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26 TH APRIL 2018

By Cleverdis,

the publisher of

IFA International


When Quality Counts

A strong retail focus, first-class exhibition space and pioneering

media support - CE China set to place its exhibitors firmly in the


Consumer Electronics China (CE China), a global IFA

event, is yet again set to unite international exhibitors

with Chinese retailers keen to bring new products to

their customers.

More than ever this year, technology mega-trends are

driving innovation, with ever smaller and ever more

powerful components, which in turn power emerging

technologies like voice control and artificial intelligence.



IFA Executive Director

and Messe Berlin Vice-


…we focus on quality,

because CE China for us

means being different to any

other show – being a highquality

show with a high

efficiency rate”

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Dr Christian Göke

CEO of Messe Berlin

Organiser of CE China

IFA Berlin, and its Asian counterpart, CE China, are

catalysts for all this innovation. According to Dr Christian

Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin (pictured left), “It’s the

connecting tissue for the global technology ecosystem.

That’s because it’s not just one sector innovating, but

seven, eight or nine different industries that all try

to solve the same problems and push the edge of

innovation. Each industry brings its own knowledge,

insights and skills to the table. All these industries learn

from each other, they inspire each other. That’s coinnovation

at its best.”

We look forward to seeing you at the show, and

bringing you the latest news from the show floor next



LIFAair LA502

Received the distinction “Honourable

Mention” at the 2017 Red Dot

Design Awards in


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Royole Moon

Royole Corporation has

been named a winner in the

Entertainment Category of the

German Design Award for its

Moon 3D Mobile Theatre.

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Richard Barnes

© Messe Berlin GmbH

The Industry Heart

is Beating Strongly

As we arrive at the third

edition of CE China next

week, the global technical

consumer goods industry

finds itself in excellent

health, despite a relatively

slow start to the year,

according to market

research organisation GfK.

The recent IFA Global

Press Conference in Rome

highlighted the strength

of virtually all sectors of

the industry – TVs, mobile

devices, wearables, smart

home, major domestic

appliances and small

appliances. Only the PC

sector continues to see

a drop in sales year-onyear,

as the smartphone

takes over some of the

functionality of the PC in

previous years. On a global

scale, prices have been

rising faster than volumes in

most sectors, as consumers

look for higher quality and

more functionality in their


This year’s CE China will

again be a great “mirror

reflection” of the global

industry, enabling industry

professionals from across

Asia to obtain all the

information they need in

order to set their roadmap

for the coming months and


Consumer electronics

trends in 2018

CE China this year again will be

presenting trends that will inspire

millions of customers’ shopping

decisions as well as innovations that

go far beyond today’s horizons.

Wireless loudspeakers with voice

control were already booming last

year. In the upcoming months, voice

assistants will be found in many other

types of devices as well.

TVs, sound systems, sound-bars, and

even headphones with integrated

voice control will be among the most

exciting new products this year. The

number of devices available with

voice control is just as large. Many

household devices already react to

the spoken word, and even lighting

or air-conditioning systems in smart

homes will obey voice commands in

the future.

Exciting innovations of a completely

different kind are to be found among

mobile devices. The latest generation

of smartphones has particularly

amazing camera features. Optical

systems with two or even three lenses

provide incredible picture quality and

can even capture distant subjects or

twilight scenes.

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Trade visitors and consumers visiting

the show will be impressed by the

industry’s high performance and

innovation again this year.

Increased connectivity in appliances

continues to stand out as a

development feature, leading to ever

smarter, more versatile products. The

functionality of connected devices,

already quite high, will be enhanced

even more this year. This is because

of two overriding trends in the home

appliance industry in general: voice

control and artificial intelligence (AI).

Both are appearing more and more in

major and small domestic appliances,

making them more versatile, more

efficient, smarter, and more userfriendly.

With their high technical standard

and innovative and comprehensive

functionality, domestic appliances

have in many cases long taken over

the role of a personal assistant of

sorts. The connectivity they need to

communicate with smart applications

has increasingly become part of the

world of major and small domestic

appliances. Connected appliances

can exchange information with one

another, record personal habits, and

make and implement suggestions for

improvement or optimization. That

means that connected appliances save

the user time, capacity and resources.

