has been

named President of the company, and the other partners at Constellation Tug – Conti Coluntino, Jeff

Nichols and Bob Manning – have also accepted management positions. Constellation currently operates

four tugs and three barges, providing ship assist and marine services in the ports of Boston, Quincy and

Salem. In late 2006, two tractor tugs will join the Constellation fleet, including one of the Foss-built new

DOLPHIN class ASD tractor tugs with 5000 hp and 65 short tons of Bollard pull. (Source: Marinelink)

Havila Fortune sold

July 20, 2006 KS Havila Fortune, a 30 per cent owned company that is

part of Havila Shipping, has sold Havila Fortune to Boa Offshore AS. The 1992-built UT706 PSV was

owned 100 per cent by Havila in the period from February 2005 to September 2005. Delivery of the vessel

has taken place. The price of the vessel was based on market terms, and will give Havila Shipping ASA a

book profit of approximately NKr 15 million. (Source: Leo Kramer)

TS Marine signs three-year vessel charter

July 20, 2006 TS Marine has confirmed that it has entered into an

agreement with Havila to charter Havila Harmony DP2 MPSV. The charter is for a period of three years

with 2 x 1 year options. Major upgrades are planned prior to delivery to TS Marine. These include a 150

tonne heave compensated knuckleboom crane, moonpool, helideck and extended accommodation. Havila

Harmony is due for delivery to TS Marine in March 2007. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Historic tug parts to help restore vessel in Kingston

Saturday, July 22, 2006 KINGSTON — Parts of the New York Central No. 16, a rotting icon on Cape Cod,

will be transported to Kingston next week, sparing the historic tugboat from demolition, CVS/pharmacy

announced Friday. The tugboat has drawn attention in recent weeks, as CVS moves forward on plans to

build a drug store where the boat now sits. Originally built in 1886 to ply New York Harbor, it has served

for nearly a quarter century as a gateway landmark to Cape Cod since being rescued from a Staten Island

scrap heap. Embedded in concrete, its top half sits about a mile from shore, where it has helped lure

visitors to a number of restaurants in Bourne, Mass., over the years. Steve Trueman restores tugboats

and other historic vessels in anticipation of opening the North River Tugboat Museum on the Rondout

Creek. He will cut up the boat, and truck the salvageable parts to Kingston. He'll use them to restore a

sister ship, the New York Central No. 3. "I'd like to take all the stuff off that New York Central boat and put

it on our New York Central boat and have one running New York Central boat," Trueman said.

Some of the best parts of the No. 16 — its upper deck, wheelhouse, smokestack and masts — match the

worst parts of the No. 3, Trueman said. Trueman said he could complete the restoration within a year.

Charles Schneider of Raynham, Mass., has been the leading proponent of preservation. McAllister Towing

and Transportation Co. agreed to transport the tug to Bayonne, N.J., where local officials would make it

part of a waterfront park. But Schneider has yet to find anyone who will transport the tug from the CVS

land to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy on the water. Schneider and Trueman had agreed if the

boat could not be saved whole by CVS's Aug. 1 deadline, Trueman would salvage the parts. Still hoping to

save boat Schneider hasn't given up on saving the boat whole, despite the announcement Friday that

CVS and Trueman had come to an agreement. "We've lost too many of these things," Schneider said.

"The maritime history in this country has received too little attention and too many historic vessels have

been lost." CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis wouldn't comment on that hypothetical, but he praised

Schneider's commitment. "We consider this good news because this agreement with the museum is going

to put a steam-powered tugboat back in the water. (Trueman's) plan was the only one that promised to do

that." (Source: Leo Kramer)

Ahoy, SmitWijs Singapore Reports.

Na een paar dagen bergingsstation dicht onder de kust van Scheveningen, waarbij de vissers aan boord

zeer fortuinlijk waren en ruim 60 kg makreel uit het water haalden, ging Smitwijs Singapore 16 juli anker

op voor een grotere vis in de Noord Atlantische Oceaan. De met bentonite geladen bulk carrier "Federal

Elbe", bouwjaar 2003 in China, was onderweg van Halifax naar Saoedi Arabie. Op 10 juli, 240 mijl Oost

van de Grand Banks of Newfoundland brak de roerkoning en raakte het stuurloos. Een poging van een

ander schip van de maatschappij om het te verslepen faalde en hulp van de "professionals" werd

ingeroepen. Na binnen 6 dagen ruim 2000 mijl afgelegd te hebben bereikte Smitwijs Singapore op 22 juli

de driftende Federal Elbe. De sleepverbinding werd gemaakt en binnen 2 uur was de Smitwijs Singapore

met de Federal Elbe aan de sleeptros weer onderweg, bestemming Portugal. Een afstand van 1550 mijl,

voor de Smitwijs Singapore. Voor de Federal Elbe wordt de afstand ruimschoots meer, want deze zwalkt

van BB naar SB achter ons. Het ene moment ligt het koers richting IJsland en 15 minuten later ligt het

koers naar Kaapstad. De snelheid varieert tijdens het gieren van 5'9 tot 10'2. De verwachting is dat 30 juli

het transport in Setubal aankomt. De lading van de Federal Elbe wordt daar gelost en daarna gaat het

onfortuinlijke schip het droogdok in om de roerschade te herstellen. De Smitwijs Singapore gaat, na het

vullen van de brandstoftanks, op weg richting Golf van Mexico voor een sleepreis. Of een volgend jop.

(source: Kapitein Kees Pronk en bemanning)

Eckstein Marine Service Adds Mv. Ave Maria To Fleet

The Ave Maria, a 2,000 hp pushboat, left Quality Shipyard in Houma, La., June 23 and became the 30th

boat in the fleet of Eckstein Marine Service of Harahan, La. It is a sister ship to the Redeemer, which was

launched late last year. Vaughn McDaniel, Eckstein vice president of human resources, said three more

boats are under construction as the firm continues to modernize its fleet of boats, which push barges with

both dry cargo and petroleum products. The Saviour, the 10th boat Eckstein has built at Quality Shipyard,

is scheduled for a December 2006 delivery. “Quality has done a remarkable job, staying on schedule and

delivering two boats last year despite the hurricanes,” McDaniel said. Two additional boats are being built

at LaForce Shipyard in Bayou la Batre, Ala. One will be named the St. Jude Thaddeus; the second is not

yet named. That will bring the fleet back to 33 boats. Eckstein sold two older boats recently. McDaniel said

35 is a target number for company vessels, with about two-thirds on charter and one-third in “tramp”

service. Eckstein had marine architect Corning Townsend design the Ave Maria and Redeemer with more

crew comfort in mind, including satellite television in each stateroom and an extra deck that will provide

better visibility over the tow. The extra deck houses the captain’s stateroom and head…. (source: J van

der Doe)

7 e jaargang, nr. 24

dd. 31 Juli 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Eymard Bros. Towing Adds Pushboat, Yard

Eymard Bros. Towing Company of Harvey, La., took delivery of its new 1,725 hp. mv. Caleb J. Eymard

recently. The 60- by 28- by 9.5-foot pushboat was purposely built with a short hull because it is slated to

do fleeting work in the Mississippi River, where the company has a contract to supply three tugs for ADM,

said company president Gary Eymard Sr. Eymard and his son Gary Jr. did much of the work on their

three-deck boat at L&L Marine’s yard. The boat has triple Guascor 180 engines that develop 575 hp.

each, mated to 6:1 Twin Disc 5222 reduction gears, supplied by Stewart Supply. Eymard said he installed

Yanmar 40 kw. gensets from Laborde Products in Covington, La., for electrical power. He said he is also

using Laborde Products to supply a new Mitsubishi engine to replace a blown 16v92 engine in one of his

other tugs, the mv. Jana Marie. Although the mv. Caleb J. Eymard (named for his grandson) was

designed with six berths, the boat is a “dinner-bucket” boat because the crews normally go home at

night…. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Zuhai Shipyard Completes Construction on Tugs

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Zuhai Shipyard recently finished construction of two tugs. The two latest vessels are 30 x 9-m with a 4.1molded

depth with a 615-ton displacement. The SOLAS-equipped ABS-classed vessels have 550-m/m

frame spacing. A plum and fendered bow stem extends to the water line of the raked forward hull section.

Accommodation is provided for 12 crewmembers. Tankage is provided for 280 cu. m. of fuel and 50 cu. m.

of water. A pair of 80 kW gen sets provides electrical power. Propulsion power is provided by a pair of

Cummins KTA38 M2 mains each delivering 1200 hp at 1800 RPM. The engines turn 2000-m/m propellers

in nozzles through Reintjes gears with 5.95:1 ratios. This power gives a design free running speed of ten

knots and a 30-ton bollard pull. Rexroth supplied the electric over hydraulic steering. On deck, a pair of

large line storage reels flanks a 30-ton towing hook. The towing hook is fitted with an emergency release

that can be activated from the aft controls in the wheelhouse. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Smit Jamaica

De nieuwe sleepboot van Smit voor Argentinie, de Smit Jamaica, vertrekt morgen vanuit de Waalhaven

naar zee. Zij zal in de haven van Buenos Aires worden ingezet voor havensleepdiensten. De Smit

Jamaica is een type ASD 2810 tug. Zij is gebouwd onder toezicht van Lloyds Register of Shipping bij de

Scheeswerf van Damen te Gorinchem onder bouwnummer 511509. De sleepboot heeft een lengte van

28,67m een breedte van 10,43m en een diepgang van 4,60m met een displacement van 541 ton.

Twee Caterpillar motoren met een totaal vermogen van 4930 bhp bij 1600 omw. Afgegeven via Rolls Roys

Azimuth Thrusters geven haar een snelheid van13,8 knots. Het trekvermogen van deze sleper is 59,3 ton

vooruit en 56,1 ton achteruit. De Smit Jamaica is de derde sleper met deze naam die bij Smit heeft

gevaren. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Smit Barracuda

Vandaag is de Smit Barracuda aan haar trails begonnen vanuit de Scheurhaven in Europoort. De Smit

Barracuda is de tweede voor Smit Transport Europe BV uit een serie van drie. De eerste Smit Bronco

vaart momenteel vanuit IJmuiden. De derde sleepboot wordt de Smit Bison. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

7 e jaargang, nr. 25

dd. 06 August 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

England goes Italy

The Smit Engeland was handed over at Las Palmas on August 3, 2006 to her new owners Cooperativa

Rimorchiatori Ancona Soc. Coop. a.r.l. te Ravenna, Italië and renamed Geco. (Source: Neeltje Snoei)

Sales Announcement "PAULA V"

" Balboa Marine Leasing, LLC, Irvine, CA has sold its US Flag 4,000BHP twin screw tug "PAULA V" (ex -

Victor J. Guidry) to US Gulf Coast Buyers on a private and confidential basis. The vessel was idle in So.

Louisiana and in a partial state of rebuilding, by her former Owner, after being stricken by a fire in Fall

2001 while being delivered to the US West Coast from the US Gulf. The new Owner intends to complete

the rebuild and to re-power the vessel from her original STORK-WERKSPOOR main engines with more

modern diesels. The vessel was originally built in 1975 by Avondale SY in Mobile, AL and she was in the

process of being rebuilt (after the fire) to her original ABS +A1 Class for hull and machinery. The vessel

has a raised focstle bow, and her dimensions are 110' x 32' x 17.5' depth of hull, and she is fitted with a

Smatco 55 DTDT-170 double drum towing winch, with 150,000# of line pull. Her fuel capacity is 78,000

gallons and she has quarters for 8 persons. She will be engaged in various general and dedicated towing

duties for her new Owner in the US Gulf. Marcon acted as sole broker in this transaction between the

Buyer and the Seller. " (Source: Clipping News)

Fortune sold

KS Havila Fortune, a 30 per cent owned company that is part of Havila Shipping, has sold Havila Fortune

to Boa The 1992-built UT706 PSV was owned 100 per cent by Havila in the period from February 2005 to

September 2005. Delivery of the vessel has taken place. The price of the vessel was based on market

terms, and will give Havila Shipping ASA a book profit of approximately NKr 15 million. (Source: Clipping


Harms christening AHT Magnus

Op vijdag 4 augustus 2006 heeft in Cuxhaven de doop plaatsgevonden van de nieuwe AHT voor Harms

Offshore uit Hamburg. Het schip kreeg de naam MAGNUS. Het zusterschip dat TAURUS zal gaan heten

wordt naar verwachting in November 2006 in de vaart genomen. Beide schepen werden/worden gebouwd

door de Muetzelfeldtwerft in Cuxhaven. Bijzonder is dat de schepen geheel op de werf worden gebouwd.

Geen kant-en-klare romp of elders gebouwde secties. De belangrijkste gegeven zijn: length o.a. 58,47 m -

beam o.a. 14,80 m – depth to maindeck 7,65 m - draught 5,80 m. Bollard pull min 200 t cont. at 14.000

kw. Main towing wire 1600 m 76 mm dia - spare wire 1200 m. Main engines 2 x MAN B&W 14V32/40 -

14.000 kw at 750 rpm. Speed 18 kn. Class GL +100 A5 E2 Deep Sea Tug. DP2 Nautronix. Accomodatie

voor 23 personen. De Muetzelfeldtwerft en Harms maakten tevens bekend dat de contracten voor nog

eens 4 boten definitief zijn getekend. 2 stuks van 220 ton bp en 2 stuks van 280 ton bp. Oplevering in

respectievelijk 2007 en 2008. (Source:Dammis van Dijk)

Lady Elizabeth renamed.

The Adsteam tug Lady Adsteam has been renamed HT Sabre (Source:Lawrence Amboldt)

Seabreeze July Report

Market Round-up / Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Nexen Need North Stream

Nexen have chartered the Gulf Offshore UT 745 North Stream for 21 months firm. This term contract is

for support of the Borgsten Dolphin semi-submersible and is expected to begin at the end of August / early

September this year. The 950 square metre deck PSV will likely work the spot market until the Nexen term

contract commences.

TS Marine Take Two

Further to last month’s article (“Havila & Havyard”), TS Marine (Contracting) Ltd have term chartered the

Havila Harmony from Havila Shipping ASA. Last month we reported the vessel was to be converted from

PSV to subsea vessel with expected completion in March 2007. The recently announced term charter,

based in Australian waters, with TS Marine begins immediately after completion and the period is three

years firm with 2 x 1 year options. Total value of the option including options is around USD 73 million. TS

Marine have also been busy with Norwegian shipowners Rem Maritime. Rem’s newbuild MT 6016 that is

likely to be named Rem Etive has been chartered by the Aberdeen based company for five years firm with

two 1 year options. Expected delivery of the vessel from the Kleven shipyard is mid April 2007 and the TS

Marine contract will begin thereafter. It will be used for various projects and contracts including work with

Weatherford Inc. The Rem Etive will be able to carry out diverless subsea decommissioning and

intervention activities, rigless well intervention services, wellhead and subsea infrastructure abandonment,

subsea tree changeout and subsea construction support activities.

AP Moller’s Move For More

Danish based AP Moller look to be close to nearly doubling their presence in the global tug and port

support business when Australia based Adsteam Marine accepted their DKr 2billion (US$515 million)

takeover offer. This would add 150 tugs to their present fleet of 190 tugs. The deal is still conditional upon

various subjects being lifted including UK competition authority approval.

Solstad’s Indian Summer

India based Reliance Industries Ltd have term chartered several vessels from Solstad Offshore ASA in a

deal worth 345 million NOK for the firm periods alone. The Normand Drott and Normand Jarl anchor

handlers have been fixed for 14 wells firm (est. Duration 3 years) beginning in direct continuation of their

current contracts with Reliance which is expected to be in August 2006. Furthermore the Normand Trym

anchor handler is expected to commence a two years firm plus one year option charter with Reliance in

November / December this year.

Queen Reigns For Another Year

Trico Supply were delighted to announce that their ME 202 PSV Northern Queen has been extended until

October 2007 with Dutch based Peterson Supplylink. The vessel has been on charter working in their

North Sea Dutch Sector pool since July 1998. Seabreeze learns that Dave Henderson and the boys have

become rather attached to working down there and were more than happy to spend another year working

with their Dutch friends. More than 4,600 days without an LTI speaks for itself...

Valour Gets Shell’s Votes

Gulf Offshore (N.S.) Ltd UT 722 L anchor handler Highland Valour was fixed to aid Shell Europe in their

summer rig move programme. The contract enables Shell to use the 180 ton bollard pull anchor handler

for work in the UK, Dutch and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea as well as over in Irish waters. The

period of this charter is 28 days firm plus 14 daily options thereafter. By the time you read this story, it is

likely the anchor handler will have carried out at least two rig moves for the Anglo-Dutch oil super major.

Her name is Rio... ♪___ ♫

No, fortunately Duran Duran have not re-released their famous Rio single… In fact Norwegian shipowners

District Offshore (DOF) have agreed a two year contract with Petrobras. The Brazilian state oil company

will take delivery of the newbuild Skandi Rio Gary Kennedy of DOF) upon delivery in October 2006. Total

contract value is around US$ 24 million.

Danis Delivers

Norwegian shipowners Siem Rovde AS received their newbuild VS 470 MK II Siem Danis this month. The

PSV was built at the Aker Aukra yard in Norway and its main details include DP II, LOA of 73.4 metres,

680m2 deck area and full underdecks. Technip have term chartered this vessel for various duties so we

are unlikely to see this PSV available on the spot market until October this year.

DOF Decide On Aker Cracker

DOF ASA, through their subsidiary DOFCON ASA, are to build a large construction vessel called an Aker

OSCV 06. They have signed a contract with Aker Yards to build in the Aker Yards of Brazil, in a deal worth

around NOK 720 million. Main details of the design include LOA of 128 metres, DP III and a 250 tonnes

offshore crane. This is the fourth vessel of this design being built for DOF and expected delivery of this

one is in May 2009.

Nomis Purchase Patrol

US based shipowners Tidewater have sold their PSV Estay Tide to Nomis Shipping. The vessel will be

reclassed in America and then converted in Hull (UK) to a UK Class B ERRV and renamed the Dea Patrol

Nomis expect this addition to be available to them in UK waters by mid October.

Citation Sighted

United States based shipowners Ryan Marine Services Inc are to expand their crew and utility boat fleet to

include a Four-Point anchor vessel called the RMS Citation. This boat will be delivered to Ryan Marine

Services in August after completing an 8 month rebuild and re-commissioning of the former Caldive vessel

Mr Sonny. Details include LOA of 177 feet, 2700 square feet deck, accommodation for 28 passengers, a

completely refurbished galley, a moon pool and a 35 ton Pettibone pedestal crane. It is understood the

vessel will be marketed for research, ROV, diving and salvage operations.

I’ve Seen A Dina

The UT 705 PSV Myklebusthaug Offshore AS owned Aquarius has been renamed the Dina Aquarius. The

1991 built vessel, managed by Gulf Offshore Norge AS, now has a Norwegian flag and has been

reregistered in Bergen. It is understood that the “Dina” is a reference to the owner’s grandmother. Dina

Aquarius remains on its term charter with Saipem throughout the summer.

Two More New Islands To Be Built

Norwegian shipowner Island Offshore have contracted Aker Yards to build two new UT 755LN platform

supply vessels. The deal is worth US$52 million and planned delivery for the two are in May and July

2008. Aker’s Brevik yard will fit out the vessels but the hulls will be built in Romania.

Advantage Avant

Norwegian based Eidesvik Shipping are building another vessel for Statoil with the design based on the

VS 493 LNG Avant PSV Viking Avant. The unmistakeable looking ship will be fuelled by LNG, reducing

nitrogen oxide and carbon emissions. The NOK 370 million vessel will be used to transfer supplies from

Statoil’s Kristiansund logistics base to platforms in the Halten / Nordland area. Delivery from Eidesvik’s

Westcon Shipyard in Olen is scheduled for Autumn 2007.

