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The UH Cullen College department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Division of Research, and UH Libraries

have partnered to offer the UH community a dedicated Makerspace, located on the first floor of the MD Anderson

Library within the Learning Commons, for building objects and electrical devices. All students, regardless of their

major, are encouraged to explore the space and the opportunities it presents for discovery and collaboration.


















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Irma Brindis


Thank You, Donors

Librarian News

The Numbers

Two of the four major goals in our Strategic Plan are to position the University of Houston Libraries as a campus

leader in research productivity and in student success initiatives. As the University of Houston continues its rise

as a nationally prominent research university, the Libraries is addressing the needs of researchers and scholars

through a number of recent developments. I am pleased to share our progress with you in this newsletter.

A few of our most exciting achievements that have come to fruition over the past several months include

the opening of the Health Sciences Library, supporting the UH colleges of Nursing, Optometry, and

Pharmacy, as well as other health-related programs on campus; the opening of the Digital Research

Commons, the best place on campus to learn about using digital tools in research and academics; and

the opening of the Makerspace in collaboration with our partners in the department of Electrical and

Computer Engineering and the Division of Research. I hope you will stop by to experience our new

and transformative spaces.

Our Special Collections continue to garner increased recognition. Notably, the Carey Shuart

Women’s Research Collection has grown to include over 90 archival collections,

documenting the women and organizations that have shaped women’s and

Houston’s history. In the past year, organizations such as the American Association

of University Women - West Harris County Branch, The Women’s Institute

of Houston Records, and Houston Junior Forum have contributed in total

over 70 linear feet of materials to the archives. The LGBT History Research

Collection comprises over 700 linear feet of materials from individuals and

organizations in the LGBT community, including Annise Parker, Ray Hill,

and the Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History (GCAM).

In open educational resources news, I am pleased to announce that the

UH Alternative Textbook Incentive Program, in collaboration with

the Provost’s office, is underway. As part of the University’s initiative

to improve students’ academic experience by mitigating the high cost

of textbooks, the incentive program will award UH faculty members

who adopt, adapt, or create an open textbook in their courses, and,

ultimately, make the college experience more affordable to our


Our work continues, and we are grateful for your support in helping us

to fulfill our mission of advancing student success, knowledge creation

and preservation, and globally competitive research. On behalf of the

University of Houston Libraries, thank you for your partnership.

Lisa A. German

Dean of Libraries and

Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair

“I hope you will stop by to experience our

new and transformative spaces.”




Open Educational Resources

The University of Houston’s first Open

Educational Resources (OER) Workshop

was held in February. Michelle

Reed and Jasmine Roberts, representing

the Open Textbook Network team, led

discussions on the impact of the high

cost of textbooks for students, why

open textbooks can be a solution to affordability

issues, and an exploration of

the Open Textbook Library.

KUHT Video Collection

Thanks to a TexTreasures grant

funded by the Institute for Museum

and Library Services (IMLS), over

500 unique archival KUHT Collection

videos have been digitized and

are available online. The large scope

of fragile video from the 1980s and

90s were preserved and made accessible

in the new UH Libraries

Audio/Video Repository which is

searchable and provides high-quality

desktop and mobile playback. Notable

series included in the digitized

collection are Almanac, The Capitol

Report, J.D.’s Journal, and Ryan’s



Jack Ogg Papers

UH Special Collections recently acquired

the donated papers of former

state senator Jack C. Ogg (1933-2018).

The collection includes scrapbooks

spanning Ogg’s political career, family

photographs, and memorabilia from

his time as a student at the University

of Houston.

Zine Fest Houston

Last year, UH Special Collections acquired

the Zine Fest Houston Records. The

collection comprises zines, (self-published,

small-circulation, non-commercial books

or magazines) and ephemera documenting

zine culture in the Gulf Coast region and

nationwide. Topics include art, feminism,

LGBTQ issues, the Latinx community,

and humor. Lisa Cruces, archivist and

curator for the collection, recently cohosted

a zine-making workshop with Zine

Fest Houston organizers Sarah Welch and

Stacy Kirages.