They also provide many tips, such as

for saving energy, caring for laundry,

or new recipes and preparation

methods. You’ll get the chance to see

“all the latest” at this year’s CE China








Royole Moon Named

Winner of Prestigious

German Design Award

2018 in Entertainment


Finland’s Smart Air

Purifier LA502 received

the distinction “Honourable

Mention” at the 2017 Red Dot

Design Awards in Europe.

With Smart Air Purifier LA502,

LIFAair, exhibiting this year at CE

China, has created a particularly

well-executed aspect of design

work that the expert committee

for the Red Dot Award: Product

Design 2017 has recognised with

the internationally sought-after

seal of quality.

An intelligent innovative system

designed to empower people

to breathe fresh air, the LA502

Smart Controller is equipped

with a high-precision sensor for

particles including PM2.5, carbon

dioxide and formaldehyde.

Professor Dr Peter Zec, Founder

and CEO of the Red Dot Awards,

stated, “The winners of the

Red Dot Award: Product Design

are pursuing the right design

strategy. They have recognised

that good design and economic

success go hand in hand. The

award by the critical Red Dot jury

documents their high design

quality and is indicative of their

successful design policy.”




Royole Corporation has

been named a winner in the

Entertainment Category of the

German Design Award for its

Moon 3D Mobile Theatre.

Royole Moon, designed and

engineered for movies, gaming,

and more, combines two Full

HD 1080p AMOLED displays at

over 3000ppi resolution that

simulate a giant curved screen

with stereoscopic 3D, and active

noise-cancelling headphones. The

combination delivers cinematic

movie-watching and immersive

gaming experiences anywhere

the wearer desires. Moon’s design

is truly innovative and unlike any

other within its category due to

Royole’s patented foldable design

(the world’s first in a headset),

ultra-soft headphone covers, and

a premium breathable eye cover

to ensure comfort, even after

long periods of continuous use.

The German Design Award is one

of the most well-respected design

competitions in the world and is

held in high regard well beyond

professional circles. It sets the

highest standards when it comes

to selecting the prize winners. In

the nomination process, panels of

experts from the German Design

Council invite only those products

and communication design

services to participate in the

competition that demonstrably

set themselves apart from their

competitors, due to their design


Since its premiere in 2012, the

German Design Award has

grown rapidly. At that time,

approximately 1,500 entries

were presented to the jury. This

year there were more than 5,000

entries, 49% of them in the area

of Excellent Product Design and

51% in the area of Excellent

Communications Design.

The jury of the German Design

Award 2018 is made up of design

experts from various disciplines.

They come from the worlds of

business, education, and science

as well as the design industry and

are recognized leading authorities

in their respective fields. All

awards are determined during a

two-day jury session, with a total

of 45 products/projects from

both categories presented with

the Gold Award

Details of a study published

on LIFAair’s website highlight

an augmented risk of death

for people with mental and

behavioural disorders on days

when air pollution reaches toxic

peaks, according to a major study

in Hong Kong.

Researchers analysed a decade

of death statistics and revealed a

strong link, with the mortality risk

rising 16% on the first day of haze

and 27% on the second day


to normal

days. If

the haze

was accompanied by high ozone

pollution, the risk of death

increased by 79%.

The scientists examined more

than 284,000 deaths, including

those among people with

mental and behavioural disorders

including depression, bipolar,

schizophrenia and dementia.

The new research tallies with

other recent work that has

found links between short-term

increases in air pollution and

suicides. However, scientists

do not yet understand how air

pollution may cause these effects

and they are urging more

research, as well as immediate

help for those at risk

CE China Daily • Thursday 26 th April 2018



© Photos: Messe BerlinGmbH

CE China 2017

It’s Just Around the Corner

Final preparations for CE China are under way

The third edition of CE

China is just around the

corner - scheduled from

3 to 5 May 2018. A

“global IFA event”, CE

China is designed to be

China’s premier trade show

for consumer electronics

and home appliances

brands in China.

