Slipstream - May 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Motoring Mavs at Mayo: A New Tradition

By William Middleton

photos by author and Landon Stogner

To start with, I’ve been a somewhat regular at Ed

Mayo’s shop for a number of years – when I purchased

my Porsche way back

now 18 years ago, they

became my “go-to”

mechanics – and have

remained so ever since.

As such, I’ve been to

frequent events at the

shop, especially the

annual May at Mayo’s,

which has always been

a winner of an event;

great food, wonderful

people, and more

Ed Mayo

pointing out

auto eye candy than

some of the

should be legal all in

finer details

one place at one time.

So – when this new

event popped up on the calendar, I knew I wanted to

attend. I’d heard of the somewhat official get-togethers

that occurred at the shop on certain Saturdays, mainly

just several guys getting together for coffee, sweets, and

shop talk, so I thought this would be much in the same

vein – maybe a few more folks, but a small, friendly get

together to look at cars and chat about – well, cars.

HOLY CRAP was I surprised!! Turning off the main

road into Baccarac Court, the short street that goes

down to Ed’s shop, I was greeted with a veritable tidal

wave of Porsches. They were parked on both sides, in

the grass, on the dirt, in every parking lot in the vicinity,

and there were others too cruising the street looking

to land somewhere. It was like someone had beaten

on a hive of Porsches somewhere and they all flew out

at once!

I managed to park, then got about what I came

for – getting photos – and WHAT an opportunity for

photos!! Everywhere I looked, there was something to

shoot that was beyond spectacular. I was just glad that

I’d brought an extra battery and stuck in the 64 GB

high speed memory card. I’d need them both!

The main event of the morning was a great

presentation by Ed Mayo, Alan Bambina, and others

from the Concours team, about Concours preparation.

It was hands-on, using one of the cars for demonstration

of judging items, pointing out what’s looked at when,

including some tips on getting things prepared to the

“next level,” and a really good discussion of car prep.

While that was going on, there were small side groups

discussing various things mechanical, looking at some

of the cars in the garage, and discussing this item or that

repair with Tom Petrushka and others from the Mayo

Performance staff.

As I wandered about, seeing and greeting old friends

and chatting between pictures, I realized again how

much this is about people, and not just the cars. The

cars are, really, nothing more than a catalyst that brings

all of us together. I was also taken by the fact that

everyone was actually engaging in genuine face-to-face

conversations with each other. All too often I see people

so busy texting or emailing, they easily spend an entire

day without one meaningful conversation. All around

me, conversation, laughter, human interaction, if for

nothing else, our events are special because they get us

out of our daily grind and actually enjoying the company

of others in meaningful ways.

6 May

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