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•The house where the

incident occured

•The 4th victim at the hospital

•Martin Amidu,

Special Prosecutor

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There is only one valuable

thing in art: the thing you cannot


— Georges Braque


Friday June 15 Eid ul-Fitr

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Saudi Arabia

'could block

Nigerians from




wants govt to curb

abuse of tramadol




I’m not heathen

— Bambino


Christopher wins


Greater Accra Regional




NCA $4 m document request

S/Court to rule

in 44 days




of the Supreme Court justices,

presided over by Justice

William Atuguba, will,

in 44 days, deliver its ruling

on whether the Attorney-General is required

by law to provide documents to

accused persons days before court hearing

or not.

The court fixed June 7, 2018, as date

to rule on the matter brought before it by

embattled former board chairman of the

National Communications Authority, Eugene

Baffoe Bonnie, and four others who

are facing charges for wilfully causing financial

loss to the state.

The defendants - Alhaji Salifu Mimina

Osman, George Derrick Oppong, a Director

of Infralock Development Limited,

William Tetteh Tevie, the former Director

General of NCA, Nana Owusu Ensaw, a

former board member, are asking for the

proper interpretation of Article 19 (2) (e)

and (g), which borders on fair trial.

In court yesterday, the State, represented

by Deputy Attorney General, Godfred

Yeboah Dame, told the court that the

State relies entirely on its statement in opposition

to the application as filed at the

court by the defendants.

The lawyers for the five accused persons

separately indicated to the court that

they also relied on their statements of case

as duly filed on April 3.

• Eugene Baffoe Bonnie, Former

Board Chairman, NCA

The case has been adjourned to June 7

for ruling.


The former NCA board chairman and

the other accused persons have all pleaded

not guilty to the charges.

Moving their consolidated motion at

the High Court, the lawyers said the matter,

which borders on constitutional interpretation,

ought to be referred to the Supreme

Court since the apex court has the original

jurisdiction to interpret issues bordering on

the constitution.

The court, presided over by Justice Eric

Kyei Baffour, granted the motion and referred

the matter to the interpretation of

Article 19 (2) (e) and (g).

He added that there was

a rival interpretation by the

parties regarding the constitutional

provision and that

clearly indicated that there

was a need for the Supreme

Court to give its interpretation.

Subject matter

It was the case of the

applicants at the High

Court for the court to compel

the Attorney General’s

Department to disclose to

the defence team all documents

they intend to rely

on throughout the trial, as

well as a comprehensive list

of all prosecution witnesses

they intend to call in support

of their case.

In praying the court, they said the refusal

by the respondent to furnish them

with copies of documents and other materials

they wanted to rely on in the trial constituted

a violation of human right of

accused persons of fair trial.

He prayed the court to order the prosecution

to furnish the applicants with the list

of witnesses and summary of evidence of

their testimonies before witnesses would be


Counsel also prayed the court to declare

that in any document or material evidence

they attempted to tender without giving

them access three clear days same ought to

be declared inadmissible pursuant to Article

19(2) (e) and (g).

Lawyer, businessman

jailed 12yrs for fraud



THE CIRCUIT Court in Accra has sentenced a private

legal practitioner, Dominic Owusu Sekyere, and a businessman,

Albert Kwadwo Coleman, to 12 years’ imprisonment

for defrauding by false pretence.

The two were found guilty of two counts of charges,

to wit, conspiracy to commit crime and defrauding by

false pretence. They were handed five years each for conspiracy.

On the charge of defrauding by false pretence contrary

to section 23(1) and 131 of the Act 29/60, lawyer

Sekyere was sentenced to seven years while the businessman

was slapped with five years.

The sentence, according to the court, are to run concurrently,

which means lawyer Sekyere will serve seven

years while Coleman will serve five years, making a total

of 12 years.

The court, presided over by Malike Awo Woanyah

Dey, also ordered the convicts to refund the $200, 000 to

the complainant.

The lawyer, together with four others, collected

$200,000 from one Ato Hamilton on the pretext of securing

him a land. However, the four persons, two of whom

are on the run, failed to fulfil their promise, which compelled

the complainant to report the matter to the police.

Brief facts

The facts of the case as were presented to the court by

Chief Inspector Ophelia Denteh, of the legal and prosecuting

unit of Accra Region, were that the complainant,

Hamilton, is a businessman residing at East Legon -


The accused persons - Albert Kwadwo Coleman and

Dominic Owusu Sekyere - are marketing officer and

lawyer respectively, and that sometime in June 2014, complainant

was contacted on phone by one Samuel Yeboah

that he resides in Texas in the United States of America.

According to her, Yeboah informed the two that the

complainant was looking for a parcel of land to purchase

at Cantonments or its environs.

He said his girlfriend, by name Dr Jennifer Jane-




ANOTHER VICTIM, a one-monthold

baby has been hospitalised at the

Princess Marie Louise Children's

Hospital days after the unfortunate

demise of a two-and-half –year-old

boy and nine months- old twin girls due to the inhalation

of a pesticide, topstoxin.

The three children died after one of their parents

sprayed the fumigant tablet, topstoxin in her

room to kill cockroaches.

The fourth victim was noticed hours after the

three kids were rushed to the 37 Military Hospital

through the help of fellow tenants of the deceased’s


Cecilia Mensah, mother of the 4th victim told

the DAILY HERITAGE when the paper visited

the home of the parents who lost their children

that she breastfed her one-month-old baby

after returning from the room of the deceased

children. She had rushed there to carry one of the

affected children when their mother screamed for


She said she gave her child breast milk immediately

after she returned without taking her bath as

Abavana Pesticide poisoning…

4th baby


• After death of twins and

two-and-a-half –year-old boy

the baby was crying


My baby started

vomiting after being

breastfed, so I got

very worried,” she


“I didn’t know

that not taking my

bath immediately I

came out of their

room before breastfeeding

my baby was

going to endanger his

life. The smell in their

room was extremely

strong, it smelt like

carbide,” she stated.

The fourth victim is currently on admission

after he was rushed to a polyclinic and later to the

Princess Marie Louise Children's Hospital.

•The house where the incident occured

Landlord’s account

The landlord, who did not want to be named,

told the paper that doctors at the 37 Military Military

Hospital asked him to evacuate all tenants for

at least three days, but he didn’t obey because he

felt the accident happened because the instruction

on the medicine was not obeyed.

“There was no need to vacate the house because

the rule of the medicine is that you lock the

door for five hours after placing it in the four corners

of your room and then leave doors and windows

open to allow air in and out of the room.

Once that rule is followed there would be no cause

for alarm. She is not the first to use the medicine

in this compound,” he stated.

He, however, disclosed that all tenants have

been banned from using that particular chemical

in the house.

According to some of the tenants at the residence

at Abavana Down, Kotobabi, the entire

house has been struggling to get rid of inserts,

hence the resort to the use of that chemical by

most of them.


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in a

statement copied to the DAILY HERITAGE

said preliminary checks by the FDA revealed that

the family used a pesticide which contained aluminium

phosphide as its active ingredient.

“Aluminium phosphide is used as a fumigant

to protect stored grains from insects and rodents,

which makes the product an agro chemical and

not a household chemical. In the presence of

moisture, aluminium phosphide releases phosphine

which is highly toxic,” the statement noted.

The statement said although the product is an

agro chemical, which does not fall under the regulations

of the FDA, it is liaising with the Environmental

Protection Agency and the

Agriculture Ministry to investigate the source

and distribution channels for the product.

Meanwhile, the FDA has admonished the

general public to carefully read the labels of all

products and follow the direction before using

or consuming any regulated product to avoid injuries

and allergies which may lead to deaths.

“The general public is also entreated to inform

the FDA of any regulated products found

on the market which does not comply with the

standards,” it stated.

Lawyer, businessman jailed 12yrs for fraud


Brown Aryee, (a name he impersonated)

was offering her five plots

of land at Cantonments for sale.