As a global IFA event,

CE China is a welcome

addition to Messe Berlin’s

portfolio for the Chinese

market. Based on the

IFA concept, CE China

focuses on comprehensive

cooperation with

leading trade groups,

strong global industrial

partners, and the emotional

presentation of innovative

branded products. In

2017, 120 exhibitors

presented their latest

products, innovations,

and services to more than

11,500 visitors from 38

countries, covering 15,000

square meters of exhibition

space. The range of

global brands inspired the

more than 140 journalists,

15 percent of which came

from abroad.

IFA is the world’s most

significant trade show

for consumer electronics

taking place from 31

August to 5 September

2018 in Berlin, Germany.




Among others, CASO

Design, Clean Air, Ezviz,

Galanz, Gree, GYPI, Haier,

LIFAair, Midea, Severin,

Fakir and Richmond & Finch

will use the opportunity to

showcase their products

and innovations in

Shenzhen. Official partners

of CE China include

China’s largest retailers

such as Suning, Tmall,

Alibaba and JD.com.

CE China is a platform

that unites international

exhibitors with Chinese

retailers to bring new

products to their






The prestigious German

manufacturer of household

appliances Fakir presents

the new Air Wave

Technology for efficient

high performance. In

combination with HEPA and

ULPA filters to be allergy

sufferer friendly, they are

designed to present the

future of vacuum cleaning.

As yet another innovation,

the manufacturer will

also exhibit a cyclone

technology model with a

new LED alert system which

indicates the condition of

the filter.

LIFAair from Finland has

the reputation of having

developed several new

advanced methods for

air purification problems

previously thought to

be impossible. With

its ground-breaking

technologies, it has been at

the forefront of functional

and efficient solutions in

indoor air quality. Being one

of the few manufactures to

have ISO 9001 quality and

ISO14001 environmental

standards, its wide product

family ranging several types

of air purifiers to smart

ashtrays protects people at

home and work and also

during transportation.

Family-owned SEVERIN,

one of the largest

German manufacturers of

small electrical appliances,

has built a strong

reputation for reliability,

innovation and quality in

its more than 125 years of

history. The manufacturer

has core competences

in the areas of coffee

& tea, refrigeration &

freezing, microwave ovens,

BBQ & fun food – all to

be discovered at CE China.

CASO is one of the first

brands that addressed the

fusion of the kitchen with

daily living spaces through

mobile kitchen appliances.

CASO products stand for

strong functions combined

with aesthetic shapes –

whether it is a wine cooler,

a microwave cooker or a

blender with a powerful

rotation speed to get the

best out of trendy green


GYPI is king in shipping

CE products from Europe

all around the world.

Their retail delivery ranges

from small domestic

appliances to the big white

– including Hi-Fi, Audio,

Health Care products and

many more.



While Beurer, CASO

Design, Fakir, Severin and

Elgato are exhibiting, the

likewise will join the “IFA

Retail University”. This new

tool provides international

brands with maximum

attention from major

retailers in China, in “short

and sweet” 20-minute

power briefings. The idea

of the IFA Retail University

is to create great value

by bringing together

international brands and

Asian retail representatives,

among them the Chinese

Retail Giant Suning.

Retailers and buyers

will benefit from the

demand of the growing

Chinese middle class

for international brand



中 文 版 新 闻

CE China 即 将 开 幕

CE China 最 后 准 备 工 作 正 在 进 行 中

第 三 届 中 国 深 圳 电 子 消 费

品 及 家 电 品 牌 展 览 会 (CE

China) 将 于 2018 年 5 月 3

日 -5 日 举 行 。CE China 作 为

“ 全 球 最 大 的 消 费 电 子 展 IFA”

