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32 x May 3 — 16, 2018

32 x May 3 — 16, 2018 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 30 there. Whenever I made a mistake, she was there to tell me that she makes mistakes, too, it’s part of being human, and what we do about our mistakes is what matters. My mother has given me everything I could ever need from her, and I can only hope to be a mother like her someday. Kate Lewe, 17 Phillips Landing A mom is one who is always there for you, supports you and advocates for you. My mom is the best, because she knows and cares about my feelings, and she is there for me. My mom knows my feelings, especially when I am sad or something is wrong. For example, recently she noticed that I was not myself. She asked me if something was wrong. I said that I was stressed with all my schoolwork and tests. She knew just what to say to help me through all my stress. Another example is how every day after school, she asks me how my day went. She makes sure that if I come home sad nothing happened between me and my friends. Clearly, my mom knows me like I know myself, and she cares. Furthermore, my mom is there for me no matter what she is going through. When I need help with homework, she immediately stops what she’s doing and helps me. One time, when she cut her finger on glass, she was hurting badly. She still made sure I was tucked in bed and falling asleep. Even when she was on an important phone call, she made sure I was OK. She prepared a snack for me and got me started on homework while still handling the phone call. Obviously, my mom never leaves me hanging. All in all, my mom is the best, because she knows my feelings and is always there for me no matter what she is going through. My mom may not be famous like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, but these things make her the best mom I could ask for. Aliza Britton, 11 Windsor Landing I think my mom is special, because she is a special doctor who helps people when they are sick. I love her, because she gave me a heart necklace for Valentine’s Day, and she helps me with arts and crafts. My mom is the best. She gives me her phone, so I can play games on it. She hugs me, squeezes me and kisses me. She helps me with things that are a little hard, like opening boxes and homework. I love my mom, because she loves me very much. Rebekka Napartovich, 6 Waterford Pointe Gentle and warm is my mother’s hug. Sweet and kind are the words that effortlessly roll off her tongue. Loving and caring is her touch in everything she does. All of these things are wrapped up in my mother’s love. My mom is always the first to ask me what’s wrong and always the first to lend me a hand. She does all of these things without a second thought and with her compassionate love that is never-ending. Whenever I need a hug, she runs to me with open arms, hugs me tightly and tells me how much she loves me. There has never been a day when she hasn’t gotten out of bed and started her day early to take care of the entire family. Never has she hesitated to take care of my sisters and me. My mother is a strong woman who has taught her daughters to stand tall and work hard. She has taught me to strive for everything and to not settle until I am at my best. She has taught me that there will be hardships, and that she has them, too, but to keep my head held high and to let nothing stop me. My mom has always been a leader who leads her children on the right path to success, and when we fall, she picks us up before herself. All I aspire to be is to be as great as her. Katie Dzambo, 14 The Manors My mom is the best in Southwest, because she is nice. She takes me to new places, and she helps me ride At The Pool Pleaser II, We are here to please! SAVE TO UP $125 ON A POOL CLEANER NOW! Zodiac Days May 18 th – 21 st 15% Off all in house repairs and no bench fees All New MX8 Elite As Low as $399 after rebate 15% Off Stain Treatment Chemicals 6 $40

my bike. My mom is the best in the whole wide world. Maia Engilis, 7 MetroWest My mom is the best mom ever. She is kind, generous and loving, which are just a few reasons why she is the best in Southwest. My mom is the best, because she helps not only me, but she also helps my dad and her patients. She takes time to help me with my homework when I am stuck on a problem. She helps me clean my portion of the house, and she helps me feel confident in myself. She takes me to track practice and to tumbling and trampoline practice almost every day of the week. She is so dedicated to helping me pursue my interests that she recently suffered through food poisoning to cheer me on at a competition. My mom helps my dad make dinner, when he makes it; and she supports my dad being in the Army. He is constantly going away to drill, PT or every few years, deploying. My mom is a nurse, so she helps her patients at work by giving them medications and helping them to stay healthy. She also cares about the environment. When we go out on our boat, if there is trash anywhere, my mom grabs it up, so that the animals will not be harmed by the trash. As you can see, my mom is the best mom in Southwest. She is helpful and caring to those around her. So, when you think about the best mom in Southwest, please remember my mom, Carolyn Knopfle, because she is the best! Emily Knopfle, 10 Meadow Ridge My mom is very important to me. She always is by my side, supporting everything I do. Even if she has to work so much for her job, she is there for me. Usually, for the Disney races, she works extra time, but she always sends me pictures of fun things she sees while working. Even though she works often, I can count on her to be there for me no matter what. x May 3 — 16, 2018 x 33 My mom has done so much for me throughout the years. She puts notes in my lunch that I read every day. One note that she gave me said, “Good luck on the Idaho tests,” because we have an inside joke that she forgot the name of the Iowa test. She also comes up with little jingles that she sings in the mornings. My favorites are “Nobody Has Gym on Friday” and “Sweater Pants Make Me Dance.” My mom is so funny. In fact, she is kind of like the comic relief in our family. Whenever someone in my family is feeling down, she is the one to cheer them up by making them laugh. In my opinion, my mom is the glue that keeps my family together. She makes us laugh at the dinner table and, on the way home from school, asks me how my day was. I am so thankful for her, and I feel lucky to have such an amazing mom by my side. Payton Wapole, 14 Bay Hill Carlos Ortiz, ARNP Tonya King, ARNP Desiree Fouse LMHC CONTINUED ON PAGE 34 CAP WE TREAT "ADHD, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, BIPOLAR DISORDER, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, BEHAVIORAL ISSUES AND MANY MORE"-IN CHILDREN AND ADULTS Send us your favorite photo — old or new — of you and your dad. (Don't worry, we'll return it!) The best ones, as judged by our editorial staff, will win your dad some great prizes from area businesses. Even if you don't win, your picture could appear as an honorable mention in the Southwest Orlando Bulletin. Don't delay! All photos must be received by May 16 for a chance to appear in our June 7 issue. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, email address, your dad's name and your dad's neighborhood. Feel free to include any additional information about the photo. You and your dad must reside in Southwest Orlando. Professional photos will not be considered. Submit online at or email your photo to 2016 Winner 2017 Winner