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20 x May 3 — 16, 2018

20 x May 3 — 16, 2018 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 crafts with us. I love doing crafts with her, sometimes projects for school. If you met my mom, I’m sure you’d agree my mom is the best there can be. Abby (center) and Emma Jankowski of Thornhill, winners in the 9-and-younger age group, are pictured with best mom Judy Jankowski. picked going to Monkey Joe’s so we could have fun, which makes her the most happy. Mommy does not always do her own fun things, because she makes sure we have fun. Mommy likes to make holidays very special. On our birthdays, she decorates our rooms while we sleep. She decorates the house for holidays and sometimes gives us surprises in our kitchen table seat sacks. Most of all, Mommy does Emma: Mommy is the best mommy, because she snuggles me at bedtime, and that makes me feel happy. She wakes up early before the sun to make my lunch and writes special notes for my lunchbox, which Mrs. Murray reads to me. My heart is so happy when Mommy visits my class at school to help. When I feel sad, Mommy rubs my feet and tummy. That makes me feel better. She takes care of me and takes days off of work to play with me. That makes me feel special. HONORABLE MENTIONS My mom is the best, because she designs roads and bridges for people to go to work and school. She is a civil engineer and a great dancer. She comes to my school to help Mrs. Kirchof, my pre-K 3 teacher, with activities. I love my mommy, because she is smart and beautiful. My mom also sings a new song to me every night. My mom is the best, because everyone at school loves her. She is also the best, because she comes to all my soccer games and yells, “Gooo!” when I score. My mom loves my sister, dad, dog and neighbors. She also loves to bring me to school. My mom is a very good daughter and is always helping other people. Matias Sanchez, 5 Wingrove Estates My mom is special to me. She always believes in me. When I feel like I am going to fail, she says to me, “Sylvon, you can do anything you put your mind to. You can do it.” When I am scared, she backs me up and tells me a joke. She does unbelievable things to help me succeed in life. Something else my mom does is teach me how to cook. I know it’s crazy, but in a way, she is trying to get me ready for the world. My dad was a chef. He owned a restaurant, and the food looked amazing. My mom picked up cooking from my dad and now is teaching me. My mom prays for me. She prays for me to succeed in life, and she prays for my brother. My brother had asthma when he was little. We were about to lose him, but luckily he made it, and I am grateful for that. My mom is the best. She makes my heart melt. Sylvon Dennaoui, 10 Winter Garden Every year on my mom’s birthday, I write “Thank you for everything that you do for me” on her card. While I truly am grateful, this phrase doesn’t begin to cover just how grateful I am. My mother is strong. My mother is kind. My mother is helpful. My mother is adventurous. Most of all, my mother is loving. I feel her love every day — in the hug she gives me when I’m feeling down, in the medicine and tea she provides for me when I’m sick, CONTINUED ON PAGE 23 Love Mom, Thank Dad, Celebrate the Grad! Discover why over 17 million homeowners trust State Farm ® . TooJay’s gift cards are the perfect way to celebrate Moms, Dads and Grads! With your new home comes new responsibilities – like protecting your new investment with the right amount of homeowners insurance. That’s where we can help. CONTACT AN AGENT TODAY. Available at and at every location in any denomination. Ocoee: 10185 W Colonial Drive • 407- 798 - 2000 Orlando: 7600 Dr Phillips Blvd • 407- 355 - 0340 | ® Shane Swan Insurance Agcy Inc Shane Swan, Agent Bus: 407-846-9333 C Martin Ins and Fin Svcs Inc Craig A Martin, Agent ChFC, CLU, CLF Bus: 407-656-1040 State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL 0907508FL State Farm Florida Insurance Company, Winter Haven, FL x May 3 — 16, 2018 x 21 WE HAVE MOVED! 2940 Maguire Road, Suite 200, Ocoee, FL 34761 Located in the back of the Meadow Ridge Shopping Center