的 全 球 活 动 之 一 , 旨 在 成 为

中 国 电 子 消 费 品 和 家 电 品 牌

行 业 首 屈 一 指 的 展 览 会 。

作 为 IFA 全 球 活 动 之 一 , CE

China 是 柏 林 国 际 展 览 有 限

公 司 在 中 国 市 场 投 资 组 合 中

众 所 期 待 的 加 设 展 场 。 基 于

IFA 的 一 贯 理 念 ,CE China

调 与 领 先 的 贸 易 集 团 , 实 力

突 出 的 全 球 工 业 伙 伴 进 行 深

入 合 作 , 并 着 重 创 新 品 牌 中

产 品 介 绍 的 情 感 呈 现 。 2017

年 展 会 期 间 ,120 家 展 商 在

15000 平 方 米 的 展 场 内 , 向 来

自 38 个 国 家 , 超 过 11500 名 参

观 嘉 宾 展 示 了 它 们 最 新 的 产

品 , 创 意 和 服 务 。 展 会 对 全

球 品 牌 的 覆 盖 广 度 获 得 了 超

过 140 多 家 媒 体 记 者 的 关 注 ,

其 中 15% 来 自 国 外 。

IFA 是 全 球 关 于 电 子 消 费 品 极

其 重 要 的 展 会 , 将 于 2018 年 8

月 31 日 至 9 月 5 日 在 德 国 柏 林

继 续 开 设 。

大 批 国 际 展 商 纷 纷 入

在 众 多 参 展 商 中 ,CASO

Design、Clean Air、

Ezviz、 格 兰 仕 、 格 力 、

GYPI、 海 尔 、LIFAair、

美 的 、Severin、Fakir 以 及

Richmond & Finch 将 借 此 机

会 在 深 圳 展 示 他 们 的 产 品 与

创 意 。 CE China 的 官 方 合 作

伙 伴 中 包 括 中 国 最 大 的 零 售

商 , 如 苏 宁 易 购 , 天 猫 , 阿

里 巴 巴 , 和 京 东 。 CE China

为 国 际 展 商 和 中 国 零 售 商 提

供 了 一 个 交 流 平 台 , 以 此 将

新 产 品 带 给 更 多 的 消 费 者 。

从 BBQ & 趣 味 零 食 到

移 动 厨 房 电 器 再 到 零

售 交 付

久 负 盛 名 的 德 国 家 用 电 器 制

造 商 Fakir 为 了 实 现 高 效 及 高

性 能 , 推 出 了 新 型 Air Wave

技 术 。

其 结 合 HEPA 和 ULPA 过 滤

器 的 特 点 , 专 为 过 敏 患 者 设

计 , 旨 在 向 消 费 者 们 展 示 真

空 清 洁 的 未 来 。 针 对 另 一 项

创 新 发 明 ,Fakir 将 展 出 他 们

拥 有 新 LED 警 报 系 统 、 并 能

提 示 过 滤 器 状 况 的 旋 风 式 技

术 模 型 。

来 自 芬 兰 的 LIFAair 针 对 空

气 净 化 问 题 研 发 出 了 一 些 新

型 技 术 , 终 结 了 先 前 对 此 些

技 术 质 疑 的 声 音 , 并 因 此 闻

名 。 另 外 , 凭 借 其 突 破 性 的

技 术 ,LIFAair 在 室 内 空 气 质

量 的 实 用 性 和 高 效 性 解 决 方

案 领 域 中 也 一 直 处 于 前 沿 。

作 为 少 数 几 家 达 到 ISO 9001

质 量 和 ISO14001 环 境 标 准 的

制 造 商 之 一 , 其 广 泛 的 产 品

系 列 , 大 到 各 式 的 空 气 净 化

器 小 到 智 能 烟 灰 缸 , 能 在 居

家 生 活 , 办 公 工 作 及 日 常 交

通 中 给 人 们 带 来 全 面 呵 护 。

家 族 企 业 SEVERIN, 德 国 最

大 的 小 家 电 制 造 商 之 一 , 拥

有 超 过 125 年 的 历 史 , 在 可 靠

性 、 创 新 和 质 量 方 面 建 立 了

良 好 的 声 誉 。 他 们 的 生 产 商

在 咖 啡 & 茶 饮 , 冷 藏 & 冷 冻 ,

微 波 炉 , 和 BBQ& 趣 味 食 品

等 方 面 具 有 核 心 竞 争 力 – 您

将 有 机 会 在 CE China 了 解 到

更 多 这 些 产 品 的 相 关 信 息 。

CASO 是 第 一 批 通 过 移 动 厨 房

设 备 解 决 厨 房 与 日 常 生 活 空

间 融 合 的 品 牌 之 一 。 CASO

的 产 品 结 合 了 强 大 的 功 能 与

美 观 的 外 形 – 无 论 是 其 酒

柜 , 微 波 炉 还 是 拥 有 高 转 速

的 冰 沙 搅 拌 机 , 都 能 作 为 其

中 代 表 。

GYPI 在 欧 洲 发 往 世 界 各 地 的

电 子 消 费 产 品 航 运 中 处 于 领

先 地 位 。 他 们 的 零 售 范 围 从

小 型 家 到 大 白 家 电 - 包 括 了

高 保 真 音 响 , 音 箱 , 各 种 保

健 器 材 用 品 等 。

新 亮 点 : IFA 零 售 大 学

在 Beurer、CASO

Design、Fakir、Severin 和

Elgato 确 认 参 展 的 同 时 , 他

们 也 会 加 入 “IFA 零 售 大 学 ”。

这 种 新 的 模 式 会 在 简 短 扼 要

的 20 分 钟 的 介 绍 会 中 , 最 大

程 度 地 为 各 国 际 品 牌 争 取 中

国 广 大 零 售 商 的 关 注 。IFA 零

售 大 学 的 理 念 是 通 过 汇 集 国

际 品 牌 和 以 中 国 零 售 巨 头 苏

宁 为 代 表 的 亚 洲 零 售 商 们 ,

来 创 造 巨 大 价 值 。 这 些 零 售

商 , 甚 至 买 家 都 将 受 益 于 中

国 持 续 增 长 的 中 产 阶 级 对 国

际 品 牌 产 品 的 需 求 。

CE China Daily • Thursday 26 th April 2018



Suning Rolls-Out Unmanned Stores in China

Suning Commerce Group has

announced to open four new

unmanned automated stores in

China, close to the country’s largest

annual shopping spree, the “11/11

