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28 x May 3 — 16, 2018

28 x May 3 — 16, 2018 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 27 to the moment of my last breath, my mom will be there for me. I’ve learned a lot from my mom. She’s not always breathing down my back or getting mad when I do something wrong. My mom encourages me to study, stand up for myself, and do what I feel is right — which so far has gotten me through so much. Her path that I follow has been leading me to a better place. My mother is the most hardworking person on the planet. She is a stay-at-home mom who is always cleaning and taking care of my little brother and sister. Trust me, they are wild! At the end of the day, she makes time for me. This is helping me become an independent person. My mom is Earth, and I am the moon. She makes sure I stay in orbit. My mother loves me for who I am. She is the one who cares for me. I make a lot of mistakes, but that’s part of my personality. We don’t like the same things, but everyone is different. My mom is the best mom in the universe. She makes me a better person. The puppies of a wolf need their mother to teach them, care for them and love them, just like my mom does for me. Lily Sutherland, 10 Windermere Do you like moms? I like my mom, because she cares about my family and me. My mom pays bills, cleans the house and helps me do homework. She is special, because she shows her love and is ready for anything. She is a really good problemsolver. She’s always there when I am ill or sad. I like my mom, because she is a hard worker and the best. She is a good listener and is able to also help other families by helping them find a new home to live in. All of this makes my mom the best of all moms. Erich Eichner, 8 Arden Park Imagine someone who works hard to make sure others are happy, someone who dedicates her life to others, someone who is always a light to others. This is a definition of my mom. The answer to how my mom stays this positive is coffee. But, she also stays this positive because of her love toward our family. My mom is obviously the best mom in the world, because she works hard, loves others and is a best friend. I am grateful that my mom works hard to make sure I am happy. She prepares food for my family and does our laundry. We have four kids in our family, so it can be crazy at times, but she still pulls off dropping off my older brother and I at lacrosse (at two different places), my younger brother at his drum lessons, and my little sister at her dance class, all on time. My mother is also a great role model, always having a positive attitude, and is very friendly. She tries to do what is right, even in hard times. Also, my mom is supportive of our decisions, whether it’s sports or birthday dinner picks. By far, my mom is the best mom anyone could ask for. It’s obvious that I was gifted with the best mom in the world. My mom helps make my life possible, and I’m very grateful. She will do anything to help and support me. Matti McGinn, 12 Windermere Reserve Some people may say that their favorite superhero is Batman, Superman, Spider-Man or Iron Man. My superhero is my mom. She’s my light in the darkness. When I get a bad grade or when I’m sad, she cheers me up, whether she makes me laugh or talks with me about how to make things better. She is so supportive of everything I do, as long as it’s good and reasonable. She also supports me when I play softball. She especially supports me when FSA comes. Also, my mom is really loving. When my brother and sister are busy doing something, my mom finds time for me. She tells me that she will love me no matter what. Eliana Bosque, 10 Winter Garden Reach. Engage. Deliver. Call 407.670.7765 #digitalmarketingstrategy CORPORATE HEALTHCARE LEGAL Strategy, SEO, PPC, Social & Web

My mom is the best mom in the world. Period. She does everything for my family and me. She gets up in the middle of the night, every night, to check my sister’s blood sugar. She doesn’t have to, but she does. My mom gets us up and ready every weekday morning, just for school. Whatever you can think of, she does it no matter what it costs her. That’s why I love her more than anybody else in the entire universe. She even volunteers at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children every Monday for five hours, because she cares about and loves everybody. My mother is unlike any other mother in the world. She is the most courageous, brave, heartwarming, admirable woman on the planet. She thinks before she speaks, cares more about others than herself, and takes blame for almost everything, even if it isn't her fault. I have no clue what I would do without my mom. I’m going to give her the maximum amount of love I can before I go off to college. When I go to college, that will most definitely be the hardest day of my life, because I will have to leave my mom and become everything she’s ever wanted me to be. I wish I could be a child all my life, not only because being a child is fun, but because I would get to be with my mom every second of every day for the rest of my life. Cooper Jensen, 12 Kensington Park Lacrosse and hemophilia are two things that don’t belong together. When my mom found out I was diagnosed with a severe bleeding disorder, she became my at-home nurse. She learned to inject my factor VIII into my port without legitimate training, just trial and error. It takes a lot of guts to do something you know will hurt someone you love. My mother loved her role of being a self-learned nurse to me, and I am forever grateful for that. When I decided I wanted to play lacrosse, she didn’t shy away even though she knew her job as my mom would only get harder. She supported me through everything. Countless doctors said I should quit lacrosse and give up, but my mom x May 3 — 16, 2018 x 29 knew with the right treatment and care, my bleeding could remain under control. I am so lucky to have a person in my life who cares this much about me and shares my passion for the game I love. I went on to sign with Syracuse University to play lacrosse with the best Division 1 lacrosse team of all time, being the only hemophiliac to ever play D1 lacrosse. Without my mom, I would have given up the game a long time ago. Because of her, I am able to live out my dream of playing at the highest level and am educated on how to maintain my bleeding disorder to stay healthy. My mom is truly one of a kind, and that is why I love her. Mikey Berkman, 18 Keene’s Pointe There is something special about mothers, almost as if they are fictional superheroes in a story, who always know how to solve problems. But in reality, they are 10 times better than any superhero you can think of. No matter if it is helping me ace my next big test or killing the “enormous” ant in my room, my mom is always ready to drop everything she is doing to help me. My mom is the most fearless and hardworking person I know. She would give up everything she has to give me the perfect life, but little does she know, I already live the perfect life with her as my mom. As well as being my mother, she is my best friend. She always jumps at the opportunity for us to hangout, whether it be going to the mall or watching Netflix on the couch. She makes me laugh daily, sometimes at the worst possible moments. But I would not give up anything for those special memories. Sometimes I sit and wonder how hard it is to be a mom. For instance, my mother has to take care of my sister and me, while leaving at six in the morning for her job. But somehow, she manages to balance it all out, while leaving room to be there for me at all costs. I really do not know how I would live without her. 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