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Slipstream - May 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

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Easter Rally Recap: Maverick Bunny Hop By Mike Barnett photos by George Luxbacher & Bill Orr When I saw the email for this year’s Bunny Hop Rally, I thought, wow, this could be fun! I have organized many simple rally/poker runs for my Ford club but were really clear and easy to follow. When we made it to the last check point, we agreed that we were both hungry, and eagerly anticipated lunch at Hard 8. We shared a table with a nice couple from Ft Worth. It was fun comparing notes. When we started the rally, Laurie and I agreed that our goal was to just finish and not get lost. As George was going over the answers, we thought, “Wow, we did pretty well after all.” Then he announced that two teams tied for 4th, then announced 3rd place and then 2nd. Laurie said, “I guess we didn’t do so well after all.” Then George announced the winning team have never run a rally that was put together by someone who actually knows how to do it. I asked Laurie if she wanted to navigate and she said sure, so we signed up. The Friday storms just missed us to the north, so we were good for Saturday morning. What a miserable day! Cold, misty and a strong north wind awaited the roughly 50 hardy souls who came. Most everyone just stayed in their cars with engines running to await the Drivers’ meeting. When the time came to start, Don and George ran what had to be the shortest meeting ever, and we were off. We were glad that Porsches come with great heaters and seat warmers. What was amazing to me was that the tire pressure monitoring system said the tire pressure actually dropped as we drove. The tires were cooling off, rather than warming up. Laurie and I quickly found that we were going to be busy looking for the many pictured locations that we were supposed to find and to answer the questions along the route. The biggest challenge for both of us was to keep our eyes moving, looking for clues. Our Rallymasters found some interesting roads we had not seen before. Fortunately, the route instructions was Mike and Laurie. I looked around to see who they were, until it dawned on me that it was us. What a surprise! Kudos to Laurie, who, as navigator, figured out most of the answers. I helped as much as driving and staying on the road allowed. It was a lot of work to put together a Rally as well organized as that one was. Hats off to the Rallymasters, Don and George. If you have not had the opportunity to run a Maverick Region Rally, you are missing out on a neat challenge and a lot of fun! 1st. Place, Mike & Laurie Barnett 2nd. Place, Nikolaus Klemmer & A. Barna 3rd. Place, Mark & Gail Foglietta Dead Last But Finished Award, Jose & Franco Sacriparto 29

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