Shopping Festival”.

After rolling out the first self-service

store “Suning Sports Biu” in Nanjing

last August, Suning launched

its second cashier-less store in

Shanghai the following week.

More stores were to be opened in

Beijing, Chongqing and Xuzhou.

With richer product categories, the

new stores will not only sell sports

products and souvenir items of wellknown

football clubs, such as F.C.

Internazionale Milano, consumers

could also find gadgets, personal

electronics, food and FMCG goods

to fulfil more unique purchasing


“The ‘Biu’ store is the latest

innovation of Suning’s ‘Smart

Retail’,” said Zhang Jindong,

Chairman of Suning Holdings

Group. “Suning has more than

1,500 brick-and-mortar stores

which have been upgraded to

big data-driven smart stores

years ago. With extensive offline

experience and advantages in

O2O retail, Suning’s unmanned

store model has undergone the

concept and trial stages, and is

now ready to scale up. These stores

are launched for business, and

are reproducible, cost-wise and

technology-wise. As today’s techsavvy

consumers expect different

shopping experience, we see

more opportunities in the industry

and Suning is dedicated to create

best services for our customers,”

convinced Zhang.

Powered by facial recognition

technology, Radio Frequency

Identification (RFID), big data

analysis and its owned online

financial services, Suning’s

unmanned stores offer a frictionless

shopping and a paying process

quicker than other similar stores to

optimize the user experience.

Highlights include:


After linking a bank card and going

through the facial recognition on

Suning Finance app, customers will

be able to enter the store simply by

letting the camera scan their faces

at the entrance.

A customer walks through the

self-service check-out area at

the Suning unmanned store



To check out, shoppers only need

to carry their goods along the

payment pathway. The system

will automatically recognize the

shoppers and their items with

the facial recognition and RFID

technology – making the entire

check-out process shorter than 15




The surveillance cameras and an

algorithm system developed by

Suning is used to calculate and

analyse customer flow in the

stores to help optimize the product

placement and enhance the shop


With its years of experience in

running approximately 4,000

self-managed stores and outlets

targeting on different communities,

Suning plans to expand its offerings

of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in

the unmanned stores to cover

more diversified product lines. The

unmanned stores will also feature

Augmented Reality (AR) technology

to display creative items, optimising

the space usage

Tmall Genie Reading

Medicine Box


Alibaba A.I. Labs has announced the

launch of “AliGenie 2.0”.