Complainant was asked to contact

one Amoah, who is the agent, for

the sale of the land. The said

Amoah called and met the complainant

and upon further discussion,

he led complainant to

Cantonments, where the said parcel

of land was being offered for


She told the court that the

complainant found someone in occupation

of a government bungalow

on the land and approached

the occupant to know more about

the said land.

The prosecutor told the court

that the occupant stated that he

had been served with notice to

leave and give possession to the

rightful owner of the land as the

owner was offering the land for

sale, adding that the complainant

demanded and collected a copy of

the document covering the aforementioned


He conducted a search at the

Lands Commission to find out the

rightful owner and the authenticity

of the land documents. It came

out that the land was in the name

of Dr Aryee. Subsequently,

Amoah led the complainant to the

supposed owner of the land at


The complainant, after meeting

with the said Dr Aryee, demanded

for the original copy of the documents

covering the land and was

given documents bearing the Plan

No. Les/GAR 564/AC11509 of

the land and same was taken to

Land Department for confirmation.

It was again confirmed that

the documents were genuine.

The said Dr Aryee priced the

land at US$ 500,000 and requested

payment of a deposit from the

complainant. Lawyer Sekyere contacted

the complainant and told

him that the land belonged to his

client, Dr Aryee, and impressed

upon the complainant to pay the

amount involved in order for the

transfer of ownership to be effected

in his name.

On July 4, 2015, Dr Aryee led

complainant to the lawyer and he

prepared contract of sale document

and collected an amount of

U5$ 200,000 on behalf of his

client, Dr Aryee, after all the parties

had signed.

She told the court that the

complainant told the lawyer to

keep the amount of money for

further directives and a week after

payment, complainant received a

phone call from Coleman that he

had arrived in the country for a funeral

and requested complainant to

give him an amount of GH¢


She said the complainant directed

Coleman to his residence at

East Legon, where he collected the

money from him. Weeks later, the

lawyer started pressurising him to

pay an amount of U5$ 300,000 to

him to add to the initial deposit as

his client was in need of funds.

The behaviour of the lawyer and

his accomplices raised suspicion

and upon further investigation the

complainant realised that he had

been defrauded.

It came to light that the rightful

owner of the land was living outside

the country and that she had

no idea of the sale of her property

in question. The case was reported

to the police for investigation. The

information led to the arrest of

the suspect who was in custody of

Bureau of National Investigations

for similar offence. Complainant

identified him as one of the people

who defrauded him.

Further investigations revealed

that Coleman and Amoah were

using fake names. Their real names

are Albert Kwadwo Coleman and

John Arthur.

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Malawi's exiled ex-president to return after ‘cashgate'

• Joyce Banda, pictured in 2014, wants to rebuild her

party ahead of next year's elections

THE FORMER president of

Malawi, Joyce Banda, is expected

to return home this

week after nearly four years of

self-imposed exile in the wake

of the biggest financial scandal

in the country's history.

Her spokesman Nowa

Chimpeni said Mrs Banda

planned to rebuild and "reorganise"

her People's Party,

ahead of elections in 2019.

Many members abandoned her

party, AFP new agency reports.

Mrs Banda has lived in the

US, South Africa and the UK

since fleeing Malawi in 2014.

Last year, police issued an

arrest warrant for her in connection

with the scandal,

known as "cashgate", in which

senior government officials siphoned

off millions of dollars

from state coffers.

Mrs Banda has denied

claims of abuse of office and

money laundering.

A police spokesperson declined

say to whether she

would be detained on arrival.




World news in 4 stories

'Bin Laden bodyguard' on German welfare

•After 9/11 Bin Laden was public enemy

number one for the US

A TUNISIAN man who once allegedly

protected Osama Bin

Laden has lived in Germany since

1997 and gets €1,168 (£1,022) a

month in welfare payments.

The figure was revealed by a regional

government, after the farright

Alternative for Germany

(AfD) asked about the man,

known as Sami A.

German media have not reported

the man's full name for privacy


He denies jihadist links. Deportation

to Tunisia was

ruled out because of

fears that he could

be tortured there.

Bin Laden ran

the al-Qaeda jihadist

network and approved

the devastating

9/11 terror

attacks on the US in

2001. He was shot

dead by US special

forces in Pakistan in


At least three of the 9/11 suicide

pilots were members of an al-

Qaeda cell based in Hamburg,

northern Germany.

According to witness testimony

from a German anti-terror trial in

2005, Sami A served for several

months in 2000 as one of Bin

Laden's bodyguards in

Afghanistan. He denies that, but

judges in Düsseldorf believed the


Sami A was investigated for alleged

al-Qaeda links in 2006, but

he was not charged.

Sami A lives with a German

wife and four children in the city

of Bochum, in western Germany.

After obtaining a temporary

residence permit in Germany in

1999 he took several technology

courses and moved to the city in


His asylum application was rejected

in 2007 because the authorities

had listed him as a security

risk. He has to report daily at a police

station. BBC

Saudi Arabia 'could block

Nigerians from Hajj’


are threatening to bar

Nigerians from attending

this year's pilgrimage

to Mecca over fears they

could spread Lassa fever,

Nigeria's National Hajj Commission

has said.

Since the start of the year the

disease has killed at least 90 people

in Nigeria and more than 1,000

cases have been reported across the


Symptoms of Lassa fever can

include fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting,

diarrhoea, headaches, abdominal

pains, sore throat and facial


The virus is passed to people

who eat infected rats, or if food is

contaminated by rat droppings or

urine. It can also be transmitted

through contact with body fluids of

an infected person.

A spokesman for Nigeria's Hajj

commission, Mousa Ubandawaki,

says they are responding to the

threat by holding "an expanded

meeting" on Wednesday "of all officials

from the 36 states, the commission

and officials of the federal

Government to discuss the matter".

The Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi

Arabia will take place in August this

year. BBC

•Former anti-corruption chief, Hisham Geneina

Egypt anti-corruption

chief jailed

•More than 90,000 Nigerian Muslims reportedly went on the pilgrimage last year

AN EGYPTIAN military

court has sentenced a former

anti-corruption chief,

Hisham Geneina, to five

years in jail, charged with

spreading news that harms

the army.

The military detained

Geneina in February following

an interview he gave to

Huffpost Arabi, the Arabic

version of the US news site.

In the interview he said

former armed forces chief

General Sami Anan possessed

documents that were

damning of senior Egyptian

officials. He gave no details.

Geneina, a qualified

judge, was sacked by Abdel

Fattah al-Sisi as head of the

Central Auditing Authority

in 2016 after he was accused

of exaggerating the cost of

corruption in Egypt.

His lawyers told news

agencies that he is filing an

appeal. BBC





All must get involved in the fight against tramadol abuse

TRAMADOL, AN opioid pain medication

used to treat moderate to moderately

severe pain, has become an

albatross on the neck of the Food and

Drugs Authority (FDA) because some

dimwits have decided to dangerously

abuse the drug.

According to medics, when tramadol

is taken by mouth in an immediate-release

formulation, the onset of

pain relief usually occurs within an


Tramadol is noted for relieving severe

pain in cases such as gory accidents,

frozen shoulder and sickle cell.

In spite of the usefulness of the

drug, its abuse can be extremely dangerous.

A report published by the

Drug Abuse Warning Network suggested

that “over 12,000 acute toxicity

cases reported in emergency centres

from 1995 to 2002 involved tramadol.”

Taking more than the recommended

dosage may present acute side effects

such as agitation, drowsiness or altered

level of consciousness, nausea and

vomiting that may be followed by dizziness

and vertigo, death, epileptic

seizure, constipation and other gastrointestinal


Sadly, in spite of these dangers,

some Ghanaians have decided to use

the drug for the wrong reasons.

The youth have taken to it to get

‘high’ so they could engage in activities

they ordinarily would not have been

able to engage in. Many are falling victim

and being torn apart because of the

senseless abuse.

The police, not long ago, said some

armed robbers abuse the drug to be

courageous to engage in their criminal

activities. The situation has, indeed, got

out of hand and requires drastic measures

by the FDA and all Ghanaians to

stem the tide.