Deep Sea Supply

Norwegian shipowners Deep Sea Supply ASA have acquired a newbuilding contract from

Skipsaksjeselskapet Sunnmøre Rederi AS for a Havyard 842 anchor handler costing NOK 252.5 million.

The vessel will be built at Havyard, deliver in September 2008 and have a bollard pull of 200 tons.

So Near And Yet So Far

Farstad Shipping newbuild UT 712 L anchor handler Far Stream (pictured c/o Farstad) delivered in July.

The DP 2 vessel with nearly 16,000 BHP and deck area of 540 m2 achieved 186 tons bollard pull (with

azimuth thruster) after delivery from the Simek yard in Flekkefjord, Norway. It is understood that Farstad

intend to use the vessel on the spot market for the foreseeable future.

Farstad Plough Into New Segment

Farstad Shipping ASA announced they have entered into a contract with Aker Yards and Saipem UK Ltd.

Aker will build a UT 761 CD construction vessel (pictured below, equipped with DP 3, large construction

crane and A Frame) at a cost of around NOK 850 million. This 350 tons bollard pull vessel will be used for

a long term service contract with Saipem for plough trenching of pipelines and for subsea operations in

ultra deep waters. The vessel delivers in December 2008 and the service contract, beginning in January

2009, has a minimum five year firm period but there is an option to change the firm period up to ten years.

In fact Saipem have options to extend the contract with 5 x 1 year beyond the firm period. It should be

noted that the above project is the largest in Farstad Shipping’s history and is the first that Farstad are

building against this particular market segment.

Bibby Get Busy

Aberdeen based subsea contractor Bibby Offshore Ltd are to build their second newbuild diving support

vessel. The vessel will be named the Bibby Topaz (graphic below) and will be built in Norway with delivery

expected in July next year. The main details include an LOA of 107 metres, a twin diving bell, 18 man dive

system rated to 300 metres water depth, heave compensated 150 tn crane, accommodation for 106

persons and a working deck area of 1000 metres. Although the vessel will be targeted at the North Sea

market, it will be capable of operating worldwide.

Gulf Invite Invincible

Gulf Offshore have been awarded management of Fratelli D’Amato SpA’s newbuild UT 755L PSV FD

Invincible. The DP II, FiFi 1 PSV will be UK flagged, crewed by Gulf Offshore personnel and will deliver

from Ravenna shipyard in Italy on the 26th August. The FD Invincible is currently available for charter and

we at Seabreeze are sure some lucky charterer will snap her up.

SEIC Hang On For Endurance

Swire Pacific’s first icebreaking and supply vessel Pacific Endurance delivered this month from the Aker

Langsten yard in Norway. The UT 758 design proceeded to Singapore and will shortly begin a fifteen year

charter with SEIC at Sakhalin, carrying out production support.

Thor Thunders Into The Faroes

P/F Thor, based in Hosvik in the Faroe Islands currently own and manage 22 vessels mostly engaged in

fishing. However since 1997 the company has become increasingly involved with chase/guard vessels,

cable lay and seismic support. They have just announced a major development in the form of a

newbuilding order for a 55 m Support/ Chase-ship to be built at local yard, P/F Torshavnar Skipasmioja.

Construction will commence this autumn with delivery scheduled for November next year. The value of the

contract is Kr 75,165,000 and foreign subcontractors will be utilised to assist with the steelwork while the

Faroese carry out installation work and fitting-out. Diesel electric machinery will drive 2 x Aquamaster

azimuthing propulsion units. The vessel will be multipurpose having a bollard pull of 19 tons, 320m2 deck

cargo area and crew transfer capability. This new order demonstrates Thor’s confidence in the future of

the Faroese offshore sector where Statoil have just spudded a well with the Stena Don, and where BP

plan a well next summer and Eni a well in 2008. This follows an absence of drilling rigs in the area since

summer 2003.

Keppel Have All The Lu(c)k

Keppel Singmarine Pte were celebrating this month after winning a bid to build two highly specialised

vessels for Lukoil—a deal worth US$ 164.1 million. They are to build an auxiliary icebreaker vessel as well

as a multi purpose icebreaking supply vessel. Delivery of the vessels (the first such vessels to be built at

an Asian yard) are between end 2007 and mid 2008. The auxiliary vessel will have an LOA of 100 metres

and be capable of working in temp.s as low as –40 degrees Celsius. It should also be able to travel

through 1.7 metres of level ice with 20 centimetres of snow cover. The supply vessel will be shorter (LOA

of 81 metres) and will be able to get through landfast ice of up to 1.5 metres unbroken thickness with 20

centimetres of snow cover.

Fortune Favours The Brave

BOA Offshore have purchased the UT 706 Havila Fortune from fellow Norwegian shipowners Havila

Shipping AS. It is understood that the deal is worth around NOK 120 million. The vessel is still currently

trading the North sea spot market.

Garware Getting Bigger

Garware Offshore Services Ltd have four PSVs on order at present. The first delivers in October this year

(and has a term charter with Transocean), the second in April 2007, the third in March 2008 and the last at

the end of 2008.

Deep Sea Supply acquires AHTS contract

Deep Sea Supply ASA in Norway has acquired a newbuilding contract from Skipsaksjeselskapet

Sunnmøre Rederi AS for an anchor handling tug supply vessel. The expected delivery date is September

2008 and the vessel's price is NKr 252.5 million. The vessel is a Havyard 842 design of 16,000bhp and

bollard pull of 200 tons and will be built at Havyard Leirvik. (Source: Clipping News)

ACL to Christen Fourth Inland Towing Vessel

American Commercial Lines Inc. will christen the M/V Warren E. Bourgeois on August 2 at the new

Houston Fleet Facility in Channelview, Texas. The vessel’s namesake, Mr. Warren E. Bourgeois, is

currently the company’s manager of Gulf Coast Barge Operations. Bourgeois began his career with the

company in 1969. The M/V Warren E. Bourgeois recently completed a $1.4m refurbishment and is the

fourth vessel to be christened by ACL this year under its capital program to enhance and upgrade its fleet.

The vessel’s features include new internal construction, soundproofing, satellite radio in all staterooms, flat

screen televisions, wireless internet access and enhanced employee accommodations. The vessel is a

2,100 hp inland towing vessel that will operate primarily on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Lower

Mississippi River. (Source:Jan van der Doe)

7 e jaargang, nr. 26

dd. 13 August 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Fransen blijven Kotug dwarsbomen

De Franse rechter heeft in een tussenvonnis bepaald dat Kotug-dochter Société Nouvelle de

Remorquage du Havre (SNRH) een voorlopige vergunning moet krijgen om havensleepdiensten te

verrichten in Le Havre. Maar het lijkt er niet op dat de Nederlandse slepers, na zeven maanden

stilliggen, kunnen gaan varen. De Franse autoriteiten wierpen direct een nieuw barrière op. Er lijkt maar

geen einde te komen aan de pogingen van de Franse autoriteiten om SNRH af te laten zien van de

plannen om in de Franse havenstad sleepdiensten te verrichten. Na een zes jaar durende strijd verwierf

SNRH in juli 2005 de hiervoor benodigde vergunning en werden in hoog tempo vijf moderne

havenslepers gebouwd, die 1 januari 2006 klaar lagen om te beginnen. Nauwelijks waren de slepers in

Le Havre gearriveerd of de lokale autoriteiten, met steun van de Franse monopolist Les Abeilles, stelden

dat SNRH niet aan alle bemanningseisen voldeed en daarom niet aan het werk mocht gaan. Een lang

juridisch steekspel volgde, met als resultaat dat de rechter in Rouen SNRH nu in het gelijk heeft gesteld

en zij een voorlopige vergunning moet krijgen om met vijf sleepboten aan de slag te kunnen.Om te

voorkomen dat de SNRH-slepers aan het werk gingen, toverden de Fransen echter een nieuw probleem

uit de hoge hoed. Volgens de lokale autoriteiten is de Kotug-dochter niet in staat een volledige 24-uurs

service te garanderen en voldoet derhalve niet aan de veiligheidseisen die aan sleepdiensten worden

gesteld. Dit laatste ontkennen Kotug en SNRH. De Fransen beschuldigen de SNRH-top ervan niet tijdig

aanvullende informatie te hebben verstrekt om daarmee aan te tonen wel aan de veiligheidseisen te

kunnen voldoen. Volgens SNRH is alle benodigde informatie voorhanden en is dit de zoveelste poging

hen het werken onmogelijk te maken. Voor de Franse autoriteiten speelt overigens nog mee dat, als zij

de Kotug-dochter groen licht geven, er een landelijk conflict met het personeel van concurrent en

monopolist Les Abeilles en hun vakbonden zal ontstaan. Die hebben namelijk gedreigd het

scheepvaartverkeer in alle Franse havens plat te leggen. Als reden wordt aangevoerd dat aan SNRH

minder strenge eisen worden gesteld dan aan hun eigen sleepdienst. (Source: Clipping News)

East Isle yard wins tug order

The Prince Edward Island government in Canada is lending $3.6 million to the Quebec towing company

Ocean Group Inc so it can order two new tugs from East Isle Shipyard in Georgetown. Ocean is the

principal provider of towing services in the Port of Quebec, but also carries out maritime services

throughout Canada. The total value of the contract is more than $18 million. While the province has

loaned money to Irving-owed East Isle Shipyard before to build new boats, this is one of the first times

the province has handed cash directly to an out-of-province purchaser. Dennis King, a spokesman with

the Department of Development, described it as a “creative deal” put together to ensure the work

remained in Prince Edward Island and was not lost to shipyards in other parts of the world who were also

vying for the work. “It’s a guaranteed interest-baring loan over five years, which is secured by the ships

themselves,” King said. Ocean already purchased a tugboat built at East Isle in Georgetown, which

carried a purchase price of nearly $10 million. That purchase was funded through private money.

This deal adds two more Georgetown-built vessels to Ocean’s fleet and the company has plans for a

fourth tug in 2009 although financing is not yet in place for that. The province said it is prepared to

discuss further financing with Ocean. East Isle Shipyard employs about 130 employees and has an

annual payroll of about $10 million. King said he’s convinced if the province had not stepped in and

helped finance the tugboats, the contracts would have gone not only to another province but to another

country. (Source: Clipping News)

Donjon Marine Removes Grounded Vessels

Thursday, August 10, 2006 Donjon removed the Navy research vessel Shadwell from Mobile Bay, after it

was grounded as a result of the recent hurricanes. Donjon Marine, Co., Inc., recently removed from

strand the Ex-Troop Carrier State of Maine and the Navy research vessel Shadwell, which were

grounded on Little Sand Island in Mobile Bay, Ala., as a result of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The

operation was planned, and directed by Donjon, but performed with the use of local subcontractors for

dredging, crane barge, and towing services. A U.S. Navy Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) also

was deployed for diving and support labor. This project also offered an opportunity for the MDSU team to

use and train on its hydraulic pulling equipment, which was specifically designed for grounding

operations. This operation was a continuation of the cleanup efforts which occurred as a result of

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita where Donjon served as the lead Salvage Contractor for the Federal

Response as a result of its competitively bid U.S. Navy Salvage and Related Services Contract with the

U.S. Navy, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving. Donjon has held that contract, uninterrupted, since 1979,

after a competitive bidding process approximately every five years. As such, Donjon supplied equipment

and personnel in support of the needs of the Federal Response Team (FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of

Engineers, and U.S. Coast Guard who tasked and directed the U.S. Navy, Supervisor of Salvage and

Diving). (Source: Jan van der Doe)

New vessel for Rederij Groen

Sealink Marine in Malaysia handed over July 29th the Sealink Victoria 3 to Rederij Groen of

Scheveningen, the new owner will rename the vessel in Victory-G and will change to the Pamanian flag.

The vessel is build by Sealink Sdn Bhd in Miri (Serawak) during 2004 and measures 53.8 x 13.8 x 4,5

meter and is powered by 2 1575 hp Caterpillar main engines. In total an accommodation for 42 persons is

available. Rederij Groen will operate the vessel as a support vessel for the seismic industry. (Source:

Clipping News)

Curaçao Towage Company launches new website

Curaçao Towage Company has officially launched its new website, which will serve

as a meeting point with clients around the world. The Curaçao Towage Company is the towage provider

in the Ports of Curaçao and has business relations around the world within the maritime sector. In order to

serve their clients better and on a 24-hour basis, the company decided to launch this website. The website

has a dynamic and modern layout where the visitor can get all information regarding the company, its

history, its services and its fleet. The website also has video images, giving it a dynamic look. The site

also provides information and links to the ports and island of Curaçao. Clients can contact the offices by email

on the following address (Source: Clipping News)

US Navy Tug Fights Fire Aboard Freighter in Liberia

USNS Apache (T-ATF 172) responded to a shipboard fire aboard a commercial freighter while repairing

the port of Monrovia, Liberia’s, damaged commercial pier and surveying the city’s harbor, Aug. 10. The

engine room of Tahoma Reefer, an Estonian commercial freighter also paying a call on Monrovia’s port,

burst into flames in the early hours of the day. Later that morning,

just as smoke from the burning vessel was spotted from Apache’s bridge, the U.S. Embassy in Liberia

phoned the ship and asked the crew to respond. Using the ship’s rigid hull inflatable (RHIB) boat, Apache

Chief Mate Troy Bruemmer and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Pete Sharpe, officer-in-charge of the 12-member

embarked Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 and three other crew members, rushed to the scene. “When

we arrived, we witnessed the deck house of the ship engulfed in flames,” said Sharpe. “All the crew

members and the harbor pilot were on the bow, some without life jackets. We returned to our ship to get

more life jackets and additional divers to assist.” While the crew aboard Apache’s RHIB rescued the nine

men aboard the freighter, the tug’s civilian master, Capt. Charles Rodriguez, put his ship into action. “As

the chief mate, warrant officer and divers removed Tahoma’s crew from the starboard side, Apache

approached the ship’s port side and commenced fighting the fire,” said Rodriguez. Using the tug’s

starboard fire stations, Apache worked to put out the flames. More than four hours later, Tahoma’s fire

was under control. “Actions under unusual and hazardous situations is what makes life at sea so

rewarding and different every day,” said Capt. Nick Holman, commander, Sealift Logistics Command

Europe. “The cool heads and fast hands of Apache’s crew and embarked Navy divers during this

emergency situation represents seamanship at its best.” No crew members were injured during the

operation. Apache is a noncombatant ship operated by 16 U.S. merchant mariners employed by the U.S.

Navy’s Military Sealift Command. (Source: Clipping News – photo:MSC )

Tidewater to sell 14 tugs

Tidewater Inc. says it has entered into a definitive agreement with Crosby Marine Transportation, LLC to

sell 14 of its offshore tugs. Twelve of the tugs currently constitute Tidewater's total domestic fleet of

offshore tugs. In addition, two tugs scheduled to return from international assignments in the Middle East

are included in the transaction. The sale of ten of the tugs is expected to close by the end of August, with

the sale on the other four vessels scheduled to close over the next four months as current charter

contracts to which the four tugs are subject expire. The combined cash sales proceeds of $44.8 million will

result in an estimated pre-tax financial gain of approximately $34 million, or $22 million after tax, or $.38

per common share, and Tidewater says the sale should have a negligible effect on future earnings

capacity. Dean E. Taylor, Chairman, President and CEOof the Company, commented, "We believe that

our ongoing efforts to sell our non-core assets and reinvest proceeds into newer core fleet assets or the

repurchase of Tidewater stock should return significant value added for our stockholders. This type of

transaction along with our strong balance sheet and borrowing capacity allows us total flexibility in

pursuing future attractive investment opportunity that arises." Tidewater Inc. owns over 500 vessels, the

world's largest fleet of vessels serving the global offshore energy industry. (Source: Clipping News)

7 e jaargang, nr. 27

dd. 20 August 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Coast Guard Monitors Sunken Tow Boat

Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur is monitoring the pollution threat and structural integrity of the

132-foot, U.S.-flagged towing vessel Mama Lere, which is partially submerged and accompanied by a four

barge tow. The Mama Lere began flooding while transiting from New Orleans to Houston. The flooding

began in the engine room at Mile Marker 289 on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near the West Port Arthur

Bridge. Coast Guard small boats were in the area at the time of the sinking and rescued the five

crewmembers onboard. The Mama Lere is believed to be carrying approximately 10,000 gallons of diesel

fuel oil. The vessel is not obstructing navigation and the waterway currently remains open to traffic as

monitored by Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur and Texas

General Land Office have worked together to deploy over 2,500 feet of boom around the vessel, and

individuals on scene are plugging the fuel vents on the vessel to mitigate any pollution. The cause of this

incident is under investigation by MSU Port Arthur. (Source: Marinelink)

Rowan awards major transportation contract to Fairmount

Rowan and Louis Dreyfus Fairmount BV (managed by Fairmount Marine) have signed a contract for the

transportation of the Rowan jack-ups Gilbert Rowe and Rowan Paris from the Gulf of Mexico to the Middle

East. The super barge Gavea Lifter, the world’s largest semi-submersible transportation barge, will be

mobilised to the Gulf of Mexico immediately after completion of the current SEDCO 709 dry docking

operation in. Fairmount said only Gavea Lifter is able to transport both rigs at one time, thus saving

considerable costs and time. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Viking Supply Ships Acquires SBS Marine

Viking Supply Ships AS (VSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of

Kistefos AS, has acquired a Scottish-based platform supply

vessel company in a strategic move designed to augment its

fleet portfolio and support its growth plans in international

markets. It has acquired 100% of the share capital of SBS

Aberdeen Ltd, the parent company of SBS Marine Ltd (SBS).

SBS operates four platform supply vessels (PSVs) and has two

additional PSVs under construction in Norway, to be delivered

in November 2006 and February 2007. All six vessels have long term contracts with five of the vessels

ultimately working for drilling company Transocean in India and one vessel for Talisman Energy (UK)

Limited in the North Sea. The SBS business will be run as a stand-alone subsidiary of VSS. It will be a

sister company of fellow VSS subsidiary Viking Offshore Services Ltd (VOS) , with VOS Chief Executive

Graham Philip assuming the same role with SBS. Keith Fletcher, the current owner of SBS, will continue

to manage the day-to-day operations of the business as General Manager. Graham Philip, who is also a

Director of VSS, said: “As part of VSS’s international growth strategy we have been seeking to add to our

portfolio of marine services – which already include anchor-handling tug supply vessels (AHTSVs) as well

as rescue and recovery vessels - and SBS is an ideal fit in that regard. “SBS is a truly outstanding

company with a very modern, high-quality fleet – as well as the new builds, three of its four existing

vessels are less than three years old. It has consistently demonstrated innovation, introducing new design

features to its vessels to enhance safety, efficiency and customer service. “The company has a highlyprofessional

shore-based team located in Portlethen, just outside Aberdeen. Led by Keith Fletcher, it has

built up the business from one second hand PSV which it acquired in 2001. “Unusually in the marine

industry, SBS operates a decentralised management structure with the vessel masters and chief

engineers being responsible for all aspects of managing their vessels, which is extremely important when

operating vessels in international markets. “SBS will continue to operate very much as a discrete business

within VSS and we are confident it will build on its reputation as one of the success stories of the marine

services industry.” The acquisition of SBS has been funded by equity provided by VSS and debt finance

provided by Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland. (Source: Marinelink)

Nautica to Build Two Tugs

Nautica Nova Shipbuilding and Engineering Sdn Bhd has signed a contract to build two tugboats for

Multraship Towage & Salvage, a Dutch salvage and towage company. Managing director Chuah Chuan

Yong said the company would deliver the first 108.2 ft. tugboat at end-2007. Nautica, which operates on a

13-acre site near Sungai Prai, employs 140 skilled workers, of whom 10% are engineers. (Source:

Ezra forays into Australian waters

August 16, 2006

Ezra Holdings Limited in Singapore is tapping into the fast-growing offshore oil and gas support services

sector in Australia with a 500-day term charter contract worth potentially up to US$37 million (or S$58.4m)

excluding extension options. The contract commences in November. Under the contract, Ezra will supply

two anchor handling, towing and supply vessels and a fast crew utility vessel which will be built for S$4.9

million, excluding the cost of certain owner-furnished equipment. This crewboat, which can transport up to

80 persons, is expected to be delivered in November. "We are capitalising on our strengths and diversity

in deepwater capability for the Australian market, where the focus on deepwater exploration is widening.

