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Slipstream - May 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Hill Country Rallye:

Hill Country Rallye: Kerrville 2018 By Paul Mosley photos by Paul Moseley The Hill Country Rallye might be the best Porsche event you’ve never heard of. The way things are going, though, it won’t be that way for long. This year’s Rallye sold out in less than an hour. The host hotel in Kerrville was completely booked. Porsches came from New Jersey, California (including the well-known AutoKennel 911, complete with loaded roof rack), Mexico, and Wisconsin. Kevin Devlin realized he had a weekend off, so he booked a flight to DFW to pick up his 911 stored at Zims Autotechnik. Kevin lives in -- wait for it -- Australia! They know the Texas Hill Country like the backs of their hands and it shows. A lifelong Texan, I had little knowledge of the Hill Country except that it is there. What got my attention on the HCR route map was the Twisted Sisters routes, hundreds of miles of roads kinda sorta west of Kerrville, where the Rallye is based. The name fits. Looking at the map, I’m reminded of a cliché bicycle road racing phrase announcers might have used way back when: “The riders rode on roads that resembled a fallen ball of string.” Take about 160 pre-1989 air-cooled Porsches (sorry post-1989 owners, you’re outta luck), maybe 175 people, and hundreds of miles of the best driving roads in the country, and you get three days of absolute fun. Begun along with our very own Ed Mayo in 2001 as a way for Porsche owners to get together and do what our cars do best, the HCR is now the passion of a group of loyalists based mostly in and around Austin who have honed this event into a well-run getaway. Upon check-in you receive a route book and a route map, a double-sided thing of beauty, and note this: you save the map, because during the year, you’ll want to go back and retrace your routes. Then you pick your drives -- four offered each day -- that you’ll go on. Friday night pizza and beer is served up in the Porsche-only parking lot, the center of the social scene all weekend. Lean against the Martini-liveried transporter belonging to RS Werks from Delaware, at the HCR supporting client and Tejas Treffpunkt founder Michael Meldrum. Closing time is – well -- there isn’t one. Hello midnight! Drive days are where it gets fun, because you won’t go out for an hour, or even two; maybe four, but more likely six. You’ll see gorgeous two-lane Hill Country passes with rock walls on one side, valleys on the other, tight 10 May

twisties, ok, very tight. And quick. Very few stop signs and stop lights. Few towns and zero cell service. You’re way out there. And cows. We have cows, and sheep, because the public roads do run through private ranch property. Keep your eyes open and your tank full. Hint, hint. If you are feeling frisky and fast, here is an example of one Friday route choice. Red: Spirited (Hah! Understatement of the year). A 391-mile “Long as Hell” route where you are urged to bring walkie-talkies and swim trunks. Yes, swim trunks. Because at the end you’ll be pretty drained and there is a swimming hole. If you forget your trunks, don’t be shy. Get it? The next three groups offered 254-, 212- and 177-mile options, so there is something for all drivers and all cars to choose from. Photo breaks and lunch stops give you a chance to make friends along the way and look at how filthy dirty your Porsche has become. You could wash it for the Friday night car show takeover in tiny downtown Comfort, Texas, or what the heck, leave it dirty. I did. Cool, double cool. The closing Saturday night banquet is loud, funny, a chance to recognize those who worked hard for a solid year, plenty of Porsche raffle items. Then there’s Al Zim’s annual T-shirt toss: yell, jump, earn that shirt! You’ll seriously regret the end, and you’ll act quickly when 2019 registration opens! 11

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