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Slipstream - May 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Kruder’s Cars &

Kruder’s Cars & Conversation By Bill Kruder photos courtesy of Bob Molyneux This month’s “conversation” is another one that took me by surprise. I was at the new Motoring Mavs @ Mayo last month, and this gentleman walked up to me and said hello. We did the usual introductions, and to my amazement, I have seen his name on every issue of Slipstream since joining in 1996, and finally, 22 years later, I can put a face to a name. So here is the next in my series of “conversations” I would like to share with you. Hiram and Emily Saunders, member since 1973, Owner 2009 Boxster S Bill Kruder: So are you originally from here? Hiram Saunders: No, we moved here in 1979 from St. Louis. Emily Saunders: We are both originally from North Florida, the small town of Live Oak, which is about half way between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. BK: And what brought you here? HS: Well, as with all our moves, it was about a job. We started out in Seattle right out of college, then on We went to the same high school and kind of knew whom one another was but we never dated; we hung out in different circles you would say. to St. Louis, then here -- originally Fort Worth and then Southlake, where we are today. BK: And where did you go to college? HS: I went to Georgia Tech to become an engineer, which led us to Seattle, working for Boeing. ES: What Hiram isn’t telling you is that he finished high school in just three years. BK: Wow! And where did you guys meet? HS: We went to the same high school and kind of knew of each other, but we never dated; we hung out in different circles, you might say. BK: So how did you finally begin dating? HS: Well, I had gone off to Georgia Tech and came home that first summer. ES: He had left and came back that summer. My cousin was having a birthday party, and he and a couple friends just “crashed” it. HS: We did! I saw Emily there, and worked up the courage to ask her out. ES: Then right after he graduated from GT, we got married; that was 1965. BK: Tell me about your interest in cars? HS: I have always had this love of sports cars, particularly open roadsters, but my parents were against it, as they thought they were too dangerous, so my sports car ownership was put on hold. ES: I worked at a Buick dealer when Hiram graduated, so we bought a 1965 Le Sabre Sport coupe. Not exactly what he loved, but it was a very nice car. HS: We drove out to Seattle when I started with Boeing, and traded it for a 1965 MGB. We joined a club and drove it everywhere. BK: So what was your first Porsche? HS: We were in St Louis by 1973, and the car was a 1970 Irish Green Targa. We had seen it on the lot for (I think) six months before we bought. As I recall, it had a bad transmission, along with a few other issues, but I was able to always rebuild or fix what was broken. BK: I understand you were pretty involved in the St Louis Region? HS: We were always active participants at the many events, and I eventually became club President. Then our newsletter Editor left and couldn’t find anyone, so I took the job. Well, maybe I should say WE took the job (laughing). ES: That Editor job was a chore back then, it really was a cut-andpaste, then make copies, fold them, staple them, sort them, and mail them yourself. HS: Truthfully my name might have been on the masthead but Emily did more of the work. 12 May

BK: Now what about some of the other Porsches you guys have had? HS: Well after the Targa, about 1982 we bought a 1974 914 2.0 in Olympic Blue; that was my daily driver with 100K miles on it. Also, about this same time, a coworker had a 356 project car we bought, along with boxes of parts. Then in 1988 we bought a pristine black 1973 914 1.8. That car was exceptional. BK: And what became of them? HS: Well I retired in 2001 and I thought I might work on the 356 as a long-term project. ES: I really wasn’t too keen on the “project” as I was afraid that’s all he would do, so I convinced him to sell it and buy something newer. BK: What did you guys do then? HS: We bought a red 1995 911 (993) cabriolet and kept it for the next 11-12 years. We drove that car everywhere. BK: What do you guys have today? HS: In 2016 we bought a Midnight Blue Metallic 2009 Boxster S with the PDK transmission. For us, “sports car” has always meant an open car. BK: Ok, so now tell me how and why has your name appeared on the back of Slipstream since 1980? HS: We became part of the Maverick Region in 1979. In 1980 the club was looking for an Editor, and since I had done that in St. Louis, I said I 1995 993 Cabriolet near Durango, CO would do it. Back then, Slipstream was a very simple newsletter. We turned it into a more substantial magazine. However, in doing that, we had to move from first class mail to second class to get the mailing costs reduced. The caveat was that you had to have a return address on the back cover in order to do that, and as Editor I used ours. So to this day, Slipstream is registered in Fort Worth. Hence my name still appears 38 years later. Well, as usual, I always walk away surprised at what chances life brings us in meeting people when we just stop or are stopped to say hello. As Hiram and Emily told me several times during our chat: it really is about the people. It doesn’t matter if you are an attendee or a chairperson; it’s the people. Today we call that Driving Friendships. 13

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