We expect the market here to take off, and already, rates here are reflective of the increased level of

activity. We’re positioning Ezra to participate strongly in this uptake in Australia,” said Mr Lionel Lee,

Ezra’s Managing Director. “Our construction infrastructure division, which includes heavy lift

accommodation crane barges, and pipelay vessel, strengthens our reach in this new market amid the

rising level of exploration and oil and gas discoveries in the waters off Australia,” dded Mr Lee.By 2007,

EZRA will have 33 vessels under management, including those under sale and leaseback agreements.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Navy Tug Rescues Several Liberian Fishermen

Military Sealift Command tug USNS Apache rescued seven fishermen whose canoes capsized off the

coast of Liberia, Sunday, August 14. Apache has been in Monrovia since August 9 Sailors from the ship's

embarked Mobile Diving Salvage Unit Two conduct repairs on the Port of Monrovia's commercial pier and

survey the harbor as part of an effort to strengthen the emerging U.S. partnership with that nation.

Apache was two nautical miles west of the harbor entrance Sunday afternoon when the ship came upon

five men struggling in the water next to their canoe. "Several of us saw the overturned boat and people in

the water around 2:45 p.m.," said Apache's civilian master Capt. Charles Rodriguez. "I immediately called

the Chief Mate to tell him to get out to the site as quickly as possible." Apache's Chief Mate Troy

Bruemmer and Able Seaman Jeremy Guyet were in the harbor aboard the ship's rigid hull inflatable boat

(RHIB) observing the divers' pier repair operation, when they received the call for help. "They were on

scene picking the first of the five victims out of the water within 10 minutes," said Capt. Rodriguez. "They

hauled the fisherman into the boat, huddled them together and covered them because they appeared to

be in the first stages of hypothermia." Bruemmer and Guyet were en route to the port with the canoe's

crew when they happened upon two more fishermen adrift at sea. After getting them out of the water and

into the RHIB, the two crew members returned all seven men to dry land. This is the second rescue

operation Apache has conducted in five days. Last week, the ship also came to the aid of fellow seafarers

at the Port of Monrovia, putting out a fire that was raging aboard commercial freighter Tahoma Reefer.

"The crew is very upbeat," said Capt. Rodriguez about his ship's response to last week's events and the

MDSU Two's work at Monrovia's pier. "Everyone is excited to be a part of the work being done here in

Liberia." Apache is currently on a six-month deployment to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations. (Source:


Tidewater Closes on Sale of 10 Offshore Tugs

Tidewater Inc. announced today the closing on the sale of ten offshore tugs for a total cash price of $31.5

million. The culmination of this transaction results in an approximate $24 million pre-tax financial gain, or

$.27 per common share after tax. The company previously announced that it had entered into a definitive

agreement with Crosby Marine Transportation, LLC to sell a total of 14 offshore tugs. The balance of the

four tugs covered by the definitive agreement, with a total sales price of $13.3 million, should close over

the next four months as current charter contracts to which the four tugs are subject to expire. Parks Paton

Hoepfl & Brown, who served as financial advisor to the company, commented, "This transaction was a

good one for both parties - Tidewater received a fair price for the vessels and Crosby Marine acquired

quality assets that are a good strategic fit for its operations." (Source: Marinelink)

Leopard renamed

The tug Leopard from van Jan Stepnieuwski, (ex; Wielingen), has been renamed Panda in December

2005. (Source:Leon de Hoop)

Jaguar renamed

The tug Jaguar from Jan Stepnieuwski, (ex; Wandelaar), has been sold in July 2006 to Zaklad Ustug

Zeglugowych Sp. Z.o.o., Szczecin and renamed Euros. (Source:Leon de Hoop)

Full steam ahead

Net profit Smit Internationale N.V. increases by 57% in the first half of 2006 Rotterdam, 17

augustus 2006 • Excellent results for the Harbour Towage Division. • Terminals Division on track. • A low

work rate for the Salvage Division. • Good rates and high fleet utilisation of the Transport & Heavy Lift

Division. • Outlook: net profit over the full year 2006 expected to be 25-35% above 2005. Mid-year Results

2006 • The net profit in the first half of 2006 increased to EUR 29.7 million from EUR 18.8 million in the

first half of 2005. • The operating profits increased by 59% from EUR 20.1 million in first half of 2005 to

EUR 32.0 million. • The result of the associated companies is EUR 9.6 million (first half of 2005: EUR 5.3

million). • Interest charges rose from EUR 2.3 million in first half of 2005 to EUR 2.5 million in 2006.

• Tax burden in the first half of 2006 increased to approximately 30% compared to 24% in the first half of

2005. • The net profit per average share issued amounts to EUR 3.85 compared to EUR 2.46 in the first

half of 2005.


Harbour towage services and related maritime services

The first half of 2006 operating profit for the Harbour Towage Division rose to EUR 15.0 million from EUR

9.0 million in 2005. The return on average capital employed (ROACE) is 33.9% (2005: 21.6%), well above

the desired objective of 15%. In June of this year, we reported the settlement of the Crew Facility

(“Bemanningsfaciliteit”) issue. As a consequence we released the provision for an amount of EUR 4.1

million. Bearing in mind the above mentioned ,the results achieved in Rotterdam have improved again and

are well above the 15% standard. Continuation of efficiency measures in staffing and fleet composition still

remain a necessity. Also in Canada, the results of both the harbour towage activities and the transport

activities were excellent. In Panama, the results were back on track again despite the depreciation level of

the new fleet. The market for Harbour Towage is a stable market. SMIT has a target for the growth of net

profit of 50% over a 5-year period (from 2005 onwards).


Towage services and related maritime and management services at offshore and onshore terminals

The operating profit of the Terminals Division amounted to EUR 5.6 million, compared to EUR 7.7 million

in the first half of 2005. The return on average capital employed (ROACE) is 14.4% (first half 2005:

18.7%), just below the desired objective of 15%. The lower operating profit is due to higher pension costs

as well as the loss of a contract in the last quarter of 2005. New contracts will contribute to the operating

profit as of 2007. All applicable long-term contracts were renewed. For two contracts discussions are

ongoing for an extension of the term. The growth target is a 50% increase in net profit over a five-year

period (relative to 2003).


Salvage, wreck removal, environmental care and consulting.

The operating profit for the first half of 2006 is EUR 1.2 million compared to EUR 3.8 million in the first half

of 2005, below the historical average of EUR 5 million per year. The net production ratio dropped from

18.4% in 2005 to 5.9% in 2006 due to the low workload. SMIT has set the objective of realising a net

production ratio of at least 10% per year. In June of this year SMIT concluded quite a number of new

contracts, which will contribute to the results in the second half of this year. There is no change with

respect to the “Thunderhorse” valuation. As a rule, the level of activity within this Division is unpredictable.

In this market SMIT focuses on the top segment, where our specialised expertise allows us to offer a great

deal of additional value, particularly for environmental-protection activities. The goal is to maintain a

market share of 25 – 35%.


Chartering, barge rental, heavy transport, (ocean) towage, heavy lift work, execution of and support for

maritime projects.

The operating profit for the first half of 2006 was EUR 13.4 million compared to EUR 2.2 million in the first

half of 2005. The return on average capital employed (ROACE) is 75.7% (2005: 29.2%). The desired

objective is 15%. As planned, the investment programme of this Division only started late 2005, so that the

ROACE percentages as presented here are highly inflated due to a low depreciation level. In 2006, the

transport activities in Europe and Asia showed a strong positive development both in rates and in. The

results of the heavy lift activities were also very positive as all sheerlegs were involved in various projects.

The activities of Marine Projects had considerable positive impact. There are 10 new work vessels being

delivered in 2006-2008, and long term contracts have been concluded for 5 of them. (Source:Smit)

7 e jaargang, nr. 28

dd. 27 August 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Aker Yards Makes It 21

Norway's Aker Yards has signed its twenty-first newbuilding deal with domestic owner Farstad. It will build

a UT 751 CD-type platform supply vessel at a cost of NOK 320m ($51.19m) for delivery in January 2009.

Group yard Aker Brevik will outfit the vessel and the hull will be built at Aker's Romanian subsidiary Braila.

The 4,000-dwt ship is designed by Rolls Royce Marine and is 94 metres long. Farstad said the deal was

part of its general fleet renewal. Aker Langsten is building Farstad's twentieth newbuilding, a NOK 850m

construction ship, reports Tradewinds. (Source: Clipping News)


Vanuit verschillende hoeken zijn er reacties binnen gekomen m.b.t. het bericht over de Leopard als zou

die zijn herdoopt. Hierbij een bericht van Frits v.d.Hoek met de juiste benamingen. De Leopard (ex-

Wielingen) is nu van Leopard Shipping Ltd., St.Vincent & Grenadines en is en wordt NIET vernoemd. Jan

Stepniewski & Co. Ltd., Gdynia blijft manager/operator van de Leopard. De Panda is de naam van

een flat top barge. De Jaguar is in Januari 2006 verkocht aan ZUZ te Szczecin en omgedoopd in Euros

(Bron LEKKO/Janusz Stepniewski)

GE Shipping Unit Orders AHTS

Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. said on Monday its subsidiary had signed a contract to buy two vessels

from Sri Lanka's Colombo Dockyard Ltd. The anchor handling tug and supply vessels would be delivered

to Greatship (India) Ltd. during the third and fourth quarters of the year to March 2008, the company said

in a statement. (Source: Reuters)

Tidewater vessel christened in name of late oil man

Tidewater Inc. on Monday christened a new offshore platform supply vessel in the name of Patrick F.

Taylor, a philanthropist oil man who designed the precursor of Louisiana's generous free college tuition

program. The 220-foot M/V Pat Taylor was built by Quality Shipyards LLC, a Tidewater subsidiary based

in Houma. Normally, Tidewater names its vessels after company employees and directors. "But we felt

like the numerous contributions of Pat Taylor to the energy industry and to the community should be

recognized in this unique matter," Tidewater Chief Executive Officer Dean Taylor said. During a 1988

speech to a group of middle school students, many of them considered underachievers, Taylor promised

to pay their college tuition if they graduated from high school with a B average. His idea grew into the

state-financed Tuition Opportunity Program for Students, which offers in-state college tuition for Louisiana

students with good grades. Taylor, the owner of Taylor Energy Co., died Nov. 5, 2004, at age 67.

(Source: Clipping News)


Numo (6704218), o.a. ex; Scandic Mammut '03; Svendborgsund '01 2006 verkocht aan Export Trade

Corporation Ltd., Hong Kong zonder naamswijzeging (Source:Leon de Hoop)

Another Siem contract for Kleven

Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway, has signed a contract with Siem Offshore Inc for the building of a new,

sophisticated multifunctional platform supply vessel. The newbuilding is based on the new MT 6017

design, developed in close cooperation between owner and yard, and is designed by Marin Teknikk. The

contract has a value of $47 million and delivery is slated for November 2008.

The vessel is 93.7 metres long, with a beam of 19.7 metres, a working deck of 1,047 m2 and

accomodation for 68 persons. The contract includes options for offshore crane and helideck.

This contract is Siems third with Kleven Verft in a short period of time, and in addition Siem has taken over

one vessel under construction at the yard. Kleven Verft now has 13 vessels on order, at a contract value

of NOK 4,0 billions. Kleven Maritime as a group has in total 22 vessels on order , at a contract value of

NOK 5,6 billions. (Source: Clipping News)

Iran’s IOOC hires 39 vessels

The rental contract for 39 tugboats and vessels to speed up projects at Iranian Offshore Oil Company

(IOOC) has already been signed and the proposal to get three more is still under study, company’s

manager Iraj Pursharif noted on Wednesday. “The ships are employed for various sea operations and

eight of them are rented from a Dutch company, Svitzer Wijsmuller Middle East, with a branch office in

Dubai. It is registered in Virgin Island of England,” he stated, adding that the rest are leased through

Iranian and UAE firms. All the vessels are hired for five years with total average fee of $40m per annum,

he said in conclusion. (Source: Clipping News)

Vane Line tug launched

The Manitowoc Company, Inc., announced the launching of a 6,000-brake-horsepower tug for Vane Line

Bunkering, Inc., a subsidiary of The Vane Brothers Co., Baltimore. Manitowoc Marine Group was awarded

a contract for the construction of two articulated tug and barge units, each consisting of a 480-foot,

145,000-barrel, double-hulled hot oil tank barge and a 123-foot, 6,000-horsepower tug in December 2005.

The oceangoing articulated tug and units are slated for delivery in fourth quarter of 2006 and third quarter

of 2007. The Vane contract represents the 11th double-hulled barge and fourth oceangoing tug to be built

by Manitowoc Marine Group. Both tug and barge units, which will serve the mid-Atlantic petroleum

markets, will be classified in compliance with ABS, Coast Guard and OPA-90 standards. "Manitowoc is

proud to be selected by Vane Brothers for their latest shipbuilding project," said Bob Herre, president and

general manager of Manitowoc Marine Group. "By building the barges at our Bay Shipbuilding facility and

the tugs at Marinette Marine, we will incorporate our multiple shipyard strategy, which allows us to focus

our best expertise on a multi-phase shipbuilding project and complements our ability to deliver the tug and

barge units simultaneously." (Source: Clipping News)


S. A. Mahieu Transpoirts Pétroliers, Le Havre, heeft onlangs de Franse duwboot Auckland (ex. René, ex.

Valeureux) aangekocht en in Pierre herdoopt, 2x450 apk, 14m20 x 5m75, 1970 door Chantiers de Chalon

te Chalon-sur-Saone gebouwd voor Sogestran. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Coast guard vessel to be tug

SSG-ABO. The Finnish coast guard vessel "Turva", which was sold in June to the shipping company

Idantie-Osterled for EUR 230,000, will be used as both a tug and an icebreaker. At present, the vessel is

undergoing an inspection for approval for service in the Baltic. The "Turva" was delivered in 1977 and has

a displacement of 550 tons. "The vessel was originally built to icebreaker class in DNV and is thus suitable

for icebreaking in e.g. the Archipelago Sea. She will be mainly employed in transporting biofuel from

Kalmar and Riga to Alholmen´s power station in Jakobstad. We have a long-term contract with its owner",

says Erik Nylund, at Idantie-Osterled, to SSG. The biofuel will be transported on barges and at present,

the shipping company owns the "Partner" with a cargo capacity on deck of 1,280 tons. Idantie-Osterled

plans to order another barge of the same type as the "Partner", but with double the capacity. In addition to

the "Partner" and the "Turva", the shipping company has two large and three small tugs as well as a

couple of work boats. One of the tugs is the "Ajax", formerly owned by the Swedish navy. (Source:

Clipping News)


Afgelopen zaterdag is er, in Vlaardingen, een opendag geweest voor de donateurs van de Hudson. Aan

boord van de Hudson kon door de donateurs worden bekeken wat de vrijwilligers de afgelopen jaren van

deze voormalige Smit sleper, die rijp was voor de sloop, voor werk hebben verzet. De sleepboot ziet er

schitterend uit. En binnen zijn de verblijven weer terug gebracht in de oude staat. Aan boord is een

prachtige tentoonstelling te zien van wat zich in de Tweede Wereldoorlog op zee heeft afgespeeld.. Uniek

is de hut van de kapitein, Ome Ben, met de inrichting zoals die moet zijn geweest tijdens zijn langdurige

verblijf aan boord tijdens deze zwarte periode. Ook de bemanningsverblijven zijn op zeer realistische wijze

ingericht en tentoon gesteld. Ook op de brug is de werkelijkheid zoveel mogelijk nagebouwd. In de ruimte

waar vroeger de machinekamer was is een Dieselmotor geplaatst. Door het draaien van de machine is

zichtbaar gemaakt wat zich in een cilinder afspeelt en hoe het vermogen aan de schroef wordt afgegeven.

Kortom een bezoek aan deze prachtige vooroorlogse zeesleper is de moeite waard. Tot slot werden de

donateurs na het bezoek nog verrast met een heuse schoot aan van een echte Vlaardingse

Schellevispekel. Bestuur en vrijwilligers hartelijk dank voor deze gastvrije ontvangst. (Source: Hans van

der Ster)

7 e jaargang, nr. 29

dd.3 September 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Smit Nigeria renamed for bareboat charter

The Smit tug Smit Nigeria will be renamed for a bareboat charter at Femco. The new name is Smit Kuban

Smit Harbour Towage Rotterdam BV. Is still the registered owner. (Source: Neeltje Snoei)

Tugs For Kazmortransflot

The two new tugs - "Esil" and "Tobol" joined the fleet of Kazmortransflot. The ships were built in Hanoi

(Vietnam). The vessels were acquired for $6 mn with the help of Raifaisen Leasing Kazakhstan. The tugs

are 4 th.tons dwt; their speed is 5 knots. (Source: Clipping News)

Tugs for sale:

COLERAINE: GYOC Blt Appledore UK 1970; Wijsmuller Marine Ltd-Belfast; LR +100A1 +LMC; 34.64 x

9.22 x 3.61m draft; MWM TBRHS345SAU 2,500 bhp 32 tbp cpp in Kort steering nozzle; Ideas GBP

180,000 as-is where-is UK

CORROIOS : Blt Estaleiros Sao Jacinto Portugal 1970; LR +100A1 +LMC River Tagus service; 33.02 x 9

x 4.6m draft; MWM TBRHS345A 2,160 bhp 35 tbp fpp in Kort nozzle; Fifi/foam 400 m3/hr; Ideas Euros

325,000 as-is where-is Portugal

EMPURRA: Blt Wilton Fijenoord Neth 1967: BV I *hull *mach tug coastal areas; 24.95 x 6.52 x 3.34m

draft; MAN G8V 30/45 1,190 bhp 13 tbp fpp; Fifi 150 m3/hr; Ideas Euros 125,000 as-is where-is Portugal

NIPON: Blt Kanagawa Japan 1971; Rinave R1 *hull *mach tug coastal area; 31 x 8.4 x 3.92m draft; 2 x

Hanshin 6LUD32 total 3,000 bhp 45 tbp 2 x cpp in independently steerable Kort nozzles; Towing winch Fifi

270 m3/hr; Due to crankshaft damage on one main engine ows inviting offers on strictly as-is where-is

basis, Portugal (Source: Michael J. Vincent, F.I.C.S.Ship/tug broker)

