Fah Thai Magazine May June 2018

Read FAH THAI MAGAZINE Online! Fah Thai is the inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways. We also come in a digital format. You can read us at Fahthaimag.com

Read FAH THAI MAGAZINE Online! Fah Thai is the inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways. We also come in a digital format. You can read us at Fahthaimag.com


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Right<br />

The commissioned<br />

work from Gucci<br />

resulted in a set<br />

of illustrations<br />

featuring the<br />

‘Wonder Factory’<br />

where gems are<br />

fashioned.<br />

Bottom<br />

In Phannapast’s<br />

vision, the factory<br />

is run by all kinds<br />

of fanciful and<br />

endearing creatures<br />

behind ‘Le Marché<br />

des Merveilles’<br />

jewels and charms.<br />

were very conventional. Leaves had<br />

to be green, and the branches of<br />

the tree had a certain form,” says<br />

Phannapast.<br />

In art school, Phannapast had<br />

access to many artistic concepts,<br />

ideas and inspiration, and found out<br />

that beauty, indeed, has different<br />

faces and forms. She started to take<br />

a hard, long look in the mirror to<br />

find out her talents.<br />

“People have been living in a<br />

conventional world way too long,<br />

and are way too comfortable to<br />

recognise the beauty of being<br />

different,” says Phannapast.<br />

“When we find something or<br />

someone unconventional, we keep<br />

asking too many questions. We tend<br />

to think that they are misfits and<br />

alienated. We believe that they need<br />

to be fixed.<br />

“In fact, we don’t have to look,<br />

think, feel or act like our peers.<br />

Beauty lies in being different – be<br />

it difference in sexual identity or<br />

appearance.” In her work for Gucci,<br />

Phannapast tries to convince people<br />

of this philosophy.<br />

In art school, Phannapast had access to<br />

many artistic concepts, ideas and inspiration<br />

and found out that beauty, indeed, has<br />

different faces and forms.<br />

She also illustrated a book of<br />

imaginative fairy tales written<br />

by a friend, Aracha Cholitgul,<br />

inspired by stories of a personal<br />

past, and brought into an artistic<br />

visualisation. The tales in three<br />

chapters revolve around<br />

a “Wonder Factory”<br />

where animals create<br />

jewellery.<br />

In the first<br />

chapter, “A Present<br />

from the Sky” tells<br />

a tale of the kitten<br />

who wears a mask to<br />

cover up a facial mole.<br />

One day the little cat<br />

decides to take off<br />

the mask when<br />

it learned that beauty and a feelgood<br />

experience do not come from<br />

appearance alone.<br />

The second chapter, “The Very<br />

Big New Friend”, Erawan is a large<br />

elephant having a hard time trying<br />

to get a job in the factory.<br />

She is large in size with<br />

legs as large as the oldest<br />

trees in the forest.<br />

Her body is even<br />

bigger than the factory<br />

itself and when her<br />

ears flap, they create a<br />

small whirlwind. After<br />

Erawan has been in<br />

the factory for a while,<br />

she learns that she<br />

is a misfit. Every<br />


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