a) The following criteria were applied for the measurement of the areas of the property:

UNI 10750 standard on Real Estate Services. Requirements of Service.

4.4 Criteria for property appraisal

The UNI 10750 standard contains the following criteria for calculating “the surface of commercial

areas”. For further information we suggest considering to purchase the documentation of UNI


Calculating the surface of the commercial area, depending on whether the real estate it is intended

for residential use or for commercial use (offices, industrial or touristic use) the following should

be considered:

– the sum of passable covered areas including the surfaces occupied by interior and perimeter


– the weighted averages on surfaces for the exclusive use of terraces, balconies, patios and


– the weighted surfaces of appliances (basements, indoor and outdoor car parking areas, boxes,


The calculation of the covered surfaces must be based on the following criteria:

a) 100% of the passable surfaces;

b) 100% of the areas within internal non-bearing walls providing separation;

c) 50% of the areas within internal bearing walls and perimeter walls.

In the case of detached and / or single-family buildings, the percentage of point c) should be considered

as 100%. The calculation of the areas referred to in point c) shall not, however, exceed

10% of the sum referred to in points a) and b).

For the calculation of uncovered surfaces, the following weighting criteria are to be used:

25% of uncovered balconies and terraces;

35% of covered balconies and terraces (by covered we mean closed on three sides);

35% of patios and porches;

60% of verandas;

15% of apartment gardens;

10% of villa and cottage gardens.

The indicated percentages may vary according to the particular location of the real estate property,

and to its external surfaces which may be roughly at the same level as the overall external

sur-faces, and which may never exceed 30% of the covered surfaces - except for all those

incremental or decreasing factors that characterize their particular level of environmental quality.

Obviously, the property subject to estimation belongs to the category that would determine a

strong variation of the aforesaid percentage quotas. However, the prudential and conservative

criteria suggested by the property to the professional in charge have not allowed for timely


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