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Fah Thai Magazine May June 2018

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HAPPENINGS CAMBODIA BATTAMBANG / PHNOM PENH / SIEM REAP SPOTLIGHT Classically French For the past two decades, Topaz has cooked its way into the hearts of diners in Cambodia. A landmark destination for fine French dining, the restaurant located in the heart of Phnom Penh celebrates timehonoured traditions and cutting-edge gastronomy in a stylish surrounding. Even the most sophisticated taste buds will appreciate the extensive menu available at Topaz, especially its signature and hearty favourites. French staples such as Tartare de Filet De Saumon (Salmon Tartare), Soupe Élysée Au Truffes (Truffle Soup) and Entrecote de Boeuf Black Angus (Grilled Black Angus Ribeye) are just some of this restaurant’s highlights. Diners are guaranteed a complete dining experience at Topaz, with the best ingredients sourced from leading producers and suppliers, ending with sublime service. There’s also a wellstocked bar on site, complete with an extensive and impressive wine list to complement each meal. Open daily, 11.30am-2pm; 6pm-10.30pm, 162 Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, SPOTLIGHT Gateway to Khmer Cuisine You’re always spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options in Siem Reap but the Embassy Restaurant is arguably your best bet to experiencing authentic Khmer cuisine in a fine dining setting. Kimsan Pol and Kimsan Sok, better known as the ‘Kimsan Twins’ are the creative culinary force behind this establishment, which elevates Cambodian cuisine to new heights. The restaurant with its tastefully decorated dining room and indoor terraces that overlooks the King’s Road complex serves an impressive array of gourmet-styled Khmer dishes. The twins make it a point to regularly change the menu to showcase a wide variety of flavours so no visit to the Embassy is ever the same. The outlet’s ‘active menu’ is changed on a monthly basis and there’s also a seasonal multiplecourse set menu paired with matching wines as well. Open daily 6pm-11pm, King’s Road Angkor Village, Siem Reap, ROYAL PLOUGHING CEREMONY Every year in May, Cambodians celebrate the Royal Ploughing Ceremony or ‘Bon Chroat Preah Nongkoal’, which signifies the beginning of the sowing and planting season. One of Cambodia’s most important royal ceremonies, the main celebration takes place at the park in front of the National Museum just next to the Royal Palace. According to tradition the King, or a chosen representative, will till a plot of land with a plough pulled by bulls. This customary act signals the start of the farming season throughout the country. After three rounds with the plough, the bulls are allowed to feed on rice, corn, seeds, grass, water and wine. It is a belief that the foods the bulls have chosen will ultimately decide a good harvest for that crop. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony also sees local men and women wearing brightly coloured traditional Khmer costumes to commemorate the event. 3 May, National Museum, Preah Ang Eng St. (13), Phnom Penh, Cambodia A GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Humanitarian photographer Joseba Etxebarria has amassed an incredible collection of photos from his travels around the globe. Now his vast and impressive collection can be savoured to its fullest at his very own gallery in Cambodia. The HUMAN Gallery – Joseba Etxebarria Photography brings together some of the best portraits of the photographer has taken. The gallery located in the city of Battambang, roughly three hours away by road from Siem Reap, is situated in a century-old house, which offers a relaxing environment for visitors to enjoy. Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm; 4pm-8pm, Street 1.5, No.49, Battambang, 108