So far, the FDA, in collaborating

with other security agencies, is doing its

best to fight the worrying canker.


supports the FDA in its quest and

urges the authority to rein in parents

who send their children to buy tramadol

for them. It exposes the kids to

the craze of using the drug to get intoxicated

and ‘high.’

We also urge all to support the police

and FDA to put this baloney under

control because it is destroying the


Double salary scandal…

CJA to petition

Martin Amidu


CITIZENS FOR Justice and

Accountability (CJA), a pressure

group, has called on the

Office of the Special Prosecutor

to act on the alleged

double salary received by some government

officials under the John Mahama-led


According to the group, there has been

a “growing sense of impunity in respect of

corruption in this country,” hence the need

for the office of the Special Prosecutor to

help fight corruption in the country.

In an interview with the DAILY

HERITAGE yesterday, Mr Ato Sam-

Ghartey, Convener, CJA, reiterated the

need for the government officials to consider

the plight of the ordinary citizens in

the country.

He added that it was time for public institutions

to step up their efforts in the

fight against corruption in the country.

“They should handle the issue like how

they will deal with a public sector worker

who is found to have committed any

wrongdoing. The investigations should be

swift,” he told the paper.

When asked why they were petitioning

the Special Prosecutor when the Criminal

Investigations Department of the Police

Service had started their investigation, Mr

Sam-Ghartey said bringing the Special

Prosecutor in would not stop other institutions

from conducting their investigations.

“The law that was used to set up the

• Martin Amidu — Special Prosecutor

Office of the Special Prosecutor has

clothed it to investigate any act of corruption,”

he added.

He further disclosed to the paper that

the group is expected to submit the petition

latest by May 2, 2018 to allow them

more time to deal with the issue.

In a release copied to the DAILY HER-

ITAGE earlier, the group urged Ghanaians

to resort to the law in order to fight the

corruption menace.

“If it was a case of an accountant in

the public or civil service, he/she would

have been dealt with according to the criminal

laws of Ghana,” they stated.

The group continued that, “If it was a

hawker on the streets of Accra, he would

have been arrested immediately, denied bail

and prosecuted with the speed of light and

convicted harshly.”

The petition, the group explained,

would call on the Special Prosecutor, Mr

Martin Amidu, to investigate and prosecute

the culprits, if found guilty.

They added that the petition would demand

that the “Special Prosecutor shall

take steps to cause the refund of all salaries

received unlawfully by some minority

Members of Parliament (MPs).”


It was reported that some 22 ministers

under the previous administration were

taking double salaries as ministers and

Members of Parliament (MP).

According to the constitution, MPs

who are appointed ministers may either

choose to receive their salaries as ministers

or take what their colleague MPs are taking

– although other benefits are attached.

Some names mentioned to have allegedly

received double salaries included

Alban Bagbin, MP for Nadowli West in the

Upper West Region; E. T. Mensah, former

MP for Ningo Prampram; Haruna Iddrisu,

former Minister of Employment and

Labour Relations, and MP for Tamale


The rest are Emmanuel Armah-Kofi

Buah, former Petroleum Minister and MP

for Ellembelle in the Western Region and

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If I were to advocate

better child care



so sweet. They

can be bold and

courageous – just

imagine the fact

that they can go

close to things adults fear and

sometimes they climb things that

we cannot easily climb.

In spite of these escapades,

they are so feeble and they have to

be protected and cared for. The

fact is they are still children and

rely on adults for their very existence.

Depending on the age, a child

can just tread anywhere or befriend

anyone without any fear of

the consequences.

They are feeble and yet

so daring

Imagine a child walking up to

the Pope whilst preaching and

going to sit on his chair. What impudence,

some would say. If it

was an adult who did that people

would think he was crazy, arrogant

or simply cheeky. When a child

does it, he is seen as bold, sweet

and adventurous.

This week I saw three videos

involving the Pope and some children

and the videos just touched


Foreign media reported that

the Pope engaged children in the

neighborhood and during a question

and answer session, a child,

who was supposed to ask a question

just stood, hesitated and

walked up to the Pope.

It appeared the child was struggling

with what he was going to

say. He went close and whispered

to the Pope and they had a tete-atete

for a few minutes. With the

permission of the boy, the Pope

shared what the child’s question

was. He wanted to know if his father,

an atheist, would go to

heaven when he dies, having baptized

his children. What a tricky

question? The child was very emotional.

He couldn’t bear the

thought of his father burning in

hell. The Pope was very assuring

and his answer was comforting.

When I saw the video I was

very touched and this led me to

watch three more videos that

touched me even more deeply.

One video showed the testimony

of a parent whose child was suffering

from down syndrome and

two holes in her heart was kissed

• Georgina Asare Fiagbenu, author

by the Pope.

They later saw

that one of the holes

got sealed miraculously

after the encounter.

Another set

of parents also travelled

to the Vatican

and wanted to see

the Pope because it

was their desire for

their baby to be

touched by him. And

guess what, their

dream came true.

Their baby who

had a brain tumor

was picked and given

to the Pope who

kissed the baby on

the back of his head.

The parents were ecstatic.

They saw this

as a sign of blessing

and indeed the baby

who was not expected

to see her first

birthday crossed it at the time the

video was posted.

Again, the last one I watched

showed a three-year-old girl who

was being hugged by the Pope

stretched her hand and remove his

skull cap. It is only a child who

can do this and be pardoned. I

just love the way Pope Francis interacts

with children. It’s divine.

Most importantly, it’s also

amazing to see parents go through

many hurdles to give their children

the best. Some parents go all

out for their children but others

are negligent. All over the world,

countries have put laws in place to

protect the rights of children because

of their fragility.

The reasons why children have

to be protected and given the best

of care is not far-fetched. They

are the future of every society. It’s

painfully surprising that as a result

of poverty and perhaps ignorance,

some parents leave their children

without proper care.

Most parents take good care of

their children and that is what is

expected of them, but some do

not. Sometimes I feel sick when I

see three to five year olds on their

own crossing a major road, walking

to school or playing by the

roadside unattended to.

I know there are laws against

child neglect in Ghana but perhaps

because they are not enforced

properly some do not care.

In the western world, parents

and guardians lose their rights to

live with their children when they

don’t give them the necessary care

and expose them to danger. There

are many reports about children

who were taken from their parents

because the government felt they

were not safe in their homes.

In Ghana, what do we see?

The issue of child neglect and

abandonment is not a topic that

startles relevant authorities. We

often hear horrendous stories of

children, who have been abused,

raped, beaten, locked up, starved

or subjected to various forms of

torture. I have heard stories of

children getting locked up in abandoned

cars and suffocating to

death, with the latest one being a

reckless grandfather, whose gun

was used by a boy to kill his


Some of these stories send

chills down your spine. We also

hear parents who leave their children

all by themselves because

they do not have a caregiver and

have to work. That is a difficult

place to be in. The issue is economic

exploits and career development

is still not an excuse for

child neglect.

We must work but we must

also keep an eye on our children

and see beyond the economic fortunes.

We must listen to them and

pay attention to their needs. Most

of the time we are not listening

and all we do is shout and scream

when they do the wrong thing.

Most importantly, we must

keep them in our hearts. Everyone

will argue that their children are in

their hearts but do we always prioritize

things related to them and

do we factor them in our plans?

Does a decision to take on a new

job or pursue a new programme

taken because it will also be in the

best interest of our children? No,

•A child takes off Pope Francis' white zucchetto, or skullcap, during a meeting with children and volunteers of the Santa Marta Vatican Institute, at the Vatican

some take decisions without considering

its impact on their children.

Children are children and as

long as they are children they will

continue to act and behave in

ways that may sometimes seem irrational

but that is who they are.

The good thing is that they

won’t always be children. They will

grow quickly and before we know

it they are adults. Children deserve

the best from adults.

