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26 x May 3 — 16, 2018

26 x May 3 — 16, 2018 x

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 feeling well. She also can make me happy when I’m sad. If my uncle is ever in a hurry, my mom will babysit the kids until he gets back. She also cares for me in many other ways. Next, my mom and I have so much fun together. We always play at the park and ride the Twister and get dizzy. She also plays in the pool with us if it’s not cold. We make brownies, cookies and go on golf cart rides. She lets me drive, and we always have fun doing it. My mom is my closest friend, because we go shopping together. When I get scared at night, she lays with me. She is the person who takes care of me. She is a stay-at-home mom. We are like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich. I love my mom so much. She is my hero. Mary Czachorowski, 10 Windermere I have the best mom in Southwest. She is very generous and meaningful to me, because she comes in at night and rubs my feet. My mom is fun and kind, because she plays games with me and always lets me win. My mom is loving, because when I’m sick, she gives me medicine and isn’t scared to be around me. I love her so much. Alexandra Lang, 8 Keene’s Pointe When I think of my mother, I think of the color yellow — so bright and happy and it brings life to everything it touches. My mother taught me a lot about how to live a fulfilling life full of happiness and kindness. I am blessed to have such a great mother, who is also my best friend, someone who has been there for me through thick and thin, and someone I couldn’t imagine living without. I tell my mother everything, maybe even more than I probably should. But, I think it is important that she stays invested in what is going on in my life as well as the relationships I form with people. Having her honest opinion means a lot to me, and I am thankful she has x May 3 — 16, 2018 x 27 been a solid person in my life who is there by my side no matter what I have to overcome. As I grow up and begin to figure out who I am, I can’t help but compare myself to her. I have her beautiful green eyes, her creativity, her humor and her free spirit. I strive to be like my mom in ways such as her perspective and dependability. She has been a positive role model for my sister and me, and her presence throughout my life has been remarkable. My mother goes above and beyond to provide for my family. She is strong in her faith and shows it with every little thing she does. Alexis Adams, 18 Winter Garden My mom is the best in Southwest. She is like a star in the night sky, bright and beautiful. My mom is my personal therapist. She listens to my problems. She is like a tissue. She wipes away my tears. My mom is like a map. She guides me when I’m lost. She is like a superhero, because she saves me from danger. She is like vanilla cake, since she is sweet. Laxmi Viswanathan, 11 Windsor Landing My mom is the most amazing mom in the world. She loves me more than anything. When I’m sad, my amazing mom gives me hugs and kisses. My mom is nice, beautiful and caring. When I want something, my mom gets it for me. I am on a swim team at Southwest Aquatics, and my mom drives me there Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I am stuck on a problem for homework, my mom helps me. I love my mom so much. Jocelyn Laurila, 8 Sand Pine Estates A wolf depends on its pack to help it when it’s in danger. A guinea pig depends on its herd to keep it safe. From the moment I opened my eyes CONTINUED ON PAGE 28