The Center for Advanced Computing and

Data Systems (CACDS) and UH Libraries

are collaborating on this year’s Vizapalooza

event which aims to promote the work

of the UH research community. The May 9

event will feature a data visualization competition

and workshops.

White Glove Salon

An April 18 event featuring items from

the Rare Books Collections allowed

guests to experience a few of the rare

treasures firsthand. Among the collection:

the 14th century Book of Hours,

Use of Reims, a handwritten and

hand-painted devotional book featuring

whimsical marginalia of animals

and musicians; and Edward Topsell’s

17th century History of Four-footed

Beasts and Serpents, which features

woodcuts of animals both familiar and




2 3




is the newest member of the Dean’s Capital Campaign Committee

and Cabinet, supporting Hispanic Collections.

Ms. Brindis is a Houston philanthropist,

socialite, and real estate

developer. As founder of

ANR Builders, Ms. Brindis has

developed high-end residential

real estate since 2006. She discovered

a passion for real estate

and interior design when

building her own home from

the ground up. With the encouragement

of friends and

family, she decided to utilize

her talents to create homes for

other people and has since invested

in multiple real estate


Ms. Brindis is active on the

charity circuit, and attends

and hosts fund raising events

for a wide range of nonprofits,

with a particular focus

on Latino causes. She has

chaired the St. Jude Latin

Gala, Un Brindis por St.

Jude, for several years, raising

approximately $300,000

annually. Visiting the renowned

St. Jude’s Children’s

Research Hospital in Memphis

only strengthened her

desire to remain involved

for the long term.

To date Ms. Brindis has

been invited as co-chair

to some very worthy causes,

among them Latino

Learning Center’s (LLC)

spring 2014 gala. LLC is a

Houston non-profit with

the mission of providing educational

and human support services

to Houston communities, with emphasis

on adult education and services

to the elderly and disabled.

She was a 2015 honoree for CAP; a

2016 honoree for Operation Smile

and special guest at the International

Mother’s Day Soiree; as well as a

guest judge for Miss Houston Texas

Latina 2016 and Miss Teen Houston

Texas Latina 2016.

As a friend and muse of Greek jewelry

designer Konstantino, she was

honored in May 2012 at Saks 5th

Avenue, where the limited edition

“Irma, Let the Sunshine In” collection

was unveiled. This is the

first time Konstantino, who counts

Oprah Winfrey and Carlos Santana

among his clients, has created a line

exclusively to and for one individual;

a very special honor.

Ms. Brindis’s hobbies are socializing

with friends, travel, food and

of course fashion. In 2016, she

launched her very own publication,

IRIS Covet Book, an avant garde,

new and edgy magazine that offers

a glimpse into a world of beauty and

elite social living.

Ms. Brindis was born in Jalisco,

Mexico but at a young age her parents

moved to Morgan Hill, California

where she grew up and lived

until 1995. Ms. Brindis is the proud

mother of two children, a son and a





In 2017, we raised a total of $509,699.52. With your support, we can continue to create transformative spaces, develop programs for

student success, expand access to our collections, and build tools and services to enhance research productivity.

Dr. Rudy Acuna

Dr. Jose A. Aguinaga

Mr. David Ahlquist

Mrs. Lucretia K. Ahrens

Albertsons Safeway

Dr. Steve K. Alexander

Mr. Russell R. Allen

Mrs. Pamela S. Allen

American Library Association

Mr. James Philip Amy, III

Mr. Michael P. Applewhite

Ms. Karen L. Aprill

Mr. Richard Andrew Arnold

Mr. Evan M. Bagner

Mrs. Denise A. Balkum

Mr. Gary C. Ballard

Mr. Sean A. Barnes

Ms. Cynthia A. Barringer

Mr. Raymond Steven Bartlett

Mrs. Barbara Beach

Mrs. Mary H. Beck

Dr. Carolyn E. Beck

Mr. Leonard Ladislav Bednar

Mrs. Miranda H. Bennett

The Honorable Ken Bentsen

Mr. Randal T. Beste

Mr. Jonathan E. Blakistone

Mrs. Carol Keyworth Boll

Ms. Leslie Pat Bozeman

Ms. Katie Bradley

Mr. Gary Warren Brann

Mr. Walter V. Brem, Jr.