Neerlands Laatste Stoomzeesleper 90 jaar

Het is best bijzonder: een nog in goede conditie verkerende stoomzeesleper van 90 jaar. Vooral

bijzonder vooral omdat het varend monument “FURIE” een uniek stuk industrieel erfgoed is met

nationale en internationale bekendheid. Het begon met een persbericht uit de Martenshoeker Courant

van 24 december 1915: “Van de N.V. Scheepswerven v.h. Gebr. G & H Bodewes alhier, werden gisteren

de kielen gelegd voor twee booten “Gebroeders Bodewes V” & “VI” welke door de machinefabriek Fulton

alhier van machine installaties, groot 500 ipk, zullen worden voorzien”. In mei 1916 was de tewaterlating

en in augustus van dat jaar was de “Bodewes VI” klaar voor oplevering. Pas in

1918 werd ze verkocht naar Zweden, waar ze tot 1976 eerst als “HOLMEN III” en later als ” HOLMVIK”

vooral houtvlotten gesleept heeft. Na een avontuur als filmster in de TV-serie Hollands Glorie kwam ze in

1978 permanent naar Maassluis. En daar begon een stel enthousiaste vrijwilligers met de zware klus om

de sleper weer vaarklaar en zoveel mogelijk in originele staat te krijgen. Een klus die geslaagd is, want

nu na 28 jaar ziet de jarige er prima uit en er wordt veel gevaren. Dat de “FURIE” bekend is bleek nog

eens in 2000. Ze werd toen als achtste genomineerd voor de tentoonstelling “ De toptien van uw keus --

Het schip van de eeuw” van het Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam. Een hele eer om in het gezelschap te

vertoeven van “NIEUW AMSTERDAM”, “TITANIC” en “WILLEM RUIJS”. De verjaardag van de oude

dame wordt op zondag 3 september gevierd met een vaartocht en een etentje voor de vrijwilligers met

hun partner. (Source: Clipping News)

Odyssea Marine Releases Information on Vessel Fire

On August 11, the M/V Odyssea Voyager, a 195-ft. dive support vessel owned by Odyssea Marine, Inc.,

and operated by Odyssea’s North Bank Towing Division, was severely damaged by fire the cause of

which is not yet known. Located in West Delta Block 35, the Voyager, in a four-point mooring

configuration, was supporting diving operations of Superior Offshore International, Inc., when flames were

noticed in a compartment in the bow section of the vessel. As the crew fought the flames, the fire spread

and eventually engulfed the main cabin of the vessel. There were 40 people on board, including 26

passengers and 14 crew members, all of whom abandoned ship, and were brought to safety. Two crew

members of Odyssea Marine, Inc., diagnosed with smoke inhalation, were flown by US Coast Guard

helicopter to West Jefferson Hospital located in Marrero, Louisiana. Both crew members were treated and

released that night. Despite the damage to the vessel, there were only minor injuries. Nearly 30,000

gallons of fuel oil on board at the time of the fire was a cause for concern. The vessel was recovered with

no fuel spill and no danger to the environment. The vessel is now safely docked in Amelia, La. There are

many people and organizations that deserve appreciation and acknowledgement for their efforts during

and after this incident. Of particular note, the employees of Odyssea Marine, Inc. gratitude to the following

organizations and people that assisted during the fire. Those include: Superior Offshore International, Inc.

as some of its employees on board the Voyager attempted to extinguish the fire. Superior also sent its

Gulf Diver V vessel to assist with the incident. Tidewater Inc. and its crew boat M/V Rapid Runner that

was early to the scene to assist with the rescue of passengers and crew and also assist with extinguishing

flames International Boat Rentals Inc. dispatched the M/V International Warrior and the M/V International

Scout, both supply vessels to the scene to assist with the rescue and fire. The United States Coast Guard

who assisted with the USCG Cutter Pelican by rescuing passengers and crew and also flying via

helicopter two crew members needing medical attention to West Jefferson Hospital. Offshore Construction

Company Allseas, who offered Odyssea’s North Bank Towing tug M/V Thad A to assist with the incident

and salvage efforts Crew members of Odyssea’s North Bank Towing Division tug M/V Thad A particularly

Captain John Houser, who offered clothes and essentials to those crew members of the Voyager who

remained at sea to monitor the fire. Other crew members included Captain Ray Foret, Engineer Lance

Starr and deck crews Dennis Booth and Lawrence Burton. Crew members of Odyssea’s North Bank

Towing Division tug M/V Capt. Frank that assisted with the monitoring of the fire and towing the Voyager

safely into port. Of note were the efforts of Captain Gary Hagan and Captain Randy McQuarrie. Also

aboard were deck crews Michael Foss and Joshua Borbon. Crew members of the M/V Odyssea Voyager

that worked under pressure to extinguish the fire and move passengers safely from the vessel. Also of

note were Captain Luis Diaz, Engineers Rudolph Bodden and Kessel Pineda, and deck crews Marvin

Reyes, Miguel Jiminez, and Alan Scott who assisted with the salvage. Odyssea’s North Bank Towing staff

that monitored the fire and assisted with a variety of tasks throughout the weekend up and until the

Voyager had been salvaged. Team Members include James Bennett, Shawn Bonvillain, Harold Ganaway,

Don Bourgeois, Goldie Vantromp, Judy Kimball, Wayne Martin, Chuck Denning, Jay Bernard, Wonit

Boudreaux, Gerald “Turk” Clements, Bruce Norton and Aaron Thomas. North Bank Towing Captain Craig

Herda, vacationing in Mexico, volunteered to fly back to the US to assist as needed. Of particular thanks

goes to Corey Denning, Operations Manager of North Bank Towing, who coordinated the shore based

efforts during the fire and also participated in the salvage operations. Special thanks also goes to Gerald

“Turk” Clements, appointed Salvage Supervisor of the Voyager, who carefully executed the removal of the

vessel’s anchors and brought the vessel safely into port. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Seabreeze August Market round up

Tetra Take Term AHTS

Tetra Technologies has chartered the Maersk Achiever through Seabrokers Group for a firm period of 12

months. The vessel has been undergoing modifications in Fredericia, Denmark over the last couple of

months. While at the shipyard, the vessel was modified with a heave compensated Hydramarine HMC

4490 crane which is rated at 200 mt at 1500 m water depth. She has also been outfitted with a mezzanine

deck and additional accommodation. Tetra will utilize the vessel to assist in subsea salvage and well

intervention projects in the US Gulf that were d a m a g e d from hurricanes in 2005. After sea trials and

transit time, the vessel is expected to arrive in the US Gulf late September.

This Month’s Cover Story

On September 5th Norskan Offshore will take delivery of their latest newbuilding in Brazi l "Norskan

Botafogo" which is an UT 722L anchor handler with 18,000 BHP. This is the fifth newbuilding for Norskan

Offshore in Brazil and the first of a series of three anchor handlers built on speculation for the local

market. The Norskan Botafogo will go on contract for Petrobras from the delivery. The next vessel to be

delivered towards the end of the year has also been awarded a contract with P e t r o b r a s while the

third one is still uncommitted. Solstad have had representation in Brazil since 1996 and in 2002 DOF AS

joined Norskan Offshore as 50% partners, at which point the company started an ambitious program to

develop a modern and high standard operated fleet. Today they operate two platform supply vessels and

one anchor handler of their own, and in addition they support the operation of the Normand Borg and

Normand Hunter. Norskan Offshore have their main office in Rio de Janeiro and operation base in Macaé.

Petrobras has been their main client up to now, but they intend to take their share of the growing demand

represented by the international companies that are in development phases in Brazil as well. In addition to

the Norskan owned fleet, they shall also provide management for a ROV support vessel and two offshore

construction vessels being constructed in Brazil for the account of DOFCON ASA – a challenging program

and a clear message that they believe in a future in Brazil. The President of Norskan Offshore Brazil is

Hans Ellingsen from Norway. His ambition is to maintain the same high quality level of services in Norskan

Offshore that are being practiced by the parent companies.

Deep Sea Supply To Decamp ?

Deep Sea Supply, owners of anchor handlers working in the North Sea and West Africa, look set to be

moving from their Norwegian base. In their Q2 statement, the company now controlled by John Fredriksen

said they were looking to develop their business in an “international market place based on competitive

conditions in a stable and predictable regulatory and operational environment” which could be “Cyprus,

Singapore or other suitable jurisdiction”.

Viking Conquest

Norwegian shipowner, Viking Supply Ships AS have announced the purchase of the Scottish supply

vessel company SBS Marine. SBS Marine was established in 2000 as a division of SBSL Holdings

(Shetland Base Services), a logistics provider to the North Sea oil industry since the early 1970's. In 2002

the logistics division was subject to a management buyout and SBS Logistics was formed. This company

has seen rapid expansion culminating in its recent acquisition of fellow Aberdeen logistics provider,

Seaforth Maritime. SBS Marine currently operates four modern PSV's with another two under construction

in Norway delivering in November this year and February 2007. Three of the current fleet are on longterm

charter in India with the fourth on term charter to Talisman in the North Sea. The two newbuilds are

already committed for term contracts in India. The business will be run as a stand-alone subsidiary of VSS

and operate as a sister company of Aberdeen based standby vessel operator Viking Offshore Services.

Island Cheers At Charters

Three of Norwegian based Island Offshore’s newbuilds have been term chartered. UT 776E Island

Champion will commence a five year term charter with Team when it delivers in January 2007. Sister

vessel Island Challenger starts its three year firm plus 3 yearly options term charter with Statoil upon

delivery in March next year with the P105 Island Patriot frontrunning from January 2007 until the Island

Challenger delivers. The third charter was the UT 787 CD AHTS Island Vanguard fixture to MLS/ENI for

180 days firm plus options, beginning January 2007.

Farstad’s Charter Frenzy

Farstad Shipping ASA have a recent flurry of activity on the term market. Here is their latest news: Starting

with the North Sea, ASCO UK Ltd have extended the UT 745 PSV Far Service until 18th August 2008 (an

extension of two years). ASCO UK Ltd have also extended the ME 202 PSV Lady Elizabeth by six

months, so the vessel will remain there until end 2006 with a further 2 x 1 month options remaining after

this. Moving further afield, the UT 719-2 multi role vessel Lady Guro has been extended for 10 years with

Shell Exploration in the Philippines (supporting the Malampaya gas field). Further south, the UT 722 Far

Grip has been chartered by New Zealand Overseas Petroleum Ltd and Santos Ltd for around 20 months,

firming up the vessel until mid 2008, supporting the Ocean Patriot semi offshore New Zealand and south

eastern Australia. Petrobras extended the ME 303 MKII Far Sea by two years until mid June 2008 while

JVPC extended the Lady Cynthia by one year (with 1 year opt) from September 2006, working off the

southern coast of Vietnam. Lastly, the VS 470 newbuild Far Spirit has won a 9 to 12 month charter with

Woodside Energy starting October this year supporting the DP drill ship Chikyu working in deep water off

north-west Australia and Kenya (with the UT 755L Lady Grete front running for the Spirit which is due to

deliver in January 2007.) Got all that ?

Technip Sign Up Solstad

Solstad fixed their two Ulstein A101 anchor handlers Normand Master and Normand Mariner for term work

with Technip this month. The Normand Master will perform ploughing and trenching work for Technip in

the North Sea and is likely to remain there until perhaps mid October. The Normand Mariner departed the

North Sea in August to carry out construction work for Technip in Malaysia. The work in Malaysia should

last about a month and thereafter the Normand Mariner will return to the North Sea.

Statoil Sticks With Stolmen

DOF ASA reported that the Skandi Stolmen has been extended with Statoil by one year with a further

three option years.

Flipper Swims In For Petro-Canada

Norwegian based shipowners Solstad Offshore ASA have contracted with Petro-Canada UK Limited for a

term charter with the UT 745E PSV Normand Flipper. The large PSV will support Petro-Canada’s drilling

operations in the North Sea (the Glomar Arctic III will be the rig it will support). Charter period for this term

contract is one year firm beginning in December 2006 and with a contract value of around NOK 73 million,

it seems like this is a perfect early Christmas present for the Norwegian company.

Mighty Magnus

After an extensive period of high rates for rig moving vessels, Shell EPE have decided to take the bull by

the horns and hire another term vessel to conduct in-house rig moves. Shell currently has 12 rigs on hire,

and the hectic rig move schedule has left them at the mercy of the market more often that they would like,

hence the timely addition to the Shell fleet. The Magnus is an AHT with 200tns of bollard pull, DP2 and a

few other bells and whistles. The German Owners Harms Offshore will deliver the vessel to Shell in early

September and thereafter will be thrust into rig move action. This will now give Shell EPE three term rig

move vessels, and as a result will reduce spot market exposure, and improve efficiency. Shell EPE are

now a European team, thus the vessel will be put to work in UK, Norwegian and Dutch waters. This will be

the Owners third vessel working on a term charter in the North Sea, expanding their reputation of being a

quality supplier of offshore tonnage.

Clipper Looks Trim For Maersk Oil

Trico Supply UT 745 PSV Northern Clipper has been chartered for term work by Maersk Oil UK. The large

decked vessel will begin work around mid October after a routine drydock. Maersk Oil intend to hold onto

this vessel for at least a year, however they have a further two yearly options.

BG & FD Get Busy

BG have chartered the Fratelli D’Amato newbuild UT 755L FD Invincible for support of the

semisubmersible rig Sedco 704. The vessel, to be managed by Gulf Offshore, will begin the Central North

Sea contract in a window during September that is dependent upon when the Sedco 704 rig is released

by Venture. The contract duration is two wells firm plus one well option, with expected duration of each

well to be around sixty days.

Ezra & Australia

Singapore based Ezra Holdings Ltd have ventured into the Australian oil and gas offshore support

industry. Under a 500 day term charter, Ezra are to supply two anchor handlers and a fast crew utility

vessel. This is a large deal for Ezra (it is worth US$ 37 million excluding options) and shows their keen

interest in taking part in the upcoming Australian market.

Fame Peaks For Havila

Norway based shipowners Havila Supply signed a contract with UK based turnkey specialists Peak for

charter of the PSV Havila Fame. The medium sized PSV has a deck area of nearly 560 square metres

which Peak will use to good effect supporting the Ensco 92 jack up in the southern sector of the N o r th

Sea (expected to be working off Great Yarmouth on UK block 49/21). Charter period for this contract is

two wells firm (estimated to last around 65 days in total) with a further optional well expected to take

around 30 days.

DOF Delve Deeper Into Construction

DOFCON have ordered another two large construction vessels. Aker yards will build these at Soviknes,

Norway in a contract worth NOK 1,175 million. Delivery for the first vessel—an Aker OSCV 06 L design—

is expected in Spring 2009. This will be a DP III, Ice Class construction vessel with a LOA of 153 metres

and maximum speed of 18.5 knots. New-build number two is expected to deliver in Spring 2008 and will

be equipped with a 250 ton offshore crane, DP III and will have a LOA of 118 metres.

Sweet News For Candies

Phoenix International have signed a term charter for the Otto Candies DP II vessel Kimberley Candies.

The vessel is presently supporting inspection and repair of damage to the oil & gas offshore infrastructure

wreaked by last season’s hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. It is understood the term charter with Phoenix

includes options until mid 2011. Additionally, whilst on the subject of Otto Candies, Swifts Shipbuilders

(Morgan City, USA) are building two 170 feet crew boats for Otto Candies with the first delivering in July


Kleven Kept Busy

The Kleven shipyard in Ulsteinvik, Norway had several reasons to celebrate after gaining two contracts.

Firstly, Siem Offshore signed a contract for the building of a new, high tech MPSV. Understood to be

based on the new MT 6017 design (pictured), it has been developed in close co-operation between owner

and yard and is expected to deliver in November 2008. Contract value is $47 million and main vessel

details include a working deck area of nearly 1050 m2, accommodation for 68 persons and a LOA of 93.7

metres, with options for an offshore crane and heli-deck. The other important piece of news from Kleven

was the ordering of a UT 712L anchor handler by Rem Maritime of Fosnavaag, Norway. Contract value is

295 million Nok with delivery expected late 2008 / early 2009. The vessel will have LOA of 78.3metres,

bollard pull of 190 tons and a deck area of 510 square metres. These and other orders should keep the

Norwegian yard busy for a long time to come.

Farstad Order Again

Aker Yards has signed a contract with Farstad Supply AS for a platform supply vessel of UT751 CD

design. The contract value is approximately NOK 320 million. This is the 21st contract between the

shipowner Farstad Shipping and Aker Yards. The hull for the vessel will be built in Braila, Romania and

outfitted at Aker Yards, Brevik. Principal dimension will be 94m LOA with a beam of 21m and a

deadweight of 4000 tons. Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for January 2009.

Moulin Cruise

Tidewater Inc newbuild anchor handler Du Moulin Tide has been term chartered for three years to

Chevron. The 10,000 BHP vessel will be working out of Angolan waters after delivery in mid September

this year.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Eidesvik Agree Another Avant

Eidesvik Offshore ASA have exercised their option to build a third VS 493 LNG-Avant PSV with Westcon

in Olensvag, Norway. As discussed in last month’s Seabreeze (“Advantage Avant”), these vessels are

fuelled by liquid natural gas which reduces emissions and is better for the environment. The vessel will

deliver around second quarter of 2008 with a contract value of about 325 million NOK. It is further

understood that Eidesvik are preparing this vessel for fuel cell technology testing.

Prosafe Pursue Petrojarl

Prosafe, the Norwegian oil services group has declared an intention to acquire a 29.6 % in Petrojarl for a

consideration of NOK 1.1 billion. The move, follows Prosafe's purchase of rival floatel operator, Consafe,

and would consolidate Norway's offshore energy production industry. Petrojarl, which has four FPSO's in

the North Sea, was formed in June of this year having broken away from Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS).

Prosafe confirms that it is pleased to have been able to acquire a strategic position in Petrojarl ASA.

Prosafe believes that Petrojarl with its fleet of four harsh environment FPSOs and an experienced and well

reputed organisation is well placed to participate in the future growth within the floating production

industry. The acquisition is in line with Prosafe’s intention to grow its position in this business segment.

Harvey Keep Their Spirit Up

Louisiana based Harvey Gulf International’s latest 280 foot DP II PSV Harvey Spirit was launched this

month. The vessel built by Eastern Shipbuilding still has several months of work before it is ready for use

by Harvey Gulf and is the fourth built by the yard for this customer.

Siem Seem Pleased

Siem Offshore Inc have agreed with the limited partnership KS Ocean Carrier to buy the VS 483 PSV

Ocean Carrier (pictured) in a deal worth NOK 183 million. Siem Offshore Inc has held a 20% ownership in

the vessel after the completion of the Rovde transaction in February earlier this year. They have also

acted as commercial and technical manager of the vessel over the last 16 months, using their subsidiary

Siem Rovde AS. A piece of breaking news—Siem Offshore Inc has entered into an agreement with an

Indian buyer for the sale of the VS 470 MK II PSV Siem Molly. Sale price is NOK 193 million , making

Siem a profit of at least NOK 50 million from this deal. The vessel is still under construction at Aker Yards

and is expected to deliver in October this year.

Crosby Catch 14

Tidewater Inc are to sell 14 of their offshore tugs to Crosby Marine Transportation, LLC in a $44.8 million

deal. Two of these vessels are tugs due to return from Middle East charters whilst the other twelve

currently make up Tidewater’s total domestic fleet of offshore tugs. It is understood that the cash

generated from this will be used in either the re-purchase of Tidewater stock or in “newer core fleet

assets”. As Tidewater own over 500 vessels, this sale is unlikely to have any effect on future earnings


Pat On The Back From Tidewater

This month, Tidewater Inc. christened their new 220 ft PSV “M/V Pat Taylor. The vessel which was built by

Quality Shipyards LLC (a Houma based Tidewater subsidiary) is named after the late well known

philanthropist oil man. Patrick F Taylor created the precursor of Louisiana’s free college tuition programme

and Tidewater, who normally name their vessels after their company employees and directors, felt that Pat

Taylor’s contributions to the energy industry and community should be recognised.