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Four steps in avoiding breast cancer

Limit alcohol

The more alcohol you drink,

the greater your risk of developing

breast cancer. The general

recommendation based on research

on the effect of alcohol

on breast cancer risk is to limit

yourself to less than 1 drink per

day as even small amounts increase


Don't smoke

Accumulating evidence suggests

a link between smoking and

breast cancer risk, particularly in

premenopausal women. In addition,

not smoking is one of the

best things you can do for your

overall health.

Control your weight

Being overweight or obese

increases the risk of breast cancer.

This is especially true if obesity

occurs later in life,

particularly after menopause.


Breast-feeding might play a

role in breast cancer prevention.

The longer you breast-feed, the

greater the protective effect.




OccupyGhana wants govt

to curb abuse of tramadol




OccupyGhana, has

called on the Government

of Ghana

to take immediate

steps to curb the

abuse of Tramadol in the country.

The pressure group is therefore

calling on the Ministry of Health

to appoint a group to research the

extent of the problem.

OccupyGhana said “the group

will train doctors to recognise

signs of Tramadol addiction and

take steps to treat these patients.

Consideration could be given to

setting up addiction treatment centres.”

Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain

reliever used to treat moderate to

severe pain. Fatal side effects can

occur if it is used with alcohol, or

with other drugs that cause

drowsiness or slow breathing.

There has been an increase in

the purchase and abuse of Tramadol,

which could lead to adverse

consequences, hence a

campaign by health groups, individuals

and other civil society organisations

for the government to


In the Ashanti Region, 21 drug

sellers have been referred to the

Pharmacy Council for the necessary

action to be taken against

them for stocking and selling high

doses of Tramadol.

This was after the Food and

Drugs Authority (FDA) had undertaken

market surveillance at 84

shops, comprising 50 over-thecounter

chemical shops and 34

pharmacy shops within the region,

Mrs Nora Narkie Terlabi, the

Ashanti Regional head of the

FDA, told the media.

OccupyGhana said the government

must “urgently take

steps to tackle the illegal

trade in Tramadol. We recommend

a three-pronged

approach – medical, law

enforcement; and prevention

and rehabilitation.

“We ask the law enforcement

agencies to investigate

how these drugs

are coming in and to take

steps to stop the large shipments

from India and

China. The Narcotics Control

Board, FDA and Pharmacy

Council should

ensure that licensed chemical sellers

do not sell Tramadol or that it

is not sold over the counter.

“Tramadol should only be obtainable

with a prescription from a

licensed medical provider.

“We ask for programmes to educate

the general public about the

drug and its addictive potential.

This should involve pharmacists,

doctors, teachers, and pastors.

Consideration should be given to

programmes of rehabilitation,”

the statement explained.

“We ask the law enforcement


to investigate how

these drugs are coming

in and to take

steps to stop the

large shipments from

India and China. The

Narcotics Control

Board, FDA and Pharmacy

Council should

ensure that licensed

chemical sellers do

not sell Tramadol or

that it is not sold over

the counter.”

Death of 3 children

FDA, EPA partner to trace supply channel of Topstoxin

THE FOOD and Drugs Authority

(FDA) has said the three children

who died after their parents sprayed

a fumigant tablet lost their lives

through the inhalation of a pesticide,


The fumigation tablet, Topstoxin,

the FDA said, is a pesticide

used for the control of insects in

stored grain, and for the processing

of food and feeds.

The children, nine-month-old

twin girls and their two-year-old

brother, died at the 37 Military Hospital

last Friday night.

They had ingested a deadly substance

called organo-phosphate

found in a product called Topstoxin,




and neighbours rushed them and

their parents to the 37 Military Hospital

for medical care.

The incident occurred after one

of the parents had sprayed their

home with the poisonous substance

to get rid of cockroaches.

A statement signed by Mr James

Lartey, the Head of Communications,

FDA, and copied to the

DAILY HERITAGE, said preliminary

checks by the FDA had revealed

that the family used the said

pesticide (Topstoxin) which had aluminum

phosphide as its active ingredient.

The statement said the FDA immediately

dispatched officers. as part

of its safety monitoring activities to

the 37 Military Hospital, where the

kids died on Friday, to ascertain the

cause of their death.

“Aluminum phosphide is used as

a fumigant to protect stored grains

from insects and rodents, which

makes the product an agrochemical

and not a household chemical,” the

statement said.

“In the presence of moisture,

aluminum phosphide releases phosphine,

which is highly toxic", it


The statement said although the

product is an agro chemical, which

does not fall under the regulations

of the FDA, it is liaising with the

Environmental Protection Agency

and the Agriculture Ministry to investigate

the source and distribution

channels for the product.

Meanwhile, the FDA has admonished

the general public to carefully

read the labels of all products and

follow the direction before using or

consuming any regulated products

to avoid injuries and allergies, which

may lead to deaths.

“The general public is also being

entreated to inform the FDA of any

regulated products found on the

market which does not comply with

the standards.”

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•Mr John Dumelo displaying YoHRA souvenir

John Dumelo

appointed YoHRA



Understanding (MOU) has been

signed between the continental

Human Rights Organisation, Youth

for Human Rights Africa (YoHRA)

and award winning movie actor and

star, Mr John Dumelo.

A release signed by the Director of

Communication of YoHRA, Mr

Christopher Selorm Ankou and

copied to the DAILY HERITAGE

said the collaboration with Mr

Dumelo for the promotion and

preservation of fundamental rights

through entertainment was strategic.

Mr Anku said through the

partnership with YoHRA, Mr Dumelo

would use his wide social media,

corporate networks, and international

appeal to rally support to advance

human rights in Ghana and on the

continent of Africa.

The areas of his work would

include galvanising support for the

thematic areas of YoHRA; thus

Human Rights education and

promotion, research, publication,

training, litigation and advocacy.

In a brief meeting at the YoHRA

office on Tuesday, April 17, Mr

Dumelo promised to use all his

platforms to raise the necessary

support for the works of YoHRA,

especially the 2nd Annual Ghana

Youth Human Rights Conference

2018, scheduled to be held from

November 1 to 3, 2018.

Mr Dumelo is also a philanthropist

and the Founder of The Dumelo


On his part, the President of

YoHRA, Mr Francis-Xavier Sosu was

excited about the collaboration and

thankful to Mr Dumelo for accepting

the invitation to assist the project.

“There are lots of violations out

there. Most of the victims and

perpetrators alike lack education,

hence the continuous violation; I

therefore find this collaboration very

needful so we can mobilise the

requisite logistics, human and financial

resources to make human rights a

priority in Ghana and other African

Countries," Mr Sosu said.

“I invite the media, corporate

Ghana, other individuals and

organisations to come on board to

promote a safe society for us all and

unite with YoHRA to promote

peaceful co-existence through our

dedicated human rights education and


Jubilee House supported me financially — New NPP Gt. Accra chair



Accra Regional Chairman of the New

Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Divine

Otoo Agorhom has revealed that the

presidency supported him to win the

elections held on Saturday.

Mr Agorhom beat Mr Alfred Boye

and Archibold Cobbina to become

the ruling party’s Greater Accra

Regional Chairman.

He polled 276 votes as against 269

votes for Boye and 66 votes for


Speaking on Citi FM’s Eyewitness

News on Monday, Mr Agorhom

disclosed that the Jubilee House


the Akuapem North

Municipality of the

Eastern Region have been

declared open defecation

free by Plan International,

Ghana and the Eastern Regional

Environmental Health Department.

The communities - Lakpa,

Nsutem, Amanfrom, Sanforo

and Mintakrom battled sanitation

challenges such as open defecation

due to absence of toilet facilities.

They were also dependent on

polluted drinking water source, a

situation which led to rampant water

borne diseases and cholera.

But, following the implementation

of a one million euro integrated

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project

which sought to reduce mortality by

50% in 20 rural communities in the

Eastern and Volta Regions within

three years which ends this year,

these communities have been

supported to construct household


Clean water has also been

provided to the communities.

The communities were declared

open defecation free on Friday April

20, 2018 after 80% of households in

each community proved they had

access to toilet facilities and clean

water for hand washing.