Ms. Fran Brennan

Mr. Joe L. Breshears, Jr.

Ms. Kelsey R. Brett

Mrs. Gaylynn Brikha

Ms. Jacqueline Bronicki

Ms. Frances M. Brown

Mrs. Bette Burkett

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Mr. Damon Camille

Ms. Debbie Campbell

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Ms. Monica Annette Cantu

Dr. Thomas S. Carothers

Dr. Martin M. Cassidy

Mr. Manuel Castro

Ms. Jeanne M. Castro-Munoz

Mr. Christopher Hayden Chancellor

Dr. Christina Chan-Park

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Mr. David C. Cheadle

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Dr. William J. Coffey, II

Dr. Penrose Cofie

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Mrs. Angela M. Cowins

Ms. Linda Coy

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Ms. Lindsay A. Cronk

Ms. Elizabeth K. Cruces

Ms. Margaret D. Culbertson

Ms. Summer Michele Davis

Mr. Armando De La Cruz

Dr. Hannah S. Decker

Mrs. Sue DeFrank

Dr. Richard S. Defrank

Dr. Elsa B. Dembinski

Ms. Deborah I. Detering

Mr. John Joseph Dethloff

Mrs. Nora E. Dethloff

The Diana Foundation

Mr. Robin N. Downes

Mr. Orolando A. Duffus

Rev. Dr. Margaret Ann Dunn

Mrs. Nancy A. Dunnahoe

Mr. Michael Eber

Dr. Rajagopal R. Echambadi

Mrs. Miriam Edelman

Mr. Thomas Ehardt

Dr. Deborah Elsie Ekwo

Dr. Kenneth L. Euler

Mrs. Joann L. Evans

Ms. Carolyn F. Farb

Ms. Suzanne Ferimer

Ms. April Finch

Mr. David Finch, III

Mrs. Renee Fiorini-McManus

Mr. J Cat Fisher

William E. Fitzgibbon, III, Ph.D.

Mr. Donald Lynn Flippen

Mr. Jeffrey B. Flores

Ms. Alicia Fowler

Dr. H. Jerome Freiberg

Frontier Fiesta Alumni Association

Mr. Jeffrey D. Fuller

Ms. Alma R. Gallo

Mr. Christopher L. Galloway

Mr. Richard Gans

Ms. Wenli Gao

Ms. Ashley Garcia

Dean Lisa A. German

Ms. Kelli L. Getz

Mr. Alejandro Claudio Giannotti

Mr. Thomas Garfield Gibbs

Dr. Tejendra S. Gill

Mrs. Manjit K. Gill

Ms. Jaylon J. Giron

Ms. Christina H. Gola

Ms. Joyce Golub

Dr. Maria C. Gonzalez

Professor Marilu Goodyear

Mrs. Shelley J. Gottschalk

Mr. Art Gottschalk

Ms. Julie E. Grob

Mr. Richard R. Guajardo

Ms. Rosa Linda Guerrero

Dr. Ann H. Guess

Mr. Oscar R. Gutierrez

Mr. Don F. Guyton

Mrs. Karen Guyton

Mrs. Gaye Dewitt Hablinski

Mr. William S. Haddock, Jr.

Dr. Keith R. Haffey

Ms. Susan Ellen Hairston

Mr. Jack Hall

Mr. Robert Donald Hargrove

Mr. John Garet Harkins

Mr. Glenn Harper

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Mr. Ken R. Harry

Mrs. Marjorie E. de Hartog

The Reverend Helen Morris Havens

Mr. George A. Havran

Mr. Gordon Heier

Mr. Jarrell W. Hemingway

Mr. Lee A. Hilyer

Ms. Sarah Nicole Hinds

Dr. Betty F. Hinman

Mr. Lawrence Lee Hinman

Mr. Lewis Hodnett, Jr.