Havila Home In On Solstrand

Havila have purchased Norwegian shipyard Solstrand AS from Sparebank 1. The yard has traditionally

concentrated on building fishing vessels and more recently has obtained two contracts to build supply

vessels for Trico and Sartor Shipping.

Aker Action Double Deal

Norwegian based Aker Yards ASA were busy in the second half of August, signing two contracts with

Island Offshore worth a combined $96 million. The first deal with the Ulsteinvik based shipowner is for a

UT 712 L anchor handler with an LOA of 78.3 metres. Delivery for this vessel is expected in September

2008. Deal number two was for the construction of a UT776 CD PSV with an LOA of 93 metres. Delivery

for this PSV is scheduled for March 2009. The hulls of each vessel will be constructed in Romania, with

final outfitting to be carried out at Aker Yards, Brevik, Norway.

Charisma Captured By Deep Sea Supply

Seabrokers are pleased to advise that Bourbon Offshore have sold their KMAR 404 anchor handler

Bourbon Charisma to Deep Sea Supply ASA at a price of NOK 273 million. The 1999 Kvaerner Kleven

yard built vessel was re-named Sea Cougar after delivery in August this year. It now has a NOR flag and

has been chartered to MLS for term work beginning in October this year. The period of the fixture is

understood to be four to six months but the Sea Cougar will continue to work in the North Sea spot market

until the commencement of the term charter with MLS.

Ostensjo Order

Norwegian based shipowners Ostensjo Rederi have ordered a second ST 216 PSV. The vessel, to be

built by Astilleros Gondan in Spain, will be exactly the same as the previously ordered ST 216 vessel.

Ostensjo expect delivery in February 2009 and currently have no commitments for it.

Maersk Ventura delivered

On August 28th Maersk Brazil Ltda took delivery of the PSV Maersk Ventura from Keppel FELS Brasil

shipyard. The vessel has joined the existing fleet of more than 55 vessels operated by Maersk Supply

Service. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Rem Maritime orders anchor handler from Kleven

Rem Maritime has signed contract with Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway to build a UT712 L anchor

handler. The vessel will be 78.3m long, with a breadth of 17.2m, a bollard pull of approximately 190

tonnes and crane capacity on the main winch on 400 tonnes. The vessel will be delivered by the yard in

December 2008. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Bibby Offshore comments on newbuild DSV

Vessel & ROV News - August 31, 2006

Bibby Offshore Ltd, the Aberdeen, UK-based subsea contractor, part of Bibby Line Limited of Liverpool,

has confirmed that it has committed to bring a second newbuild Diving Support Vessel (DSV) to the

market, following on from Bibby Sapphire conversion which delivered in the first quarter 2005. The new

vessel, named Bibby Topaz, is under construction in Trondheim, Norway at the Fosen yard and will be

available for subsea operations from July 2007. As with the Bibby Sapphire, Bibby Offshore will be

taking Bibby Topaz on a long term time charter from Volstad Seismic A/S. The vessel, which is a

Skipsteknisk AS design to Bibby Offshore specification, will be 107m long and have a beam of 22m. She

will have a twin diving bell, 18 man dive system rated to 300m water depth. The vessel will also have a

heave compensated 150te crane, a working deck area of 1,000m and accommodation for 106 persons. In

a recent statement, Bibby Offshore said the vessel will be the first purpose-built DSV available to the

North Sea market since the late 1980s and will be the most advanced and powerful vessel in her class.

The order represents a further major commitment and investment in the subsea sector from Bibby

Offshore and its parent Bibby Line Limited. Howard Woodcock, Managing Director of Bibby Offshore, said:

"Bibby Offshore bringing the Bibby Topaz to the market underlines our focus and commitment to the

industry in the North Sea Region and beyond; she will be a superb addition to our fleet, adding much to

our capability, capacity and reputation in this sector.” The diving and ROV services on the vessel, like the

company’s other DSV’s, Bibby Aquamarine and Bibby Sapphire will be provided by Aberdeen based

contractor, Integrated Subsea Services (ISS) from their growing and specialist manpower and equipment

pool. The vessel, whilst targeted at the North Sea Market, will be capable of supporting operations

worldwide and be an integral part in the company’s strategic plan for growth. Bibby Topaz, when

operational next year, will have a dual redundant Dynamic Positioning system, an advanced ROV with

comprehensive and dedicated survey facilities on-board and three six man deck decompression

chambers, together with diver and chamber gas reclaim. The DSV will also be fitted with a helideck

capable of taking 12.8 tons or Sikorsky N92 or equivalent. Technical management and marine crewing of

the Bibby Topaz has been awarded to Meridian Marine Management of Liverpool, a sister company of

Bibby Offshore, who also technically manage the Bibby Sapphire and Bibby Aquamarine and the Bibby

Group’s jack-up rigs. (Source: Leo Kramer)

7 e jaargang, nr. 30

dd. 10 September 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Coastguard Tug `Anglian Monarch' takes Drifting Tug and Barge under Tow

The Dover based Coastguard tug `Anglian Monarch' has been in action this afternoon after the tug

`Cumbrae' towing an unmanned barge got into difficulties off Ramsgate earlier today. The crew of the

vessel reported in to Dover Coastguard at just after 9.00 a.m. this morning that they had a problem with

the tow, and that an emergency tow wire had become lodged around the rudder under the towing vessel.

The vessel was drifting at the time and Master of the vessel did not wish to use his propellers for fearing of

fouling and exacerbating the situation. The `Cumbrae' had 6 crew aboard. The anchor had been dropped

but this wasn't holding the vessel and she was still drifting just outside the shipping lanes. The Agency's

Counter Pollution Unit was informed and the Coastguard tug was sent to the scene. The `Anglian

Monarch' arrived on scene at about 2.15 this afternoon to evaluate the situation. Details of the drifting

vessel were incorporated into the routine Channel Navigation Information Service broadcasts to alert other

vessels of the `Cumbrae's' predicament. Upon arrival the Coastguard tug slowly circled the drifting tug and

tow to see what could be done and spotted what appeared to be black rope around the Cumbrae's'

rudder. The tug had earlier attempted a reverse procedure to free herself but this had proved to be

unsuccessful. Colin Mulvana, Counter Pollution and Salvage Officer from the Agency said: "We had

various conversations during the afternoon both with the onshore contact for the tug and directly with the

master as our concern was that as the evening drew in we would potentially have two `rogue' vessels

drifting in what is the worlds busiest waterway. "Despite their later efforts to free the tug from the rope

around their rudder they were unsuccessful, and at just after 4.00 p.m. the `Anglian Monarch' took them

under tow towards Dover and out of harms way. We have kept Dover Port Control informed of these

developments. "As the `Anglian Monarch' began to make way the 'Cumbrae' was able to restart its

engines and is presently following the Coastguard tug which is towing the barge, which has now two

people aboard from the rescue vessel. "This incident reemphasises how essential these ocean going tugs

are to the strategy of protecting the UK's coastline in ensuring drifting vessels or those not under

command do not represent a threat to the coastline, or other shipping, in the very busy waters around our

shores." (Source: Leo Kramer)

Aker Yards builds two more PSVs for Nordcapital

September 4, 2006 Nordcapital Holding in Hamburg, Germany has ordered a pair of UT 755 LN PSVs

from Aker Yards in Norway. The two vessels are scheduled for delivery in December 2008 and March

2009, and will be built at Aker Yards, Aukra. The value of the contract is approximately NKr 290 million.

Including the new orders, Nordcapital has on order eight sister vessels from Aker Yards for delivery

between October 2007 and March 2009. All of the will be fitted with DP1 and FiFi1. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Shipping Corporation of India to invest in support vessels

September 4, 2006 India's national flag carrier Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) is planning to acquire a

total of 10 offshore support vessels over the next three years, reports Business Standard. In the first

phase of the project, SCI will acquire five anchor handlers of circa 70 tonnes bollard pull. The company

would acquire five more vessels in the second phase of the prokject. At present, SCI owns 10 offshore

support vessels and manages 21 such vessels for ONGC. SCI is also bidding for ONGC's new tender for

provision of 26 offshore supply vessels. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Halul receives first Indian AHTS

Doha-based Halul Offshore Service Company (HOSC) received their latest new anchor handling tug

supply vessel (AHTS), the Halul 24, which was built by Bharati Shipyard in India. This vessel is the first of

four AHTSs ordered by HOSC as a part of modernising their fleet and Halul 24 will be providing services

to RasGas offshore facilities. The remaining three AHTSs are expected to join the fleet in another 8

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

months time. It is equipped with two medium speed diesel engines delivering power of 5900 BHP and

achieving a bollard pull of 70 tonnes. The newbuilding is fitted with bow and stern thrusters of 500 kW

each for better manoeuvrability and station keeping and is also fitted with external fire fighting facilities to

LRS Fi-Fi-1 standards and Fast Rescue Boat. The vessel can carry deadweight of 1,750 tonnes and is

highly sophisticated with unmanned machinery space, state of the art communication facilities and joystick

manoeuvring controls. (Source: Clipping News)

Tugboat Celebrates 100

The tugboat Heinrich Ludwig was launched 100 years ago on September 4, 1906. Up to today, it is in daily

use at the Port of Hamburg for Carl Robert Eckelmann AG. So, as far as known, it is the oldest tugboat

still in service. In 1906 it has been built by the Hamburg based shipyard Janssen & Schmilinsky as a

steely motor tugboat. In 1956, after 50 years in service its steam engine was replaced by a diesel engine.

Since 1996 it is owned by Carl Robert Eckelmann AG, transport and logistics. This tugboat is a positive

example for the durability of economic assets. The hull and many other items still are original. This applies

as well to the oversized steering-wheel, which nowadays however serves as additional steering-wheel

only. (Source: Marine Link)

New Tugs Offer Cutting Edge Capability

The two innovative Carousel combi-tugs being built in Malaysia for Dutch salvage and towage company

Multraship could revolutionize tug design, without the need for expensive technology, according to the

Carousel system designer, Novatug. The tugs ordered in July this year from Malaysian shipbuilder Nautica

Nova Shipbuilding & Engineering (NNSE) incorporate the unique Carousel towing system and will address

directly the needs of big ships requiring escort facilities into harbours and rivers. Rolf Kievits, general

manager of Rotterdam-based Novatug, says, "The beauty of the Carousel construction is that the solution

it offers is so logical, and relatively simple. Of course it requires engineering, design work and stress

calculations to ensure that everything is fail-safe. But the Carousel construction is in fact nothing other

than a very clever and logical mechanical system which makes use of basic laws of physics and requires

no expensive technology." Comparing the time taken to build the Carousel tugs, as opposed to

conventional tugs, Kievits says, "The Carousel system is an integral part of the design. There is no extra

steelwork involved. The Carousel and winch, as elements of the towing equipment, will be built off-site and

installed on the vessels at the yard. So there is no extra construction time involved." In terms of cost,

Kievits said, "It is not possible to equate safety with pure financial cost, but our aim is to design and build

the safest tug afloat at an affordable price. Of course the great advantage of the Carousel system is that it

incorporates just one winch, as opposed to the two which other, conventional vessels would need to carry

out the same task. Carousel also incorporates a more cost-effective propulsion lay-out which will result in

long-term economies of maintenance and fuel consumption." The Carousel design incorporates an

integrated winch platform, together with appropriate finite element calculations to ensure that the entire

structure is able to take its prescribed design load, fully independent of the ship, on the freely rotating

Carousel and winch platform. The system for the tugs being built in Malaysia has been engineered to a

300-tonne design load. This includes the whole spectrum of horizontal and vertical loads the winch has to

work with. For practical purposes, however, and to ensure safe operations when assisting other ships, the

system as a whole is restricted to a 160-tonne working load. In order to power the winch on a freely

rotating Carousel, Novatug has designed a twin-diesel-engine power-pack to power the hydraulic system.

Where maximum power is not required, this system can be operated at fifty per cent capacity by using

only one of the two engines. The winch has been specifically designed for harbour towage, escort work

and coastal applications. It is a sate-of-the-art hydraulic winch, manufactured by Rapp Hydeema of

Norway, with full active escort capabilities. Kievits explains, "We had to find the right balance between the

winch dimensions and the rope capacity, where we opted to use 72 mm Dyneema line of 200 m length. In

the event that the tugs were required to undertake deep-sea work, however, a winch with additional wire

capacity could be fitted to the Multraship tugs. "In terms of maintenance requirements, the usual

manufacturer service intervals are recommended. For the Carousel, we recommend that the bearings are

checked at regular service intervals, which will probably mean an annual inspection of the load-runners."

Kievits is excited about the marketing opportunities for the Carousel system. He says, "So far, we have

fitted the system to a conventional tug which originally had a bollard pull of twenty tonnes, and we have

the escort designs building in Malaysia for Multraship. I think it fair to say that these two examples will be

at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of what we are able to offer owners and operators." Although

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

doubts have been expressed about the impact on crew safety of operating on board a vessel fitted with

the Carousel system, Kievits says, "Given current restrictions on crew working on deck during

manoeuvres, there is no real difference in this respect between a Carousel tug and a conventional tug."

The first of the two eighty-ton static bollard pull Carousel Combi-Tugs is due for delivery at the end of

2007, and the second, about three months later. The vessels will be among the most robust harbour and

escort tugs in the world. They will be highly stable both statically and dynamically, and will therefore be of

particular significance for large vessels making approaches to rivers and harbours. They are also

especially fuel-effective, producing potential savings in this regard of between thirty and fifty per cent.

(Source: Marine Link)

Crowley to Build Four More 185,000 - Barrel ATBs

The Pacific Reliance and 185,000 - bbl tank barge 650-1 (shown here) were christened in March of 2006.

The tug for the second vessel of this type - the Gulf Reliance - has been delivered, while barge 650-2 is

scheduled to be completed and delivered in the fourth quarter of this year. Newly ordered vessels are

expected to bring Crowley's ATB fleet to 14 by the end of 2010. Crowley Maritime Corporation's Vessel

Management Services subsidiary has signed a contract with VT Halter Marine Inc. to build four more

articulated tug-barge (ATB), 185,000-barrel tank vessels. The new vessels will have an estimated

delivered cost of approximately $236 million, including owner-furnished equipment. The vessels will be

delivered in six-month intervals between the first half of 2009

and the end of 2010.

The four new ATBs (Pride/650-7, Achievement/650-8,

Innovation/650-9 and Vision/650-10) will be operated by

Crowley's petroleum services segment as they are completed.

These four new vessels will bring Crowley's total ATB fleet to

14, consisting of four 155,000-barrel and ten 185,000-barrel

ATBs. Four of Crowley's 155,000-barrel vessels, the Sea

Reliance/550-1, Sound Reliance/550-2, Ocean Reliance /550-3

and Coastal Reliance/550-4 have each made more than 100

successful voyages and moved over 75 million barrels of

product with zero spills in the last four years, averaging

approximately 21 million barrels moved a year. The first of the 185,000-barrel ATBs, Pacific Reliance/650-

1 was christened at the end of March. The second vessel of this type, Gulf Reliance has been delivered

and the 650-2, is under construction for Crowley at VT Halter's facilities in Mississippi and is scheduled for

delivery in the fourth quarter of 2006 while the remaining vessels contracted in 2005 (Resolve/650-3,

Commitment/650-4, Courage/650-5 and Integrity/650-6) will be delivered by 2008. "We have received

extremely positive feedback from our customers on our ATBs," said Tom Crowley Jr., company chairman,

president and CEO. "The first 10 ATB's have all been chartered and we are extending the 650 series to

meet additional demand for this class vessel as soon as possible. These vessels offer compelling

economics and exceptional safety and performance." Boyd E. King, VT Halter Marine's CEO said, "This

contract brings the combined value of Crowley's projects with VT Halter Marine to almost $500 million. It is

strong evidence of the solid partnership that has been forged between the two companies." An ATB has

an articulated, or hinged, connection system between the tug and barge, which allows movement in one

axis or plane in the critical area of fore and aft pitch. The four tugs being built under the new contract will

be interchangeable with the other tugs in the company's ATB fleet. The 185,000-barrel barges will be

substantially identical to those currently under construction. The new ATBs feature the latest systems

technology and double-hull construction for maximum safety and reliability. Not only does the unit have

the capability of transporting refined products, but it can also carry heated cargoes and easy chemicals,

which require special arrangements of vents, stripping systems, pump components and tank coatings not

required of product carriers. All of Crowley's ATBs are built under the ABS SafeHull program for

environmental protection. This program puts the vessel design through an exhaustive review to identify

structural loads and strengthen the vessel structure. The 650-Class barges will be 27,000 deadweight

tons, 587 feet in length, 74 feet in breadth and 40 feet in depth. The fully loaded draft will be 30 feet.

There is an electrically driven cargo pump in each of the 14 cargo tanks to assure maximum cargo

integrity and segregation flexibility; two anchor windlasses and associated equipment to enable the vessel

to accommodate offshore mooring operations, and a vacuum system with three retention tanks to easily

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

handle cargo changes. There is also a dual mode inert gas system and vapor collection system for

maximum safety. An enhanced mooring system features 1,000-foot Spectra-type lines on split drums with

a high-speed recovery rate of 100 feet per minute. The tugs meet all SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and

ABS criteria, and have a foam capable fire monitor; twin heavy fuel engines; a noise reduction package

and other upgrades to increase crew comfort. The communication and navigation equipment is among the

most technologically advanced in the industry today. Vessel Management Services, which is part of

Crowley's corporate services segment, provides technical project support services involving naval

architecture and marine engineering, contracting, on-site representation for ship, tug and barge

construction and ownership of new vessels for the parent company. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

AP Moller group orders AHTS

LR Fairplay's Daily Newbuilding News reports that Danish owner AP Moller, which owns Maersk Supply

Ships, has ordered an anchor handling tug supply vessel from Volkswerft Stralsund shipyard in Germany.

The vessel will be delivered in 2008 and the order includes an option for two more. (Source: Clipping


NorSkan Offshore takes delivery of latest newbuild

Seabrokers reports that NorSkan Offshore in Brazil was due to take delivery of its latest Brazilian

newbuilding, Norskan Botafogo, on September 5th. The ship is a UT 722L anchor handler with 18,000bhp,

and is the fifth newbuilding for NorSkan Offshore in Brazil and the first of a series of three anchor handlers

built on speculation for the local market. Seabrokers noted that NorSkan Botafogo will go on contract with

Petrobras from delivery. The next vessel to be delivered towards the end of the year has also been

awarded a contract with Petrobras while the third is uncommitted. (Source: Clipping News)

Trico Marine orders OSV's at Bender

Trico Marine Services, Inc. says it has reached an agreement, effective September 1, 2006, to build two

GPA 640, 210 ft offshore supply vessels for a total cost of approximately $35 million. The vessels will have

diesel electric propulsion and class 2 dynamic positioning systems. Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Co., Inc.

will build the vessels at its shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, with an expected delivery date for the first vessel

in March 2008 and the second vessel in July 2008. The agreement guarantees the construction costs of

the vessels as well as technical specifications and contains penalties for late delivery. Trico expects to

fund construction costs related to each vessel from cash and cash flow from operations. Trico President

and CEO Trevor Turbidy commented, "We are pleased to announce the construction of these vessels,

which is consistent with our previously announced strategy of upgrading our fleet in a fiscally responsible

manner. These vessels address our customers' operating requirements and will have the ability to work in

almost any market in the world. We are delighted that Bender will be constructing the vessels and we

have the utmost confidence in their ability to deliver the vessels on each of their expected delivery dates in

2008." The vessels incorporate an additional deck level for increased accommodation of client personnel.