The updated human – computer

interaction system will enable Tmall

Genie X1, the Labs’ first smart speaker

with visual recognition capability, to

scan and read over 100 sets of children’s

books as well as 40,000 medicine


Alibaba A.I. Labs is a leader in

the development of AI-powered

consumer applications and products in

Alibaba Group. The visual-recognition

capability is achieved through “Genie

FireEye”, a new function in Tmall

Genie’s mobile app. The function is

activated by scanning a QR code that

comes with a phone holder “XHolder”.

It then uses the front-facing camera in a

user’s cell phone to scan the cover and

read the children’s books by leveraging

the image-processing and visualrecognition

capabilities of AliGenie



April 2018 marked the tenth anniversary for Tmall.com,

formerly Taobao Mall, a spin-off of Alibaba Group.

Tmall.com currently features more than 70,000

international and Chinese brands from more than

50,000 merchants and serves more than 180 million


Tmall.com is the largest business-to-consumer (B2C)

retail platform in Asia enabling businesses to sell

directly to millions of consumers throughout China.

As an open platform marketplace, Tmall.com provides

the infrastructure for sellers to host storefronts and

unfiltered access to hundreds of millions of shoppers



Jens Heithecker

IFA Executive Director

& Messe Berlin Vice-President

Setting Course for Success

IFA Executive Director and Messe Berlin Vice-President Jens Heithecker

– on this year’s CE China event

How is CE China progressing and what will be new this year?

We put the question to “the man at the helm”.

Two years ago, we established CE

China and we knew right from

the start that we had a completely

different focus to any other show,

and that it would be a long way.

At the same time, we told you CE

China is not a copy of IFA. It’s not

a copy in terms of size, it’s not a

copy by name, nor by other points.

It is however a prolongation of

IFA for the Chinese market. This

year, we will have the same size

as last year – one large hall at the

Shenzhen exhibition centre. And

we are proud that we have been

able to fill it with more western

brands than before, but even

more Chinese brands. It means

we focus on quality, because CE

China for us means being different

to any other show – being a highquality

show with a high efficiency

rate. Talking about efficiency,

that’s where there is the biggest

difference to last year, we are

introducing a new format, called

CE China Retail University. It has

a clear intention. We learned that

Chinese retail is not so familiar on

the one hand with the real brand

stories, with the real product

backgrounds of the brand industry.

And on the other, we learned that

the contact the brand industry

has with the individual retailers is

not the closest because it’s such a

huge country. So, we introduced

a format like the briefings we

already developed for other events

at IFA. We introduced this in China

with a focus of the largest retailer,

Suning, bringing in more than 500

retailers from stores around China,

and on the other side, the brands

will have the opportunity, in a

short presentation, to say what

they stand for, and how the retail

can be successful with them. That’s

what we mean with efficiency,

bringing into contact, in the best

way, the Chinese retail with the

western industry.

What else differentiates this


Compared to big shows in China,

it’s the clear focus and smaller size.

You have some huge shows. But

these are in part political shows.

We are a commercial show only.

We are organised by western

organisers with no political

influence, but we come in with

our experience from Berlin, how

to organise a successful business

case for our exhibitors and for the

retailers, even if the size is small.

It’s about being relevant for the

main actors in the market, and not

having the biggest size.

Just a few years ago, you were

only operating a show in Europe,

but now you work in China, and

also this year in the USA. What’s

the philosophy of Messe Berlin

with regard to entering other

markets such as this?

We changed our strategy a

few years ago from being the

European IFA to being the Global

IFA. That means not only we are in

close contact with the industry and

headquarters around the world; it

means also that we are in close

contact with retailers and that we

understand the most important

global markets. That’s why we

went to China – the largest single

market in the world, and we

built-up a network we never had

before – getting networked with

retailers, getting networked with

top management of the retailer,

with the top management of the

industry, and not to underestimate

it, getting to understand the

differences of the market in China

compared to Europe and the rest

of the world. If you want to be a

global show, you must understand

the most important global markets.