Mr. Richard W. Hon

Mrs. Joyce A. Hopkins

Mrs. Holly Kosler Cravey

Mr. Michael Ray House

Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters

Ms. Susan Houston

Ms. Katherine Hubbard

Mrs. Joanna S Hughes

Ms. Amanda M. Hunt

Mr. Clayton Hurst

Mr. Steven J. Jacobowitz

Mrs. Rebecca Streeter Jay

John P. McGovern Foundation

Ms. Jungmi Jung

Ms. Donna Kacmar

Mrs. Terry B. Kahn

Mrs. Andrea W. Kanuth

Ms. Susan E. Kate

Ms. Irene J. Ke

Ms. Vickie Keehr

Ms. Elizabeth Kehn

Ms. Lori M. Kennedy

Ms. Selina Khan

Ms. Jamesia J. King

Ms. Chelby D. King

Ms. Stephanie Lyn King

Mr. Robert E. King

Mr. Kenneth L. Kirkland

Mrs. Linda K. Klemm

Mrs. Lee P. Kobayashi

Mr. Keith A. Komos

Mr. Steve Konga

Ms. Sharon Kuang

Mr. Jason David La Haye

Mrs. Allison Lam

Ms. Fregilia L. Lane

Mr. Mauricio Osiris Lazo

Mr. Robert Lebow

Ms. Amy M. Leggio

Mr. John A. Lehner

Ms. Peggy A. Levy

Mrs. Andrea Lewis-Echols

Ms. Ashley R. Lierman

Dr. Jose E. Limon

Ms. Nancy Linden

Ms. Xiping Liu

LOAF (Lesbians Over Age Fifty)

Mr. Peter V. Lomonte, Jr.

Ms. Rose Marie Lomonte

Mrs. Paula Lovoi

Mr. Edward F. Lukasek

Mr. Preston Randall Mack

Ms. Nancy Catherine Madeley

Ms. Michelle M. Malizia

Mr. Darius G. Malone

Ms. Andrea R. Malone

Mr. Steven Douglas Malone

Mr. Sahil Saiyad Manasia

Mrs. Mary Margaret Manning

Ms. Bonnie Martin

Ms. Lisa M. Martin

Mr. F.W. Martin

Dr. James Kirby Martin

Mrs. Lori Lynn Mason

Dr. Christopher J. Matice

Mr. John Matthew Lenz

Mrs. Edna M. Mattox

Dr. David S. Mazella

Mrs. Karen McConn

Mrs. Mary Russell McCord

Mrs. Cathie S. McFarland

Mrs. Betty Lynn McHam

Mrs. Odean S. McKenzie

Ms. Syvalia M. McKinley

Mr. Timothy E. McKinney

Mrs. Jackie Z. McKnight

Ms. Diane McMaster

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Ms. Catherine McNeil

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Mrs. Carolyn A. Meanley

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Ms. Kimberley R. Monroe

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Mr. Duane E. Moredock

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Ms. Michael H. Nathanson

Mr. Jeffrey A. Nguyen

Mr. Long Nguyen

Dr. Donald S. Van Nieuwenhuise

Dr. Joseph L. Nogee

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Ms. Yolanda Y. Obleton

Mr. Joseph John Occhipinti

Mr. Patrick O’Connor

Mrs. Lois Ann O’Connor

Mrs. Carolyn O’Sullivan

Mr. Paul K. Oswalt

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Mr. Hyland B. Packard, Jr.

Mr. Donovan Erik Parker

The Honorable Annise D. Parker

Janis Parsley, RPh, MBA

Mrs. Judy Parsons

Ms. Jeannie N. Pham

Mr. Nghi Pham

Ms. Patti V. Phipps

Mr. Luca Pollonini

Potter Charitable Fdn of ACF

Kathy & Chris Potter Charitable Fd of VC

Ms. Peggy S. Powell

Mr. Daniel J. Pshock

Mr. Mark E. Putnam

Mr. Hing Sze Quan

Mrs. Charlotte S. Randolph

Mr. Steven Allen Raskin

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Mrs. Mary E. Rico

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Mr. Shafik I. Rifaat

Mr. Earl James Ritchie, Jr.