Trico says that diesel-electric propulsion provides excellent fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for

customers. These characteristics will make the vessel attractive for global deployment including

specialized disciplines such as seismic, ROV, and subsea applications. (Source: Clipping News)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

7 e jaargang, nr. 31

dd. 17 September 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Rotor Tug “RT Zoe”

Container vessels which call at the Port of Hamburg still get

larger and larger. In response to that stronger tugboats are

being required. As part of its fleet renewal programme harbour

service provider Kotug put into service the tug newbuilding “RT

Zoe” in the summer of 2006 at the Port of Hamburg. A pulling

force of 65 tons makes it to the strongest tugboat at the Port of

Hamburg. It exceeds that of usual tugboats by approx. 15 tons.

“RT Zoe” is a rotor tug equipped with three propellers under

the hull. Two of them are mounted amidships and one is

mounted abaft. Each one may be turned independently by 360

degrees, which results in exceptional maneuver characteristics

for the tugboat. E.g. the tugboat may be swung sideways and

is able to assist. The tugboat is powered by three main engines with altogether 5300 hp. For comparison,

a barge tugboat is powered by approx. 300 hp and a usual tugboat for container vessels by around 3000

hp. It is 28,3 m long and 11,7 m wide. Its maximal draught is 5,9 m. Like its three sister ships which are

stationed in Bremerhaven and Le Havre it has been built in Singapore. The equipment includes two cable

winches and an extensive fire-extinguishing equipment. For the time being “RT Zoe” remains a single item

at the Port of Hamburg. Depending upon development however an employment of further rotor tugs of this

generation is not impossible. (Source:Marinelink)

Report: Attack on ECO Supply Ship Kills One

A Nigerian oil worker was killed and another injured on Tuesday in an armed attack on a supply ship

operated by a U Edison Chouest Offshore, Reuters reported. "Armed men came alongside the vessel at

0300 hours (O200 GMT) and got on board to look for things to take. They executed one of the crew when

they didn't find anything," an unnamed source told the news agency. The supply ship was operated by

Edison Chouest Offshore, a Louisiana-based oil services company, a security source said. The ship was

working on an oilfield about three miles offshore operated by U.S. energy giant Chevron, but officials from

the California-based company were also unavailable to comment. The field is part of the Escravos oil

export system, which normally exports about 160,000 barrels of oil per day. It is located in the western

delta, where a series of attacks and kidnappings earlier this year forced Royal Dutch Shell to evacuate

hundreds of workers and reduce output by 477,000 barrels per day. Oil workers across Nigeria are due to

stop work for three days from Wednesday to protest growing insecurity in the delta, after the killing of

another Nigerian oil worker last month. Violence in the Niger Delta, home of Africa's biggest oil industry,

has been a problem for over a decade. Many in the vast wetlands region resent the oil industry which

provides the bulk of Nigeria's wealth but has brought few benefits to them. (Source:Reuters)

Bugsier 3 besluit trio

De nieuwe kust- annex havensleper Bugsier 3, gebouwd bij K.Damen in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, heeft

vorige week proefgevaren. Het is de laatste uit een serie van drie voor Bugsier Reederei- und Bergungs

Gesellschaft in Hamburg. De 32,80 meter lange en 11,75 meter brede sleper is bijna identiek aan de vorig

jaar opgeleverde Bugsier 1 en Bugsier 2. Qua trekkracht is zij de sterkste van de drie. De Bugsier 1 heeft

een trekkracht van 58 ton, de Bugsier 2 van 63 ton en de Bugsier 3 van 65 ton. De s;lepers, zogehten

azimuth tractor tugs, hebben twee hoofdmotoren, die een 360 graden draaibare Aquamaster-schroefunit

met Kort-straalbuizen onder het voorschip aandrijven. Vrijvarend kan hiermee dertien knopen worden

gehaald. De drie in Hardinxveld-Giessendam gebouwde slepers zijn de sterkste uit de vloot van

kust/havenslepers van de Duitse rederij. Naast assistenties aan zeeschepen in Hamburg zet Bugsier ze

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

ook in bij het verhalen van booreilanden en bij conventioneel sleepwerk op de Noordzee.


Drie unieke MPP slepers op één dag gedoopt

Op 19 september a.s. worden voor het kantoor van Smit de drie nieuwe MPP Tug 2500 (multi purpose

pushing tug), van Smit Transport Europe BV, gedoopt. De drie nieuwe sleep-duw en bergingsvaartuigen,

de Smit Bronco, Smit Barracuda en Smit Bison,

zullen resp. gedoopt worden door Mevr. Meeuwisse echtgenote van Commercieel Manager Smit

Transport en Heavy Lift M.J.Meeuwisse, Mevr. De Feijter echtgenote van Engineering Newbuilding

Manager A. de Feijter en Mevr. Keser echtgenote van General Manager Smit Transport en Heavy Lift

G.A.Keser. De casco’s van de schepen zijn gebouwd in Servie. Tijdens de bouw zijn de schepen voorzien

van ijsklasse met notatie 1# Hull Mach Aut-UMS Tug. De schepen werden via de binnenrivieren

aangevlet om te worden afgebouwd door de werf van IHC Holland Delta Shipyard te Sliedrecht onder nr’s

11016; 11017 en 11018 onder toezicht van Bureau Veritas. De schepen hebben een lengte van 25,40

meter, breedte 10 meter en een diepgang van 3,45 meter. De twee Caterpillar dieselmotoren met een

totaal vermogen van 2028 pk geven de schepen een trekkracht van 28 ton. De schepen zijn verder

uitgerust met een boegschroef van 240 pk. Twee Caterpillar generator sets met een vermogen van

97,5Kva leveren het benodigde elektrische vermogen voor de verbruikers. Aan dek van de slepers staat

een een hydraulische gedreven sleepwinch met een trommel voor een 700 meter 38 mm sleepdraad en

een trommel met een 200 meter 44 mm anchor handling draad. Verder is er een sleephaak met een 35

ton swl houdkracht. In de achtersteven is een rol aangebracht voor het ankerwerk en in lijn, voor de

veiligheid, een draad stopper en sleeppennen in dek verzonken. Een hydraulisch gedreven dekkraan van

1400 kNm complementeren de dek uitrusting van deze zeer geavanceerde en goed uitgeruste

Multipurpose duw- sleep en anker behandeling slepers. De accommodatie, volledig voorzien van

verwarming en air conditioning, bestaat uit 2 één persoons hutten en 2 twee persoons hutten. Ook de

brug is voorzien van de modernste navigatie systemen., zoals GMDSS-A2, 2 stuks VHF’s, echosounder,

radio telephonie 2 stuks automatic pilots, DGPS, 2 stuks daglicht radars, Navtex, electronische

kaartsysteem, Satcom mini-m en ARPA. De schepen zullen de oudere eenheden van Smit Transport

Europe BV. gaan vervangen. (Source:Hans van der Ster)

Bold Endeavour joins Solstad and gets new name

Solstad Offshore reports that the construction vessel Bold Endeavour has fornally joined its fleet, and has

been re-named Normand Corona. The ship is on contract with DeepOcean, working in the Gulf of Mexico.

(Source:Leo Kramer)

Sleepbedrijf wil asbestschip kwijt

Het Sliedrechtse sleepbedrijf Landfall is het asbestschip Otapan het liefst zo snel mogelijk kwijt. Volgens

directeur moet er zo snel mogelijk een einde komen aan het rondslepen, het kost het sleepbedrijf anders

andere opdrachten. De sleepboten van Landfall Sliedrecht trekken de Otapan nu rond over de

Middellandse Zee. Het schip zou in Turkije worden gesloopt, maar dat land weigerde de Otapan, omdat er

asbest aan boord is. De Otapan heeft lange tijd in de Amsterdamse haven gelegen. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Great Offshore newbuild due shortly

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Seabrokers reports that Great Offshore (India) is due to take delivery of a medium sized PSV (UT755L)

from Brattvaag shipyard in Norway around mid-September although it is not clear if Malaviya 30 will

mobilise to India or remain in the North Sea. In addition, Great Offshore has four small/medium AHTS (7-

12,000bhp) on order at Bharati shipyard in India. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Nexen 'pool' to get another vessel shortly

Seascope Offshore reports that Nexen’s PSV ‘pool’ is scheduled to increase to four units in the first half of

October when they take delivery of the large PSV North Stream (a UT745) which has been fixed primarily

to support a 21 month drilling programme in the Central North Sea with Borgsten Dolphin. The other

vessels in their medium / long term fleet are the large PSV Highland Navigator (UT745) and smaller

Portosalvo (UT755L) /Northern Supporter (UT755) which are currently supporting drilling programmes with

the GSF Galaxy III and Transocean John Shaw in the Central North Sea and the hook-up of the Buzzard

Field. (Source:Leo Kramer)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

7 e jaargang, nr. 32

dd. 01 oktober 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.


De Shorne is van de Thames naar de Humber gegaan

De Sun Sussex naar Southampton.

De Adsteam Laceby is momenteel op de Thames omdat de Lady Sarah onder reparatie is.

De nieuwe Adsteam Shotley is intussen in dienst te Felixtowe. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Smit Siberie sold

The Smit Siberie was handed over to her new owners Cooperativa Rimorchiatori Ancona Soc. Coop.

a.r.l. at Ravenna, Italië. She is, after the Smit Engelend, the second tug from Smit for this tugboat

company. Her new name is not known at this moment. (Source: Neeltje Snoei)

Dutchies sold and renamed

The Dutch Power and Dutch Pride were sold to the Turkish Construction Group ENKA and are working

now at D Island Offshore Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea. The Power is now called Aral and Pride called

Meric. (Source: Clipping News)

Labroy books AHTS orders

Singapore's Labroy Shipbuilding and Engineering Pte Ltd has secured four shipbuilding contracts from a

new customer--Greatship (India) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Shipping Company

Ltd--for the construction of four 63 m, 80 ton bollard pull anchor handling tug supply vessels ("AHTS"),

scheduled for delivery in 2009. The contracts are worth a total of US $60.4 million (S $95.0 million). Mr

Tan Boy Tee, Chairman and Managing Director of Labroy, noted: "Our outstanding order book has hit a

new record of S$1.35 billion. Our shipbuilding department will be kept busy until 2009." (Source: Clipping


QShip, Qcon begin deployment of new anchor handling tugs

Qatar Shipping Company (QShip) and Qatar Engineering and Construction Company (Qcon) began the

deployment this week of two state-of-the-art anchor handling tugs (AHTs) ‘Halul 26’ and ‘Halul 27’ from

the Q Ship/Qcon marine yard at Qatar’s southern industrial city of Mesaieed. The vessels have been built

for Halul Offshore Services and are sophisticated dynamic positioning vessels which can maintain their

position to within one foot even in adverse sea conditions. The event was attended by Q Ship/Qcon

Chairman Salem Butti Al Naimi, Qcon Vice-Chairman Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Thani; the Acting CEO

of Q Ship K.K. Kothari; Qcon General Manager Mazen Abu Naba’a and representatives of Qcon and Halul

Offshore Services. Meanwhile, Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd (Nakilat) said it is planning to acquire

10 huge new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers which will be used by Qatar Liquefied Gas Company III

(QatarGas 3) to export LNG from its 8 million tonne per year Train 6. The $3 billion deal for seven QFlex

and three QMax tankers was signed between Nakilat and three Korean shipbuilders: Daewoo Shipbuilding

and Marine Engineering, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Samsung Heavy Industries. Nakilat also signed a

25-year time-charter agreement with Qatargas 3 for the seven vessels. The QMax vessels each have a

capacity of approximately 265,000 cubic metres — the largest LNG carriers ever built — while the

capacity of each QFlex vessel is around 215,000 cubic metres. (Source: Clipping News)

Esnaad Orders Five New Vessels Worth $60m

Gulfnews has reported that Adnoc subsidiary Esnaad, a marine and supply base services company, has

ordered five new vessels from Singapore at a cost of $60m as part of its fleet replacement, a top company

official revealed. Darwish A. Al Qubaisi, General Manager, said that the fleet replacement process is

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

ongoing to meet the expansion needs of the company. Esnaad took delivery of two new vessels

yesterday, both, anchor handling towing supply vessels built by Singapore-based Otto Engineering at a

cost of $24m. Currently, the company owns a fleet of 26 multipurpose vessels and manages nine

chartered vessels offering services to major clients, mainly Adnoc companies. The $4.9m contract was

awarded last year to ADSB to design and build the crew boat. (Source: Gulfnews)

Companies Sign Joint Contract with ConocoPhillips

Bay-Houston Towing Co., Suderman & Young Towing Co. LP, and Moran Towing Corporation are

pleased to announce they have jointly contracted with the ConocoPhillips Company to provide harbor tug

services for LNG vessels calling at the Freeport LNG terminal, currently under construction in the

Port of Freeport, Texas. Bay-Houston and Suderman & Young will each provide one 6300 hp Z-Tech

tractor tug while Moran Towing Corp. will provide a 5100 hp ASD tractor tug. All three tugs will be classed

by the American Bureau of Shipping, and equipped to ABS A1 Towing Service; ABS AMS; ABS Escort

Service; and ABS Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1. G&H Towing Company of Galveston, Texas will operate

the three tugboats. The tugs will deliver a combined bollard pull in excess of 235 short tons.

The Z-Techs are powered by two Caterpillar 3516C HD engines providing 6300 hp (4700 kw). The

engines drive Schottel Model SRP 1520 Z-drives. The ASD tug is powered by two EMD 12-645F7B

engines providing 5100 hp (3800 kw) driving Ulstein Model 1650H Z-Drives. Bay-Houston and Suderman

& Young are each building one Z-Tech to be delivered by mid-2007 and are both in the

final stages of contracting for the construction of two additional Z-Techs. The six 6300 hp Z-Techs, all

FiFi1 equipped, will be operated by G&H Towing and added to the three tractor tugs already in their fleet.

The additional tractors will significantly expand the companies' capabilities throughout the ports of

Houston, Galveston, Texas City, Corpus Christi, and Freeport. The Moran ASD tug will either be one of

fifteen recently constructed tractor tugs that Moran currently operates, or one of the two additional tugs it

will take delivery of by the end of this year. (Source:Jan v.d.Doe)

Full steam ahead for UT designs

Among recent orders are this UT 712 L for Rem Maritime. Today’s high level of offshore exploration and

production activity has brought with it a corresponding demand for support vessels of all kinds. The result

is an unprecedented order book for Rolls-Royce UT-Designs. Currently, no fewer than 85 vessels of

Rolls-Royce design are on order and of these 21 are scheduled for delivery before the end of 2006. Most

of the others are for delivery in 2007 and 2008. In three cases contracts for series of vessels will provide

work for yards into 2009, and the high level of order intake continues. Owners have placed building

contracts with yards in Norway, India, Singapore, Brazil, Italy and Russia. In all, 17 different Rolls-Royce

UT-Design vessel types are on order, with many variants of the basic types. Among the platform supply

vessels the UT 755 in its many versions remains a favourite, and many are now on order in India. Anchor

handlers cover a wide range of types, reflecting the Rolls-Royce policy of tailoring vessels to the

customer’s requirements and geographical operating area. Contracts for Rolls-Royce design and

equipment package signed in the past few weeks include a UT 712 L AHTS for Rem Maritime, placed

with Kleven Verft. Two vessels of this type are already under construction at the same Ulsteinvik yard for

the same owner. They will be 78.3m long, with a bollard pull of about 190 tonnes, accommodation for 28

people and a working deck area of 510m2. Farstad Shipping has ordered a UT 751 CD PSV from Aker

Yards, representing the 21st vessel contract between the two parties. The hull will be built at Aker’s facility

in Romania and fitted out at Aker Yards, Brevik, in Norway, with delivery sheduled for the beginning of

2009. As the type number indicates, this Farstad vessel will have Clean Design notation, in common with

a growing number of UT-Design vessels as reducing impact on the environment becomes a top priority.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Island Offshore has just ordered two offshore vessels also to be built by Aker Yards, Brevik. One is a UT

712 L anchor handler, a UT-Design that is becoming very popular. The other is a new generation supply

vessel, a UT 776 CD, with diesel electric and pulling azimuth thruster propulsion. (Source:Leo Kramer)

J Hagenaes Shipping orders in India

J Hagenaes Shipping has ordered a total of eight VS 470 MPSVs. J Hagenaes Shipping AS in Aaesund,

Norway, has signed newbuilding contracts with Tebma Shipyards Ltd, India for eight subsea vessels. Six

vessels are to be delivered in 2008, and two more by the first quarter of 2009. The design was developed

together with naval architects Vik Sandvik and is a VS 470 MPSV, with DP2, 'Clean', and 'Comfort'

notation, 71 bunks, 50 ton AHC crane, moonpool and FiFi I. The vessels are primarily intended for the

subsea inspection, maintenance, repair and installation market, but can also act as straight supply

vessels. The company said the contracts "are based on market investigations showing an interesting

future market in the shallow water subsea market worldwide." The vessels will be operated by a new

management company with its head office in Aaesund, in which Welsvik Offshore AS will be a partner.

(Source:Vessel & ROV News)

Deense Stevns slepers in opmars

Een sleepdienst die zich nadrukkelijker in Noordwest-Europa manifesteert, is Stevns Charter & Towage

(Partrederiet Stevns Bugser) uit het Deense Svendborg. Met enkele moderne ASD-slepers is de

afgelopen maanden een reeks offshore sleeptransporten uitgevoerd. Hun groene romp, witte dekhuis en

robuste vorm maken de Deense slepers tot opmerkelijke verschijningen in havens als Rotterdam en

IJmuiden en zelfs op de Westerschelde. Slepers met name als Stevns Ocean en Stevns Arctic, twee

azimuth stern drive (ASD) slepers met een trekkracht van 65 ton, en de nieuwe ASD-slepers Stevns

Iceflower en Stevns Icecap, die zo’n 60 ton trekken.laatstgenoemde slepers zijn dit jaar opgeleverd door

Irving Shipbuilding uit het Canadeese St.John’s. Het duo is ijsversterkt en wordt voortgestuwd door twee

Caterpillar diesels, samen goed voor 5000 pk, die elk een Rolls Royce Aquamaster schroefunit

aandrijven. Deze slepers vervoerden de afgelopen maanden een aantal pontons met platformcnstructies

(jacket en dekmodules) en zware componenten voor windturbines. De rederij uit Svendborg, in 1965

opgericht door Niels Hoejlund Hansen, heeft met deze transporten ondertussen een goede naam

opgebouwd. Naast lokaal sleep- en bergingswerk verricht de rederij ook, zij het op kleine schaal,

offshorewerk. Eerst met twee kleine slepers met een trekkracht van tien tot twintig ton, later met de iets

sterkere Stevns Master (bp dertig ton) en de Stevns Icebird (bp veertig ton). In 2003 werden de eerste

ASD-slepers aangeschaft. Erst de Stevns Ocean en de Stevns Arctic en dit jaar de Stevns Iceflower en

Stevns Icecap. Naast transprten voor de offshore zijn deze bijna 31 meter lange slepers ook uitgerust voor

havenslepen, ijsbreken en bluswerk. (Source:Schuttevaer)

Shell-sleepcontract Østensjø Rederi

Shell heeft in Noorwegen rederij Østensjø gecontracteerd voor sleepbootservice in het Ormen Lange

centrum Nyhamna. Het contract heeft exclusief opties een looptijd van zeven jaar en een waarde van

circa 25 miljoen euro. Østensjø Rederi zal de vloot in verband met de opdracht waarschijnlijk uitbreiden

met een nieuwe sleper. In Nyhamna gaat de rederij uit Haugesund zich bezig houden met behandeling

van tankers voor de verschepping van condensaat. De productie bedraagt circa 8500 kuub per dag en

wordt een in de vier a vijf dagen opgehaald uit de ondergrondse opslag in Nyhamna.