This understanding helps us quite

a lot for IFA in Berlin. We can help

out the industry and retail in China

with our knowledge, and start to

transfer this knowledge to China,

we have a successful business case

in the future

CE China Daily • Thursday 26 th April 2018






Shenzhen: Getting Around

A few “travellers’ tips” for navigating this impressive metropolis

Shenzhen is a coastal city located about 160

km from Guangzhou and 35 km to Hong

Kong. The city borders the Dapeng Bay in

the east, the estuary of the Pearl River in

the west, and New Territory of Hong Kong

in the south. With a total area of 2,050 sq

km, Shenzhen has a population of more

than 10 million people. The city’s beautiful

landscape, beaches, amusement centres, ritzy

architecture, and clean streets have made

it one of the hottest tourist destinations in


With sea, land and air checkpoints, Shenzhen

has a safe, quick and convenient tourist

transport network. Eating, travelling and

shopping in Shenzhen are made easy and

fun with ample tourism infrastructure and

products and food from around the world.


Being China’s largest port city and window of

opening up to the outside world, Shenzhen

sees hundreds of millions of people travelling

through its border points every year. Statistics

show that more than 60% of people traveling

from mainland cities to Hong Kong or overseas

destinations via Hong Kong choose to make

a stopover in Shenzhen. Overseas visitors

entering China through Shenzhen checkpoints

also often choose to make Shenzhen one of

their destinations.


There are more than 100 scenic spots around

the city, including man-made theme parks,

natural ecological parks, coastal resorts,

shopping plazas and historic sites. Overseas

Chinese Town is one of China’s first 5A-rated

scenic spots, the highest national level.


Shenzhen has a large number of coastal scenic

spots, including Shenzhen Bay, Mangrove

Nature Reserve and a 15-kilometer coastal

leisure corridor in the west, with Zhongying

Street, Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches,

Sea World and Dapeng Peninsula in the east.

The coastline along Dapeng Peninsula was

named one of the eight most beautiful coasts

in China by Chinese National Geography

magazine. Shenzhen has more than 20 public

beaches, some of which are linked by seaside



Shenzhen is renowned as a shopping paradise,

with abundant choices of international luxury

goods and local products at hand. The

culturally diverse city offers a variety of foods,

from Western cuisines to local street food. A

profusion of shopping malls and department

stores provides a pleasant atmosphere for


With a developed retail network, there are

more than 204,000 retail outlets in Shenzhen,

with floor space of more than 25 million

square meters, or 1.52 square meters per

capita. There are nearly 500 stores that have

floor space of more than 5,000 square meters.

Eight top national retail chains, such as China

Resources Vanguard, are headquartered in



Shenzhen serves some of the best food in the

world. With thousands of eateries, visitors can

taste delicious food representing countless

cultures. Bar streets, including those in Shekou

Sea World, Window of the World and Coco

Park, all provide good choices for pub-goers

at night.

Shenzhen Baoan Airport (SZX) is the main

airport offering hundreds of domestic and

international airlines flights that connect

Shenzhen with 80 other cities. Convenient

travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

is also available by bus service available at

the airport and bus tickets can be purchased

at either Shenzhen Airport or Hong Kong

International Airport.

There are three railway stations in the city

– Shenzhen Railway Station, West Railway

Station and North Railway Station through

which passengers can get to Beijing,

Shanghai, Quangzhou, Lanzhou, Tianji,

Chengdu, Nanjing, Hefei and more.


Shenzhen’s subway system consists of several

lines providing a fast, relatively inexpensive

means of getting around the city. The subway

also reaches the border between Shenzhen

and Hong Kong at Luo Hu station and Fu

Tian Kou An stations where passengers can

connect to the Hong Kong rail line.

Taxis operate by a zone system identifiable by

colour. Red taxis go a long distance; yellow

ones only operate in special zones; and

green ones can operate outside the special

economic zone.

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