Observations made during a visit

to some of the communities revealed

that indigenous hand washing facility

with soap hanging had been attached

to each toilet facility in homes to

financially supported his campaign

which eventually led to his victory.

Asked if he enjoyed support

from the presidency, Mr Agorhom

replied: “Yes. I did…they supported

me… I had support from them…

they called me and encouraged me.”

Pushed by the host if he was

financially supported by the Jubilee

House, he answered “Yes, they gave

me money,” adding “even if they

gave me GH¢1, it is still money.”

Mr Agorhom, however, refused

to reveal how much money he was

given saying “you asked a question

if the Flagstaff House now Jubilee

House supported me, my answer is

yes. The money may have come

from individual contribution…I

encourage hand washing.

Some of the residents told the


communicable and water borne

diseases were rampant in the

mean whatever it is, I have support

from Jubilee House.”

Mr Agorhom was strongly

opposed by Greater Accra Regional

caucus in Parliament who campaigned

against his candidature.

He has, however, dismissed

suggestions that his chairmanship

may experience challenges due to the

open opposition he faced from the

regional causes in Parliament.

“I don’t think they will not

support me. We went into a contest

which was purely an internal party

reorganisation matter…those who

were not supporting you as you went

climbing, might be rather there

for you after you have won,” he said.

80% of households in 5

communities in E/R have

access to loo facility


•Divine Otoo Agorhom, new elected Greater Accra

Regional Chairman of the NPP

•Staff of Plan International, Ghana with members of the beneficiary communities

communities but the

intervention had helped

eradicate the canker.

The Eastern Regional

Manager of Plan International,

Ghana, Mr Kofi Adade

Debrah, said the five out of

10 operational areas that had

reached the target are expected

to sustain the gain and

improve upon it for quality

health of the people.

"We are expecting these

communities to sustain this

achievement and improve

upon it because the best toilet

facility every household must

have is water closet so they

must upgrade their toilet

facilities. What we want to

achieve is that

nobody contracts disease from

faecal matter.”

Regional Environmental

Officer, Mr Bassanyin Isaac

told the paper that household

toilet facility availability in the

region is not improving but

was hopeful that the intervention of

the Eastern Regional Minister, Mr

Eric Kwakye Darfuor would help

improve the situation.

Market women

bare teeth at

KMA boss




Afia Kobi Ampem Market in

Kumasi, commonly referred

to as ‘Abenkyi Market,’ have

petitioned five bodies to

bring the Chief Executive of

the Kumasi Metropolitan

Assembly (KMA), Mr Osei

Assibey Antwi to order

before things get out of


The organisations and

individual petitioned were

Asantehemaa, Ministry of the

Local Government and Rural

Development, Ashanti

Regional Minister, National

Security and the Bureau

National Investigations.

At a news conference,

Janet Boamah, an executive

member of the traders’

association accused Mr

Assibey of not doing much

to improve the market named

after the late Asantehemaa,

Nana Afi Kobi Serwaa

Ampem II, who happened to

be the biological mother of

the Asantehene, Otumfuo

Osei Tutu II.

They appealed to the

petitioned bodies to act

immediately to prevent the

collapse of the market.

According to them, the

refusal by the KMA boss to

give ears to their grievances

after several letters to solve

the debilitating problems at

the market amounted to

gross respect to the people.

They mentioned insanitary

condition, poor lightening

system, removal of Western

Region drivers from the

market to the Adehyie and

Acheamfuor markets among

others as some challenges

facing the market.

They said insecurity at the

market had exposed the

traders to criminals who

constantly attack and rob

them of colossal sums of


“We are of the strongest

belief that the KMA boss

does not have the interest

and the stability on Nana

Kobi Serwaa Ampem at

heart,” they stated in the


Reacting to the allegations

in a radio interview, the

Public Relations Officer of

the KMA, Mr Godwin

Okumah Nyame refuted the

allegations and said the

assembly was in the process

of making the market a

vibrant business centre.

At a news


Janet Boamah,

an executive

member of the



accused Mr

Assibey of not

doing much to

improve the

market named

after the late


Nana Afi Kobi

Serwaa Ampem

II, who happened

to be the

biological mother

of the


Otumfuo Osei

Tutu II.

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US Dollar USDGHS 4.4035 4.4079

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS









Reroy Group chairman honoured

with ‘Excellence in Business’ award


Quartey Papafio,



Executive Officer

(CEO) of

Reroy Group, has been awarded

with ‘Excellence in Business’ at

the ‘Ghana Women of the Year’


The third edition, which took

place over the weekend, is an annual

event to celebrate Ghanaian

women who are excelling in various

fields of endeavour and contributing

to make Ghana better.

The CEO was awarded for her

portrayal of courage and persistence

in a cable manufacturing industry,

a male-dominated


Currently, she is the only

woman in

Ghana and

Africa in the

cable manufacturing


with a

distinct success



the award, Mrs

Quartey Papafio


event organizer,


Ghana, for the


and encouraged


and upcoming

women to stay

focused in

their field of


She stressed that women are

better managers in all spheres of

life so they should stop at nothing

in achieving their goals.

Other women, including the

EC chair, Madam Charlotte Osei,

Profile of MTN Heroes of Change season IV


Amoah, 42-year-old Evangelist and

founder of Royal Seed Foundation

in Kasoa in the Central Region, aims

to bring up needy or homeless children

to become great persons in future.

According to her, “most of the

children are young kids and babies

who were picked from bushes and

refuse dumps and brought to me.

Some family members that bring the

children never show up to check on

them; The children become my sole

responsibilities till they are of working

age and are assured of a good

future,” she explained.

She said what motivated her to

start the project was that her father

warned her mum against giving birth

to a female child, because girl child

education was not important.

She added that “unfortunately

for me I was born as a girl without

any formal education. Meanwhile,

my dream was to become an air

hostess, which never came to pass. I

rather ended up on the streets selling

tea at night.”

“In the beginning, my mother

• Mrs Kate Quartey Papafio, Executive Chair of Reroy Group

sold her properties to support the

vision. But now I fund this project

all by myself. I don’t do any other

work other than to evangelize on the

streets. What I make from this is

what I use to take care of the kids. I

also roam about pleading with people

to help when the kids are sick

and have surgeries to be done. This

project has survived only by God’s

grace and I thank God no kid has

lost his or her life under my care,”

she added.

The Evangelist also said that she

has over hundred children, including

eight university and 24 senior high

school students, with proper food to

feed on.

“My project has been able to see

kids through school; the infants

even understand and speak English.

It’s a great joy,” she said.

She explained that the project

has a very bad electricity problem

and are surrounded by heavy bushes,

with no light on the path from their

place to town.

She added that a Good Samaritan

bought a bus for them from UK,

which was to carry the kids to

school and church, and then back.

“Though I was not supposed to

pay anything at the port for the bus,

the officials at the port insisted I

give them something, which was

GH¢26,000 or else they were going

to auction it. They auctioned it and

insisted my donor gives them the

documents covering the bus which

he refused till date.”

“Secondly, most of the kids here

have special health disabilities which

need to be attended to, but there are

no funds. A two-month-old baby

boy has a hole in his throat and

needs five surgeries done, which is

over GH¢12,000 and because of

that he has a tube inserted in his

stomach which he feeds through 15

times a day based on the doctor’s

prescription,” she added.

Madam Arku Amoah said her

wish is to be able to complete the

structures for the kids to have a roof

over their heads, because they are at

high risk and also have all the surgery

cases and special cases attended


were honoured in governance, entertainment,

media, music and art,

film, public enterprise for using

their expertise, position and influence

to inspire others to make a

difference in driving other women


The third edition, which took place over

the weekend, is an annual event to celebrate

Ghanaian women who are excelling

in various fields of endeavour

and contributing to make Ghana better.

• Madam Naomi Esi Arku Amoah, an Evangelist and founder of Royal Seed Foundation

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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

Akufo-Addo commissions

refurbished Sekondi fishing harbour


of the Republic,

Nana Addo Dankwa

Akufo-Addo, on

Monday April 23,

2018, commissioned

the refurbished Sekondi Fishing

Harbour, at a ceremony in

Sekondi, in the Western Region.

