How to Power Reset Your HP Laptop/Computer with a Removable Battery?


Power reset is one of the reliable methods to resolve lots of problems with HP computer and laptops. Call HP Help Phone Number +1-877-645-7494 in order to get quick guidance by our certified technicians. They are 24/7 available for instant help.

How to Power Reset Your HP Laptop/Computer with a Removable Battery?

A Power Reset is one of the best methods to fix lots of problems associated with your HP laptop, like

Windows not responding, a blank display, software freezing, external device locking up and more. Power

reset clear all the information from the computer’s memory without removing any of your personal data

and files. In addition, HP Help Phone Number is also available to help the customer for the same. Below

we have discussed the steps that will guide you to power reset your HP laptop/Computer.

Before you begin to power reset your laptop/computer:

First of all, you need to disconnect or remove all peripheral devices. Then start up the

laptop/computer and then reconnect one peripherals device at a time.

Turn over the computer and look for a battery compartment door.

Reset a Laptop/Computer with a removable battery:

First, you have to turn off the computer.

Then you have to remove the computer from any port replicator.

In the next step, you are required to disconnect all external connected peripheral devices like

USB storage devices, external displays and more.

Now, simply unplug the AC adapter from the computer and then remove the battery from the

battery compartment.

You need to press and hold the “Power” button for about few seconds in order to drain any

residual electrical charge from the capacitors.

Further, you have to insert the battery and then plug the AC adapter back into the laptop, but

you need to make sure that you do not connect any of the peripheral devices.

Now, you are required to press the “Power” button to turn on the computer.

Here, you have to use the arrow keys in order to choose the Start Windows Normally and then

press the “Enter” key.

Once the Windows opened, you need to reconnect the entire peripheral device, one at a time,

till all the devices are reconnected.

Finally, here, your device has been reset. Once the power reset is finished, run Windows Update

to update all the available drivers.

For more help, feel free to connect our support service HP Tech Support Number +1-877-645-7494. We

are right here to help the HP customers with reliable support and guidance. HP computer might exhibit

some of the issues and errors, but our representatives offer unfailing solutions to fix the problems.

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