How To Easily Solve Paper Jamming Issue In Brother Printer


in this pdf, you will learn, How to easily solve the slow printing issue in brother printer.

Turn the printer on if it’s on go to next step

1. Find the paper type

2. In the paper type and select the plain paper

3. Go to Quality setting and select draft or normal

4. Click ok to apply changes

1. Make sure your printer is connected to computer

2. Go to hp website and click on support.

3. Find and select appropriate driver for your


1. Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi, just

click on wireless connection icon in the task bar.

If Signal the signal is week then change the

placement of the router.

2. If your printer is connected to LAN cable, make

sure the connection are secure

If your problem is still not solved we recommend you to

contact brother printer support. Call us on 1-800-431-287.

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