According to President Akufo-

Addo, “the completion of this

harbour is critical, because the

fishing industry is an important

mainstay not only of many of the

residents of Sekondi, but also of

some two million Ghanaians

across the country.”

The refurbishment of the Harbour,

which began under the Mahama

administration in July 2016,

and now completed by the Akufo-

Addo government, the President

said, “is evidence of the pledge I

made in the run-up to the 2016

general elections that I will not

abandon any project merely because

it was started by a previous


Whilst extending sincere appreciation

to the government and

people of Japan, who, through the

Japan International Cooperation

Agency (JICA), are responsible for

the technical and financial support

given to this project, President

Akufo-Addo underscored the importance

of the fishing industry to


He stressed that the welfare of

fisher folks in the country are important

to his government, “that is

why, upon my assumption of office

in January last year, I appointed

a full Minister to oversee

the activities of the sector, just as

was done during the period of the

2nd President of the 4th Republic,

His Excellency John Agyekum


With the first rehabilitation of

the Sekondi Harbour taking place

in 2005 under the Kufuor-led

NPP government, with its attendant

boost to the fishing industry,

the President stated that the current

refurbishment, which cost

some US$20 million, had

equipped the harbour with a lay-by

wharf, access road to boats, a fish

market shed, fuel dumps, an administration

block, a fresh water

storage tank and a state-of-the-art

ice-making machine.

The ice-making machine has

the capacity to produce some 30

tons of ice per day to preserve the

catch, as against the previous capacity

of 15 tons of ice per day,

•President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

with the President expecting a

substantial rise in the activities of

our fisher folk and traders in

Sekondi, and in surrounding communities,

following the completion

of the Harbour.

President Akufo-Addo, thus,

charged Ghana Ports and Harbours

Authority, responsible for

supervision of the Harbour, to

take good care of it, in order to

protect the US$20million investment

for current and future generations.

He also used the opportunity

to reiterate the unwavering commitment

of Government to protect

the territorial integrity of our

country, in the face of the activities

of pirates in the Gulf of


“We will not allow pirates or

Emergency recall needless – Minority

criminals to rob us of this hardwon

reputation, and create a sense

of insecurity on our waters. To the

fourteen tuna fishing companies

that are reported to have recently

halted operations due to the menace

posed by the pirates, I urge

them to resume. They have the full

assurance of Government of their

protection and safety, as they go

about their day-to-day activities.

We will not leave them to fight this

menace alone. The full force of

the state’s security apparatus is

being marshalled to curb the

threats of piracy,” the President


The President also revealed

that plans are underway for the

construction of mini-fishing harbours

and landing sites across the

coastal belt of the country.

Already, Government has

signed an agreement with the Chinese

Government for the establishment

of the Jamestown fishing

port complex, at a cost of US$50

million, with construction scheduled

to commence this year.

“Under the Fisheries Sector Infrastructural

Development Programme,

the Ministry of Fisheries

will commence the development

of three landing sites at Winneba,

Mumford and Axim; rehabilitate

three public hatcheries at Vea,

Sankana and Dormaa-Ahenkro;

rehabilitate three fish health laboratories

at Takoradi, Koforidua

and Kumasi; complete and commission

the Anomabo Fisheries

College; and refurbish the Tema

Boat Yard to increase productivity

of fisher folk,” he added.

As Co-chair of the Group of

Advocates of Eminent Persons of

the United Nations Sustainable

Development Goals, President

Akufo-Addo concluded by stressing

that “even though we may

have little or no control over climate

fluctuations or changes, one

thing we can have control over is

our day-to-day activities.”

The President continued, “Illegal,

unreported and unregulated

fishing methods are depleting our

fish stocks. Our beautiful coastal

wetlands are threatened by high

volumes of plastic and metal

waste that choke breeding habitats

for fish. This must not be allowed

to continue. Together, nananom,

ladies and gentlemen, let us protect

endangered species, achieve

food security, and protect our

oceans for the future.”



Muntaka Mubarak says the call

of an emergency meeting to ratify

the African Continental Free

Trade Agreement by Parliament

is needless.

According to him, there are

similar compelling treaties

which have been swept under

the carpet by Parliament, therefore

wondered the fuss about

the continent’s free-trade initiative,

of which its official signing

was just done few weeks ago in

Kigali, Rwanda.

“We all don’t know; I really

don’t see what’s urgent about a

ratification of a continental

Free Trade Area. I think this

was done just some few weeks

back in Kigali and the hope was

that they would have waited.

But if they say two days, I keep

asking the clerk what other

things do we have? But so far as

they are concerned this is so far

what they have in hand. And I

know Ghana has so many other

treaties that we have not even

ratified…” Alhaji Muntaka told

Accra-based Citi FM.

Speaker of Parliament, Prof.

Aaron Michael Oquaye, on

Monday, 23, April, 2018 recalled

Members of Parliament from

recess for an emergency meeting.

A release from Parliament

and signed by the Speaker said

legislators by the directive

would sit from today, April 26,

2018 to Friday, April 27, 2018 at

10am to consider some urgent

parliamentary business.

The recall is in accordance

with Order 42(3) of the standing

Orders of Parliament of


• Muntaka Mubarak, Minority Chief Whip

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Africa too quiet on global

issues – Rawlings



Jerry John Rawlings has

expressed concern

about the silence of the

voice of Africa on

global issues, describing

it as “disturbing.”

He said though there had been

so many negative developments

since the collapse of the bipolar

world (East-West divide), Africa

had remained too quiet.

Mr Rawlings cited the persecution

of Palestinians by the Israelis

and the treatment of Yemenis by

Saudi Arabia as examples and

wondered if Africa’s silence could

be due to the extent to which the

West had compromised the continent.

The former Ghanaian leader

said while freedom fighters like Dr

Kwame Nkrumah could not

change some of the problems associated

with the Cold War, they

made pronouncements which kept

the younger growing generation in

touch with what was politically desirable.

“It helped to build and maintain

a national conscience and

morality. There is nothing, which

prevents today’s leaders from making

pronouncements condemning

the Israel-Palestinian issue for instance.

How do today’s leaders expect

that there won’t be a decline

within their nations in terms of

the moral fabric of our societies?”

former President Rawlings stated

in a meeting with former President

of Cape Verde, Pedro de

Verona Rodrigues Pires.

Pires, who is in Ghana to deliver

a series of lectures at the

University of Development Studies

(UDS), paid a courtesy call on

former President Rawlings at his

office in Accra on Saturday.

Former President Rawlings also

referred to the recent allegations

of the use of chemical weapons in

Douma, Syria stating that the West

•Former President John Rawlings meets Pedro Pires of Cape Verde

was once again attempting to

force the hand of the world to accept

its military strikes in that

country. He said had Russia not

exercised restraint on the matter

we could have been on the brink

of a Third World War.

“We are very slowly losing the

concept of freedom and justice,

the way we’ve known it. We have

to speak out,” Flt. Lt. Rawlings


Former President Pedro Pires

said many on the continent did

not have the moral authority to

speak against global injustices describing

Libya as one of the worst

injustices that had been imposed

on Africa and the world. He said

we are suffering all the consequences

of the brutal change of

regime, which has given room and

opportunities to fundamentalists

to do whatever they want in that


Mr Pires called for the

strengthening of institutions

within Africa as such institutions

could go a long way to bring sanity

into the management of our countries.

He said the elite had monopolised

the state and the state seems

to only serve the interests of the

elite. “We have to think, plan and

decide how to effect change,” the

former Cape Verde leader said.

The former Cape Verde leader

also commended the role Ghana

and Dr Nkrumah played in setting

the tone for the liberation of

African states, as well as the

African unity agenda.

“We can disagree with President

Nkrumah but he has an exceptional

place in African history,”

Mr Pires said.