Nieuwe sleper krijgt oude langzaamloper

Heijsman Scheepsbouw en Reparatie in Stavoren heeft 8 september een sleper 1900 (19 x 4,72 meter) te

water gelaten. Heijsman verzorgde onder andere de bouw van het casco en de inbouw van de

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

voortstuwingsinstallatie. Opvallend is de hoofdmotor, want dat is een gereviseerde MaK uit 1959. De

zestien to zware langzaamloper levert 160 pk bij 500 toeren. Via de Reintjes-keerkoppeling (1:3,3) drijft de

motor een vierblads schroef in straalbuis aan. De voor recreatie doelen gebouwde sleper is ontworpen

door Yacht Design Architecture & Engineering Gaastmeer en geschikt voor de ruimere vaarwateren. De

1900 steekt 1,55 meter. ‘Ze kan zo als sleepboot worden ingezet, er zit een beting op’, zegt werfbaar Siep

Heijsman. ‘Het caso is hier in een maandje of vier gebouwd. De afbouw gebeurt elders. We zijn nog bezig

met de afstelling van de motor en dan is het voor ons klaar.’ (Source:Schuttevaer)

DOF orders Indian pair

DOF ASA in Norway has placed a newbuilding order with Tebma Shipyard Limited in Goa, India, for two

supply vessels (PSV), design VS 470 MK II. These 73.40 m long, 3,800 dwt vessels will be delivered in

August 2008 and December 2008. (Source: Clipping News)

Manta to Rio de Janeiro

The tugboat Manta of KTK (Curacao Towage Company) will assist tugboats of InterTug Colombia for a 50

days job to tow workstation Elisa from Paramaribo (Suriname) to Rio de Janeiro. KTK signed recently a

co-operation agreement with InterTug of Colombia. According mr. Agustin Diaz junior, KTK had to decide

within 36 hours whether they were in position to assist or not but due to the flexibility of the company they

were able to assist for the benefit of both the companies. Next time we do need InterTUg and then we

count on their support. (Source: Clipping News)

Aker Build Two for Maersk

Maersk AS has announced that they will exercise the option with Aker Yards to build another two Anchor

Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS). The two vessels will be sister vessels to the eight Anchor Handling

Tug Supply Vessels ordered by AP. Moller - Maersk AS in March 2006. The series of AHTS vessels is of

Vik & Sandvik design, VS 472. Deliveries are scheduled for 3rd and 4th quarter 2009 from Aker Yards in

Norway. The vessels are of approx. 73.2 m length. (Source: Marinelink)

Solstad orders two AHTS from Karmsund

Solstad Offshore in Norway has entered into a contract with Karmsund Maritime Service for the

construction of two large anchor handlers. The design for the new ships was developed in close

cooperation between Solstad Offhsore and Vik-Sandvik. The vessels will have 28,000bhp, a bollard pull of

300 tons, accommodation for 60 people, and are designed with particular emphasis on safe anchor

handling. They will be equipped to also operate as construction service vessels (CSV) and will be

prepared for installation of A frames and a large offshore crane. The vessels will be delivered in December

2008 and May 2009, and has a cost price of around NKr 500 million. (Source: Clipping News)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

7 e jaargang, nr. 33

dd. 08 oktober 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Smit Siberie sold

The Smit Siberie was handed over to her new owners Cooperativa Rimorchiatori Ancona Soc. Coop.

a.r.l. at Ravenna, Italië on October 2 Las Palmas. Renamed Misa Primo. (Source: Neeltje Snoei)


De in 1960 bij N.V. Scheepswerven v/h H.H. Bodewes - Millingen gebouwde Europoort sleepboot

Schouwenbank (1) verkocht aan Treffers te Haarlem wordt uiteindelijk gesloopt. De Schouwenbank werd

in 1960 in de vaart gebracht door L.Smit en Co Internationale Sleepdienst voor de Nieuwe Rotterdamse

Sleepdienst (NRS). In 1972 werd zij als Astronoom ingebracht bij Smit Internationale Havensleepdiensten

Rotterdam. In 1980 verkocht aan de Belgische Marine en als Ekster (A998) in de vaart. Als Ekster in 2000

verkocht aan Frans J.Poepjes te Urk. In 2004 doorverkocht aan Willemstein te Nieuwendijk die haar weer

als Schouwenbank in de vaart bracht. In 2006 werd zij verkocht aan Treffers die haar weer de naam

Astronoom gaf. Tenslotte gesloopt door Treffers. (Source: Koos Toussant)

Smit Nigeria

De Smit Nigeria is in Bareboatcharter over gegaan naar Soll-R (Smit Femco) die haar de nieuwe naam

gaf Smit Kuban Port of registry Novo Rossiysk (Source: John Penning)

Bourbon Orca named OSJ's 'Ship of the Year' 2006

Bourbon Offshore's AX104 anchor handler Bourbon Orca has been named Offshore Support Journal's

'Ship of the Year 2006.' The anchor handler is noteworthy for a number of reasons, being the first ship

with Ulstein Design's 'X BOW', the first ship with the Safe Anchor Handling System (SAHS) developed by

ODIM, Ulstein and Bourbon Offshore, and the first diesel electric AHTS. OSJ said the X BOW has a

number of advantages, including:

• reduced pitch and heave accelerations, due to foreship volume distribution and slender hull lines

• no flare, eliminating bow impact and/or slamming in foreship

• reduced noise and vibration levels in foreship, due to 'soft entry' in waves

• less spray due to water not being thrown forward

• higher transit speed in calm water, due to low angles of entry and increased waterline length

• ‘cleaner' hull and accommodation, yielding less icing in ice conditions

• negligible occurrences of green water on the bridge deck

• winch and deck equipment better protected, due to the hull being extended to full beam in the

accommodation area

• higher transit speed and higher operability in head seas

• reduced power consumption and/or higher fuel efficiency both in waves and calm waters. (Source: Leo


DOF and Solstad end JVs in Brazil and Singapore

District Offshore (DOF) and Solstad Offshore in Norway have announced that they plan to dissolve

their joint ventures in Brazil and in Singapore. Solstad Offshore will sell its shares in Norskan Offshore

Ltda Brazil to DOF, and DOF will its shares in Nor Offshore Pte Ltd Singapore. The basis of

the transactions are broker values of the vessels in question. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Swissco orders another AHTS

Swissco International Ltd in Singapore has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Swissco Offshore

Pte Ltd, has placed an order for a new 40m anchor handling supply vessel. Swissco has awarded the

contract to a Chinese Shipyard in Guangzhou, China. This is the 12th contract awarded to the yard and is

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

the fourth vessel of a similar design. The vessel is scheduled for delivery in the second half of FY07. Said

CEO Alex Yeo: “The oil and gas industry remains robust, and the fleet expansion is part of our plan to

scale up the value chain to meet the demands of our customers in the buoyant oil and gas industry. These

new vessels are able to command better charter rates and we expect better returns when they join the

fleet.” With this order, Swissco expects to take delivery of five vessels for the rest of FY06, six in FY07 and

one in FY08. The S$4.5m purchase will be funded through a combination of internal funds and bank

borrowings. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Odyssea Marine Acquires Vessels from AMT Marine

Odyssea Marine, Inc. has purchased five offshore supply vessels from AMT Marine, Inc. based in Larose,

La. The five vessels range in length from 150 ft. to 200 ft., are all DP1 classed and include the Darwin

John, Andi N. Martin, A.A. Martin, Taylor R. Martin and the Mary Martin, a Bollinger built OSV

delivered in August 2006. The vessels operate in the Gulf of Mexico supplying cargo to major and

independent oil companies, marine construction firms, as well as support drilling operations. With the

recent purchase of the Lytal Enterprises, Inc. vessel fleet consisting of six offshore supply vessels in

February of this year, the Odyssea OSV Division is one of the youngest fleets in the Gulf of Mexico. The

vessels feature advanced technology that the company anticipates the longevity in service and solutions

for the oil and gas industry. (Source: Marinelink)

Eidesvik orders X-bow vessel

Norway's Eidesvik Offshore ASA has entered into a contract with Ulstein Verft AS for delivery of a large

Subsea Construction vessel, type SX SX121 with the innovative Ulstein X-BOW hull. A limited partnership

company (Kommadittselskap), controlled 60% by Eidesvik Offshore ASA and 40% by others, is the buyer.

The value of the contract is approximately NOK 660 million (about $100 million) including an offshore

crane. The vessel will be delivered in November 2008. The new vessel is an inspection-, maintenance-,

repair- and construction vessel (IMR/OCV) with a length overall of 120.2 m, breadth of 25 m and a large

cargo deck area of 1470 square meters. The vessel has accommodations for up to 90 persons and will

amongst others be equipped with a moonpool, an active heave compensated offshore crane, ROVhangar,

diesel-electric machinery and a helicopter deck. The construction vessel is the first ship Eidesvik

has ordered from the Ulstein Group. (Source: Clipping News)

Kotug expects Le Havre breathrough

DUTCH towage operator Kotug says that it expects its French affiliate SNRH to open for business at the

port of Le Havre this week after an administrative court ruled against the port authority’s recent withdrawal

of its operating permit. Kotug vice president Dorus Knegtel told Lloyd’s List on Friday that he had the

impression that the port authority had accepted the court’s decision and said that SNRH would be meeting

it early this week to prepare its operational launch. “We are very happy that the judge ruled in our favour,”

he said. The port told Lloyd’s List, however, that it had not yet ruled out the possibility of an appeal against

the ruling of the administrative court. “We have not yet taken a decision,” a spokeswoman said, adding

that the authority was concerting with the ministry of transport and the competent services, as well as with

Kotug, before doing so. “We are trying to be constructive and to act in such a way as to allow things to be

done in a positive manner” she said. There were indications, however, from transport minister Dominique

Perben that he may not yet be ready to allow SNRH to open for business at Le Havre, where its tugs and

crews have been waiting since the start of the year. Speaking at the annual general meeting of the French

ports association, UPACCIM, in Le Havre on Thursday evening, he said that SNRH had not yet satisfied

all the port’s concerns regarding its ability to offer a 24-hour, seven days a week emergency service.

“There is still something missing in terms of security,” he said. Mr Knegtel argued that the port and the

French authorities knew the company was able to comply with their security requirements. Their argument

had rather been a “social” one, aimed at obliging the company to take on more seafarers on its vessels in

line with the demands of crews working for the port’s existing towage operator Les Abeilles. Mr Knegtel

said SNRH, which has four new tugs ready to go to work at Le Havre, could start operations at the port as

soon as it had brought a fifth tug back from Rotterdam, where it was sent provisionally while the company

was waiting for authorisation to start work. Last Friday’s decision from the administrative court in Rouen

follows the port authority’s move in late August to withdraw the operative permit it gave SNRH last year. It

took the decision after the court had over-ruled the refusal of the maritime affairs department of the

ministry of transport to approve SNRH’s proposed crewing arrangements. It claimed SNRH had failed to

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

espond to its concerns regarding its ability to provide emergency services although the company counterclaimed

that its decision was simply a new device for preventing it from starting operations at the port.

(Source: Clipping News)

First Damen Tug to Be Delivered to New Zealand

On the 26th of September a contract was signed between Damen Shipyards Gorinchem and North Tugz

Limited in Whangerei, New Zealand. North Tugz has ordered one Damen ASD Tug 2411 which will be

built at the Vietnamese yard Song Cam Shipyard in Haiphong. This order is another milestone in the

history of Damen since it will be the first Damen tug to be delivered to a New Zealand customer. The

Damen ASD Tug 2411, with the impressive bollard pull of 70 tons, is one of the most successful compact

harbour tugs in the world with 23 tugs sold and in production in merely 2,5 years time. The delivery of the

vessel to North Tugz is scheduled end 2007. (Source: Clipping News)

Machinekamerkap voor zeesleper Elbe

Met het plaatsen van de nieuwe machinekamerkap vindt vrijdag 6 oktober opnieuw een hoogtepunt plaats

in de restauratie van de Elbe. In de afgelopen jaren is er al veel werk verricht door de Stichting Maritieme

Collectie Rijnmond om de zeesleper Elbe in ere te herstellen. Scheeps- en offshore werf Keppel Verolme,

gevestigd in het Botlek gebied van Rotterdam, startte in december 2005 met een bijzonder leertraject voor

aankomende scheepsbouwers: Het realiseren van de machinekamerkap voor de Elbe. Allereerst is er

door middel van oude tekeningen, foto’s en het inmeten aan boord een beeld gevormd hoe de kap

gemaakt zal worden. Toen de kap op tekening was gezet, is er begonnen met het bewerken van het staal

en de constructie van de luiken en de kap. De kap is deze week, nadat de constructie volledig in de verf is

gezet door het straal- en schilderbedrijf M.O.P.P. (een dochtermaatschappij van Keppel Verolme),

getransporteerd van de werf naar de Govert van Wijnkade in Maassluis. Na de grootscheepse verbouwing

tot loodsboot in 1976, verloor de Elbe haar zo kenmerkende uiterlijk als zeesleepboot. Het terugplaatsen

van de machinekamerkap is daarmee een mijlpaal in het uiterlijk herstel van de Elbe. De zeesleper heeft

na het plaatsen van de kap haar vrije sleepdek weer terug. Afgelopen vrijdag 6 oktober werd er een

speciale kijkdag georganiseerd voor de sponsors om de voortgang van de Elbe- restauratie te

bezichtigen. Tevens werd op deze dag de nieuwe machinekamerkap door middel van een mobiele kraan

op haar plaats gezet. (Source: Clipping News)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

7 e jaargang, nr. 34

dd. 15 oktober 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Sleep verloren in slecht weer.

Vrijdagochtend 6 oktober, rond 05.30 uur heeft de sleepboot Irbis, ongeveer 7 kilometer westnoordwest

van Texel zijn sleep verloren. De sleep, een lege bak zonder mensen aan boord, drijft in noordoostelijke

richting. Het Kustwacht bergingsvaartuig Waker alsmede twee andere sleepboten, de Tempest en de

Hunter, proberen de bak te bergen. Om 08.45 uur bevond de bak zich nog 2 kilometer uit de kust van

Texel, waar het water te ondiep is voor de Waker om nog iets te kunnen doen. De Tempest en de Hunter

die minder diepgang hebben proberen de bak te bergen. Rond 09.17 uur heeft de Tempest kans gezien

een man over te zetten, waarna de Hunter vast heeft kunnen maken. De sleepboot Hunter is nu met de

bak op weg naar Harlingen. De Waker blijft ter assistentie aanwezig. (Source: Clipping News)

New Tug for Freepoint

The latest addition to Freepoint Tug and Towing Services Ltd is the Diamond Cay , the Diamond Cay

is build at the ASL Shipyard in Indonesia and measures a length of 28 mtr, beam 9.80 mtr. The tug is

powered by 2 x Niigata 6L 25HX main engines of 1800 hp each, driving each a Niigata Z-Peller, giving the

tug a max bollard pull of 45 tons (Source: Rinus Lorwa)

Naming ceremony ‘ Smit Bonaire’

On 14 October 2006, the Naming ceremony of the ‘Smit Bonaire’ took place at Kralendijk, Bonaire. The ‘

Smit Bonaire’ was named by Mrs Angela Garmendia de Nieves, wife of Mr H. Nieves, General Manager

of BOPEC Bonaire. SMIT is currently operating 3 tugs in Bonaire for BOPEC. SMIT is content with their

good relationship with the Caribbean and with Bonaire in particular. Above mentioned confirms our

commitment to this region. If, in the future, our business in this region should expand, we will gladly deploy

more tugs here. The Naming ceremony of this newbuilding tug is part of SMIT’s worldwide newbuilding

programme and strategy of growth and stability. The ‘ Smit Bonaire’ will be deployed in Manzanillo,

Panama, where she will join her newbuilding sister tugs ‘ Smit Aruba’ and ‘ Smit Curacao’. All three

57/60 tonnes bollard pull tugs are of the Damen 2810 ASD design. (Source: Clipping News)

Smit Aruba for Rotterdam

On the 7 th October the Smit Aruba was handed over to Smit. The tug left Damen Shipyard Galati Romania

for destination Rotterdam on the morning of 8/10 H 7.30. She is expected on the 27 th October at

Rotterdam (Source: Will Ruts)


This Tuesday 11-10-2006 the keel laying ceremony for hull 817, 818, 819 for Owner Kooren Shipbuilding

and Trading was carried out at ASL shipyard Singapore. Delivery date planned during last quarter 2007.

(Source: Ton Has)

Smit intends to sell its 50% interest in Smitwijs Towage

Rotterdam, 11 October 2006 SMIT has the intention to sell its 50% interest in SmitWijs Towage to the

other shareholder SvitzerWijsmuller. Both shareholders are of the opinion that these ocean towage

activities will have a stronger position towards the future when under control of one party.

The cyclical nature of ocean towage activities is not compatible with SMIT’s strategy of growth and

stability. The activities will be continued by SvitzerWijsmuller with the current team of Dutch officers.

SMIT will discuss the consequences of the above mentioned intention with the Unions and its Works

Council. Above mentioned intended transaction will not effect the results of SMIT. (Source: Smit)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

K. Damen: Delivery and new contract

Early October the Dutch Shipyard K. Damen delivered 2 tugboats to Jan de Nul from Aalst, Belgium. The

tugboats, named DN72 en DN73, each have a length of 16.60 meter and a breadth of 5 meter. Two

Caterpillar main diesel engines with a total capacity of 600 kW are installed resulting in a speed of 10

knots and a bollard pull of 10.6 tonnes. The tugs have been built completely at the yard in Hardinxveld-

Giessendam. These tugs will be used as assistance vessels for the worldwide operating dredgers from

Jan de Nul. On September 28th Shipyard K. Damen signed again a contract with Svitzer Wijsmuller in

Dubai. After supplying two 22 meter pilot/mooring launches in August a new contract has been signed with

the same client. This new contract concerns the supply of 3 harbour/mooring launches with a length of 15

meter (yardnos. 787-789) and 2 offshore hoseand linehandlers with a length of 22 meter (yardnos. 790-

791). All Vessels will be built at Shipyard Begej in Serbia, a member of the K. Damen Group. (Source:

Clipping News)

Tailor made designs and solutions

Three new offshore vessels of UT-Design illustrate solutions tailor-made to

suit the customer’s requirements with multi-functional AHTS design and advanced PSV ordered for a

particular long-term contract Carlo Magno (right) is classified as a multi-functional anchor-handling/towing/

salvage and service vessel and was built by Rosetti Marino Spa for Augustea Imprese

Maritime. Augustea, a long established company, provides harbour and deep sea towage and deep sea

barge transportation, and is also active in merchant shipping; owning some fifty vessels and controlling

another thirty. The company’s head office is in Naples in Italy and its harbour tug operations are centred

on Augusta in Sicily. When Augustea needed a powerful vessel for open ocean barge towing, also

capable of other duties such as offshore field assistance and salvage, they came to Rolls-Royce and the

UT 514 L design was developed to meet these requirements. Carlo Magno is a 55.4m long twin screw

vessel with two main engines, each of 4,000kW and a bollard pull of more than 130 tonnes. Towing can

be carried out either from a tow-hook or from the Rauma Brattvaag two drum waterfall winch. In addition to

towing, salvage (including firefighting) and anchor-handling, the UT 514 L is equipped for general offshore

service such as transporting people, pipes and equipment. Comfortable quarters are provided for a total of

24 crew and passengers. From the naming ceremony Carlo Magno went straight out on charter, barge

towing in West Africa.