Rising Fawn Farm

River Oaks Bus Women Exc. Club

Mr. Steven M. Robbins

Dr. Charles W. Rooks

Dana C. Rooks, M.P.A., M.L.S

Ms. Ashlee E. Ross

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Paula Myrick Short, Ph.D.

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Mrs. Alexandra C. Simons

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Dr. Russell Alan Vardell

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Ms. Emily Vinson

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Ms. Jyoti P. Vyas

Mr. Jason D. Wade

Mr. William V. Walker

Mrs. Connie Wallace

Mrs. Diane Cunningham Wann

Ms. Mea Warren

Ms. Anne M. Washington

Mrs. Sandra S. Weber

Mr. Andrew J. Weidner

Ms. Anh Thy Westjohn

Ms. Shanequea White

Mr. Andrew Jefferson Willrodt

The Honorable Welcome W. Wilson, Sr.

Miss Aletha Francine Winkel

The Women’s Institute of Houston

Mr. Dan Worrall

Ms. Jean Wu

Ms. Anping Wu

Mr. Yutao Xing

Mr. Yuan Lee Yeh

Mrs. Angela F. Yen

Mr. Frederick Young

Mr. Maxwell P. Zimmerman

Mrs. Georgiana H. Zustovich




Emily Deal

English Librarian

Emma Fontenot

Social Sciences Librarian


Melody Condron presented “Social Media as a Tool:

Saving & Managing Online Communication” at the ARMA

Nevada e-Records Forum; and two sessions of “Preserving

& Accessing Your Digital Stuff” at RootsTech.

Condron published a chapter, “Social Media Archiving” in

The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving.

Condron completed the University of Houston 2018

Cougar Chairs Leadership Academy in January 2018.

Lisa Cruces received a National Endowment for the

Humanities-Global Book Histories Initiative scholarship

from Rare Book School.

Taylor Davis-Van Atta was accepted to the 2018 Data

Science and Visualization Institute for Librarians held at

North Carolina State University.

Wenli Gao presented a poster, “Transform research and

instruction support through social media analysis and data

visualization,” at EDUCAUSE 2017 Annual Conference.

Christina Gola was nominated as a candidate for the Texas

Library Association Executive Board member-at-large; and

was accepted to the 2018-2019 Association of Research

Libraries Leadership Fellows Program.

Rachel Helbing is a member of the Membership

Committee, Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section,

Medical Library Association (MLA), 2017-2019; Career

Development Grant Jury, Medical Informatics Section,

(MLA), 2017-2018; and Bylaws Committee, South Central

Chapter of the Medical Library Association, 2017-2019; and

was accepted into the MLA Rising Star Program.

Helbing presented “Rayyan: Taking some of the wrinkles

out of systematic reviews,” “In your own back yard:

Teaching health literacy to colleagues,” and “Alohomora:

Unlocking evidence-based practice skills using interactive

LibWizard tutorials” at South Central Chapter of the

Medical Library Association Annual Meeting.

Stephanie Lewin-Lane, Nora Dethloff et al. co-wrote

“The Search for Copyright Best Practices in Libraries” for

Journal of Copyright in Education & Librarianship (in review).

Lewin-Lane was appointed chair of the UH Libraries

Copyright Team; and is a member of the University Cougar

Card Advisory Committee and New Campus ID System/

Campus Smart Card Subcommittee.

Lewin-Lane is a member of the Music Library Association

Career Development and Services Committee Career

Advisory Service, appointed co-coordinator 2017

and coordinator 2018, member of the Texas Chapter

Nominating Committee 2017, and appointed coordinator

for the Jazz and Popular Music Interest Group (2018-2022).

Lisa Martin was accepted to the Triangle Research

Libraries Network (TRLN) Management Academy for 2018.

Daniel Pshock presented “This is great, but can you make

it red?: How to say no” and “Results from the 2017 Library

User Experience Survey” at the Designing for Digital


Ariana Santiago, Mea Warren, and Ashley Lierman

presented “A tale of two classes: Transforming core

curriculum pedagogy” at the TLA Library Instruction

Roundtable Summit.