The Former Cape Verdean

President would be the main

Speaker for the 6th edition of the

Africa Leadership Lectures, initiated

by UDS to contribute to a national

and transnational discourse

on productive leadership culture

to support and enhance African

Development. The three-day lecture

would be held on Monday

April 23, Tuesday April 24 and

Wednesday April 25 at the Tamale

Campus of UDS.

Mr Pirez was accompanied by

Mr Nutifafa Kuenyehia, Chairman

of the UDS Council, UDS Vice-

Chancellor Professor Gabriel

Ayum Teye, Dr A. B. T. Zakariah,

Registrar and Michael Ansa, Assistant

Registrar at the UDS Accra


Other members of the delegation

were Indira Pires, Executive

Director of the Pires Institute for

Leadership and Manuela Atevedo

of the ECOWAS Secretariat, who

acted as interpreter.

Akufo-Addo has packed Presidency with serial callers – Kwakye Ofosu


FORMER DEPUTY Communications

Minister, Mr Felix

Kwakye-Ofosu has accused President

Nana Akufo-Addo of needlessly

packing the Presidency with

party activists with the purpose of

paying them with state resources.

The presidency has released a

list of 998 staff working at the Jubilee


The tall list of Presidential

staffers has sparked anger among

a section of Ghanaian public with

many accusing the President and

his government of deceit and

hypocrisy after the New Patriotic

Party (NPP) complained severally

about the 768 staffers which was

kept by the Mahama administration.

Some government spokespersons

have tried to justify the numbers

and attributed the situation to

the huge number of civil servants

left by the Mahama government.

Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, a

senior member of the NPP and a

former Executive Director of policy

think tank Danquah Institute

has justified the 998 staff at the

Jubilee House, stating that President

Akufo-Addo prioritises results

over a lean government.

But, some civil society groups

including IMANI Ghana have

criticised the numbers saying it is a

drain on the national purse.

Mr Kwakye-Ofosu in an interview

with Fiifi Banson on Anopa

Kasapa on Kasapa FM stated that

the President is fully aware that he

does not need this huge number

of staffers, hence must cut down

on the size.

“President Akufo-Addo is deliberately

doing this, this country is

not that big and he knows that he

doesn’t need this huge number of

people to help him govern. He’s

gone to pick his Facebook propagandist,

serial callers and serial texters

and employed them just for

the sake of employing but not that

they’re doing something productive

to help the Presidency.

“He’s made some other Presidential

staffers whose roles are

clearly defined and that has resulted

in the list shooting up to

nearly 1,000 people, which has

gotten Ghanaians angry about the

imprudent use of public funds.”

•Felix Kwakye Ofosu, Former Deputy Communications Minister




I’m not heathen

— Bambino


JULIAN FIIFI Essel McLean Amissah,

known in the entertainment scene

as Jules Bambino, says the fact

that he does not do gospel

music does not mean he is


He says his mum would have

loved it if he did did gospel

songs but he responds that “the

fact that I’m not saying ‘I worship

you Lord’ in my songs doesn’t

mean Christians can’t relate. In most

of my songs, I sing about love and

everyone falls in love. Christians

do listen to love songs and

play Bambino on their

weddings and they

need me to sing

them that song”.

Born on October

21, 1994,

the rapper says

he does music

not for recognition

but to

send a message

across to

affect lives.


to Julian, he had

a fiery passion

for music at 12,

when he started

as an instrumentalist

at church. He is a

Fante from Swidu in

Cape Coast. He says he

first thought of doing

music back in JHS 3, but

actually began in SHS 2 after

his friends suggested they

form a band and named it


Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE,

he said, “The band was very popular and attained

some celebrity status all through my

days in school and even after Life International

College (LIC), where I went to SHS. We had

one of our best nights when SkulKidz

debut song ‘Number One fan’ was on

and many nights after that”

He added that after secondary education

the group parted ways with

him going to Central University and

Collins, one of the band mates heading

for Radford University but the

group prevailed. They met occasionally

and had three more songs after.

Julian saw himself to be more

than an artiste and decided

to start a record label

even when he had not

blown as a mainstream

artiste. He

pushed this dream

of his and started

the Bambino

Brand, which

signed Jeremy

first. Together

they produced

the hit song

‘Only You’.

Another hit

song, ‘Opana',

was released a

couple of

weeks ago and

with this

Afrobeat song,

he is looking

at a worldwide


as his style of

•Julian Bambino,


music cuts

across all genres.

Wear African prints till

the west copies our style

— Okyeame Kwame

•Okyeame Kwame

and his kids

OKYEAME KWAME, a popular

rapper, in an Instagram post, has

entreated Ghanaians and Africans

as a whole to endeavour to clad

themselves with local fabrics to help

project and protect their identity.

According to the musician, who

has always been spotted in beautiful

African designs since he rebranded

years ago, wearing African prints

once a day is not enough, hence his

call to all Ghanaians to make it a

habit of wearing African print everyday.

“I think The African Wear

shouldn’t be just a Friday affair.

Everyday we should wear made-in-

Ghana until the countries from

which we import our foreign clothing

begin to wear our styles.

#wearGhana @bellocouturegh” his

post read.

In 2004, the government

launched the “National Friday Wear

Programme”, an initiative aimed at

projecting a unique Ghanaian identity

through the extensive use of

local fabric and designs as business


The programme, initiated by

the Ministry of Trade, Industry

and President’s Special Initiative

in collaboration with the

private sector, set aside Fridays

for all public officers and the

private sector, as much as practicable,

to wear locally designed garments

produced from locally

manufactured fabrics.

It was part of a comprehensive

programme to promote made-in-

Ghana goods and to revitalise the

textile and garments industry.

Fast forward to 2018 – the Information

Minister, Mustapha Hamid,

launched the ‘Wear Ghana Month’

project aimed at promoting the

fashion industry and the local textile


The project, which was made

possible by Street Fashion Train in

partnership with the National Commission

on Culture, was also to honour

and celebrate outstanding

performance in the Ghanaian Fashion

Industry and give lifetime

achievements awards to industry

players who have contributed to the

growth of the industry.

Despite these initiatives, many

Ghanaians appear adamant but

Okyeame Kwame says he believes


African prints is

the way to go.

I would have been a poor man — Samini


Emmanuel Andrews Samini, widely

known in the showbiz circles as

Samini, says but for music he would

have been a poor man.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s ‘E with

Becks’, the musician disclosed that he

was so broke when he decided to pursue

music as a career.

He said, “I owe everything I have

to music. I had zero when I stepped

out to pursue my dream.

Asked if he was not afraid since

music back then was not lucrative as it

is presently, the dancehall artiste cum

farmer said even though he had no

guarantee in the music industry, he believed

in his dream.

“To the extent that I know I don’t

have a monthly income but somehow

some way this job and field with no

guarantee somehow some way feeds

me and everything around me…” he

told Joy News’s Becky.

“So I think music has done everything

for me…” he concluded.





2018 Makeup &

Beauty Week

opens in Accra

'Fast and

the Furious'

animated TV

series set

at Netflix

NETFLIX IS expanding

its relationship with Dream-

Works Animation and Universal


The streaming giant has

handed out a straight-to-series

order for an animated

show based on The Fast and

the Furious franchise.

The series is the first to

come out of a newly expanded

deal that gives the

streaming giant a first-look

at DreamWorks Animation

shows based on Universal

film properties following


acquisition of the animation

studio. DreamWorks

will continue to create series

based on original and acquired

intellectual property.

The Fast and the Furious

animated show builds on a

five-year deal between

DWA and Netflix that has

resulted in 14 original series

on the streaming service,

including Guillermo del

Toro and Marc Guggenheim's

Trollhunters as well as

Spirit Riding Free and All

Hail King Julien, with four

additional shows set to bow

this year.

“We are thrilled to take

our fantastic partnership

with DreamWorks Animation

to the next level with

new opportunities from the

vast library of Universal

Pictures,” said Melissa

• 'Fast and the Furious'

animated TV series

Cobb, Vice President of

Kids and Family. “The Fast

and the Furious franchise is a

global phenomenon

beloved by audiences of all

ages, and we can’t wait to

get started on the new animated

series that will capture

the action, heart,

humor and global appeal of

the feature films.”