UT 734 N is the type name given to a new design for anchor-handling, towing, firefighting, rescue and oil

recovery operations. Two examples have been ordered by Augusta Offshore with delivery scheduled from

Myklebust Verft in Norway in July and November 2007. Augusta Offshore is based in Naples, and

operates its offshore fleet for oil majors worldwide, including the Mediterranean region, West Africa, Brazil

and the North Sea. Since 1998 the company has come to UT-Design for nine vessels including the latest

UT 734 N contract. The 68.9m long, 16.8m beam, UT 734 N is configured as a cost-optimal design, with

flexibility to handle many types of assignment. It has a powerful winch, about 1,000 tonnes of cargo can

be carried on deck, and the total deadweight is approximately 2,450dwt. Augusta has specified a full

package of Rolls-Royce equipment for these two vessels,

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

including four Bergen C25:33L6P engines in a twin screw layout. A new and advanced PSV design, the

UT 751 E, has been developed for Farstad Shipping which meets the requirements of a long term contract

with Norsk Hydro. Two of these vessels will be built using a full package of Rolls-Royce equipment and

systems by Aker Yards, Brevik, and the first is scheduled for delivery in mid 2007.These 93m long diesel

electric PSVs will primarily serve Norsk Hydro installations in the North Sea, running supplies from the

Mongstad Base in West Norway, but may undertake other duties. A new hull form has been developed,

incorporating a bulbous bow and propulsion by twin Azipull thrusters. Despite the large carrying capacity,

the hull is designed for an extremely low power requirement regardless of load at the service speed of 12-

15 knots. The newly developed Rolls-Royce Automatic Sea Fastening Arrangement will be installed to

secure deck cargo.

Seabreeze September Reports

Solstad Secure September Charters

Norwegian based shipowners Solstad Offshore have secured three contracts with ENI Norge. The PSV

Normand Carrier, Normand Titan and Normand Mjolne (all equipped with Norwegian standby) will be

supporting the semi-submersible Polar Pioneer for three months firm plus one month option. Normand

Carrier went on hire in Stavanger in mid September while the other contracts will commence as soon as

they come free from their current charter . ENI Norge is taking over the Polar Pioneer from Statoil and will

be drilling on the Goliath field in the Barents Sea.

On Patrol With PetroCanada

Further to July’s article “Nomis Purchase Patrol”, Nomis Shipping’s recently purchased Estay Tide will

undertake a one year term contract with PetroCanada, beginning end November working in the UK

Central North Sea. The vessel is undergoing conversion work to a UK class B ERRV and has been

renamed Dea Patrol.

New Don For Apache

Apache agreed terms this month with Esvagt, to extend the Esvagt Don for 5 years firm plus options.

Wait you cry, I thought Apache had the Maersk Don on charter! Well they did, but a recent merging of

standby operations has seen the Maersk Don and Maersk Dee come under the wing of Esvagt (Esvagt’s

majority share holder is Svitzer which is owned by Maersk). So the Maersk Don has become the Esvagt

Don which means Apache will get a new Don in more than one way. Part of the contract extension

includes the fitting of a second daughter craft and davit to the vessel. Esvagt also operate a further two

sister vessels, the Esvagt Connector and the Esvagt Observer. The Esvagt Observer obtained a long

term contract with ExxonMobil in early 2005 and underwent a similar conversion. Due to high activity

levels on Forties, Apache required extra standby redundancy and once she is upgraded that is just what

they will get.

Veolia Say Voilà To Siem

Siem Offshore were celebrating last month with the announcement that Veolia Environment Inc have

agreed a five year firm term USD 80 million charter with their MT 6016 L multipurpose field and ROV

support newbuild. The vessel is currently being built at the Kleven yard in Norway with delivery scheduled

for June 2007 whereupon it will commence the Veolia contract. The newbuild will carry out ROV support,

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

air and saturation diving, subsea construction, subsea surveys and IMR work. It is further understood that

Veolia has an option to buy the vessel at the end of the charter at a cost of USD 50 million.

Eidesvik Ink Some Deals

Norwegian based Eidesvik Offshore ASA had several announcements in September. The VS 470 MK II

PSV Viking Nereus has been contracted for support work with Shell Nigeria. The period of the charter is

understood to be 26 months. The company has also contracted with Veritas DGC Inc. for the charter of

the VS 492 MPSV Viking Poseidon. This 8 year term charter will begin in mid 2007 , but also has two five

year options thereafter. The Viking Poseidon will be converted to become a large 3-D seismic vessel

before starting the contract. The Stril Odin PSV will replace the Viking Poseidon in its current charter in the

North Sea with Statoil.

Divaz Dig Deeper

DeepOcean's MPSV Atlantic Challenger which has been performing IRM duties in the Gulf of Mexico for

many years for Pemex/Diavaz has been awarded a further one year contract by Diavaz effective

December 2006. The contract value is reported to be NOK 100 million.

PGS Not Sheepish About Ramform

PGS (the Norwegian seismic specialist) have exercised an option to build a new Ramform class seismic

vessel with Aker Yards at a cost of Nkr 578 million. This figure does however exclude the cost of the

seismic equipment. The ship, to be named Ramform 8, will be around 16 metres longer than existing

Ramform vessels and the benefits include higher fuel capacity and a quicker transit speed. Delivery is

scheduled for second quarter of 2009.

Award For Orca

Bourbon Offshore AX 104 anchor handler Bourbon Orca has won an award. The futuristic looking vessel

with the revolutionary bow design has been named the “Vessel of the Year” during the Shipbuilding

Machinery and Marine Technology International Shipping Fair in Hamburg. The Orca has been featured

several times in Seabreeze but to remind readers of what it looks like, here is a picture of this award

winning vessel.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

REM Fortress

The MT 6016 PSV Rem Fortress has just delivered from the Kleven Verft yard in Norway. The vessel is

now underway to India to begin its three year charter with Global Industries.

Maersk Make More

A.P. Moller-Maersk AS has exercised their option with Aker Yards to build another two VS 472 anchor

handlers with delivery in 3rd and 4th quarter 2009. These two will be sister vessels to the eight ordered by

A.P. Moller-Maersk AS back in March this year.

Viking Take A Liking To Three More

Leading North Sea emergency response and rescue services provider Viking Offshore Services have

exercised their option to build three more “Pioneer Class” field support vessels with Astilleros Zamakona

shipyard in Spain. Viking announced last summer that they were to build six diesel electric vessels with

options for a further three. The vessels will be of the new IMT 955 design with delivery of the first (to be

named Viking Discovery) of nine to be at the end of this year. All of these new vessels will be built to

comply with the technical and operational regulations required for work in UK, Irish, Danish and Dutch


Esvagt Do Some Exercising

Danish based standby vessel specialists Esvagt A/S have exercised options with ASL Shipyard at

Singapore for two standby vessels. Esvagt already have four standby vessels on order through 2007 and

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

these further two “Esvagt Corona” types are expected to deliver in spring 2008. Details include LOA of

49.5 metres, 11.5 metres width and diesel electric propulsion.

DOF Do The Double

Norway based shipowner District Offshore (DOF) are to build two VS 470 MK II PSVs at India’s Tebma

Shipyard. Delivery is expected in August and December, respectively, of 2008.

Brazilian Break and Singapore Split

Solstad Offshore ASA and DOF are intending to end their joint ventures in Brazil and Singapore. Solstad

will sell their part of shares in Norskan Offshore Ltd in Brazil to DOF while DOF will sell their part of shares

in NOR Offshore Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Nordcapital Invest Some Capital

Hamburg based Nordcapital Holding have announced they are to build two DP1, FiFi1 equipped UT

755LN PSVs at Aker Yards in Aukra, Norway. Total value of the contract is around 290 million NOK with

delivery expected in December 2008 and March 2009 respectively. This will mean that Nordcapital will

have eight sister vessels delivered from Aker Yards between October 2007 and March 2009.

Trico Duo Built By Bender

Trico Marine Services Inc. are to build two diesel electric DPII GPA 640 PSVs at the Bender Shipbuilding

and Repair Company Inc. at their yard in Mobile, Alabama. Total cost for these 210 ft vessels is around 35

million US Dollars, with delivery scheduled for March 2008 and July 2008. Trico will fund the construction

of these vessels from both cash on hand and cash flow from operations. It is understood that they will

include an additional deck level to accommodate more client personnel and that Trico intend to market the

boats worldwide for offshore cargo work as well as more specialised work


Halul Offshore Services Company, based in Doha, have received their first of four anchor handlers built by

the Bharati Shipyard in India. The vessel, to be named Halul 24 will carry out work for Ras-Gas. Details of

the newbuild include 5,900 BHP, 70 tonnes bollard pull, Fi-Fi 1, bow and stern thrusters of 500kW and

comes equipped with Fast Rescue Boat.

Solstad’s Build Bigger Boys

Solstad Offshore ASA are to build two large Vik and Sandvik anchor handlers. These vessels will have

28,000 BHP, bollard pull of 300 tons, accommodation for 60 persons and are “designed with special focus

towards safe anchor handling”. Additionally they will be equipped to operate as service construction

vessels and are prepared for installation of A-Frame and large offshore crane. Delivery is in December

2008 and May 2009 respectively.

Invincible Arrives

Further to last month’s article (BG & FD Get Busy), below is a picture of the newly delivered UT 755L FD

Invincible. It has now commenced its two wells firm term charter with BG supporting the Sedco 704.

Fratelli D’Amato have three sister vessels yet to deliver between 2007 and 2008.

Thirty Thunders In

India based G E Shipping have taken delivery of their DP I UT 755L PSV Malaviya 30. Aker Brattvaag

shipyard in Norway finished off the vessel mid September and the PSV was whisked off to the North Sea

spot market straight after. Aberdeen based Gulf Offshore N.S. Ltd are commercial managers for the 5,640

BHP, 690 m2 deck PSV. In addition, Greatship (India) Ltd have contracted to build four 80 ton bollard pull

anchor handling tugs. These tugs are currently being built by Labroy Shipbuilding and Engineering Pte Ltd

in Singapore, with delivery expected in the first half of 2009. Also this month GE Shipping took delivery of

the 7,100 BHP anchor handler Malaviya 27 from the Bharati Shipyard of India. The vessel is expected to

work on term charter in Indian waters.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Ocean Team Try The Triple

Oceanteam Power and Umbilical AS are to exercise an option for a third construction support vessel.

Metal Ships and Docks yard in Vigo, Spain are expected to complete construction in the third quarter of

2008. Details of the vessel include an LOA of 137 metres, more than 2,400 square metres of deck area, 2

x 100 tonnes cranes and the ability to load, transport and install 7,000 tonnes of flexible product


Siem Sales

Norwegian based shipowners Sartor Shipping AS have agreed to buy three standby vessels from Siem

Offshore Inc: the Ocean Flower, Ocean Star and Solvbas. Sartor take delivery in October 2006 and total

value of this deal is NOK 60 million.

Olympic Order Another

Olympic Shipping AS have ordered a MT 6009-L PSV from Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS in Norway.

Details include LOA of over 70 metres, working deck area of 745 square metres, accommodation for 40

persons giving the vessel the flexibility to carry out cargo work and light ROV / subsea work. The diesel

electric, DP vessel (pictured) is expected to deliver in February 2008 and this addition will be Olympic’s

second of this design after they take delivery of their first MT 6009 from Aker Aukra in February 2007.

Corona Joins Club

Further to June’s article “Bold Sold To Solstad”, the Bold Endeavour construction vessel has now formally

joined the Solstad fleet. It has now been re-named the Normand Corona. As a reminder the vessel is

working in the Gulf of Mexico on term charter to Deep Ocean.

Hagenes Half Dozen

Norwegian based Hagenes have ordered 6 DP II VS 470 MK II Subsea PSVs (with an option for a further

two) from Tebma shipyard in India. The vessels will be marketed for shallow water subsea work worldwide

with first delivery in 2008.

Commander and Canyon Come Together

The MT 6016 MPSV Olympic Commander has been chartered by Canyon Offshore for subsea work in UK

and US waters. The three to five year contract will begin in April 2007 after the vessel has been converted.

During conversion (expected to start in February next year) the vessel will be fitted with a subsea 150 ton

active heave compensated crane, helideck, two work ROVs and accommodation for 80 persons. Above is

an artist’s impression of what the vessel will look like after conversion.

Esnaad Fancy Five

Esnaad (the Abu Dhabi based Adnoc subsidiary specialising in marine and supply base services) has

ordered 5 new vessels as part of its $60 million fleet replacement process. The vessels (2 AHTS and 3

work boats) will be built by Singapore based Labroy Shipbuiliding and Engineering with delivery in 2008.

Solstad Secure Ship For Subsea 7

Solstad Offshore ASA have now secured a vessel for their six years plus options contract with Subsea 7

after signing a letter of intent for a large construction vessel with Flekkefjord Slipp og Maskinfabrikk AS.

With 113 metres LOA and a width of 24 metres the vessel will be perfect for the Inspection, Maintenance

and Repair segment.

Horizon Marine Supports Rig Tow to Brazil

After 5,500 nautical miles and 64 days at sea, the semi-submersible drilling unit Noble Therald Martin

arrived in Macae, Brazil. Horizon Marine assisted the routing of the rig prior to its departure and while

underway. Horizon Marine’s Eddy Watch - Gulf of Mexico and Eddy Watch –Trinidad/Venezuela reports

were issued to the tow vessels John P. Laborde and Maersk Master and used with great effect.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Traditionally Horizon Marine has focused north of the equator, but with the analysis and interpretation of

satellite imagery and NOAA drifting GPS buoys, the route south of the equator was charted for and

journeyed by the Noble Therald Martin without any surprises. As operations move further offshore into

deeper water and assets are moved between oil fields, Horizon Marine’s Eddy Watch and Rig Watch

programs are becoming an essential service to the oil industry. (Source: Marinelink)

Rem Fortress delivered

The MT 6016 PSV Rem Fortress has recently been delivered to Rem Maritime by Kleven Verft yard in

Norway. The vessel is now underway to India to begin its three year charter with Global Industries.

(Source: Clipping News)

Launching of "Mikiona"

At high tide on Saturday, 7th October, J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp. of Tacoma, WA launched the new

128.3' x 35.0' x 15.0'' ocean-going tug "Mikiona" for Sause Bros. Inc. of Coos Bay, OR. The twin screw,

U.S. flag tug will remain at the Martinac dock for outfitting with a turnkey delivery date scheduled for

December 15th. A reception was held immediately following the launching ceremony at the Working

Waterfront Maritime Museum. J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp. was founded in 1924 and still occupies its

original site on the Thea Foss Waterway in Tacoma. Twin 1875HP MTU / Detroit Diesel 16V4000 engines

power the vessel. The engines are essentially a 16 cylinder version of the 12 cylinder diesels in the tugs

"Joseph Sause" and "Henry Sause". Engines have been de-rated to 1600RPM and 1875HP each,

providing the most efficient propeller speeds along with maximum extended engine life and a bollard pull

of 130,000lbs. The two 16V4000 diesels will turn twin 104" diameter props inside Nautican nozzles,

producing abt. 130,000lbs. Of bollard pull and an estimated 12kn speed free running. The new state-ofthe-art

Nautican nozzles feature pre-swirl stators, focusing incoming water onto the propeller blades

directly, resulting in a 5-6% increase in thrust and bollard pull. "Mikiona" is fitted with an enlarged version

of the quad rudder system installed on the "Joseph" and "Henry Sause". Current projections indicate that

"Mikiona" is expected to tow double skin tank barges of the 87,000bbl "Monterey Bay" and "Morro Bay"

class at 9 knots. The tug will feature a new Norwegian Rapp Hydema hydraulic towing winch with 2,900'

2.25" wire, the first of its kind in Sause's fleet. The winch will be fully controllable from the tug's

wheelhouse. Electronic controls will allow the Captain to monitor and control wire tension. Using the digital

tension meter the Captain can set various tension alarm levels, and set the winch to automatically release

wire at a specified tension level and retrieve wire when the tension lowers to the pre-set level. A newly

designed 4-pin tow pin system will utilize 16" diameter and 16" high pins and a 24" stern roller. The pins

will be more robust, longer lasting and easier on the tow wire than existing systems. The stern roller

features an improved bearing system that will allow it to turn more easily, further reducing wire wear. A

Rapp Hydema bow winch will be installed on the tug, a unit similar to a ship assist bow winch with highspeed

retrieval and high brake holding power. The winch is designed to be compatible with modern highstrength

soft lines. The winch will be fully controllable both from the wheelhouse and the forward deck.

Vessel has accommodations for an operating crew of nine persons in seven staterooms. Construction of

the "Mikiona's" sister ship "Cochise" has begun at Martinac, with bulkhead prefabrication and stiffening

and skeg, rudder and engine base fabrication. Assembly of the vessel can now proceed since "Mikiona"

has been launched. (Source: Clipping News)

ITC Expands in Offshore vessels

The successful operation of anchor handling tugs TEMPEST and TYPHOON has initiated the decision to

strengthen ITC’s position in offshore support by the recent purchase of two anchor handling tug supply

vessels of 12,000 bhp. The 140 tons bollard pull vessels were built in The Netherlands in 1987 and 1988

under the names Maersk Leader and Maersk Lifter. The AHTS’s will be taken over early 2007 in North

West Europe. The new names are still undecided. The vessels are 69.90 meters in length, 15.90 beam

with deadweight of 2,499 tons. They are fitted out with two bow thrusters and one stern thruster. The two

MAK main engines are able to burn heavy fuel. Its fuel capacity of 1100 m3 which can be enlarged by

another 1000 m3 capacity, make the vessels very suitable for the ocean towage market. However the

present layout of the vessels for the offshore supply market includes both dry bulk and liquid bulk

capacities of close to 2000 m3. A total of 1000 tons of deck cargo can be carried on the 362 m2 free deck.

Deck equipment includes a waterfall type four drum towing and anchor handling winch of 250 tons and

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

300 tons triplex shark jaws. Its stern roller of 400 tons SWL measures 5.50 x 2.50 meters. The acquisition

reconfirms our confidence in the offshore market and our commitment to the industry. (Source: Clipping


Tug on fire after hitting gas pipeline

The 1996 built pusher tug MEGAN and barge caught on fire Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006, after reportedly

striking a natural gas pipeline. The incident is being investigated by the Coast Guard and National

Transportation and Safety Board. Four people are deceased, two were rescued and two remain missing.

(Source: Clipping News)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

7 e jaargang, nr. 35

dd. 22 oktober 2006


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Smit-Lloyd 28 sold

De overdracht van de Smit Lloyd 28 van Smit Singapore is gisteren, 18 oktober getekend, ze is verkocht

aan Pelican Offshore Singapore Pte Ltd. Nieuwe naam is Pelican 28. Heb nog geen fotootje maar als ik

er een heb zal ik ‘m mailen aan de liefhebbers. (Source: John Bruinsma via Jaap Kooij)

Elbe verhaald

Het berghout van de Elbe aan de stuurboordzijde is geheel gerepareerd en gerestaureerd. Nu komt de

bakboordszijde aan de beurt. Daarvoor moest het schip even de haven uit en 180 graden gedraaid

worden. De Adriaan (museale sleper van Kotug) en de Smit Denemarken (de bemanning bood vrijwillige

hulp aan in hun "blok"), uiteraard met toestemming van de rederijen, klaarden het karweitje in de

stromende regen vandaag 21 oktober 2006. (Source: Nico Ouwehand)

Smit Aruba

Deze week wordt de Smit Aruba te Rotterdam verwacht. Fotograven, hou daar rekening mee. U kunt dan

alvast een goed plekje uitzoeken. Welke dag en hoe laat ze de rivier op zal komen varen zal deze week

wel duidelijker worden. (Source: Hans van der Ster)