Santiago, Emily Vinson, Esmeralda Fisher, Ashley

Lierman, and Mea Warren wrote “LinkedIn at the

Library: A Continuing Collaboration” which appeared in

Collaborative Librarianship.

Santi Thompson’s peer-reviewed conference

presentations include “How Do We Measure Usage?

Developing a Framework for Measuring Reuse of Digital

Objects” at Research Data Access and Preservation

Summit 2018; “Strength in Numbers: Leveraging Global

Collaboration to Standardize IR Usage Measurement

and Assessment” at Electronic Resources & Libraries

2018 Conference; “Use vs. Reuse: Assessing the Value of

Our Digital Collections” at 2018 Code4Lib Conference;

“Developing a Framework For Assessing Use and Reuse”

at American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter 2018

Meeting; and “Digital Library Assessment: Leveraging

Infrastructure to Support Community Practice” at the

2017 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum.

Shawn Vaillancourt presented a webinar, “Crunch

time: Frameworks to assess and improve end of year

spending,” with Lindsay Cronk (originally scheduled for

the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial


Emily Vinson presented “Preservation is Painless:

A Guide to Outsourced AV Digitization Projects” at

the Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual


Vinson, as president of Archivists of the Houston

Area (AHA!), coordinated the first Houston Archives

Bazaar with 24 participating organizations and over 200

attendees in September 2017.

Mea Warren was selected as an ALA Emerging Leader.

Warren presented “From the Inside Out: Creating an

Emotionally Intelligent and Inclusive Culture” with Lisa

Martin at the Brick & Click conference; and a poster,

“Trends in Open Educational Resources in the Earth

Sciences: Emerging Roles for the Academic Library,” with

Samantha Teplitzsky at the Geological Society of America.

Warren is a member of the ALA New Members

Roundtable Mentoring Committee and the Special

Libraries Association (SLA) Physics-Astronomy-Math

Awards Committee.

Anne Washington was accepted into the Texas Library

Association TALL Texans Leadership Institute.

Anne Washington and Andrew Weidner published

“Collaborative Metadata Application Profile Development

for DAMS Migration” in the International Conference on

Dublin Core & Metadata Applications Proceedings 2017.

Andrew Weidner became a Certified Scrum Product

Owner from Scrum Alliance.

Annie Wu and Taylor Davis-Van Atta presented “UH

Libraries Partnership with Texas Digital Library” at the

Texas Digital Library Summit.

Wu and Santi Thompson presented “Bridge2Hyku:

Developing Migration Strategies” at the Coalition for

Networked Information Fall Membership Meeting.

Wu and Drew Krewer published “Maximizing Efficiency

& Standardization in Digitization at University of

Houston Libraries: A Program-Based vs. Project-Based

Approach” in the Journal of Digital Media Management.

Wu is a councilor-at-large with ALA.

6 7


equipment check-outs


annual visitors

Working as a technology consultant at the MD Anderson Library has been a great

experience for me as a student of UH. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The job

has allowed me to further develop various skills such as communication, customer

service and critical thinking. I have the pleasure of working alongside fellow

classmates to assist our patrons with various problems. This has been beneficial for

me because those skills will be very important when I join the workforce. It is very

exciting and rewarding to work for such a great school. GO COOGS!

- Ricardo Lopez

Student, Management Information Systems


website visits


page views


networking & co-curricular events



teaching & research activity participants


UH Libraries staff have been essential partners in student and public outreach


online resource uses

programming I have been involved in through the Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Studies program and the Center for Public History. All staff - archival, communications,

technology, and otherwise - have been incredibly focused on effective collaboration.

As a faculty member, I have been additionally impressed with how attentive Special

Collections staff have been to enhancing student engagement.

- Leandra Zarnow, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of History

WGSS Affiliate

University of Houston


study room check-outs




HOUSTON, TX 77204-2000

The Digital Research Commons offers access to

specialized digital scholarship tools and support.


Our vision is a community nurtured by curiosity and creativity that drives lifelong learning and scholarship.

To learn more about UH Libraries giving opportunities, visit libraries.uh.edu or call Connie Loyd, 713.743.8116

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