The Fast and the Furious

animated show revolves

around teenager Tony

Toretto, who follows in the

footsteps of his cousin

Dom when he and his

friends are recruited by a

government agency to infiltrate

an elite racing league

serving as a front for a nefarious

crime organization

bent on world domination.

Tim Hedrick (DreamWorks

Voltron Legendary Defender)

and Bret Haaland (All Hail

King Julien) executive produce

and serve as showrunners.

The series is executive

produced by Vin

Diesel, Neal Moritz and

Chris Morgan who also

serve as producers on the

live-action Fast and the Furious


The Universal film franchise

has already unspooled

eight films and grossed $5

billion worldwide. The

ninth and 10th films in the

franchise bow in April 2020

and April 2021.


SOME OF the creme de la

creme of Africa’s makeup

and beauty industry will be

converging in Accra for

the first Makeup & Beauty


In a statement copied to the


opens today, Wednesday, April 25, at

the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel with

the African Makeup & Beauty Fair

(AMB Fair).

This will, among other activities,

showcase and connect Ghana’s

makeup and beauty brands to Africa

and its global consumers, vendors,

partners and service providers.

There will also be exhibitions,

workshops and seminars, training,

makeup runway shows and live demos.

Exhibitors are being expected from

Nigeria and other parts of the continent.

The opening ceremony for AMB


Fair 2018 will start 9a.m. today and

last all day with seminars and beauty

panels with speakers and • resource persons

such as Grace Amey-Obeng

(CEO, FC Group of Companies),

Dentaa Amoateng MBE (CEO,

GUBA Enterprise - UK) and

Kubi Springer (CEO, She Builds

Brands - UK)

The 2018 Makeup & Beauty

Week is being organised by

Makeup Ghana with the support

of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts

and Culture. The theme is

‘Makeup and Beauty: A catalyst

for National Economic Development.

It is generally aimed at projecting

the economic impact of

the industry, especially in empowering

female entrepreneurs and to

also celebrate and reward deserving

stakeholders in the makeup

and beauty industry in Ghana.

The week will bring together

some of the biggest names in

makeup artistry and other celebrities

in Ghana.

The week will climax with the second

Ghana Makeup Awards on Saturday,

April 28, at the prestigious

Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel in


Stop creating rigging

opportunities — M.anifest

HIPHOP ARTISTE, Kwame Ametepee

Tsikata, widely known as

M.anifest, says it is unfair to use

votes in determining “Most

Popular Song” at the Vodafone

Ghana Music

Awards (VGMA).

There was loud disapproval

at the recent

VGMA when the 'Song

of the Year' was awarded

to Fancy Gadam for his

‘Total Cheat’ song in which he

featured Sarkodie.

Most of the fans of Patapaa

felt cheated because, for them,

Patapaa’s 'One Corner' song went

international compared to Fancy

Gadam’s 'Total Cheat'.

The PRO???????????????? of

Charterhouse, in an interview on

Hitz FM, indicated that the votes

collated by the organisers suggested

that Fancy’s fans voted massively

for him to win the category.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on

Hitz FM, the ‘Me Ne Woa’ hit

maker said even though he understands

the motive behind the votes,

he thinks “it creates possibilities of

rigging since those with money can

buy votes.”

According to M.anifest, Charterhouse

should change the metrics

and basis upon which they determine

the “most popular song of the

year” and reconsider the use of


“I get the idea behind the votes

but I think it’s flawed. I would

change it if I were in control. It becomes

an election so the one with

money wins…,” he said.

M.anifest further urged all industry

players to pay less attention to

awards because he believes it has the

tendency to lower their efforts in the


“If you think about the awards,

you will face the stark reality that

might not change your life or financial

position or certain things that

will make you grow your fan base…

,” he noted.





•Mr George


Christopher wins

WABBA Ghana Greater

Accra Regional


Afriyie’s presidential

poster out after sacking


A POSTER of Mr George

Afriyie as a presidential candidate

for the Ghana Football Association

(GFA) in 2019 was yesterday

afternoon was circulating on

Facebook and WhatsApp after

news broke that he had been relieved

of his post as the vice

president following a meeting of

the Executive Committee of the


The poster chanced on by the


with a hashtag ‘No man can

change your destiny the battle is

the Lord's’ George Afriyie for

president Ghana football association


The GFA announced the decision

on Twitter. The tweet

reads: "Mr George Afriyie has

been relieved of his duties as the

Vice President of the

@ghanafaofficial following a

meeting of the Executive Committee.

A new Vice President will

be announced soon".

This news will come as no

surprise to followers of the game

in the country as the writings had

been on the wall for some time


The GFA vice president had

fallen out with his boss and the

already acrimonious relationship

was soiled further by Mr Afriyie's

decision to announce his intention

of vying for the GFA presidential

post in 2019.

Sources close to the GFA

president have it that he was unhappy

with the decision, especially

because his wife was at the

ceremony under which Afriyie

declared his intentions, which

made it seem like he had his


Rumours emerged last month

that Afriyie was going to be fired

after an Executive Committee

meeting but he was only stripped

of his position as Black Stars

management committee chairman.




ADDO and

Seidu Omar


crowned winners in the

men's physique and bodybuilding

contest of the

World Amateur Bodybuilding


(WABBA) Ghana Greater

Accra Regional Championship.

The two-day events saw

athletes thrill fans with

their poise at the Kwame

Nkrumah Conference

Room of the International

Students Guest Centre in

Accra as they battle for a

place in the national competition

in December this


Addo, with his dynamism

on stage, toppled

Lordson Lawrence (5th),

Micheal Bortei (4th),

Daniel Owusu (3rd) and

Emmanuel Odoi (2nd) in

the men's physique while

Seidu Omar continued his

dominance in the men's

body building category as

he toppled Suleiman Ali

(4th), Aziz Namiru (3rd)

and Bright Holbrook


The president of

WABBA Ghana, Mr Victor

Baiden, told the


Accra that in just a matter

of time WABBA Ghana

will turn the bodybuilding

industry upside down as

they are poised at recruiting

quality athletes for


According to him, ‘‘the

two-day events clearly

show the interest and enthusiasm

in the sport and

it's only a matter of time

we turn this industry upside

down. We're poised in

drafting the right athletes

with the right mentality

and our athletes would

have to work really hard to

meet the standards.

“'It is more about excellence

and the higher we

aspire to achieve that the

easier it is for the corporate

world to come on

board and support us and

we have to sow that seed

and we're doing the right


• Christopher

Addo winner

of the men’s


There is future for Ghana WABBA — Mr Trevor Chang


MR TREVOR Chang, president of

Great Britain's World Amateur

Bodybuilding Association

(WABBA), has predicted a brighter

future for the bodybuilding sport

considering the abundance of

talents in the Ghana.

Mr Chang, who is also the

technical director of WABBA

International, spoke at a two-day

conference dubbed the 'Face of

Fitness Ghana’, lauding World

Amateur Bodybuilding Association

(WABBA) Ghana chapter for their

massive effort in thriving the sports

of building, which has dwindled on

the local front, considering the

numerous thrilling talents.

The technical director further

urged the association to be more

aggressive in their search for

quality talents ahead of the

WABBA Mr Universe contest in

Portugal later in the


“WABBA Ghana is doing the

right things by creating the

awareness and exposure, and

they're putting in place some top

level competition. The plan for us

now is to move towards a national

Ghanaian team for the Mr.


Commenting on the participant

judges at this year's conference,

• Participants at the two-day bodybuilding seminar over the weekend

Chang lauded participants who

passed the test and expressed

the belief that they would

create a fair judging panel for

future competitions.

''There is a future for

Ghana's body building and not

everybody will pass the judging

test but you will have enough

guys who will create a good

judging panel and also the

judge how contests are lost or

won as this is the foundation of

any good federation,'' Mr

Chang noted.

Participants in the judging

seminar were awarded

certificates from the WABBA


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